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Pooos Valloy to Iho Front, Croakars to tho Roar.
VOh. VI.
NO. 40.
Under No Circumstances Will Any Aflrcc
mcnt be Made to Pav Debts of .Cuba
or the Philippines.
Will Im TnlV.il Or.r.
Now York, Oct. IS, A dispatch from
Washington says:
Protocols for tho ooMlon of I'orlo
Itrco nntl Guam Island to tho United
States, and praylnR far the inilopond
onco of Cubn, will bo discussed by llio
peaco commission In Paris nt IU noxt
rJiM8 protocols, whloh wore drawn
tip nt tho liiHt nicotine of tho commit
Hlon, bavo been tho subject of serious
consideration by tho Amcrloan peace
commissioners for tho last threo days,
flecrotnry Day sent n telegram Is the
trtftto dupnrtnicnt on Monday regard
Ing tho work of tho Amorlcnn cominU
alonors, but It wan merely routine In
character nnd dimply show that Mr.
Day and bin rollonguo havo completed
tho featuroe of tho agreements whlrh
they are nnxloim tho Hpunlsh commis
sioner shall adopt.
There Is no truth In the report from
Madrid that there has been a MUTT In
tho negotiations and tho prooceC'ngs
of tbo commission iiro not progressing
iih satisfactorily ai could be dclrcd. An
a matter of fact, in response to tho
American demand, the Spanish rep
resentative have submitted counter
iANnils, and one of thoito suggest tho
assumption by the United BlatoH of tlm
Cuban dobt In return, It Ih suit), far the
annexation of Cuba by tbo United
StatoH. railing In UiIh, tho Spanish
representatives aro anxious that tin
Cuban debt shall bo liorno by tho Cu
battH, with n guarantee of some If. ml
from tblu country.
From Information whloh tho authorl
Ilea have received, they say thoy havo
no doubt that Spain will attempt lo
fasten the Phlllpplno dobt upon tbo
United State, and thin Information
would seem to Indlrnte that Hpalu lint
In mind a proposition which may even
tually be submitted to t It la guvorn
mcnt for tho United State to tako all
of the Philippine, ihoulder tho Philip
pine debt nnd give her linportHiit ad
vantage, commercial nnd ctuerwlso,
In the eastern Islands. If Spain ha
Htich a proposition In view, she may
ns well know that It vlll b a waste
of time for her to prosout It. This gov
ernment will accept no debt, nor will
It guarantee the payment of tho Cuban
dobt. dlreetly or Indirectly. Tho In
struction of tho American commis
sioners are posltlvo on thin point. It
is expected that tho matter of tho Cu
ban debt will romo up for discussion
at Tuesday's session and the Amorlcnn
commUlohnrs will notify tho Hpatiluli
rnmmlsslonor on tho uuiiltrra'hlllty of
tho derision of tho United States on
this point.
' I'.r.r xltnutloii.
Jnoksoii, Miss., Oat, 12. Jackson's
record for yellow fovor in twenty-four
hours wan broken yostorday, olevon
ensa being reported to tho board of
health last night. Of theso, eight aro
whlto and throo colored, Tbo oasos
aro not confined to any nno locality,
but aro distributed in various sections
of tho country, donating tbo thorough
sprond of tho Infection.
Tho weather, however, Is cooler, and
It Is hoped this will hnvo a bonctletal
Hoiponse to tho appeal of tho Ilellof
nw.oelntlon nrn coming In, but not as
promptly as desired. Among othor
donations, n $R0 check was rccolvod
yesterday from Chlof Knglncor Itussell
Kreoman of tbo battleship Indiana, who
Is n Mlselsslpplna.
Tho oftlolnl report of Hecretnry Hun
ter of the state board of health Is as
Taylors, no new ousos, throo serious
ly ill; nt Poplarvlllo, Haven now etisoa
developed; IHarkvlllo, no now casos,
flvo In nil; Madison reports tbrco now
eases, one wnlnto and two colored;
Natchez reports tho two case thero
rouvaloHcont, no suspicious sloknoss.
Two suiplcloiis cases aro reported at
Columbus. Mnrluo llospltnl Hurgeon
Murray has been sent to Investigate.
Harrison roports thirteen now can en
n ml ono doath, and Hormniivlllo ono
t now enso. Tbo stuto board has wsucd
nu order, removing iiuarnntlno restric
tions as to shipments of freight bo
twoon Infected points wlthlu tho stnto
and also botween New Orloauit and
f.tv-tirk Hiiilliir)' llHnrl,
Omaha. Neb., Oct. 12. At tho second
annual meeting of the Interstate Asso
ciation of Mrs Slock Sanitary Hoards
hold at Kouth Omaha yesterday dslo
Rates were present from Qklalinma.
California. Illinois. Kansas. Tennessee.
Texas and Nebraska. The selection of
n committee on quarantine regulation
was the first business of Importance
transacted. 8. M. Warren of Tennes
see and W. 11. Tulll of Texas wors
among those appointed.
Dr. riresswell. state veterinarian of
Colorado, rend a paper oa "rraetlcal
Suggestions oa the Control of Animal
TuWmiloale." Tills per we f.
lowd y oae by John llryden of Kan
to, who spoke on "The Ueat Treat
ment for Cattle Aiflkled with Smthem
T'ovr " C. P. Johnson of Illinois waa
re-cl." lrd president. It. J. lid wards at
Oklahoma vice nrastilsttt. Mnrtlmer
hevrriiiK of Indiana secretary and W.
II Tulllx of Texas treasurer.
hc next meeting will be held at
Fttrt Worth. Tex.. Oet. 10. 1S09.
IIiiii lit (Inrlilimll.
81. l.oul. Mo.. OeL 11 Receiver
Muekinfoss of the St. loul llrown
has sold Plteher Taylor to the Cincin
nati for m and Pltefter Hill. He
said the sale waa made lKNialise tbo
Tlrnwn neetleil menev and this oash
offer was wade jut at an oppartunn
If l further aUted that John T.
Ilrush t after Ufe Gross, tho Drowns'
ittr thtrt' baseman.
Itmr .iiiuuk Niilill.n,
NaMivlllo. Tonn., Oct. 12. A special
from IliintHvlllo. Ala., nays that ono
soldlor wns killed, two fata'-' wound
ed nnd two sorluusly wounded nt Cnmp
Whcolor. Soon nfter tho arrival of the
tenth cavalry ono of tho members wna
arrested by the provost guard tor dis
orderly conduct and an attempt was
made by his comrade to teleaae blm.
I Ono was shot, whereupon the colored
'tiddlers lit tho trains selzod their arms
i and the shooting became general. Three
of tho tenth cavalry wero wounded,
two of them fatally. The provost guard
lost Corporal McLaughlin, company U,
Hovnteonth Infantry, killed. Prlvntisi
I Miles, company M, and Martin, com
pany 1, wcro seriously wounded.
Ilnrtliiimk. In ilrlll.lt llmiiliirit..
Now Orleans. Iji.. Oct. 12. Tho trult
stoumsblii Olympla of tho Oterl lino,
which arrived from Control American
ports, bring now of a bad eartbquako
ulong the const of Urltlsh Honduras
Sunday a week ngo. Tho shook was
dlstlnetly folt at Puerto Cortoz and did
considerable damage. Tho steeple ot
tho Itomun Catholic church at llollzo,
Drill. h Honduras, was thrown lo the
ground. Tit shock was preceded by a
! ollptit nttiilillht- 4411H11I Itiut Inuliul fnr
thirty-eight seconds. The shock con
sisted ot a swaying, swinging motion
, of the ground, rather than u Jar. The
. wave motion traveled In a northwester
' ly direction and for some daya after
wards the tide were Irregular and very
high along the coast of both Spanish
aud Drltlth Honduras. William 0. OIL
I Utrrt. an attorney and authority mi ran
I sllliitlunal law. from Omaha, Neb., waa
I a passenger trow Puerto Cortec lie Is
of the uplHtftfl that the propose fetfer
atluu ot Huduraa, NlearaKua and Sal
vadr, which has Inmh prowalHatetl will
never to through aad become a fatt.
beeauee of tbo Inteaee JeeioeeliM ot
tho iHMple ot thase eoHiitrlea.
A !iiiiullilutluu.
Uhleago, III., Oet. 12. It Is ollleiully
nunouneed that the imimmond To
baeeo Co. will become an InteHral part
of tho American Tobaeeo Co. The
Uriimmond taut was aequlred by a
cash payment, the money for that pur
pose being taken from the treasury of
the trust. The other outside corn
pan lea will be forged Into a separate
organization under the nam ot tfin
Continental Touaoro Co., which will
Issue preferred ami common stock, the
ox net amount of whleh hai net yet
been decided upon.
An Indian trader named Gould was
murdered nwr Ieeeh lake. Minn.
rrot.it Msjt Im knlimlll.il.
New York, Oot. 11. A dispatch
from Washington says:
Tho United Slntos may submit a dip
lomatic protest to Spain through tho
Kronch government against Its action
In sending n Spsnlsb auxiliary cruiser
loaded with nrms and ammunition to
tho Philippines.
In any ovont the matter Is under con
sideration, and It Is believed has boon
onllcd to tho attention ot the American
commissioner In Paris. The cruiser In
question Is the Iluenos Ayrns, belong
ing to tho Spanish auxiliary navy,
which Hear Admiral Dowey reported
to the navy department several days
ngo, In duo to arrive at Singapore,
Blrnlts sotttomont, on Oet. II.
It Is appreciated by tho nulhorltlos
that Spain has tho so mo right In tho
oyos ot International law to send re
inforcements to the Phlllpplno Is
lands ns this Rovornment. nnd any pro
test mado would bo ot tho most diplo
matic character nnd simply designed
to roako It plain that tho coiitlnunnoo
ot tho vayago of tho Uucnos Ayros Is
objectionable. On tho othor hand, a
member A tho cabinet last ulRbt said
that nil ot the Philippine,, with tho
exception of Manila, aro in tho nominal
poMoeslon ot Spain, nnd that it Is her
undoubted privilege If she deems It ad
vlsablo to do so, to send troop to tho
eastern Islands to subdue any insurrec
tion that may occur. Another member
ot tho cabinet who talked the tunttor
ovor with the president admitted that
Spain hns tho moral right to dispatch
rolnforccmonts to tho Phlllpplno, but
es tho forces ot this government are
In control It is within Its authority to
provent such reinforcements reaching
thulr destination. However, It Is not
expected that the matter will go be
yond a protest, If It gowt thut fnr.
From tho dUpatchos received from
Chalrmnu Day the nulhorltlos nro still
at tho opinion that tho work of tho
peaco commission will bo completed
beforo congress meets. Mr. May takos
qulto nn optimistic view ot tho situa
tion. It Is tho doslro to limit tho tlmo
ot dlsoussloii ot tho vurloim points
raised as much as possible In order
that tho negotiations may reach an
early conclusion. Information which
tins boon received hero shows con
clusively that Spain has no further
hope of foreign Interference, and this
fact loads tho nuthoritltM lo bollovo
that she wilt nut nttempt to drag the
negotiations out as long as she would
It alio believed thorn was a cliiiuo ot
any Kuropwui government attempting
to socuro a modification ot the Amor
lcnn terms.
ri.i nt Kill (iuiiir
Canton, O., Oet. 11. At 10:04 o'oloelc
y oat onlay morning Anna Oeoi e,
chnrgod with tho murder ot George I).
Baxton, was brought Into Justice
Itelgnor's courtroom to enter her plea
to tbo allldnvlt charging her with mur
der. She looked unconcerned and seem
ingly did not renllzo tho momentous
question to which sho waa soon to
mako answer to tho court. Justice
Itulguur askod Mrs. Ooorgo If sho was
guilty or not guilty to tho charge mado
against hor In tho allldnvlt.
Mrs. (Icorgo, whlto seemingly not
disturbed In tho least, In a very woak
and aeareely audible voleo answered:
"Not Rallty."
After tho arraignment there waa
Dome little controversy between tho at
torneys ns to the time for the pre
liminary charge. Mrs. Oenrgo's eoun
twl Insisted on having the charge wkh
In the statutory time, four daya, and
Prosecutor Pomerene named the hour
fur Tuesday afternoon at 1 u'elotk,
whlrh waa ordered.
Mrs. (leorge waa then taken baek to
the county Jail.
daronlma'. VI. wi,
Omaha. Kcb..Oet. 11. "Tho Mlnneso
ta Indians will seo that they hnvo
mode a great mistake In gnlnft on tho
warpath," says Oeronlmo, tho famous
Apneas chief, who Is one ot the In
dians now In rnmp at tho Indian con
gross, "I havo never been In Minnesota,
but 1 hear Hint up there and for hun
dreds of miles beyond tho whlto men
are as many as the blades ot grass.
If that Is so, what cap a fow poor In
diana; do In a fight? Thoy are making
a great mistake and nro fools. Knr
years I fought tho whlto mon, thinking
that with my few braves I could kill
thorn nil and that vc would again have
tlm. land that our Orent Path or gavo
us and which he covered with game.
I thought that the (Irest Spirit would
bo with us and that attor wo had kill
ed the white men, the buffalo, deer
nntl nntolopo would como back. After
I fought and I oet and after I trnvolod
over tho country In which tho white
marullvos nnd saw his oltlos nnd tho
worjytlint bo had done, my henrt wns
rend? to burst. I know that tho rneo
of tho Indians was run."
Asked what ho thought would event
ually become at the Indian, (ieronlmo
hesitated n moment nnd then, pointing
to tho west, replied:
"The sun rlsos aad shines for a time
and then It goes down, sinking out of
sight and Is lost. 8o It will he with
tho Indians.
"Whon I wns a boy my old father
told me that the Indians wero as many
ns tho leaven on tho trees nnd that way
off In tho north thoy hint many horses
nnd furs. I never saw them, but I
know Hint If thoy woro there thon they
would have bo ne now nnd tho whlto
man has taken nil thoy had. It will
i be only a fow yoars mnro until tho
Indiana will bo hoard of no more ex
cept In the books that tho whlto man
has written. Thoy aro not tho people
thnt tho (Iront Spirit lovos, for If tney
woro ho would protect thorn. They
havo.trlod o plcnso him, but thoy do
not know how.
"Schools nro good things for IndlnnB,
but It takes many yonrs to change tho
nnturo of the Indian. If tho Indian
: boy goes to school nnd loams to bo
I like n whlto boy ho comos bnelc to the
'agency and thoro Is nothing fcr blm to
tin but put on a blanket and bo like an
, Indian again. Thero Is where the gov
ernment Is to blame. When it takos
I our children away and educate thorn
It should glvo them something to do,
not turn them loose to run wild upon
the iigoncy. Until thnt tlmo comos,
educating tho Indian Is throwing
money away. What can nn educated
Indian ;o out In tho sage-brush nnd
"There will bo no more big Indian
wnra. Tho Indian's days nro ovor nntl
there Is nothing loft fnr him to do but
to be a boggar mid llvo on olinrlty
around the agency."
I'mh l'rt llte.
New Yfk, Oet. 11. The tmMWrt
llerltn antral yeatttftUy fro, Fgrta
Jtleo via Kantian) with a number Of
utMeera and m oinivaleMeiit tldtrt
atul laborer and eivlllaita.
Msnzanlllo Is to be evacuated at
A ouriienter named Hall fell from
the I.otiUvlllo nntl Nnshrllle bridge
over the Tenner river at Danville,
ICy.. and waa drowned.
The union plumbers of Nashville,
Tenu., itruok, their employers having
declined to accede to their demands
In rogard to apprentice.
J'red I-andsdovrue, aged 20 years,
oommltted suicide at Nashville, Twin.,
by swallowing strychlnna. lie had
been despondent oa account of domes
tic troubles.
Wrrn .ritntt.i,
Camp Poland, Knnxvlllo, Tonn., Oot.
II. Tho court-martial In the fourth
Tennenseo roglmxut. which had been
hearing tho ovldonco In the txtsos of
Prlrnta Atlas and IColloy, charged with
bavlnc murdered Prlvnto Schi'Umnn
several weeks ngo. vetenlay made Its
report. The court finds the soldiers
not guilty nt the charge, xchiitemnn
was shot by Atlaa while attempting
to overrun him by entering a house,
which was under tar ban of ptovoat
martial. Atlaa nntl Kelley were both
on provost guard duty. The court yes
terday tllrcctiHl that they he returned
to provost dirty and exoiierutetl of the
oMnssa against them.
t lVlhiMT .luck.
Uttle Iteek. Ark.. Oct U.-Dr.
KrMM of tk warias hwntUl smtIm,
Ntttr an examination of the tHMtiiotoii
fwrer at Vernsf. has miumohmciJ It to
Ut a m ot HMikiria homatHrla ami not
yaltew fever.
Portam elwllDHos every Imly awl
posts n iioio forftit.
The Knights Templar eonttave Is In
tin at Pittsburg. Pa.
I'ltrilrllll.. 3I..I.
Dublin, Oct. 11. The Parnelllte con
vention opened hero yesterday. John
11 Itcdmoud presiding, said that It was
Incredible that a statesman with Mr.
Chamberlain's ozerleneo and astute
ness should declare that the paMlng ot
the Irish local government lll sails
nwi uib asuirauena of Irishmen.
Parnellltfw wcuik) not be saTMed unlit
they aeeured heme rule.
atrete oara hu'e resumed running at
Waeo, Tex.
Gen. Voile and his troops wore ban
quoted at Junction City, Knn.
The queen regent of Spain has signed
the tliorco disbanding the military
classes at 1801, 1895 and 1897.
The troops whloh have bcou ordered
to Porto Illoo will rellovo a llko num
ber of regiments now In the Island, tho
organizations to lie designated by Uen.
Hon. John M. llneon, compandor nt
Ieech lake, Minn., is a veteran olueer
who 1ms soen etmsldornble sorvlco In
iHilh volunteer and regular nrmlns of
the Union.
I.letit. Cnl. l.lvermnie of the corps of
engineers nntl Col. Wfirlng of tho
quartermaster's department have been
designated to Join the board which Is
to look nftor camp sites In Culm.
The fifth ravnlry and etxty-nlntlt In
fantry aro mulling preparations for
sorvlce In Cuba or Porto Illoo. The
fifth wna oIllelHtly not I lied that it will
be sent to Porto It loo. Thoy nro now
encamped nt HunUvllle, Ala,
A tlologatlnn of clUzens of Cincin
nati culled on the president and urged
blm to locato wlntor quarters for
troops at the Oakley nice track nt Cin
cinnati. The delegation wns headed by
ltevresentntlve Ilromwell of Ohio.
Tho war Investigation commission
Is ask I iik nil witnesses to n sworn.
(lustnve Slier of company I,, sixth Il
linois voluntere, died nt Kreeport, 111.,
of typhoid fovcr, contracted at Sun
tlngo du Culm.
Tho special nuvnt botirtl. heutletl by
Admlrul Hlt-nid, which Is considering
the promotion of oflleors for gallantry
during tlm war, called In ii laxly upon
Secretary Long nnd had a conference
with rospert to the woik of thnt board.
It Is tint woil-grouudod and almost
unanimous opinion of tho medical staff
of tho Amorlcnn army In Porto Itleo
that tho coiitlltlotm of tho volunteer
forces there nccoepltntc their removal
Secretary Long has named tho four
now monitors contracted for ns fol
lows: That nt Until, tho Connecticut:
nt Nixon, tho Florida; nt Newport
News, Arkansas, ami at Ran Kratiolsuo,
tho Wyoming.
An olllelnl dlsoati'h from lllollo,
Phlllpplno Island, report that tho
landing of trnoiis there cnuscd it panic
nmttng the insurgents; thnt .100 mtis
kots, four cannon, n quantity of am
munition and a Hag wero captured.
Mix hundred men hnvo gono on a
strike nt the Havana navy yard, refus
ing to work unions thoy nro paid live
months' arrears of wages. Several
Spanish vesela nro on tho stoeki await
ing repairs, nntl oaunot leave until they
are repaired.
Col. Mnbry and the boys of the llrtk
Texus did lino work during tho recent
storm ut Jacksonville, Pin. Col. Mu
bry worked In tho rnlu all tiny, seeing
to the sluk men, iitid thon wont about
his cnmp all day and part of the night
stiolng that nil tbo men wcro nil pro
tect! d.
Sorgt. .Iniuos I". Htrlokland, company
I', first Arkansas volunteers, tiled ut
I'uyettovlllu. Ark., while bom- on a
furlough, of fovor, nged 2. Tho ro
mains ware Intemd In the national
ctuuolery nt that place with military
James Culler, a t.ivato of eomiKiny
I., lwentyseonil Kausus volunteers,
who diet! uf typhoid fever at a Phila
delphia Iwspllal was hurled at Aleut
sou, Knn.. with military honors. He
was the youngest member of the com
(may, not having reached his men
tMNih Mrthilay.
Itseretary Long said that the sals
purpose of ordering tU. flaltlmare anil
Petrel to Tien Tsln was to safeguard
American iHlsrests ami protsrt life
and properly ot Amerlsaii eltlMna In
the event ot an outbreak In the In
terior, Tien Tsln being the nearest
iwliit to Peklu aesestlble to warslilc
Col. Wm. J. Ilrynii and his command,
Uio thlrtl Nebraska, wvnt Into camp at
Jaeksonrllle, Pis., on the old site at
the s-oiid Texas, adjoining the first
Texas. Col. Mabry and staff weleomed
Col. Ilryan and staff. He claims he I
much Improved by his short vacation.
The first Texas boys dined the first bat
talion, they arriving before their cook
ing outfit and subsistence.
Col. Young's regiment of engineer
is the only military organisation re
maining at thnt oace populous camp.
Cel. Young has been Instructed to take
the neeoesary steps for the dismantle
ment of the eatnp, and the preservation
of the camp equlpaent.
H Is said Texas annually buys $21,
000,000 worth of hog products.
In Oregon nnd Washington t'.ook
stuff and lambs were never ns high as
at present, nor In as great demand.
Tho exportation ot llvo oattlo from
the United Htntoa to Huropo has not
changed much in volumo for tbo past
three years.
A now feature In tho sbcop buslneaa
this year, especially nt tho largo mar
kets, Is n demand from the eastern
states for ewes nnd for breeding pur
Suharlmuar llroa. of Midland nro
now soiling off eomo of their registered
Hereford bull on Ives. Several havo
boon sold recently to partlsa In south
crn Torus nt from J 200 up.
Wheat In tho river bolt In Orayttm
county Is suffering Injury from wT9Vll
nntl some that wns planted In tho lat
ter part ot Soptembor Is reported to
bo rotting In tho ground.
Crowley ft (lerrett of Midland, who
recently bought 10,000 sheep near Al
pine, llrowstor county, paying 12.76 n
head for them, bavo moved tho herd to
the llnrto ranch In Midland county,
where they will bo fetl nnd fattened.
A lire originating In dry grass In tbo
corn field of I). Nash, near South
Mnyde, Orayson county, burned ovor
qve acres, destroying over M0 bushels
ot tingathored corn.
J. f. llutlor, a farmer living threo
miles west ot Deulson, says ho has a
flue well ot water ot tho artosinn va
riety. Ho was boring for wnlor and
found a magnificent supply ot It about
MOO foot down.
An nuinoriiy on oaiua conditions in
Colorado states that moro onlvoa hnvo
been raised In Colorado this year, both
on tho rangos nnd tmong tho dairy
farmers, tlmn tor many years,
A conscrvnllvo ostlmnto plucoa tho
number ot cntllo now In Midland coun
ty at 220,000 head, roprosontlng a value
ot JI.C20.000 nt 120 n bond, whluh, con
sidering tho chnrnator ot tho stock, In
not nt all nu extravagant valuation,
It Is vci-v dry In Jnek county near
Antelunc. If it does not rain hooii tho
1 aarougo ot wheat will bp light. Tho
bulk ot tho cotton crop Is picked and
Is not making ns much per ncro ns the
farmers calculated on making.
Jl, W. Tnnsell of Htldy, N. M., ns
! aurea Knnsna City cattle dealers that
Kansas City will be the gainer by
about 18,000 cars of oattlo a year by
the extension of the Pecos Valloy tall-
kond to Amnrlllo. It shortens the dis
tance from southonstorn Now Mexico
to Kansas Clt. by about R00 miles,
Ovor 8000 bale and bags ot wool
were recently sold In lloston, Tho
amount ronlizcd wns ovor half n mil
lion dollars, mid tho prion paid wore
said to bo beyond expectation, Tlm
greater part ot those consignments
ware taken by mnnufantiirur, nnd the
sale was the largest eer mailo In New
W. N. Wnddoll of Colorado City late
ly sold 1700 bond of stors from onlvoa
up to 3h to 1 M. Ilourn ot Kansas, ro
rolvlng for tho ontlro heard 116,000.
Thoy wero high grndo Durham and
llirfirds. Tho herd consisted ot 700
'yearling. BOO 3 mid 100 eohes. This
sain was a nulablo ono as It wont to
! show the value nt breeding good stock.
A trial consignment at Amerlsan
horses has been shipped lo Norway
for use In the cavalry service of thut
country. They were purchased In
Chicago by CapU (ledde ot the Norwe
gian army, an olllcer who was with the
' AiiiikImii tnrnmm at Sunt lit Jul ami who
believes that American liorsaa mako
the bsst eanlry horses In the world
A movement la on foot to build a
flouring mill at Moattt Pleasant of Hit
Orient capacity to grind all the wimt
raised in that county next year. J.
M. seay Is ootisltfrlHg tha mUf of
erecting the mill and states that lie
will do so It assured that eneaili wheat
will be sewn In the county to Justify
die venture.
The United Mists government lias
ordered the supervisor ot farsstr far
the Dig Horn mountains to have all
sheep removed from the oouutry under
Ids Jurisdiction. This promise Id ho
a nevero blow to sheet) owners there,
br heretofore thoy havo always hall
free aeeesa with their herds Into thsse
mountain ranges.
A Mr. Ilryan took to I'loresvlllo a
hanAftil ot poet oak acorns, nearly
ever' one ot whleh had been stung by
cotton worms. Ha says, nud so say
others, that when heg were plentiful
Ihere'nnd run loose there were no oot
ton worms and no diseased acorn

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