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A O I a VII.
Homo First, the World Afterward.
NO. 2.
Is Reported-Salvadoreans Assert That the
Burden of the New Confederation
Will Pall on Their Shoulders.
1tiortit TrouliU.
New York, Nov. 1C.A cable dispatch
received In thin city from l.lbertsd,
Nicaragua, states that a revolution
lias broken out in Salvador.
It U only a fortnight slnco Salvador.
Hondurn mid Nicaragua Joined their
lflitlnlM and formed tho United Blnte
of Central Aberlen. Merchant and
otnmerclal tnrn In thin city who ro
familiar with affairs In Central Amer
ica, however, are not surprised when
Inforniod that a revolution In Salva
dor wan reported to have broken out.
While tho federation of the ihroa
countries won approved oud carried
out by tho presidents and the commis
sioners appointed from onoli country
to draw tip a constitution, the people
4i f Salvador have not bcon enthuelustb
aver tho new scheme, particularly at
tt appears that financial burdens at
maintaining the new state will fall
most heavily upon them, owing to
Amu; AmIc nintnU,
New York, Nov, 10, A spools! from
Washington laym
flen. Merrltt will resume command
nf the department of the esnt with
headquarters at Oovornor's Island,
when hu returns from ITuroos, snd
Gen. Shnftor will go to San Francisco
to command tho department of the
Pacific, which he re""",,,hcd when
tho war began, and he as ordered to
New Orleans and eventually to Tampa
and Cuba. 'I'll wo assignment nro to
bo made whether hostilities nro re
sumod or not, an both of the otllcera
concorned nro satisfied to mnko way
mid glvo younger men an opportunity
for r-vtlve somen In tho field If ocon
slon require, (len. Shatter will reaah
the retiring "Ke of 01 yearn on Oot. 10,
1899. and his wish to end his military
cat ear In his adopted horns on the Pa
cific slope will bo respected, lu fact,
' um ntiiMlt ..! ilojI tt l,l.,l It'llAll tin
their havliiK a denser population than , """" i -- -
... . .. ..Z. .. look comniand at Governor's Island.
eiuior ui ill umrr iuiiiaa iw mv vuu
Mr. Ohnrlos Wells of Ilrown & Wells,
who beside conducting tho llnauelal
Affairs of Han Domingo. Ih Interested lu
a Honduras syndicate which Is engaged
' under a concession from Honduras In
building a railroad from tho gulf to tint
Tactile, says that whllo the new feder
ation would bo of decided advantage to
Nicaragua and Honduras, there Is a
question as to its value to Salvador,
(Jen. Morrltt eon advance no further
lu rank before his retirement, on Juno
19, 1900. as his liumodlato superior,
Hen. Miles, still has live years to
('retain Itrjnlr.
Canon. Island of Orctc, Nov. 10. Tho
population of this town Is holiday
making. Thcro Is, great rejoicing ev
erywhere, a To Hottm has bcon chanted
The reported uprising at I.lbertud Ih , by the bishop, who, amid cheers. In-
nrobablv for tho nurnoso of upHcttlns volsed dlvlno blessings upon tno pro
tho consolidation before it Is roully lit
working order. An ngent In Honduras,
-who wuu here recently, said that a rev
tectlng poworH who novo freed Crete
from Turkish rule.
Tho Christians nro behaving well
olutlon In Salvador was expected as j and there nro no signs or til recline
a result of the consolidation. ' among the Mussulmans.
N. llolot Peraza. consul genornl lit' It appears that Chaklr I'iihIiu, tho
this city for the Greater Ititptiblle oi" Inst Turkish commanded to leavo
Central America, which was formed Crete, refused nt the last moment to
somo time ugo by Salvador, Honduras allow the transuort to sail, claiming
und Nicaragua for consular and dlplo- that hu must wait till he rccclvod do
matlo purposes, said that ho hail re-' clslve ordora from the Turkish govern
celved no report of a revolution in Sal- incut. Thereupon Admiral Portler,
vador. "I do not think that there can j tlia French naval commander, dls
ba any serloua uprising, or I should patched the torpedo boat Vaylour to
Jiavo been notinsd. The ofllcers of the overdue the necessary preasuro upon
new government have not yet been tho Turkish commander, threatening
elected, aud I do not see why the peo- ndoput forcible measures unless tho
pie of Salvador should start a revolu- tranport put to sea. Cbuklr Pasha
tlou brforefthe new plan Is glvon a lnan y,iaMil and tho transport depart
trial. 1 belftm It would prove to bo a
local disturbance,
and easily put
IKkth on Ilia Hull.
Trenton, Ont., Nov. 10. A (Ira ml
Tarrllnrr Hiplo.lon.
Potimu. I. T.. Nov. 10. A terrible
explosion took pluce at tho Wlttevlllo
coal mines, three miles from hero. Tho
explosion was caused by what may bo
called a windy shot. David James,
the shot-flrcr. was killed outright. No
An .ppl.
Tho Filipino Junta, representatives
of Oen. Agulnnldo, and tho Filipino
government at Hong Kong havo drawn
up what they designate as an "appeal
to President MoKlnley and tho Ameri
can people," but what Is in reality
rather In the naturo of an arraign
ment of American actions In tho Phil
ippines. John narrett. former United States
minister to 81am, waa asked by tho
Junta to present tho memorial of the
United States government and people.
Mr. Barrett replied that whllo ho could
have no official Influenco regarding the
status of tho matter, he was satisfied
the sentiments of tho Filipinos would
receive at the hands of thn American
all the consideration It merited. The
memorial ssys:
"We, tho Hong Kong representatives
of our countrymen, appeal to tho great
and good government of President Me-
Klnloy and Hie spirit of fairness and
Justness of tho American people as I
hoa always shown In tholrjegard for
tho petitions of the weak aud oppress
ed. While the fate of tho Islands Is
still undecided and wo arc doing all In
our power to prevent a conflict between
tho Americans nnd Filipinos, awaiting
patiently tho conclusion of the Paris
commission, wo Implore the Interfer
ence of the president, supported by tho
will of the people to end the slights
shown our leaders, soldiers and people,
by some of tho Amorlcan military and
nnval officers, although we do not wish
to wrong Admiral Dawoy or den. Otis."
The memorial then avers that "false
reports are spreading broadcast alleg
ing that tho friction," points out "that
tho tonlion Is greater every day and
nny moment a shot mya bo fired by an
Irrosponslhlo American or Filipino sol
dier, loading to great bloodshed," and
liesocchlng us to "help tho Junta to
control our iooplo by directing the
American officials at Manila toiompcr
their actlonn with friendship, Justice
and fairness."
"From tho commencement at tho hos
tilities," continues tho memorial, "tho
Filipinos acceded to all tho American
requests, but nftcr bottling up tho
Spaniards In Manila tho Filipinos wero
completely Ignored when tho Ameri
cans advanced nnd wero thus deprived
of thn fruits of victory. Now, nftor
months of campaigning, tho Filipino
troops have boen ordered beyond tho
suburbs, whero they have no quarters
nnd whero supplies am difficult to oil
tain. All our launches have been solzcd
because o( foolish rumors that we
would attack tho Americans, and when
we asked for explanations wo wero not
even answered. Tho Spaniards, of
late the enemlo of the Americans,
have been shown overy consideration,
the Filipinos, their friends and allies,
sro often treated as enemies."
After asserting that tho Filipinos
Trunk express train, bound for Toron
to, crashed Into n moving freight train
near Murray Hill crossing, two miles
west of here, at 3:30 Tuesday morning.! one else lu tho mine on duty.
several oars being smashed almost to ; dumsge wus done to tho Insldo as well
splinters. Twelve persons wore killed , as the outsldo of tho mines. The
and a doxen or more seriously Injured, j mines uro owned by the Iadlunola Coal
A misplaced switch was tho cause of and Hallway company, principally nil
the uooldcnt, tho wost-bound train tnk- (1f Dallas, Tex. Damage to property
lug tho wrong track, on which was the $000.
east-bound freir' t. The train Con-
Bitted of mall, express aud baggage' TVsnt t Admit nin.
cars, a second-class car. one flret-elns , nm jf0nM( n., Nor. 10. Congreas
coach nnd two Piillmuti slMier. The', A ,fc ,,flKar Hf lh() enlll j0Wa tlla-second-elHsi
car was next to ths lK-lr(ut w)) ntrrdnee a hill In eengraas
gaga .r and ahead of the Mrst-class, tfl a(JmU 0ilMir )egntan. one of the
roach and sleepers. It was pretty wall I Mfirrlnwe heroes, to the United States
tilled with passengers, them being mvM ,,,. at Annapolis. Tho elty
twenty or more passengars In it. and wninr of 8lllBrl 1HIWW( a resolution
hsrdly nny of them escaped without In- mmf w-kg nKa re1winK the see re
Jury, lloth engine- ware totally ds- flf lhe my t) ndmU nie(CIwm
strored. and tha freight engine was U) t)) WT(l, BWWj,my, ut 8Mrsiary
thrown oompleUly over the paigrr U)K 4)eclnw to tl(J m tiatHiuHt I)le
pngin Into the dIUh ltynd. mu wnR trne avr the kr and the
'waraiary waa oppoeetl to eatablithlng
sttat imrgiar. I mhAi a preeedeiit. A spartal wt t
Itav. MsHrte IMUtal. Jawlah ! Hgraw to ntwwary tn got him In.
clargTHMM "1 few York, wast aroused '
from hla slew Uf hwring a strflHgr iir.
In hla new One Hundred aw) Wx-, jj HuHg Chang has metHirlalluHl
teenth street. Arming himself with a ths dowager emprass, begging ta be
pistol he went Into the parlor, wher excused from the appointment to ron
he was attacked by the Intruder. Ths git tn(, vleeray of the pravinee of
two men fought desperately tur a few ( awn 'runR 8a to fcteps to bo taken to
moments. The burglar proved to be , ,,rAVent nny further overflowing of the
the stronger. At last the clergyman ! Yellow rlvor, pleading age and Infirm
tired his pistol full In the face of the ly Hl UH oxeuse. He had a special
burglar, who fell unconselous, the bul- Bljencr on the subject with the dow
let having turn out his left eye aud BRPr empros. and the latter, while
entered llie brain. The wounded man Hmnhing him for his servUea to Uie
was taken to a hospital, where he re-; iirmt reiiuoeteil the Chinese states
covered iKimelent to reveal his iiam',nail (0 (lreMa to the Yellow river
and address as William Parrel, North 1 wl(Htt delay.
Third streot. Philadelphia, ue is
about it year f age, and of pewvr
ful btrild. Tho Mrgesna ssy be eau
not recsver.
The government say the evaeuallwi
of Cuba will not tx difefred Mtyoul
Jan. 1.
Atini l.nlil lloitn.
The mutiny ot tho nrden publloo
forces nt Havana, which for two days
threatened tho peace ot that elty, has
resulted In tho dissolution ot Hint body
when, after the payment ot somo ar
rears and tho promlso ot a full liquida
tion, tho revolting troops laid down
their arms. Capt. (len. Illaneo then
ordered all tho foot and mounted regi
ments ot the ordon publico to bo dis
banded, that organization ceasing to
exist. As originally planned, It was
Intended that the mutiny should have
extruded to the guardla civil and tho
artillery regulars, and It would In that
event have assumed much graver Im
portance, and might have Inaugurated
,s reign at terror nnd bloodshed In tho
For some time past the uprising ot
troops In consequence ot the non
receipt ot tliolr pay has been feared.
Not only Is their pay owing for monthi,
and In somo oases for years, but tho
reserve pay ot thn soldiers, their sav
ings slnco the data ot their enlistment.
which wero looked upon thorn as sa
cred, havo' bcon appropriated, or stolen
ns the men say, by a government which
now turns u deaf ear to their protosts.
What amount this reservo pay reachui
It Is Impossible to estimate bul It Is
known that It aggregates millions.
This Is what has been precipitating
riots, causing mutiny at Havana, Im
pelling to Insubordination nt Nue-
Vltas, and whloh may yet give rise to
further widespread disturbance lu the
I us nd.
Vmj rruinl.ml.
Private roporle received nt Key
West, Kla., from Puerto Prlncipo and
Nuevltns, Cuba, say that 7000 regular
soldlors mutinied, demanding their pay
beforo embarking for Spain. About
1000 armed soldiers, tho reports add,
presented themselves In front ot the
palace, calling on the military gov
ernor, Umlllo March, for their ovorduo
pay. Theroupon (len. Maroh drew his
sword aud ordered them to disband.
Tho soldiers, however, refused ta obey,
and somo ot them, armed with loaded
rifles, threatened tho life at Qon.
March, who returned Its sword to Its
scabbard, crying out: "Do you wslh
to kill moT Well, kill me!" Tho
soldiers In reply shouted: "No, noj
wo only want our pay before embark
ing for Spain." (len. March promlnod
them they would be paid, and the
soldiers returned to their quarters
peaceably. The steumor Alvnra loft
Havana a few days ago with $16,000,
with whloh to puy thoso soldiers who
wero to embark Immediately for Spalu.
rnr CaininWttnn.
Parts, Nov. 14. Among tho onlook
ers here tho Impression exists, though
It Is nit the result ot nny oflletat
statement, that tho Spanish peace
commissioners will not consent to a
treaty that tho Amorlea'n commission
ers ooiild sign.
It weenis almost possible, also, that
In Uie pltlnblo pressure to which the
Spanish commissioners are subjected
between their largo creditors, who are
on tho spot wntehlng them, and tho
stern attitude ot tho United States,
tho Spaniards may abandon tholr
struggles and leavo tho two forces to
Vmfront each other.
Tho statement Is made here that the
hstm omorandum from the Americans
3s regarded by tho Spaniards na n vir
tus! ultimatum. Hut. as a matter of
fact, the Americans havo- not presented
an ultimatum, save as their treatment
of the subjects In hand may be unan
swerable. It Is only slnco Wednesday
last that the Spaniards have begun to
feel that tho American purpixut taking
over tho Philippine, and that, too,
without sny nBiumptlon of Spanish In
debtedness. As they are now con
vinced ot this, It mny bo that Spain's
next presontmont In conference will be
tho supremo rally of hor diplomatic,
nrgumontatlvo and tactful forces. It
mny oven mark the ronelueton of nil
she Iim to ray, but It tho rule of pro-
ecduro nro followed, tho Americans
would still havo another presentation
to submit.
Hver since Oct 1 It has been within
tho range ot possibilities that nt any
meeting nn open rupture might oocur,
nnd on one or two occasions It might
havo been oailly a fact, oven before
tho taking up ot the Phlllpplno ques
tion. The boundaries nf tho field in which
Hint question is being worked out nro
becoming mora apparent, aud tho anglo
of final settlement can not bo fnr off.
If n treaty is tho result here, It may
fairly bo oxpected within throe weeks,
although it is not true, as represented
from tho United States yesterday, that
tho Americana havo Instructions cm
bodylno'a'tline limit for tho conclusion
of tho conference.
Judge Day has completely recovered,
Iriitt Wfrlt'l !tsrl.
Baltimore. Md.. Nov. 14. A nutnbtr
ot important establishments were na
nouueed by tho Mnaufueturcrs' Itecord
last week. Among them wero:
A $100,000 cotton gin works at At
lanta, (la.; largo cotton mill at Hock
mart. (Ja.; by a New York company;
$ltK),0K) lumber manufacturing com
pany at Oellln, (la., $10,000 lumber
mills ta Macon, (la.: 000-ton wire, rod
and nail mill to cost $1,000,000 at lllr-
mlngbatn, Ala.; $86,000 flour mills at
Ashvlllo, Ala.; $10,000 lumber com
pany at Mobile, Aln.; $20,000 cualr fac
tory at lllnrilngham, Ala,; $30,000 elc
trio light plant nt Pratt City, Ala.;
$80,000 slno mining company at Har
rison, Ark.; $80,000 printing company
at Jacksonville, Flu.; 7-ton lee factory
nt (llasgaw, Ky.; $100,000 shrots steel
mill at Newport, Ky.; $76,000 lumber
company at Ml. Sterling, Ky.; $100,000
rubber company, $200,000 fortlllxcr far.
tor', $16,000 gun factory, $20,000 but
ton compan), $10,000 ire company nnd
$800,000 brewing company at Haiti
more, Md.; $10,000 improvement com
pany at Lexington, Miss.; $MO,00O
steamboat company at Vlcksburg.
Miss.; $18,000 Icecream freezer com
pany at llurllngton, N. C; 6000-splndlo
300 loom cotton mill nt Columbia. N.
C; $10,000 uattun nnd coal company
nt Weatherfonl, Tax.; IS-ton leo fac
tory, nt lloltou. Tex.; $10,000 manufac
turing eomiKtny nt Torrell. Tox.; $S0,
000 manufacturing company at Tylrr.
Vox.; large paper and pulp mills nt
Itlchmotid, Vs.; $100,000 cotton yarn
mill til Lyuahburg, Va.; $16,000 elec
tric light company at Harper's Ferry,
W. Vu.
BHitllago AfUlri.
Private (laston or tho eighth Illinois
volunteers, colored, who was recently
court-martialed at Santiago, for mur
derous assault on a oorpornl of the
uniformly acted upon tho advice of the j "'K'"?"1 " Bonlonecd to,
l..,,.luntwnMtil unB rMiPfiRnfl a
Americans nnd wero Informally recog
nlido by them until Manila was cap
tured, the memorial goes on to say:
"We can only attrlbtito this sudden
change to orders from Washington to
tho American officials at Manila to
avoid oompromlsliig tho American
envevnment by n recognition of the
Filipinos or their government. Tho
Americans nro carrying out these In
structions literally, losing sight of tho
formor friendly intoroaurso nnd itsslsl
fow days ago from tho city Jail by the
warden, who mistook him for another.
All elforts to rcoapturo him havo
proved futile. It Is believed that ho
has reached the northern part ot the
The Santiago chamber ot commerce
baa requested (len. Leonard Wood,
governor of tho military department,
to turn over to Its treasurer all mon
eys received as taxes un shipping for
nnee nnd oftlaiat assurances that tho harbor Improvements, proposing to un.
dortnke tho future collections aud to
tnko chorgo of the harbor work with
out government supervision. It Is not
probable that Oen. Wood will accede
to this request without a personal rep
resentative In the chamber, and he will
veto power
Amorlcan ofllolals gavo Oen. Agulnnl
do, which he eomtimttieated to his lob
After emphasizing tho Junta's "nil
salute confidence lu President McKIn
ley and thsp eople ot die great ro
public," stating that "our protests are undoubtedly retain the
not prompted by animosity, but are dl-, himself.
reeled against conditions oxletlng nt 1 Tne excessive pilotage du
Manila and not against the Ameilean
government and people," aoknowledg-;
lug "our gratitude to American arms
tor destroying tho upanlsh power lu 1
the Philippines" aud expressing a hope 1
A ono-iound girl baby was born to
tho wlfo ot Ucorgo tiumma, at Itloh
mond, Ky.
A roar-end collision at Henry Sta
tion, Tenn., resulted In two trainmen
being badly Injured.
J. Ilownn tt Co., general merchants,
ot Denton, Ala., havo assigned, lia
bilities $10,000.
A flro at Covington, I -a., destroyed
three- blocks ot buildings, including
tho town hall, and Involving n loss ot
taura Mortimer, an actress In a
Savnnnnh, Oa., theater, waa accident-
nlly shot and kilted by a pistol In tho
hands of Prlvnto O. H. Pfelffer. ot
corapati) O, fourth Illinois regiment.
At Cumberland City. Tenn.. Delia
Whitehead went out In the yard after
wood, leaving her 3-year-old ohlbl
alone. Whou the mother returned
tho child's clothing bad caught lire
and It hud burned ta death.
Florida Frnxlor, 3 years old, reald
ing nonr Itlohtnond, Ky , went to feed
No I'ollllrnl hlcniniimir.
Washington, Nov. It. It Is under
stood that assurances havo been given
by tho (lornuiu government that the
visit of Hmpcror William of Germany
to Spain Is entirely void ot official
character or significance; that tlu
official trip ot tho Imperial party 'end
ed when they left Palestine, and that
tho proposed stop at Cadlx and Csr
tcgona Is largely a health precaution
In bohalf of the empross, as the sett
trip would ba long und arduous If un
broken by thrso stops nt these Spanish
ports. Tho assurances uppoar to ba
voluntary on tho purl ot tho Ilcrlln
ofllolals, and ta bo In lluo with tno
onrn tnken In that quarter of late tu
mlulmlzo nnd remove tho bad Im
pression caused by several Incidents
ooeucrlng during tho roeent war. Tim
stuto department has not, as far as It
known, taken cognisance ot the em
peror's movements, and corlnlnly there
was no purpose of Inquiring us to th
stop at Spain, although this action by
the emperor was looked upon ns rather
Inopportune, to say tho least, when
tho peace negotiations with Spain are
at n crltloal Juncture, and when lech
loally the war Is still In progress. At
tho same tlmo (lermany has constantly
reiterated her neutrality and friendly
attltudo, and tho emperor has taken
occasion In his last address to the
rolohstug to glvo strung expression to
tho Herman purpose to maintain the
strictest Impartiality between this
government and Spain. At the same
time the officials here and In Ilerllu
havo recognised that a strong publlo
sentiment of nnlmoslty was being de
veloped between tho penplo of the two
count rlos. and steps havo been taken
to offsot this ns far as possible. Tne
en en
tering UanzaHlllo have been reduced
front $1M to $TI. the trip taking n pilot
boat only six hours for the ordinary
There la a great deal of esmplalat
that "tne isianus ar not 10 u BMmt tlM Mo4 f the American
edto iri." tUe wemorlsl colludes I MMw)ir.1 M Bt
"We await the arbitrament of the Tho assertion to made that the
peace oowmleelon with even Br eater j com (amy's agent aecepta ax twee mat-
interest man inn AiuBrimtw "" , ter lu the uhiuh bxhim tor ueiiTscy
It concerns our land, our happiness and
our freedom. In the meantime we shall
pray for peace and a perfect umler
standlng with the Americans."
i.mtf I.lHbllltlM.
ClnclnanU. O.. Nov. 18. The Turner.
Jones Coal company ot Columbus,
O., and the Pennsylvania aud Ohio
Fuel company ot St. Paul, with offices
In Chicago, havo been put Into the
hands ot tho Security and Title com
pany ot Chicago aa receivers by the
Federal court These companies are
among Uie largest operators in the
Ohio eoal fields. Their troubles com
menced In the summer of 1897 with tho
great eoal strike, whlab caused them a
loss af $250,000. Tho lhbJtltlw amount
io $I,JOT3,W0.
then, bat does net deliver it. It to
said that many (una ot sueh matter
now lie at the eamp.
TsrrlbU IWntli.
Sedalla, Mo., Nov. 18. Thomas
Moore, 7 years old, son ot K. J. Moore,
a member of company I, second rrgl
munt Missouri volunteers, Is dead of
hydrophobia. The lad was bitten two
weeks ago by a dog, which was sup
posed to be suffering with rabies. A
few hours before the boy died he began
to bark like a dog, and was attacked
with fraouent convulsions. He tried
to bite hjs attendants, and seemed pos
sessed at cvpernuuian strengin. mi
death was a uotl sgoolilog one.
somo puppies when ti dog pounced up
on her, biting off hor nose and terribly ; last movo In Hint direction wits nt :i
mangling her face. The child will
recover, but will be maimed for life.
The Alabama Steel and Wirt) com
pany bus acquired twenty acres o'
land near Hualey City, that state, und
will erect nn Iron rod mill In the vi
cinity of the Immense steel plant tu
oourse of erection at the some place.
The company Is capitalized at $l,0W.
000. W. 11. Ilaldwlu. master mechanic of
the Illinois Central railway, at M-
eomb City. Miss., was en route to New
Orleans to visit his family. Wbea
Hear Areola there mhimI to be danger
of collision with a freight train. Bald
win Jumped off. striking his heart
agelHtt a twitch poet, fracturing hi
skull and dying Instantly.
Jam H':g. a Waco Chinaman, was
ered departed at Oalveeton.
Not lltllT"t.
Pari. Nov. H. It Is reported here
tint Dreyfus Is dead. The mmar la
understood to beb ased upen a myste
rious telegram received from Col. Mar.
capital of Upper AUaee, signed by an
unknown correspondent.
So far as can be ascertained there la
no oflleial confirmation of the report.
The father-in-law ot Dreyfus dis
credits it. He says he has rsflelve jc
reliant aeeounts from the colonial ogl
rr tim . i 1 1. .
tufte reeedtly as
is the prisoner
recent dinner given by Chancellor Von
Iluelow, ut Ilerlln, to Andrew D. White,
the United States amlmseador, and Dr.
- Hulleben. the German ambassador
to the United Stales, now visiting In
Jehu Wetson, n fisherman, was burn
ed to death between two burning logs
lit Trinity bottom near Dallas whllo
asleep. His bands awl feet wore ter
ribly burned. The unfortunate man
was still allvs when found and taken
to tho hospital, where he died.
r. It. Davis, who resided sis miles
from Cletmrne. waa ran over aad fatal
y Injured by a Mania If freight train,
dying shortly afterwards.
The Cflttem licit railway 1ms paid
penalties amwntlHg t $10,000, fur re
bating, to the state.
XloiiuiiKiit lU.llcwtr.l.
Chtoage). Ill, Nov. II The menu
men! to the Santiago dead ot the first
regiment Illinois volunteer, waa dedi
cated at the regimental armory yes
terday with Impressive ceremonies.
Tho shaft I of pure while marble
and on Its black base bears the In
scription: "In memory of the mem
ber ot the first Infantry. lilt nets vol
ttntecrt, who UM In the SpABilh-Amer.
lean war In Wl" It alw beats a list
ot the natnss ot the deed.

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