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BUOontit rUlo ldt
Homo First, tho World,iVftrwfird,
NO, 0.
Bids Farewell to His Men and Departs for
Wnsliitiyton Opposes Bxpansion-The
Outline of the Treaty.
Ittjruii't I'nroH.lt,
Ravannah. Uii., Dee. H-Ci.l. W. J.
Dryan bade good-byo to Ills tsglment,
the third Nebraakn, and lift (or Wash-
Ington, where ho will remain fur two
or three days.
Ijiat iilL-lil nil Iila man worn
gathered around lilm mill ho made
them a brief address of good-bye,
speaking of the pleasant associations
and hll regret upon leaving them. As
wa Indicated from what hn Bald, ho
enmo to tlif conclusion that ho would
leavo the nrmy w ' en ho wub nt homo a
few weeks ago und tnlked over tho
matter with friends. Ho shook hands
with every man In the regiment, nnd
there were no few team shed on the
part of some of tho boys, who worn
much attached to him. Cot. Dryan In
dlcated that In a abort time ho would
give a fuller statement of hla views,
but at this tlmo he would furnish only
tho following Interview:
"My reason for leaving tho army was
set forth In my letter to the adjutant
general tendering my resignation. Now
that tho treaty of ponco has been con-
Trnnl)' Outlined.
Paris, Dec. 14. Kxtrnonllnnry pre
cautions are maintained Iry both the
pearft commissions to presorvo seoreoy
hi to I ho oontents of tho treaty, Haoh
commission has two copies, but evcu
(he commission attaches nro not per
inlttDd to peniBO the doouments.
Tho following Is said to bo an out
line of the treaty:
Artlelo 1 provides for tho relinquish
mont of Cuba.
Article 2 provides for tho cession of
I'orto Hlco.
Article 3 provides for the cession of
tho Philippines for 120,000,000 an com
pensation. Artlelo 4 embraces the pinna of the
cession of the Philippines, Including
tho return of Spanish prisoners In tho
hands of the Tnfalors.
Article C deals with tho cession of
barracks, war materials, nrms, stores,
buildings nnd all property appertaining
tn tho Bpnntsh ndmlnlstrntlon In the
Artlole 0 Is a renunciation by both
nations of their respecttvo claims
ngnlnst eneh other and tho citizens of
limit I ritontil.
Waco, Tex., Dec. 14. James M.
Drake having been pardoned by Qov.
Culberson, his son, James M. Drake,
Jr., who Is Alderman of tho first ward
or Wnco, Itft with tho pardon of his
father In his pocket. Carrying out the
form of law the pardon must bo pre
sented to the superintendent nt Hunts-
vllle, although the subject of tho Cle
mency Is at Husk. Mr. Drake, Jr., will
go tn HuntHvllle nnd next to Hunk,
whoro ho will have the pleasure of
securing tho father's release ae soon as
he presents the document to the at:
thorltlefl, together with nu order of
rolue (torn tho superintendent at
Drake, sir, was convicted of murder
Jay Knowles ot Midland sold Mo
Kenxlo Uros. ot Dig Lake fifty Here
ford bull calves at $10 per head.
Col. Overton of Coleman county sold
io Win, Dryan ot Dallas county 280
yearling steers at 123.60. They were
high grade Hcrefords.
Mr. John Rcharbaucr boa shipped ISO
head of his Hereford bulls to Unrslow,
to be wintered on alfalfa farms In Pe
cos valley.
DIok Onrrow has delivered at Henri
ctta the last ot n thuusand steers re
cently uold to P. 8. Wllhoripoon nt
$$3.60 per head.
T Td T Ml..., I !. -... t
i .1. i t f,iiiniii iuuiy iiuiii inmiui m
In 1801 nnd the court of appeals ninrrn- jMk8l,oro Uo1""8 wllhM of thorough-
cd tho vordlct, which premrlbwl n life
sentence, nt hard labor. In August, 188T,
fltiilnjl 1 luillni',. Hint 1 .n,t lm i.ifin
llinflll (11 tnv nrilllilff na n nlvlllnn tlmn I Oilier.
. , ... I Artlelo 7 grants to Spain her trado
I and shipping In tho Philippine Island",
tho mime trcntmcnl as Amorloan trado
I nnd shipping, for a parlod ot ton years.
Artlelo 8 provides for tho release
ot nil prisoners of war held by Spain,
nnd all ot the prisoners held by her
for polltlcnl offenses committed In tho
ns a soldier.
Col- nrynn then proceeded to tho
discussion ot public questions, saying:
Tho people ot tho United Htntes, hav
ing reamed Cubu from foreign control,
may now resume tho discussion ot
domestic problems which confront this
nation and to tho consideration ot tho
ho stow 8. I auun. The oso was sev
eral times tried and reversed, making
a long gap betweon the killing and tho
final disposition ot the case, during
which Drake was In Jail most of the
Qov. Culberson mentions tho ago and
Infirmities of Drnko, his excellent con
duct, tho fact that he declined to eacapo
whon opportunity otfered Itself and
cites the opinion ot Capt. Joo V. Toy
lor, tho count attorney, and Hon. I.
W. Goodrich, the trial judge, that tho
casn In law was man slaughter, at
most, and not murder In the first de
llollitay Uatai.
Galveston, Tex.. Dec. Tho Qulf,
Colorado and Santa Fe has announced
a special holiday rato ot ono and one
third tares for round trip to nil points
in Texas and Indian Teirltory, nood
from Dec. 23 to Jan. 3.
new questions arising out of tho war.
"I may bo In error, but In my Judg-
I colonies ncqulred by tho United Slates. I
Artlelo !) gunrautees the legal rights
, of Spaniards remaining In Cuba.
went our nation Is In greater danger ArtlrIo 10 e8tabll(,,1M religious free
Just now thnn Cuba. Our people de- , ,,, , , Philippines and guarantees
fended Cuba against foreign nrms; now . l0 nH cllMrohM equal rights,
they must defend themselves nnd their MtMti jirovidcs for tho composl
country ngnlnst a foreign Idca-tho llon of c0llrU nm, ot)lor tribunals in
colonial Idea of European nntlons. j jor(o ,f0 nntl Cm.
lleretoforo greed has perverted the J Artlelo 12 provides for tho ndmlnls
X ovornment nnd used Its Instrument- j trntloh of Justice In Porto Itlco and
amies for prlvnto gains, but now tho 1 Cuba.
very foundation principles of our gov- Article 13 provides for the contlnu
eminent nro assaulted. I nneo for five years of Spanish copy-
Tho Imperialistic iden is directly 1 rights In tho ceded territories, giving
antagonistic, to the Idea and Ideals Spanish hooks admittance free ot duty,
which have been cherished by the ! Ai Hole 11 provides for tho establish
American people since the signing ot inent ot consulates by Spain In the
tho declaration ot Independence. Our coded territory,
nation must give up any Intention ! Article IK Brants to Spanish com-
ot entering upon n colonial policy mereo In Culm and Porto Hlco nnd the
(such as Is now pursued by Huropoan Philippine the sarin' treatment as to
countries) or It must abandon tho doe- Americans for ten years, Spanish ship
trine that governments derive tholr ping to be treated us coasting vessels.
Just powers from the consent ot the Article 1(1 stipulates that tho obll
governed. gallons ot tho United States to Span-
"We may bellevo that governments l"h cltltonu and property In Cuba shall
come down to tho people from thoso terminate with tho withdrawal ot tho
who possess tho heaviest oannon and t'nltod states authorities from tho Is
tho largest ships, but wo cannot advo- 'nnil-
cato both doctrines. Article 17 provides that tho treaty
Somo think that tho fight should n,ul,t bu rotlllod within six months
be made ngnlns.t tho ratification of tho I from ,UQ date of signing by tho ro
treaty. but I would prefer another plan, i PWtlve governments In order to bo
If tho treaty Is objected to negotiations 1 bluiiing.
must bo renewed nnd Instead of set-'
tllng tho question according to our T"nk J"1',"'
own Ideas we must settle It by dlplo-! Wrw York ,)c0' H--Tho B"at lc8'1
raacy. with tho possibility of Interna-! tnnU of thc Cnllated QiU con
tlonnl complleatlons. It will be easier. I imiy' A,ouuo A and Twntlolh "trMt'
I thlnfc. to end the war nt once by rati-, ,ho ,arKMt of ,u kl,,d ,n th8 world'
tying the treaty and then deal WIU 1 oollapsed yesterday evening. It went
tho subject in our own way ogwn w,,n nra9n ruar ,,no
MHsonary of granite btoeka and
bricks to tho height ot fifty feet fell
llko n child's toy house ot blocks, and
looked from tho bondage the 8,000,000
gallons ot water which deluged the
atreeu and in a tea-feet Udal wave
earrltnl death and destrueAlen to the
surrounding nelghlwrhood. Several
were killed' and many wounded.
!' IVt'lii Lockjaw.
Nacogdoches, Tex., Dec. 14. Tho fu
neral ot little Jul Uarhnin. which oa
currcd hero yesterday, was unusually
Impressive and sad on account ot tho
peculiar circumstanced ot his sickness
and death. The llttlo fellow shot htm
solt In thc palm ot tho hand with
toy pistol a weok ago, making a woum
that seemed trifling. Five days after
ward he showed symptoms ot tetanus
(lockjaw) and In less than twenty
four hours ho was dead, In aplto ot
surgical and medical attention. Dr.
llarham In hlmsolf a leading physl
clan and, assisted by othor physicians
ho spnrcd nothing In his efforts to savn
his darling boy. Mrs. Durham, tho
boy's mother, was nwny nt Houston
vlaltlng her brother, Henry darrlson
she reached homo Just two hours utter
her boy's death.
PIaiil lijr Turpi.
Washington. Dee. 14, Yesterdays '
session of tho senate was largely non- j
aumcd In dtwuwlon of the Nicaragua 1
canal bill. Mr. Turple made the prin
cipal speech in ofteMlttew to. the, UII,
nilncklng It on the ground of the mixed
Interest of the Maritime company,
which he thararterltwl as a fraud and
t Mnkrupt. He moved a postpone- .
(.Irat nf Hm tnattar until nflur I tin 1ml-
Mesrs Perry nnd Uawllus both altered .
amendments affecting the bill.
Tho house pased the Dlstrlst of Col
I'arli I'Ire.
Paris. Tex.. Dec. 14. Tho U. 11. V.
hall with $700 worth of paraphernalia,
it. h. Hurrnll's grocery store with 1 100
stock ot eonfectlonory, the storo of
Juck Flynn und the resldeueefl ot
Charley Williams nnd llud amy wore
nil destroyed by flro last night. Tho
fire orlilnutcd from n stove In tho room
oceuuled by I.ulit Plummet over
Flynn's store on North Jefferson
street. In Dosrdtown. Tho residences
wore small cabins, and tho loss Is lit
tlu over 12000; insurance very small
It nny.
ftlnnr ,t illrniitt.
Austin, Tex., Deo. 11. The vaeunole
ot sonlor nnd junior majors which are
soon tn occur In the first Texas regi
ment ot volunteer Infantry bave
oa'jfod n flood ot applications for the
desirable positions to reach tho ad
jutant general's department from cap
tains of the different companies ot the
regiment. The resignations ot Mejs.
Hoberdeau and Scurry have not yet
been reeelved hero, but they are ex
pentad dally. It Is expeeted that both
reelgimtloM will be made te take effect
Jan. 1.
No.fimti.r Import!.
WBShlnnton. Dee. 14. The monthly
statement of Imports Into the United
Itntea for the mouth of November
made by the bureau of slatUtles, shews
that during the month tho Imports ot
wool amounted to I6IT.J6I. as against
umbia appropriation bill without a sin- IMIMBI for November. 1897. During
glj amendment. The bill carries t6V
the same month the Imports ot tea
npgri?Mcd 8810,060, ns nguluit 11.085,
040 for November Isst year, both show
ing material decrease. The Imports
Bt PatMck's chnrel" Washington,
was filled during the services over the ; of sugar, however, Inereased from f.
remains ot (leu. Uarola. The body
was placed In a vault at Arlington
Cold storage plants are to be ereoted
la Cuba and Porto Kleo.
278,(07 In November, 1897, to 15,687,
40. or about 80 per cent.
I.ouls Penis, one at the Cuban Junta;
stationed at Oalveaton ,TtxH for two
years, has started tor Cuba.
lloKturi In Hv.itun.
lrto. Tex.. Dee. 14.-The Korth
revae Medical aewtatioft wet Iter
yneterdar In the district eeurtroom.
Dr. It. It. Walker called the Mooting
to order yesterday morning. Dr. J.
II. !helmlre ot Dallas le cUalrwaii of
the meeting, which hi as largely at
tended as was oxpeeted. The first pa
per was read yeetertlay afternoon and
a lively discussion followoil.
Ilnck llruUm.
Ileevllle, Tex., Doe. 14. Henry Haiti
csehwller. an old-time ntsldenl ot Mn
Patrlelo county, fell (rem the top at a
house on whloh he was working,
breaking his Imek. He Is 3 yeUM old
and ItU rewrory Is dagotfwl.
Hobwn reeelv4l ovations ul Jtelina
Hid Montgomery. All.
bred stock, ono ot tho finest marcs over
bronchi to Jnolt county,
Dull Ilros. ot Pecos hnvo reeelved
five registered Heroford bulls reeenlly
bought from W. K. Armour ot Kunias
Dlty, flue Individuals of that breed,
While ensilage Is probably the best
winter feed for dairy cows, there art
too few silos tn Texas to make the ad
vice to feed cnillngo practicable hero.
Charllo Droome arrived at San An
gela with 200 head ot bulls and steers,
sold to It. S. Campbell for shipment to
and feeding at Wolfo City. Tho steers
were twos and up, and sold for $29.
The Holland brothers and P. U.
Itape ot Midlothian received from Il
linois ono day last week Iwonty-slx
head ot registered Durham cattlo for
breeding pui poses.
Houston, with tho fruits, flowers and
vegotablcsj Fort Worth, with the far
mers and dairy men nnd Midland, with
tho cowboys, wero ho three Mucous ot
many delighted pilgrims last wook.
Capt. A. P. McCord has received 4000
sheep, which ho will fatten on hln farm
north ot Cameron. Ho Is now feeding
In nil 8000 bond, using hulls and cot
ton seed mcnl from the mills nt Cam'
Frank Crowley, a Midland cnttle
nan, has bought the routs rcoiuenco
on Hill street and will bring his fam
ily from Midland and locato porrann
ently In Fort Worth.
Dcevllle cattlemen who are short on
grass and forcod to prepare them
selves for feeding during the win
ter are hopeful that tho Into rains will
Immeasurably lessen their feed bills,
It there Is no sovero weathor for tho
next few weeks.
Mr. Dodge Mason of Kemp, who
has large cattle Interests In the Indian
Territory, says his :attle aro In Una
condition, and that he has n large
amount ot feed on baud for hla catlh'
whonever they require the oamo.
John H. llekher ot Henrietta, wh
has a ranch In USallo couuty say
that his tounty is devoid ot grass, but
that tho cattlo nro making out very
woll nu prickly pear nud brush and
will wluter all right.
J. D. Murrah ot San Angela, sold 000
twos, 1000 threes und 200 fours, ulcers,
which ha hns been pasturing near Col
orado City for several mouths. Tho
purchaser Is Frank Kelt ot Wichita
Falls, and the prlco 23 around.
J. F. Orccn ot liranal, who nttcuded
tho annual meeting ot tho Amorloan
Pollod Durham Dreaders' association,
held at Chicago, says the mettlng was
a grand success in every way nnd
that a great deal of Important business
was transacted.
W. H.. McCoy of Oshkosh, Wis., was
tn Fort Worth recently, returning from
his ranch In Irion county. Tho Sawyer
Cattle company, ot which Mr. MeCoy
Is manager and one of tho principal
owners, owns one ot the beat ranches
and best bred herds ot eattte In Texas,
T. P. Illshop Is feeding about 400
cfllvts at Smlthvllle and tor the last
few drf they have been showing signs
ot being affected wlh blseklog. Mr.
UUjh Is how vnci latltiK I bo entire
herd i-wd says the operatUm la pntxlbg
President II. C. Dosti, Jr., of the
Cattle Breeders' association ot Texns,
and S. H. Cowan, attorney for the as
sociation, had a conference at Chicago
with Oemtnlselener Preuty at the Inter-state
commerce oommlsslou and
the railway osmmlttee of the Chicago
I.tvo Stoek exchange relatlro to the
terminal charge. It was decided to
bring suit to enforce the order.
Donham will soon have a large flour
Bwenson Hros. reeelved at Abilene,
Tex., ten registered Hereford bulls for
tervlse on their ranch In Jones county.
These animals were bought at the re-
tent Armour sale ot Hereford in Kan
us City and cost tbtir prerent own
era IJW a Ua4.
Qen. Kitchener has started
London on his return to Egypt,
The steamship Ban Frnleo tss
nrrlvcd at Valencia, Spain, wlfh 1600
Spnnlsh troops from Cuba.
Episcopal Ulshop Potter ot New
York is ono ot tho vice presidents ot
tho Anll-lmperlallsm loague.
Hobson Is to go to Manila about tbn
20th Instant, to superintend tho rais
ing of the aunkoi Spanish war ships
In that harbor.
A flro occurred in the government
dockyards at Fcrrol, Spain, nnd bo
fore tho llnmos were extinguished a
number ot bomb-shells exploded. The
loss Is estimated nt 4,000,000 pesetas.
Tho ordors discharging llrlg. Qoni.
Andrew S. Hurt nnd Hoyston, United
States volunteers, to dato Nov, 30, aro
amended so as to honorably discharge
them, to tnko effect Dec. 31.
Tho anniversary ot (leu. Maceo's
death, tho Cuban Insurgent, was com
memorated In Santiago cathedral.
Tho entire edifice was draped In blaclt,
Interspersed with Cuban colors,
Hx-President Clovelnnd says he Is
ardently opposed to every feature ot
"this annexation nnd oxpnnslon pol
icy." He says he Is opposed to all
annexation, from Hawaii to the Phil
At Sun Francisco word has been re
ceived to tho effect that shortly sev
eral regiments of regular troop.twlll
bo sent to Manila for the purposo ot
relieving the volunteer forces now
Tho qunrtormaster's department Is
making most satisfactory progress In
tho preparation ot docks, railways and
onmp sltoa In the neighborhood ot
Havana for tho reception ot tho
Itev, A F. McKIm, agent for the
Amoi.o- lllblo society, has taken to
Porto Hlco 1000 lllblos, to bo distrib
uted among tho inhabitants ot that
Island. These bks are In tho Span
ish language.
Henri Itochcfort. tho well known
Frenchman, applauds our war as one
ot mercy. Ho would like Oomcz to
be president ot Cuba, and Agulnaldu
governor general ot tho Philippines.
lleproscntntlvo Hull of Iown, chair
man ot tho house committee on mili
tary affairs, has Introduced a bill pro
viding for nu Increase ot the rogular
army to approximately 100,000 men.
The party who followed Senor ItloJ,
president of the Spanish pence com
mission nt Purls, with tho supposed
object ot endeavoring to nseaselnnto
him, It Is now claimed Is a promlneut
Spnnlnrd who Is Itloe' mortal ononi).
It Is cabled that the Insurgents have
been ngnlu firing on tho Spanish citi
zens ot Hollo, nnd that it hns beon
done nt night. The eablegrnm ulko
eays tho lire was returned nnd several
Insurgents hilled.
Tho cat which was rescued from the
wreck of tho Chrlstobnl Colon nnd pre
sented to Cupt. Clnrk ot tho Oregon,
Is now on uxhlbltlon at the Chicago
cat show. Honor Colon, ns tho fellno
Is called, is silver gruy. with tiger
Omen of Hirer M ntlur Oil Tsar
Skald, llnuh Ilia Moth Haiti Oat of
Voiir Kurt and l-T In FUnty ol
It's going to bo n cold winter for
man nnd boast, soys tho Now York
Herald, Tho grlpman placo htm la
cither entogory you wish, for tho pres
ent weather prophet scorns to Influ
ence your opinion ono way or tho otu
or will flap his nrms llko tho wind
mill nnd swenrfully speed away, pour
ing maledictions on tho climate and on
his all Insufficient clothing nnd de
pending for warmth upon the tompora
ture of his own language. Tho hot
chostnut man will transfer his wnroe
to n less enviable position nnd placo
his hands over tho grateful and com
forting little stove, tho while ho "car
amons" at over thing In sight and
sighs for tho lnnd ot tho smiling sua)
nnd tho vigorous vendetta. It's go
ing to bo a cold winter, my country
men, nnd thc only man who will wol
come tho wnvo ot wind and chill wilt
bo tho plumber geutloman, whose car
dir.; organ will bo as warm as tho
heart of Vesuvius.
To such men as are not weighted
ddwn with the wisdom that comes ot
holding communion with tho visible
forms ot nature and hearkening to her
wondrous language, it may not bo out
ot place to remark that tho gooso bono
Is very wldo and nearly all white,
Is not that enough T Aro you not, ae
you iflnlsh Hint sentence, snatching
your hat nnd top coat and niching oft
to tho coal denier, the ulstor manufac
turer and tho liver psd makor to got
In your orders b-fo'o tho rush cora
moncos? Ni" Yu tarry? Bh-hl Not
before In eight yenre In olght years,
mind you havo the gooso bones boon
so white, nor yet so wldo. Sure sign.
Ixok nt tho ragweed closor. How
tall It 1st Divinely tall, tho birds rauN
mur In their own language. When;
tho ragweed getu ns tall as It Is grow
ing now It as pretty n sight to a non
mlgatory bird ns a full hand Is to a
loier In n consolation pot. That tall
ncss means a something. It meaue
that there's going to bo the deepest
hind of a snowfall around tho nook ot
woods whero tho ragweed has roared
Its Inviting head. It means that old
Mndamo Nature Is taking card ot her
own by providing a class ot food which
will refute to bo snowed under. Now,
will you go buy that sanitary all-wool
You won't? Alt right. Corao closer.
Hero's moro ovldenco. Boo tho com
husk. Did you over see n huskier,
hcavlor husk? Ot course you didn't
or you'd bo in tho exhibiting business.
That hoflvlness tolls tho chosen Inter
preters that there's a cold tlmo com
ing. It would seem from thoso conclusive
evidence that tho proper thing to do
Is to get out and corner tho wool
en goods market. Tho wool ox
chnngo Is cloicd now, so you ought
to have little, It nny, competition. Oil
your skntos, brush tho moth balls out
of your sweater and dig up your fur
lined overcoat.
den. lluy V. Henry, tho now gov
ernor ot tho military department ot
Porto Itlco, Is beginning energetically.
Ho intends to hold elections for mayor
nnd counrllm-.ii In overy town, nud, ft
necessary to Insure falriHMW, tho elec
tions will bo under military super
vision. Archbishop Chapello, appolntod
npostllo delgate to Porto Itlco by tbe
pope, was banqueted on his roturta to
New Orleans from Home. Every
Catholic priest In New Orleans, and
many from all over the state, as well
aa laymen, attended.
The Pittsburg Ileducllon company
has Just received an order for all tho
aluminum for a new teiegrapn ana ioi
lively aoosEDEnnv JUICE.
Sparkling Champagne Manufactarid
from rrulls Olhtr Than Orait.
Adulteration ot articles ot consump
tion Is, ot course, n fraud upon tho pub
Ho unless duo notice of It Is given,
Hut, according to tho Lancet.a redeem
ing foaturo of tho doccption In theso
days Is that ndultoratlon genorally oo
curs In somo wholesome form. Mar
garine is an excellent food substance,
though It i i not butter; tho potato Is
very nourishing, but It should not be
found In bread. In tho same way
champagne Is an excellent and Invigor
ating beverage, which In Its cheaper
forms, however, has often nothing to
do with grapes. Qooieberrles, ot
course, have placed champagne within
tho reaolt ot everybody. There was a
time when It all eame from vineyards.
ephone line to bo erected In Manila, iu I When the poor had to treat the wine
the Philippine Islands. The order Is as a case ot sour grapes. Hut even In
for a Spanish company that Is anxious j champagne countries there are slgntfl-
to take advantage of the progressive- cam ibim ui ,.ri n0in. uu,ibj y
7m nf Amariann rule Normandy orebards ot apples, and It
nees of Amerieon ruie. ....... ,,,, i,
pear orchards In France are under con
More than 800 representatives or
brewery Interests In the United Stated,
representing ItW.OoflitW -csiritich-wrt-at
New York and decided to havo a
committee appointed to protest to con
gress against the $1 per barrel war tax
on beer.
Uy direction ot the assistant secre
tary ot war. the telegraphic Instruc
tions of November 96, directing tho
honorable discharge from the fourth
Texas of a number ot oltleers and pri
vates, aro confirmed. These soldiers
are entitled to travel pay.
As part ot the plan tor making Kings
ton, Jamaica, a great naval depot and
extensive dockyard, In view ot the
probable construction ot the Nicar
agua canal In the near future, nego-
i lions are progressing for ins pur
abase ot dockyard silo.
firm ot -wine merchants In tho cham
pagne district. Uml Palmerston Is re
ported to have told a deputation ot the
trade who waited on him that thsro
woe nover a good champagne year In
France unices there was a good appto
crop In Normandy. However, though
perry, cider and gooseberry wlno nro,
excellent drinks In their way, they fire,
not "champagne" and perhaps the
psibllo prefers to pay a little more for
tbe higher-prjeed name.
Mean Thing.
Oholly Miss Amy pwesented see
with this aw lovely stick. Marie
Jo I understand. She told me she got,
It for almost nothing. llluaaUeV

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