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Willi ifrntl lo Ktrlli.
n lir .fnrnncso nlunya bury tl.o.i '
iliul with Hie bond to llio north, '
mxl for Ihh mttnit m ilntmnosc
will RlaofMvlth his hontl in i lint j
position. Mnny juivnto housea
Mid hotel. Intro a dlnrnm of the,
points (VjT tliu compass pnstotl on j
tlio liodr'com colling fot Uit con-1
vcnlanoo of gliosis.
Cap Worn Ktralglil.
A Now KnglnnJ in 1 1 road litis
(lib regulation for tho wonrera of
U uniforms: "Tho p nlmll ho
worn hI might, neither tipped eido
wn; nor bnukwutls." A fro
quont question along t lint lino
among tha o(llom! us woll as tlm
lrttiV pfiBRBiigoi'd is, "Jh my lint on
rulura WoUnra uf I lie, Cutillnaiit l.lta In
Ihelr IVrllU I'lolila.
Tlie rnpltl progress Unit Is lioltu
made In the settlement of tho fertile
IirnlrlcB or Western Canada Is lendliiij
to tho Investigation of its resources tiy
llioa Interested In having provision
inndo for tliooo IIvIi.r in tho crowdol
cant, for thoso who have heen strug
Kllnx for yearn on Impoverished farnu,
for the renter who I unablo any longer
(0 bear up under tho itrnln Imposed by
the landlord, and for t tie farmer who,
unnble to ptirchao farms for his sons
In hi own neighborhood, has to loo
around for lower-priced lands. The
Investigation shows that It Is Impos
MI1I0 to meet those conditions success
fully outsldo of Western Canada. Al
ready millions of bushels of wheat uro
being Rrown there each year, whllo ni
many an 60,000 head of cattlo were
shipped out this yeur. A represents
live of Tho aormnnla, Milwaukee ono
of tho lending Herman papers in die
United StnteH, recently made n trip
through Manitoba, AMslnlboln, Alborln
iind Haskatchowan, whore llo tho frei
government lands of Western Canada
nnd In n future fastis will appear ?
tract from flattering letters eontrlLu-.-wl
to The (Jermauln and other paper
by their sperlal correspondents. As
It Inducement for Immigrants to make
their homes In Canada, the Canadian
tiuvernniont offers 1G0 acres of laud
frco of east to any settler.
Kor further Information apply to
Canadian (lovernment Agent, beirnrt
incut Interior, Ottawa, Cnnada, or
to IJr. Hlchnrdsou, Housnn, Texas.
A shenp-lcllllng Qog seldom kills
ihcep nt home.
1'cw men with a grlevnnco toll thi
whole truth.
A "brotherly Interest" In a girl tre
qucntly tneane love.
Pome peoplo appear iudlcrotis by the
undue ndmlratlon they seem to have
for their own cupnclty.
The New American
Plans for the Ship Submitted to
the Navy Department.
see a snow
storm in
We never did; but wo liave
cecn me doming at wis lime
of the veer so covered with
dandruff tlut It looked as If It
had been out In regular snow
No aoed of tills snowstorm.
As tho sumrrcr sun would
melt the falling snow so will
Tho proposal to build a warship to
be sailed tho American Hoy, tho money
to he expended In the projcot to bo
raised by popular subscription among
tho boys In tho vnrlous cities of tho
United Stntos, hna proceeded so far
that tho money is not only largely In
hand, but tho plans for tho battleship
havo been drawn up, and nro now In
tho hands of the navy department olll
olals for approval. But beside tho sen
tlmental Intorost which naturally at
taches to tho craio th rou nh the man
ner of Its presentation to tho United
Blotes navy, tho plans are worthy of
special attontlon because of tho fael
that they provide for tho largest bat
tleship, bar none, In tho world.
Tho length of tho American Hoy.
according to tho plans, Is 1,000 feet,
or nenrly thrco tlraos tho length of the
Illinois or Kenttiohy Its breadth Is
about one-fifth of Its length, or 207
feet 4 Inches. Its displacement Is 4S.410
tons, whllo Its propelling foroe Is sup
plied by eight turbine screws, expect
ed to develop a speed of forty knots an
The Amcrlonn Hoy Is a doublo-lur-rcted
seagolntf bat,tlehlp ot the first
class. Her guns will lo tho most pow
erful known to man. Tho first battery
will Include four monster IC-lnoh guns,
twelve 12-Inch and four 10-Inch ones.
All of them, of courso, nro brcceh
loading rifles. Tho secondary battery
consists of two 12-Inch dynamlto guns
nnd twonty 12-lnch mortnrs. Still a
third group of cannon, called tho "tor
tlary battory." Is composed of tho fol
lowing formidable array. Twenty-8-Inch
guns, olght 0-lneh guns, four
4-Inch rnpld-flro guns, 100 o-pounders,
fifty 4-poundors, eight tubos for dis
charge of aerial torpedoes,- olght tubes
for submarine torpedoes, forty 1
pounders, sixteen Oatllug guns. There
will also bo a monstor ram which. It
this gigantic ship over gets at rloee
quartom with an enemy, would shear
open n ship like tho Illinois as oft.lly
as tho Illinois herself could stave In the
plntos of a passonger stoamor. The
mm of tho Amorloan Hoy Is, perhaps,
tho most powerful offonso weapon, ox
cluslvo of electrical contrlvnncos, over
designed. Imagine a steel cold chisel
of enormous proportions backed by n
mass ot Iron weighing 48,410 tons, and
Imaglno this whnlo mass hurling ItRelf
norosn the sea nt tho speed of an ox
profs train. No human device, except
man Invention ot doetrticUon onn cum
paro for n moment with tho AmorMun
Neeer-VTonld Have lleil.reil It If lie
llniln'l Sn lu
Tho man with n buneh of twine for
whlskora was shaking his chin nt tho
company of listeners, one of whom
hnd shortly before read from a nows
papor n story of n man falling down n
well and sustaining no very serious
Injury, snys the Washington Star.
"Which romlnds me, gents," ho said,
"that what I am about lo rclato to
you Is a fact, n calm, cold fact, that
I wouldn't think of telling you It It
was anything else. Ii happened out
In one ot the deep mines of Colorado,
whero there was a straight shaft 860
feet dcop. Somo tald It was 878, but.
gonts. I'm a truthful man. nnd I
know It was 36 feet 1 Inch short of
thai, for I measured It mysolf. Well,
to mnko a long story short, one day
thoro was a man out to seo tlioanlno
from Now Yoik to buy It. He hnd a
rot of money, and ho looked like, ho
carried It around under his vest, for
ho was ns big through as n hnss drum
and built on them proportions. 1 guess
ho weighed 300 pounds, though It
might have bten only 298. Anyhow,
ho was standing around tho mouth of
ho shaft one morning, and by somo
chance or other ho toppled over and
down he went. I was looking right at
him when ho toppled, nnd I novor
want to see another man's faeo look
like his did then, gents, Indeed I don't.
Not much. Woll, to make n long story
start, we looked at onch other for a
minute as he wci t down the I10I0. and
then wo broke iur 'ho cage, whloh
was faatencd up yet. and two of us
start ed down niter him. expecting to
find him n mangled mass at the bot
tom. Hut wo didn't, and as wo began
to near tho bottom wo hoard lilm
yelling like n coyote to hold up or wo'd
mash tho tlfo out ot him. That scared
us worse than the other, nnd wo want
ed to go hack, but wo couldn't do
thnt, so we wont slaw and gut down
to hlni all right. Woll, to make a loug
story hhort, by gum, do you know that
we found that he had gono down thnt
holo so fast nnd ho had filled It so full
that ho hnd enmpresscd tho air In It
VTIij (llrU fritter Work llehliiit Counters
lo DameMIe Servle.
Many a Chicago woman has won
dered whether It la as dimwit to se
cure saUflractory dernestle help In
Mher cities as It Is at homo. Thoro
is always a Rood demand for good
tooto ami other household assistants
nil there Is Just ivs eanllntiod nn over
P)ly of girls desirous ot securing
DMltlana In ftfijws and tors, and the
myitery of this Is dark and Impone
tpaMo to many a distracted matron.
Perhaps the following oxprotsloit
lrm nn Intelligent young woman who
at present omployed In a largo Btnlo
ttrcet establishment may throw somo
light on the subject: "It la nil vory
well to talk about prpj.idlce against
domestic sertleo. but the wholo thing
Is Just this: Working In n store Is
business; In a kltekan It U drudgiry.
In a store a girt has some ehaneo to
do ssmotklug for herself. Hhe Is put
behind n counter and told to sell
goods, and she knows If she doen It
woll or better than the others about
her she Is likely to get her salary
raised or get a better position In the
storo. If a girl has plenty ot ambi
tion nnd really Is a good saleswoman
after n time sho may beeomo n buyer
for the houio or even a drummer.
What hns a girl In n kitchen to look
forT If sho is a line cook sho will Just
stay cook as long as sho stays with
tho family and when she gcta out and
wants another Job she has to start In
as cook nonln. Another thing Is that
tho girl in a storo Is responsible for her
work to tho manager ot her depart
ment and to nobody else. The girl In
n kitchen has to please the wife, bus- j
band, children, mint and any number
of visitors who eomo around, and to
plcaso half a doien pooplo of different
tastes Is not an easy thing. Hosldce,
1 want my evenings to myself Instead
of being stuck In n kitchen six nights
out of sovon. Why, girls In this stors
belong to musical clubs nnd soetals by
the dozen, and there Is not one who
would change to go into anybody's
home. Ilesltles that, all girls like com
pany, I gttess, and It there Is any
prejudice about the matter It Is wttli
the young men who routes to see the
girls. You won't find many fellow
who would go to see a 'girl who was
a 'kitchen mechanic,' for thnt Is what
thoy rail them. There Is mi ronton
why a girl In a store cannot lumi as
much company as sho pleases, as her
work does not unfit hor for It. but it
sho start to cook or tnko any other
situation In a house sho will vory soon
find thnt there are rontons enough why
no young men will eomo to seo hor. I
suppose every girl looks forward to
the time when sho will he married and
her chances of securing n good hus
band are certainly much better It sho
Is working In n more than It sho Is n
melt these flakes of dandruff In
fl the tcalp. It p,oes further thsn
inn: ii prevents inoiriormsuon.
It has stll other properties!
It will restore color to fcray hair
let (it r t tlmska mil n f
ten cases.
And it does even more: It
feed snd nourishes the roots
of the hair. Thin hair becomes
thick hair; and short hair be
comes long hair.
We have a book on the II stir
end Scslp. It Is yours, for the
If tmi do Ml ttfeula all tt btatfiti
ran iihiiu nun lut ui m in
WlUt UK Hi
10m lb ut ul ih Vlnur,
tar itrtat IL l'tsWtiiv
Ot U tow 4iaulir wltli rturiii'
rtl 1iWm htih at? b Mill; H-
I dliihiijM, lutUniUilLni,
noia Uf lru0ti(,
such nnothcr ship ni tho Amcrlonn
Hoy, could stand for nn Instant ngnlnst
so terrible nn Impact. Should two
such ships crash together at full speed
there would bo such n collision as the
imagination Is unnblo to forecast.
Tho armor belt of tho American Hoy
will bo thirty-six Inches thick, backed
by eight fect ot asbestos felt. Tho tur
ret armor will bo forty-four Inches.
Thcro will bo two armored decks, one
above tho other, tho upper carrying
five Inches ot stcol, tho lower eight
Tho list of striking things supplo
mcntnl to the general work of destruc
tion Is amazing. It Includes a twenty
Inch toloscopo, two war balloons, two
hydraulic dredgers rigged at the prow
for clearing obstructed channels, two
dorrlcks that operato In connection
with the dredgers, two submarine boats
armed with cable shears, 300 auxiliary
engines for lifting supplies, moving
guns nnd the llko; oil sufficient to quiet
n high sea anil keep It still during
thirty days; a submersed guard
against mine and torpedoes; 36,000
tons ot sniokelos eoal; a gymnasium
In the cabin as large as a small audi
torium; finally, 170 onieers and 2.MJ0
men. The cost ot the monster ship
will be IM.000.000.
The ranc ot the great guns of the
American Hoy will bo thirteen miles,
and they can be fired at that distance
with perfect accuracy. Taken alto
gether. It Is qulto certain that no hu-
to such nu extent that by the tlmo ho
got pretty near to tho bottom he
wasn't moving faster than ho would
havo moved through that much water,
nnd ho hid really stopped ton or fifteen
feet from the bottom nnd couldn't get
either way, which was what scared him
so as we camo down on him lu tho
cago. Very peculiar ocourronoo, gents,
nnd It I hadn't seen It with my own
oyos I never would have believed It
In tho world. Never."
lilt Own llrutirt.
"And so I'ennlngton Is making a
reputation for himself as a writer of
dialect stories? What sort of dlalcot
does ho write negro, IrNi, Hoosler,
golf, or what?" "It's something en
tirely new one that he Invented him
self. I understand that the magazines
simply can't get enough ot It."
Anil Tint' Hoimllilus'.
"Take Fred (Irani, for Instauee."
said the man who Is always complain
ing, "what has he ever diao that
amounted to anythingr "Well." re
plied tho man who Is disposed to be
charitable, "he has stieeeeded In look
ing Ilk his father, on horseback."
IT by It Wm I'oor.
"It scorns to me this paper gives a
poor account of the parade." "Oh.
well, you know It beggared description."
cook or other domostlc servrnt. No.
thero Is 110 feature of domestlo ser
vice that commonda it to mo or other
girls of ambition." Chicago Chronicle.
Otogrniiiijr for lVoumu
Tho Introduction to Harkenton's
"Modern Atlas." published In 1810. has
a reference to "Iho sex" whleh aught
to bo very Interesting to our modern
college girl. Tho learned author wye:
(leography is a study so universally In
structlvo and plenslng that It has, for
nearly n century, been taught even to
fomalcs, whoso puriuils aro foreign
from sorlous reseorehos. in the trivial
conversation of iho social circle, In the
dally avidity of the occurrence of the
times, prognant. Indeed, nbovc all
othera with rapid nnd Important
changes that affect the very oxliteneo
of states and empire, geography has
become an habitual resoMrea to Mie
elegant female, as well aa the profound
"Who la that?" asked kit beat girl
of the Ann Arbor student as they
passed two large men among the
crowd upon tho unveiling of the lllalr
monument at Kanalne. "Wliut? rwi
you know? Why. that'a the fnll-oacH
on 1110 varsiiy ieam." "No, I mean
the older gentman." "Oh. that's
(leuorol filiafirr Hut un t the oihr
oil a dandy? ' Detroit 1'roo Praia.
Don't bother with buttons pt on
A neat woman Is worthy of muah
Certainty of disappointment makes
Ittillrnml Train lit lltm Montr,
llnllroadnlttelaUptalKithatlt Is vary
expunrtve to runih'lr express trains,
and aro miking about wJueliitf tho
speed. It Is IlkewlM K.r..iTe 0 jjle
health to struggle nnd mm pete lu bus
iness affairs as men do nowadays. Tho
whole systom u Ives 01U 1'or restor
ing stroniftb ItiHletlei's Stomnch Hit
ter Is the proper remedy.
A truo wife "will' nlwajrt stand by a
worthy husband.
wriu at ()n fur Mrrinml Javcnnt'i
mom llliietrnKil UmIhIbii. l rr.
Aa Christmas approaches you should
wnio ni once rrr the grand now Illus
trated Christmas Catalogue of tho Mcr
mod ft Jat-rard Jewelry Co.. of
uronuway and Locust Ht.. Bt. Ixmls. It
columns JSC twges. brlmfull of the lat
tost and most beautiful things In Dia
monds. Watches, Jewelry. Bllvcrvnrc.
Sllverplated ware. Clocks, Music Hoxes.
811k rmluellas. Cut (llase, gpeetnelea,
etc. It tells you how very, very low
their prices me for these splendid high
clam goods, which range from K cenla
to 110,000. It Is sent to you frco on
rcelpt ot jour name and nddress. lift-
ter write in once for It so that yor may
order lu lime for Christinas. Tho Mer-mod-Jaceard
Jewelry Co. guarantee to
glvo you entire satisfaction. Ordera
aro carefully filled by n member of the
firm no matter how nmnll they may be.
Kindly mention this paper.
When enemies beeomo good to you,
look out.
Rnnuiiu'i 1'iirn I'ar I'umlur
JlMmltri Udlti' CeaiplritM. 1 fBl Uot Hsu
Intelligent dogs do not always have
Intelligent owners.
TnVo I.mstUd ttreme Qutslnq TaUoin. All
drugsUu refsnd lbs ineery ft It fsllsloeure.
He. 'flicttlBobt I. 0 Q. en tuth ublet.
A telephone adda Immensely to one's
acquaintance list.
tlo.l- 1H Mlllou.
CbmiiM IN tlmfi' rlMh ... M CO
orauitu lis tiMii iMtr Mir ii at
rwilrt lie fvlHiee. iml n unm . . a n
ll.ll.l.AS HOOK COUI'ANV, lUll.l.TflH.
Chin whiskers do not always make
an Irish comedian.
winidurib riiuturv iiini.'Ai. urn aswi-
(JIAllOX. lllli KHthH, liulr orjiimi.r mij
literal twitnou. AiUrfin A. J IIIIOtVN, (lu
trkl lliniift. I li, Tt.
A well dressed man nlways has
shiny or tan shoes.
Mrs. Wlnilim' soothing nrrn,.
rorcblldrts training-, iwlltn Ibt itimi, tfiutu l
atromiilo,illjifilii,nirmlqilrollc. Uc itMltl.
Horse shows have "rings;" women
in consequence llko them.
Dtafnrti Cannnl ! C'lirftf
by loeal spplleatlansii tbay cannot reach the
dlttiitd ixmlun oithe rr 1 burn I only one
war to cure iltftlncn, and that It br romtltu
tlonal rcme-Uc Diafntmli councd by an In
flamed rendition o( tho raucoui llnlr.s ot the
nuitaoblan Tutxi. Wbt n i hit tubs It Inflamed
rou barn m rmnUllna aound or Imiwtfpct hear
Ins. snd when It U entirely clotmL Dratnraa la
tse reull, sad uuln i!io Innamtnatloo ran U
tabenmitandlblatutxirnaiurrd to lu mutual
rendition, beatlna will be dratrored (orever:
nine raara out ot tin aro ranted by Catarrh,
whleh la netlilnsbni an IbDamtd eendltlon ot
the muteua unuM.
Vt'o will sire Oao llus1rt tllara for nnr
oainof Dfotae a iMtitFAl by ratarrhl that rnn
us bo outodby Halt's t starrh Curo. 8raU fur
ctreulara; tree.
H M. '"'WKY CO.. Telfdo. O.
nsfla'a l"nnifjr V4lUare the beat.
Most of tho fair sax aro noted for
f ITSPtfMMUt'iff.XaaiwatMiiiaiiailM
Ant tly km J II. htm IJi.il Ntrn ItMlwer.
bte.4 Ur I'll It K t i.M lllil kMU tri lir-IKH.
"a. IU II. Kurt. Ltd.. Ml And SU. 1-tMiCrtpt.u, vZ
Italn sounds soothing when ono Is
safely housed.
riao's Dure for Unnanmptlon hsa Ixien a
family tno.loliia with ua alaco 166(1. J. It,
Mndiion, SIM JJ Ave , Ublcagg, 111.
Money-saving Is certainly a most
fascinating en mo.
Sacrificed to
Blood Poison.
Tlioio who havo novor had Blood Poi
son onn not know what a dosperato con
dition It can produce. This terrible
dlsoflio which tho doctors aro totally
unablo to euro, Is communicate from
ono generation to another, Inflicting IU
taint upon countless innocent ones.
eomo years ago I was ltioeolaled with twlton
w who inireieit tar Mba with t nu
taint, tliellllla one was
Utiential totlM alrusdr.
Wl Its. lite waa yielded
tip to the fearful polim.
Hr six lMic yeara t Buf
fered untolU misery, t
ws Mtereo with aarra
nnuuierin irom
rnr ftellnul
IIiom lonit
hma.i ...
Kwi, nnu oo
can eapreM rnr
otwoouutlmr II
fMM I Ik.
1.tll iMal&ianl - -
fral titiralelsn sueeea
alrelr treaieil inc. Uit nil
eurr.sad potsah seemnl to add fol to the
swrui namii whleli wasdatoiirina ma 1 waa
frlenda who ha
ni Men wondlrfol
aitvli,! l.v
euraa mad hy It. to trr wllra fipeeine. Vfe
not Iwo bnltlH. and I fell Iioik unlet ! In
y bre;i hope for health and bapplnta
piste and twffeei euro waa tlia retail B KB,
Il the only blood fused which leaehea da
parsltcaaii. Msa.T W Ut,
Wonlfomery, Ale.
Of tho mnny blood remedies, B. 8. 0.
Is tho only ono whloh ?an reach deep
seated, violent oases. It nercr falls to
euro perfectly nnd permanently the
most despcrato cases which aro boicod
tho reach of other remedies.
Is ptiREi.v vsoatAhtK, and Is tho only
blood remedy (niarantccd to contetnno
mercury, potash, or other mineral.
Valtiablo books mailed frco by Swift
8pocIUo Oompany, Atlanta, Qcorgla,
''" w aiHlauieitUarlniarllleof frail.
.No dm- ei In I lie. orbaM I itleou Mmr new
rarieilrtnf rreattdiie. il n, of One tieea.
Ivareipn Atenu wani,l. Writs fur my new
eaflmmr K T IIAtlHBr. Auilln. Teiat.
Qrontncand Croeklni
. pruntnhie Send t-eeat
ttampfur boolilet
linNltV I't HII'f l!ll. Itmini City Mo.
Mm I Vntuilu Ha;u. i.ulnn Mollm Itlrmi,
Plaain. ei- t'een ihlu iim mu-lo Una l
Bxjfter mtlni jjimc ilmiMl limn i n ,l lMtln.Uo.
nnd WIMMtnY llHldte etiredt
nl lioinei nltliniil iialu. Jlnuk
ot itrili-iilni f ire
Ii. k WikiUJiV. U. ! . AtiejiU. 04.
ium. neoil lor bouk of t tilmimUti nei 10 ilayir
treatment i'rr. Or. U.ll.csm aioia. lu.xa.t.
Pm I I h 1'friiji.TMti'nUf.l.st
m hlfti
" r r taaiAV.i ill d.1 II -n.l
iiilualluuind oDlnlan
n uini riif. ntn.
WAKTKli i'a or t a ft allh Ihat H IT A It D
will in. I IwneM. read riuu to lllps tteuiltW
ci New lura.for lOiiinMat acq jxu leillnmemi.
DATCUT iecuiedOfwtlrrttr4, rfelifrt.
r H I ClI I lolltintr&Co. tJ SFtL,Wub.D.a
Mi ami ill
sJWV .... .!. " ... . . r-JfcSSi
tns. M aaaasV.
Sol aianli
Tetoi ' J nh ii
lideie" I'Ioki
Hlil Ilia
CO., Dallna.
11 II Cahiialtlranl Mauuratlartrof
uiiii Ubiivsunviii munmiiH
pi . iir-ni ji lion n . naiui. Tct
la IIH-Ul, ' ll.or k. I. hjii t K Igt Tvo l Ml Mtlu
Aesnl Wsnlarl VouoanainUOrritto tandiiuv
fliiCIIU ITOIIUU our l-i.n inn and framei Wi.lv
lOfUiiw- I It AmteriDO Al'ii iTH KIluCI . lul.a.
DR. R. II. CHILTON, fcrSrl"!0
Xw. tea Nwih Tm lliot tlldt . I)lln, Imi
Will OilnitMl HI en in tjiuiiilrr. Dallai. Tea
i. If ikii MtliCed Willi tour Iut4rr walk Ta
aallify otryliody J T IlllllKltTHO.V. ilanaier
VUAIITFn Yrn mu' twnt mm and ladio M
IIHIIILU Ieam Tele jiai'tir fur 4itlloni an al.
road. Ilallai Telearaiiti l olltjo. Halm, Teiaa
Ubca AasKtrinrj Adtertlstmcots Itloflly
Mention This Taper.
At a Poker Stiff J As a Boll SofC from Q cold.
Warm up with a rub ot
It dilvei out the Cold snd Cures.
"The Cigar in
the Pouch."
It your dealer
does not sell Cameo
nond ii a f2.BO for a box ot
00, aout cunr&oa paid.
Port Worth, Texas.
fr aeal la .lala aniur.
a aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaWTlTalaaaaaaaaaaaaaa BsssssssssssMMIMaMaWMaMaMllBnil ISlliaiiiaiii I
We will refund to him. Price, 50 cente. Sold by All Druggists.
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chant and pet

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