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11 Oaani r.t Ho t Att II
Homo First, tho World Aftorward.
Tlia Chare
Washington, Jnn. 24. The charges
nod epeclflcatloDs upon which Com
rnlssary General iSaean la to bo tried
have been Given to tho press.
The charges and specifications nro
as follows!
Charge 1. Conduct unbecoming an
officer and gentleman. Specification:
In that Drlg. (Jen. Charles i. Bagan,
commissary Reneral of subsistence, U.
P. A did, while testifying ns a wit
ness bofore the cotnmlttco appointed
by tho president to investigate ho con
duct of the war department In the war
with flpnln, submit and road as a part
of hla testimony 11 certain wrlttqn
statement In which ho did make uso of
and thereby publish tho following dis
graceful, grossly Insulting and ungen.
Uemanly language, with roferenco to
MaJ, Gen Nelson A. Miles, command
ing tho array, namely:
"If and when Ocn. Miles charges that
It (meaning tinned fresh boct) was
furnished as a 'prctenso of experiment'
ha lies In his throat, he lies In bis
Iseart, ho lies In every hair of his
liead and svery pore of his body; ho
lies willfully, dollborately, intention
ally and maliciously.
"In denouncing Gen. Miles as a liar
whon ha makes this statement I wish
to make It as emphatic nnd as coarse
as tho statement Itself. I wish to
forro tho llo back Into his throat cov
ered with the contenta of a camp
This nt Washington, D. C, Jan. 12,
Charge 2. Conduct to tho prcjudlco
of good order and military discipline.
Specification: In that Uric. Gen.
Charles P. Eagnn, commissary general
of subsistence U. 8. A., did, while, tea
tlfylng as a wltucsu beforo the com
mission appointed by tho president to
investigate- tho conduct of the war do
Nw KnUrprliM,
JUKImnre, Md , Jan. 24. Tho most
Important new enterprises of the week
reported by tho Manufacturers' Record
Ono hundred thousand dollar cotton
compress, 125 barrel flour mill and
130.000 cotton compress In Arkansas;
180,000 machlno worloi, etc., In Ala
bama $30,000 oreamcry, $10,000 found
y nml machlno shop In Georgia; 20
barrel flour mill In Konluokyj $26,000
flbro company, $30,000 saw mill and
1000-ton aitRar mill In Louisiana; $500.
000 plmrmncal company. $10,000 box
fnctoy, 3800-splndIo cotton mill addi
tion, 3600-splndlo addition and 1300
splndlo nddltlon In North Carolina;
7000-splndlo addition In Sout'i Caro
lina; D-ion leo factory nnd $10,-000
iron ore company In Tennessee: 120.
000 oil Co., $20,000 flour mill. $300,000
cotton mill company and $400,000 Innd
improvement company In Texas;
iuu.uou siik manufactory. $25,000
rounury and machine company, $600,-
000 gas and lleht comniinv IT. nnft
boot aud shoo company. 30-barrell
flour mill and $37,500 ether comnanv
In Virginia; $50,000 coal and lumber
company, $50,000 bridge company, $10,-
ooo teiopbono company and $300,000
petroleum company In West Virginia.
JNew buildings announced Included
$260,000 warehouse, etc., at Daltlmorc,
aw.. ICO.0OO hospital nt Baltimore,
$0000 church at Piano, Tex. $20,000
church at Nowport Nowa, Vn $7600
warehouse at Ualtlraore. Md., $10,000
business building nt Franklin. Tonn..
$5000 bonk building nt Planuemln.
La., and $30,000 courthouse nt Tren
ton, Tcnn.
Saturday night
pnrtmcnt In tho war with Spalu, sub-1 " 'mr,y ot unknown men surrounded
Huninni' Work.
Atlanta, Oa., Jnn. 21 At Colquitt,
Go., a town romoto from telegraphic
communication, Into
xnlt nnd lerml. us n part of his toatl
trony, a .t:'i.n written statement In
ixricu no uiu iiiaiiu uso or and thereby
publish tho following grossly nbUBlvo
.1 ..L . . ...
uuu unniiiiinry language with refer-1
onco to tho major general commanding
"It and when Gen. Miles chsrges
that It (meaning tinned fresh beef)
was furnished as a protonse of experi
ment' he Ilea In his throat, ho llos In
his hehart, ho lies In every hair ot bin
head, and every poro of his body, ho
lies willfully, dellbcrntnly, Intentional
ly and tnnlUlousy. If his statement
Is truo that this was furnished undor
'prctenso ot an experiment,' then I
should bo drummed out ot tho army
and Incarcerated In state prison, If
this statement Is fulse, as I assert It
to be, then ho should bo drummed out
of tho sorvlco and Incarcerated In
prison with other llbclcrs. i
"Ills statement Is a scandalous libel,
reflecting upon tho honor of every of
ficer in the department who has con
tracted for or purchased this meat,
and especially and particularly on tho
commissary general myself. In de-
nounclug Oen. Miles ns a liar when ho
snakes this statement, 1 wish to forco
tho llo back Into his throat covered
with the contents of n camp tatrlne.
"I wish to brand It as a faliohood ot
wholo cloth without a partlclo truth
to sustain It. und unless he can provo
fab statement he should be denounced
by every honest man, barred from tho
clubs, bnrred from the society of de
cent people and so ostracised that tho
street bootblaoka would not conde
scond to speak to him, for he has foul
ed his own nest, ho has aspersed tho
honor of a brother officer without a
particle of evidence or faot to sustain
In any degreo his scandalous, libelous,
malicious falsehood, vlr, that this beet
or anything whatever was furnished
the army under 'pretense of expert
cnont.' "
This at Washington. D. O., Jan. 12.
The precise nature ot Qin. Bagaa's
plea to these ohargea and specifications
has not yet been determined upon. So
far as thn charges aro concerned, It
U understood that Oen. Begin will not
plead guilty to either ot them. A
strong legal contest Is looked for In
tho proceedings before tho .court martial.
tho house of Farmer llustln nml
manded that his daughter como out of
tho houso. Sho refused, whereupon
the men attacked tho houso, shooting
from every sldo. Ono shot passed
through tho door, killing a boy, Virgil,
instantly. Another struck old mnn
Itustln and ho died yesterday from
tho effects of tho wound.
Tho mob broko in tbo door and
knocked the old man down and con
tinued shooting nt him. At tho In
quest It dovclopcd that the eause of
tho shooting was because Miss llustln
had oworn out a warrant for a man
nnmed I'hlllpps. Tho coroner's Jury
returned a sealed verdict.
I'hlllpps, his father and two broth
ers, two cousins of I'hlllpps' and a
man named Cloveland have been
placed In Jail.
Washington, Jan. 24. Discussion ot
tho policy ot expansion occupied near
ly all tho tlmo ot tho senato in open
session yesterday. Mr. Whlto of Cali
fornia, one ot tho Democrats who has
announced herotoforo his opposition
to ratification of the treaty of peace,
addressed tho senate in support of tho
antl-cxpanslou resolution Introduced
by Mr. Vest (Dem.) of Missouri and ot
tho resolution offered by Mr. 11 neon
(Dem.) of Georgia declaring that tho
Filipinos ought to be froo nnd Indend
ent. Yesterday was District of Columbia
day In the house, and the major por
tion ot tho day was devoted to local
legislation. The only action ot public
Importance was tho passage ot tbo bill
to extend tho navigation laws of tho
United States to tho Hawaiian Islands,
Hhat Will t Uuu.
London, Jnn. 24. The Filipino junta
hero has rcoelvcd dispatches saying
that If Agonollto, ono ot Agunaldo's
envoys at Washington, Is not received
by the United States government with
la a few days, Agulnaldo will recall
h'ra to Manila and suspend relations
with tbo United States, "thus remov
ing an Important medium for arriv
ing at a peaceful understanding."
The Junta's advices also assert that
"largo numbers of tho American troops
are fraternising with the natives and
,that many ot them .ore engaged to
Filipino girls'."
Karlhquaba Mioekt.
Athens, Jan, 23. A strong Mimic
disturbance was felt yeelenlu morn
ing about 9:30 o'clock throughout Hut
Peloponnesus (tho southern pnrl of
tho kingdom of Greece). eipulnlly In
tho southwestern departments of the
peninsula. All tho houses In tin town
of Phllatra, In tho department of Mfa
senla, on tho Ionian coast, havo Inert
damaged and tho Inhabitants are t;uw
camping out In the suburbs. Two vil
lagea In tho vicinity of I'hllatra were
completely destroyed, many people
Doing slightly Injured. Tho villages of
Kyparlssla and Htnso wero also prac
ucauy tieairoyetl, though It Is not
known ns yet whethor thero was any
victims thero,
Much damage to property wna done
at Navarlno, n seaport nix miles north
of Modon, whose harbor witnessed tho
victory of tho Kngllsh, French nnd
Hussion fleets over those of tho Turks
and Egyptians In I82f, nnd consider
able loss Is reported from Calamata,
capital ot tho department ot Mossenla,
near tho head of tho Qulf of Korcn
Tho shock was severely felt in the
district of Zante, capital of the Ionian
Island of that name, but thero was no
toss or lire or property there. Many
slighter shocks havo occurred during
tho day and last night tho pcoplo nt
numerous towns and villages are
afraid to return to their houses.
tintlrn towns havo been destroyed
nnd many lives aro thought to bo lost
by earthquakes In lower Greece. Many
thousands of pcoplo nro homoless.
Tho day of terror onded with tho pco
plo In flight.
Lars Tratiinrllnii.
Knoxvllle, Tonn., Jnn 21-The larg
est business transaction made In tho
south In ten years hna Just been an
nounced hero. It Involves nn Invest
ment of $15,000,000, and Is of vital lm
portanco to upper east Tonncssca and
southwestern Virginia. The Virginia
Coal, Iron nnd Hallway company has
bought In tho Immcnso blast furnaces
nt Max Mendows, Pulaski, Itounoke,
Va., and Ilrlitll, Tenn.; also tho llrls
tot and Ullxnbethton and the South
Atlantlcu nil Ohio nil Iron its. Cash Is
paid forall tho properties. Tho com
pany becomes owner of 125.000 ncres
of coking coal Innds, 00,000 ncres of
ore lands, two railroads and nlno fur
naccn Tho railroads oxtond from Dig
Htone Gap. Va., to Kllznbothton. Tenn..
and the rich coal and mineral nnd
tlninbr lands of tho now company.
Annapolis, Mo.. Jnn. 23. The memo
rial tnblot placed in tho naval acad
emy chapel in memory of Hnslgn
Worth Dngley, who was killed on the
Wlnsiow off Cnrdenns In tho late war,
was unveiled yesterday morning In the
prcsrnco of a largo number of nnvnl
officers and others. Lleui. John II.
Ilernnrd, who commanded the Wins
low, raised the veiling. Mrs. Ilngley,
mother of Knslgn Ilngley, nnd his sis
ter were present.
Sanioan MalUr.
Washington, Jan. 21. Ths state de
partment la moving with duo dellbera-
Lewlsburg, Tenn., waa visited by a
ilitftlriiffllvA flf n r.w Mint. ...
-i,... , ' , l,on 7t with firmness, respecting tho
Three charred bod es wore found on ijllatment of conditions In Samoa.
li e steamer Ouachita, which burned The pubcnllon o( ncen,y now(p.
nt Memphis. Tenn. ! per articles Is deprecated as calculated
Itev. A. J. Jones, a prominent Moth- to interfere with nn amicable and fair
ouisi clergyman, died nnd was burled settlement of the Important questions
at Water Valley, Miss
The transport Comal left Savannah,
Oa with a cargo of provisions for va
rious points in Cuba for destltuto Cu
bans Sheilff Lumpkin of Dallas county,
AlnbHmn, was shot twice by n desper
ado whom he wok endeavoring to nr
rest. Tht shooting happened at Bel
ma. As a result to arrest Will I'laimcry.
a member of the gang of thnt name,
of southwest Virginia, Jock and
ChnrlM Necessary are dead.
The third Kentucky volunteers ar
rived at SuvnunMi, On., and us soon
ns possible departed on iho transport
Mlnnowaska for Havana,
The term of stato librarian In Ten
nessee has been changed by the legis
lature from two to six yeara and tho
appointment vested In the supremo
Itonnle Ilooth nnd Newton Howard,
near Mnntevallo, Ala., shot each other
to death. Howard married a cousin
of Ilooth's nnd It is said the former
nbused Ids wife. A row followed, re-
nulling ns stated.
I'riim Nannlr,
Washington, Jnn. 3a. Tho senato
Saturday passed tho Nicaragua:! ca
nal bill by a voto of 48 to 0. Tho bill
as passed mnkes tho capital slock of
tho Marltlmo Canal company a hun
dred millions; requires tho cnncella-
at Issue, and tho department Is direct
ing all ot Its efforts now, at It has In
Ijie past, to the use ot lawful nnd regu
lar means to settle tho succession at
Apia. In fact, it was Its Insistence
upon the rompllnnco of nil of tho par
ties to tho trlpnrltlto treaty with tbo
terms ot that document so long as It
stood undenounced a atrong legally at
this Juncture.
Thero Is still n laok of official re
ports upon the details of tho stirring
evr-nla nt Apia. A brief stntcment of
these events has rcnehed tho depart
ment through the United Statea dis
rated agent at San Francisco, hut so
fnr as can bo gathered It Is not yet
known Just why Chief Justice Cham
Lets decided that Mataafa, the Ger
man candidate tor tho succession to tho
throno of Samoa, was Ineligible. It Is
suspected here that the decision was
based on the uso of Impropor Influences
by outsldo but Interested parties in the
election ot the king. Thnt, ft estab
lished, would bo sufficient to disqualify
Mataafn vnder tho strict terms ot the
treaty, which expressly provldra for an
untrammeled cholco by tho natives ac
cording to their own established customs.
Tho United 8tntes ftvcrnracnl must
NO. 12.
nut cotntit,
Washington, Jan. 21. The river and
harbor bill was completed last night.
It oarrles appropriations for tho en
suing fiscal year aggregating $12,503,
133, nnd In nddltlon to this continuing
contrncta are authorised aggregating
$10,791,638. Other conditional appro
priations, contingent upon securing
certain results, amount to $770,000,
but the payments on theso would prob
ably bo postponed beyond tho ensuing
The appropriations nhovo $60,000 for
hnrbora In southern states aro an fol
lows, tho contract amount In each caso
bolng In nddltlon to tho amount nllot
ted for the ensuing year:
Georgia llrunswlck harbor $320,000,
conditional on depth, Savannah $60.
000, Doboy bar $70,000, Oomulgco river
$20,000 nnd continuing contract $138
000, Savannah $26,000 and continuing
contract $245,000.
Alabama Mobile harbor $100,000
continuing contract $500,000, Alabama
river $50,000, lllack Warrior river from
Tuscaloosa to Daniels creek $50,000
and continuing contract $140,500, War-
rlro and Tomblgbeo rivers from
mouth to Demopolls $50,000.
Mississippi Ship Island pass $10,.
000, Pascagoula river $50,000 and con-
tinning contract $207,000.
I nilslana Outlet of Mississippi
river $70,000 and continuing contract
Texas Galveston harbor $50,000.
ship channel, Galveston hay nnd Iluf.
falo bayou $360,000, 8ablno Pom $50,-
ndhero to tho terms of the treaty so'000, Aransas Pass $00,000, channel
long ns It stands, this being a duty lm-! ,rom Onlvcston hny to Texas City
$20.00 conditions on depth.
Arkansas Arknnsaa river $100,000.
posed upon tho government by tho
document Itself, ao It is to be presumed '
In tho nbsonco of nn ofTtclnl statement 1 0l"chlln nnd llluck rlvcra $110,000,
that the Instructions sent to (ho Unl- rlvpr "Pper, $100,000.
ted States consul eonernt at Aula and ' Mississippi river ltescrvolr nt head-
Hon of stock outstanding, except that perhaps also to Ambassador Whlto at 1 waters $210,000, harbor at Now br
rcserved for Nicaragua and Costa Itlrn Herlln nro to bo governed by this un-: leans $110,000, hnrbor nt Nacbcz and
nnd tho discharge of nil liabilities nnd derstnndlng In any presentation of tho 1 Vldalla $50,000.
contractu nnd provides Hint the secro- caso that it may bo necessary to make. "
lary of the treasury will subscribe for Tho navy department orders to thn
$02,000,000 of stock: that tho company Philadelphia did not go out to Admlrnu
uo reorganised and the cannl biillU.Kanu untjl.yeslcrdny. Then they wero
within six years nt n maximum cost of 1,1 tho shnpo ot Instructions to tako on urinatives ot Agulnaldo, the Insurgent
$150,000,000. Tho neutrality of tho n aupply of coal and mako ready .leader or tho Phlllpplno Islands, naiui
canal Is guaranteed, and It neccessary ,or n crulso to Snmoa. Thero was not led through St. Louis on their way to
rillplno Arrlra.
Si touls, Mo., Jnn. 21. J, Lnzola,
M. Marti Ilurgos and J. Lunn, repro-
PfttNl llurni.
San Francisco, Cal., Jnn. 23 Miss
Jennnlo Moore, n daughter of tho late
I. C. Mooro, and a prominent society
belle, died at tho family residence on
Gough slrcot from tho offects of Are.
Tho laco curtains in her room becamo
Ignited from a gas Jet. She attempted
to extinguish the blaze, but her cloth.
Ing caught Are and she niched into the!
hall a mass of flames, wliloh were
quenched with difficulty by the family.
The young lady, who was 23 years
of age and noted for her beauty nd
talents, Ilngcrod In great agony for
several hours, when sho expired.
concessions nro not obtnlncd tbo prcsl.
dent mny negotiate for othor cannls or
for tho abrogation or modlllcntlon ot
the Claylon-ilulwnr trrnty. The
nenate nlso pniwoil scvlramlnor
measures and held nn oxecutlvo
slon beforo adjournment.
nn exploit order to stnrt, but simply to Washington. Their mission In to per-
mako roiuly, It tho admiral, as report-; amnio Undo Sam to relinquish tho
ed In tho press dispatches, finds that Philippine Islands,
his ship's bottom Is no foul through j "Wo reached Snn Francisco Dec, 4,
l er crulso In tho southoru waters as to and havo been slnco studying acntl
bo unfit for tho voyage to Samon, h , ""'(it In tho United Stntes on tho
probably will bo authorized to uso ill-! Phlllpplno question. Of tho hundreds
Washington. Jnn. 23. Tbo president I
sent tlicHo nominations to tho senate: !
War department To be professor I
of mathematics lu tbo military aeada
my, Assoolato Prof. Wright P. IMgor- !
ton; to bo assoclilo professor o' 1
mathematics In tho military aemlcmy,
1'lrat Lieut. Charles P. F.chols, corps I
of engineers.
Interior department Itdmund D.
Wlggln of Washington, D. t!. to be
register of tho laud oue nt Wmie,
Navy department Assistant cupl
neors to passed engineers, Henry H.
Prlrn nnd Martin 13. Trench; tn le ,
brigade surgeon with rank of
Orlando Duckcr ot Kcntuo;y.
vers to clean tho hull, for the depart
ment has decided that tho ship should
not bo sent to tho Mare Island navy
ynrd to bo fitted out. Thero will be
about flvo days available, In all proba
bility, beforo tho Philadelphia
;hllti Copper llooin.
New York, Jan. 21. A dispatch from
Valparaiso, Chili, says:
Tho copper boom Ih creating grent
enthusiasm among the miners. Cara
vuns nro starting to work new mines
nnd thoso that were closed down nro
now In full activity.
A syndicate was recently formed In
Paris with a capital ot 2.000,000 francs !
major, j to work tho copper mines wliloh aro so
i abundant hero. Another syndicate has ,
of leading Americans with whom wo
have conversed we And the vast ma
jority aro opposed to annexation ot tho
Islands to this country."
Hegnrdlng Hollo Sonor Ilurgos de-
can ciareu Agiiinniuo would think well be
foro allowing the Americans to tnkb'lt.
"It Is n big city," he said "and a
prlzo that wo captured through our
own efforts."
Asked If thero would bo n specific
plan mentioned for disposing ot tho
Philippines to tho natives, Senor Ilur
gos said:
"No I think not, but wo havo n prop
osition undor consideration which I
enn not mnko public nt this tlmo,"
Also some minor promni:nu lu Iho
volunteer army.
I.nunrli Hunk.
San I'rnnolsoo, Cal., Jan, 23. The
nnptha Intineh William 1).. was run
down and sunk by the steam ferry
boat Oakland In the bay yesterday.'
Two lives wore lost. Tho dend ure: !
J. Otis Wattles, marine engineer,
son of n San Franolseo broker. Frank j
K. Orr of this city.
Tho launch when run dovn was In1
In rnnftfM,
Washington, Jan. 21. The senate
been formed at Iqulquo with n oapltal ( was In session for Avo and a half hours
of 800.000 to work the borax deposits, yostcrday. but the enislon was praotl
The senate contemplates n subvon-; cnlly barren of result. Only ono nola
lion of $800,000 yearly for a steamship ( ble speech tub delivered, that by Mr.
line, which will ply bolwcen Chllenn Nelson (Hep.) of Minnesota In oppo
and Ilrazlllan ports The opposition ( nltlon to Mr. Veat's nntl-oxpanslon
ngalnst tho new paper Issue Is Increns-, resolution. Tho completion of the
Ing. President Krrnzurlz. answering , Nicaragua canal bill was prevented
tho chamber of commerce, stated that , probably by tho flllbusterine tantlM
.Un ('bpipatiy.
Toledo. O., Jan. 23. The Amerlean
Zinc company, with a capital of $g.-:iHrch of a boat containing twn m.n
0O0.0OO. has been organized with J. O. , supposed to have been drowned. These
Ylodgers of this city as the leading; ore Wm. Seabury. son of Cape. Sea
spirit. The plan has been under eon-1 l.urv nf ih iain xfn fltuai.in
Nsw Olrclor. '
Washington, Jan. . 24 Geh. ItQsselt
Hastings, fdrnferjy'ot Ohio, but now
living at Northnmntnn. .Mas hn liiutn
e of tho Mississippi th0ie roP npP6lntmonTaa jllreW ot
au;r vs., Sportsman's tD(S pilreau 0fVAWei(n jrpilbTS to
favor ot the ilala- SUMew tht lata J&phCth, , .
Is agalust Van dec. ,, iiaitinii i. muLm
AgnUi't Van liar Afi
St. Imis', Mo., Jan. 2.I. Judge HpYn-'
cer In tho circuit court rendered his de
cision In the ease
Valley Trust obwpa
Park nnd Oluli In
nn. in oc.!nn is against van dr Hasting ,r,HB Ule 4 Wj,wr
Ahs iRurNU. as Judge 8jn.ar d was colonel of the pr4ldoi,s regllient,
elares the national Itagoe haw tall '
frnnrr.!M a rt at Uie iwparty crrer- Santiago Mri.kr, the allred" Siexl-
by the mortgage, which the trust can bank i,rubacalt,r a,atrf at vw
alderatlon for tho past year and Hr.
Ilodgera has, It Is reported. Anally in
terested ex-Ooyl Flower. Daniel O'Day
nnd others of the Standard Oil com
pany. All the leading zinc raanufao
turers are in the deal. Tlte organiza
tion will be perfeeted In New York
this week.
company's steamer China, and IWward
J. Finn, who started out last Friday
en s hunting expedition.
I'anfMtM, ,
Springfield, Mo.. Jnn. M-WjUlam
Jonnlngs, ono of. the men arrested on
the ohargo of holding up tho Memphis
Polleeman Itobcrt llalrd was so
rlosly stsbbed at Chattanooga whllo
trying to quell a dlsturbnneo among
luilia llabblni Dead.
Little Hock, Jan. 2d. Judge Hiram
Hobblns, one of tho most widely known
men In Arkansas, died rather sudden-
conipnny seized to foreclose.
i Orleans after two tHsl.
tra rt near MaiHiR.h; Mo.. tfn (he ytght y Saturday afternoon. A report that ho
of l)c$, 13. admitted that be ll pi committed sulelde is denied by tho
Ilyan. formerly of the Jessn Jaulca family. HohWin wus the Arkansas
gang. He twin I viHtwi to ecntoll judge Wm raalgnetl Id go to the Klon-
hl dftillt Uurlng the ejeltenit t- aike oU Hilda aid.' wa one of tho
(811(184)1 un tlia.reetut hshl-wp, lint mw iiasaeligra on the lll-fUd steamer
that it -has subsided he mukea the ad- Kllw Anderson wrerhed In the North
wUslon. fl',clue two yeare ago.
he waa strongly opposed to tho Issue
as an evil to the national Intents. Gold
la 60 per cent premium.
Two million dollars In gold bus been
exported this month.
Sir Martin Conway has arrived at
Puuttt Arenas to aseend Mount Bar
mlenlo which lias never yet Lien explored.
A. I). Bristol, a well-known
Tex., architect, li dead.
The Fiber Pox company of Chisago,
liabilities $100,000, has assigned.
The oablnet
dlssussed the Samoa
t;lrk lUturn.
St. Iouls, Mo., Jan. 20. Al, J.
Wagenman, chief clerk of the criminal
court ot correction, who Is charged
with the appropriation of tho funds at
his olllc. and who had been reported
iMtaaln. has returned tn his Lorn. In
an Interview he said: "I may he a lit
tle short, probably I am. I dm't deny
adopted by Mr. Tllman (Dem.) ot
South Carolina, who frankly announ
ced that tho bill could not bo pawed
now. as he and other senators, If nec
essary, would remain In the chamber
until midnight to prevent a final vote.
Tho proeeedlngs in tho house were
enlivened yesterday by a wordy duet
between Mr. Groavenor of Ohio and
Mr. Lewis or Washington, during (he
debate on a private bill to refer to the
court ot claims the claim ot Cramp &
Sons, the Philadelphia ship builders,
for damages from the government
from delays Incident to the building ot
warships. Tho Cramp bill waa edgod
out ot the way after tho flow ot ora
tory ceased.
suiliUn iuaiii.
Denver. Col., Jan. 21. Job A. Coeper,
et-guvernorf Colorado, died sudilrnly
yesterday nftBnioon of heart failu'r
Mr. Cooper was governor from 18S0
In 1891, being elected ns a Itetttl4l an.
After the eleso of his term as Bgmnor
nt waa elect! president of the N-
the charge that I hare used the money UoMal IlftHk of Coiwueree, tram whirh
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Kttiuivh miiiiaY In Ilia 'umV tn nav all
I diwttnds." i and. real aaiair

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