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Uncle Sams Territory Now Extends Over
Half Way Round the Earth.
Id the race against time the United
State brat out the aun by two min
utes. In other words tho sun never
nets on the territory of this land. He
fore It eati set In one oxtreme Ita (ace
peeps above the ooeon at the other,
and on the longest da)' of the year the
flag bents the aun nnd has two min
utes to spare. Hlxtron minutes are
ndded as the extreme limits to any day
In the equation of time: the flag has
eighteen over tho halt of the twenty
four hours. It Is n narrow margin, but
It will do, ns tho following demon
Htratlon will demonstrate.
It was not necessary for the United
Stales nary to take the Canaries In
order to extend the territory eastward.
The taking of Porto Itlro put the ex
treme eastern bordora just ninety min
utes of longltudo farther east and six
minutes of tlmo In the aamo direction.
Kiutport. Me., which for all tho life
of tho nation before tho Spanish war,
held tho honor, must now yield the
palm to Porto Illco. Utit the difference
Is comparatively trifling. Porto Itlro
commences Juts out of the Baragnsso
sea In longitude 65 degroe 30 min
utes west. Eaatport Is within half n
inlle of C7 degree wost. This makes
the d''"ence ninety minutes of long
Undo ' favor of Porto Illco. Fifteen
culnut of longitude equal one min
ute of time, so the Island wins by six
zulnutM In tlmo.
With Porto Kleo for tho extreme
eastern starting point, tho flag mna
with the aun of the Philippine. Tak
ing Manila as the western point
although! It Is not tho extremo
point and these United State ex
tend rver 181 degrees 32 min
utes hi. ' 4 seconds of loun.tiido,
That Im nearly five degrees more than
hair the rlrctimferoiice of the earth.
The dlfferenco In time between Porto
Rico's eastern point and tho cathedral
Incidentally these United States
cover a large amount of distance In
latitude. They run from the arctic
circle to within hailing distance of the
equator. If an enormous Hag were
spread out so that It would take In
everything over which It now Moats
the accurate measurements would Just
about bring all within Ita borders.
Tho Philippines run down to within
five degrees north of the equator: the
northern cape of Alaska goes well up
to 72 or 73 dogrees north latitude. So
It will be seen that a man must do a
power of sailing north, south, oast and
wost to sot nway from parallels of
latitude and longitude from which tho
ling of America Is absent.
Climatically the country now tuns
(ho entire gamut of the earth. It has
possessions in the torrid rllaies very
near the central belt; It runs for de
grees Into the frigid at the top of the
cute. It takes In every phase of at
mospheric manifestation and disturb
ance from a typhoon la a blizzard. It
ranges from climes when Ira Is never
absent to those where Ice I never
known. In somo of tho new posses
sions Ice could scarcely be maintained
with tho ammonia process, while In
some psrts of Alaska It would scarce
ly yield to electricity.
This Is the churt which the nation
offers In Its race with the sun. Start
ing with tho eastern limits or Porto
Illco In longltudo 06 degree 30 min
utes west, with tho time fixed at S
a. m., the territorial limits, longitude
and tlmo or day follow this schedule
New York, longitude 70 degrees west,
tlmo 4:16 a. m.
Chicago, longitude 88 degrees west,
tlmo 3: IS a. m.
San Francisco, longltudo 122 de
grees, west, time 1:15 a. m.
Honolulu, longitude ICS degress west
tlmo 10:41 p. ro.
The two men entered tho more, and
the challenged party said: "(lot any
talno teeth on hand to-day. Uncle
Jabe?" Without an Instant's lieslta-
lit... II-. I. tul.. .oil I.I. l..n,l I m lila
HUH, UIIVIV Jnur I'm Ml" ! l . , , . ...t, ..... I-
mouth and a moment later held out 1 PPed Th eager t0
the hand with a set of grinning teeth
In It. ' There!" he said, "I'll sell that
set mighty cheap for my gooms hev
snrunk so they don't fit mo no more,
and I'm goln' to have some new ones.
If you want these fcr " Hut tho two
men had tied, while Uncle Jabe called
after them: "I'll let yoii have 'em fer
Imw'ii half price."
Tliy Aiutitail anil Riaiitrsteit Man In
Ilia Tranclin.
The days that followed Jul 3 were
filled with Innumerable visits to the
Spanish lines under Hags of truee, says
Itlchard Harding Davl In Berlbner'.
To tho men In the pits, who knew
nothing or the exigent le or diplomacy,
theso virgin Hags were as nlfenalvc as
those of red are to the bull. The men
hnd placed ihelr own fliiR along the
entire lino of trenches, and. though
they uffordsd tho enemy a perrect tar
got and fixed our position as clearly
ns buoys mark out n race course, tho
men wanted the flags there and so
there they remained. Tho trenches
forinnl horseshoe curve five miles In
length, and the entire line waa defiant
ly decorated with our flags. Winn
they fluttered In the wind at full
length and the tun kissed their colors
they mado one of the most Inspiring
and beautiful pictures of the wnr. The
men would crouch for hours In tho pits
with these flags rustling nbovo them
and felt well repaid for their service:
but when they saw crawlng across the
valey below the long, white flag of
truce their wnlchfulness atomcd wait
ed, their vigilance became a farce, and
they mocked nnd scoffed at the white
flag bitterly. These flags were sent In
so frequently that the men compared
them to the different war extras of a
dally paper, and would ask: "Has that
10 o'clock edition gone In yet?" and
"Is this tht baseball edition coming
out now, or Is It an cxtry7"
8h was very pretty, very witty, very
sarcastic her world had a wholesome
dread of Mrs. Trelawney'a tongue. She
had Just Intimated a desire for an Ice
and her attendant satellites had dli-
foremost In the quest,
She had had a busy day, and It was
pleasant and cool there behind the
palm; she only wished that people
would not whisper somewhere near. If
only they were aware hew much far
; thcr a whisper carried than an ordi
nary tone! And whllo she meditated
an epigram on tSits subject, she opined
, her eyes and looked round Impatiently
for the whisperers.
There was a particularly Ineligible
corner near Mrs. Trelawney'a anug
retreat-tt three-cornered, low-backed
I seat, in the full glare of the light, and
unpleasantly close to an Intrusive and
spiky cactus.
Hither had retreated a poor cousin
or tho hostess, a little girl or 17, under
dressed nnd pale-raced, conspicuous
only ror a new and shining wedding
ring. She had been alone most or the
evening, nnd now It was sho and her
boy-huband whose whispering Had
disturbed Mrs. Trelawney.
"Darling, nro you enjoying your
seir?" whispered the boy-husband.
"So much, dear!" answered the little
nsle girl enthusiastically. "It's all so
pretty and amusing to watch. I've
never seen anything so pretty Is my
"I've been helping Lady Lucy; she
asked me to take some ladlea down to
nipper," the boy-htitband went on,
1 with a comical Imcortanct. "You're
sure you are not dull here all alone?"
"Dull? Oh, dear, no!" cried the little
girl, opening wide eyes of amaze
ment. "Oh, there's Lady Lucy looking
at us, dear: I expect she wants you
Tho boy hurried off again, proud
' and elated, and bis little wife sat imll
Ing after him from her corner, Mrs.
Trelawney looked sharply from one to
the other. "I wonder how long that
state of things will last?" she medi
tated cynically.
She knew a certain amount about
tho atfalrs of the foolish couple Lad,
Lucy had confided various details In
tho course of her apology for their
prerence there at all. The boy was a
journalist, with a microscopic Income
and very limited talents, and tho little
wire was penniless; and they bad a
liny flat eomowhero In tho cast aomo
uncivilized locality, the baro thought
or which sent n shudder through Lady
Lucy. "In 10 yor' time," alio said to
In Manila Is twelve hours and eight
een minutes. In other words, when tt
was 5 a. m. In Porto Illco yesterday
morning It "U 4:12 p. m. Friday In
Manila. This Is, ot courso, reckon
ing all rrom east to wost. or courso
out somewhero In tho mighty Paclllo
they piuy fantastic tricks nnd take
their tlmo from Toklo, Singapore or
uomo other oriental city nnd lose n
day. but that Is another story.
Hut tho sun pays no attention to tho
fantasies of man; he just room on mid
Hhows his faco as tho earth revolves on
Ita axis. So It will be seen with this
wide vi.rlatlon ot time covering thou
Hands ot miles, tho suit will not set In
Manila on Friday before It has made
the Atlantic ruby red In the vicinity or
the eastern coast or the western con
tinent. In Porto Ilteo It wilt have lift
ed lit disc above tho tumbling waves
(or several minutes In the summer
and not bo far away In the doad or
wlntttr. So the flag Is never wholly
tn Ipe dark these days, as the sun
Hash on Ita ensign and stripes some
whet In the earth every ml nut or the
These United Stale did not need to
CO beyond their original limit -that
, their transcontinental limit- to U
larger than any other land on earth,
jrht United Stales on thU continent,
excluding Alaska and HitatitrtHg In da
gri or longitude only contlnuou ter
ritory, cover M degree. ThU limit
is taking Man Francisco aa the west
tern objective, although the California
city I not as far wwl as Mime others
farther north. The difference In time
between the extreme eastern coast at
Haslport and Han Francisco I three
hours and forty minute, quite an ex
tent r territory. From the seat of
government tho time difference Is just
three hours.
Westward the star or empire, tie.,
has been exemplified In nearly a',1 that
the United State have done. Most
people would believe that when Ilattull
nd the ret ot le Sandwleh group
were taken In by treaty thai the west
ward llmlta were extended, yet thla Is
far from being true. Honolulu Is 10
degree In longitude, or forty minute
Jn time, east ot Dawson City, Alaska,
and over an hour east or the extreme
western limit of tht northern terri
tory. Hut a big jump wot mad to tbt
west until longitude began to read
cost when Dewey lloked Monttjo to
Manila bay.
Dawson City, longltudo 105 degree
west, time 10:21 p. m.
Curollues, longltudo 155 degrees
onst, tlmo 7: 12 p. m.
Lndrono. longitude. MS degrees east,
tlmo 7:0! p. rn.
Manila, longltudo 122 degrcoa 118
minute east, tlmo 4:42 p. in.
In tho majority of those citses the
longltudo I taken from government
chart. Tho others nro approximated,
but so nearly that oxnet measurements
will not show substantial variation, It
will bo seen, therefore, with the exact
west longitude or Porto Illco act down
agnliiMt an equally exact east longitude,
counting both from tlrccnwlch, for
Manila, tho total distance In degrees,
etc., ntid hours Is fixed. Tho Interme
diate point outside of tho continental
llmlta are estimated from their loca
tion on tho chart and may vary as
much as a couple ot degree. This,
however, would not make more than
eight minute In tlmo variation.
Hainan Cauals In llrlUlit.
The flmt runal In Hrltalu were con
structed by the Romans, Ot these the
most remarkable are the Caer Dyke
and Fom Dyke cut In Lincolnshire,
which are by general content admit
ted to have been of (Ionian origin.
The former extend froi Pettrabor-
ough to the ttivtr WMtbam, Mar the
City of Lincoln, a distance of about
forty tulle, and the latter rrom Liu
coin to the Itlver Trent, near Turnkey
a distance ot eleven mile. Of the Caer
Dyke the uame only now remain, but
the Pom Dyke, though or Human
origin, still exist, nnd Im the oldest
llrlttsh canal. Po Dyke, according to
Camden, wa deepened and rendered
more navigable In 1121, by Henry I.
About 1811 It wa widened to the
minimum breadth ot 45 feet and deep
ened to the extent ot six feet through
out, and thu thl ancient eanal, whlth
I quoted by Telford and Nlmrao at
"the oldest artlflelal canal In Hrltuln,"
was restored to a state ot perteet em
rleucy, at a cost of forty thousand
A tlrl Bargain.
The country store owned by Mr. Ja
bex Dodd contained such a motley
conglomeration In the way ot "stock"
that a village lounger one day offered
to bet that another man could not aik
foi anything la ordinary, tvery-day
ute without Uncle Jabe'a producing it
Ono ot tho regulntu anld to me. tn
great perplexity: "I can't mnko out
thl flag ot truco gag. It reminds mo
or two kids in a street fight, HtopDltig
after every punch to ask tho other fel
low If he's hnd enough. Why don't
wo keep at It until somebody gets
Ono of the cowboya of tho rough rid
ers expressed the same idea In profes
sional phraseology: "Now that wo got
those Mexicans corralled," he said.
why don't wo brand them?"
Untplrail 1 1 1 (Inn Anamination.
Frank Mehan, the traveling sales
man who wuh shot last week at Ko
kotno. lud., by Farmer Perry Hums, Is
still alive, and thi Motors say ho wilt
recover, notwithstanding the fact that
a Winchester bullet grazed his heart
and passed ontirely through his body.
It dovelops that Hums' wife wo In
Mohan's rooms when tho latv.r stood
on the porch nnd told tho enraged
husband to shoot. Tho nerve ot Me
han In Inviting death was a marvelous
performance, knowing as he did that
the man had a repeating rifle, Like
he might have been umpiring a game
ot baseball, Mehnn, nfter tbo first shot,
exclaimed: "One ball, too wide." The
next one he said: "Two balls, too
high." and to the third shot, whloh
took effect, he exclaimed: "Strike,
I'm out," and fell to tho floor.
Mama Wauled.
Ureene "flood mornlng.Mrs. Drown.
Whei la Tom today?" Mr. Hrown
"Tom I out In tho kitchen killing
cockroaches. He wo going a-huntlng,
but hi gun didn't eomo home a he,
had ordered. He had set upon bar
ing a day ot sport, but rather than be,
wholly disappointed he ha gone to
killing eookroache. When a man Is
In tht humor for sport, he must mur
der something, you know."- Ronton
cUatMe Taiatlua.
A third of the money now flowing
Into tho Connecticut state treasury it
contributed by the New Haven railroad
company, and from street railway, the
state now derive 1133.000 In taxes.
where ten yeara ago only about $15,090
wa yearly obtained. These last fig.
ures strikingly Indicate the extent to
which trolly line enterprises Uvf ta
carried In tut atM
herself, "what will have become ot
them?" And at that point sho paused
It was exactly 10 years since she her
self, a girl of 17, bad mado a runaway
love match with handsome Capt. Tre
She sat curiously white and still,
while that dead and half-forgotten
past flashed vividly before her. She
would never have thought It possible
then for her husband to be at his club
while the amused herself successfully
elsewhere and now this wa the nor
mal state of thing between them.
Tbert bad been no quarrel, no dls
putt; they had simply drifted away
rrom each other In those 10 yeara or
married lire, until now they wtro com
parative alranger. Neither could
have told how or when the division
She looked at the uncomfortable
comer again, and with new eyes. That
pale little face was the happiest In
the room the only contented one In
sight. And when the boy-husband
came pear, nlwaya with a glance and
smile In that direction, what a radiant
look was floated batk at blml They
really teemed to be enjoying their
Mrs. Trelawney reflected; and then,
with an Indescribable sensation, It oc
curred to her that she, the admired
and petted society beauty, was actually
envying that plain, badly-dressed, pen
nllet little girl.
Mrs. Trelawney breathed a long sigh
of relict when the brougham door was
shut upon her, and she was on her
way home. She bad n long way to
drive; plenty ot time to follow out her
preient train ot thought, and to be
as unhappy as abe pleased.
She told herself that abe was a de
splcable little wretch, a mere society
butterfly, and It was no wonder
Horace was tired ot her. If only
Horace had been poor, so that be and
sbt could have worked and struggled
together! It only their one child had
lived beyond babyhood I Hut that sbt
could not bear to think ot even now
If only alt tht past 10 yesra could be
llvtd ovtr agata, how differently she
wools ust themt
Now It was too late, and then the
rsddtnlr tat up straight, with faat
btsdlng heart. It was not too latt, it
eoalt itt ba to late, Bat would be
gin tht re ry nlgiit and try to rsstcrra
something of tht old loving relations
ot 10 yea'M ago. She would call for her
husbinf surff at hit club; she remem:
bered having done to once or twice In
those bygone days, when something
Imperative hod prevented him from
coming with her, to their mutual disappointment.
She gave the necessary order to her
coachman and then sat tense and up
right, her eyes bright, her cheek
Ah, they were not far from the club
now five minutes more, and her ntw
lire would have begun!
She had no Idea what the time was.
but it could not be so very late, tor
the pavement waa thronged with peo
pleall going the same way, oddly
enough, aa It occurred to her otter a
moment. There woro to many ot Ihem
that presently the carriage wa
blocked and obliged to go slowly; tht
beat her little bands on tho seat In
her Impatience und looked out ngaln.
A pollcemnn appeared, shouting In
audible directions nnd pressing tor
ward through the crowd, which gave
way reluctantly on either aide. In her
ungovernable Itmiatlenre she let down
the window nnd beckoned blm to come
"Can't we gel on?" the cried. "I am
In a hurry. What Is tho meaning ot
Ibis crowd?"
They have come to see the fire,
ma'am," the policeman answered, civ
illy. "I'm afraid you will have lo go
"Hut we nre almost there the
Rangoon club," tho cried.
I'a the club that It on Are, ma'am,"
the policeman answered. Then, aa the
turned while, he added kindly: "Don't
hi frightened, ma'am; they've got the
Arc welt In hand by thlt time, and
every one It out."
"All safe?" Mr. Trelawney gatped.
"Well, a few broken bonet and such
like," said the policeman, cheerfully.
"Nothing to tpeak of, ma'am only
ono gentleman killed. A tad business
"The gentleman who did audi great
things out In Hurmab a tew years ago
MaJ. Treinwney."
"My husband I"
It teemed to her that tht had
known It alt the time. She iaw, at If
In a dream, the sudden pity and re
spect In the policeman's face, and then
the covered her own and tank back
In the carriage.
The long agony ot the drive teemed
Interminable, and yet when at last
tho carriage stopped sho tat quite ntlll
tor a moment, unable to norvo herself
far the next move. Then the door was
opened, and, as It In a dream, the
passed up tho steps, walking firmly,
her fare white and her eyes set and
hard. Her apparent heartlessness was
silently noted at the time, and after
ward froely commented on In tho ser
vant's hall,
Had they brought him it home?
she wondered, with a long shudder.
Sho was In tho hall now, and somo
one was hurrying to meet her tho
dortor. Sho was not surprised to see
htm there; In her drcam-llko state
nothing seemed strange any more.
"I have bad nows ror you, Mrs. Tre
I know I know!" sho answered,
petulantly. In her unreasoning mis
ery she was annoyed by his hushed
tone. Hor own voice was unnaturally
thrill and strained, and the doctor
raUed his hand In protest.
"What heartless creatures theso
protty women arol" ho was thinking
an unconscious echo ot tho servants'
"I must beg ot you to control your
self," he said, sternly. "Everything
depends an quiet. His life Is hang
ing on a throa "
"His life? j Qod! Then ho Is not
Sho had brushed past the doctor,
doat to bis remonstrances. With
noiseless, flying feet sho was up the
staircase, and a moment later was
kneeling by her husband's bedside.
The doctor, toliowing rapidly, stood
arrested at the door, looking In at the
darkened room, the kneeling white fig
ure, with clasped iiand and large,
fixed eyes, the swathed wreck of a
man lying very still on the bed.
Ono hand lay outside im converlet.
Her own stole out slowly, hungrily to
ward it, as ir her own daring scared
her. She bowed her htad over tho
bandaged hand at last and knelt mo
tionless. The doctor, watching, and
quite rorgettlng hi scathing condem
nation of a moment before, thought
with a switt contempt ot certain re
ports concerning the Trelawney'a do
mestic happiness which bad reached
hit cars.
Something came before hla shrewd.
keen eye which blurred the picture
before him. He turned aside tor a mo
ment and then was recalled by a swift,
low cry, "Horace! O Horace!"
The doctor sprang forward and then
drew back. The Injured man' eyes
had opened and were fixed on the
shimmering white figure with an ex
pression ot mingled awe, unbelief,
"Clara!" said the faintest whisper
In the world.
The doctor could scarcely hear It.
He did not know that the old pet name
had never been used for year. ton
don Forget-Me-Not.
Water tt BToiftV
A bulletin of tht Indiana expert swot
atatlon says: Of tht different dlsessts
ot live stock In the state, nont produce
greater lots than hog cholera. For the
year ending June 80, 189. tht low In
tht ttatt of Indiana wai 899,457 head,
valued at (5,390,743. A careful analy
sis ot tht statistics for each township
In the stale shows that the stream
play an Important part In Ita distribu
tion, An Investigation made In ISM
and 1896 showed that the breeder or
pure-bred twine, whfl ctcaptd hog chol- .
tra, nearly all used well water. Doc- j
tort Salmon and Smith came to this
conclusion In their Investigation of hog
cholera; Perhaps the most potent
agents in the distribution ot hog chol
era are streams. They may become In
fected with the specific germ when tick
animals are permitted to go Into them,
or when dead animals or any part ot
them are thrown Into the water. They
may even multiply when the water Is
contaminated with fecnt discharges or
other organic matter. Experiments In
the laboratory hove demonttrated that
hog cholera bacilli may remain alive In
water tor four montht. Making all due
allowance tor external Influence and
.competition with the bacteria In na
tural water, we are forced to- assume
that they may live at least a month lu
streams. This would be tlmo enough
to Intect every bird along its course.
11 the larger streams have such a mark
ed Influence upon th percentage of
'lots along their courses, It Is only rea
sonable to suppose that the smallor
streams and ponds have m llko effect.
It It common practice to dig out a pond
to receive the surfaco water from
buildings and yards, t dam ravines
and creeks, to catch the wator from tile
drains and springs, for water for hog,
(in such cases it follows that they re
ceive only surface water. It la appar
ent, then, that the first atep to be taken
in the prevention ot hog cholera It the
securing ot a wboletome water supply.
, A number ot analyses ot water from
.different sources were made and the
result complied In ttie-tellowing table:
derma ptr
Very filthy hog wallow 2,860,000
Ordinary hog wallow 730,000
iWabasb river above Ufayttto 12,000
Wabatb river below Lurayetto 113,000
tilean-looklng pond 290,000
Filthy water trough 248,000
Stock trough 5.000
Six cisterns, without filter,... 5,000
Four cisterns, with filters 680
Dug well, surface draining. .. 420,000
Dug well, fourteen feat deep Jn
corner protected barn lot... 398,000
Eight tubular wells CO to 150
feet dcop 4
VTIralMi TaUfrapby and MeUomlnrr.
Wireless telegraphy depends on tht
registration ot an electrlo discharge
whloh may be produced at several
miles' distance. The registering or re
cording apparatus has now been ap
plied to the service of tbo weather ob
server. A flash ot lightning and tht
wlrelet telegraphy resolving instru
ment It found capable of recording tbt
discharge automatically. It It one ol
tht most Interesting of recent applica
tion it tUotrlcJUr
Pur Itnn Down CM.
If Inclined to run down In flesh bo
causo ot giving so much milk cows
should hnva carbonaceous rood, such
as corn meal, to keep them In condi
tion; but they will eat less coarse food
It red that which Is concentrated, and
the cost will bo Increased, says an vs
change Cattle like a varletjr of food,
and variety will not only stimulate
their appetites but It will Improvo
their digestion and enable them to as
similate more of what they eat, con
verting It Into growth of framo, fat or
milk. Some succulent tood along with
the concentrated tood la always bene
ficial. And regularity In reeding Is nn
Important requisite, tor no matter how
liberal may be tho feeding or how judi
cious tbo selection ot It, It will not
have all Ita good results It It I given
Irregularly. Each animal that Is red
by an known Its feeding time better
than the nverage of men know their
own, and when the animal passe tt
regular hour without being fed It be
coraos restless nnd uneasy, and a wasto
at tlssuo begins that noon becomea
more than the ordinary supply or reed
will repair. The rood In such u case
Is generally eaten too rapidly and lor
that toason ts badly digested,
rllir Kalln.
When towls are closely confined they
sometimes torm tho habit ot feather
eating, which Is one ot the basest vices
to be thought of that is nauituaiiy
formed by the feathered race. Why I
this only found among confined poul
try? Hecause they are not kept busy
searching for their dally rations, henco
idleness bring It on. When you flrJt
notlco them plucking feathers Is tho
time to check It. A remedy It this;
Take the fowl that has become the vic
tim, and wash the plumage with a solu
tion ot carbolic acid and water; take
one quart ot water and one tablespoon
fill of carbo'i acid, stir well, and It Is
ready tor iue. This, In nine timet out
ot ten. will effect a cure, and wll not
toll the finest plumage. To prevohl
feather eating, mix a lltllo salt with
tht soft teed. U this Is done, you will
seldom be annoyed with reather eating
fowls In your yard.- U. 11. Weatlake.
Use Oil Freely. The class ot ma
chinery used In the preparation ot food
for atock, root-pulpers, chaff-cutter,
corn and cake crushers, etc., I alio
often allowed to beeome hopelessly out
of order for Mie want ot timely repairs,
sharpening of knives and the ute ot
oil. Contrast the tree use mad or lu
bricant material to secure easy running
and the avoldanco ot friction and strain
by the ordinary engine driver or ma
chinist to. that employed on the farm.
poses Is money well laid out. Ex.
California's Prune Crop. The total
yield ot California prunes this year
la estimated at 125,000,000 pounds; tho
foreign or European crop Is estimated
at 250.000.000 pounds, but home pro
ducert have the advantage ot a duty
of 1 cent per pound, which 1 Imposed
upon tbo imported product. The prune
growing Industry In Csllfornla Is In
creasing very rapidly, the production
ptr annum being largely In excess of
that ot five years ago. Ex.
Whale oil soap has become one of
tht standard remtdit for tba trtst
satnt ot tha.Eau Jo mi.

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