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VTM II. MUhbAXaj I'uUUUfr.
N, M.
Midlothian li to bur a flouring mill.
Ileo eouety kM been visited oy a
glorious rain,
J. 11 Light shipped In one 4y frera
Waxakacble to Dsllae SIM dozen suns.
Aboat MOO acres will b idanted thm
rprlng in watermelons m gia lHUrlcl
Word A Hon ih limed !r m 0(
rn-fel hog from Illllsboro to Inn
Some farmers la He cminty isy mrn
It doing Letter than they have ever
known It this rarlr In the season.
fllnton. lloo county, which shipped
tweaty-fsve cars of watermelons laat
year, exports to double thla thla sum
war. Andy Armstrong. Jr., of Cotulln, tins
Mld to W K. Hslsell Bon of Vlnlta,
J. T.. MO yearling steers, prtrata terms,
April delivery.
The executive committee of the Cow
boys' Reunion hare decided lo bare
their reunion for 1IM at Abilene, In
stead of Haskell.
A report from Ran Angrlo Bays that
Htll A Palmer of Han Antonio hav
bought In the former city 880.000
THNi4a of wool In the warehouse at
SH cents
The T-aa railroad commission lina
announced that by the new grain tariff,
effective March 10, the renU corn
rate from Texas points to aslveeion
ore restored.
There la a report that parturient
fever Is killing sheep about Jae Oak,
In Italns county, and that a number of
young utile in the same section liavo
died of blackleg.
tSntomologltt Hownrd of the national
department of agriculture, Mrs that
the inserts found on blood weeds at
Yoakum and sent lilui are not the
Mexlrsn ball weevil.
It la conceded that tba figs at Alvln
nro killed to the ground. Ilut It li
claimed by experienced growem that
thoy will nprout out from the roots and
bear n good crop thla year.
All the members of the Truck Grow
eta asrocratlon at Flalonln have re
ceived itoiato. melon and other seed,
nnd bwe none to planting. It re
quire.! three carloads of wis toes to fin
tba association's orders for need.
U. J. Van llauh of Van Hnuh pur
fbaiwd of J. N. Hodges o: Bandera a
oarlosd of hogs, which he will feed at
his ranch n while before placing on tho
inurkot. They are n line lot of young
toc. nveraRlnR nbotit 110 pounds.
The city of Moody clalnm to he the
tanner egg town of Texas to Its slse,
the merchant there lutvlng bought
J8W dozon from the the producers In
one day. the price paid being 9 cents,
which Is $138 paid to farmers for eggs.
John Scarborough nnd Ijw Hall
ivhlppel four carloads of bulla from
Wortuam to Chicago, nnd next day
they ahlpiml ten carloads more to tho
name markst, I loth of these ship,
menu went out from Coraloann over
the Cotton Holt road.
The Oklahoma Farinors Mutual
indemnity Insurance comiwny, Mt HI
ItetMj, haa been chartered. lu pur
pose Is to mutually Insure the property
of lu members, grain In bins, Marked
nnd nrowlng wheat, live stock and
buildings, against kail, fire .wind. etc.
J. II. Spmglns and 1 Johnson of
the Indian Territory purchased from
John and Al Welkins of the lent com
munity, Hear Gainesville, thtrty-Ite
head of Durham bulk). The prices
paid wars quite large, aad yet satis
factory to both partis, Hud evidence
the good resulu from raising ffws
Webb A I (all of Albany purr baaed
3800 one, taw aad three-year-old steers
from Judge J. A. Matthews of Fort
Worth. It la staled that thla bunch of
Ateara are well graded native wklte
faee. Hoth parties say that the prices
paid are In excess of laat year's prices.
There la on exhibition In a drag
store at neaumout a Hg having eight
legs. There were tea pigs la one lit.
lor, but the Mother fag, evidently
thinking tale particular offspring wm
too hoggish " with IU double supply at
lege, killed It
About thirty bales of cotton were
brought to Waxahtihle In farm wagons
one day hut week. The man eta ted
that they had jaat gone aver their cot
ton nehU. and the few hales brought In
by eaeh was a result of elsoe picking.
The only place In the United Mates
where tea la grown for commercial
purposes la at Sumaterrllle, g. c.
where Dr. C. I'. Sheoard haa lily
acres In oultlvatloa. Ilia plate la
knswa aa the Haeknret tag garoen.
Jlla whale entate cowarleea TOO aaw
At MeMrdvllle, over i r tk ra
now Uelag Irrigated l.y u- r fur
ruohed trow the San h.m r: . rh-s
lsn4e are ralaed at $T5 i., iuJ j. r w,
while the laad In the vl. inltv Lot lr
rlgated can be purabasr I r froai
IIiiIkI llnlrnyxl.
New York. March IS.PtaatFs
whleh ortglaaie! from the IgHltlng of
a laaa curtain buret forth from the
Irit floor of the Windsor hotel si
rVrtr-aeventh street nail Hfth avenue
shortly attar t o'clock yeatenlay nt
ternooa Just aa the Hi. !4JU rick's day
trade waa passing the hulMIng, and
In a few momenta they had leaped up
(o the roof and enveloped the entire
fifth avenue and Forty-eevettth airtet
fonta of the Intel. Ten mlnutee
later the ftaatca were roaring through
the Interior of the hotel and all escape
by means of stairways and elevators
waa cut off. There was th Httpst
scene of excitement within itftd with
out the bulldlnn. Hundreds of tramti
nnd employes were In the hotel when
he Are broke out and for many of
hem to ears n with safely was Imaoa-
slide. rrobablftrrom ten to fifteen
lives were lost within a half hour and
thirty or forty persona were Injured
In Jumping from windows and In rush
ing through the roaring (lames In the
orrldors and on the stalrwara. Manr
who were Injured died later at near by
residences and at hospitals and others
v.'ho made wild leapa to the stone aide-
walk were no badly Injured that they
are still hovering between life nnd
The northenat wing of the hotel con
tinued to bum for n half hour after
the walla of tho other part of the build-
Ing fell. Firemen continued to iihty
streams on the armea and also upon all
the adjacent buildings. Including Mlaa
Oould's residence, which seemed in
dnnger of catching fire, hut the tlamaa
were brought under control before they
com Id reach any of them.
There were many thrilling seen cm In
the hotel during the earlier alagca of
the llrr, A liell hor discovered the
name while he was paaalng along the
fourth f'oor, Immediately over the
rooina occupied by President ileltln-
ley's brother, Abner McKlnley, and Ills
lamny. The boy pulled a chain at
tached to the lire alarm, but the cluiln
broke and then cried out an alarm of
lint and ran to the Moor Mow. The
blare waa thun licking un evervthltis
on the Fifth avenue end of the build
ing, and the lad. when he not to the
floor nbove the main halt ran Into tho
American dlnlnc room and unvo ti
alarm to the gueals there. Only a few
Itersona wore lu tho dining room nt tho
tlmo nnd thoy neenpod. When tho Imy
reached tho nmlu floor wlutre Warren
F. I.t'lnnd. tho proprietor of the hotel,
waa ho shouted thai the building waa
on flro. On Mr. I.olnml's Instructions
the clerks trlwl to savo nil tho hook
and jmper. and the boy Ulan rushed
ilwwtt tlio osscment stairway mid
alarmed the women who were at work
In tho laundry. It Is believed that nil
of tlioin oeoaped.
Fully a score of Uvea were lose.
Itrril Itnllns.
llrunewlck. (la.. March II Speaker
Thoa. II. Heed and daughter arrived i
yeoterday from Waahlngton. They
reached llrunewlck on an accommoda
tion train of freight and paaaeuaer
cara and were on roulo to Jettyl island.
Their uy In thla city wag short. Tim
speaker waa asked whut was the pur
poto of his visit.
-Heat, simply reel," oahl the speak
er. "There Is no political slgnirieanee it
tnehed to my visit. I did not know
that my pomliiR would uttract any at
tention nt this time. My stay will be
for n few days. There Is no one In
my iwrly except my daughter. There
Is not to be n gathering of man prowl,
nent In national nffulrs on Jetirl isu.ui
during the time I am there as far a I 1
know." 1
At Jekyl Speaker Heed Is the guest
of John 0. Moore of Kbw Vark.
lUjni .trrlret.
New Orleans. J.n.. March 18-tlpn. j.'
V. Heyea. the leader ot the lli-fatetl '
Xlearagun revolution, arrived la the
city laat night from I Iotas del ToroJ
via Mobile. He Is In bad health and '
Is undecided about future plana. j
A fierce battle between A merles its
and Oa and tan miners occurred m !
nrttish Columbia.
Ural nl lanMlH
kaa Fraaclaco. Cal.. March IS,
lrlaceca Kaluolaal died March of lg.
Hamatorr rhcumatlaat.
The funeral of the dead prtHeeos
took Place oa luadar. March IS, from
the native church aad waa under the
oirertMH of Ike goreramoNt. The
reremoalea ware on a aeale belt U Ing
the rank of the young riaoaaa. Flogs
oa the novarniNeut buildings ware at
half-mast, as wore thoao on the real
deacoa of the foreign coomb.
Wtll Khuxii lUinglmi.
Macon. Oa,, March lS.Mrs. Alice
W. Fries, amoag the Injured In tho
Wlaoaor hotel fire In Now York, la the
widow of the lata W. F. Price, a prow
toaat eotoa merchant of Maeoa; waa a
stater-la-Uw at Oov. Candler of
Ueorgia and lo Mayor S. It. Price of
Msroa. Mm la one af the haaaaaataat
msa In Oeorgia and mother of Mies
Alice Price., laat season's belle at Nar
rcganaett Pier, aad who died three
rnoctLs ago lu Atlanta. u
Trait KlRnxl,
Washington, March IS. Tho queen
rwnt has signed the treat)' of poneo
between mln nnd the United StatcM.
The elgnetl treaty of peace will be for
warded to tho French nmlmMwdor nt
WaahlHcton, M. Julea Cambon, for ex
change with the one signed by Presi
dent MrKlnley. No decree on tho aub
Icrl will be ptihllstiwl In the olllolnl
The first news of tho elgnntnro of
the troaty of peace by the queon regent
of pa!n waa conveyed lo Scarotary
Hay and to the oliselnla of the ndtnlnls
(ration by n bulletin. The socrotnry
waa naturally gratmed at tba action
which he had oxiiected would' follow
the course of the rorten. The notion
make It possible to exchange tho rat
Irlrntlon nnd thus complete tho treaty
within the time sot by the trenty Itself
aa the maximum. The protocol waa
IgtHMt Aug. IS laat at the whlto house
by the president nnd Ambassador Com
lon. Dec. 10 the treaty waa algnod nt
Paris by the commissioners. Feb. C
It was ratified by the United States sen
ate after a memorable struggle. Fob.
10 the president gavo It his signature,
and now, seven months nnd four days
after tho signing of tho protocol, tho
"panleh nicen regent gave tho ofTlolnl
her assent and signature.
Official newa of the action at Madrid
was not conveyed to tho state depart
ment for the day. M. Cambon called
at the department nlmut 3:B0 o'olook
nnd In the nbsenco of Socrotnry liny
railed upon Assistant Socrotnry Hill.
Hi told the latter -tlmt ho bollevod tho
treaty had len signed. It soems now
probable that lo the nmluiaantlor will
le confided the honor of closing up tho
tnak which he set almut seven months
ago, of bringing two great tinllnna
then at war to a state of pence.
Trrlt1 riRin.
Het Springs, Ark., March 17. I'lvo
lire dead aa the result of a torrlblt riot
whleh occurred nt about 0 o'ctook yoe
tcrday afternoon hctwocn some of the
most prominent men Identified wRh
local politico. The nfTnlr la tho out
growth of the oampnlgn for city ofll
cere, which lias been growing hotter
nnd hotter oach day for several weeks.
Tho dead are: T. C. Toler, chief of
police; Tom Goalee, eergean of rollcoi
J. H. Hurt, city detcctlvo; Louis
lllnkle, a buslnofs titan; John O. Wil
liams, ion of the sheriff, shot through
tho neck, probably fatal.
As a sequel to a street duel between
Anollirr Vltlory.
Manila, March 1?. Tho (list bbttal.
Ion of the twentieth Infantry regiment
advanced from Paslg yoslerday, olw
In tho country to Calntl, a well-defended
vlllag' of 700 Inhabitants, flvo tntlcs
northwest of tho foot hills.
Tho tiooiHi encountered tho rebnlu'
outposts In tho dense Jungle on the
bank of tho rlrer. The enemy wtta
dlilmlged In splendid order under n
hoaty fire until it wns neecacary to
volley the rebels from the trenches.
Tho latter hnd n gront ndvantago nnd
droppml n number of our men. The
Amerlenns charged across tho rloj
flehte, making four ndvaneen on (hot
Policeman Tom Ooslec on one aide nnd jonpmy who nummm im men. 800 of
Hherirr It. U Wlllams nnd Ills M". vvhom were ontrencheil and In tho fnao
John O. Williams, on tho other, ft nr prnm nro. our ironna. however.
fearfully bloody riot occurred. Five wrrw, ,0 H(ter fmir ,101irB.
men lay dead upon the uldewalk when nmtnn ,, ,mrHt(, MtaMrtBt the
the smoke cleared away. It was (he nM, Mng from t, wlB4owg HIH,
moat horrible affair In the history of j keeping up a running fire in the street.
ot Springs. The memorable Fllnn- 'T Amtrttmnn t,n wjtbdrew In order
Doran rio i of 188 did not rnmpani to tooWi, ,, nmmuultlon. Tho rlUe
It In terrible reaulta. It was a bloody lm nbo,u m U)0 AmBrIenn
sequel to the tint ffrny earlier In the MH WM C(J , Mtfmn Qt
evening, lu which (Jot lee nnd the W71- ' ..... .,.., ......... , nlt.. T.
llamses participated. A portion of tho
police faction, headed by the chief,
and a portion of the Williams faction
met an the sidewalk In front at
lamp's beer depot, nnd the furious
firing began. It Is utterly Impeeelble
to get definite facta or learn definitely
who did tho almoting.
The police were coming down tho
street and tho other party waa com
ing up. Who began the affray can not
ho learned ax nearly nil tho niln-
At I'nrt l.'linmbrri.
Wellington, N. 55.. Maroh 17. Thq
nntnrtle exploring oxpeilttluu'ri etoamet
Southern Crocs haa arrived at Port
Chalmers, N. after lauding Ilorclt
grovlnk nnd his iiarly nt Crtpo Atlnlr,
Victoria Island. 8ho reports that all tho
explore! s wore In good health when
liiHli riril.
Waahlngton, March R The nary
dpartment Is taking stos townrd the
formation of n moaqultn fleet far the
Philippines. The conditions now pre
vailing In Luron Indicate that tor a
long time It wtl lie necessary to mnlu
tain n strict police on the coaat nnd
Inland watcta. For tho Inland work
oapeclnlly tho department will nood
some vory light draught bouts. For
this work tho bit: ocean tuna tlmt form
the "mosquito fleot" that nporntod
around Culm tlurlug the blockndo and
of which the government haa n num
ber, aro now being looked ovor with n
view lo Just Ktieh service.
mi... .. t . .... I . a,...it..... re-...
dpalH are dead. Fifteen or trenty , "r -
shots rang out In quick sucooaalon ai,mv,l,K " bn 1 !' "w,""n
the two partle. claahed In morUI com- ,U 0f ' ,WC ?r f;, '
bat. The atreeta wero crowded with!1"!? m",l!l Bn ,M'n ofhelan:
people and the wildest excitement pro-'?", C ' l,,ent' ",n"'1
vailed. Chief of Police Tom Toler. 1,1. ' 'B U,B, TW v , T, T T
rgeaiit. Tom Goalee, of the police fne-, !U,r; H,I,IA "rM Ul
tlon lay dead upon the eldewalk. On ! nnl"rcl,c c,rc,e: At Adair nc,
the other aide John O. Williams. .on!",ra ,,B U! , ,hV mmm Cavt
of the sheriff, lay mortally wounded i n,7hirov,nU n"'1 0 "W
.n.i ici WM .i I, ePlor wtre to bo lunded and tha
' " n .1.,... ...
the neck. Louis lllnkle. the driver of , ",m . "" " "
.... illnlmrl Town. roturnliiL- In the summer
Bcwaunitr.' neer earl, was klllod by n
iMjilnrtliiii (Irnnlnil.
Sroith McAleiter. I. T.. ll-rU l&- !
the t'nhed States court at At'olfa yon
tenlay Judge Clayton granted mi In
junction restraining tho ctrlklnrr
minora from Interfering with or mo
lesting other miners who wanted to
work with fmlernl protection lor tho
non-union men and Imported miners
arriving dally. The strike li consider
ed aa being off nnd no further trouble
is nntlrliiated. The Osage mines nt
Krebs and the Choctaw mines worked
full blaat yesterday. Alt other mluM
worked with reduced force.
UiiCx Miin lllm.
Fort Dodge, m., March 18. Alfred
DmilelH. the largest man In town, and
proliihly In tho nurtliwoet, died at his
home near UIiIkIi. In. Daniels was
about 8 feet 9 Inches tall, nnd meas
ured 2 Inches more around than he did
In height. Hie weight was Hnmethlng
over 000 pounds. After his death n
atieelal collln of huge dlmenslntig was
made for him, and the corpse wns
taken outaldo to bo put Into it, ns It
was liflpooihle to take It Into the
stray bullet, lllnkle was not r. par
tklim'nt In the feud.
Sheriff Williams wns not present
when the bnttlo occurred, but soon np
penrcd itntl on learning of (ho doath of
his son hocamo frantic. Ills brothor,
Coffee WllllnniH, nnd nephews, Hnm and
Will Watt, wero with him nnd nil worn
nrmed and crazed with rage nnd grief.
About twenty mluutot niter tho main
battle another affray occurred lu which
four or flo flints wero flrod. This
occuired an tho slilewnlk n little below
whore tho other doad bodies lay. Tho
urea multitude which hnd gathered
elsnTfi'Hbtil.lii the wildest excitement,
tumbling aver oach other hi every di
rection. In this fusillade Deteotivo Jim
Hart went down witli tho whole top
ot his ukull blown off.
(Iriirsln Killing
Palmetto, On., March 17. Twenty
men, nrmed and masked, rode Into this
little town nt an oarly hour yesterday
morning ami put to death four no
HobnrtTown, returning In the summer
of 1S0S to pick up tho party, who ox
petted to return to Ilnglnud onrly In
Ilr liimipfil.
IndlannpollH. Ind., March 17 John
Forrlter, who murdered Polloeimin
CharlcH Ware hoto two yenre ago,
made a niusccMful nnd strtitllng es
cape from tho Michigan City noulton
tlnry yesterday nttornoau. Ho was In
tho Hhoo department nnd soliciting tho
aid of some of his follow oouvlcta In
tho shipping dopnrtmout, thoy boxed
him up In n shoo care. Tho box wan
plnced upon tho dellvory woruii and
enrted to tho depot. Aa soon us tho
driver waa well outaldo tho peniten
tiary limits Ferrltor brolio out of tho
box. knocked tho driver olf tho wng
cn. atolo his overcoat and took to tho
rriiiiiir Ciipliirril.
Manila, March 18 Oompiny 0 of the
Washington regiment hna cnptured 180
additional prisoners near Tngutg nnd
also sehtsil some ammunition. Most
of the rel. Is' arms were hidden or
thrown Into the river.
The engineers threw n temporary
luidge across the Paslg river for the
artillery and commissary trains.
The twentieth regiment has returned
from the tront.
Tuerttt lary,
Pohco. IBrta Itlee, March U.-Tho
Americaa Una staaiHsr Paris, with a
psHy of tourists voyaging In the Weal
Indian waters, arrived hers yesterday
morning, but left wltlvout eommiiHlea
tlon with the shnra, as Capt. Wathlus
feared the ship might be quarantined
at llabanu owing to the fact that a
few caaw of sniall-pox exltt In Potior
ID n tllllleulty at New Wnvorly. Tax.,
J. W. llenrlck was ssrloiwly utabbed,
Klenmer Hliit.
ilnllfax, N. S., March 17. Tho Cans
dlan government olllclnls have seized.
grow, fatally wounded one, shot an- 1,10 ,,(mvar ,lno 8lnmor Ontario.
nilifiP nml lirntrn Htn nrm nt n UAvnnlli 'now under charter by tho Atlnntla
Two others who wero if tho crowd up- Steamship company, upon tho claim
on which tha Milieu woro ahowercd, tl,nt tinif r wns Inndlng dry goods,
miraculously tueoped. Thoso unfortu- belonging to n Dcnvor. Cot., womnn. on
nntea wero under guard of throe mon' w'lc" 1,10 ,u"' ,mtl not bw,n ',rW'
awaiting tho hour ot 9 o'olook, when Tho ngonts of tho vessel woro required
they wore to havo a hoarlng boforo a to Evo bond and tho ship waa roloaacd.
Justice of the ponco on tho ohnrgo of!
nrson. I ib Mmw,
Wllllnm Cotton, the leudor of tho
nine men, cnnfrMod some time ago
that n consplrnoy had been entered In
to which resulted In two Incendiary
flros here In February, and on this
evidence tho men were to havo boon
Tk-j dead: William Cotton, Jr.; Har
rison Hudson, ltd Drown and Henry
INtai.'y wounded: John Illgby.
Wounded: John Jameson; Oeorgo
Tatum, arm brokon.
Inon Ilrnwn nnd Clom Watts, the
other two members of the gang, es
caped injury. After the a quest thoy
were turned loose and left on the train
for Atlanta.
St. liuls, Mo.. March 17. Tho last
of tho dos Hhow nwanla woro made last
night. W. Oould Hroknw of Now York;
awopt tho board with his pointer, lloav-
or. lu-ock HmpriHS, tho uhitmplun
KngllHh bull bitch from llaltlmorc, scoT
l ..... . . . . . . . .
OIIU Itrsl prixe. wuob nun iiuuur "i
... ..111.... I.. il,nl.
iimiiimoro nun uu vuiuiiutiiiMii m i
olau at HtiMlan wolf hounds and car
ried off every premium tor tho breei'
Charles llasoie and ex-Sheriff Iteoso
were killed lu a street fight at Colum
bus, Tex.
Million Invalnit.
Washington, March 18. Germany
and the United States are In a dlpls-
i mails wrangle over the responsibility
for Herman property destroyed by the
Cuban Insurgents. Millions af dollars
ars Involved.
Messrs. Wntorhury and Ilueklen hare
oeaosltsd .m with the dty treasu
rer of Ilousloa. Tex., as a guarantee
of good faith of their Intention to build
i a new telephone system.
On IU I.Ntl t,8i
Mlnnealm, Minn.. March 17.
UiiltMl States Scnatar Kyle of South
Dakota said hers while en route home
that President MeKlnlcy had lately ra
reived private advices to the effect that
the Filipino republic waa on Its laat
lags. The senator said he had received
this Information from sources very
near to the president, and that the
latter anticipated the final eollopso ot
Agulnnldo's governrnt and com
plete pwueeslon by Gon. Otis within a
tew days.
Intpcrlnil rimili,
Omaha. Neb.. Marsh 17. Tho board
ot inquiry appointed by tho president
to look Into tho ohargj ot Gen. Mites
that the beef Issued for (he late war
waa of an Inferior quality, unhealthly
and at times "embalmed," arrived
from Chicane and snent vawtenlav In
the city and left for Kansas City last
evening. The morning was spent In
South Omaha, where the plants of Co
de bv ad Swift were Inspected nbd tea-
tlmoay taken, after which the Investi
gation waa continued at heodqunrters.
department of the Missouri.
Wlilow of nil liilorr lllea,
Mrs. Mary Choleau, 70 years of age,
widow ot tho lata Capt. Plerro M.
Chateau, dlwl nt Kansas City ot drop
sy. Chateau was historic ns nn early
aettler, having explored nnd traded
thereabout when Kansas Oily was n
wilderness. He founded tho trading
post noar where Turner, Kan., now
MrJ. Henry Stancetreet died at Kan
sas City, aged 7? years. MaJ. Stone-
street was born In Lexington, Ky.. and
wen his title In the Confederate army,
serving through most ot tho war ns
quartermaster of Gen. Joseph Shelby's
Gov. Janes of Arkansas has appoint
ed as railroad commissioners Itobert
Nell! ot Ilntcrvllle. Judgo Wollow ot
Ituiuollvllc. H. W. Wolls of MontUello.
Canning Comtiln.
Iluffnlo. N. Y., Maroh 17. A consoH
datlon of the oannlng Interests lu tha
state Is being formed whlth Is Intended
to ombrnee all tho concerns pasting
fruits and vegetables and Is to bo
capitalised at IM.ftM.G4Q.
A tornado visited HlriHlnsham, Ala,
doing mush damage.
Han. John Sherman, who Is n pas
senger on the Paris, has the pneu
Italy, Hills county, Is to Intra water
works. Mrs. A. J. nuesotl, aged 71 years,
dropped dead at Terrell.
Several atilwtnntlnl buildings arc be
ing Greeted ot Toxorkann.
A local option election will he hold
In Johnson county on April 8.
St. Patrick's day was generally ob
served throughout tho state
The sixth Infantry will tint start to
tho Philippines before April 10.
Work has commenced on the now
MtiHonle building nt Drownwood,
Consoles A. Sanchez, former Mexican
consul at Irdo, died there of heart
A mad dsg ran nintiek U Corpus
Chrlstl, biting two children and a num
ber ot canines.
Jim Johnson, n Shormnu epileptic,
died in tlmt olty after a series ot
trjghtful convulsions.
There wero luj additions to the
Dixie Street Christian oh u roll. Gaines
ville, during tho recent rovlml.
Mrs. A. It. Hunt, one of Fannin
eattnty'ls olden pioneers, rawsed away
at llonhnm In Uio seventy-fourth year
ot her ago.
George Illackburn ot Galaeimile, the
woll known base ball man. has signed
with tho Southorn Iengue club at
Shrovoport, I.n..
Tho fair and lmxar held nt Waoo un
der tho nunplcos of tho congregation ot
Hodof Sholem was n grand siiocch, tho
rocolpln oxcoedlug 81000.
Dr. Itobert Habortson of Sylvan,
Smith county, n practicing physician
ot that section for ovor fifty years, died
suddenly, agod 72 yoars.
Hvory Greonvlllo grocer haa given
his written plodge to koep hla store
closed from Saturday night nt 12 to
Mondny morning.
At the request of Congressman Haw
loy, tho secretory of war haa changed
tho nnmo ot Fort Point, Galveuon, to
Fort San Jacinto.
Sonor M. Asporoz, ambassador to tho
United States from M ox loo, wne ban
queted at Juaroz, Moxlco, by citizens
of HI Paso nnd Juarez.
John II. Daily, assistant Unltod Statci
nttornoy for tho eastern district of
Texas, haa rcnlgned, nnd Frank Leo of
Paris has bocn appointed ns his suc
cessor. Tho flrat Jewish wedding solemnized
nt Corpus Chrlttl for many years tool:
placo on tho 11th, when J. A. Simon ot
Victoria and Miss Beraphlno Oppcn
heltuur Joined hearts nnd linnd.i.
Aaron Mooro at Knnls has cloacl the
iwlo of tho Ilnrdwcll hotel property
thoro to Giis of Toxarkann, get
ting In exchange theroforn tract at 720
acres ot laud on Hcd rlvor in Ilowlo
Through tho doath of Mrs. Marttlena
Martinez, who died in Monterey ou
Fob. 3, Mrs. P. O. MnfTl, wlfo of a. Baa
Antonio scissors grlndor, falls heir to
1808,000 worth of property In Moh
tcroy, Moxlco.
Hov. W. J. Anderson, nn aged Pres
byterian minister, fnthor of Itov. WJM.
Anderson, pastor of tho First Prcoby
torinn church of Dallas, died sudddyly
In tlmt city. Deceased was formerly
n prominent divine In Tennessee.
A number of nendHomo retldenoes
have been crectod In different parts "ot
llonhnm recently, and several aro now
In courso ot construction. Work Is
soon to begin or: tho new Muthodlst
parsonage tho farmer building having
been burned with tho Methodist church
Tho GnlvoHton Wharf company has
I lot n contract for an addition to Its
I grain elevator A. It will have n ca-
paolty of 880.000 lmihela of wheat,
making tho total capacity of the olo-
vatur 1.60,000 bushels.
A ohorry treo nt Greenville In n freak
ot nature. Two large limbs are con-
riooted about eight feet above the
ground by n branch two Inches In Di
ameter nnd Ihreo or four Inches long.
which grows Into oach limb, connect
ing In Siamese-twin faMiton.
Tho Houston and Toxas Central
Hallway company. Is putting in at
seme ot the streets In Dallas, where Its
lino Intersects, electric slenals. TIihv
serve the purpose of Indicating the ap
proach ot trains, so aa to warn ve
hicles. The Houston and Texas Central
railway Is preparing to build a park
on Its property between Main nnd
Commerce streets, Dallas, Just north
of the road. Its dtmeiMHOHS will b
177x300 feet, nnd tho Idea Is to convert
It Into an attractive flower garden.
J. P. Hcly ot Denlson has received
from relatives In Ireland n box ot
shamrocks picked from the "ould sod,"
and frugal branches ot It luive been
distributed among Mr. Holy's friends.
They wero utilized on St. Patrick'
day, attracting favorable attention.
i'lty Attorney Cummins has given
Instructions to the police ottlrcrs of
Denlson that the corporation court bill
1ms been passed, granting the corpora
tion courts of the state the mme Juris
diction In all cases that the Jitli
cours now have Jurisdiction '.a

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