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"Is he hxndsome, Myrtle?" Mkod
Wra. I'ayne.
"Th handsomest man I ever taw,"
rootle Mi-rtl IHwIe.
Tlarry Pnyn sighed gloomily m he
pUoM upon the kitchen tabl the pall
of water he hud brought (row the
"Wa h at your party, Myrtlcr
continued the motkor.
Th fair girl ntd.
' What hla name?"
' rteginald ClavvritiR."
' What la hr
' 14' a Wall atreet banker, In r-n
war connoted Willi the Itothcblld
llMther of leaden. He dream like
prince and wear such diamond! !
At; the girl are crasy about him."
The more foola they," returned
Mrv l'n)iie. aevrrl. "Harry, will
in Ing me another armful of
w. ..!
Hurry looked troubled, and Mr.
I'.ijnc followed him out Into the ihel
Uin her hand upon hl ahoulder.
I'd ny nothing to her now," the
ail lrrd "Thla elegant at ranger Ira
turned her head completely."
Harr) ranlthed accordingly, and
Mo. I'ayne returni'd to her baking,
while Myrtle I'oole continued to chat
tur about Heglnald Havering until the
RO M! matron felt like boxing her pret
ty pink tar.
That tame afternoon Harry aaw
Mrtlo riding out with the dletln
guixhed stranger, and his gloom deep-
' Myrtle." he aold to her the follow
ing da, aa be met her near the iild
mill In the suburb, "I am going to
Mill Creek this morning. Wouldn't
you like to go with me?"
' Not today, Harr. I have a pre
iu ngagement."
' With Mr. Havering?"
Y We are going to the wood
to gntlx r autumn leave."
Myrtle, are the friendship and d
vcitl'iti of year to be forgotten be
caime -ii. h a rhap u that happena to
appear here?"
Ml" Poole turned her bead and
turned away.
' I ntn tired of bring called to ne
count," she ald patiilantty. "I shall
do aa 1 please about receiving the at
tentiona of ltrginald or any on else,
ami 1 think It a piece of Impertinence
for you to Hoek to Interfere with me,
no then-! Leave me!"
Harry had not been gone ten min
ute when Reginald (Havering eatr
whistling down the bank of the crook.
"Here already, my queen of tjrti
iiottes?" he cried gayly. "How punc
tual ou are!"
"And ou are half an hour behind
time," pouted .Myrtle, with it smile of
"IWfwaalblo! Hut let me have that
Jwahflt Not even so alight a weight
Ha that should burden the U sliest
hand in Christendom. '
atyrtlo glanced at the little gloved
hand. It wa pretty, but Harry had
nerar told her u. How nice to bee In
was a crash of breaking branches and vinr air on the rrm,
a rtHh of many footatepi. genre and tew years ago we did not grow
hearing were leaving poor Myrtle, yet enough strew on the farm proporly u j
n atrong, loving grasp sustained her, bed all tho animals, Hut by utilizing
and she realised that the eyos of what wn had and adding to our sup-
Harry I'ayne wero looking tenderly ply from other farms, wo havo been '
Into her own. Ami then all beeamo a , Hble to Increase our supply; nnd with
blank to her. Increased supply we hnvo learned j
When she recovered her senses liar- iow to uee it to n much botlor ad-
ounnuNT Noms op dibcov-
the society of aui h a discriminating
man of the world I
"And now for an answer to my
ouMltM of yesterday," continued '.be
sUwnnor. aa they entered the wood.
"Am I i call you mine?"
' !,, u rca::y lova me?" damandad
Myl. her eyes full of a tremulous
I adore you, dar t'"
"1 lieu, ye If you lnlst upon an
Mr t'laverlng km It at her feet,
V, hat Joy!" he rt.d My rjueen
My 'lupreR! No tongue ran tell how
proud I shaJI be of Mil IIMIe band!"
Myrtle's rbeaks limned a he looked
4 n upon her kneeling awaln. Harry
lA)Se had never wooed her In such
4famtt stle as thu. Hbe almost
felt aham4 of hrlf as she retnetn
bt''! how pleae"l h- had bectl -f
hit, o turn or pi ace intentions.
"And now," crl I her uw suitor,
ari-ing, 'now for th" grand sequel
tie de'ioiiement! Wuuid you like to
kti'. full tillage maid, the name of
t .. iiuii wm've won ' Who am 1?"
Mr ttliild Claterlug of New
York. answered Mrtle. Innocently.
' better than that, dcireat! We pok'
a Uitef while age of lurou Kothuhjld.
I am Macon Rotb-blld "
' .ou, Keginald" '
And not only liaron Itothscblld, but
r Kranela Unrtng. and John Jacob
Air, all rollad Into oik '"
Myrtle could oi l taie at him In
flpoei iUH horror.
' And uow to be off for Kurope by
tvligiaph, ' tt- umeu iIms slnifiger, his
. rolling hideously a be seised her
l.i.. ,igaln ' Kvr day mortals are
i likol tu travel by rail, but we'll
in- .in ihi wires! Com!"
i; Mul'i drrw I -k. her rl sl'ua
I' i. ,!!. Ii.k iiioii hor Hhc ass alone
li. u "Iltary woda with a rat-
ing gannlae!
Help' help'" she shrieked
And aJtteet In tb ume Instant there
7 waa bathing her forehead with the
clear water of the erek.
Where where It that that terrible
man?" aha faltered.
"Hie keepers hare him."
And then she beheld Heglnnld Clnv
rrltiB In the very uttheeottlnR eoatnme
of ttrnlt-Jarket nnd manacles, sitting
on the bank at no groat dlatanee, In
rharga of two burly men.
Don't be lit a hurry, my lord,"nld
one of them, addressing the whilom
"Haron Itothsehlld" with offensive fa
mlllarlty. "Tho wagon will bo along
In the twinkling of an eye and you
will be back In your old quarters be
fore you know It. No oceaolon for any
further rene, miss," he added, turn
ing affably to Myrtle. "He's a mad
as n M-irt'h hare, and has been these
six year, ever since he gambled him
self out of hla senses In New York.
Hut he's aa running aa a fox, or he
never would kara escaped from the
asylum aa he did, or dodued n nil so
long and to eloverly. He has such lu
cid spells that you might think him
chief Justice of the I'nllod State, and
then he'll break out al! of a Hidden
madder than a neat of hornets! It's
lucky we came aeroaa thla young gen
tleman, who knew here ho waa, or
he might hare killed you."
Myrtle closed her oye. realising
onre more the horror of her recent
"Take me home, Harry," alio fal
tered. Harry com pi I ml. And long before
home wa ranched she had given him
a promise that she would never look
twice at any charming stranger who
might com aeroaa her path In the fu
ture! -.New York World.
WITH nooita.
A Mli.ourl liny KIIU it Wild Out Aftrr
it llinl right.
Springfield (Mo.) Corrtapondtmt SL
foula Olobe-Deinocrat: Johnny Van
echalck. n Taiey County lad living
near Ilradleyville, has made himself
the hero of that locality by killing a
full-grown wildcat. The boy wa, mak
ing a trip through the Whlto river
hills n fnw days ugo whon his dug
scented dangerous gatno. Johnny had
left hla gun at home, and regretted
Hint fact very much when he anw n
atrauge, furious honst of tho eat fam
ily give bnttlo to tho dng. Ht ,ouM
not run awny nnd leave Hit- dog to
light tho "vurmlnl" alone, however,
and nrmliiK himself with n handful of
rock, the bravo youth mndu an at
tack on tho wild eat, A fow well
armed rocks drove tho animal Into n
small tree, hut Johnny kept up his lire
until tho enemy sprang to the ground
and took refuge under u shelving cliff
near n little stream. The dog could
not get at the wild cat here except by
crawling under the rock, and that he
refused to do. The liny then Kt a long
I ili- mid punched tho savage hnt out
into the open field and the dog now
ai-iseii the cat nnd tho fight became
furious. Thn comlmtnnta rolled Into
th.i irek and made the water foam
with their struggle. Johnny waa on
the edge of the stream throwing a
rock at the wild cat every time he
could get n good aim. Sometimes the
mad feline stood up on Ita hand feet
and struck thn dog savage blows with
Its deadly claws. The boy became
greatly alarmed for fear the dog would
be killed, and proceed hi attack,
finally, n(tr stunning the nulmnl
with another well-directed rock, the
lad aelaed a club and cloeed In on the
beast. A few blows on the head
crushed the skull of the wild rat. The
dead animal measured four feet, and
It akin uow decsrato the wall of
Johnny' home, n trophy of which the
boy I very proud.
ilHeer Hitting Mine,
Tb fancy for secret drawer and
out-of-tbe way biding pine I a curi
ous trait with many people. A Chi
cago electrician toll that while fol
lowing up tbe wire of an elr.-trlc bell
In n North Hide bouse his inarch led
Mm behind a door. Kneeling down he
reted hi band on tbe wooden knob
futened In tb wall to prevent the
door handle from touching tb plaster
and waa nurprlad to nnd It yield to
his grasp. A alight pull disclosed the
fart tbat It wa the handle of a cret
drawer which was almoat fllld with
j-ls, watch'' and money. Hearing
...i t iclamatlou behind him he looked
up to Had tbe lady of the houae bend
, lug oter him, apparently horror
, irlrken. Without spMklng he closed
the drawer M rml nts March
for the wire, and, though neither men
tioned the incident, tb lady kept her
l eye on blm until be Rxlsbed hi work
i aud left the nous.
MrmtiM nitil Ilia SlHBfetrate.
op in Victoria etlll remember a
J. V. who, no. so very long ago, iaeu!
tb cruel, crpy order that tb body
of a suicide ahould b taken out and
burled lth obloquy at dead of night
after the manner of tb olden time
His own wife committed suicide a tew
days ago- Tana do hardshell piety
nmu home to rooet. Sydney Bul'e
tln VeaveruWe IlHlM Mf Nubia,
Thn oldest ml us In tb world at
probably tb rack-cut temple of lp
ssmbul. or A boa skunkcm). in Nubia,
on the left bank of thn Nil. They are
over 4.W year old.
vantage, and much more of It, write a
correspondent of Country Gentleman. ;
Pint, we aim to cover the feed-lots i
with a quantity sulllelent to prevent all :
It from the open floor. They seemed to !
mud. and then Wp the herten and
cow clean by a liberal use of tt.
Whenever the feed lota bgtn to get
filthy, fresh strew I scatUred over j
them. i
A few years ago. on account of the
Inclement weather and the Inek of !
shelter, we found It necessary to lot
our feeding hog about the trnw stack,
ered about the worn thing a farmer i
en II llo Vet wa fnun.l II anartnnualv I
I liettee IbaH tin atAlle nfi.l fMdttic- In
-. " " . - V .
the mud. We scattered the ear corn
over fresh straw, and let the hog cat
Hy the mas of farmer this I eonild-1
enjoy rooting In the straw for the
grain, and their noses alwara looked
clean, aud hot a thoy would bad they
been allruvcj to root In th mud for
their com. To make this kind of feed
ing safe and healthful, we wero care
ful to knep fresh traw over the feed
ing 'ace, and lo pull out freeh, clean
straw from th aide of the rlok for
bedding. Soon wo had shelter room
far the Jiogs under the sides of the
rick. Now, If our hogs nro fed
In a lot, we mak It n point to keep
the lot r:-an with straw.
In man" Instance the gravel wnlki
about the barna can b kept clean dur-,
Ing soft weather, and made morn dura
ble, If straw 1 spread ovor thorn In lib
eral quantities and removed when It
becomes filthy, and n new supply used.
This cnlls for n little work, but It
mean less wading In the mud, nnd
more comfort to the farmer and, the
anlmala TMttttinvarv li,lu oru fiiuirlv
always needed on the farm. Those can I
i well and cheaply be covered with 1
draw. Tho usual fault Is, whon a
' farmer starts out to put a straw cover
I on n shed, he does not use otiough
straw; not because It Is scarce, but be
en us he has not reallxed the difference
between n inxir and a good straw roof.
At present we have u temporary root
ltoiiM covered with straw, and n straw
covered addition to tho barn shod for
our sheep. They answer the purpose
excellently, and can be easily removed
when not needed or wanted nny longer.
It la often much cheaper to 1111 crack
with stmw than to feed animals that,
without this, would Im exposed to driv
ing winds. Tho farmer In this aeotlon
Imvo seldom, for threo or four years,
grown their i.ecdei! euppty of potatoes. ,
Yet tliero Is one farmer that lin'W
good crop undor straw, when his
neighbor all failed. For uitr home
use, we will depend mainly In tho fu
ture on the eror grown under straw.
Many clay (arms could be much bene
fited by a light covering of straw plow
ed under. This requlr considerable
labor, but I believe would In the oml
be n source of profit to the farmer. I
Oftentimes this would give the land
more llfo nnd aid In starting a crop of
clover, which would Im u stp on the
road to Improvement. A good deal of i
this Is not done became the profit does
not come Immediately to hand. Wo
mut learn In our farming operations
that w mut be continually adding to
the neeith of (he soil or the poverty
of tbe soil, when we most need Ita
strength, will come upon tu with
crushing certainty. I know lands In
this condition that are n burden to
the owner never yielding a Just com
pensation (or the labor bestowed on
Hiring Farm Help.
If a farmer do not hlr farm help
hy tho year, which la tho lttter way,
he should, at least, secure tt a early
a poMlbl. ay th American Culti
vator. If he get really good help, the
extra y for a month before much out-of-door
work can b done will not
lessen hi profits, fur a thoughtful
hired man will And much to do, eveti
now, that will Iismr the labor re
quired during the month when work
Is hardest. All the awpplle of wood
for the year should be secured thla
month. If you wait later, when sap
begins to rise In the irs, th wood
will take longer to dry and be !
valuable, A for the eatra wage
which It will cost to hire a qualified,
elHclcnt man. they will be sated over
and over during the summer. A car
leas, shiftless farm helper, hired be
cause be will work for low wages, will
waste and lose during th year more
t hau tbe wages of a man who thorough
ly understand his buslneu.
Making Old Men Ynnng Method of Ap
plying llleetrlelly I nld to Ilitre tte
tnarkalile IImuIU Wild lltait Tamed
by Tolmreo.
Building Wire Fences In the build
ing of all wire fence, whether barbed
wire or woven wlr. one Important
Item I the setting and bracing of lift
corner and end poat so that tbey will
not give; otherwise the wire ere cer
tain to sag .and this nsturall, cjm
the effei tivenc of tho fence, t'onald
erlng the amall amount of extra fenc,
It will always pay to take time to build
In a aubiUniial manner and to tie
good material; otherwle there I u con
tinual bill of expense In keeping In re
pair. Plan out the farm so as to red uee
tbe expense a much a potalble. and
then build what I necessary substan
tial. Wisconsin Agriculturalist.
Tb Japan ar very fond of ar
ranging nil ferns in tb mot pictur
esque forms. The foundation for the
design hi generally a oft, porou bark
hl.j rsMBallljr absorb moisture. Maid
en hair and lv-fluger.d fern ure very
frequently used In cany log cut the
design. Hanging basket mndt from
lb bark of tree and ailed wltb for
are very beautiful. Kx.
Observe and eafoeew tb utmost
aJeanltUM from tb time tbe cow u
broi; ;bt to tb barn until the butter
li en tbe market.
To Lengthen I.I To.
Dr. Julius Altlmtis claim to have
discovered the philosopher's slono of
the phystolnglenl world i In other
word, he says that by unliable olectrl
cat treatment old men can b made
middle-aged, nnd middle-aged men enn
recover much of the flexibility,
strength, and appearance of youth,
HI iMtnneon Is tho unlvnnle current,
which he applies to the brain In care
fully regulated do. He maintains
that a week or two a(tr the com
meneement of such a treatment the
energy of the system Is eonalderably
The old man takes fresh Interest In
the affair of daily life and resume
work with somo amount of vigor. He
can take raor exercise, he walks and
stand more erectly, and ki has n
quicker digestion and a healthier sleep.
He I no longer n nuisance to hi
friends, as hi peevishness nnd Irrit
ability have given (dace to nn even
and contented temper. Nat 1 grati
fying to thrjce who nro on the down
ward, grade of life Is Dr. AHhntic'
statement In rogard to the treatment
of tho hair, Ho Insists that the
growth of tho hair Is stimulated and
even whon gray or white It resumes, to
a greater or loss oxlsnt, Us former
brown or black color. In 100 cams
treated tho result of 40 per cent wero
noted ns "very good;" In another 30
per cent ns "fair" nnd In tho Inst 30
per cent a Inslgnlflcnnt. Dr. Althnits
adds that In no case wn the treatment
entirely useless, nnd tho function
which was Improved In every ca wn
that of walking.
Dr. Althaus protest against the
treatment being abandoned without
long nnd patient trial, for the longer
It I maintained the bettor are the
general result. Ilo ha came to tho
conclusion that If old people receive,
about the sixtieth or sixty-fifth yenr,
or Imloed nt nny time whon age has
begun decidedly to toll upon them,
proper and minutely carried out appli
cations of electricity to tho brain,
either dally, or every other tiny, for
same time, thoy may keop tho facul
ties fairly well until tho ago of 80 or
80. utiles the caso should ho compli
cated with sorlous organic dlsonio of
tho nervous systom, or olhqr Important
organ, such n paralysis, ngllnns, In
sular scelenxla, cancer, contracted
granular kldnoy, fatty degeneration of
tho heart, etc.
Tho letting loose upon tho public of
sensatlonnl stories ns to tho mnrvolous
virtue of high tension ctirronts, for lu
atniien, in tho scouring from tho body,
nnd the casting nut to tho distance of
four or live fset of the microbes of the
system, which has of late not been In
frequent, ha created somo Incredulity
lu tho average mind a lo thu thera
peutic value of electrical treatment,
and Kstbly Dr. Althnti' theories may
come In for their shnre of this illstiust.
At the same time, tunny of tho physi
ological effects of the various klnils of
electric current are not yet known,
aud some discoveries In electro-the-rnpeutlc
application are now being
made hy a leading scientific worker In
thl country which nro not In any de
gree leu remarkable than the develop
ment uttributod to Dr. Althaui.
New IIbb Ti-ntrr.
For yenr It has been the custom of
mnrkotmun to detormluo whether ogg
are fresh or not by the candle teat.
Thoy would Inko the sample Into the
cellar or some dark closet and allow
the light of the caudle tu shluo through
them. Thu thoy could tell tho con
dition of each egg examined. No sm-
of man appear ns notiWng l compari
son. A force fully equal to four hun
dred nnd seventy-three million horse
power wns esttmntcd ns developed In
a West Indian cyclone. This I nbout
fifteen time tho power that Is orcat
able by nil moans within tho rango of
man's capabilities during tho nmo
Wero steam, water, windmills nnd tho
strength of nil men nnd all animal
oomblnod thoy could not nt nil ap
proach the tremendous foreo exerted
by this terrlhlo storm.
C'nnvtntmt t'toilit a.Drlrrn.
Ymi peed not have n haik yard;
neither will you need to mount to tho
roof (o hang out your week's wash It
you provide yourself with one of theae
convenient clothes-drlors, which may
lie used Indoor or out. It may bo
suspended oulald nny window, where
It will easily take nny ordinary wash.
Thrao driers weigh, according to their
lllr test could be dtnUed, but the
method of applying it a crude and
ald-faabtoued. Hewrul electrical de
vice have beeu invented for tbe pur
pose, but they Involve too many extra
expanses for th marketman.
A simple lamp for "candling" egg
Its Juat been patented which enable
a dealer to mak th test in any
MMiMd light. An ordinary keroeene
Uurnlng lamp, barked by a strong re
dactor, furMlske tb ray. Th front
of tb lamp I skfoldad by an upright
f blaek Japanned tin. supplied with a
broad, stubby spout. Into ij end of
which th gg Is laid. Tbe light of
tk lamp la concentrated throngs that
mod' and the gg bteomos almost
trn nana rnt.
Many Wnmtn UrnoMtnri,
The Fifth Avcnuo National b.mU, ol
New York, has S000 women depositors.
It I altuntod nt tho corner of Forty
fifth street and Fifth nvcnuo, In th
midst of the residences of wonlthy
cIomm, nnd I almost exclusively pa
tronized by rich women, who keep tholf
hotiiohold account nnd pin money
there. Tho receiving tellers nri very
busy during tho first few days of every
month, whon the patrons of the bank
bring In nllowaure they hnto received
from their husbands or father.
Women nro much moro Inollned to
worry aver debts than men, nnd nro
mueh mnro likely to pay them.
size, two, four or six pounds, carry
Ing, respectively, twenty, forty aud
sixty foot of lino.
TIib lawe Mf M tlveluna.
Careful Mtlmsle of the force of a
Cyclone nnd the energy required to
keep a full fledged hurricane in aetlvo
operation reveal the presence of a
p-wer that make the mintl4t effort
ruined by Tiilmrco.
Wo have nil hoard the old wheeze
of taming n lion or tiger by steadily
keeping your oye fixed an him. Ac
cording to one of the keeper at liar
num's a mure effective method I n
cigar or cigarette.
"Nearly every wild beast Hint I havo
ovor como ncrows," sold this ofllolal
to tho writer the other day, "I fond
of tobacco In some shape or form. I
made thl discovery quite accidentally.
Once, whon I wn In Amorlon with this
show, ono of tho visitor who wns
flunking n cigar puff ml somo of tho
fmoko Into tho lion' faco as ho lay
riHleop in tho cago, I expected to sco
n real riot, but distend of that tho lion,
after giving n couplo of siicmos, moved
quietly up to the liars nnd raised his
nose snllllngly as It asking fur n sec
ond doso. 1 hnvo tried tho experiment
on all sort of wild nnlniala since, nnd
I hnvo found Hint most of them onjoy
thoroughly n big mil ft of tobacco. Wo
hnd n boar horo onco Hint used to rub
his noso nnd bnek ngnlnst tho bar of
his cago, Just llko a rat asking to bo
stroked, whoiiover nny ono smoking n
cigar canto near him. Antolopo and
wild gonts aren't satisfied with tho
moro whiff. If you g - them n olgnr
or clgaretto thoy will swallow It
eagerly, and, whnt Is more, nee in to
suffer no bad otfoet from their moal,"
llnllrnml AernM Hi Kngllili Chnnnnl.
Tho Kngllsh 1'urllnment 1 considering-
the plan of oonneotlnj,' that coun
try with Prnueeby i-ullwny. Knglnsors
ny n roml-bwl can be laid on 111 bot
tom of the KiikIUIi channel. This Menu
bayoml lieltef, but it I ierhnM no
mora remarkable tlmti th our no
omplltdiml by HoiletUr'rf Stomach
Hitters In onto of dysHipila, Indiges
tion and constipation.
Otli nn Ifclllor.
(lcneral Harrliwii Cray Otic, who
rommanded tho brigade which so gal
lantly captured Cnloocnn, ha been for
mnny yenr proprietor unit editor of
tho I.o Angeles Time. Ho cornea of
Mnsanchusetta ntoek, nnd mndo n nntna
for himself In tho volunteer service lu
tho civil war. President MclClntey
mude him brlgndlor general of volun
teers, and his brlgndo was sont to Man
ila from San Franolflco, to reinforce
Dewey last fall. It la mndo up of the
first Montnnn, twentieth Kaunas, tenth
Pennsylvania nnd tho third artillery.
Uorua In Hmiinit.
According to a Ilrltlsh foreign of-
flco reported (quoted In tho Hoard of
Trade Journal for January. 1S09). It
appear that a potential commercial
feature ha at length nrlscn far tho
Saiiion group, after your of depression,
owing to the fall In price of copra, and
tho apparent iiiiNiiltnblllty of tho cli
mate far other cultivations, such as
rice, augur, ten, or cotton.
Bmnll capitalists (fl.800 to $10,000)
going to Samoa nnd purchasing or j
loosing laud for tho purposo of cocoa i
planting, would stand u good chntico
of making n fair Income uftor tho first
three or four yenr, provided they po-
n practical Knowledge of tropical
planting or will tnko advice from thoso
In Kamon who Imvo oxporloneo In tho
ranttor. The number of small planta
tion I rnpldly Increasing, nnd it Is
Mtlmnted that 75 aero nro now plant
ed with coroa tree. The trco Is ro
bust and hardy, growing luxuriantly In
Snnitm. and yielding ubuudnnt craps
nftor trifling cultivation. Tho quality
to considered good, the price varying,
according to reiort from Hamburg.
gnu Francisco, and Sydney, between
$100 and $H0 per ton. A small plan
tation of nix acre hold nbout 1.200
tree, nnd the In the third yar pro
duee some 140,000 pods; nnd It is ap
parent that, even with the liberal al
lowance of II pods lo the pound of
marketable bean, each re would pro
due from six to eight iwunda of pre
lrd eocon beau ir annum. Th tree
are lu full yield after th fifth year,
and there is apparently no age limit to
their bearing.
Tb cost of laud n?ar Apia, contin
ue the llrltlah ronul, I from $T to
$14 per acre if purchased from whiles,
and from $1 to ft per acre It Uaaod
(torn th naCve on a to or -10 yearn'
lea. Th soil I rocky and toleanlc.
A II bough labor in large mass I
practically unobtainable and tb na
tive Samoan la by no mean energetic,
suMclt ilontlng labor for mtl plau
tatlona is to be had. Tbe price Is from
$6 to $ par month for a laborer, hi
food coating about $1 per month. Una
man ought to look after six acre of
well-grown coroa .u the dry Mason,
but two are required during tb wet
tram December to May.
"Spring Unlocks
The Flowers
To TaM the Laughing Soil."
And not even Nature would
allow the flowers to grow
and blossom to perfection
without good soil. Now
Nature and people are much
alike; the former must have
sunshine, latter must have
pure blaod in order to have
perfect health.
Hood' Snrsaparllln cure blood trou
bled of nil sort. It 1 to tho tinman
system what tunshlno Is to Nature
the destroyer of discaso goriui. if
nrrrr lUtappoluli,
Poor Blood-" Tho doctor antd (hero
were not aoveu drops of good blood In my
body. Hood's Hnrinparlll.-i built me up ntiil
mailo mo itrong and well." Hume K, IInowm,
10 AMor Hill, Lynn, Moss,
DyopcpBla, etc-" A complication nf
troublo. ilysprpiin, chronic catarrh ami
Itillaiiiniatlou of tho slomnrh, rheumntliui,
etc.. mndo mo mliernble, Hadlno npi'tllo
until I took Hood's Mnnnpnrllln, which
acted llko magic. I am thoroughly cured.''
U. II. SsttLKr, 1874 W. Hth Av., Denver, Col.
Rhoumntl8m-"My husband wsi
obliged to give up work on account of rhcu
tnntlim. No remedy hled until Im uivit
Hood's Harmpjirllln, whlrh iermauiit!y
cured him. It cured my dauiihter of ca
tarrh. I give It to the children with good
remits." Mas. J. 8. Mi Math, Mtomfurd, ft.
llnod'i I'llli euro llr lilt, th ncn IrrlUtln
tTi only rlhll lauk w li IIihkI HarMparlll.
ft li If I IH.IIfll, lC
I f lllli llib2, M I
..tUMlltl llf.l7 . Co I
' Uffltflltu'll Uv'UftlUV i1 1
Idiir'aUHt l4llarr, la
l. rtn lie ToihMu, U
'arlr limti-r Onuii, im 1
II I iut Hii'H.J. k I
tVrlkl.00 riipl txaK, alH I
Jib tall) ilfk. llullli 1 1.00, Mill
lutil ; K lr, luc.ih.r will) cur
Steal riant anil Ud Calaloi aa
i"iitii loliblnulli'e 4 l ln
iHialai. Wnlnma ynur Irailaind
Hwimrnr" nni'iirrrniarra
Kiip.lati.uitll'tiM. a.lal,.ncuttll.
.luiu.fm, iiNiiiiineeiiiinr.aeii
tout i. ium arm , 1 1 ixowr. m, i
Wind Oarrlea lnffcllHn.
lXctors In tntr tight agaiiut dlMas
have bad tblr attention railed to a
roMtmon. but hitherto iinnott.j me
dium for carrying infection it (a the
wind, etanmlnntton allows that germs
hav boon carried ImmMt distance
by tb laronse and dsoositsd In place
where all th clreumstaae were fa
vorable for their growth and apread.
Itlll-aUie wld hr fatTwaa her for
tuae. Jill Poer thing. -Yonken
Trade Mark
of Quality"
on Athletic Goods
Insist upon Spalding's
llandanine ratal nii Vrfn.
New Yurk. (il tQk Ueaver.
yiaaiamaaad in a raw liaaiaviil.
tlada Horn bl. k..rr vmh1 Ohaaiwr, claalwr,
attrrlar, and au.-i Ibaa IliaoU a Haad far
c.i. our UUAlatll a IlltO., Ulllaa, I'a.
JSrle I lly Irani Vnrfca. I'.nalnea unit llnllera.
Cawel! "Uini. a ialir Wni I " i.il.va b
lwlmfln I" ami I Kimi Kiuii liallaa laiaa
uanin mi ni:imii.h r.,r utibui
ts ITIHUIW 1,4 Mi., r lira. I. l u(
;,K ll J i'Ci Tr-aai,rta. tlrtmara au4 leate
11 ......!.. ...
V. l AtlKNtV. SaiM. ra'-tra.a.
El lo ttue a.0J lit diuuuu. if I

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