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MANY a dutiful daughter pajrt In pain for her mother's
Ignoranco or perhapa neglect.
The mother suffered and she thinks her daughter
must nuffcr also. This Is truo only to a limited extent, No
execsslvo pain Is healthy. Kvcry mother should Inform her
self for her own nako and cspeolally
for tho sftko of her daughter. Write)
to Mrs. Plnkham, at Lynn, Mass.,
for her advlco about alt matters
concerning tho Ills of tho fcmlnino
Many a young girl's boauty Is wasted by unnecessary pain at
time of menstruation, and many Indulgent mothers with
mistaken kindness permit their daughters to grow careless
about physical hoalth.
Miss Carrik M. Lamd, Dig Denvor. Mich., writes: "Dfau
Mrs. Pinkiiam A year ago I Muffcrcd from profuse and
irregular menstruation
and leucorrhcea. My
appetite was variable,
stomach sour and bowels
woro not rogular, and
was subject to pains like
I wroto you and bogaa to
taka Lydia B. Pinkham's
Vogetablo Compound and
used two packages of
Sanative Wash, You can't
imagino my relief. My
courses aro natural and
genoral lioalth Improved."
Mrs. Nannif. Adkins,
La Duo, Mo., writes:
Dear Mrs. 1'inkham
I feel It my duly to tell
you of the good your
Vogetablo Compound has
dono my daughter. Bho
suffered untold agony at
time of menstruation he
fere takingyourmcdlcinej
but tho Compound has
relieved tho pain, given her a better
stronger, and has improved every way.
you for the benefit she has received,
for young girls."
color, and sho fccla
I am very grateful to
It is a great mcdlclno
(teniae unit I'ovirlrr.
Homer was a begffnr: Plntus turned
mill; TcMnco was a slave; Doetus
dlod in Jail: Paul UornhMO had four
tcon trade and yet starred with them
nils Taeeo won often distressed for G
shilling; DcnllvoRllo was refused ad
mltlanep Into a hospital ho had hltn
nolf ervoted; Corvantcs dlod ot hunger,
and Vagelna loft his body to tho nur
neons to pay his debts ns far as tho
nionr-y would to; llncon lived a llfo
of mcniuiMs and dlstrwte: Blr Walter
Itatolr.h died on tho soarfold; Spinsor,
the oharmlnff, died In want; tho death
ot Collins vns through neglect, first
causing menial derangement; Milton
old his cayprlrlit ot "Paradise Ixt"
for X!lf at three payments nnd finish
ed his life In obecurlty; Dryden lived
In povoity and dlstreM; Olwny died
prematurely nnd through hunger; I.co
died In the Direct; Steele lived a life
of pet feet warfare with Imlllffs; Gold
smith's "Vicar ot Wakefield" wns sold
tor a trifle to save him from tho grip
ot tlio law; Kidding 11m In tho burylnc
Around ot tho Iingllah fnetory at Lis
bon, without a stone to mark the snot;
Sarnge dlod In prison at Ilrlstol. where
lie was ronflnod fur a debt ot JCS; Hut
tor llrf d a lite ot penury end died poor
Chatterton, the child ot genius and
misfortune destroyed himself.
Tl.li" tido and trains wait not for
tardy man,
100 Itetrnrrt, StlOO.
The readers of this rarer will be pleated to
learn that there l at It u nno dirailert ilKeni"
that aclrnco hinr Uren obln lo cure In nil It
staire and that l-t'uiarm. Ilair.ratarrh t uro
It tie only iioillivo euro now knwn to tUo
mrdioul fraternity, catairli lieinjn cnrntitu
tlonul dUeaie. rtHiutrea n ccnailtutlnnal trea
inont. 1 IbII'k ('alarrh Cure U tahrn Internal. y
actlnc directly upon Hie blood and inucoua nur
tacts ot the ajratem, thereby ileitroylnr the
foundation ol the illtcevi.and irlrtniftha patient
strength by bulldlni; up tho coiiatllutlon and
aulttlns nature lu iloln- lu work. 'I bo pro-
Tri. that tbey offer lino Hundred Dollars (or
any ram inav 11 taut to cure, btaa (or Uel o(
Artdreaa P. J. CHUNKY & CO., Toledo, tt
hold by nraisiata, Tbj.
liall'a Family 1'llU are the be.t.
Is thero a woman who really enjoys
stamping a letter?
s ts.03 r.r w .k.
We will pay a salary pt IIS per weak and
eipenaeefer man with llltf to ntiodneu I'er
(eetlon l'oultry Mltturo aud luxet Liuitruy
er In the country Addreu wlUi atainp.
Perfection llftf. Co., 1'araoiu, Kauaa.
Why Is It that the model young man
ie not Interesting?
Ma Cure No 1'ny
Is tho way F(Nii.ur'a Krn Sai.vi:
Is sold, Chronlo and Granulated lids
curod In 30 duysi ooinmon soro oyoo
In 3 iluys, or money back for tho ask
inff. bold by all druggists or by
mail, '.'fie. box.
J. V. IIaytkii, Decatur, Texas.
Scrofula to
' Any one predisposed to Scrofula can
never bo healthy aud vigorous. This
taint In tho blood naturally drifts Into
Consumption. Delngsuchadeop-scatvd
blood dlscaso, Swift's Spoclflo Is tlio
only known euro fur Scrofula, boeauso
It Is tho only rouody which can reach
(he disease.
Scrofula appeared on the bead of my little
t randenlld when only IS months old. Ktiortlr
, alter prea'jnK oai it aprrau rapiitly all oyer
liar body. The seats on tbe sores would peel
r a on the slightest touch, aud the odor (hat
wouiii ansa rxatie ine at
meapiiere of tho room
Imnelna III I'.allngi
A capital story concerning a prom
Inont member ot n slock exchange
Is going the rounds. Ho was n man
who onjoyrd his wine, and nlwnys took
great care of It when ho hnpponed to
pick up n choice vlntago. While living
In a fashionable quartor ot a city
ho clmneod to buy a lnrce cask ot
vrryflno old port, which he had placed
at tho oxtreme end ot his collar, and to
make porfectly Hiiro that It should not
lm touchett he had a wall built aoroea
the cellar, nnd so closed It In.
It was about a year or two Inter that
hr one evening accepted an Invitation
to dluo with his next door nolghbor,
v hen the Intter brought out same very
f no old port. Bervod glnssos having
Lrrn drunk, the man ot stocks nnd
j shares rcrognltod Its excellent quality,
onltrd his lioflta whore ho could got
i ntimo port like It.
' "Well, old follow." returned tho
I other, "I will let you Into a seeret, but
I don't say anything about It. I was
! Iinvnc spina nltornatlomt mado In my
collar lately, when wc discovered Hint
B"mo old fool who lived In this house
brforo mo had built a wall round a
largo or): ot port nnd forgot all nbout
It. This Is Homo ot It, but I am afruld
there Isn't much loft."
Tho effect upon tho worthy stock
broker's feelings may bo Imnglucd.
What n prerlous gom contentment Is
to us mortnls.
foolnTwilh a micklntoth
r rubber rul. If vu wantacoil
ill keep you aty In trie hM
Mm ruy the Tliti UrinJ
rr. If not for tali In your
wide (orciuinrue to
, Towrn. iiiiiot. sutt.
nOfSPQV "EW discovery; h...
r.,. liwgk iif t-.ilmoflHli and 10ilay treat
in r tit l'ree. Vr. H.li.vaita'ssust, a.i a, iu,u, um
Some ministers preach more against
time than evil.
3,000 for New Cern.
That's what this new corn cot. Ylelits
313 buahola per acre. Illif Four oats ifli
buohela Salter'a llae to pasture sheep
and rattle at SBe r Aero yields tt) totMi
!Ktatoea 11. a) per bbl. llruraus Inermte,
he rrraleat gran on earth; IlranlleM
larley ro Imahela iwr acroi 10 kUda
traaaea and cloTen, ete
Kend '1U Dotleo to JOHN A. HAt.ZHII
HKKI) CO.. t.A CH08SK, WIH., wltll IU0
atampa and reeelre fren (treat C'ataliue;
H.to) Cora and 10 Farm UeeJ Ham
plea. w n 1
Tho face ot a worried woman Is sel
dom lovely.
FITS l'rmBtnlliOar1. HeBUor n'Touiii,,flH
hillor ! lr. Kline tired ttrte Itnta.ir.
.ud f.r t'ltKi: S4.00 tlll bolU and lieeli.e,
II-II. KUhi,l44,Slt ArbtiU,l,Llli4i;liu,l'a.
When you havo good friends, do not
let them escape.
ekenlna and unbearable,
Tho disease neit atUeked
the eyes, and we (eared ahe
weuui lose her slhl Km.
I ti sat phrtlrtani (mm the
surreumflUK country were
esiiHilteO, but oould .do
Dotnlns to lelleye the lit
tle (HHoeent. and mto It
a their opinion that the
rase wu napeieaa and lm -
to try
MtSllJe to Hi, the ebUd'S eyel
in on mai wv umueti
I aasNii
Tlmy Mork Wlilla
yeur mind am
i rr-lryr
You Nleep,
Vhll saur mind ainl bade ml. L'aMaiata CaaJr I'a
iMillt rrlrTr auntlen. ymtr liter. ir lmi
pal iteiH la p-Hm vrlee AHdresaUlt, IW, at,Ke,
II was
8 peel Be.
Tat MSVeiae ataase mad a an
pitta wire, fehe U new p. yuuna: ladr. and has
BSTsr saa a a icq oi tua queaaa tu return
was. net
4r and eom
Sallna, Kan.
Berofula Is an obstlnsto blood disease,
and Is beyond the resort of the average
blood medicine. Swift's Spoclflo
Is tho only remedy equal to such deep
seated diseases j It goes down to tho
very foundation and forces out every
taint. It Is purtltj ttgttabU, and Is
tho only blood remedy guaranteed to
contain no mercury, potash or other
mineral sulntnnoe whatever.
Hooks malted free by Swift Spoclflo
Company, Atlanta, Georgia.
We do not usually desire to bo crlt
I know that toy life was sared by Plei's
Cure for Consumption. John A. Wilier.
Au liable, Ulslitgau, April SI, 1893.
Many a man la goncratts to a fault
It his own.
oltnsuirNT UOTKU
Opens February Wrd. In the Ozark Moun
tains. Delightful climate, lleautlful seen,
cry. Unequalod rnedlelnal waters. Cheap
escvrslen rates. Threugli sleepess via
t'riaco Line. Adress J. 0. Plank, Man.
ajer, lleem If, Areade, Century Unlldlnr,
r Krlieo Tlekst OfUee. No. 101 N. Ilroad
way, Bt. Iiuls.
A let ot trouble Is mado by dlfferenco
In point of view.
Vareo ot Habit,
"Why do you call this the court
i room?" asked tho man who was look
Ing over the house of tho man who was
trying to sell It
' Did I say courtroom? Mere force
ot habit. I havo sevon unmarried
Tho pnrple fad promises to bo run
Into tho ground.
What one csJls
calls foolish.
kittenish anether
Hubbern aro nno's solo's salvation In
sleety weathor.
fho woman who sews without n
thimble Is not usually tho ono who
dost the mending for tho family.
We bitterly regret mlstnkos that we
can not undo.
Bomo men nro angry bcoauso they
do not know what they want.
Usolesa dlscuslsons ofton causo bitter
feelings to materialize.
What n boon to n woman to shop
with n plethoric pockotbook.
rTiHIi pleasant method nnd beneficial cfTccts of the will kiiown remedy, Svnrr oi' lfios, mnnttfacturetl
by the California l'ig Byrnp Company, iilulrnte the vnltie of obtiiiiiing the liquid Inxntlvc principles
of plants known to be medicinally laxative mid presenting them in the form most refreshing to the taste
nnd acceptable to the nystcni. It U the one perfect strengthening laxative.
Its perfect freedom from every objectionable quality nnd substance, nnd its acting on the kidneys.
Hvcr ami bowels, gently yet promptly, without weakening or irritating them, mnke it the ideal laxative.
In the process oi manufacturing figs ore used, as they nrc pleasant to the taste, but
by n method known to the California Pig Syrup Company only. In order to get its beneficial effects, and
to avoid imitations, please remember the full name of the Company printed on the front of every package.
Consumers of the choicest products of modern commerce purchase nt nbout the same price that others
pay for cheap nnd worthless imitations. To come into universal demand nnd to be everywhere considered
the best of its class, nn article must be capable of satisfying the wants nnd tastes of the best informed
purchasers. The California l'ig Syrup Company having met with the highest success in the manufacture
nnd sale of its excellent liquid laxative remedy, Svut't' op Fihs, it has become important to nil to have a
knowledgn of the Company and its product. The California IMg .Syrup Company wns organized more than
fifteen years ngo, for the special purpo.se of manufacturing nnd selling n laxative remedy which would be
more pleasant to the tnstc nnd more beneficial in effect than nny other known. The great value of tho
remedy, ns a medicinal agent and of the Company's efforts, is attested by the sale of inllltou; of bottles,
annually, and by the high approval of most eminent physicians. As the true nnd genuine remedy named
Sykup oi' lfios is manufactured by the California lfig Syrup Company only, the kuowlcdgc of that fact
will assist in avoiding the worthless imitations manufactured by other parties.
evtui. FRcc les-yoRKA I
For Sale by All Drug$iehs , Price 50 $ Per Bottle.
I'm llif U tut unnatural
alKBr, lnniu.tu.ili.il,,
Irrlitiium ur ulcriiiun.
. .... ., raiuif.t. tun nut ttlilu.
tHlttm CHI.lt llCd. C-t r Marion
rmm, l'-r p4.
3u.i(ii H :i,
lllun,, I
ffif U'""4 J
ikL.ir sii m SLt.atKf
pz&rdotx, ...itsics
Weslf" Canada
and partli'ulara aa to b" to ifrui f ri ot tba
ketl M heal trowlna lint on lha lot.inrnl, can te
Serartd ao april''1"" t" lt Snitnataadtat ef
uimKraiion. Oiiaoa, i oiJ.. vr lk uaJii.limJ.
Yttj r.mdu. id nril.i dill ita bl. faal
ea (be Oral and bird ran,d"ji or i h mootri.
anl ,ff-liiif low rii ou an llatt or railway rittli
lesSkraui.arabtius quniad for airimlm lianlas
tfwra ea April Sib f..r tlanliobt, Aitloluola, K.
Sal-lawiH and Aiiwria. Hi K litrrill, Caaadlae
Oenruwaat Asai. ll"Uta. Taiaa.
Of (itontor Now York, Huston nnd
ninny other plncos uuo Cnrlcr'u Ink
oxolttslvoly and won't usouuyothor.
That Kixmlts well fur
and kIvwi toii food for thought.
n ATCUTO " A "-abut.
easauatablMC tad HadBS rasa. SSrra.
Every Desirablo New Feature is Embodied in
Hartford and Ve
WAKTfeli -Cfta of bill Aaalih
III avt beaaSl, Saad S Mala tu
Co.. Saw fork, tut te tanrdet aad I
that II I P A N S
.twtat Vatainlaal
lii tetd-aeatsli.
TeawillaL t'altaa.Uwuoa.Tai llmtllset II lor ita.
Policeman (to fair cyclist) Can't
you soo that lnn: "Dismount here?"
Cau't you read?
1'alr out -Yes, I can reed; hut I
can't got off.
to cimti a coi.i ik our. OAT
Tike fiatlvo Iiretaa qulajna Tablets. AU
OCT II iiiii
. II Q. un eaeh
j fiatl
guts te
refund the moficr
Minrie riaa l
If u rails to etire.
Never tell a woman you know a
treat secret.
Columbia Ohalnla.., Models 59 and CO, , $76
Columbia Olttln, Models 57 and 58, , , 60
Harlfords. Patterns 19 and 20, , , , , , 36
Vetlallei, Patterns 21 and 22, , . , , 525, 26
Oar 1198 Models worn the leader of last season, Wo areolosloff
out a limited number of Calumblas, ModeHfl, (..-.dies') nt 8ls Mmlols
i and 40 (Improretl) 8(0 IUrtfords, Patterns 7 aad 8, at (,'really re
dueed prises.
See our Ken QsUlecue.
POPtS MFG. CO.. Hartford. Conn.
8W U irbrr worifi a
fett WhXX Mochlneft
fiVS. JlTcx)lQndo)3cr,0.(5
fiV f-lir.t.r aval .,,.. Jvklfkbulspf J I V ft W0RI UbRTII IROM )l
f I II ,w "uV""f7
D bib Oh I rgtwyoooRicYCLEs
o -sJl R-a,Wr:i.V.M.lS,.,W.u.!
10, iboawara A a.
i nana wua ait,
naw. tsa u am.
(Ira&l rwlatf alaartei aaia.
atf.!!7'! " " "WIM " "mwi1.iI
Baa, eaatMaw tun aa. M aa PRCB U5at
a. a. Buna tuiriii, ttuaia, iiu.
. Aak T.iu raaeatiAUU
for ilw lt." awaM
aud l)i a wr a. Tba
wurateaoaLlii M war
, raml.atttlllllir Hip.
1 ur woTvettrarHhaaav
faxllre -oar dealer le
aHtbMM to iilre too.
auutlae-riartneul la.
"Union Made.
ial.lt. ti...l
imIb. itook
ODIUM at 'lioml wlthiml 'i
Ul IUIII l lurlloulara rrea.
w 1 awaia u b WLMH.l.tr u tt. lil.sl. fl.
Utta ansutrlng AdTtrtlsimrats filsltt
il.-ii.. Ba s m
Htatloa This racte.
"Oncer about Clara's wedding with
that plnmir. ' I
"What u queer?"
"Why he came to get married at the
vtiy Any ami hour he said he would "
I w women can ht.p a secret anu
cot many men.
BaBBBaWBMMMHhMaWHBMW I lllim mraatainMlaWaWall M
Go to your mer
chant and get
We will refund to him. Price, 60 cents. Sold by All Druggists.

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