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Homo First, tho World Aftorward.
NO Oil-
... . i mmm mm .
Alimiloan. SIlMlng.
Washington, April 10. Tho nary
dop.irtmont has Riven out tho follow
Ing dispatch from Admiral Dowey:
Manila, April 18. Secretary of tho
truvy, Washington: Yorktown visltod
Baler, Luzon, wist coast of Luzon, i.
I , April 12 for tho purpoto of rescuing
nnd brlur'ng nwny tho Spanish foroei,
insisting of olghty soldiers, throo offi
cers and two priests, who wero Bur
naundod by -100 Insurgents. Soroo of
fho Insurgents, nrined with Mnusor
rifles by nntlvos. Lieut. J.
C. Qllmoro, whllo making
wis ambushed and onpturod. Fato un
known, na tho lnsurgonts refused to
communicate afterward. Tho fol low
ing are missing: Tho oinoer previously
roforml to, Chlof Quartermaster Wal
ton. Coxswain J. Hllsworth, Ouunor'a
Mate B. J. Nygard, Sallmnhor Van
dolt. Sonmen W. II. Itynders nnd O.
W Woodbury. Apprentices I). O. A.
Neville, A. J. Peterson, Ortllnary Son
men V. Urlsoleso, O. H. MoDonnld,
landsmen L. T. Hdwnrds, F. Andsr
son, J. Dillon and C. A. Morrllsoy.
Tho ellipses danoto portlona of tho
dispatch which could not bo decipher
ed. Tho dispatch from Admiral Dowey
caused muoh oxolteraent In naval olr
cloa aa aoon aa Ita ooalonUi beoamo
known. It wna resolved late in tho
day nnd conalderablo delay waa oo- j
4&loncd by tho bllndnoM of aorao of
tho clphor words. It waa Impossible
lo complotcly dcolphor It nnd tho as
terisks indicate tho unintelligible
tjorda. Lieut, J. C. ailmoro tho ofll
Co? referred to na captured, la woll
known In Washington, hnvlug beon
alntloned horo for aomo tlmo, nnd Ills
wlfo nnd family llfo hero. Ho waa
born In Philadelphia, July 10, 1861,
ntid was uppolntcd a naval cadot from
Arizona In September, 1871. Ho reach
ed his prosont grndo of llotitcnnnt In
1S01. Ills mnln aorrlco hna beon on tho
arciongnholn, Mnrcon, nancroft, Vesu
Culti.rnin Vlilti Alsr.
Washington, April 10. Sonalor Cut
craon porformod yesterday his Initial
aorvlco as sonntor from Texas. Hi
had an Interview with Bceretory Alget
at tho war department with regard
to tho establishment of tho military
dnpnrtmont of Toxaa, which waa abol
ished In March, 1898, Just beforo th
beginning of tho war with Spain,
when It waa morgod Into tho dopart-
mont of tho gulf, which waa1 orgnnlzcd
nt tho tlmo In oonscquenco of tho ox
tcnatvo military movomonU In tht
southern state.
Tho dciKirtment of the gulf In addi
tion to tho Incorporation of tho doj
partmont of Texas took in tho south
ern half of tho dopartmont of tho cast,
which up to tho tlmo covered territory
extending from tho Canadian boundary
alone tho Atlantic const nnd (lulf ol
Mexico to tho ntolo lino of Toxaa.
The headquarters of tho dopartmeni
of tho gulf nro at Atlanta, aa., and
tho hoadquartora of tho reorganized
department of tho cast nro at Now
York. Bonator Culberson ndvlaed tha
secretary of war that tho Intorosta ol
tho state requlro tho ro-ostabllshmont
of tho old military donartmont with
headquarters at San Antonio.
Tho long bordor lino troced by tha
Itlo drando Is tho most Important
frontier of tho country at this tlma
alnce "tho character of population on
olthor aide of tho river mako It Im
perntlvo for tho military arm of the
government to bo ronrcsuntnd In
Becrotary Alger gavo Senator 6ul
borson nssurnncea that tho matter
would receive tho caroful nttontlon of
tho dopartmont, and that whatovor was
proper and oxpedlent would bo dono
aa aoon na tho matter could be taken
Tbouiandt frattnt.
, Now York, April 17. The dollar
Jefferson dinner of tho Chicago plat- Tho Citizens' bank of Adkndolphla,
lorm Domoorals at tho drand Central mk., una commenced business,
raiaoe Saturday night, in point of
numbers, waa one of the biggest at
fairs over hold In thJa city.
Nearly 3000 men and women ant
down nt tho long tables in varlout
rooms nt the big palace.
Tho balconies were festooned with
flogsandwlth allkcn banners. Suspend
ed botween tho flags at tho back of tho
stage wore two American flaga draped,
ono bearing tho portrait of JolTerson
nnd tho othar tho portrait of llryan.
Small portraits of Uryan wero Inter
pcrsod between tho flnga on tho bal
On tho atngo waa an Immento floral
horsoatvoo of carnations, rosea nnd
heliotrope. It had, worked In (low
ers, tho words,
Tho fourth Illinois regiment will bo
mustered ott nt Augusta, do,, on May
Austin Mutllns shot nnd killed
Ocorgo Seward, n prominent poIIUolan,
nenr round Cap. Va.
Will Tutl Mlled his wlfo at Mayfleld,
Ky., bcoauio alio wont to n basoboll
gamo with another man. Ilia exocu-
tlon took plaro on tho 13th.
At Ha nninal meeting In Naahvlllo
tho Tcnncnset Modlcnl aoololy oleoted
Dr. D. Ndlsoii of Chattanooga prcsl-
dont and pr. W. 1). Haggard of Nosh
villa sccrctarr.
A well known civil onglnocr who has
examined the Alnbnmn river says at
"Women's Bryan nn 0XncndlHirs of iio.ooo.ooo that rtrer
League." Ilolow in red oarnalloiu on onn bo mn0 doo cnoUBh lQ Mi
whlto rosea was tho namo "llryan." -,,M imi. ,. .....
, " - ". w.
Surrounding nil wero tho numerlealn
"10 to 1." A brass band of thirty
flvo pieces on tho balcony discoursed
mualo throughout tho evoning. The
dlncra began to nrrlvo at tho Grand
Central Pnlaco at d o'clock,
Tho women, to tho number of 475,
dined In tho long hall Just oft tlvo sec
ond eallorv. Thoy sat down to Uio
tablos nt D:30 o'clock,
na far
Dr. It. Ltn Cavo, president of Ken
tucky unlwrslty nt Lexjngton, Ky..
hna ivoluntarlly resigned. Dr. Cnvo Is
ono of tho forecoso oducntora of tho
United Bta(6fl.
Whllo aefernl young men wero re
turning from calling on some young
ladloA near Ith-hmond Ky., two of their
number .James Wylle and Thomas
Tho band played "llnll to tho Chief" Murphy, became Involved In a dimculty
mm tm t1BM mmm liHect&il itntlfH rM nt I mUttl lln(f In f tlftlll Vm it A1 1 1
IIU HlUll nlMi iiutitiru uwmm we. ivauiimQ ste fimpu n mvih
Willi Mllrh r.llfiB-.
Washington, April 10. The capturo
of tha Yorktown'a mon wna discussed
with much fool I UK In linval rlrrloa Tho
vius nna Machlta, hesldos cousldernblo , rnlsfortuno was felt with nddod kcen
tcrvlco on the boards. Just n year ngo tho .invy has prided lUoIf thus
ho roportod to tht fit. Paul, then com-! tar on Immunity from revorsos. The
miMionu as an auxiliary crulsor, nnd ""mirnro dispatch was tho first
tho tnnln aisles. Thero was tremen
dous cheering and waving of napkins.
Dlnors stood on chairs nnd tablos.wav-
Ing frnntloally. The doraonstrnllon
lasted flvo minutes.
Among those who nt down at tho
Guests' Ublo woro James It. Urown,
lirosldlngj on his right 'V. J. llryan, on
his loft Charles A. Townu of Mlnneso-
to, O. II. P. Ilclraont, Wm. 8. MoNary,
secretary of tho Democratic stato com
mittee of MlnnoKotn; Mayor J. L.
Rblnochs of Covington, Ky., Uolton
Hall, Ocorgo Fred Williams, ox-Congressman
William R. Ilyan of Itochos-
ter, A. S. Townsend of Virginia, Col.
Thomas Smith of Virginia and John
Clark Rldpath.
In Introducing Mr. llryan, Chairman
Urown said that Abraham Lincoln had
come out of tho wost to aorvo tho na-
C. I). Holllnshond was shot and kill
ed In nn Aberdeen, MIim.. saloon an tho
result of an alleged Blighting remark
tho former mado about Mrs. W. J.
Webb, proprietress of tho City hotel In
that city.
Qrcat preparations nro bolng mndo
at Charleston, S. C, for the coming
reunion of tho United Confederate
veterans. Tha olty has eroetcd an au
ditorium nt n cost of f 35,000, with
7000 acatlng capacity.
.U lltBti Mum,
London, April 17. A Ilomo corro-
spondont, describing tho thanksgiving
mass yestotdny at St. Petor'H cathe
dral, says:
When tho popo camo Into vlow tho
pooplo whlspcrod. Ho hnd tho nppenr-
scrvod on that vessel undor Cnpt. Slg-1 knowledge tho dopartmont hnd that tho 1 tlon, nnd another mun had como from nnco of a ghost when his faco. ovor-
dco throughout tho war. On Jan. 11 1 ottown had gone on this mission to llw wost to savo tho nation. A porfoet
insi no was ordered to the hospital
ship Solaco, which was nbout to sail
for Manlln, nnd on arrival thero was
nsslgnod by Admiral Dewey to tho
What Slinftur Hnjt.
Chicago, April 19. MaJ. (Jon. Shaftor
passed through Chicago yostorday on
routo to his brother's homo In Syra
cuse III. Ho waa much Improved in
health. Discussing tho Philippine war
ho said:
"If Oon. Lnwton Btntes that 100.000
men nro needed In tho Philippines In
order to effectually end hostilities nnd
bring tho natives to terms I should say
that undoubtedly nn army of suoh pro
portions is required. Wo of tho army
havo Bupromo confldonco in Oon. Law
ton'a Judgment nnd It is his prnctlco
to underestimate rnthor than oxog
gernto when passslng upon existing
rellovo tho Spanish garrison nt llalcr. i tempest of applauso from tlve- mon nnd
mat tlio enpturo should havo boon of- women broke out. The npplauso buo-
foctwl whllo tha Amorlcan force wero ' sided, but started afresh. Tho band
on n mission of inoroy towards tho ! struck tin. but could Boarcoly bo hoard
shadowed by tho glittering tiara, bo
camo dlscernablo, with the dark oyos
pocrlng from tho deop Bockots. His
hands trembled violently and n sad
smllo played over tho colorless Hps.
Spaniards, rather than In tho prosoou- tut It ployed "Tho 8tnrs nnd Stripes With UU loft hand ho wnvod greetings,
tlon of a campaign, lod to tho belief
that Spain would havo no furthor
ground for questioning tho good faith
with which tho Americans wero Book
ing to relievo tho condition of the
Spanish prlsonora.
nut it.. i.
City of Mexico, April 19. Financo
Minister Llmant
Forever." Hata wero thrown up Into
the air, women waved their oloaka and
handkcrohlefa. Thero wns a maelstrom
of discord. llryan raised his hand
dcprocatliigly, but the moro ho did
this tho moro tho crowd cheered. It
was a wild, frantic demonstration. It
lasted for at I4ast flvo minute.
Mr. llryan began In n cloar, calm
whllo tho right did Its feeblo best to
mark tho act of blessing. During tho
mass ho Bat with folded hands. Twlco
ho arose nnd was supported whllo ho
knolt In prayer, reading tho benedic
tion. His volao was scarcoly audible,
but In tho absolute sllnnoo his first
words were caught by tho assembled
Trying lo Na n,
Manila, April 19. A number of
prominent and wealthy Filipinos are
ojpnalzlng a commlttco to tako steps
to unng nbout If posslblo nn under
atnndlng bctweon tho rebels and tho
Americans. One branch of this oom
mlttce Intends to ask the Unite! States
Philippine commission to mnko a
fatenicnt as to what terms will be
offered tho rebels If tho latter will sur
render. Another branch. of the oomralttco will
approach Agulnnldo with the terms
nnd will endeavor to persuade him to
accept them.
yeara' aovoro labor, tho rosult of which 1 bjr PP'U8e- whon ho BftUl ,Uloro wtn5
i i .i . .. - l harmnnv only between those who
.w., w iaw ! tlttlt"
clnl equilibrium df tho nntlon. now
finds It necessary lo tako a rest, and
under tho advlco of his physicians
will go to Carlsbad, In Qormany. for1 a
short stay and will nlso travel In Eu- j
ropo. Minister Llmnntour Is stilt a '
young roan and has aohlovod a brll- i
Ilant success, nnd now finds It posslblo i
with tho national credit fully restored
multitude. Ho tried to ralso hlmsoir,
Ho wns frequently Interrupted but fell back and pronounced tho ro-
malnder In a recumbent position, a
loud cry. like tho bursting or a Bionn,
broke from tho congregation, nnd tho
pope, stretching nls hand In benedic
tion, wns carrlod out.
think nnd not llko thero' was great
applauso. Ills rcforenco to tho Chlcn
go platform and his declaration that
his nomination had not como from
bosses was received with tremendous
cheers. Ho caused great enthusiasm
whon ho declared that tho Chi on go
platform was n menace to thoSo who
robbed others, and ho created n furore
when ho stated that tho platform wat
nnd Mexican bonds at tho hlghost point ! disliked by thoso who hod tlnlr hands
Afew nights alnee Mrs. Cheek, who
keeps a boarding-house In Issst Cle
burne, was awakened by tho oriea 08 a
child In the hallway of her house. On
going to tho door sho found a bright
brown-eyed baby boy about 1 year old,
which had been left, and a noto tolling
her to keep It til loallcd for.
' lUporitd Bold.
Frankfort, Ky., April 19. There la
n well grounded rumor hero that the
rtankfort and Cincinnati railroad has
been sold and will pass Into the
(hands of the new purchasers on
May 20. The purchasers are not dis
closed. Louisville broken engineered
the deal. The road extends from hero
tcvfarle, forty miles, but the new pur-
timsiTu. ii if omiineu, win extend It
to Mount Sterling, at tho eastern ex
tremity, and from hero to Alton, oon
r.ecting with the Southern railway In
over known lo enjoy
MnnaUr? Oontral.ilon.
Atlantic Olty, N. J., April 19. Tho
monetary commission, appointed nt n
onuous of tho Republicans of tho house
of representatives, held Its first session
hero yesterday. The conference was so-'
cret. All tho members of the commit-'
tee woro In attendance with tho ox-'
caption of Chairman David D. Hondor-'
son of lown, who had not arrived. It !
Im r.w.(l ,1.-1 ,l ... ... . I
.- .vi'uiimt iuat mo euiIUUlllCO Will DO
Here about two weeks. The eosisalt
a well-earned In tho nookets of tholr neighbors.
Tumultuous nppUtuo greeted his
roterenco to the drafting of the soldier
and tho unwillingness to tax the rich.
Mr. llryan spoke one hour and nlno
minutes, ho wns In ns good voice
when ho finished ns when m began.
Whon Mr. Drynn had finished thero
was n great rush to him on the plat
form. He was almost suffoeated In
tho crush. It required five policemen
to form a way through the orowd for
him. Ho shook hands on all sides.
I The room of Charley Crowley, n
Nt InitutlrUi.
naltlmoro, Md., April 17. Tho most
Important of tho now Industries nn
nounccd during last week by tho Manu
facturers' Hooord Included nn B0lon
oil mill. IS5.000 telophono company In
Arkansas: $100,000 tormlnnl company
I IJlffUl ...mm, ASimntinv
AAm fn-lnrv nfftl.n fnrlnr u ul'"1 mo AmOriOOn TO.
""" "j-rr:;":::: . ; imi mmimny is ti.o ,! Bri..
President M. O Wetmoro has tnmlnr.
Eniiioon Uu.tllon.
Now York, April 18. A special from
Washington says:
Senator John T. Morgan, of Alabama
ft leading momher of tho foreign rola
tlon commltUe, when nsked for an
expression on tho Sarooan problem
"Thero la but ono pormnnont solution
of tho Snmoan question. That la
partition of tho Islands botween tho
throe groat powers which havo by
common dealro Just formed n commls
Ion to reconollo tho difference between
themsnlvea nnd tho nntlvo Samoans,
Tho United Btntes, Orcat Ilrltaln and
Oormnny will, In my Judgment, not
most wisely If thoy Immedlntoly pro
coed to n settlement on tho natural
theory that llttlo good will result from
a temporizing polloy toward theso wan
.1 i ....
noring nnu iiiooii-iiursty snvagos,
Whatever sentiment wo may entertain
for the rlglita of tho Samoans, nn In
congnious assimilation of pooplo will
over bo an Insurmountable barrlor to
penco, progress and civilization as long
ns governmental control la by tho
weaker class. Tlio Bamoan question, In
vlow of tho evident Intentions of tho
United Btntos, (Jront Britain and fler-
mnny, has Its lessons In our own coun
try In tho subjugation of tho Atrloan
and In tho fate of tho Indian. Tho
sprond of tho highest typo of clvlllzn
tlon rapidly and ruthlessly oncroach-
oi upon barbarism, suporatltion nnd
stupidity. Tho stubborn laws of na
turo can not bo changed nnd It Is bet'
tor that they bo recognized at tho out-
sot of tho work that Is beforo tho Ba
moan commlBlon nnd that tho Instruc
tlons of tho rwUlons represented there
on bo given accordingly,
"In tho pending dlplomncy on this
question tho Unltod States with grace
nnu fairness can tnko tho Inltlntlvc, ns
Bho did sovornl years ago In tho treaty
arranged with Mnlloto. Knglnnd and
Qormany thon lost no tlmo In follow-
Ing our exnmplo nnd In securing tho
enmo recognition necorded to us
J no immedlnto purposo of thaso
throo nations Is to securo pormanent
coal' j Btatlons upon tho Island. Onco
established, howovcr, theso stations
nin not bo peaceably maintained undor
tho oxlsttng conditions of tho natives.
Until completely subjected lo tho con
trol of tho whltea theso snvagos will
be it constant menace nnd bloodshed
will follow.
"I nm thoroughly Impressed with tho
importanco of pnrtltlon, as I bollovo
that tho Immedlnto division of the Is
land will bring nbout tho speody solu
tion that may termlnnto gradually with
tho practical extermination of tho Ba
moan race Tho United Statos should
havo n cooling atntlon nt Pago Pago.
And thon, with n long-doslrcd cnble
In tho Pnolflo reaching to Honolulu
nnd to Sydnoy, giving communication
with tho homo government, thero will
bo llttlo to Intcrforo with tho spread of
civilization on tho Saraoan Islands."
Hal Cnmplttril,
St. Louis. Mo., April 18. Tho salo of
the Liggett & Moyers' Tobacco com
pany wns completed yesterday nnd tho
property formally turned over to tho
purclmnors. ostensibly W. H. Dutlor
nnd the Union Tobacco company, hut
It Is admitted by Dorannil rniinnnt..!
rrom Nan Jnn.
Ban Juan do Porto Itlco, April 18
Tho United States transport Mc
Phorson, formorly tho stentunr Obdom,
has left here, having on board a dis
tinguished party, Including Drlg. den.
Fred D. Ornnt, who has boon ordered
to tho Philippines, and his staff; den.
Robert P. Konnedy nnd Oon. Henry
O. Curtis of tho Insular commission
nnd a largo number of ofTlolnls, who
arc to bo mustered out of tho govern
ment's service.
Tho Insular commission visited
MaJ. Ocn. Ouy V. Henry, tho gov
ernor of Porto Klen, nnd asked him
what ho had to sy. ills reply was
as follows:
"My plan Is dlamotrlonlly oppfSsfci
to yours. I bollovo In odHatitrng tha
prople gonornlly and I do not bollovo
In thrusting Americans Into nil tho
omcos. I believe In colonizing. I
havo been lwre nearly n year and tb-J
commlwton only n few wcoka."
It Is said tho Porto Rlennt npposo tho
policy of tho commission.
Kn Mar Herlp.
Boulh MoAlestcr, I.-T., April 18.
Tho Choetnw council hns Just enacUd
tho following, which will net to stop
tho Issuance of nerlp In the Chootnw
Do It enacted by tho genornl council
of tho Chortaw nntlon assembled, that
herenftcr no clerk of any" court, nor
nny Judge of this nation, shall have tho
right or authority to Isstio any county
scrip; nnd so much of nny law or laws
heretofore ennctcd which gavo any
clerk or Judgo tho right or authority
to Issuo county scrip bo, nnd the snmo
Is hereby ropealcd: that hereafter In
all civil suits tho plaintiff shall glvo
bond fdr tho payment of nil costs that
this act shall tako effect nnd bo in
forco from nnd nftcr its pnssago and
Prlnclpnl Chief.
riots at
Hpnnl li MMI.M.
April IS. During election
Ultimo twenty-six persons
woro wounded. Popular fooling runs
high In Vnlencln nnd tho surrounding
(ist riots.
Thero wns n serious nffatr In tho
lown of Porlor. province xfjyrarrnro
tin, where tho official rnndldato.belhc
beaten, tho municipal officials ft rod
guns nt tlrt crowd, Injuring n number
of porsons.
Tho soolallsls nro preparing to mako
demonstration nt Ullbnn as n pro
test against the defont of tholr candi
date, which they allego was duo to tho
"scandalous conduct of tho polloo
provocateurs Instigating disorder."
Tho newspapers havo announced
that Don Jnlmo, son of Don Carlos, tho
SpnnlHh protendor, la on his way to
tho Pyrcnoora.
Tho Inttwl Indications na to tho re
sult of tho elections nro that tho min
isterialists will havo n largo majority,
Benor Moret, who wns minister of
tho colonics In tho Bngaxta cabinet,
liar beon oleoted nt Snragossa.
addition and 8810.000 brewery In Mary
land: Stoo.OOO oil roll! In Mississippi;
f 100,000 rotton mill. $10,000 cotton mill,
$100,000 rotton mill. 10.000-splndto cot
ton mill and $,000 mining oompnny
In North Carolina: $18,000 oil mill In
South Carolina; $M,000 Iron company
to blow In Idle furnaee, 120-ton furnaoe
blowing In. 90-ton furnaee blowing In,
In Tennessee; $10,000 round bate com
press nnd ginnery, three other round
halo compresses. $10,000 oil mllUflO-
000 nil mill and ginnery company In
Texas; $50,000 building material fac
tory, $10,000 lumber company nnd 150-
Jeo hare before thero all the bills, that ' ,7', T!,.
were Mnsi.ierM !, .,- ... Clarksvlllo. nnd his trunk taken there-
and ourreney somml 7.,7 ..I aulweuqently found In .v .umoer eomimny una ,eu-
ana ourreney committee, and they will ... b lu,((nm ., ' .. A 000 aeetyUno maehine eampany In V r
attempt to frame a measure which will the "ook JboUT "nU ,,13 m!ney glnla.
he aatUfaotory to tho administration I . coaU.VM ?T "''"'"l '0,n .h
and the next congress.
Dr. I. N. Dovlno was oleoted mayor
of Pottsboro, Tex.
Thlrljf-Klht li.alhi.
Outhrle, Ok., April 19. The report
of the government phyalolan at Sao
and Fox agency sbowa thirty-eight
deaths from amall-pox among the Sao
nnd Fox and forty cases still In ex
istence. Tho determination of the In.
dlans not to allow their possessions
trunk, white a tot of other clotblug waa
A colored convict was killed
Whartnn. Tex.
Bearetary Alger returned to Wash
ington. ,
Onlr by fltrmaa Court.
Berlin, April 17. It Is asserted that
Great Drltaln has officially admitted
that Oermans In Bamoa aro only tria
ble by Oorman courts, and that there
fore ordera wero selit from Lon "on to
hare Copt. Hufnagel, manager of the
National League
optned on the 14th.
baaebal season
ed his realrnatlon nnd his successor
and n new board of directors will he
elected. President Wetmoro readily
admitted that tho transfer had boen
made. He said he still maintained his
opposition to trusts nnd combines, but
ho was finally compelled to yield, aa ho
atoml alngle bonded In tho company In
opposition lo the salo. Tho consider
ation Is $18,000,000. although Mr. Wet
more states that ho received on a basis
of $13,000,000 for his stock. As he waa
the only atoekholder who held out
against tho sale tho extra Inducement
wns offered him In order to secure ab
solute ownership of tho plant.
Tshtn la IWileo.
Kansas City, Mo., April 17. Santi
ago Morphy, the alleged embezzler, Is
on his way to tho City of Mexleo, In
charge of tho chief of mounted' police
of that city and an assistant.
WI.AM f .-..I. . .... - .1 1. u
to be burned make. It almost Impos-' arman Pl"" t Vallete, where UnV gi" m LZ
..Ho to .tamp out the disease. I ' uorlsed. landed J .J J 1 J!?!2
the fatal ambuih wa devlitd. landed
avs 1m tliil MariUdM nuMiitrlllu Itiss.
Charles Rablnsfln. an enllentia from' .mnd.r at id. iirituv. omimr t.ii. boarneti me nunin Fe exprees to pre
Tennnsee, died suddenly at MeKin.! rinea, transorllHK him to the eom-1 Vfmt MrrlHC of wrpus pa-
rnander of the Qernian cruiser Falke. ; v
The sentence of Jesso Coleman, son
teueed to be hanged at Martin, Tex.,
June 88, has boen commuted to llfo Im-i,rlsonment.
Kstm rr.
Washington, April 18. The payment
of 20 per cent extra pay to tho troops
In tbo Philippines has been extended
to Include all our soldiers now In aer
rloe and will oontlnuo until hostilities
In tho Philippines cease. The troop i
In the Philippines, both offleurs -md
men, will be glren the two montns'
extra pay when mustered out.
("oil on Olnnrrt,
All glnnora In Tcxns, Oklahoma nnd
Indian Territories nro notified thnt tho
third annual mooting of tho Tarda
Cotton dinners' nasoelntlon will bd
held at (lalveston, Tex., Tuesday, May
2, 1809. All members are oarnostly In
vited to lie present, nnd all nmwnom
bera are cordially requested to Join
In Toxns. Oklahoma nnd Indian Terri
tories. Ail bona fide ownora or oper
ators of all ayatoms of gins, nil Mm
press and cotton mill people, option
buyer nnd factors and manufacturers
of gin machinery are urged to nttend.
It will pay all to come.
Marl In, Tex.
A. R. MaOetlum, Secretary.
Waee, Texas.
It hns been deelded to held the sum
mer normal of OoII.a eeunty at the
Hawthorns college building, MeKln
ney. tit begin June It and end July SI.
Tho Instructors will be It. K. Chap
man of Farmersvllle conductor, am!.'.
wl by Prof. J. C. Ryan, a T. Cobb,
O. W. Beogglns and 8. J. Cheswell.
The gunboat Nashville Is at New Or-leaaa.
Tnt VTiin.
Tuskaloosa, Ala., April 18. Tho
University of Texae base ball team
wen the opening gamo with (he Uni
versity of Alabama, played hero yes
terday evening, by a score of 9 to 3. It
was a pretty game and demonstrated
the fine training nf the Austin hoys.
The feature nf the day was the slug
ging of tbe Tanas. Kane nf the Ala
bama pllrbera tmO& hold Ik em dwn
at all. After tsve Mend Inning, how
evr. tb A la bats ban did ssm extsM
lent fUldlng. which helped to balance

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