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Cuvaba, the Tlirivinfl Metropolis of a Little
Known Country.
The seenrry of the San Iorento and
Cuyaba river ) very tropical. There
are many palms. There ore ootton
troci which have balls of cotton on
them big as orangoii. Others lmvo
blossoms of a silky fiber which hongs
down In great cones o( white. This
uttirT It uiod by the people for making
Ouynba hni about 30,000 people It
in surprisingly row) elty for lti loon
tlnn and very much up-to-dnle. It hni
nowxpflpom, hospi
tals and schools. It
haii waterworks, a
street car line and
a mtliMlral. In Its
cotlego French,
.Cngllsh and Portu
guese are tnnsht.
Jind In It orphan
nylum there are
300 boys. Tho town
wn founded in
3731, btng laid out
In Portuguese stylo
with R very pretty
jilnai anil nark. It
It altuated about
two mllfi from th
river, and you ran
ride to It on one it
tho tamo town or
you may go on n
ntreot car drawn
by miilee.
Tho country sur
rounding Cuyabn Is
rlrii agriculturally,
and I am told there
Is much gold In the
Mils about tho
city. The' cathedral U said to stand
over n gold lode, and on the edge of
the town there are mines which nre
still worked by the Portuguese. I lmvo
met several Americana who have been
mining gold In this part or llroxll, but
so far none of them have struck It very
rich. It does not need very sharp eyes
to son that gold exists, for nftor a
heavy tropical rnln the boys go out
iind search for grains of gold In tho
ntrent. It Is wiliI that they nre often
well paid for their trouble There arc
also diamond mines not far off In tbr
Interior, but I ntn told that tho best
diamonds have so far boon found much
further north.
In going to Mnttn tiros n you skirt
one of the leant known iarts of South
river, and comprises a btrrltory bigger
tnan California and Massachusetts
combined, and enough to mako three
slates as big as Ohio.
Tho Inhabitants of tho Chnco nre
thus almost altogether Indians. Then
are mid to bo moro than 100,000 of
thorn. They aro among the most
curious of the Indians of the world,
and some tribes tro praitleally un
known to our othnoleglits. Stomo of
tho Chneo Indians go naked from ono
are satisfied with n band tied about the
Tho younger women nre very fine
looking, and the young braves nro
among tho noblest of tholr raeo. Uoth
sexes ago early, and nftor 30 the
woman look old.
Among most of tho tribes polygamy
li common, but I nro told that the
women get nlong poneenbly and that a
now and young wlfo Is welcomed Into
the family. This may bo from tho fact
that the women do all the work, and
tho moro women tho less work. It li
tho woman who plants the crop, cooks
tho meals, makos tho fishing nets and
weaves the blankets.
Wonderful Peat Performed By a Girl in New
South Wales.
Hli-Font Srronl.
Prof. Hcrkomor, tho famous artist,
who Is an enthusiastic supporter of
tho national festival of Wales, has had
"III I I II III I " ' TT11I I III in III II mil it HI I -I ' -I UUM '"""l'
1 ""'ULsej
7 1
America. This Is the vast region
Imown ii n the Chant, lying west of the
I'srugiisy river and south uf llollvla.
The northern part of It belongs to Par
aguay and tho rst to the Argentine
Itepulillc The part belonging to the
Argentine lies south of the Pllcomayo
In rail Time When Mn" Learned
Wli U Vflfa lUMuwl It.
"I called at your house today, Mr.
Umltli." bogan the book agent, "to
ahuw your wife a very Interesting
book which I am selling." "Von did,
h? You Infernal scoundrel! Well. I
suppose you fooled her Into baying
on. and now yon exneet to V tot
it. but I'm not going to do anything
of the kind. It's about time this nul-ian-
was Mopped. You fellows go
around and mil worthless books to
the women folks who don't know any
belt' -, and then make us dig up for
them. I'm tlied of It. You Just go
ba.k to the house end tell my wife
to give you ur hook, and don't ever
try that game on me again." "You are
mistaken. ir," mil the agent, calm
ly "Your wife refused to buy the
book. 8k ld It was not tit to read,
and she would have it In the
lioune." "She did. did she? Here, give
ute a cony, quirk' How ranch Is It?"
nlmatu TiUmih,
K correspondent of a H 4on paper
all- attention " the similarity of
conditions in lUytl and ths Philip
pines and tiie fail'ire of Frame and
Ungland to uii.nr the HayiUim.
lkith have a tropical climate, deadly
to ths while rare, the great differ
enra being that ths Philippine,. :re
about four limes us terse as lli..
The KnglUh. ssys the correxpon I. in.
In mi Invaded lUytl and left It In
lfW. alter losing floo.WW.ooe In x
pnM and iMW lives. The flrst Nn
polson then undertook to urqetrt con
trol In February, Joi, he landed
ooo French veterans in llajrtt, and In
the fall t that year he stat t.0M
tnore. The French speedily ererran
the Island, but warn In turn eon-
year's end to the other, and umo nre
so opposed to any covering that they
will not even nllow their hnlr to grow.
They pull out every hnlr on their bod
ies excopt those on their heads. Their
fares, arms, bosoms, logs anil, In fact,
nil parls of tholr bodlos, nro kept as
hairless ns thoy wore when thoy were
born. I have hoard It often stated that
tho pooplo of n certain tribe nro natur
ally hnlrloss. It Is said they nre born
so, nnil tho hairs never grow, except on
their bonds This has been often re
pented, but until I sco an Indian grown
to onler to test tho matter I shnll con
tinue to doubt, whether tho roports are
8omn of theso Indians nro flno look
ing. Tnkn tho Tobns, for Instance. 1
hnvo scon many
of thorn during my
travels on the Psr
nguay river. They
nre ns flno looking
as any of the In
dians of North Am
erica. Thoy nre is
straight ns our
Ii no trees and ns
proud In their
bearing as ary In
dian ihlnf of the
west. Thoy have
high cheek bones,
copper - colored
skins and straight,
black hnlr.
The Tobas com
monly wear n
clothes oxeepf
whon they eoina Is.
to tho present of
whttQ peoplo or
cross over to I'ar
At such times life
whlto sheets d'Mied
the largest sword on record In Uroat
Hrltnln made to be tired as the sword
of ceremony at tho Welsh Natlonnl
Klsteddfod by the Oorsedd bard. It
Ik six feet two Inches long, and the
hnnd-gunrds consist of bands of bright
steel, wrought with gold lines. On
tho hnndlo is fixed n six-Inch crystal,
into which has beon drilled tliroo
linos of "Codrsn llelrdd" on bars of
light, used by the (lorsodd to repre
sent tho word "Ood." A golden drag
on holds tho crystal. The wooden
scabbard Is bound with copper bands
containing Welsh mottoes. During tho
oponliu; and closing ceremonies of the
(lorsodd meetings, nud the crowning
of tho poot nud chairing of tho bard,
tho sword Is held horizontally, while
tho memhors of the (lorsodd touch Its
scabbard, and tho Arahdruld domniids,
"A dos ileddwoh?" (Is there, pence?),
tho nnswor being "lloddwch" (Poaoo)i
hut nt other limes the sward Is held
upright. At tho chairing ceremony
tho scene Is very picturesque. The
Druids In (lowing white robsi and
black taffeta caps bear the three Kit-rod
signs of the Zodiac; and nroutil
In Mnrtllng green and blue nre grouped
n ftfoat band of ovates and hards.
nguny to trade
women wosr
about their bodies,
At homo thoy hnvo nothing rxcopt
a blanket about the waist, tl'st Is,
when they aro In full dross. The men
quered by the ellmnto. In 1S98 Na
poleon abandoned the Islvad. nfter
having lost threo-fourthsof his troops.
The strongust nuvnl power In ths
world nud tho strongost military now
or In tho world were thus successively
beaten- not so much by the llaytlnns
ns by the climate.
UIiIiki Tarle,
The finest shops In n Chinese city
are tho.. devotrd to Ji sale of coT
fins, livery Chlnamln likes to pro
vide for a swell time at his funeral.
Him lliu it lloltliy,
A woman who has a perfoct horr r
of handling dirty money asserts that
"he not only has all her silver wasbrd
but her bills ns well. They are put
In a basin of lukewarm soupeudt,
rubbsd gently and dried by pressing
with n warm Iron. In this way she
Is always supplied with bright slim
and crisp new bllU that she oan carry
In her pocket with no dnngor of ood
trading disease In their handling.
An Old ..lnR Hnr.ircrd.
Dombey How did you get that scar
on your forehead, Jonos? Jones Ob,
my wife and I had nn argument, and
she obeyed that mean old adage, gtrlko
while the Iron Is hot.
Iteiftr.t of Merit.
Aged Hookkeepsr (striking for high
er salary)-1 have grown old In your
service, sir. Itmpluyer So yon lmvo
so you have. I must get n youngei
man In your place.
"Yea, I see him. What Is there j
peculiar about htm?" "He Is the eou
trarlest man allvs. He has started t
'We'll Worry All We Want To' clu-j."
lloston Journal.
In a recent exhibition hold In Syd
ney, New South Wales. Klsta Wallen
4a, tho professional trlok swimmer,
remained under water 4 minutes t5'4
seconds, crentlng a now and marvel
ous world's reeord. This wonderful
feat was done nttcr n long series of
tricks which made up her usual night
ly performance.
Sho was groatly exhausted when she
came to tho surface, but quickly re
covered. Miss Wutlenda had long
been ambitious to annex thu reeord
for holding tho breath under wntor.
In one of her provlous attempts at tho
Alhambra, London, sho startled tho
aquatic world by remaining undor wa
ter Id a glass tank 4 minutes 9 2-5
seconds. This was considered n mar
velous porformanco for a woman. In
fact, tho cynical seldom credit tho
fair sox with being able to hold their
breath nt all. This was simply n
new record for wome.i exports nnd
man was still supreme.
Miss Wntlenda was satisfied that
sho had not reached hor limit nnd
announced her willingness to ntlempi
td better tho remnrkablo reeord hold
by James Kinney of 4 minutes 20 Vi
seconds, accomplished by him at Can
terbury In 18S0.
It sho succeeded n this sho would
then ossay tho world's reeord. 4 min
utes 251,4 seconds, established by
Ileaiimont, tho Kngllsh professional,
In 1893. In order that thcro might bo
no mistake, three prominent sporting
men H. H. arimn, otllolnl tlmo kcop
or of tho Northern Countlos union; J.
Campbell Mulr of the bath houso, nnd
W. Henry, tho honorable secretary of
tho Llfo Saving society woro selected
as tlmoliof r.rrs. Miss Wallendn ap
peared somt:hat tlrod from hor previ
ous efforts beforo sho made tho trial
and fow of tho big crowd present
thought that tho exhibition would bo
successful. With sparkling cyos and
Ion, Is enough to startle the sports
and athletes of tho sterner sex nnd
mako them wonder why woman's nth
lotto prowoM was over hold lightly.
New Method Vied at Una or lloitoa's
Hallway Station,
What Is described as tho largest nnd
most completo switch and signal plant
ever constructed Is being Installed nt
tho new South passenger station nt
lloston. Twonty-elght tracks In tho
terminal nro to bo controlled from
this station. Undor tho old system of
lovers connecting, through movable
rods, with tho switches and signals,
this station would requlro a building
fully 130 feet long, and 3C0 levors, with
nine men to work them, thus grcntly
Increasing tbo possibility of orror. The
system adopted, however, Is one In
which comprosscd nlr plays an Import
ant part, and with Its uso only threo
men will he requlrod to direct tho 5,003
or 0,000 train movements dnlly, which
will be the rule whon the yard Is in
full oporntlon. It Is lloston's prldo
thnt no other station In tho world
presents lt Its trnck system such fa
cilities for moving, simultaneously or
otherwise, rc largo n number of trains,
Laugh Out, Oh,
Murmuring Spring.
It b the time to taugh, the
year's fresh prime Sensible
people now do the same that
Nature does aim to be purl
fled, and for the same reasons
They use that marvelous blood
purifier. Hood' sSarsaparllla,
that never disappoints,
Its work and worth nro known world
wldo as n household medicine. '
Catarrh-" I'lissreesble cstsrrhst drop-plii-i
in my throat msds me nervous nJ
dliiy. My liver wss torpid, Hood's 8sr
sspsrllls corrected both troubles, Ifr
health Is very rood," Mai, Ki.viru J,
Bwii.it. 'J02 Main St., Auburn, Mslne.
Eruptlonn - " I spent humlrods Of dot
Inn t euro eruption on mr rlsht ler with-
I out Hirmsnttit good." Hli bolttsi of Hood's
I Rsr-apsrllla completely cured me. I stn
! very cmlffiil." Hssma II a mutt, ttfl
I Ninth Ave, New York City.
ABthma-"! was troubled with asthma
for iiiuiiv vrnrn, being womo iprlns and fall.
No nu-dli'liis nvAlll until I took Hood's
Bsriipsrllls whirh completely cured me.
Many oilier heard of my cure and they use
noon . i , i jiuopri, Kina, unio.
Tlio Hnyi of lti Tall One Are Mum
lird, It I Haiti,
Tho days of tho tall, smoko-belohltur
faotory chimneys are numbered, ac
cording to a writer In tho Iron Trade
llevlow. In s toad there nro to ho
short stnoka and blowers. For Illus
tration, tho oxperlenco of a Uostoa
manufacturing firm is related.
Changes In tho arrangement of ths
works necessitated tho removal of tho
boiler plant, but it was out of the
quostlon to tako tho chlmnoy along.
"Mil ' ii i iktUdMuUlAbr
I11'i nilieori liter llli i th Bn-lrrlUiln nS,
ca.7 cITjuitfS in TV wlffi lfB4't fl.ruf-tnl.
I'rny More, Uhl !..
Tho Into It. K Dabnoy, D. D., wm
well known In this country nnd nbraad,
I'pwnrd of twenty yearn ago hit
youngest son, I.owls, was n shnrp-wlt
led lad who promlncd to become a re
spected "chip of the old block."
Tho lad was whipped ono day for nn
art of disobedience, nnd then had to
tindcrpo the moro trying ordeal of slt
tlnr quietly cn tho sofa. Ho bocanio
deeply nbsorbnd In thought nnd pres
ently asked:
"Mn, why did you whip mo?"
"So ns to mako you a bettor boy,"
was tho response.
I owls again becamo lost In thought
ful reflection. Present ho blurted out:
"Mny, do you bollovo lu prayer?"
"Yon. roy sou."
"It (nt wcro to nslt Ood to innke ma
n better boy, do you think Ho would
grant your prayer?"
"I think Ho would, son."
Well, then, mn, I wish you would pray
n lfttlo iiujro and whip a llttlo toss.
The Triple Kerew,
Tho triple-screw system, Orst adopt
ed In tho United States navy In thu
cruiser Columbia, has given such satis
factory rcuults that Comtiodoro Mell
villi, chief of tho bureau of naval en
gineering, has concluded to use It In
the thrco battleships of tho Mnlno
class, Tho advantages of tho trlplo
screws nro certainly well proven, or
acrmony, Franco nnd Hussla would
not hnvo adopted tho system In tholr
now battlushlps. Englnnd han not yet
built any vescls wlh trlplo screws, but
It Is bolluvcd sho will soon follow the
example of tho United States navy.
A punctured tire tends to oxelto ono'a
(This Illustration, taken from a phot (graph, shows the landing j laet of thi
Yukon steamboats, with the steamer Flora starting for Dawson City.)
a smiling fuee sho waved tho crowd
adieu and sank beneath the surface.
Fifty watches cllekod and tho spec
tators began to bet on the result. The
crowd gave n hearty oheor, unheard
by tho girl, when sho reached hor
former record of 4 minutes 9 3-6 sec
onds. The second hands now ap
peared to travel painfully slow. ISvory
second seemed n mlnuto to tho anx
ious slllelals as tho long hand crept up
to Flnnoy's figures. It was pntwed nnd
another shout went up from thu spec
tators. fllx more seconds slipped by and
Ilmumont's wonderful performance
had fallen by the wayside. Still she
did not come up, and many o' the
spectators shuddered as they thought
of the fate of other and stronger pro
fessionals who suffered death from the
fonrful strain put on the organs In
similar trials. The oftlelnls culled up
tho seconds in a low, monotonous
voice, and the suspense of the crowd
became pslufully evident. IGxactly
ten sweonds after Heaumont's reeord
had been equaled Miss Wallsnda earns
to the surface and received an ova
tion, flhe was Immediately taken to
the drsinlug-rooin and carefully exam
Intd. While almost completely ex
hausted, her heart and lungs were In
such perfect conditio m that she rap
idly recovered and was Inform! of
her suciask.
To hold the breath under water for
any unusual length of time Is consid
ered one of the most dlfllcuU and
dangerous tricks In aquatic sports.
Only those poeesln the stoutest of
hearts and lungs enpnbte of remarka
ble expansion could attain any degree
of success. When this la considered,
tile remarkable physique possessed by
Hlilo Wallenda can better be under
stood. Wallsnda has announced her Inten
tion of sailing for America, where she
will give n series of exhibitions.
The only woman who has ever np
pronobed her performance Is Miss An
Ino Johnson, who lu 18S0 at Iilaekpeol
remained Immersed 3 minutes 18V1
! The news of Miss Wnllenda's per
formance, coming so soon on the heels
ot tho story ot Annie Oakley defeat
ing many of the orack shots of Atner-
In Its stoad a fan blower was Installed
on top ot the boilers, nnd provided
with a special cnglno to drlvo It nt
just tho spcod requlrod. It Is au
tomatically regulated so that less than
ono pound drop In stonm prossuro
greatly Increases the draft, starts up
the fire, nnd brings tho prossuro bnck
to whoro It bslongs. Tho fan works
by suction, draws tho gases from tho
holler lluo nnd forcos them out through
n sliort slack uxtondlng only 31 feot
nbovo tho bollor-room floor. Tho
draught whtoh mny be produced U
two or thrco tlmos stronger than thnt
of tho chlmnoy which has been dis
carded, nnd Is just as strong in nil
kinds of wenther. while tho cost, It
Is said, of the ontlro mechanlonl
draught equipment. Including tho
stsek, has been less than one-halt ot
thnt of n new chlmnoy. Ilecnuse of
the stronger draught much cheaper
fuel Is burned, the saving being about
11.000 n year. It is possible with me
chanlonl draught to use smaller boll
ere and stilt produce the required
amount of steam.
Utail Street.
Ilraken glass, which has hitherto
bet Mttd to make ornamental tiles, ts
now luting converts! Into blocks for
paving the roads. Pnetoriea have been
Mtnbllfbet! In Prance and Switzerland
for the production of these gyxss
bricks, and some streets in (loneva
have ben paved with them. The
glass la subjected to heat until It Is
oft, then pressed into bricks; it losts
Its traHspa-eucy, but gains lu resisting-
power. It affords a good footing
fur horses.
Oh, the Pain of
liheuinatlsm of ton causes tho moit In
tenw) suffering. Many hnvo for yoars
vainly sought relief from this disabling
dlseoso, and nro to-day worse off than
ovor. Rhoumatlem Is a blood Ultes-o,
ami Swift's flpoolllo Is thoonly ouro.bo
cauio it Is tho only remedy which can
rooch such doop-seatcd diseases,
J. few yesrs sso I wsi taken with inflstnms
tory Ilbeumstlim, which Ueame io lateoia
ttvtt I ti tar weeks anstle to walk. 1 tried
severs! prominent physi
cians snd took their trest
ment faithfully, bat was
unable to get the slight
it relief, tnfeol, mycon.
dttlon teemed to grow
worse, the dltesioepread
overmyeutlre body.enj
from November to March
4jME5if&V 1 mfTorfrt egony. t tried
WTmrnmJ P many patent uinlklnei,
KffiTKlfJi I V"t none relleted roe.
'irltfff? t'ponUie advice of a
AlJiJ? f friend 1 decided tn tr
I, fl. S. Before allowing me to lake it, how
ever, my gusrdltn, who wse a ohemlit. ans
(eied Ilia temedy, end pronounerd it free ot
pouih or mercury, I fell so much Letier after
iaklng two tottlee, that t continued the rem
Mr.indln twomonthl t waeeiiredeoropltly,
ri.o our wsi peimtneot. for I hare never slnls
lud a touoh ft Itueu malum tlinueli many
limes exposed to damp end e lrl wesiber.
KLiANon M. Tirmt,
lilt Powelton Avenue, Philadelphia.
Don't suffor longer with llheumatlim.
Throw asldo your oils ami liniments, aa
they can not reach your trouble. Don't
experiment with doctors their poUih
end mercury will add to your tllsoblt
Ity nnd complotoly destroy your dlgos
tlon. S.S.S.rfhsBlood
will cure perfectly and permanently.
It Is guaranteed purely vegetable, and
tontoini no potash, mercury, or other
mineral. Books maiUd free by Swift
spoclllo Co., Atlanta, Qa.
far to Stemory.
A derma n scientist olalma that tho
memory Is stronger In summer than
In winter. He says that nmou the
worst foe of the memory nro too much
food, toe mueh physical oxorclso and
too much odueallon.
mn iivm nirrrTT
m jr, J. r
).n'tt-..i-4w'ih .'".liitiloih Jhy
ymml orrubrer.cai If u aiareei jlKf
tail i'i k.p you lr v t rlC
etl tirm tuy the I..htlin4 !L'Zf
1 S'l'ktr If nvtfor e.i n your -Ajui
apjM u,wn wriu M .tun rae I . JSK"
New Paper Plber, 1
On account ot the searalty ot raw
material for the paper mlllii ot Hoi 1
land they now use the stalks ot the po
tato plant, which can be bought ot th
farmers (or SO cents per ton,

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