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Old World to Suffer More Than the New Say the All
Wise Astrologers.
According to astrologers thin old
world of mr 1 entering upon a period
of great RtrwM ninl danger which In to
culminate In terrible disasters, fatal
turban to IU verr existence, by the
end of the year.
We have, they say. already been ex
periencing (he approach of thc.o evil
ilny bad weather, fires, marine ill
asters, Imttlea and murders, al' belUK
attributed to the malign Influence of
the planets but from bad we slinll bo
going to wo mo from now on until Do
rember. when the tun, the moon and
nil the planet, with the exception of
Neptune, will form inch a conjunction
In the heaveni a ha not occurred for
C.ooo year. Their relations to onch
other and the hIrmh In which they are
grouped Indicate, neeenllntf to astrol
ogy, that their combined power will
be exerted with baleful effect upon the
A to the precise and definite form
wlilrh the disaster will take, (hone
who believe that the fate of men are
written In the heaveni differ wldoly
among themeelvee. Some Insist thnt
the portent It for floods, earthquakes
or other great phytleal dlsturlmneee,;
other roitd Ike omen for epidemics
One of the mon who tako a depress
Ing view of the prospect ahead, an ro
voaled by astrology, la Dr. J. C. Ktrcct,
who confirms his opinion by crystal
readings mm (I by the word of nam In
dlnn Migfx, aa well as of Western
sonthsnyent. Tim latter part of thli
year, ho contend, will he tho most mo
montou period In Hngllsh history,
the mult ImportHiit, Indeed, slneo the
fall of Babylon.
According to Dr. Street, tho soven
planeta with the nun coming Into tho
myiitlc sign of Sagittarius In tho tat
tr part of November, and continuing
through December, la a "prophotle
iIrii af fiery trlpllclty," which will af
fect tho whole system of governments,
religion, political nnd flnanolal econ
omy, rh well a the motor norvo eys
tern In Individual. Ho does not be
lieve that tho effect will bo no mark
ed hero an In Eastern land, yet It will
bo sultlclently grave to warrant the tit
mot apprehension and proenutlon.
What AMrnnntnim Nnr.
Although not sympathising with tho
aitrotoirers nnd other occult betlovera
In their prophecy thnt tho position nnd
movement of tho planet portend
In addition to till unusual appear
nnco of to many of tho pianola In the
same quarter of the heavens, thoro are
to bo many eclipse, conjunction,
eomct nnd other phenomena of pecu
liar Intereat to the nfttronomor. II. 0.
Wilson, In "Popular Astronomy," an
nounce flvo ccllpson of tho sun and
two or tho moon for 1899. A totnt
eclipse of tho moon, Juno M-83, will
be visible In tho western part af North
America, throughout tho Pacific ocean,
In Asia and In Kastern Africa,
An annular ccllpso of tho sun will
tako plnco December 2, but will bo
vlslblo only In the vicinity of tho
South Pole.
On Dcccmbor 10 there will be n pnr
tlal eclipse of tho moon, which can bo
seen In tho eastern part of North
America, In Kuropo nnd In Asia.
One hundred nnd nlno occultntlons
of stars wilt bo vlslblo at Washington,
nnd most of thorn throughout the
United 8tnto.
In November tho grent Leonid
shower of meteors Is expected to ap
proximate the wonderful showers of
1M3 and 1RC0.
Although Professor Hoos and many
other scientist will not nilmlt that
lowing commentary on tho astronom
ical nnd nstrologlcnl aspects for tho
current yenr:
"That tho conjunctions nnd other In
terrelations of tho heavenly bodies af
fect affairs upon our globe, yea, and
directly govern them, la n positive fnet
nnd this Is the basts of tho universal
Klcnco of etiology that of normnl
health, via light nnd Its co-relation.
"Already a great many have perhaps
contused this coming galaxy of con
junction with tho celebrated Maglan
ornolo ns to tho final conflagration.
Wo think, however, they aro mistaken,
s tho combinations now duo tako
placo neither In Cancer nor In Cap
ricorn, but In Sagittarius, I. o., the
Sign, nnd thus tho predicted ono Is still
future. Tho fact, however, remains
thnt tho coming concert In tho heavens
Is a part of ono tremendous whole, nnd
of ono that In Its entirety docs not
recur In thousan6n of years. Tho or
dlnnry astrologers, so called, nro
thereforo safo In predicting thnt 'this
conjunction will mark an epoch tho
beginning of n new cycle' Tholr prog
nostications coincide with tho proph
et nnd with chronolgy, yon, nnd
with tho legitimate expectations of
physical astronomy. It Is certainly n
rcmnrkablo thing for seven planets to
lie found In ono Sign at once, ns, far
Instance, upon December 2, while Jup
iter, tho 8th, Is within & dogrcoa of tho
1 samo Sign,"
Htm n.lallt of th CUtUnt rrt the
tUl.l'h Took Other Ship.' Vfmt
Thought Jl.r Doomtd at On
(Special Utter.)
It seems strangely approprla'n that
tho ship that fired tho first shot In
tho battlo of Manila should bo tho
first one of Admiral Dewey's victori
ous fleet to return to tho United States
Tho Halelgh, Capt. Joseph U. Coghlan,
not only opened tho battlo on that fa
mous May 1, but was In tho thick of
tho fight throughout.
Tho Hnlelgh was steaming nlonr.
third In tho lino when tho Spanish
squadron was sighted In tho llttlo Hay
of Cnvlte. Ono of her five-Inch guns
returned n ready responso to tho Span,
lard's tardy salutation. Another shot
came from the Spanish -hare batteries
and, ns tho Americans wero on a sharp
lookout for the fleet, tho Conoord
placed a six-Inch shell so oloso to tho
spot whenco tho enemy had fired that
It killed several of their gunners. Our
crullers wero In tho following order
Pa Celd, Hard, Slabbed n4 Itrtpli-
trabl at Cameo.
The faces of rtoman women of th
uppir classes are cold, hard, finished
and Impenetrable as cameos, says Har
per's Magazine. In a fsco which Is at
nil beautiful you will not find a lino
which Is uot perfect, and this o'egance
and surcnoss of line aoei with that
complexion which Is the finest of all
complexions, pure Ivory, and which
carries with It the promise of a tem
perament In which thero Is nil tho
subtlety of fire. Tho distinction be
tween the properly aristocratic and tho
strictly plebeian face la, I think, less
marked In Home than In any city. Al
most all Roman women have regular
faces, tho pronto clearly cut and In a
straight line; black hair, often with
deep tones of blue In It, nnd sometimes
urllng crisply; dark eyes, often of a
flno uniform brown, largo, steady, pro
found, with that unmeaning profundity
whlrh means race, and which ono ssoa
in the Jewess, tho gypsy. They have-
truly Human dignity, nnd benonth
that the true fire, without which dig
nity Is but tho comely shroud ot n
corpse, and though there Is not n trac
In them of tho soft, smiling, catllko nlr
of tho women of Venice, and not much
of tho vivid, hardy, uncaring ptoro
catlvcnets of tho women of Naploi,
thoy nre content to let you sco In them
that reasonable nenrnois to tho ani
mal which no Italian woman Is
ashamed to acknowledge. They hnvj
often n certain masslvontss o( build,
which makes a child look llko a young
woman nnd n young woman llko a
matron; but. for Italians, thoy nn tall,
and though ono sees nono of tho trlm
Noapolltan waists, It Is but rnrcly that
ono aces, ovon nmong tho market
women bringing In their biskota on
tholr head, thoso square nnd lumpish
figures which roll so comfortably
through Vonloo.
run! plagues, and another class lay the
emphasis on social, inimical and In
dustrial upheavals and revolutions. All
ngri, however, that the extent ot the
evil will ho world-wide, nnd now and
then one ventures to predict thnt there
will be no world at tho end of these
direful days, or at least no) i Us pres
ent form and condition. It Is a strange
oliK ldenre that prophets and aeers In
I ratire are also predicting the earning
of Antichrist mid a reign of terror nnd
blood for the rloelug mouths of thin
yenr and century.
Kngllsh astrologers have been moat
n'lUe iii studying the phenomena
rnnnii'tHl with this remarkable move
ment a ad position of heavenly bodies,
and they have sent out their warning
t rithtr land.
Zadklet places the beginning of a
tr-riou trouble oh June t. which la the
.int.- of a lunar eclipse. Me sees war
nhead. la of the opinion that
nothing hnrt of a miracle ran prevent
Kiialand from being drawn Into It.
Iii 'he Imd- full there are to be great
conflagration und although the
l ulled S t i . - will suffer from these
jiii. I otb- r lilx he think It will be leas
nmiited limn other parte of the world
ami will liiive U help feed the Buffer
ing and the Mn In ! favored lends.
lUpHm i !.. h with hie fellow n
ttologor in warning all people to -:it
of fiir h lally In the fall, also
(f iall.i ilu.iMi'iii I he summer, too.
irdtut: to lb1 prophet, I to wt-
in- ImU.., uml mrluus labor trouble
f tiunt I' and of vast extent. He
tr. nl'li- nluuit for IrealleBt Mr
Kmli'V ami I'li-illi't that hotti hi
. i it H .ml Iiih popularity will euCer.
ir mi. .niothi-r Kngltah astrologer,
ipI.U a H"' of warning to speculator
- lok i.m fi r tmnendous fiuctua-
iii n In -t... k mid for paalrs," he
Anal' In nlo l to atHIrt Franc,
li d) am) "Uxr parts of Rnrope, and
ihi r r- itih that the life of one at
tin Ku "i in ruler- U In danger.
In tlii "tinny U-lii-vers In aatrol
nay an- tK-Rlnnina to emphasise the
iippalllug out look as ahown In their
fofM-aem for the coming wewths.
Krery Itaniiar night one set ot 0e
ote meet tor a lecture awl etntly,
and on Monster night another little
group isMfte taneiher. A veHUble
ihaMher ot horrors Is revealed on
these noMStons U those whose Imagi
nations can gratfi the altnatlon as de
pleted by the Waders and lecturer.
various cnlamltlott and groat physical
uml political rovolutlun for the latter
mid of 1800, the astronomers recognize
this period as one of uncommon Im
portation, ottering opportunities for ob
servation which will be of material ad
vantage to science. Pnifosaor John
Kroin Hid of Columbia University
"The grouping ot all tho pianola,
with the except Ion of Neptune, In ono
part of the heavens, which will occur
In DtN-emlier, Is an uxlruordlunrlly In
tereetlng condition and will engage the
closer study and nbeervatlnn on the
iwrt of astronomers everywhere. Pop
ular Intereat will be Increased by the
fact that the pheuonenn may bo view
ed at ordinary Iioiim--after sunset
and will not entail the vigils whlrh the
astronomer so often Is compelled to
"As far the effect upon the life of
the earth, there will be none, exeept
that astronomers who exitose them
selves In the pursuit of their profes
sion may take pneumonia. We do not
recognise that the heavenly bodlee
have ny effect upon meteorological
conditions. There Is no proof for It."
there Is n direct connection botwoen
meteorological or other disturbance
on or near tho earths' surface nnd
those observed In tho solar systam,
theio Is a strong feeling among many
other rnputnblo astronomers that some
such relation doos oxlst, und that In
time It will bo (Uncovered nnd reduced
to n scientific lnw.
Another problem that Is voxlng the
astronomers that tho law af gravi
tation, so called. Is not n fixed and ab
solute law. It works within limits and
under certain condition, but nt the
beet It can bo claimed. In the tight of a
wider range of experience, that It U
"only an approximation to n complete
and perfect statement." Astronomy
has an Important work to do In recti
fying and perfecting this "law."
One of the hindrance! to the de
velopment of the seleneo Is the dis
agreement ot observers In regard to
many vital points. The lojlied-for Im
provement of methods and Instru
ments will serve to lessen this.
Professor ('. A. L. Totteu ot Yale
University, under the title of "Matter
for the Magi." haa published the fol-
Mks Jones (who haa offered to hear
Mr. Oreen tils iirt for the coming
UiefttrtoaM Now. what's your oue,
Mr. QreenT
Mr. Orsen (bewlldered)-My suet
Miss J. - Yes, your oue what they
say Just before you make your cn
tragse. you know.
Mr. O. Oh. I see. They always say,
"Come on, you silly ass, ean't you?"
CoDil.iini.il to Death far rircjr t
oUur Cm of Iiijii.tlce.
Paris Cubic Now York Time: A
oaso which scorns to bo qulto an de
serving of revision as the Dreyfus enso
la that af the K'.rvlvor of the famous
brothers Hurlque, who wero con
demned to doath eight years ago for
piracy and murder (in the high seas.
Thcso two men had had a most mi
venturous r.nJ, In many rosiwcts,
heroic career. They had explored
strange lands and saved countless
lives. One of them. Indeed, I-conco,
who has died In penal servitude, man
aged to save the lite of a fellow-can-vlet
nt Cayenne, and It was with man
acles upon his feet that he plunged
Into the sen to perform this worthy
deed. The commutation of tholr death
sentence waa entirely due to public
opinion, for the brothers had been con
demned by the Marine Tribunal at
I lr est on the sole evidence of a dis
honest Malay rook a sea rook In the
worst acceptation ot the word. Del bier
thought that he was sure ot his prey,
nnd gloated over the prospects ot gull.
lotlHtng two young men of such spleti
did physlgue were the brothers
Itorlnue. He was doomed, however, to
disappointment. The two rouvlcU re
reived the benefit of the doubt which
most people flt as to their guilt. Prom
thnt inomi'iit until her rerent death,
their old mother, a Itelglan named de
draff, mm i d heaven and earth to ea
tabllsh the lanorenre ot her two atal
wart son, but In vain. HfforU of this
, kind require a large capital to make
Hi em suoreosful. Hoth M. Carnot and
M Felix Fnure wore deaf to the arftti
menu whlrh she put forward, and In
. which. b the way. she was assisted ay
ibe leading member ot the llniaael
bar. One of the brothers has, aa
have said, since died, and the other
I has long ago given up all hope of ob
talnlng Justice, but M. !ouht has now
hlenallxed his nreeHtanre of the preel
.lenttal oftlee by ordering the whole
dossier of the ease to be sent to lilm
and I shall he very much surprised If
this ait I not followed by the survlv
Ing lterlque's rele.e.
Col Ulna Employ.
About 1400.000 persons are em
ploytd In the eoal mines ot the world.
wticn tho Spanish squadron was sight
ed: Tho Olympln, flnghlp; the Haiti
moro, the 1'etiPl, tho Concord, and tho
lloxti'ii. They had passed to th north
west of Manila and wero holding to
tho until.
The Spanish tqundron wns luferlo'
to the nttuoklng Hoot, but Its position,
under (he protection of shore bat
teries, gavo It nn rquallxlng strength.
It I osllmalod by nil experts that one
gun mounted on shoro I worth sev
eral aboard ship, The shoro gun has
a llxod plntform and Is, therefore, nblo
to lire with much gronter accuracy.
On tho third turn In tho famous light
tho Hntolgh was caught In n strong In
netting current and was carried very
clmo to tho how of tho Spanish ctu's
or. Tho oflcers of tho other Amer
ican ships oxpectcd to sco tho Hilolgh
go to the bottom. Tho enemy's thlps
seemed paralysed. Tho Halrlgh nt
n two raking llros before alio steamed
back Into place. It was on tho third
turn, too, that tho groat duel hotweon
tho flagshlpa took place. When the
American ship withdrew after the
first round, so that tho men might hnvo
an opportunity to rest nnd cat break
fast, Capt. Coghlan reported to Com
modoro Dewey: "Out ot tho Jaws of
doath, out of the gates of hell, and
only a llttlo smoky from tho trip."
n the second round, whon the Unlit
moro bonded fur tho Christina nnd
Austrln, the Olympln nnd Ilalelgh fol
lowed her closely. Tho Chrlstlnn do
stroyed, attention was turned to tho
Austria. A sholl from tho Hnlolgh
struck tho Spaniard's magazine and
exploded It So terrific was 1 - ox
ptoslon that tho flying fragments of
tho cruiser toro nwny nit tr- upper
works ot tho gunboat El Corroo, which
lny beside her.
Tho fleet dlpo&el of. the American
vescou next turned their attention to
tho batteries. There wero sonio good
gunners In ho lllntorlos battery. One
of their shells smashed a whalcboit ot
tho Ilalelgh. It was not until the 1U-
lgh sailed In to about 1,000 ynrds end
and had killed six gunners Unit the
battery was silenced.
Tho Hallmnro and tho Halelgh the
lay after tho big fight wont down the
bay and destroyed six batteries nt the
entrance. The Spanish garrison bad
seen enough of Amorloan marksman
ship the day before and took care to
keop out of the way.
The Halelgh. a sister ot the Clnrln
iiatl, waa launched at Norfolk In 1SS
She Is n it eel erulier of the c nd
class, with twin screws and two
sehoonor rigged masts, with military
tops. 8hs is W feet long, it feet
beam, 18 feet draught, and has a ton
nage ot 1.181. Her speed la 11) knots
he carries vertical four cylinder
triple expansion engines and four
double-ended awl two single-ended
boilers. Her deck Is protected wl'.h
armor from one to two and one-halt
Inches thick, and she carries a eellu
lose belt. The armor oh her conning
tower 1 two Inches thick, and she ha
two Inches of ateel In her s ponton
(the carries one fl-lnch rapid-fire gun
on her forecastle, ten 1-Inch rapld-Ur
guns two In th poop and tour on
each side of the gun deck, In sponrats
eight 0-pound and tour 1-pound rap
Id-lire guns, two gatllng starhlue
guns nnd six torpedo tube. Her crew
numbers V.
Tobareo U.ed by th Aitrri.
Tobaeeo Is a native ot Moxleo and
was used by the Aitees, who smoked
It In amber tubes long before the ar
rival ot the Spaniards, The best to
baieo semes from the states ef Vera
Cruz. Tobasee, Chiapas, Oampejh
Yucatan, Qutrrcro and the southern
part of Tataaullpas, The, average
yield per aere Is from 2,600 to 4,009
Hum. ol the Amu. In; Fnperl.nrr. Thnt
They Hate Met.
A writer In What to Hat gives wmo
nnnisliii; experience ot travelers
abroad. Ono man had qulto a tlmo
with n official In Hufcilu beonuso that
Individual could not bo mado to under
stand Minneapolis wob tho unnio ot n
town. Ho Instated It was woman's
nnmo nnd should be written Mlnnlo A.
Polls nnd thon wanted to know wlioth
or alio was madamo or mndomolsollo.
In Turkoy a man registered from
Sknnonlelos, nnd every ono thoro took
111 111 to ba nn Indinn chief doing tho
grand tour. Ills nnmo wns Ilnmes, so
otico ho registered aa Mr. Ilarncs ot
Now Yorlc. A Hungarian mngnnto
who hud read ttio novel tiy that nnmo
Insisted on Inking him to his manor
mul entertaining hi m royally for n
month. A cynic tried registering as
plain John Smith at Uuropean hotels.
Ho got a cold, dark room nt tho top ot
tho house. At tho noxt plnco ho pre
fixed Judgo to his nnmo nnd wns
riven better quarters. At tho noxt ho
registered nn "Hon." nnd enmo down a
floor; presently ho wns "major" and
got n bathroom attached to his noxt
quarters. As ho moved from place to
placed ho Increased his Importance.
As "colonel" ho was given a good room
on tho first floor and when ho regis
tered ns "general" ho was given the
bcrt suite In tho houso at n discount.
Mr. Spong of Hoohcstcr, England,
was ono day riding down tho High
streot nt Urompton, whon his horso
took fright nnd dashed away at a
frightful pace. Tearing through the
itrcn at Urompton barracks, It contin
ued on Its mad career In tho direction
ot tho Hon fenco at tho other sldo of
tho barrack yard, beyond whloh was a
fall ot forty-two fcot. It was whllo
crosslng the yard that Mr. Spong ar
rived nt n full senso ot his fearful po
sition; the dwarf-llko nppenrnnco ot
a large tree beyond the Iron rails In
dicated tho great depth. Tho animal
presently arrived nt tho five-foot
fence, which It nt once took, nnd horso
and rider disappeared, tho animal car
rying nway some sevontecn or eight
eon ot tho iron burs Into tho chasm
below. Furluuately a flight ot steps
5 jji
Intercepted the fall, and on these tho
horse alighted after falling n distance
of seventeen feet The distance tram
the spot where the Uorse look his leap
to the spot he arrived on below was
thirty-six ftvt. Singularly enough,
neither horse nor rldor was serleitaly
hurt. Mr. fipoug. who stink to his
saddle all the time, afterwards rode
tho animal heme.
It OtlU Off llottlllll..,
"Well, Mickey, tie war wld Spain
001110 to aa end Ohewsoay." "Is dat
sot Well, I'm mighty sorry to hear
JL" "What far?" "Why, dent's a
Spanish oleni maker en nur stmt dat
I've been tiring to git me ban's on
fer do laa' two wont's." Cleveland
Plain Dealer.

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