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The Tucumcari News
The Tucumcari Printing Co.,
S. K. MAY, Prus. and Man'r.
Subscription, $j.so the Year
Application for transmission through U. S, Moil, as
second'dass MjII Matter, nude through (lie Tucumcari
post'odicci Tuciimcarii N. M.
The Nuws is grateful to the people of
Tucumcari for the liberal courtesy shown
its editor since his arrival here, which was
on account of sickness in his family, delay
ed for more than a month; and which as
consequence, delayed the launching of the
paper for a like period. The enterprise is
however, starting with .1 liberal patronage
and we will undertake to show our appre
ciation by improving the paper's service to
the people as fast as we become acquaint
ed with them and the facts relative to theirs
and the county's wellbeing.
We shall be pleased to have you come
into our office aud tell us who you are, and
whatever you know about the country, and
its advantages and possibilities in stock,
farming and business opportunities. We
want you to feel that this paper is your
paper, and that you are at liberty to come
in and talk to its editor about any and
everything that mav help to make this a
better town and a more prosperous com
munity in fact, we want you to tell us
everything except your troubles; in these
matters we shall be compelled to refer you
to our excellent sheriff, Mr. Street, as we
have troubles of our own.
We have cast our lot among you, not
because we had to, or because we thought
you had to have us, but as a matter 0
choice; because we believe in the future of
your town and county. Tucumcari is at
the right place on the map to become an
important railroad point in the near future.
Your sheep interests are the best in the
Southwest; the cattle industry is a money
maker; the farmer is here and is building
comfortable homes on your broad acres,
and is amply rewarded for his labor by a
bounteous yield of various sorts of profita
ble products. The soil is a chocolate loam,
mellow and rich; the water sweet and pure
and plentiful; the climate such that stock
graze the year 'round, and fatten on na
ture's wide meadows. So it appeals to us
that the only crime that may be alleged
against one who is fortunate enough to
become your neighbor, is that he is a man
of judgment and good balance.
The political policy of this paper will be
republican, because we believe the repub
lican party is the party of progress and
hence, should be the party of the people,
who accepted its principles and made it
their choice by a majority of a million and a
half of ballots in the last presidential elec
tion. However, we are not that stamp of
republican journals who believe "there are
no noblemen, but Romans." Our policy
shall be republican, as to principles ofgov
ernt, but the honest recognition of merit
and its truthful commendation svherever
found. This is a free country and is in
habited by a liberal people, who arc pro
tected in life, liberty, happiness and the
enjoment of property. There is little of
good that emanates from a partisan paper
or a prejudiced politician, and there should
be reason and honest purpose in every ut
terance of a good newspaper, and in every
act of the upright politician. This paper
will endeavor to pursue a high, moral and
dignified course in its editorial utterances
and will abstain absolutely from undigni
fied personalities.
We do not believe it is the province of a
newspaper to play hobby-horse to John
Doe that he may scourge Richard Roe;
neither to regulate the domestic relations
of your household, nor to draft the protocol
through which the petty difficulties of local
belligerents may be adjusted at least, we
do not so understand, and shall not attempt
to practice. But, when the issue is the
betterment of this town, community and its
people, the News will find its place and
offer its best efforts.
If in the pursuit of the policy we have
outlined, we should be so unfortunate as to
warp a politician occasionally, or inconven
ience a grafter well, we may get our re
ward in Heaven.
Cattlemen and sheepmen have had a
good season; beef, mutton and wool com
manding good prices. Gross, Kelley & Co.
shipped several hundred sheep, recently,
at good figures; the M. 13. Goldenberg Co.
S.ooo head a few days ago at good prices,
both companies have handled large quan-
ties of wool. Iiremont shipped five-months
lambs that weighed 78V0 and netted him
$4.50 in Kansas City. Geo. Spence is
shipping 7,000 lambs to Kansas City, at
$3.00 without a cut. He is loading at
Corona. Tofoya Brothers will load out
1,500 lambs here this week at $2.40. M r.
Long of Endee, sold a few hundred lambs
recently, tipping the beam at 8olt. So
t is plain to be seen that the sheep inter-
terests here are A 1. Several hundred cars
of sheep and cattle are shipped from this
point eyery year. There are several large
ranches in this vicinity. The Bell ranch,
one of wealthiest cattle companies in the
territory, lies just north of us; the Pajarita
company, east; and the Three T's further
east and south. Thus, Tucumcari has re
sources that justify continuous growth.
The town of Tucumcari was laid out four
years ago, on the advent of the R. I.
Ry. and has grown to apopulatior. of 1,100
people, and is in every way a modern town.
We have a First National Bank, carrrying
close to $100,000 of deposits; a handsome
public school building with a graded school
in it, employing four teachers; with an en
rollment of pupils, There are three
churches; the town is supplied with elec
tric lights and telephone system; water
works, ice plant and steam laundry are in
the Embryo, and we are informed will be
installed within the year. All lines of the
mercantile trade are represented, a hospi
tal is talked of, and the county has an ex
cellent court house and jail. A number of
building lots have changed hands lately,
and some substCnitial buildings are contem
plated. A colonization plan is being or
ganized by some of our citizens to secure
a rapid settlement of Quay county. The
Rock Island is aiding the enterprise, and
we will have more to say about in a later
Tucumcari Telephone Exchange
Put in a Phone Do it
Now. Trine is Money.
The Phone is a Time
Saver. Ask Central I
for Trains.
Tucumcdri Townsite & Investment (o.
Tucumcari Land (o.
Business and Residence Lots For Sale 1
Legal Tender
The Pioneer House of the Kind in the City.
call and see us. MORGAN l GRVBBS,
General BlacKsmithing aud Wood Work.:
Main Street
Tucumcari, N. M.
'J Notary Public
and Conveyances.
fS; g g- . g g ; s & & & & . .
usness and Res id en
Properties For Safe
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T 11F is
urn who vminno fn
VVM x w a nan J 9
Tucumcari.New Mexico. I
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