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The following is a list of homesteaders
who arc proving up on tht;ir claims before
U. S. Commissioner Clallcgos;
Juau Ma Otero, Homestead Entry No.
.ji.jS: Luis (lonlales, Entry No. 2 , S 5 ;
Erancisco Sala:ar, No. 2199; Juan tic; La
Anz-Lopez, No. 15S0; Marcus ( Jonzalez,
No. 21S7; Vidal )rlega, No. lyy, Elogio
Ortega, No. jO'i: Santiago ( )rtega V Sais,
5:55: Nicolas Ortega, V Haca, No. 1722;
and Manuel Entities, (Jallcgos, N. M. and
Guy A. Covan, Logan, were proving up
before the Probate Clerk, Tuesday. And,
under contests are Chas. Hensim, Mgrt. M.
Phillips, No. .jooa.
Jarilla. Alive.
From Jarilla comes the report that the
new gold camp is beginning to slm w
symptoms of a healthy boom. Pipe for
the water line between the Sacramento
Mountains and the smelter at tin; mines is
standing on every switch for forty in i I e s
north of the town, one newspaper says,
and teams are being pressed into service to
haul it into position. Machinery for the
mines is expected to begin to arrive in a
few days.
"Aint It the Truth?"
(Tulluride Journal.)
It is said that a municipal election costs
Now York $2,000,000. Considering t h e
quality of men usually elected in New York
that is an awful price.
We want to scud you free of all
cost, 10 copies ol our journal which
yon can sell for vu You retain
the entire amount to pay for your
future supplies which we will lur
nish to you at a special rati; in or
der to encourage you to build up a
permanent monthly route.
Address a postal card to Dept. A,
and we will send the papers by re
turn ol mail. This pays you 50c
and will only cost you ic, so attend
to it at once, as we can only supply
them to a limited number in each
district. In fact, to only one il it is
in the country.
Town and Country Journal
Dept. A., SAN JOSE. CAL.
A. P. & A. M.
Tucumcnri Lodge No. 27.
Meets every lirsl and third Monday in
each month. Visiting brothers invited.
Jons K. Win tsuhih, W. M.
M. C. Muciihm, Sec.
UMMKW STAMPS and seals, manu
factured by ICIlis Mros., ICI Paso.
Leave orders at this office.
The New York World.
Read Wherever the English Lanuajje is Spoken.
Tiif. Tiiui(T-a-Vi'.kk Woid.n hits miidr special nrran.m
monts for the yi'jir 1005. Its already great news service has
been extended and, as heretofore, it will report all important
events promptly, accurately and impartially.
An original and striking feature of tin
W'oui.p in 1005 will be its serial publication
and best fiction that has ever appe .red in the
newspaper. The novels already arranged lot
by writers known throughout the world, are:
CARDIGAN. By Robert W. Chambers.
Tiiuict.-a-W'ki k
ol the strongest
columns ol any
and which are
A brilliant romance of the opening days of the Revolution, depicting life
on what was then the border in the stale! of New York. Scenes with the
powet fill tribes of the Six Nations, and a thrilling description ol the
Hattle of Lexington. Contains a love story, told with great lon e and
BEFORE THE DAWN. Ay Joseph A. AHshcler.
A powerful story of the Civil War. describing the last days of the Con
federacy in Richmond, vividly depicting conditions as the world's great
est war was drawing to a close. Contains a strong love story, and the
mighty struggle of Lee and (Irani in the wilderness passes through
its pages.
A story of the French Revolution, the greatest event in the history of
the modern world. A peasant boy who inarches with the tremendous
battalion of death, the Marseilles column, tells how they overthrew the
French monarchy and achieved the conquest of Europe. The love
story is of singular delicacy.
By Van Tassel Sutpkcn.
This is the last tout h of modernity. The hero wanders into a continu
ous performance in New York City. He sees a scene in a biograph
which arouses his curiosity and which leads him into a remarkable series
of adventures in a remote part of the world and to the winning of the
hand of a princess.
THE BLAZED TRALI. By Stewart Edward White.
Mr. White has opened an absolutely new held, and ha is now perhaps
the most famous of all the younger American writers. This is a story
ol the great northwestern logging camps, and tells lnw the character of
a powerful man of action was built up and how it was finally softened
by the influence of a woman's love.
In addition to these stories the TIIK ICIC-A-WICICK WORLD
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ngular subscription price of the two papers is S2.50.
He Santa ft Central Ry.
El Paso & Northeastern System
Is the shortest line between lil Paso, Texas
and Santa Pe, New Mexico and all points in
northwestern New Mexico and N-western
A-' 1
Close Connection at Torrance
f t A
Passengers will save time and money by
taking this new route, through a new
'Pin Twice-a week Republic of Si. I.nnis,
lite best semi weekly newspaper in the
country, and h'A R M l'R HiKKSS, Ameri
ca's leading agricultural ami home month
ly, will hi; sent to any address or to sep
arate addresses, when so reipiesled for
T 1 1 E TVV I ( K-A-W KICK R IC I 1 1 1 ! U (
lor nearly a ceniurv lias earned and main
tained the confidence of hall a million
readers. 1 1 covers the news of tin world
thoroughly and accurately, and issues
special Stale editions, each containing the
latest and most reliable reports of the part
icular locality in which it circulates. Its
special departments are edited by exports,
and its artists and contributors are anions
the best in the country. It is published
ever Tuesday and Thursila) eight pages
each issue sixteen pages a week.
FARM I'ROCRKSS, issued on the first
Thursday ol every month, contains sixteen
or more lull, standard-size newspaper
pages, filled with up lo-dale farm literature,
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It is published by The Republic a guar
antee of its excellence and high character.
It will lAV you to take advantage ol
this special oiler NOW. Use this.
A .hit.
"Is Miss Richly an athletic girl?"
"I should Hay so! She threw over
one of the heavyweights of the football
team." Exchange.
When AiiIiiiiiIn Cio Unit.
An animal trainer says that "no man
living- knows all about animals or
more than n very little about them.
Some who are dead thought they
knew. That la the reason they aro
dead. Only those who realize their
Ignorance and supplement it with untiring-
watchfulness last long- at this
queer business that I'm In.
"Sooner or later most animals of tho
cat kind become utterly Intractable
and remain so. 'tioing bad' Is tho
professional term for this. Karcly do
they return to their old amenable
ways. Henceforth they arc of no use
as performers and are relegated to the
exhibition cages, for any man entering
the cage of a Hon or tiger that has
gone bad t? Instantly attacked. This
Is one of the terrors of tho trade.
Symptoms of the change of heart are
apparent enough sometimes, particu
larly In animals which tire growing old.
Occasionally, however, some young
beast, formerly as obedient as you
could wish, will turn murderous with
out cause or warning. If her trainer
gets out alive he Is lucky. If he ever
enters her cage again he's a fool."
The Republic, St. Louis, Mo.:
Inclosed find Si, for which send The
Twice-a-week Republic and Kami Pro
gress one year to
I'. O.
No. .
R. K. D...
Nntiro If ynu want only Th Twiro-a-Week
Republic the prico in gj combo year.
The price of Karat Progrowi nloue its 10c
a year.
Tin Ni'Inj- IllrilH of tin MkIit.
All the night birds are noisy. They
cannot consort with one another in
happy companies, as do the warblers
and thrushes and Hitches, and sing and
whisper, but must call loudly and long
to one another In tho darkness. On
coasts where petrels and certain other
night hunting sea birds abound, all
day sitting on their eggs or hiding In
burrows, you will hear no sound from
morning till night, but after dark tho
air Is tilled with shrill cries. The loud,
reiterated calling of tho southern
chuck-wilPs-wIdow and of Its northern
cousin is familiar. A whlppoorwill
will sound Its cry several hundred
times in succession without a pause.
Owls hoot or utter a harsh sort of
laughter, rarely pleasant to listen to,
atid night herons and bitterns squawk
and boom. Sweet songs occasionally
heard la the darkness aro those of
wakeful day birds, as the nightingale
or our own oven bird. Ernest Ingersoll
in Harper's Magazine.

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