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Volume i. No. 12.
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Rcnehan and Thompson Will
Do Business Here- Have
Good Records.
Mark D. Thompson, of Aalamogordo,
who was admitted to the liar yesterday af
ter a creditable examination, is a son of
Judge L. II. Thompson of Norton, Kansas,
a respected and well known lawyer in the
northern part of that state.
Associate Justice, ISdward IS. Mann, of
the Territorial Supreme Court, studied law
in Judge Thompson's office and is well ac
epiainted with the newly admitted member
of the bar. Mr. Thompson, although but
24 years o a no. has a very good record
for a man so young.
Although but a boy, ho was given :
commission as lieutenant in the Twenty
second Kansas Volunteers during the Span
ish-American war, and was the youngest
ollicer in thu United States army. His
regiment was not ordered into active set
vice, but was in service for six months and
in camps of instruction during that time
Lieutenant Thompson made a remarkable
record as a disciplinarian and drill master
I lo studied law in his father's ollice and
last March came to Alamogordo, wher he
continued his studies in Judge Mann's of
fice. He is a young man of prepossessing
appearance, with energy and grit written
all over him
This morning Attorney A. 15. Wenohan
ami Mr. Thompson formed a partnership
for the purpose of doing a general law bus
in ess under the firm name of Kenehnn iV
Thompson. The latter will remain in this
city and make it his permanent home. He
is very vulcanic. The firm will be found
a strom: one and will doubtless do a lurra
iive business. New Mexican.
I ho News is proud ol tlio suc-
' cuss of young M.'irk 11. Thompson
fcmerly deputy district clerk tin
der Chas. P. Downs, at Alamogor
do, who passed a brilliant exami
nation before the supreme court
bar at Santa Fe last week for
license to practice His chosen pro
fession in this territory. Me stood
a very brilliant examination, and
as the foregoing notice from th
banta re New Mexican explains
formed a co-partnership with A
13. Renehan, who has the reputa
tion of being one of the most pro
ficient lawyers in New Mexico
and settled down at the territorial
capital. Mark's chances to mak
a success at law couui not lie more
r . t . I I I "1 r 1 ft . 1
11 negins 10 iook iiKe ant-rui Alex
Street's bad luck 111 tin- loss of
livery horses is going to develoj
into misfortune, as he lost a third
animal Monday. lie believes
attributable to feeding Kansas rot
ten corn. The malady has many
symptoms similar to blind-staggers.
There is heavy losses of
horses reported in Kansas and
Oklahoma, also, from this same
trouble. Mr. Street sent to Amar
illo for veterinary surgeon to come
down to see what can be done to
save his horses.
C. C. Davidson of Tucumcari
To Practice Law Quay
County Conditions.
C. C. Davidson, of Tucumcari, has been
in the city several days and yesterday be
anie a member of the New Mexico bar,
having passed a good examination. Mr.
Davidson has been a resident of Tucum
cari about a year and a half connected with
the law ollice ol M. C Mechem, territo
rial District Attorney for the counties of
Quay and Ctuadelupe. Mr. Davidson was
formerly of ISI Dorado, Illinois, and is a
graduate of the Northern Illinois College
it Dixon, Illinois. He is u years old and
practiced law about a year helorc coming
to New Mexico. Mr. Davidson is well
pleased with Ins new home and reports
that Tucumcari has been looking up re
cently and several good sales of real
late nave been made during the past
month. ISI Paso parties have invested quite
1 handsome sum in real estate there lately
Although the weather has been quite cold,
cat tits and sheep in his county have not
suffered to any great xtent as far as can
he learned. Homestead settlers are com
ing into yuay county in considerable num
bers and many homestead entries have
been and are being made. Fine crops of
feed stuffs and of vegetables were raised
during last season and the fanners are en
outraged and believe they will raise better
crops in moo. Mr. Davidson will return
home tomorrow New Mexican.
The friends of Mr. Davidson,
and that means most ol the popu
lation of Tucumcari, are not only
pleased to see him a supreme court
lawyer, but glad of the fact that he
never misses an opportunity to say
something good about his home
town, as he did in the foregoing
interview with the New Mexican
1 ne iNews does not oniv wish vou
unbounded success as a lawyer
Davidson, but feels certain that
you will achieve it. You have the
good sense and the manhood, and
those are prime requisites on
which the successful, lawyer, the
minister or an)' other prolession
must build.
Mr. II owe, the baker, has let
a contract for a stone house on his
ranch two miles southeast of town.
Jacob Wertheim will leave about
the 25th for a four month's visit
with his father and mother in Ilel
mershausen, Hessen Cassel, Ger
many. Me has been away from
home twenty-five years and his pa
rents are getting near their three
score and ten in years and he de
sires to see them again before life
is ended.
W. E. McClure, D. V. S. of Lib
eral, Kansas, came in Tuesday to
treat Street's livery horses. Me
says the disease of which they have
been dying is blind staggers, caus
ed by feeding rotten oorn, and corn
thatcontans some sort of small
worm. The same thing is killing
horses in several counties in Kansas.
Dodson News
John Eslingcr has located a
A party of our young people
spent Sunday at Mesa Redonda.
Edw. liryant reports snow 4 -ft.
deep on the Texas plains.
tend to take homesteads-
Brady of Butler, Mo., has filed
on a homestead near town.
Cooper of Oklahoma, has bought
Eslinger and family have arriv
d from Indian Territory and in
Messrs Creswell and Baker,
prospective locators are stopping
with G. W. Jones.
An old fashioned candy-pulling
was enjoyed by a large number of
guests at the home of Win. C.ipps.
Wallace, from the M e d 1 e n
ranches, reports stock in good
Messrs. Morton and Horn, from
Cedar Rincon, say stock are show
ing the rigors of the recent storms,
the Edwards homesteads.
The Edwards Brothers and their
sister are visiting their parents at
itarry lidwards the pioneer
cowboy of old Dodson. has sold
his Quay county possessions and
will move his family to Mexic o.
Rev. Robinson, of Qua y,
preached an rtble discourse on the
subject of "Sin", at the Dodson
school house on the night of the 31
Mrs. Cooper and Sier pretty
daughters have returned from an
extended visit among relatives in
Texas. They report blizzard weath
er while crossing the Texas plains.
A large number of our people
assembled at the school house last
Sunday and organized a Sunday
School. An interesting program
was earned jut after the organiza
tion was complete. Mr. Brady, of
Butler, Mo., addressed the school
and Mrs. Fox read a very able pa
per. The interest in Sunday
School work promises to be good.
A basket supper was held re
cently for the purpose of raising
money for the school house build
ing fund and a good many dollars
were collected together for the
purchase of seats, iron roofing,
lamps, etc. Miss Omigo Randle
was awarded the prize a nice cake
offered to the prettiest young lady.
Oscar Randle, the auctioneer, with
others of the number attending the
supper went to Mooreville to pur
chase seats to be used in the Dod
son school house. At a later sup
per Miss Moore was awarded the
prize cake offered to the prettiest
girl. Oscar Randle built an envi
able reputation as an auctioneer.
It makes a very little differance
whether a farmer is a drv land ad
vocate or practices irrigation the
land to be cropped next year
should be plowed deeply this
autumn. No amount of harrowing
after the sprintr plowintr will
pulverize the land as will the win
ter frost. Eearly planting is made
possible with fall plowing. More
moisture is absorbed and retained
and the crop has an earlier and
better start and early grain inveria
bly yields the best as it obtains its
growth before the summer drouth
comes on. By plowing in the fall
the work is done and out of the
way and a farmer can accomplish
more in a spring planting. As the
harvest comes on earlier on fall
plowed land autumn plowing gives
an opportunity to be forehanded
from year to year so as to keep
ahead with the work one of the
first essentials of success. We
have never known a man in this
country who could do this unless
he plowed in the fall and then it is
always a foot race to keep ahead
ot the hounds during the growing
season. The scarcity of labor
nowadays makes the fall plowing
all the more imperative and the
early bird will be up and doing
without any prodding.- -Field and
The voting people of the com
munity pulled off an old fashioned
Spelling Bee on Saturday night
which furnished amusement for a
crowded house. Following the
spelling bee a literay society was
organized, beginning with several
The Allen Brothers and Messrs.
liryant and Bailey have taken
homesteads in the Charcoal Valley.
The Allen Brothers are going to
operate a bean thrasher which
should do a lucrative business in
this land of frijoles. Last year
Win, Capps raised on ten acres of
land, 7,400, lbs.; G. W. Jones,
4,500 lbs. on seven acres; Davis
2,800 lbs. on eight acres; Briscoe,
1,000 lbs, on three acres; besides
this they all grew good forage
crops off the same lands. The
beans have found a ready market
at Tucumcari at 3 1-2 cents per lb.
Wallace Saxon, a former neigh
bor craftsman of ours, is holding
down a case in the News office this
week. Wallace was editor of the
Cloudcroft Silver Lining for some
time before coming to Tucumcari.
C. Davidson returned Mon-

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