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Dr. Williams' Pink Pilla Cure Heart
Pains, Dizzy Spoils and
Easy to got, hard to gut rid of; thut la
What most sufferers think of dyspopsiu.
Thoy wo astonished when their stomach
bogins to trouble thorn seriously.
Thoy had been eating hurriedly and
irregularly for a long time, to bo sure,
but thoy supposed their stomachs quito
Used to that.
Somo pcoplo know that tho strongth
which tho weak stomach needs, and for
tho lack of which tho whole body is suf
fering, can bo found suroly and quickly
in Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. In hun
dreds of instances these pills havo suo
cecded whero other remedies failed.
"My indigestion," said Mr. J. It. Mil
ler, of Dayton, Vn., "eamo in tho first
place from tho fact that a fow years ago
I worked a great deal at night, and ato
at any odd hour whenever tho ohauco
eamo, and always very hurriedly. Ono
day I found myself a victim of torriblo
dyspopsiu. It kept mo misorablo all the
time for sovoral years.
" I always had a great deal of distress
after eating, and when I got up from my
sleep my stomach would bo so weak that
it would hardly take any food. I had
very uncomfortable feelings about my
heart, and was dizzy and, whenever J
stooped over and then straightened up,
my eyes would bo badly blurred.
"I road tho statements of several per
sons who had got rid of obstinate stom
ach troubles by using Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills. I bought, some and they
did mo a world of good. Thoy aeteil
promptly and did just what was claimed
for thorn. I havo no more distress af
ter meals; tho bad feeling has gono from
the region of my heart"; tho alarming
dizzy spells havo disappeared, and I am
strong again."
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills aro sold by
all druggists and by the Dr. Williams
Medicine Co., Schenectady, N. Y.
An Arctic Postofflce.
Served during the winter by dog
tennis, a permanent postofTico has
been established by tho Canadian au
thorities at Fort McPherson, in the
Arctic eirclo. f,00o miles from Ottawa
and 2,000 miles north of Kdmonton,
I ho capital of tho new province of Al
berta. Important to Mothers.
Exnmlno carefully crcry bottlo of CASTOHIA,
I a eafo and oaro remedy for infant! and children,
' and ecu that it
Heart tho
Signature of
In Ueo For Over 30 Yenrf.
Tho Kind You UT6 Alwayi ilougbt.
Crawford How aro all your old
friends? C'rnbshaw They must be
'getting along first-rate. They never
conic around to see me.
tlrt iIuv'm nun nf Dr. Wlltu.'fltlrHitt S'.r. llutn.
it Kemlfor r ltl'.K S'-i.OO trial bottle anil treMlte.
)lt. It. II. K I.I.N i:, l.td.,V.1l Arch Street, I'lillttitrliUU, I'a.
At least once In every man's onrecr
lie Is ambitious to patent Home fresh
Smokers appreciate the quality value of
I-owis' Single Binder cigar. Your dealer
or Lewis' Factory, Peoria, III.
hots of things .seem easy until you
try to do them, and it's the same with
lots of men.
More Flexible and Lasting,
won't shake out or blow out; by using?
Defiance Starch you obtain better re
sults than possible with any other
brand and one-third more for came
Many n man who smiles and says
noiliing- is a liar.
Plso's Cure ennnot bo too highly spoken of as
a coiiKh cure. J. V. O'IIkien, 322 T'drd Ave,
N, Minneapolis, Minn., Jim. 0, 1900k
It takes a douf muto to sing thoso
Honjrs without words.
Take LAXATIVE llltOMO Oulnlno Tublcts. Draft
Kl'tH refund money If It fall! to euro. K. w
UUOVK'H ilfrnnturo Is on cacti box. 2.1c.
ICvon the football nlnyer must bo
lioudstronf,' if ho would butt In.
Defiance Starch Is guaranteed biggest
and best or money refunded. 16 ounces,
10 certs. Try It now.
A roee by any other nam would
h&v ltd thorn.
How Spirited Witness Turned Laugh
On Harsh Lawyer.
Sir Henry Irving was onco tho
gueBt of honor at a lawyer's banquet
in New York. In tho cotirso or a
graceful address he said:
"You, gentlemen, havo given ino
most helpful advice on tho art of act
ingwill you permit me to give you
in return a piece of advice regarding
your profession?
"My advice, then, is that you make
your cross-examination less rigorous,
less harsh. What is tho good of
treating an honest nnd sensitive wit
ness in the witness stand as though
he were a sneak thief?
"I confess that I am not in sym
pathy with harshness in cross-examination,
and whenever I hear of a wit
ness turning on an overbearing law
yer, my heart rejoices.
"My heart rejoiced last week. A
young nan in my company was a wit
ness In n case of robbery. IIo had
seen a thief snatch a young girl's
pockethook and make off.
"Well, tho thief's lawyer cross-examined
my young friend shamefully.
He roared at him, shook his fist nt
him, raved at him.
'"And at what hour did all this
happen?" the lawyer, sneering, asked
toward the end of his examination.
'"I think' my friend began, but
ho was at onco interrupted.
" 'Wo don't care anything here
about what you think!" said tho law
yer, with a snort of contempt.
" 'Don't you want to hear what I
think?" said my young friend mildly.
" 'Certainly not,' tho lawyer roared
" 'Then,' said my friend, 'I may as
well step down from tho box. I'm
not. n lawyer. I can't talk without
thinking.' "
Joke On th.e Joker.
Young Waldorf Astor told in New
York a story illustrative of the
abounding spirits of tho English
guardsman. 1
"There was a young subaltern of i
high birth," he said, "who had un- j
usually strong forearms and wrists.
He had tho habit of slipping up be-
hind, seizing a man's coattails and 1
zipp a quick, powerful jerk and the I
coat would bo split clean up to tho
collar. i
"This joke had been played so often i
tlwt ovorybody knew It. At a conn-
try house we were both visiting I do- (
cided to play a joke myself on the
strong-armed subaltern. Accordingly i
one bight in the smoke-room 1 placed
myself before him and then 1 turned '
my back temptingly. I knew ho would
not bo able to resist those coattails.
"IIo did not resist them. He seized
them in his vise-like hands and in a
jiffy the trim, shapely roat I was
wearing hung like a rag upon me, split
up the back in two halves. 1
"The subaltern, regarding his work,
laughed loud and long. When he was
done I said quietly:
" 'I slipped up to your room a liute
while ago nnd this is your coat that
I have on now.' " ;
She Was Not Sure.
Shn was from Seattle. After In
scribing her namo on the hotel regis
ter she asked tho clerk If any mall
had come addressed to her. The
naifio she wrote on tho register was,
simply. "Mrs. T. Brown, Seattle."
"1 don't suppose, by any chance,
that this is intended for you, is it?"
inquired the clerk, handing iter n let
ter addressed "Mrs. T. B. Browne."
"Yes, that is mine," said tiio de
mure guest. "I recognize tho handwrit
ing "
"But tho name is spelled different
ly," pointed out tho cautious clerk.
"Y'iu spell your namo 'B-ro-w-n,' and
thf name on tho letter lias a final
e.' "
Mho got all fussed up about it and
bltLshed radiantly.
"You see," she explained, "I am not
sure how he spells it."
"My husband. We've only been mar
rffd a month." San Franci&co Chronicle,
And a True Story of How the Vegetable Compound
Had Its Birth and How the "Panic of '73" Caused
it to be Offered for Public Sale in Drug Stores.
This remnrkable woman, whoso
maiden imiue was Estos, wius born in
Lynn, Mass., February tub, 1310, com
ing from a good old (Junker family.
For some years she taught school, and
becamo known as a woman of an alert
and investigating mind, an earnest
seeker after knowledge, and above
nil, possessed of a wonderfully sympa
thetic nature.
In 1R 1,1 she married Isaac Pinkhnm,
a builder and real estate operator, and
their early married life was marked by
prosperity and happiness. They hud
four children, three sons and a
In those good old fashioned days it
was common for mothers to make
their own home medicines from roots
and herbs, nature's own remedies
calling in a physician only in specially
urgent cases. By tradition and ex
pcrionce many of them gained a won
derful knowledge of the curative prop,
erties of the various roots and herbs.
Mrs. l'inkhuiu took a great interest
in the study of roots and herbs, their
characteristics ai d power over disease.
.She maintained that just as nature so
bountifully provides in the harvest
fields and orchards vegetable foods nf
all kinds; so, if we but take the pains
to find them, in the roots and herbs
of the field there are remedies ex
pressly designed to cure the various
ills and weaknesses of the bodv, and
It was her pleasure to search these out.
and prepare simple and effective medi
cines for her own family and friends.
Chief of these was a rare eoiub'ma-
nuu oi me cnoiecst medicinal roots
nnd herbs found best adapted for the
cure of the ills and weaknesses pecu
liar to the female sex, and Lvdia H.l'ink
ham's friends and neighbors learned
that her compound relieved and cured
then1 1,CCumo lu5tc l10l)ullr among
All this so far wasdone freelv, with
out money and without price, as a
labor of love.
But in 1 873 the financial crisis struck
Lynn. Its length and severity were too
much for the large real estate interests
of the Pinkhnm family, as this class
of business suffered most from
fearful depression, so when Iherenten
nial year dawned it f,,nd their prop
rty swept away Some other source
of income had to be found.
At this point Lvdia E. Pinkham's
with their mother, combined forces to
fyBnvAu1' fiJfkpZ ldfSl
restore the family fortune. They
argued that the medicine which was
so good for their woman friends and
neighbors was equally good for tho
women of tho whole world.
Tho Plnkhams hnd no monoy, and
little credit. Their first laboratory
was the kitchen, whero roots and
herba were steeped on tho stove,
gradually filling a gross of bottles.
Then came the question of selling
it, for alwavs before they had given
it away freely. They hired a job
printer to run off somo pamphlets
setting forth the merits of tho medi
cine, now called Lydia 10. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound, and these were
distributed by the Pinkhnm sons in
Boston, New "York, and Brooklyn.
The wonderful curative properties of
the medicine were, to a great extent,
self-advertising, for whoever used it
recommended it to others, and the de
mand gradually increased.
In 1S77, by combined efforts tho fam
ily had saved enough money to com
mence newspaper advertising and from
that time the growth and success of
the enterprise were assured, until to
day Lydia E. Pinkhnm and her Vege
table Compound have become house
hold words everywhere, and many
tons of roots and herbs are used annu
ally in its manufacture.
Lydia E. Pinkhnm herself did not
livo to sec the great success of this
work. She passed to her reward years
ago, but not till sho hnd provided
means for continuing her work aa
effectively as she could have dono it
During her long nnd eventful expe
rience she was ever methodical in her
work and she was always careful to pre
serve a record of every case that came to
her attention. The case of every sick
woman who applied to her for advice
and there were thousands received
careful study, and the details, includ
ing symptoms, treatment and results
were recorded for future reference, and
to-day these records, together with
hundreds of thousands made since, aro
available to sick women the world
over, and represent a vast collabora
tion of information regarding the
treatment of woman's ills, which for
authenticity and accuracy can hardly
be equaled in auy library in tho
With Lydia E. Pinkhnm worked her
daughter-in -Inw, the present Mrs.
Pinkhnm. .She wascarefullv instructed
in all her haid-won knowledge, and
for years she assisted her in hsr vast
To her hands naturally fell th
direction of the work when its origina
tor passed away. For ncarlv twentv
iive years she has continued it, and
nothing in the work shows when the
first Lydia E. Pinkham dropped her
pen, and the present Mrs. Pinkhnm,
now the mother of a large family, took
it up. With woman assistants, some as
capable as herself, the present Mrs.
I lakham continues this great work, and
probably from the office of no other
person have so many women been ad
vised how to regain health. Sick wo
men, this advice is "Yours for Health"
freely given if you only write to ask
for it.
Such is the history of T.vdia E. Pink
ham s Vegetable Compound ; made
from simple roots and herbs ; the ono
great medicine for women's ailments,
ana the fitting monument to the nobla
woman whose name it bears.
silver, lead, SI:
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zi ik or coppur.
err cn a
application ..Control
ciiW.'V"' icatmuo, co o.

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