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Glassware, -
Window Shades,
Paper Napkins,
Book Straps, Book Satchels etc.
numerous to mention
Our motto is:
High grade Furs,
Tailor made Skirts,
A fir c o in fH Hosiery,
A KJi JKJA.fD t&JLA. Hens top Shirts,
r i x
TP TTl. J All 5 9 DUJ5 wuisls,
juow jrrices xo 1s.11.
Rueben Shirts,
Knit Underbodies,
Lace Curtains,
Lace, Braids,
Leggings, Overalls, Etc.
Be it ordained by the Board of Trustees
of the Town pf Tucumcari:
Section 1 All accounts, claims and de
mands against the town shall be fully and
completely itemized, with date and char
acter of item, and by whose order, or at
whose instance, or upon what contract the
supplies were furnished, or labor perform
ed. Such accounts and claims shall be writ
ten upon, or attached to blank bill heads
furnished by the town, to which shall be
annexed for the signature of the claimant,
his book-keeper or agent, a certificate in
the following form
Territory of New Mexico )
County of Quay J 5
I do solemnly swear
that the within and before mentioned ac
count is true and correct, and that the ser
vices therein mentioned have been render
ed (or article furnished) as stated, and tha
no pait thereof has been paid.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this
day of 190-.
Town Clerk
Such itemized accounts and claims shall
be read in open meeting, referred to the
proper committees for investigation and
instruction to the finance committee, and
by the finance committee reported to the
board of trustees.
AH such reports shall be written with
ink and duly dated.
Section 2 If any person shall have a
claim for damages against the town of Tu
cumcari he shall present the same in writ
ing to the board of trustees at a regular
meeting thereof and within thirty days af
ter such claim shall have accrued, and fail
ure to so present such claim shall be a bar
to any recovery thereon.
Passed this gth day of Oct. A. D. 1906
Approved this 9th day of Oct. A. D. 1906
John J. Pace
Chairman of the Board of Trustees of
the Town of Tucumcari.
Attest: Kobukt S. Cooi-tku
Dangers of Colds and how to Avoid
More fatalities havo their origin in or re
sult from a cold than from any other cause
This fact alone should make people more
careful as there is no danger whatever
from a cold when it is properly treated in
the beginning. For many years Chamber
Iain's cough remedy has been recognized
as the most prompt and effectual medicine
in use for this disease. It acts on nature's
plan, loosens the cough, relieves the lungs
opens the secretions and aids nature in
restoring the system to a healthy condi
tion. Sold by all druggists,
A carload of plows All kinds,
at Barnes & Rankin. itf
All the latest Papers and Maga
zines at Donahues'. i-tf
i Top Notch
Store 1
aw 1
E. HcCARQAR, Prop.
Fruits, Confectioneries, Cigars, Tobacco, Books
Magazines, Daily Papers, Notions, Groceries.
Main Street Phone 53 Tucumcari
Puerto Points.
Dear Editor Nkws:
We are having some fine weath
er and the farmers are taking ad
vantage of it.
Rev. Trickey, of Oklahoma, was
in Puerto the first of the week, the
guest of his brother-in-law McCain.
He is looking for a location.
R. M. Bates is building a straw
Our school closed last week on
account of the winter and the chil
dren living at a distance.
W. S. Newby went to town Mon
day after lumber for his mill house.
He will be grinding meal and feed
in the near future.
Walter Wallace of Quay was in
Puerto Saturday.
Jose Tafoya has moved back to
Puerto. He went to Las Vegas
last fall but got dissatisfied and
came back,
Santiago Garcia gave a big dance
the first of the week. Senorita
Rebecca Garcia was to have been
married at that time but the priest
did not arrive and the wedding was
put off until the iSth inst.
Geo. R. Taylor has made final
proof on his claim.
Miss Grace Hooper, who has
been spending theholidays at home
returned to school at Tucumcari
Saturday. Miss Woodard accom
panied her and will also enter
school there.
Sam Chadwick is building a sub
stantial adobe house on hi:: claim
on the plains.
Jim Griggs has been putting up
some fence for Silas Hodges with
his fence machine.
Mr. Cheek of Oklahoma has set
tled near Puerto.
A wagon loaded with pigs, chick
ens and fruit trees passed through
Puerto Monday, from Oklahoma,
having come all the way over land.
The gentleman (we did not learn
his name) has settled near Quay.
Jack Lewis is circulating a peti
tion to have a post office at his
place on the Frio draw fifteen miles
south of Puerto. The people out
there need an office as it is a long
way to any office and is being set
tled up rapidly. We wish him
much success.
Green Silman, of the Frio, was
in Puerto Monday.
Dr. Boggs is putting clown a well
at his place.
Beau Grass
Certificate of Apportionment
Of the School Funds, County of Quay,
New Mexico.
I, Milnor Kudulph, Superintendent of
Schools of said county, do hereby certify
that I have duly apportioned the school
funds of said county on this 71I1 day of
January, A1. D., 1907.
The amount of money subject to such
apportionment is $1,278.25.
The total number of persons of school
age are 1,475. The rate per scholar is
86c 0i mills which is apportioned to the
several districts as below.
Milnor Ruuuli'ii, Supt.
Scholars 3G8, amount $2,270 57
No. 1
" 2 ': 63 " 54 58
" 3 " 75 " G4 98
" 4 " 83 " 71 91
" 5 " 00 ' f)2 18
"C " 60 " 174 87
" 7 " 5 " 41 22
" 8 " 60 " 51 99
" 9 " 74 " G4 12
"lt " 57 " 49 40
"m " 84 " 72 78
"12 " 40 " 34 00
" 3 : Co " 51 99
" '4 " 58 " 50 29
' 15 " 33 " . 26 28
" lG " 54 " 46 79
" '7 " 48 " 4 59
" 18 " 35 " 3 34
" '9 " 4 " 34 00
" 20 " 27 " 22 75
" 21 " 44 " 34 66
California Port Wine at t h e
White Elephant Saloon, tf.
Special Bargains.
12 lots on Main street, block 8,
Russell Addition. In Townsite
lot 11; Warehouse lot, blk 40.
Triangle, corner 3rd and Main sts.
Lots 6 and 7 blk 38; corner lot 24,
blk 4; lot 18 Main st., blk 35, and
many other good trades in Real
Estate. Tmeo. W. Human, tf
We have just received a new line
of furniture Quality the best
Prices right. Barne's & Rankin.
Wm. Troup
What's in a name?
A good deal when that
name is
Stamped 011 a loaf of
For those round cream
loaves, call at
The Pioneer Bakery.
Cough Remedy
The Children's Favorite
Coughs, Colds, Croup and
Whooping Cough.
opium or other ham Ail eWnnTron? be
Siren m confidently to a buby na to an acJull
Prico 25 otB; Largo Slzo. 60 eta.
lfcHl Minim hi ... 1 Miiym.lt f

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