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The Tucumcari News
Published Saturdays
The Tucumcari Printing (o. Inc.
Official Paper of Quay County and
City of Tucumcari.
Subscription, $1.00 the Year
'Entered tccond'cUii nutter October JO, 1905 t the post
sHiee t Tucumciri, New Mexico under K of Congress ol
Mrnh J, 1879."
Notice to Advertisers.
Everything in the advertising line will
be charged by the week in this paper after
January ist, 1907. Display ads. will be
the same as all ads. have been heretofore
that changed weekly. The price is 15 cts.
an inch local liners 1 ct. a word.
The communal club membership
is 50 and thu committee on mem
bership is just now getting started.
The News office is putting in
more machinery and we intend be
fore we are done to have the best
equipped job plant in the south
west. The finest weather in the world,
that is what we are having here
this February. Sunshine all day
everv dav. The fruit trees are
getting ready for business.
Real estate is going a glimmer
ing in town this week. Two blocks
and over have been sold on second
street and the town site company
has also sold a large amount of
The farmers are telling us that
feed stuff is getting scarce, owing
to the fact that so many home
seekers have come this winter who
had to buy feed that they have ex
hausted the supply. If wo have
severe weather next month stock
will necessarily suffer.
This paper has been crowded out
of house and home this week and
for the past month, for that matter,
with all sorts of advertising and
consequently our news service has
been bum, but there is one thing
that you must remember, and that
is that the ads read good to us and
we are badly in need of the reve
nue. Men are coining here every day
who are free to say that they are
as surprised as people can be at
the crops this county has been
growing for the past three years.
They exclaim that Oklahoma and
Texas are even behind us and that
we have a farming country equal
to any thing they know of. They
are spreading the good news back
home when they return and thus
we are gradually getting our coun
try advertised.
cari Commercial Club, has now an
office fitted up in the Israel block
where there will be kept a clerk at
all times who will answer all ques
tions about the country and court
eously extend all favors to be ex
pected from this organization. All
citizens of Quay county who are
interested in the advance of the
county's interests are requested to
call at the office and make them
selves at home. The secretary of
the club wants to see every farmer
in Quay county about what he is
doing on the farm and for any in
formation he is willing to give
about the agricultural interests of
the county. Call at the office of
the Tucumcari commercial club
when your are in town.
Hon. N. V. Gallegos has intro
duced a bill in the House of Ine As
sembly extending the boundaries ol
Quay county on the north. The
people who are interested in this
measure should get busy and if
there is any help that we can give
Gallegos we should do it now and
if we don't do it we should not reg
ister any kick after the matter has
been disposed of by the legislature.
So far as the Thaw case is con.
cened this paper thinks there is no
question but that he is crazy, he
was a born lunatic, and the quicker
the breed is stopped the better. So
we say if you want our opinion
hang the son of a gun until he is
dead, very dead. If his wife is
young and has been abused which
no doubt she has, put her in a
house of correction and teach her
to wash dishes and make her own
clothes. While there would not be
maybe as much sensation in it
there would be as in the case of
Sam Jones' washwoman, more of
the stern realities of life.
l'irivted lVrarfrtvphs
There was a man in town and he
was wondrous wise; he marked a
silver dollar and nave it to his wife;
she went to see the butcher and
blew the hollar in; and 'twasn't
long until the dollar came back
again. He took the coin this time
to and bought a dress lor Jane;
before the week was over it came
home to him again, lie spent it
in his home town fifty times ot
more, but he got it back again and
snent it o'er and o'er. Hut when
he sent the dollar to a mail ordet
store, 'twas gone for goodforever.
He never saw it more. Ex.
Moral: Trade at home.
The M. H. Goldenberg Co.
have about 17 cars of stuff on the
road and can't as much as get in
formation about where it is. Our
rail road service is out of sight.
All causes of measles or other
infectious diseases must be
promptly reported to the Health
Officer, Dr. Nicholson.
Signed by John J. Pace,
Chairman of the Board of Trus
tees of the Town of Tucumcari.
Robert S. Coulter,
The board of trade, or Tucum-
Guy Elliott of Montoya, has lost
a herd of nine head of horses which
he believes are stolen and is offer
ing $10.00 a head reward for the
horses and $50.00 for the capture
of the thief. The description of
the horses is as follows: 1 Dun
m are, 1 Dun horses, 1 large Sorrel
horse, 1 big Blue 2-year-old colt,
1 black pony; all branded "33" on
left shoulder; 1 Sorrel bronco horse
branded "T" on right thigh and
"2" on right jaw; 1 Sorrel horse
branded "GUY" on left shoulder;
1 white horse branded "N L" on
left thigh.
The streets are this week assum
ing a tangible shape. The City
Council are getting a move to put
the streets of Tucnmcari in good
shape. The grade down Main will
be leveled up with the grader and
then graveled or covered with a
heavy coat of cinders.
The Tucumcari Millinery Parlors
Successors to Emma Janes-Flores I
NGW oJ. my oiULit ui ivimmu j.
New and Up-to-date Millinery, Novelties at Cost.
We have an experienced trimmer who will take
orders for vour hats. .
Ai tti A nifri t An A A
Dining Ha.ll a.nd Lunch Counter, r
Oysters and Fish in season
Jones riarr & Co.
All Kinds ol Feed Stuff Constantly On hand
(Moral Stock Iixchanguri for moiify)
GEO. A. MOORE, - - Proprietor
Sells all kinds of whiskies bottled in bond; Pure
white Corn; Peach and Apple Brandy; Nothing but
straight Double Stamped Whiskey sold. All kind?
of Wines and Liquors.
We guarantee to treat you right.
wm an e
Opposite M. H. Goldenberg Co.
I Real Estate and
i Live Stock. J t
CtJI M M. B. Goldcnbcrd Co'.. Slore. T

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