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And Tucumcari Times.
Volume 4. No. 34
Is Asked By Two Different Com
panies. City Council is Inves
tigating Both Offers, Will
Accept the Best.
The water works system is as
sured and the city council is con
sidering both offers and will as
soon as a conclusion can be reach
ed award the franchise to the com
pany which offers the most favor
able consideration to the city. The
two propositions offered are the
Blue Water Holes and the Grear
property on the Parjarita. Both of
these offers are good and the ques
tion is with the council which shall
be accepted. Both companies have
plenty of water and are offering the
city all that can be expected in the
water works line. So we need no
longer consider the water problem
a handicap to Tucumcari interests.
While our railroad interests are a
great boon to the growth of our
town, the waterworks system will
shoot us ahead as far as any other
advantage we have.
Mesa Rodondo will have a big
picnic on Sunday, June 2nd. C. H .
Allen, who was in town Thursday,
is at the head of the affair, informs
us that everybody is invited.
George T. Herbert, with the
17.iirlmnks-Mor.se Engine Co., of
Denver, Colo., was in the city
Thursday soliciting business. The
M. B. Goldenberg Co., are agents
for this county.
Uncle John Pace president of the
city council, passed his sixty-eighth
mile post, Thursday. At this age
he is hale and hearty, and has
every prospect of going well be
yond his three score and ten.
Among Tucumcari people who
attended U. S. Court at Alamo
gordo this week are the following :
A. A. Blankenship, Sheriff J. A.
Street, Benito Baca, Rock Island
Agent II . H. Hargis, Teo. D.
Martinez, Cruz Gallegos, A. D.
Goldenberg and Newton Mathis.
This paper has had many com
pliments on the special edition
which was circulated last Saturday,
particularly on the halftones in the
edition, ard in justice to Messrs
Johnson & Pankey, the photog
raphers who did the work, and
Mrs. Neis who also did a part of
it, we wish to state that their pho
tographs enabled us to secure a
fine grade of cuts, and we therefore
take especial pride in recommend
ing these photographers to any
who may need their services.
School District No. 16 Has 1787 Acres
of Agricultural Lands in Cultivation.
School District Wo. iG, two miles
north of Tucumcari, makes the
following report of its forty-one
poll taxpayers who are farming
this season. Here are the names
and acerage planted :
J. A. Valentine, 75; J. R. Perry,
180; J.E. Hughes, 20; E. D. Daugh-
erty, 45; F. L. Surgner, 40; W. P.
Shahan, 40; J. C. Butler, 15; R.
Thealked, 30; J. R. Cook, 20; John
Marble, 25; A. J. Davis, 40; Har
vey Cook, 15; W. E. Moore, 20;
G. M. Moore, 40; Bert Daniels, 35;
J. E. Ward, 40; J. R. Love, 40;
J. C. Morris, 70; James Rice, 20;
George Burgess, 35; J. A. Amgem,
35; Joseph G. Reed, 12; L. S. An
derson, 55; E. D. Love, 25; J. J.
Augustine, 65; J. P. Barker, 80; J.
B. Shockley, 50; B. O. Keen, 33;
W. R. Davidson, 15; R. L. Hicks,
20; P.M. Marsh, 35; M.G. Marsh,
; D. A. Robinson, 65; Frank
Brannen, 15; J. B. Smith, 45; E.
Planing Mill and Another Lumber
Yard for Tucumcari.
S. E. Pelphrey, who has been in
business at Alamogordo and at
Cimarron, is putting in another
lumber yard and planing mill here.
He will locate his business near
the shop and round house site of
the Southwestern. Mr. Pelphrey
has handled most of the contract
work for the Southwestern Ry.
Company in the building they have
done in New Mexico, and will
build their shops and round
houses here and whatever other im
provements they make in that line.
Harry K. Grubbs is the first
five-year subscriber this paper has
ever received and it is the purpose
of this notice to assure Mr. Grubbs
that we thoroughly appreciate his
good feeling towards this institu
tion. He recently sold his busi
ness here and is now residing on
his farm six miles east of town
and by the way, has one of the
very best quarter sections to be
found in eastern New Mexico. He
is thinking of going into some sort
of business in town this fall but
has not yet decided just what he
will do.
Hon. N. V. Gallegos has let a
contract for a two story rock build
ing on the lot south of the Koch
The Southwestern company is
laying thirteen additional tracks
on the north side of the right of
way this week.
R. Reynolds, 60; W. R. Crump,
15; A. M. Fennelly, 15; W. J.
Banks, 45; B. C. Hancock, 10; W.
N. O'Bannon, 40; Lewis Schump,
17; John Dalbey, 70; W. M. Mapes
10; O. W: Davis, 40; S. O. Sim
mons, 20; J. W. Bullington, 50;
Arch Jackson, 20; Thomas Stid,
30; Thomas Jackson, 75; Hooper,
65; J- W. O'Bannon, 50.
In a foot note at the bottom of
this report, J. W. O'Bannon, clerk
of the school district, states that
$41.00 of poll tax have been col
lected, which with his agricultural
figures show that to be a thriving
community, which is building both
homes and schools. If the other
thirty-two school districts show up
as well in their reports, Quay
county will not only have schools
for the education of our children,
but they will be farming for a profit,
and 60,000 to 150, oooacres will be
in cultivation before 1908.
A Double Wedding.
Judge R. L. Patterson pulled off
a double wedding at his residence
last week. The contracting parties
were John M. Hedge.-ocke to Miss
Lela Elkins, and Roy Smithers to
Miss Annie Elkins, all of Endee.
Mr. and Mrs. Elkins accompanied
the parties and were present at the
The Rock Island Eating House
is changing into a Southwestern
institution and is netting ready for
elaborate improvements.
The Carter & Taylor Ice Factory
is now ready for business and will
have the product on the market
next week provided no bad luck
overtakes them.
The Highland Park Addition on
the Marcus property south of town
is being platted and will be on the
market in the near future. The
site is an ideal one and the incor
poration behind the enterprise is
coiner to have a par!: and other
modern improvements out there
which will make the addition a very
desirable residence district.
A new addition to Tucumcari on
the south was surveyed and laid
off into town lots Thursday. The
tract is the eighty acres of the
Cooper homestead south of town
and adjacent to the Barnes Ad
dition. The property is in the
hands of Wright, Sherwood (SCo.,
and they will put it on the market
next week.
Subscription $1.00 a year.
The Railroad Situation.
As yet there is little to say about
the railroad situation. There are
about twenty-four teams and scrap
ers here excavating and leveling
up for thirteen additional tracts
north of the present right-of-way,
and the engineering corps is locat
ing round house and shop site.
The News has not learned what
sized round house the company in
tends to build, it was reported at
first that thirty stalls would be put
in, but this has not been verified
by the company, and our guess is
that if we get twenty we will have
a good many. Alamogordo had only
fourteen-stall round house and
the company worked five hundred
men, so if we get twenty we will
have a pay roll here that will make
Tucumcari the busiest town in
New Mexico on the Southwestern
and Rock Island systems. The
railroads have bought property
anywhere it was for sale and have
asked few questions as to the price,
they mean business and are getting
ready to do business and the busi
ness is here to do, all classes of
real estate has advanced and the
bulls still control the market.
There is much speculation as to
the location of the passenger and
freight depots, but the most reli
able information that we can get
is that the passenger depot will be
somewhere about the coal chute
crossing and that the freight depot
will be on the site of the present
freight and passenger depot. But
it will make little difference where
these are placed, Main street prop
erty is leading and will be good
from the light plant to sev
eral blocks beyond W. A. Jack
son's office. It is a fact, however,
that Tucumcari is destined to be
a railroad center, and the Choctaw
and the Southwestern and Rock
Island will join shops here and a
Union depot. This will be a freight
and passenger division and the
home of many railroad men. It is
understood that the track from
here to Santa Rosa will be turned
over to the Southwestern in July,
and that the division will be es
tablished at that time. This means
that Tucumcari will jump from
3,000 to 5,000 and maybe 6,000 in
habitants by the first of the year.
The Tucumcari Nfiws issued a
very creditable special edition last
week containing twenty-eight pages
The issue is illustrated with num
erous pictures of that town and the
surrounding country and a great
deal is said of each. Las Vegas

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