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Low-.ej6d Americans.
Of mnny perplexing clmnicteristio
of thy Americun clvlllnn not the
Btrnuest is his abhorrence of color In
tils dress. Ills raiment suggests
dreary, leaded skies, wIld-Krown
tiwnini) land nnd smoke-choked lak
Urbors. Lot ono appear upon tho
itreet with a chnmcleon tie or a cln
iabar-dyed waistcoat and the police
.onsldor It just to "rim him in" foi
blocking trufllc.
No man on earth Is more fanciful
Imaginative and Inherently poetical
than tho American. Yet it is one of
his stock jokes to point to the Eng
lishman, who, though so matter-of-fact
and commonplace of mind, drupes
himself In broad, vivid checks. The
Frenchman considers It no offense to
wear long, chisel-shaped pink shoes
and cravats like the pennant of a
Yacht club. Tho Russian and Lapland
emigrants offset a bearing of hapless
melancholy nnd confusion with bravo
red boots and prismatic mufflers. Even
the Scot, dwelling in u land of fog uno
rain, rounds off a nween of scarlet
heard with a bonnet running tha gam
it of the spectrum.
That the American has really in his
hnart an ambition for color is appar,
r.nt in the uniform he assumes upot
occasions of secret society meetings,
the encampments of militia, and in hi
good nature over the bills of his wo
men folks. When proper excuse is
given him he can riot in chromatics
that would dull iho following of tin
lord of an Indian principality.
tfhy Maratoj? mJ a Contr.oution.
Russell H. Mirston, proprietor ol
iBtaurants, lives In Centervllle, Cape
Cod, and when the church committee
xere soliciting funds for a clock for
lie Congregational Church they hesl
ated about asking him to give, on the
eround that he was not a )rotessor
if religion nor even nn attendant on
ivine worship.
They finally overcame their scru
ples, and in reply to their requests ho
javo them a very liberal amount, say
fig, ''I wont you to have the tru
Imo i.iit.sfdo, If you don't inside"
Mrs. W. IN. Crofford
Teacher of piano
and harmony
Residence 3rd
Phone 172
and Eyestrains
MANY who for years have
suffered intensely from
chronic sick Headaches,
using drugs of all kinds with
out benefit, having found im
mediate and permencnt relief
in properly adjusted glusses,
because eye strain wad the
cause. We remove the cause
and our cure is lasting.
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Louis Yaseen
Tucumcarix JVetv Mojrico
Students Crewd Its Reading Roam n4
Investigate Various Subjects.
In the reading room of the British
museum the desks are crowded wita
jtmvntfl all day long, and In addition
to tho books of reference some- 20,008
In number, whlsh fill tho open shelves
it tho room, from 3,000 to 4,000 vol
int aro given out every day. Theot
'rv n a wide sense, Including tho Bl
ole. biblical literature, church history
ir ' works on the religious riteB and
ormonlcs of all races and creeds, is
nslly at tho head of the list, with
ibout 300 volumes. Topography
'omes next, with about twonty fewer,
Mid of theBO books on Ixmdon amount
10 a quarter, books on English topog
wMy to another quarter, the other
belnR for the rest of the world.
History and blopraphy come next,
English history being mostly in de
mand, and bookB on Franco and tho
French province second.
Essays, criticisms and miscellaneous
literature take the fourth place and
aro followed by fiction not less than
Ave years old moral philosophy, poet
ry and the fin arts, tho drama. la
md philology, polltcnl economy and so
on down to politics, mathematics and
chemistry, which have about forty
relumes apiece, and lastly works on
naval and military subjects, which sol
loin have more than three or four vol
unic - each. It Is a curious list and
thro'-.s a useful light on the sort of
studies taken up by the readers In
ho muBeun. London Qlobe
Copies of Popular Books Sell Into the
People here are so accustomed
repird Russia as an illiterate inu
wys the London Telegraph, that they
will probably be surprised to learn
'hut a popular book at a low price
ins been known to reach a sale of
2,000,000 copies within a few rronths
.f its appearance. Such Is the vld
it.y with which the Slav reader seizes
jpon what appeals to him. In no
ther country, moreover, have writers
been called upon to suffor for their
'lterary opinions as in Russia. Tho
story of manv of them Is a veritable
martyrdom. Novlkoff, tho first mod
)m writer, whom the Metropolitan of
Moscow termed "the best Christian ho
'.vor knew," was Immured for fifteen
rears In the Schluesselbcrg, and camo
out a broken man. Labzln was im
prisoned and exiled. Rudischeff in
trtla ended his own life by suicide,
.ylcof was hanged with five other
'trspor writers by Nicholas I. Pushkin
rvould have died in exile but for being
killed in a duel, and Lertnontoff was
iIeo killed when In exile, at the ago
of 27. Odoevskly was broken by
twelve years' hard labor in a Siberian
convict prison. Polezhaeff was con
demned to 1,000 strokes with the has
.'nado and twenty-fivo yer.rs' service
tu a penal regiment and u similar fato
was roserved for Shevchenko. The
list could bo extendwd to cover a page
Fine Private Art Collection.
In Springfield, Mass., In a private
art collection tho largest and most
varied owned by any ono individual in
the country. It is the property of G
W. V. Smith, who has spent over
fifty j ears In getting it together, and
It Is ranked with the New York Metro
polltun museum and the Wallar.n mu
seum of London.
Survivors of Massacre.
Mrs. Ahbie Gardener Sharp, the soli
wrvlvor of tho Spirit Lako raassucro
of 1857, is living at Pillsbury Point,
Lake Okoboji, la. With the proceed
of the history of that event sho pur
chused her home on the lake.
Trouble Brings Wrinkles.
Recent pictures of tho cxar and the
eearinn Indicate that both have aged
within the last year. This, however,
Is more true of the czarina than of tke
Buy lots in this New Town before the Rail
road arrives, and get them cheap and make a hand
some profit.
They will Advance 100 per cent by
the time the Railroad is Finished
All kinds of Tucumcari Business and Resi
dence Lots bought and sold, also Relinquishments
and Patented Lands. See us before you buy,or write
awBMBMi mmmmmm wmmmmm mm
Real Estate and
Agents for "COOPER VIEW"
Acreage. City Property and Deed
ed Lands for Sale. We make a Spec
ialty of Relinquishments. If you
have property for sale, list it with us.
Reference, First
I Office, East Main Tt9
L, mut , TTTimai
I r UmiiliT Mnr
Rental Agents
National Bank.
mu in mi i f

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