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She ffucumeari Views
VOL. 11, NO. 1
HtamUrd Oil, J. P. Morgan, 11, C. Friclr;
and Ucorgo Qould Appoar to
lliwo Coutrlbtitod $100,000
Each In 1U01 Dixon
Provokes Row
Washington, lift, l!. Four contribu
tions of HUO,000 each from John 1).
Atehbnld, of tho Staudiird Oil Company;
.i. I'. Morgan Co., II. ('. Flick, uutl
George J. Gould, woie mime to tho ro
publicnii campaign fund of IHUI, ac
cording to record-, of the latt) Cornelius
X. Itliss which passed tlnotigh tilt hands
of George It. Shi'lilou, trciisuior of tho
HlllS republican committee, who tosti
lied today before tlio senate cuinuilttoo
investigating cinnpuign expenditures.
Mr. Sheldon snid Mi. Hliss gave him
n more detailed statement of 1HU1 funds
t Im I lie noted "these lurgc oiitrilui
tions," mid tluit he whs posit ivo no roc
on! appeared of the lnii,iii)(i Archbold
contribution having been returned.
With equal poitivcticss he swore
that the record showed that the dis
puted Kdwnrd II. Ilnrriiuuu fund of
$2-10,011(1 h:nl been icceivod by .Mr. Hliss
for the New York republican state com
jnittee. headed by . H. O'Dell, dr.
Senator Dixon, mnnngcr of Hooso
Mdt ' campaign is digging up too nnii'li
Stuff for the Colonel's health. The glusi
house suylng is true in this ease as it
wo in the olden time when it originated
In other winds " Vour sin will surely
find you out." Or blp "I" and little
'yr.ii" lias paired its day of usefulness.
People who follow off after strange
god are sometime led astray and in
nni opinion it ii better to leave well
enough alone and get into the Taft
baud wagon.
On ne.t Friday. Oi-t. II, HU'J, tho
public schools and its trien-is will join
tu the eolobrntion ot Libinry Day for
this .school year. Kaeh teacher and her
pupils are busily engaged in making
plans to have this occasion the best in
the histo-ty ol the schools. The follow
ing will be the onlei of programs, all
of whleh will be given in the auditorium
at the High School.
2:00 p. in. program by the (hades
of Central and North Side.
Jh.'IO p. in. I'rogram by the (hades,
below Eighth", at High .School.
Ts-I." p. in. Program by High School.
Each of these programs will consist
of music readings, songs and plays, ap
pelate for the occasion. The public, Is
invited to them, and will be admitted
without charge.
In addition to the program, there will
lie an endless variety of things going
on for tlio purpose of interesting the
pattous in the addition of hooks to our
nubile ndiool librai v. Moo-ths and the
usual sideshows for attracting the vis
itnr will be found, and with them the
pleasant smiles of the young Indies and
Not only will the whole undertaking
be planned to the end that the day be
full of fun and entertainment for the
mod versatile, but ouch one who visit-i
will be Invited to conlrilmto a book or
bonks that tuny help in the proposed
addition to the library. There are no
dnubt many bocks in the community,
that would be of great value to this
cause, and that the owner would not
lill.s much, because they have been read.
These will lie appreciated by the library
folk, and will lie gratefully received
by them.
It i of t on the case that mine one
of the city would like r.-ne of the pnpu
lnr novels of the dav. If there are those
who have one, and will eontiibute the
bonk, they will favor some one now. nnd
will help build for the future. Perhaps
there are persons who would like to
give the price of a book they wisli add
ed to the library, and till will be the
occasion to do It.
The whole plnn is to give all rf tin
the opportunity to do whnt we can to I
help in a common cause for the good
nf the reading community. This enn
be ilfitio by helping to make a little mon
ey to buy books, or by giving the bonks,
or money to buy bonks.
We are informed that Congressman
If, It, Fergussoii will visit Tuciimuari
un Tuesday, Oct. Sth. l.et all make It
li point to give him a hearty welcome
and show to him thereby our nppro
elation of his ellicient work in congress
for hi constituents,
Kint.i llnsn, N. M. Sept. :io. 'I ho ar
rival iiiit t mlii v in tho custody of ilop--it
y sheriffs of Mrs. .1. K. (,'nrloy, night
'eli-graph opciatoi fur the Santa li
Itnilwns Company at Kiciudo u station
u the Helen cut-off between Vaughn
urn! I'ott Sumner, brought thu lii.it do
'uils m' it double tragudy at Hicaido,
Saturday afternoon, in which (iuorge
lli'i.iliugliiim, a bushier? man, was shot
and hilled by Mrs. Cnrloy and Miss
'out Ximniciman, postmistress at Kic
ardo, probably fatally wounded. Mrs.
'nrley is mw a prisoner in the county
iail here, held without bail.
Tin- tragedy, which claimed the life
if Htislinghaiii and may also cost the
life of Miss Ciiniiioriiinii. was the climax
if ti feud, or neighborhood ipmrrel be
ween the Ciule.v family and Hrisliiig
mm ami Miss Xiiumeriunii, ex'oiiding
iver several weeks,
According to the stories of resident
-if Hiitirlo. iind the story told by Mrs.
''arley, tlu-ie had been ill-feeling foi
nine week between the two vietluis
ml herself, dating back to a iiuarrel
iver a cow owned bv tho Cnrloys.
whicii got loose and trespassed on Miss
Wmiiieininn 's property. At the time.
Miss Zimmerman and Hrislinghniu are
lleged to have threatened to shoit the'
ow but wete dissuaded from doing so (
by Mrs. Carley. who arrived iinon the
-cene with a small target rifle, and, it
s-iiil, toll them It they shot the cow
die would shoot them.
I'll w quarrel icsulted in some one,
iresnmably Hriilingham and Mi Zim-
merman reporting Mrs. ('nrley to the
livision superintendent at Clovis, with 1
the result that that nlhrinl is said to
uive written her a letter sevetely rep
initialling her. This letter incensed Mrs
''nrley grently and aroused in her a bit
er hatred for those whom she believed
eported her.
A few day ago the father of Mis
Ziinniormnn is snid to have brought a
ouple of watermelons to the station
placing them on the platform. He went
away, and Carley, in a spirit of fun.
is said to have painted them with stripe
When Zimmerman returned for the mel
ius he was greatly angered by the up
iiscd jnle and threw the melons on the
-.'round, destroying them.
Sntiirday afternoon, while Carley.wluv
is the day agent for the Santa Fe. nt
Iticnrd", was working on the wire, lie
got a message from the Superintendent,
so the story goes, notifying Mr. Parley
that n relief operator wa on the way
to Ricardo and that she was no longer
in tho company's employ. Her husbnnd
immediately handed the message to her.
die being In the vllice at the time.
Mrs Carley, who was very proud of
ier position and took great prldn in it,
fob the disgrace of losing it keenly,
mil if her story, told in jail hero today.
is to be believed, it suddenly unbalanced
her mind. She says that she opened
the drawer of her desk in which lie
kept a revolver, ao-l taking the weapMi
-nil. examined it. She ay she made up
her mind to It -II 1trilinghnm and Miss
.imiiiei iiiaii. whom she blamed for the
Ion of her position, but on second
thought dei-ided this would not be right.
From that inoiueiii until she wa abn-ard
he train bound for Santa Itosa in charge
of the ollb-er who arrested her, she
claims hoi mind was a blank and that
until then she di-l not realize what she
I IIH done, the details of the tragedy
omliig back to her as if in a dream.
It is presumed that Mrs. Carley. on
eeing Hi ilingham walking loward the
postr.Ulco across the street. Just at the
time she had been untitled of her dis
charge, wa seized with a mania for
revenge, for she went dirertly across
tho street to the postotlice. Filtering
it, she II rod two shots at Miss .burner-
num. who was attending to her work as
postmistress. One bullet struck her In
the forehead, hut wa deflected. The
n-ther pierced her rigto- lung. Hrlling
ham then rushed into the oil Ice ami
Mr. Carley, it is ehl, turned upon him.
shooting him through the breat and the
uhdomeii, inflicting mortal wounds, fioin
I which lie died afterward.
Mi. Carley then walked out of the
olllce and back to the station, where
he was arrested nr.'ii after, offering no
Her husband -lectures she was insane
jut the time of the shooting nnd persons
who talked with hoi thought so too,
The grand jury, which was to have
been discharged inlay, has been held
lu session until tomorrow . when It Is
expected to Investigate the tragedy
with a view to teturning an indictment
against Mrs. Carley. Numerous wit
nesses have been suninioned from II It
ardo, Including Carley, husband of the
slnyor. Mis. Carley will probably be
formally arraigned tomorrow o-n tho
I charge of murder.
IT wiiii 1 I
Tin- K aus (.pL-ra Houmo manage
ment is eudi-aoiiug to book tho follow
ing company: "Folly of tho Circus."
It is too well known tu need comment,
but the prini-ipul feature now, is to iind
how many tickets eaii be sold at $2.00
ouch, as they teqime a guarantee of
t.(io to visit Tiicunicnri. '''ho thcatro
going public is rcoucstcd to cull and
sign -i list, stutiug how many tickets I
they will use at $'2M0 each, and the lists
will be tnuiiti at tlio loilowing iiincos:
Fint State Hank. Phono 12.'t
Fiist National Hank, Phone P.1.
Millei Drug Store. 1 'Ionic .'100
FlU Drug Store, Phone 110
Mrs. F.vnns, Phono 74
If they eomc, it will be tho night of
Dec i, 10112, mid it is desired by Mr.
Fvaus to know at once, so as to close
the dealt foi an engagement.
A great many an anxious for this
plendid show to visit us. and it dopends
wholly on the number of tickets sold,
so please get busy at oneo.
Wellington. Kansiis. fpt. .'tu. The in-
estigation into tho mystery surround
ing the murder of Thoosloro Mt-Knelly,
wife, ami Is year-old dauglitei here
last Wedue-ilay practically is at a
standstill. It U probable that Otto Mc-
Knelly, tin- -'l yearold -on of the iiuir-
loied mini will be released from cus-
ody soon, a there i not sufficient evi-
lence to warrant trying t ho youth on
lie charge of slaying his family.
The coroner's .jury unit tulny nnd im-
mediatelv adjourned until Wednesday.
If by that time the ollleer have not
found some evlileiice the i-hurge against
he bov will be dismissed.
The funeral services for the victims
of the murder were held yesterday at
ternnon. IN-v. (). L. Smith conducted
the ceremony. In company with n dep
ot v sherill. Oto McKnelly attended the
tuneral. The boy wept during the core-
W. W. Schmiiin. attorney for Mc
Knelly, will Hie an application for a
writ of habea i-orpu. it is -.aid, if the
voolh is no' released soon.
.loso Taylor who is charged with two
cases of cattle stealing and one of horse
stealing, was arrested in Dimuiitt Co.
To.niis, and was returned hero Thursday
night ami placed in the watehcare of
Sheriff Ward. Deputy Sheriff Fred
White In ought him Mifely some 1200
The ciise of D. and Albert Smith is
-el for tomorrow (Saturday). They
aie charged with larceny of sheep, Wool
is high now you know, under present
prices of our Republican administration
This would not ca..se larceny, however.
The band concert was enjoyed last
nlglit by several hundred people, and
the progress the band has made, seems
tn be appreciated by our citizens.
W. K. Dust in is up from Kl Paso.
g... ,
ii-- .
.i .-use, N. Y. Or-t. :l.-Willit!gi Sul
lepresoiitutivu in ;ongrossfroin
York Cltv, was nominated for
nor early this morning by the dem
- stuto cnuvoiitioii. It was thu
seM-iitli Mine lie had been a candidate
I.M !n iioiui.iiition. Mr. Sul.or win-do-
lni'i'd the - hoioo of tlio purty on
tin- ii-iirth ballot, after tho riamo of
('overnor Dix had boon withdrawn.
Martin lilynn wns
lieutenant governor.
nominated fr
Newport, It. I. (. 2. Au explosion
on tiu- torpedo iioat -lostroycr wantc,
near Newport, yesterday afternoon, re
tml'cd in u toll of three lives and the
serious injury of six others, nil of whom
weie literally boiled alivo by escaping
-learn. (Ireat heroism was shown by
the crow lu rescuing their dead and dy
ing comrades.
The explosion occurred in tho forward
end of tho port turbine, off Hrontou's
reef lightship late yesterday. Lieut.
Donald P. Morrison, tlio chief engineer
nas killed anil eight others wore wound
ed, two of tFToin, -I. W. Htimpf nnd II.
I.. Wilder, both mechanic mates of the
hospital ship Solace.
I!. It. Crawford, gunner's mate of tho
lestroyer; Patterson, one of the um
pires named to watch the speed tosts
of the Walke. and John Delauey, a tlrst
lass llreman. of tlio Wnlke, are in a
critical condition. Others injured are:
Lieut. Kobort L. Montgomery, of tho
destroyer Fanning and umpire of the
speed tests.
H. S. Kolley, chief machinist's mate
W. F. Crause, oiler.
F. H. Conwiiy. oiler.
The explosion ciimo just as tho Walke
started on a full speed test, In company
w'i'i other destroyers of the third group
A board of inquiry found that the
Wnlke 's port turbine wns destroyed.
The Wnlke was driving nheiul througl
the heavy seas with the full power of
her engine, when Lieut. Charles It.
Train heard a muffled roar nnd folt the
destroyer quiver. Her speed slackened
and she begun to roll heavily, while the
steam poured up tlio hatchways.
Somebody, without an order, turned
off the steam in both engine rooms,
while rescuers, with blanketH soaked
with oil. went down Into the scnlding
ltmosphere. They located the explosion
vidian, rolled them in blankets am
staggered back to the deck before the
room had been cleared of stenm.
After a boat from the Porklns hnd
flit hnspitnl stewnrd ChnrleR McCullongli
and four men with a supply of mnndages
aboard. Lieut. Train, finding his stnr
bnnrd eiiginr working nil right, signaler
the other ship that assistance was not
nee-led and. under half power, put back
up Xnrrugnnsotl bay to the hospital shij
Solace, where the wounded men were
Whether Liout. Morrison wns killed
by the blow on tho head when the head
casing nf the turbine split, could not be
learned. Ills body wns found nonr the
bnlkhend pump, nnd it Is bellovcd ho
died instantly.
The following 1 a brief statement of
what a ptibln library -biei fr a town
1. Cumpleti-M its cducittinuiil equip
ment, carrying on and giving perma
nent value to the work of tho schools.
2. flives tho children of nil classes n
chaiu'e to know and love the best in lit-
1 i-mture. Without the public library
ueli n elinnee is limited to tho vory few
.'1. Mluimies the sale and reading of
vlelons literature in tlio community,
thus promoting mental and moral on
ergy and health.
I. Kfforta n great saving In uionoy
to every render In the community. The
library is tho application of common
sense to tho problem of supply nnd -le-maud.
Through it every render in the
town can soeuro nt a given cost of from
100 to 1,000 times the materinl for rend
ing or study that he eonld serure by net
ing Individually.
G. Appealing to all elnsse. sects and
degrees of intelligence It is n strong
unifying factor in the lift of a town.
fl. The library is the ono thing In
which overy town, however poor or iso-
a lud can have something as good and
inspiring us tho greatest city can offer.
Rltlior Hoston nor New York can pro
vide hotter books to Its readors that
the humblest town library can easily
own and supply.
7. Slowly but Inevitably raises the
ntellectual tone of a place
A-lds to the materinl value of prop
erty. Real estate agents in the suburbs
i -if large cities never fail to advortise
j i he piesenco of n library, if thoro he
I "lie. a giing value to the lots or hoiison
I i hi-v da ve for sale.
Last Friday evening an excursion of
in representative men from Ki Paso and
as Cruce passed through here on their
way to Dalliart, Pueblo, Denver and
alt Lake, where they attended the 20th
Irrigation Congress and thev were tin
b-r the nu.spii-es of tho Kl Paso and Las
'nice Chambers of Commerce nn-1 Wa
fer Users' Association.
They occupied two Pullmnns.
New York, N. Y. Oct. 1.- V. N. Shu-
mm ker, former truffle mm tiger nf tho
',1 Paso & Southwestern system, now
tralllc manager of the American Smelter
i nd Refining Co. ts to be the now vice
president in charge of ojioratlon of tho
southwestern system, according to the
ports in railroad circles here.
No ollli ial ai'iiouuceiiient I as yet boon
made of the reported apiiwnt inonl.
Neither have the duties of the now ofll-
ial been outlined. It is said here, how
er. that he will be in charge of all
nf the operation for the entire south
west with headquarters here.
W. F. Hays, of Chicago, and also of
e eland, who is assistant general timo
iiporintemleiit uf l.'iu.mm miles of rail
way. including the Rock Island line.was
here Saturday, ami by orders of Webb
Hall, the general time Inspector, ap
pointed R. F. Lomnx Co. of Tucuincarl,
ocal watch inspector of the H. P. &
i. W. and Rock Island Tines, and Mr.
Hnrgers is now on the job between hero
and Kl Paso, traveling in a motor car,
inspecting watches of operators and
section foremen, while Mr. A. D. Poster
ha charge of the local work In Tu
On Wednesdny. Oct. U, 1012, nt 10
'clock the editors will have a mooting
. S.I , . t. I .
iii tin- l omiuercitii i inn rooms, u is
iesired that a full attendance be pres
ent, a mi all New .Mexico eilltors tire re
quested to be present witli their wives
or sweethearts, as tho case may be, nnd
much business nf interest to the craft
in general will bo considered. All wht
an should attend.
Collinswoith county, Texas, is in need
of cotton pickers. Those desiring work
of that Uiu-i can find it there.
We are informed thnt after the jury
had been out six hours, it returned stat
ing that McNabb should be acquitted.
It will be remembered that he wns
charged with having killed Herbert liar
lis at Vaughn. The ense was tried nt
santn Rosa.
Mr. and Mr. Mc.Nabb came up last
e eiiing on No. HI; she was bound for
Kansas, where her people and her lit
tle girl reside; and Mr. McNabb left
this morning for Amarillo, in company,
with Mr. Wnlkor.
IL B. Kroft of Kansns City, ts spend
lug a few dnys In town,
The District Court of tho Eighth Judi
cial District of the Htato of New
Mexico, Sitting for Trial of
Cases Within and for
tho County of Quny
We, your Urand Jury, duly mpunnol
oil, sworn and vhurgod, do hereby make
tins uui tiiinl report tu thu courts
We hRe boon in session for six days
oiniuoncing uu the i!3rd day uf Sop
teuibur, 1!U-', and continuing until the
present tiniu.
Wo hiivu earnestly inquired into nil
offenses, against tho laws ol tho Statu
uf Now Mexico which have cuiiiu tu uui
knuAvledyo, and have returned into eourt
twenty four indictments.
Wo Iind that thu laws of tho statu
are being, generally uuforcod throughout
our county, and that no crimes of a se
rious nature hao boon perpetrated save
and oxcopt thoso for whieh we have re
turned indictment.
Wo And that thoro nro n largo num
ber of pouplo within the County uf
luay who are failing or refusing in
send their children to school m is by
law provided, ansl wo have directed thu
District Attorney to file rnl'orumtion
against thoso part;'-- whom tho facts
disclose to us us being guilty of such
Molation.s, and wo hnvo furthor direct
ed him to proMiotito nil such casus.
Wo hnvo isitod the evurily jail arid
Ibid that tho sauio is kept in first-class
condition, and wo wish to hcHrtily jirnisu
sherill Ward for I ho manner m which
ho has boon conducting hist olllce.
Wo hnvo visited the othor olllces and
Iind the sumo to bo kept up to tho ut
most otlicioucy possible under existing
laws an-l conditions.
Wo recommend to the Court and to
iio County Oommisioners of Quay coun
ty that thu cells in the comity jail be
raised in order that there enn bo prop
r ventilation obtuiuod by tho prisou
ers. As tho colls now aro it scouts tu
us that the chiuigo wo recommend
should be by all momis mndo.
Wo find that thoro nn- about lift con
r twenty merchants, and others on
gaged in occupation within Quay comity
who novo not paid thoir occupation tax
as is by law provided, and hnvo not
obtained license to do business. We
have turned this mnttor ovor to the
District Attorney with Instructions to
bring suit in all pm-por ensos nnd com
pel the violators of this law to comply
We wish t thank the Court for tlio
ousideration ho lias shown during our
session and to thank tho sheriff for the
ellicient manner in which ho hn3 obtain
ed evidence and witnesses for us, and
we further wish to nrnlso tho sheriff
iu his enrnest running down nnd pros
"i-ition nf cow nnd horse thlpves in
viuay county.
We ansure the Court thai ivb havo
finished our IiiImts nnd wo oaruoatK
ik th-it we bo discharged from further
Inties at this session of tho court.
Respectfully submitted,
Quay County Grand Jury
P.y A. B. Simpson, Foreman
Following Is n list af the Grand Jury-
I. W. Mauser. Will McCadda, O. F. Ed
Ier, M. D. Freeman, Kd. Brnoo, W. A.
Dodsnn, H. M. Porter, Joso Tafoyg, Tom
'anion. Tomas Lope?. .Im Gardner, E
W. Hnwen. Tom Lnwson. D. F? Qusle.v.
I. A. Terrel. Guy Farmer, 11. P. White
side, Lee Sherwood, A. H. Finip3on, W.
IL Roberts, A. W. Town.
The foremnn was A. li. Simpson. The
grand jury completed its "ork nnd ad
jonrne.l last Satnrdnv afternoon.
Hon. F. 1 Saxon says ho do-js not
believe the report Is true, that Prof.
Wilson ha withdrawn from tho rnec.
in favor of President Tuft. Hy tlio
wny of explanation we will tmy nn tie
count of the present high cost of liv
ing, high tariff, high wage., etc. that
it lias been suggested that for the snko
of economy, Prof. Wilson withdraw from
the race in favor of President Tnft.
the gentleman of great avoirdupois,
n-d who wears a stnllo thnt will nor
come off, thereby saving the oxponso of
election ldnnks, and tho old olllcerh
hnvo kindly consented to hold ovor, but
Mr. Saxon enn't quite aeo it that way,

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