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ffueumeari Tlews
VOL. 11. NO. 2
Republican State Clinirmnii Declares
That Ptirty 1h Moving As Unit
for 1 1 i k ElcoMon
I t.-rluMi W. Clark of I h Vegas diaii
inn ti of tln Republican ilnto committee,
.lino to Albuquerque for sovernl hour
i business tiip competed with Hie
i mnpalgn, lonvnig t Ills lifto-minii on No.
. nmphlan, Inn vine fill nftoruoi.u mi No.
tor hl headquarters in Santa IV.
"Mr. .In fro," said Mr. Chirk. "Is go
iiijj ? curry 'ew M li hy majority
which will kin. tt-i rli Ills strongest
'i" , lt . tt ml '" end nf tln
. . . i, . .hi M . . i ', . . it. i Mi t In-
.1 ml .' i ,ii.'ii h till
i. ., t i-i i n j li-i ti ii i merits ami hi
- j 'III I ' l S lh'l 'l, lltll ot
the Keliulilicau v ei ! tin- s utr. Mi.
.I'lll'.'i n ii :i I in. i. liu 1 1 III- .1 llit i
ii pi "ii. nt i it u 'ii- ti l ii'piiii'iit ( tin
.lie Mini in- kih'Wii pnsitii-ni in fa
mm nt piutPL'l'fti'' the haii- imliist rie.
.!' New Mcxirii, are winning him hun
Ire. is of votes without liquid tn party
line-. His election i ali.niliiti'ly sure.
' I think, al.so, that we may .iafel"
.hmIii that Mr. Tuft will carry the
state. Our reports from every county
indicate that Mr. t KonseveH strength.
lioro he had tiny suppon at all, ts fad
iny awny. Mr. Wilson is ereatinti little
ciilliiislii'li) aiiioti heiniicriits. while the
president in Kaininjj with the voters ev
Hy day. Wi are oinsj tn mahe a stronj;
yyiOKsixe campaign and we are noitif
in win. Kepiildican New Mexico it
united not only for the party hut for
tin- litiidtiesN iulfii'sls mid I'ont iniii'd
prosporlty of the state. Mr. Taft will
yet the electors from New Mexico and
Mr. Jaffa will no to connres. "
I'll Paso, Texas. Oct. 7. The military
maneuvers tu be presented by the va
rious bodies of the I'nited States army
in arrisonat Port Hliss on the second
lay of the Os-Aple .luhilce. the annual
fall festival of III Paso to lie held on
October -I and W. will be the
grandest ,.er witnessed in the South
west, liris. 'Men. Hilyar Z. .:eever,
ciiniinandlu" Hie Department of Texas
ii ml the various comma mleis at the post
have entered actively Into the spirit of
the festival and will lend all their fnrcej
not un duty on the border patrol for
tho parade and review.
There will be omethiot: new for the
sightseers pvery hour durinj.' the three
days' jubilee. The .nrnivnl will be
tnriniilly opened on the niirht of Oct.
when Chief Os-Aple mid his queens
will arrhe in San .Incinto plaza from
Mount Kru tilt I in- A arnml ball, which
will mark the opening of the sorial
season of 111 Paso will celebrate the
coinlni! of the royal party.
On Weduesdny. October 2!t. tho an
ii will Os-Aple street fair will be npetied
with ceremonies. In the aftemoR-n the
largest Industrial parade ever organ
ied here will be presented by the man
ufniitnrers. inbbers and retailers, It Is
to be eniiiprlsod of more than fifty
bciintifullv decorated floats, e-eortod
by tlio many bodies of organized labor
of tfio cltv and dvtc societies. At
night the Sous-Apple parade, the an
mini "high jinks" of Ml Paso's young
er set, will move through the main
streets, milking fun for the crowds.
After tho morning military pngennt
on Thursday. Oct. 21. a base ball so
ries will begin at Washington Park
between teams from the three adjoin
lag states, the winners to receive very
handsome prizes. At Port Bliss In tho
afternoon :t grand teview mill dicss
pamdc will ln presented 1 tin' Hi In in
r, cavnliv iiihI artillery, .in i n 1 1-rent inj-r
fell'lile "if which will l' 'In "Irill In
music il tin- Twenty second iul'init ry.
tin- i' in i k foul regiment of tlio country.
I In i I concerts In tlic plazas mill parks
will help (t enliven the day.
On Friday, Oct. 2o, the last day of
the . nriiivnl, there will lie baseball
game at the park, concert nt the street
fair mnl (.'rami Os-Aple parade at nigh..
In the parade Chief Os-Aple ami hl
queens will he escorted by a procession
of civic ami military bodies am the
carnival spltit will run viol. The pa
tion saint of III Pnsu will lie liiililen
farewell In a Maze of pvrntechnlcs, tit
he waves his adloux and disappears t
his (.-rent retreat in the big mountain.
Interesting exhibits of articles ininli
and rJd hy Ml Paso's leading firms, n
kennel show ami hundreds of other fen
tore will make up the street fair and
"midway. "
Special rtito will be quoted hy al
he ini'mads entering Ml P.'iso and i'
is expected that the atteiidanee wit.
ri :it I v exceed nt of Inst year tit the
sir,n. .hiliiliv.
Robbers ring Train With Red Lantern
and Escape With a Small Amount
of Booty
l'i Smith. Arli. Oct. lliiek I
ant Main No. 41. west hound, was held
. a it the express mid mail was rob
'., . mi-tilt n,.;ir Howe, Okln. according
i ! spn-eh from the station aetit
i- mud at lltilley llic Okla. Safe-
-I xpres ca were dynamited.
! .1 tn fin ii t stolen lias not been learn
i l'nssineis werp not molented
H".- is twenty-tlve miles .south of
Poi-nu. where a KmiMis City Southern
nun was held up a few days aro.
The t tain was stopped on a curve in
led iut midway between Wister
iH Howe. The lobbers h tilted tlie
'i inn with a red lantern.
They have I n located in n corn-
I ill' hi near isier- a iinrr i.s enriiiiic
there from Haileyx ille.
The eiiyine and bnufiatie ear were mi
oupled and tnlieii away at 10 p. tn. and
the ilynamitin" beyun, which con'in
ued until 1:'J1 a. in. While the men
seem to have secured a few hundred
dollars from the small safe, the larjje
safe, containinj! fo.000.00 refused to
viold up its valuables and was taken
off at TCI l?eno on the Oth.
There is too much of this kind of
work cciii"! on. A Pullman was robbed
near Kansas City recently in which was
a Tuc.umenri itis'en whose loss is re
porte l t be woo.nn.
President Taft hns taken cognizance
of the political situation in California
mid it. his opinion as expressed in a
teleiram to (lustave H runner, chairmun
of the Republican Stute CmnpaiL'n Com
mittee of California, he said:
'I am sure if the regular Itepublican
party is to be denied right of franchise
through unjust nction of the machine
.. . . , I A
now in control ot (jninoruin pnuwes
their indefensible conduct must ulti
mutely react to their injury.
"Whatever you. do, I shall be grate
I'ol for your support.
Mr II. H. Ypargln has returned from
I'exas where he attended a family re-
union at Waverly. He says he hat
the time of his life. Met many old
time Tennesseeans, among them' W. P
Outlaw an old ncipinintance rf the News
dltor. ,
Mr. Vearuin brought bTrk several
curiosities mid hns several tdaced on
exhibition in the N'ewsiHce window
consisting of:
Palie plant, from which 'he fun de
rives; pnnicgrnnito, the kind whlcl
grows on treis and mentioned in tin
bible: chinkapins as they appeur on
the biiflit and some twisted sappllngs
which nnlure entwined: und "nine Inrge
pears. See thee while on display a
N'ews onice.
Tafova & liiiwson have two ads In
this i-sue for, ynttr Inspection for
Trades Day.
M. A. Akin lias just received a car
load of flour, and the price is strictly
light. Call on him.
Tho oldest daughter of h. G. Pearson
was npprntcd upon nt the Tuctimcarl
Hospital Saturday morning.
Miss Neva Sims was operated upon
nt the Tuciimcnri Hospital Tncsdny
morning and is piogresslng uicely.
Word WHS jll.-i received lici t- 1 1 1 ; 1 1 Boston WOll today's '
. .. , .
uninc (ti the Worlds ( 'linntpnuislup so hps with Now ,
v I im, r 4, i ni ii I mi !
rk. I lie scope whs . to .1. I his -ivos l.oston n lend ;
ni tnic turnip so I'm', but New YopU is noi loitin the Bonn
I'llltPI'S do il 11 f 111 MJL: but pbl.V llic hesi ball 1 liny kllOW.
,'llltl llicv ccl'tailllv CHI l0 snlnc. 1 1 ore'1 lioninii t.OI'
New York tomorrow.
Thirty Thousand Pcoplo Witness the
Third Game. .Murquard Wins His
Game and So Did Wood
New Yoik took Thursday's uiuu from
Huston, - to I, and tied tho score In
the world's championship suries. The.
famous Untie " Murquard, the (Hunts'
piti'hei. saved tiie day lor ins team unit
was cheered oven by the Hostcn rooter
lor his sphmilnl wntk. Hoth teams in, .iuuquerque way, aujiposeu 10 oe
pliiveti I ball, however, and the' 'he biust on of the state fair, prom
Hinali eore is the best tetntiiuony as ,
o tli iliaracter of the playinj;. Hos-
mi fhtiiiued battel ies in tho ninth. ,
1'hiee games have now been played.
Huston won the (list, by a scgtc of I
to :i; the second was it tie, the score-i
being ( to il; this game went 11 in
nings and was called on account of
Inrl.iiess; the mighty Mathewsnn wat
leiiig the pt'ehiog for New Vnrk, To'
day the teams me playing in New Vork.
I'he wot Id' chnmpic.li must win four
mme, so the series promises to run
on for seveinl day- yet.
It seems that these teams are about
;is evenly matched ns it i.s passible to
be, mid the winner will k.now its been
uii against something bv the limo the
Inst gnme hns been played.
New Spiuclcas Cactus is the Solution.
Congressman's Views Aftor Talk
ing With Plant Wizard
I. other Hnrbank ii Duncan Ii. McKiu-
lay 's solution nt' the high cost ot liv
"All the ecwiomists agree," he said,
tlmt the chief item is the high price
ot meats. Ami thoy all agree that the
meats me high beuuuso the Western
range s oue beciuise tho great plains
that iisel to grow cuttle and sheep so
cheaply me now turned into farms.
Hiii bank lias taken cactus, that old
prickly ciirkO of tlio phi ins that used to
grow spikes from one to three incheh
long and made it so smooth that y.m
can rub your face with it as you woulci
with a glove. And that is whore th
Milue conies in. h!ory wince of that
cactut is just as good for cattle, sheep
hogs ind chickens as alfalfa.
N'ow, cactus grows naturally all ov
er the sAinthwostorn states. It grows in
sand, and takes its sustenance from
the nil. Theto ale 2,5U0,UU0 acres oi
land in the luter-mciintaiu states own
ed by the government tliut will grow
that cactus naturally, without eultiva
t Inn -ind three billion acres of desert
in tho world,
"ThU is what I saw ut Hurbank'h
ulnce a week ai;o last Sunday: One
single acre on which there were ""Til!
tons o that cactus, mid the plants were
but thiee yours old. Think of where
the price of entile and sheep would go
if that much alfalfa could be raised to
.in aero.
"Think of the millions of acres that
are now waste, producing that cactufl
Instead of the imprsslble, prickly stufl'
that thoy now grow wild. T tell you
there Is the solution of tho cost of liv
ing. Huibank has furnished it."
On Mnndn.s of next week, seats may
be reserved at the Klk's Drug Store
for the Theobabli Concert Party wliluh
is to he at the I'vaus Opera llotiso next
Tuesday night, October Kith. This Is
under the direction of our High School,
and should receive a most liberal pa
tronage, ,
Good Roads Day Proved Banner One
Thus Fnr Hnrnoss Bacos, Baae .
ball Games Ete,
Albuquerque, Oct. lo. With thous
amis nt peoplu assembled here from ev
eiy s,., tion of Now Muxico, and addi
t tonal isitors by the hundreds arriving '
oil eei train last night, with more to
-oine un the early morning trains to-
"scs to set a new reconl tor atteuuanee
New Mexico's annual fair. Last
t the hotel and roouiiiiu houses
w tnkiug care of fair visitors by
pliiiing cots in the liall-wuys, while uu-
uieroiis residences were being thrown
"Inn t i giu- late arrivals a place in
uli, .-Ii w siiciid the night. Tho Al-
tiu;uerque spirit, However, manitest on
Me called upon to hear so fnr a a hotel
ami restaurant accouuuodatious uro con
cerned. WedneMlay. the third day of the fair
ami designated on i o program as the
Good Roads Day, w.-is the banner one
thus fnr in the attractions offered for
the entertainment of the visitors and
in the attendance, both at the park and
down town list night. For two hours
before the illuminated automobile pa
geaut, thousands lined either side of
Control avoinie for blocks, and by the
time the parade pushed along the linn
of march, the throngs had been nug-,
located until a solid mass of humanity
packed the thoroughfare from First to
sixth -t reo's, not to mention the crowds
along the streets intersecting.
Last Siiiulnv morning tho following
I left tor Albuquerque to uttend ledge
meeting then.
Mr. and Mrs. Leo Sherwood, Mr. and
Mrs. W. K. Wheeler, Mm. DeOlivera
mid Mr. Kirkpatrick. Hope they hac
a nice time.
New York, Oct. p. -Stilt to test the
light of tho government to enforco tint
fedetal newspaper law of August 2-1,
11112, was Hied in tho United States
district court here today by tho dour
nal of Commerce and Commercial Bill
let in Company, publishers of the Jour
mil of Commerce, against Pnstmuster
tleiiernl Hitchcock, Attorney General
Wickerslmm. I'nited States District At
torney Wlso and Postmaster .Morgan of
Now Vork. Tiie petitioner charge
tliut tho law is unconstitutional ami
prays for a temporary injunction re
straining its enforcement until final nil
incat inn.
The (juiiil Season docs not open un
'il November 1st. I have heard that
several people were killing quail now,
because they did not know of tho change
hi the law, and others wore deliber
ately violating the law.
I want to serve nrtico that anyone
caught at it will bo prosecuted accord
ing to law. Tho fine is not loss than
.'(l.0O or more than $100.00, or by jail
sentence, not less than thirty nor more
than ninety days, or by both fine and
jail sentence, at the discretion of the
court. O. C. CHAPMAN,
Deputy Onme Warden
Mrs. Kuene, nuo Biggorstnff, who has
been teaching horo has resigned nnd
will accompany her husband to Oklu-homo,
To Select Person to Represent Tuciun
carl nt the State Omtortral Con-
test nt Albuquerque,
The State Oratorical Association,
which meets la Alliii(iiurquu in connec
tion with the Now Mexico Kdticntlonnl
Association, is to have n representative
i the local high school, who will com-
pete for the honors awarded l.y tlio As-
.,. Ham. high school i the
state may send a representative, who
w,m M
fr"'" ",,,or '''t-'1' hooU of tho stnte'
on tho uvuitih(! frt' Thurnday, November
'. It will bo rememliero.l that last
voar tho ropresuntutlvo from Tuenmcari
was awarded second tduce in th con
, test; this year it is bclievoil wo linvo
excellent prospects o carry llrst hon
ors. Un next Tuesday evening, October 17,
the members and friends of tho Tucuin
ari lliiih School will select the por
son who will ropro.ont us at Albuquor
pie. Tho follffwitif! program has been
.minted for that oecnslon. All per
'urns who are interested in this cause
. are invited to bo present. A small nd-
mission will be charged and the funds
, nilet'ted will be used to dofrny tho ex-
peiises if the person who goes to Al-
imipierque. Pujills of the schools will
,,uv ten cents, and all others twenty-
1 five cents admission.
. ...
.'Onrootlng Sons IJ. C. llowluy
b linppy and Light
Kdward V. Hetnbault.
High School Glee Club
'"Th Old West and tho Now"
Stella Alford
Music Huby Heftse
Peace, the Policy ot tho nation
Karl Gcrhnrdt
'Tho Holntlon of Commerce and
tho Arts" Maple Naefits
"Amorlca's True Greatness
Leslie Beys
Piano Solo Mrs. O. I.. Hrown
.luilges' decision.
In order that all disturbance may be
reduced to the minimum, it is announc-
A th t ,0 one wll, 1)0 Emitted nfter
tho proprnm begins, except between
numbers. The program will begin nt
S o'clock sharp.
Mexico City, Moxlco, Oct. 2. Hubort
I.. Russell, manager of tho San Juan
Michis ranch in Durango, which is the
property of Allen C. McCaughan, Amer
icun vice-consul at that pluce, was mur
lered .Sunday night by the rebels.
Consul Theodore C. Hninin reported
the tragedy to the American onibas.
here in a cipher telegram which, by an
error in translation, wns llrst given out
by the embassy olliclals as Involving the
killing of Mr. Medtughun und Mr. Cliff
another Aniorieuu of Durango.
Ambassador Wilson immediately made
representations to tho government and
today received assurances that every
effort will be made to capture and pun
ish the murderers, forty federal sol
diers nio now pursuing thorn. Tho reb
els were commanded by Luis Caro.
McCaughan was appointed vlco coimnl
.it Durango, less than it month ago, on
Sept. 11, from Iowa and has boon in
his now office but a fow days. He la
a native of Dos Moinos, whero ho had
practiced law Por tho last IS years
he has been in the ranching and min
ine business near Durango. Ho has a
wifo mid three children.
Whitiuoro & Co. call special atten
tion to tholr iid. this week.
otto Udlor is seriously 111 at this
writing mid wo hope for his recovery.
We are informed that Judgo Leib
rendered a decision in favor if J. P,
Miller, in tho Russell-Miller case.
Wo will givo a moro complete state
ment of the court proceedings noxt
weok, as they are not to bo obtained
at this time.
P. .1. Cordos, at the Goldberg Tailor
simp has n dandy overcoat for small-
sized man. Call on him. Ho will soil
it at about one-half its vhIuo.
Indoe O. T. Toombs has purchased
I'he Clavton Cltlzon and will himself
n - -
fill tho edltorlnl chair of that papor.
ludge Toombs hns many frlonds horo
, iuong Quay county citizens, who wish
I i,i,n well in his lournnlistic career,
he Ik a plum good one at any ttndor
An Undorwood No. 4, good condition.
Cheap for cash. Apply Newa Offlco.
After All-Day Battle tho Sultan's Sol
diers tiro Compelled to Evacuato
Mountain and Retreat.
Podgoi ,iu, .Mouleiicgio, (Jet. I). Tk
Munieuugnu urniy opuns war agamil
lorkt'v ihib iiioramjj Uy atucKing u
t lUliy l urkiiu puiiltwii upfMMitv tkw
plui v. l'riJjcu l'etar, tbe ouag mm ui
King Niohola, ttratl ;tiu Hint srtut. Thu
mil Hie Mjjii.il lui tii.Kj; ull aluHg IU
line uuU an ruilry aunt uttwed. Wilh
Ui tueut ouo iniuules uv lurKisti gttits
iM-io tiloucud wd tho lum rolruatod
t rum tin-1 1 pwsitiou un Mwuut I'lairitn-
li uioa uu Turks nad vacuattd
ttic mouuiaiu. I'oitgornwi s the had-
ipiuiters oi tne .Montenegrin lurevs Ktitt
anna tnu onlliiiiimstiv ciierg of Ot
people, King Nicholas with Prinoa .M.r
KOi i,la sucond ton. and tin". rude earn
iu tiie iiiuuntains to survev ihu pusitifHa
i-Mu .Xhnitotiogrui gutis imd been plaeotl
lno u,ht botoro nd strong dotaeti
- . .
mollis ut men wore hold in rosorvu
should the TurkiU tortus pruvo lurgot
than the reports of tlio scouts uuliuatod
Punctually at & o'clock, the tlrst shot
was duected at tlis Turkisa position on
tho lulls upposito by 1'ritifo Peter, wtoo
s u cantuin of thu artillery. At th
hiring of the gun tho bund in tho Men-
lenegrin hoadiiuarior struck, up th
rovai hyiuu. Ihut the Montonegrm lire
I wa clleetive. was. proven by tho quick
rctiromont of the Tuihs. After thoy.
Lvueuated the inountam a gonerHl al
vanco ol .Montenegrin infantry was or-
,uroil Covered by concontrutod artll-
i0I liro tll0 mfuntry moved twvard
tjlt, 3troiigly fortillel Turkish posltiens
m w0uhitch mountain which eoinuiunds
Lll t,.,,A tu Scutari.
At 2 o'clock, t ho Turks landed troop.i
on the shore of Lake Scutari riour the
Montenegrin frontier. A gwuorul en
gugoment followed in which heavy loss
es were inflicted by tho Turk. Tim
Greeka wcro dmcit buck user the front
lor, accordiug to a dispatch from Salo
uiki. Many Albanian Milages to the north
ot the lioytina river are in flames, ac
cording to this dispatch. Many fugi
tives, including wounded men, havo ar
rived at Scutari. Some peasants who
fled to tho frontier posts at S.uuiest
were slain by Montenegrins.
When that a-pouud girl urrivod nt
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Hugh llauna
rccetitly, and littlo Munis Garrett, who
is a sister of Mrs. Huniitt heard tho
news, she was quite serious for n few
moments and then asked tho following
Where did they got itf
How long Is It going to sl3"?J
Can it walk?
Is it gentle 1
Will It come to yon!
Emporium has an ud. In this tgSUQ
which appeals to bargain huntora. Sw
H. M. Henry was up from HI Pao,
a littlo town down tho line, Tkuridiy
of this week.
Mrs. .1. M. floyco has returned to
Tuctimcarl nnd is looking for ft situa
tion us housekeeper.
Did you read Gross-Kelly 's Pago ad.
It explains tho "Pig In tlto'Poko" yoa
have boon wondering about.
Tho lfi-months old son of Dennelto
Marquo? was operated upon nt Tttgnm-
oriri Hospital this wtmk for double club
Our Commorcial Club hns arranged
fcT an auctioneer whoso services will
bo free to thoso desiring to sull any-
'"lug at auction. Tins is a iirnw-ug
... . m. . . . i
card and all should take advantage ol
i . . , . .
hnch second Monday in encti moniu.
On Thiirsdny evening of this week
as court adjourned, nnd Judge T.lou lett
- today for his homo In Raton, All who
Imvo mentioned his rulings seem to
think ho wns fair perfectly, tnklng
tho ovblonce of each caso and weighing
It carefully, rendering his opinion u

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