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The Tucumcari News
fhe Jocainciri Printing &
F.ntered at Seeond-eiaM Mall Matter
at the Poatofilco at Tucumcari, Now
Mexico, under Act of March 3, 1870.
Editor aud Busluose Maaagor
Prosperity to thu workwgmuu moaus
hotter eltiKt'iisiiip tiud bettt-i homes.
Tho Republican tariff is mo lasso fur
enptrtriiig the markets of tho world.
o -
Tho floodgates of prosperity seotu lo
6ao opoiiod up during Mr. Taft's ltd
Ilu : hin ks 'hut the battle nppai-
ently was between Tnft and Roon'Vclt.
tvltli Wilson rmuilri", it pour third. The
Chairman sm.vs:
"After ii visit through mr the in
'ci lor of tho sfntu I Inivi' fonnd a grow
mi sentiment for President Tat't. J
beleve now tltul tho fight is between
President Trfft nnd Colonel Roosovidr,
ivlMi Wilson running third.
Chniniimi Witsson aNo declares lit'
thinks n sub committee of the Rcpnb
lifun Stnto Commit tut would havu n
'ognl right to oiiiplptn tlip Republican
electoral tiekif. which will hnvo several
vacancies when tho Hull Moose electors
relgn in onlpr to tun on n sttnighl
Hull Moose ticket.
However," said Mr. Wassail. "In
nsp Chairman Hilles believes nation by
;i Mib-commit tt'p will bp illegal, I am
rosily to reconvene tho entire state eom
mil fee for tho purpose of fillliij tint
vneniieles. "
Tloro Is a doiimml foi lBl)9f in this
eovatry, and u doiumid far labor means
high wages.
Labor was never mi woli paid as to
day, aad tko turifior'was novel so well
ra&ardMl tor his production asd toil
a today.
, o '
It ' linrd work for Caudidnto Wil
wa to toll the uavamishod trulli, and
oJSSpteiti bis immigration writ tag at the
oto tiiao.
If Father .Noah had huowu T. K. was
&oi-ig to tiind nt Armageddoe ho would
oot an;? lot the bull moose into the art.
tloBstos Chronicle.
"f hit hard. I nevor hit if I van help
it, hut I novor hit softly," seid Colonel
ttoesovelt In referring to hi roply to
Senator Pemosv duclosuros voacoruing
standard Oil's $125,000 contribution to
tho Roosevelt campaign fund n 100.
If ho got Slttf.ww tho first lick, oud hi"
"em again for $1Sn.ooi, tie ertuinly hit
'o hard. Km (nonce Current Wave.
1 (
Voter of everv pint of tho natir.ii
ii n dor prospnt conditions would do wot'
io Weigh carefully tho President sug
gosttoas :ind words of warning when he
onye that votes are not broad, oon
stitutiiaul nmondmnnts aro not work,
roforondumo do not pay rout or furnish
honips. rttcnll- do not provide clothing.
Inltiotlvps do not supply omploytnpnt:
or roliovo innqunlitios of i-ondltiou or
nt opportunity.
- 1 0' ""'
Tho ropont rogisrratiou of Dotroit
show n total -4 SI. S?t. It i oSpfCteit
that tr thf ihv heforp !( t jon. whon
voter who were ill or out of the t ity
n registration days may ontor their
nemos, the total will be brought up t
!f).000. Thle ie a normnl increoae in tV
pity's vote. The niterostiBg foature nf
it i that the unln is entirely in 'ht
wards known us Uopubllean strnngholth
nnd in the mixed wnrd. lo tho words
which i tit! be depended upon to tbow
ieiitfiiTitti' nifijiiritip there wn nn at
imil .lertviiw in tl. nuruber of uamo
ii the nils, notwltlistnu-li'a-ti'i"ti!;il
iioi iin-rMiiocd Itiiffelv .ii thti
Inef fo'ir Vi'iirH.
Milbiib'lphii.. . :. Henry O.Wae
on. chairniuri ( the Republican State
"oinatitte mid tin- personal rppiesen
'Hin. nf Will in in Flinn, the Hiill Moohh
ipii.tit .1 the tote deelares that the
entiment f n Pn-iidont T:ift through
nt l'entiv' 'ituii ii "iti 'H' ni'ri'iip.
New York, September .11 .- -1'ioiddeiit
Tntt. .-it the imme "1 lm bi of livi , Henry,
last nij.'ht ii c o the Kveniny World
mi exeliMive interview tu which for the
first tune 9iiie Iiim noiii unit Ion he dis
tntsxed at length in a nuwpiipur the i
iue ol (lie vaiiipfltgu.
He romisp u reduetion of the tariff
on n scientific rat her time a hapdininrd
basi.. even hint nt an extra session If
the Hppublionu' tiro in coin vol of (.'ou
ffesa to enrry out revision.
He raps vigorously tho proponl of
the third term pr"y to contiol tnctx
fhroujjh federal incorjiorntlon and reyu
lot ion, docldrini; that thi? would erente
a uiniHtrous monopoly of power, whk'h
In the srnp of nn utiprinelplcd man.
ottbl bp used "0 perpetuate his author
ity anl make him a dietntor who could
be overthrown only by u revolution.
He replies to fJrv. Wiloti ' talk about
the arid lav bpins; a ifrnit jacket foi
Anierleati eneruy mid indutrv. Ho dii
eused the high eoit of liviii. and sny.i
hot while 33 per t of Kurnpenn tvork
mm 'ire faiinjf starvation. Anierlean
workinnn are not only not fnclni! Htm"
vatlon. but are able to pav the oot of
Hvitt: and nli put some n.ide for the
rainy day. He add "hat with n Demo
erati pretldent and congress there will
bp four year of "rainy dav. " He
sny the Payne law litis no more to do
with the Inoreaicd eot of living than
the cable tarifT. and .' suiTraje for
women Is an Ustie to bo lefided by he
with its splendid record of progressive STATEMMENT OF THE
law find Bubstantial aehlevetuent, to
be tefeatod in order to gratify solflfh
revenue anil disappointed ambition (
Why allow t ho Republican party,
which has developed Mm material in
duplies of thi eouiitry uuder the pt-ti'i-ilve
y.v.ttem, tti bp Mtcfeudod by a
paity whli'h has a teeord of disaster
tinder free trade policies f
It is the erlsds of the farmer, who
does not wntit hind times to eonio buck
,'tuain, for thp workiiininn, who does
not want to ask for broad, for tho bnsi
nox tnan. who suiVets Itt n poflfld of
eoiimieteitil f tijliii ttnu.
You ean avert tho crisis.
fun you, hesitate as to your decision f
WHY riiANflU?
Know Hie. Ten ii. net 7. Sldlta Allen
and We-lev IMwanN. alleui'tl prltiofi!
eouiiititoi in the IlilUvitle. 'n irt-
room trnye-ly. may neeept life leim sen.
tetmi to the puniteiiliary as a tumpm
m e ami in lieu of standing trial
oiding to a dispnteh to tho Spntmei
fiotii Iltitol. It is ieiiuted that iiev
uitittis for sueh a I'omprnmiso ore iVv
(eintiuu. Theii cases ore sol fin n:.l
ut Wthoille. Va. ( et i's
Jt it definitely stated tlmt Mis Ii.iler
Kdwuid's sweetheiu:, will rocoivp uoiie
of the reward lot the capture or the
two men. Detectives followed hor fmm
Mount Airy, . V. to lies Molnos, wiu-re
Allen ami Kdwurds woro rocoully cop
tare I. The girl's futher, who Is said to
hnve assisted tho detect Ives, fe roported
to linve leceived f.'OO i f tlip rowurd a'
lew days lyo.
Pel !l, foi". Ol't. ;.- ,oiti McKellli.
-I. a 'id I'.iirl Rhodes, '.'l'. were f-nud
l'iooi rt dentil late today by a pnitj
t seaiclieis from telnr Kdjue, eijih-
tepti miles from ln.re. TIip men, who
weie employed at I. eon Lake by a ie
eivoji (ttuptuiv. went hunting Sattir
day and foiled to return. IJiirlny the
lax a lil i .a id e- In. The bodies were
found locked in eii.-h others iirm. .'i
miles iHn the .imp fmin whbdi they
sT li I ted .
Louisville. ICv. Oct. 7. Tho Ken
'iick enduniine stnhes of four miles
.i' Churchill Powns toilav was won by
solium iiu.-i a world s record of 7: In
and four-fifth was established. Col
viiel Hollownv wn -ecoiid. Azo thud.
lid tile Hum stuiteis weie sliuim . . 1 1 r
Did vou eter have a crisis in your
Woro you ever face to face with dan
rorf And have you not, at some tune,
folt the necessity for prompt and wi-c
decision 1
A spituua crisis now exists in the life
f the nntioti.
Uv-ir a bind which has developed
tremendously under the sunshine of a
oo.l covernnieut and prosperity, a aha d
w batiks today, it is the shadow of
I Jem o. intic ndmitilstration.
And .is Dcuioiracy in lafil meant a
bunnies dopression, ruination of con
fidence and credit, millions of the idle
workingmen and low prices for the
products f the farmer, o Democracy
In would mean a repetition.
Not only i prosperity inenmcd but
eon.titu"ionul ovijriinientoiir wise,
Htuhle and -uceessful system of populat
representation is threatened by radi
cal, fantastic and tint riod theories ad
vanced by domnyofnies.
Is not his a crisis in our history?
Why .-illow the Republican party.
i utii " '.e v"-e
u i
list. Iril'
.r The Tuciiiiiciiri News published week
y at Tupumcaii, N M. rofjuirp-i '!
,t of Aujjnst ".'I, ltM'.'.
IMltor. W. C. Hawkins, Tuuim...i..
New McxlcOi
M.itmin I'Mi'or. W. C Hl "is. Tii
iimcori, N. M.
Hiisituss Manajn-r, V. ' aki...
I'm uiti nri, Nf. M.
Publisher. Tuetiniciii I'ni'Mng " '
Turiiiiicnrl, N. M.
(twner! II. H. .lonee. .lowph luael.
II. II. McHlroy, V. H. t'beniitilt. W. '
llBWhiiin. nil of Ttietimearl, N. M.
Sworn to md stlbiwribed before no
Kdltor and M;mi' '
this .'Huh day of September. I'.'K'
fininuel H. McKI"".
Notnn 1'iib '
Mv oiiimis!. it etpiie Dec I. ''''
r 1 l t . .
Thee are Vacation ways wucn yn nov iui oi ume.
Do You Want to Earn Some Dollars?
We Will Tell You I low to Do It
The Evening Herald
A. A. I'alrehild is m longer n td.
employ of this company, his o.mi.
haviliK been terminated by us "p 'hi
I "tli itist for violating eanie. He made
lrnft on a iio-l whored money from Mr
-I. P. Caldwell without authotitt win '
he had in hie postpseion teleytum t' n
us informing him thai we w..u!d i"'
honor hi drnft.
It. V. McNulty & C. iii.iin.,
fiscal A u en"
FJan'n Fe. New Mexico
ti . (A! '
of delivery at 8:00, 10:00 a. m. and 2:00
and 4:00 p. ni. has proven a success.
We keep
Phone 81
hat is necessary for the cooU ami
M. A. AKIN, Grocer
"It seemed that my I4.ve.ir id 1 ..
would have to lute hi Iptf. on i. in
of mi iihIv nicer, caused by a I !' ."
wrote f. V. Howard. Atpiotie. N f '
remedies ard doctors f lentnicii' r : , 1
till we tried Hucklen's V n .ti s,...
and eiirod him with one bo. " '.'re
burns, boil. kin eruptions. vic
it the lll Ping Store.
Tucumcari Ncw so.
Department f the Interior I' s. .,i
Olllee at Tin nincnrl. New M.v
September 2.l. 101'.
Notice i hereby given that M;ry W
Wrisht. of Tueiiiiieari. V. M win -n
August 10. 1!7. mode 11 K N 1"'"
f..r Uts I. '.' . ;i and SK', NK' ,
Twp UN. Ri.v .til. M V Mer : p
hn filed nrtb-e of infetiMmi "o 'iia-i
Final Five Year Proof, t" est i.i-t
claim to tin- l:iiid above described, be
fore Reg inter and Receiver. I S I.um'
Ofllce at Tiiciiincari. N. M on Mie l-'h
day of November. lUI'.
Clnimant name n witnesses;
' H. Smith. K. Grnii. I'. sr,n. nn.)
'". st. Cramer, all ! Tiicum.-irl N. M.
R. . Pren" . e. Reuiete'
Gents' Resort
We ll.uwllc the HcM
Pool I'arlorih Ciutneeiion
Your Pairoivdc i Appnifth led
V ore n berg Bar
ili'eV . I
i . t.
41 U
. -f Olbce
' i-'es to b
i i .lo'iiiin i . sinitn
" inj: idi
r.le'liilll I'
t'-il II lew d:i
Mi. Itiitni- i laying !)
M. -I. i in io w un liis tin ii acain.
I'.temaii (i. C. Andrews Ii.im t). K "d
foi nity.
R .R limokpcper ""Ueit" Yost nas
ret ii mod from a visit in Indiana. He
says they have lots i,'f yowl things to
et iii the East.
lOuyinuor "Mud" I'billips is loported
i to be proyrossiu.' llicoly.
j Cookspy i tttunlnp wit of nrrir.oo
C. A. Pn'tnn is holding Coolisoy's
"Dutch" Maiiiiiug ia )mtl i tif a turn
mi the Dnwaon.
K. V. Neil has O. K 'd for duty.
CIiiuiIp Wlnginve has (), K ' I for dntv
Attention Please!
You Want Them,
We Have Them!
Friction Top Cans in one gallon size at
right price. Sealing wax for fruit jare.
Special on Chinaware
For a time we will sell elegantly decor
ated Bowls, Platters and Dishes, the
20c to 60c kind at 15c each.
Come early and get your choice.
Barnes & Rankin
Furniture and Hardware
: :
Hum- been havinu some verv cool
nifflits lor the past week, mid the farm
.is ate ii f i. iid .lack I'n.s' wij suou
l make his iipjieartuicp.
' Mr. WinniiiHliain in hnvu n well
, drilled on the sehoul neetion southeast
: ot ,fn dun. Mr. Fred Itmuu is dclug
iMie drilling. Hope he will yet a lino
j well ot water.
Hiiiotn coin imlliug. cuttmy fmut uud
Ipirting out whpat in the order of tho
I lav unit hands are very Hciin-e.
urn iiinuys wonuwiint and ilubol
Taunei novo bflun lulliny broom corn
for Hiram I.. Williams fiw the mist fnw
Hsq. Deiitun has Iippii iui the sick tint
j for the past weok, but is greatly lm
j proved ut tho prefloiit.
j Mrs. Lottie Suratt and llttlo gun hnvo
; been sick but are hettor now.
Charley Hondriekson was up in tho
-lordnn neighborhood on business nno
day last week.
Misses Julia and Lena Wattenbnrgor
were rhe guests of Miss Iable Tanner
Mr. and Mrs. Oihsoii left for tholr
obi home In Missouri October 1st.
Mr. and Mrs. 0. H. Dnvi-Unn were
the guosts of Mr. nad Mm. H. (.'. Hretsr
Misses Hael and Wruathul Knapp
spent Sunday with Miss Anient! Hopper.
Mr. Hoppor and daughters will leave
Tin iinic.iri News Olls'42 I
Department of "he Interior C S. I, tn!
Oili.'C nt Tic uni' M! i. New Mexico
September "H. 1P12
Notice is hereby aiven thnt Ardi W.
Itiillni -1. ot I.nvd, V. M. who on June
U:i. Ifi0!. made II K No. nil ma. for W
NW'i Sec ' and Vi:i Sec ijt, Twf
SN. Rn .-.IK. N M I" Meridian. hAs filed
notice of intention to make Final Three
Year Proof, 'i cutuhliidi claim to the
land above described, before Reglstei
find Receiver I Lund Ofllce, at Tu
cumenri. N. M. on the 'oh day of No
Veinher, Ml 1 2
clnimant name n wi'iieseee:
It. I.. Millnr. Will llullard. Cliurle
Hill, and Charles w. IMwuds. ull of
l.oyd. N. M.
R. . Pren'.i-e. keuittei
Sept J". Oct 25 Cf
Tu ."i Ni os 41 ii
Department of the Interior 1'. S. Land
Oilli-e of Tucunicnrl. New Mexico
Roptember .:. HMl;
No i.e 1. heiebv uhi.,i Hint Deling
I'. I.iincli-ier. of lliia, M, vl,.. ,1!
Septemb.v 7. l!ift7.'.ii oe l . ,.. b4r.
foi N V, ' ', S..C 17. Twp 7V. Itnu ".fF. N
M I Meridian, lv. filed n..Mce of in
t o tn:il,. I' !,,! Three Yenr Profit
ti est .1 lili-ll cltiini In '!,. .,, , .,1,1,.,.
des,.r;tie.. before I. I' Wi!!iu n. I".
C011H1. iioliec n- Mm iii' ., , i,,, !,,
.'7M. il'l of NoVelllloo , 012
Clnlmnnt namoe n wl'uees:
! i-.tttmen" of !,.. Ii.t. 'ioi I'. Land
' tile .1 I 1 ..:.-. 1. W MeSI'O
sieptetnbei !-'. U2.
I .loie K. Knight ! Mwec Watet and
i-w l'!itle. 'I'exus. C.iiitente.. :
Y01. ire herebv not 1 tied that Sallie
Kichhtirg wii" give Forrest, M as
he' postofti.e addicss. did on sirptouiber
'ti. It'll', tile n this ortlce her duly
hi . "do, if ed apt ! ,1'ion ti .oiitest and
It.- the caiiiclliit p.) ol your Home
tend Kiitn. si,..., v. t::4Vl . made
Ma JS. Iftl" tor NWi, Spc. :t.t, Twp.
7 N. Range fj 1:. . . Meridian, an I
s tfioniids iui in. .-.iii 1 - he allege that
Mm nave wholly abandon-d s.iid land
!'-it liiofe tiiiin six inniitl's iiet pu-'eed-ing
Amn.,1 1!. 1 and iut uch
ib'iildontllei.t lontiiii,, -.i date hereof.
You ,iic. t.r,,fri., i,,il,,.r 111 rifled that
saitl Hlh anti .ns will be "Hkeii liv
'his office i himnsf tieen confemM'd liv
hi. and voin ,i,, ,-iitiv Mill be canceled
Hi undei wi'iiont votir tnrther 'igh to
In '.card Mo lein. ejthei before this of
llce .- on -ippi-iil. if yon f:nl to rile iii
t flice within 'Wen'v davs after
th.- FOf'RTH publication of this notiee.
u shown below, your answer, under onth
spi-lticsllv in-i-tlliti n,d lespmirting to
lo-.- allegut is -if .-oi,'.-.!. or if vou
fi.il within that time in file in this
""'"' dtie proi f "hat m,u have served
a copy of ,,,n in,wcr ot- the sail con
te.ifi.i! either in oeison or bv rrgie ercd
ni'i'l It thl ,.rvice is inadc by the do
Iiwm of ,-opy of your n'UWer to the
cni.te.fin' in j.eroii, prnrvf of such ear
vice .iis I,,-. olMier the said 'u'.4rttf.t e
" Jc
sent '.i ..11
N. V. flallcisos. It.-ci-.er
I'i i , .1 'i.-iition Sept. 2". I.l:
'i : Publication Sept. "7. !' '.
'I. 'd pilblienlion Oct. t. I'.'l"
l'"iith piitdieation Oct. 11. !.!.'.
I ". on., ill News UJlSia
I i a" on in of the Interior I l.atol
1 itli ,-ii Tui niiii-ii' i. New M Mi'o
.September 2i'J, 101'.'
Nn ice is hereby given t K.i Arch II.
iii.l.nliii. nf (juny, N. M. wle oti Mr
"1. li'HK made H K No. ".'.'Is'.':, t .r NF.'i
si - jfl, Twp N. Rng ;toi:. N M P Me
r;.lian. lias filed notiee of ii '- ntion to
utile Final Three Yenr l'r".t. to ?
t i)i!ish claim to the bind al-o.- Icscrih-
I. before Register and lh i-r, U s
Land (itllce at Tuciiincar.. N. l n the
l"li day of November. 1012.
1 laiiniiiit names tie wt'tie--W.
H. ChNh.din. .lohu Abb"'
S. linger, and II. .1. Ruck, nl'
V- w Mexico.
R. A. Pret.t
Sept .'7, 1 let 2. V
f (Juay.
I' llllic.-i 1 i NeW s oH""
P. parttiieiit of the Interior C s Lmiil
1 Kin e nt I'm oiticarl, New xL-m-'O
September 88, 1 0 1 'J
Notice i herebv given thit llueV T.
Hair of Ihiftseli. N. M. wl n Sri
Itet's. made II H No. 01 17-t. 'or VW'i
s- :tn Twp 'IN. Rng 2SF-. N M P M"
ndltin, h,i. Hied not lie of 111'
'" 1 Filial Three Year Prol
written lcknriwli.dopni..i,i ..1 t.i. .....:.. ' 'aim to the Inn.l al.-N
... m ' i - 1 1
1 t ... '
e re
W. R
. Petdlle. .1 I'
Sii in-.i-, :in, .
Ooiiv. S'. M.
R. A. Pren cp. !teyit..r
Sejit '.'7. n.-t en .it
Jin a few days for Toxns whuro Mrs. I blood, strnnif nnrvcM. ooml .11... .11..
JP Honour has been foi smim time. ' ' rnl. RAn i.'H. i
Tnciimciir'. N'pwh oi:i7.
Department of the Interior ". M. ,.,, ,
Office at Tucumcari. New Mexico
September '.'3, 1012
Notb-p i hereby gii-n hat "i,,-t,.
II. Smith, of Tiiciimeari. N. M. vhn ,,,
November I t. Itinn. umde It F N i:tor,i.
for R, S.-c .1.1. Twp 12V Rr... r 1
N M P Meridian, has filed notice"., f ,
tetitlon to make Final Five Y.Ur Iv.r.i
to establish clfsim to the land nbu dc
scriliPil. bPforo Roglster and Receiver
U S Lanil Oflleo at Tucumciiri, N.
00 the 22nd day n-f November. H!'.'
Claimant mimes us wi'tiesses
W. II. Kavanaiigh, A. 0. Haliei,K,-r
(J. A. Illnes. and W. M. Hrnwn. all t
Tticiinicari, N. M.
R. A. Preiitiie, ito-niter
Sppt 27, net 2 Tit
of tl,P fst express ihpi,i,s bcmudm tMiu
bio ahond if not romuvml, ho doua M
of nppotito. It menus lack of vitality,
loss of strength and norve wnaunc.i!
If apputito fails, tako Kloetrie Ritteri
quickly to ovpicoiiio tho cause i,y ton
lug up tho stoiuai'h and curing the in
diupstion. Miehaol Hessheitimr of ,u,
coin, Nidir. had boon sick over three
years, but six bottles of Hlpntrlo Hitters
put him right 011 his feet again. Thev
litivfl helped thousands. They givo pure
01 1 ne copy, enowlng the .! of
'eipt. .ir tr.e litli 1m- .if Hie person bv
whom "he delhcry w nade stating
nIi.-i and where the . opy was delivered',
t made by registered' mail, proof ,4
pch scrvic must it ,1 ti,,. utbdn
nt 'he permm J,v wiom the copy was
u'aiiid stating when nnl 'nn post'oin,-,.
which t was mailed, .lf1, this ,ffl.n.
Mt must be accompli i,-d t,v the po'.
" .'ci 's i.-ci-'i.' fm ),,. l,.r,.r
t'oi,. Mm iv W. Shaw, C '
-" -er at Hansen. N. M. '
l- -I November. 11112
t'laimniit names ns wl'tiesses:
Wi liiin, ilnrris, Cvntha .
I! I, Itai-t. iiii. Morris II. I'.i"'
a ! of Hassell, N. M.
R. A. Pren' .. R'
! v: n. t '.
I IflWil,
I, burn,
o-isl -t
li'nild tv.
11 ,v,.r
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und Solicit Your Patronage
United States Depository
Cnpitnl nnd Surplus $60,000.00
H- B. JONES. Piesldeut
A B. SIMPSON, Vlco-Prendimt
THOS N. LAWSON, A't Cashier
The Only National Bank in Tucumcari and the Oldest
and Largest Bank in Quay County
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