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The Tucumcari news and Tucumcari times. (Tucumcari, N.M.) 1907-1921, October 11, 1912, Image 3

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Your Panama Canaji
Moll tin mil follow i lie line of loilsl
losiswttice. Thot follow tin- lii'.il route,
which is event uulh (i I vn f tlu shortest
To ilo mi, they will senle mi Alps.
Thp I'liniiiiin fnnnl m itti PXepllPiit
illuslrrtllnii of the hnrdpsl run i ! proving
trolly he the shorteM route.
Dhl yim ovir tti. in thin It Unit Mon
p.v In Uip Htm., n VrHMJ PANAMA
CAN At. 'between tin uppnii nf fn4luti
Ji nit stip'cosaf
H is ii Pnnnmn ( 'ttnttl which yon cnn
tig in n yry short time.
Mighty fpw ships fan Mill around tin
t'npp llni-ii nf possible misfnrtuiip with
nttf fjnlntr ! pieces on Hip fucks.
In fnot, iii nhip ciin NOW ..ail nrouiitl
thnt t'npe. There tiro ton inlinv strums.
A Flank AifiHitii i n'u upon witter
wny which ymi en ii tmilit in luil l' t In
timp of siilliny the roundabout way.
Von Ml'sM' build ii I'nnniiin I'nnal or
,vi onn never lench thf ocean of stir
Ii is nni only Hip SHOHTHST route
It is tlip OXLV romp.
'PIiph ynn nil) churgo liptiw tolls to
othoN who wish to iip your oro-H-out.
Pnr Moiipv in TIip Hank enables ymi
to gt(tht opportunities wlion tlipy ooiiip.
Ami fi Moiipv Pmmmn t'nnnl dnps tint
pn.l ohp ppiii. Yon f nn slnrt nn no
mint with its mill, fn.ui Hip flrt ppimv
all 1 yours.
Sin-t Hint itiiiiiI mw, We will Iip1
you 1 i r. 'Fitii i wliv vnii ".limilil lpf
thp cunt nu t to
First National Bank,
Tucumcari, N, M,
: : : : : :
A iipw iu y.il i t - 1 1 ill flu
home id D. '. I'.rnw uli'f. 1 1 .-mixed tit!
Tnos'lny ot l;i-t week.
.1, A, Wiinl loft iimm-IoikI ui lust Sot
unlit v tut- Arfonn. in Hie hope nf im
proving hit. health.
TIip w.'iitlti'. iniiii iui Iippii kiml nnd
extended mil summer in this vicinity
n fnw dny. longer.
Ifny lidgnr mul Myitlp liond loft on
Inst Thtiiilny fm V i h i ti Pull, Tosns.
theiu'p to t'lmrlpy. by privutp convey
il. II. I'lirtlcti Iuih Ihmmi currying hi
hiitid in ii sling during tln piit wetk.
Hip Plfoot- nt entehing -pvprnl fingers
in thp hioiiiii corn -.optler.
Prnnh Pey'idi hn lost another hnre
this limp, ii lmy filly cuminy iwo venr
old, white mt in furelicud. Iiliick points
and brundol with figure 21 mi If ft
shoulder. It hnrtlly seems fair thai Mr.
Peyton should tin vc sn ninny hnro Imr
rnwpil to riilp. At IpiisI. thp horroWPi
ml!it u-l piiriiiiHinii.
TIip N'orth -'lie mi-IiouI Iiii. instiillm!
n roO'linp tnhlp, Miiilici it with "Tin
nn.v" floml IlPfilth Mnj:ninp." "Tin
Vnunji I'pnplp's W'ppUly" " Pnriu mill
llomp" Missouri Vnlloy Pnnuor,"
"f'niiiplipll'i Hfipiilifif Piinnpr," mid
"Thp pw Mi'.viin .Imirnnl of IMucn
Clinton Slmin nnd family, sim-p thplr
iniui'ti from Tuptiutpriri. hnvp mvpd in
to t tin llollrind MIIpIipII hoiisp.
MU-5 Mnuottn Monri wlio lias Iuhmi
niirsinu in Tueiiiiicnri. i- the gtiost of i
her mother this week, m Hip Sedilon
Mr, CUsel has -eiit notice to pntnin
hnving children delinquent in school
ntti'iidnueo. advising thorn of the legnl
.1. li. Muzzellp him his hiwiiiienrn
thresher riinninu in enriipsl llii week,
nt Hip Iioiiip of II. Monro. Hp open
oil the -Piinn previously nt the fnnn of
S. II. Llndsey. -
Without fol to the district. Hie pu
trolls ntnl friends of the N'orth side
hnvo presented Hie school with wall
mirror, picture, ir.wels, wnsh pun nn-l
otlipr invnlliPlile ni'i.psories,
Mi Moiuoya. of llpvoplto und Prnn
risen liquilpl wore mnriied on InM
Mouduy. The imunl dnneo followed.
,lno linn in nnd fnmih hnvo moved
lo Mnnio t'iinvi.n, near ilnnlpy.
Registered Jack
18 atuniltiiK at The Wnwyne Livery
NONE BETTER Cull and soo him
Price for Kervlco..- W.00
To insure MO.00
Feed taken as cash
, i , ,j j ,j, ,j, ,j,
.j. .;. .;. .;. .ji ,j. . . ,;. . .;. .;. .;. .;.
I. It. Ilnrppi litis gillie tn Hip inilun
lipids to work ii whilp.
Mpsrir. .1. P. Nelson nntl A. V, Vntos
wpip Imsinpss fdllprs nt thp fminiy huh
Hip first or lust wppK.
Mil .1. t". SphmnrdpliRck lm gnito to
IviiSlprii Kiiiihiio to visit hpr folks fol
it while.
Missll'S l'oH (lllll . f HfJJiiD N'plrOIl (111 I
thoir l.niHicr IImixp.v who hnvp Iippii
isitiim thpir gruiidiiinllu'r, Mt. Hun
'or, tit Tttllnrnn, N. M. for ino time,
rptiinii'd liiuiir ipi-fiitly.
Kriir.lv ppitrmi, wlm liim Iippii nt
work nt Cimnrrnn for stunotltno is vt'
it in lii fntlipr, ,1. It. iVnrsmi.
ItiUMiid Iliilliinl. wlti. Iui tippti nt
''itsppr, Wyo. Tor sotnptliiip post, i nt
Iioiiip mi ii . Iit.
SpvpiiiI of thp youtiy folks of tin
iipi.'liliorhooil, nttotidpil Hip pnrty nt
Poln tlrijijjs' on lust Sitturdiiy night,
und thpy rppnit n inr..l (line.
t'. W. I'Mwfirils tninsnrlpd businpsi
nt Hip i-otiuty huh oiip dny lusl wpph.
Mpsrs, .1 nil n Vtilpiitinp mid lii'ii
Pnliofklpy, of Tiifllllii'iiri. fiiltp.l nl II.
I.. Miller' liit Sundny.
Win. Ilord mid wife mid MW l.illii
Slintti'ii spoilt Inst Suiitilu with Mr.
IIiriiiiin Miller.
VOTES Put your votes on motor'
cycle nt P.mporlum for Jim Iiovolndy.
J Ho will nppropinu thpin tf
111' :i Me Willinil aim !lloWs lllst :
. '
Wont to 'In VMii-ii In-i liiisliuiul n lile I
n dimmer, but Mrs. It.. I. Plitit, Urmiiirei
N't. i ol Hint kind.
She iimisted oi,
my ii.iii )i. KIii'h New Disfovpry,"
vrite Mr. P. "I'oi n dreudful i-oiili,
when I tt'im mi Wptili my I'rieliilH nil
HiMifjIit Inn) ii i v u Mliort time to lie
mid it fiiinple'ely i-iiiid me." A (ptifl.
i:ie for rmif-lis mi i eold, it i the most
nfe iiml it-liiilile iiiedi.-ine for ninny
Hiroiit .in 'I I ii ii n tiiiiiblen rii, liron
.-liiiis. iroii, Uioopitiu 1'iiiiijh. iiiiny.
tnnailtti. Iicmorihiiye. A tri-il will con
lniv ,m.ii. 'lif .-nni fl.oo. Uiinrmiteed
by V.U lni Store.
Tueiiuii'iiri News Coiit. Xo. MHO
Uppnrt tueiit ..f the loteiiur, P. S. Lund
Otlli-e. nt Tiifiiuirnii. Xeu Mp.vIpo
Ppptoiulior 25, HtPJ
To Simon P. Thotford, t Clovi-i, New
Me.vipo, Uonte.iteoi--Von
nrp horoby notlfipd that Rldoi
Dniinis, who gives Sllvprton, Toxns, n
his pnstnltli'P nddios. did uu August
an, WPJ, file in this ulliee his duly cor
fiiiliMnited upplifittioii to foiiteKt mid
"ipetiie the i-utnellntion of your Home
tend, Pntry Xo. 2ri0t7, Serial Xo.
nlntoti. ma io Mny Ji, W0S, fur Xli'4,
Spftiun 21, Twp .SX. ling .'tali, X M P
Mpridimi, mid ns ground, for his eon
test hp nllpgpH Hint said Simon P. Tliot
ford has wholly uimndn.iieil snld tract;
thnt ho is not residing upon and culti
vating .in id trnet as required by law.
nnd that he litis ubandoup'l said tract
for moro thnn two ypnrs last pnut, and
next to thp dntp horuof, August .'10, 1010.
ni'd hi nl dofpets hnvo not bopii eured to
this date, August .'to, WJ2.
Vou nre. theiefore. further notified
I 1 11 I I 111 Lit 111 II lliltt M t t flllU 11111 lift f II 11111
' "
lit tlita Alllfiit nu lifil'liiir lutitti unit I DUikikil
' ., .
by yon, mid your nid entry will bo
unpolled thereunder without your fur
ther right to be heard therein, either be
fore this olllce or on nnm-nl. if vou full
., , , , . , ... ... . . . ,
to file in this ollico within twenty days
alt or the POPICTII publicntiou of thi
noticp. us shown below, your unswor.
iindei oath, specifically meeting and re
piiuil inp to these allegations of contest
or if you fail within that time to tile
in t ii oilife due proof Hint you have
eiei a copy of your anwer on thn
-ni'l tint o -t it nt either in poison or by
iei.ered until. If thi i-orvioo is mnde
by the delivery of a copy of your nn
swer to the contostmit In person, prool
of stieh spi-vicp must be either thu said
contestant's written acknowledgment
of his receipt of the copy, showing Hn
Into of il recoint. or tho ulliiluvit of Hu
poison by whom the delhery wus rnuib
tilting when mid wtipre the copy wu
dolivereds if made by registered mail,
proof of such sorvlco iniisl coiisist nl
the allliluvlt of tho poison by whom the
copy wus mulled Hinting when nnd the
post olllee to which it wit mailed, mid
tin ullldiait miit ho accompanied li
the poiiniiNter 's receipt foi tho lottoi.
Vmi lniiili 'nle in your answer t lie
inline of Hie postotllce to which .VOU k"
ne Inline notices lo lie enl to you.
II. A. Prontii'P, llegUtor
X. V. Unllogns, Hecctver
Hut.- 11 pub. Oct -I, 1012
Dii'e -.'i. I pub. Oct. 11, 1012
U.K.. :ti I pub. Oct. IS, 101S
Dne Ith pub. Oct 2.1, 1012
Tucuiiicnri Xews 07271
1 Department of tho Interior P. S. Lnnd
Olllce ut TueuinoMil, New Mexico
September 2!l. 1012
Notice is hereby given that Adniiiram
,f. Smith, 0110 of the heirs for Hie hnirs
of Plora L. Smith, deconsed, of Sand
Ridge. 111., who on Mnrch 18, 1007 mudo
If li X... 10288. for XWV, Sec 5, Twp
ov lino !!IU N "M l Morldlnn. hus
Hf - " " - ' f
filed notion of intention to mnko Pinal
Pive Vear I'roof, to uBtiibttnh oluim to
.i . , rr :
tint I ft Si (I lihovo doscrllipd, hoforo h, P.
Willimim. V S Uoiiiuil.HMioiiur nt Munlock.
N. M. on Hip ll.'lid dny of N'ovoinlipr
Clfiiiniiiit niiliiPM ns wi'iiuhmiih!
t". ('. 11 In t, A. II. Curtis, S. P. Disny
and W. if. IJiuly, all of Kirk, N. M.
It. A. Prontlee, Hugiutor
Sopl 2", Oft fit
Tuftinifitn Nivs 0771
lJpp!ii!i'i..i,t ol tin- Inti i I. H. liliuil
UIII.t .it Titfii nn. N'pw Mi'Xii'0
s,.i.i .,.r in. IIHii.
Nut (s iii.H.l.v ;iwii Hint Wultor Ij. 1'iimniit liliim-s ns witiiuoHun:
MurPii. ui l.os 1. N. M who, on Mny 8, A. Hoimi.-. .lohn V. Mill.-r. Mor
Iltu7. iiiii. Ip II. K. No. N'o. 17(100, for,ri " Hlm-klinm. .Iniin- P. Snip.-s, nil
Orijf SK'i Spp. 21 mid ndil'l II. K. No. . "' V. M.
01IS27. Hindi. .1 21. WO!'. HW'Vi Hue. I A. Prontifp. Ilff-istpr
22. Twp. n X. Willi".- HI K. N. M. P. S"P' " -" "
Mpridimi, lins fllpd notifp of iiittiiit ion i - -
to uinkp Piiuil PIvp Vpiii on Oriji. und .'I I miifini Ni-s i).-ii7 -011012
War .-ii Add 'I Proof, to Pilnblls'li cluiin ' NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION
to Hip hunt uhovp de.M-rilip.il, iMsfore , ' l"rt m.-nt of I he Interior P. S. Lund
lfnil..r iiii.I 1i...-..iw.r. P. S. l.iilid Offlci!. "Hi"" ' TlK lllllf III I. New Mexi-'O
nt Tiifiiiiii tiri. . M.. mi Hip loth diiv of
N'oxpinbpr. WI2.
"liiiniiH t iriuie :i wilnpssos:
Phillip shnhnn, n. V. Hell, .1. P. .Jnek-
mmi, mid It. t'. Aberrrolliliip, lilt of
l.oy l. N'. M.
It. A. Ptpiitico, llu;llor
Sppt. 1.1 Of. 11 -."t
Tucuiiiciiri News 07-115
Depnii nii'iit ol tin- Inti nor I? I. ntnl
Olllce tit Ttit-uiiieni i, N'.-w Moxiuo
upteiiilipr 10, W12.
Notii-e is hurtdn- imuii Hint .luniutf C
llrown, of ItiiL'liind, X. M.. who, on !
Mureh 2d, Wn7. niiule II. Ii. No. ltilltiU, ,
!,rvX 1 I. '. np,1' ,"BU.. I
K. N. M. P. Meridian, lias tiled notice !
wt inipiition to iiinku Plnul Fivo Vom
, . . . . , i . . .... . ... i .... .i
i-rooi, io pswiiui!ii cimiii io iiio iniiii
iilmve do.crilied, hpfore Ii. P. Williums,
P. s. t'dUiiniHuiiiiii.r, nt Murdoek, X. M..
on the 2.Hi dny of (ii-tobor, 1012.
(.'I.'iimnnt nn in-!' ns witno.HHUK:
K'obprt Kii. Mm-in It. Hull, II. H.
mid H. M. Wnneii, nil of Kjij?
In ml. X. M.
P. A. Prentifp. Kugiator. ;
Sept. PI f V
' i flli'. I nut if p of iiiteti'lon to tnnko Pinnl
Tiii'iiiiiinn News 0IS7fiP'i. V..ir Proof, to- cstnblifdi flnim
neplirtllient ot Hie Inlelior I'. S
. .... ,i
Mire nt Tiiriiui'vi. i. Xew Mexico
Siipfetiiher !!!'.
Not iee i hereby ghen Hint John W.
Siner, or (Jiuiv, . M. win . on .Idly Hit h
11MM. iiiihIp II. P. .-. MI7II. for XUV'i
See. .'!., Tw.. v V, H.,w,. 0 H, X. M.
P. Mi lidiin. Iiii tiled iiotife of intptitlon
'n ni.-il.e Pinnl I'ive Venr Proof, to ps
tnl.li.sli ol.iiin to the Imnl nbovo deacrili
oil, bpforp Hegidter nnd Hocoiver, U. S. 1
Land oniep. nt fiii'imienri, X. M ot. j
the I'lith .lny of X.. .'inlier, 1012.
Cltiimm l iiiitpe ns witiiossost j
P.. P. White.ido. W. ('. Iliteh, .1. 11.
i il iyii Mill.-r. nil of iiny.
N. M. :
I. A. Preiiti'-p. Ileglstor.
Se I. PI Oe1. 1 1 -.t
Tiicuiiu-nri Xews 0S2.'lo
Department of the Interior P. S. Lund
Ollli e at 'I'lii'iinii'iiri. Xew Mexico
September 2.'l, 1012
Xoln'e is hereby given thnt Henry .1.
t'wbli. of House. X. M. who mi August
17. P.'u7. urn le II Ii Xo. W120, for Slit,
See II. Twp OX. 1,'ng '.'Si:. X M P Me
ridinn. hti!. filed notii-e of intention to
make Pinal I'ive Venr Proof, to ostab
li-h flaim to the laud above described,
beforo Muriy V. Shaw. V S Commit)'
sionei at llassell, X. M. on the 21hI
day of .November, W12
I'l.iiinmit nuiiies as wi'iiesjes:
Hiiiniolplius Dowd, llassell, X. M.;
.lames I. Ilnrmou, iloue, X. M.; Law
rence . Turner, House, N. M.; L. M.
Ileud, House, N. M
II. A. Prentice. Koi-istor
Mpt 27, Oct 20 of
Tufiimuuri Xews
Kmrniri t rni) UTTTJT.xn A TTOV
j Depnitment of the Interior P S Lund
Ot eo at Tticuiiicnii. New Moxho
September 10, 1012.
Notifo is hereby given that Nathan
c Zl ii,,,,.,,' v M .. who. on An.
mist 2!l. 1000, made II. li. Xo. 0003, for
vm i'. io e .i v i oo i.'
s: K MoridinTlms filed i.ce oV!
i i o i I'll . iii i. iiitiiii' i mill , i.u i VI..
, Wt t (is1,n,h ,.,,, , tl0
iilmve described, betore L. P. Williams,
P. S. Hoinmisstonor, at Murdoclt, X.
M.. on the 22d day of October, 1012.
I'liitinant tiniees n wit-iesses:
.1. M. It. Dwiuht. .lohn lischler. Mnr-
tin Voting, mnl Annm Mrubakor, all of
llmis... X. M.
II. A. Prpntieo, HcgUter.
sept, l.'l Oct. 1151
rucuineitri .News 0u0i2
lepaitmeiit ot Hie Inteiior l a. l.nnii
(Mice ut Tiii-uincnri. Xew M .x'eo
September 10, 1012.
Notice ; hereby given Hint .lohn A.
M. Vmhij!, of House. X. M., who, on
.Imuinrv 2!l. 1007. inmle II. li. Xo. 1-1.110,
for Slit', s,..-. :io. Twp. 0 X. Ilatife 20
li. V. M. P. Meridian, has filed notice
of Intention to make Final Threo Venr
Proof, lo PRtuhlNh claim to tho land
above desfribp.l, before L. P. Williams.;
It. S. Commissioner, nt Munlock, X. M.. .
in the 22d day of Octobur, 1012.
"laliiiaiit numes ns witnesses;
.1. M. II. Dwiyht, X. C. Kink, .lohn ,
li.chlpr, iiml .1. C. Puiror, all nf House.
X. M.
II. A. Prentice, Ileglstor.
Sept. lil-Oct. II -fit
. -
1 Tuciimcari News
Department of the Interior P. H. Lnnd
Ollico ut Tucuiiicnri. .Now Mexico
Sppteinber 10, 1012.
.Notice Is herpbv given thnt Marion
P. Voting, of House, X. M who, on
.lanuarv 2!l. 1007. inude II. li. No. 1-1515.
for Xlii', Sec. :i", Twp. 0 X, Rnngo 20
li. X.M. P. Meridian, hns filed notice
of intention to make Pinal Threo Venr
Proof, lo establish claim to tho land
.ibove described, before L. P. Williams.
P. S. Comlmsioner. i.t Munlock, N. M..
on the 28ml dny of October, 1012.
Clunniinf nmiips i.h wltntwos:
.1. M. IT. Ihvight, N. 0. Kink, .lohn
lischler, and .1. C. Pnlfer, nil of Houso,
X M.
II. A. Prentice, Ileglstor.
Sept. 13-Oct. 1 J St
I'm uhhiii i NVwi OTO.'U
l)i pHrlmpiit of tlio Interior U. H. li'inil
nnirp nt Tiiciinicnrl, New Mexico
h'pptoiiilicr 2.'t, 1012
uii.. .. hprobv yhpn timt Amln w
.1. AIIpi.. of IIiim-oII. . M. who on March
I. ltmr. iiiikIp II P, No. iRfilS, for SUM
jsi... '.:,. Twp US', Ifi.jt 27P. N M P Ip
i ridiiui, Moil not if p of intpiition to
"kc Pii.nl Tlirer Vpht Prool'. to .,
tnlilili .'limn Hip lmn hIiom- dp-
' "ril'i'd. lioforn Mnrry W. I.nw . I' 8
' "ii"in.iiiiipr nt Hui II. N. M. m, -I,..
'l.v nf N'ovpinlipr, 11)12
Spptpmlmr 10, W12.
No-iff ii hurpliv jfivpn Hint Prnnk
Hill, or I.ovd. N' St.. who. on Mnroh 1.
Wiifl. innde II. H. N'(.. 7.1SH, for Ori.
N'W"', nnd Add'l 11. B. No. 011012, .
made Mav 2fi. WOU. f-.r N'K',. nil in
See. 21. Twp. f? N. ltniiKe .'II Ii, N. M. P.
Meridlnn, hit filed notifp of intention
to mnke Plnnl Pive Voiir on Orl;. nnd
Thrpp Venr on Ad 'I Proof, to ustublixh
flniiii to the lit ri 1 nbovo do.icrlbcd, bu
foie ltouitlpr mid Ifpeutver, V. 8. Lnii-l
flllli-.-. nt Tiiftiuifnrl. X. M., on Hip WH.
-l.-.v of Xovpiubcr, 1012.
"'Iniiuntit nntnp!) ns wltnoisn.v
It.tv llnrfiiti. rinnrun iinit ivfi nl .t t'
nnd f). Ii. WhltakPr. nil of
1- A. Prpntieo Itet-iHter
s,.t.t. r: rvt. 11 St
. '
r, Ilpr N'oun on.llti
Hi .irtniciit of tli.. I.. ...-' ' s I, mid
Olli. i' it '1111' II In.' .1 1 i , S'eW MvNiiO 1
"eptniiibor 10, Hi 12.
N'otii-e is lioreby given f hut Anron
Hi ulmker. of Hou.xe, X. M., who. on
Sipfeliilier -I. limit, inaio II. Ii. No.
.vi:ia fr , Se. . W, Twp. (5 X,
limine Ii., X. M. P. Meridir.it, hns
i io mil inuu uuuve iioscriiioo, uoiore n. .
i i . . ,.....ii .i , ,
, . r. st i
I- illinltta IT S rTntfilfilyifitwiv i i
Miirdo. k. N M., on tho 22d dav of
"ot.er. W12.
('iniiiin.it untnes .-.s witnosseit:
i t tt n.i.i.it.t v i vi.iu int...
.M' "' V-'iMk . oh"
K'lilei and
Holme. X M.
Mnrtlu Voting, nil of
Ti. A
II -."it
Prentice, Register
-.t. I 'I Of!
Tn. uneari Xews OU7-I0
i, ..irt inent of the Inteiior U. S. Land
i nin nt Tui-iiiiR'iiri, Xew Moxifo
September 10, MH2.
oti.-c is horoby "iven thnt Moses L.
li .u.e, of House, X. M., who, on Octo-
bo: !. 1000. made H. Ii. Xo. 11808.
Serial V ..Til), for XVj SW, nnd
Si.. WVi'i, See. 21, Twp. ." X, Rnngp
P. V M. P. Meridian, has filed no
i... ..f intent ion to make Pinnl Five
War Proof, to establish claim to the
land above desi'i-ibed, before L. P. WW-
linoi. I'. S. Commissioner, at Murdoch, .
X. M.. on the 2:id day of October, 1012,
iiiKiiant nnt: . ns witnesspa:
.1. L. Hmisp. .1. C Pulfor, J R Mace,
and I. .1. Powler. .!! of House, N. M.
II. A Prentice, Register. '
Sept. l.-t-Oc:. Il--.t j
Tuciimcari News ulOlO 012200
ruary I, 1007, made H. Ii. Xo. M70S,
for Orig. W... SHl'i, SliVJ SEU Sec 21,
mid Wi, XliVi Sec. 28, und Add'l 11.
' li. Xo. 012200. made August 18, 1000,
;lor Xlip, XW'i, Sue. 21, Twp. 0 X,
I Hange .'10 li, X. M. P. Meridinn, has
n'l l .' .' . . ..1. V. .1
J . " " ' ',- -
., , , , i i' ""- "
aml 1 V, L,'.n' ,0n "!
I iK-Hiiu-nri. N. M., on the 10th dny ot
. ,"'',1,,,,'r'
. Claiinniit nn
Claimunt nmuos ns witnesses:
W. A. Stewart Th Wng Lee
X. M.
It. A. Prentice, Ileglstor.
l.'l Oct. IS Ot
Tucuiiicnri, News 01-108012210
liepiii-lmeni of the Interior U S. Lnml!
Olllce nt Tiii-uuii-iii i. Ne .v Moxiio
September 10, 1012.
Notice Is hereby givou thnt Hugh
Miller, of tuuv. X. M.. who, on Feb
ruurv 20. 11)00. mnde II. li. Xo. 7.'I02.
t, c -. NF.i, s-c 21. nnd Add'l II.
, tf. . 012210, made August 21, 1000.
,,,. .M, Sec. 22, nil In Twp. S X,
llniiL'ii :to Ii. X. M. P. Meridian, has
filed notice of intention to nmko Pinnl
Oiipiiinl Fho Venr. Add'l Threo Veai
I'rooi, to establish olniiu to the land
nbovo losorlbel. bpfoie IIeyitel mi'
1 4.,.0ivor, U. S. Land Olllce, at Tnciiin. .
pari. . M., on Hie 2nth day of Xovem
I ,r. into
Claimant mniios ns witnesses:
p, Whiteside, W. 0. Hitch, J. II.
Vo,i ,,. .lohn W. Si nil of Quay,
. ... prentice, Ileglstor.
j,,pt. nt-Oc II "t
iTuouiiieaii Xew 07102 01-IOSS
! Department of the lot mini- U S Latt'l
i Office at Tin mucin 1, New Mexico
September 10, 1012.
' Notice is hereby ulen that Martin H
, Dull, of Riiglnnd, X. M.. who., on Mnrch
2,"th, I0i7. mudo H. H. Xo. 10001, for
Lots .'I nnd I nnd H. SWt Soc.18, mi'.
I Add M IL li. Serial No. 0M0SS, mnde
December 2.'l, l!Hl, for Lots 1 nnd 2
und li".'. XWi', See. 18, Twp. 7 X.
Itnnge 111 li, X. M. P. Morldlnn, hns
I fl ltil notice of intention to make Pinal
I Pive Venr Proof, to establish claim to
1 the land above described, before L. P
' Williums, P. S. Land Commlslsoiior, ir
-dock. X. M., on the 25th day of
, October, 1012
Clnimnnt tiamos as witnesses:
Hugh M. Warren, R. 8. Kirk, II. R.
Prntpr and W. .1. llrngg, atl of Rag
land, N. M.
R. A. Proutico, llegistor
Sept. 130et. 11 5t
I v,ik x , , Pitt. Kirk. X. M.i II. II. Prater, ling i ridinn, has filed not ire or intention to
Depart ... cut ol the Interior U fe. Laud I . RnHnnd X M mko Pinal Threo Venr Proof, to estab
Olh.-,- at T,, union n. New Mexico M" ' ,n""J' " T',; , lish clnlm to the lnnd nbovo described.
September 12. 012. hpforo Rl,..istPr nt, Reiver IT S Lan-l
.Notice is hereby given that nrron II. Out II Nov .,t 0flW f U(.umca,.ii N M. thc isth
htewart, of Quay, N. M., who, on leb- ,inv nf v.,vni..l.nr 1012
Quay County Abstract Company
R. 0. Htubbine Is no longer introstorl In t ho ' Mtrnct Runlncai nt
TupiunfHrl, hnving turned the books und rncordi brick to W W. Mayes,
from whom tboy were purehnsod
Mr, Mnyci han nola tame to Taylor Si Dykox. who will continue
the business as "Quay County Abstract Compnny' and nrrnngnmonta
are boln made to make this a Bonded Abstract Company, for the pro
tection of its patrons. Reference It made to any one having had busi
ncss done by the new firm.
Rent ill town. Everything
that's good to eat
J. R. WELLS, Prop
South Main, nrxt door to Silver
for Gcndcincn
who cherish
'I'lh llllH-lll I X.'HK
Uepurtiiient of Hie Interior V. S. Lnml
ttlllee nt Ttiftimcnri, Xew Mexiro
.September 23, 11)12
Not if i- is hereby given that Heorge
William Hell, of I.oy.l, X. M. who on
Pehrunrv 1. 1WHI, iiindf II li Xo. 7010
..m . ov i.... -m i. v
.or i',''i .i'i: if, i ii ii . nni; in i
. l . - . 1
M P Meridian, has fllpd notice of Inteti
t inn to make Pinnl Pive Venr Proof, to
(tnbltih claim to the bind above do-
1 tl.i..lan ft... I l?.f,.,It.,.r
",r,,u"' """ .'-fi.-"ii " i.mwi-v.
r S Land OflioP ut Tticumcari. X. M. on
Hp 2fth dav of N'ovembpr. 1012
I'lalmnnt nmiips ns witnesses:
T. A. Wayne. Phillip Shahati, Karnost
Itilev. mid Deliiiou Itilev. all of Tucuin-
.nri. X. M.
II. A. Prentifp. Itogtster
oit 27, Oct 2." .V
Tn.-iiiiifnii News il(120(i
lii'parttnptit of the Inter. or P. S. Land
Mice nt Tiiciiincari, Xew Mexico
Ortobpr 0. W12
Not ne i hprpby given thnt Prank
Pitts ol llaglnnd, X. M. who on lip
ember 1. WOO. made II Ii Xo. KW70.
nn Slit, Sec 20, Twp 7X. Hug 30R, X
M P Icrldinn. bus filed noticp of in
out !n t make Pinal Throe Venr Proof
to estnblish flnim to the Innd above do
MTilied. before L. P. Williams. P. S.
'ouimimioiier nt Murdoi-k. X. M. on
Hie Pith dny of Xovptnber. W12.
'Inimmit t, nines n witnosses
11. S Kirk. Hngtnnd, X. M.j Shprmnn
Tucuuioarl News
Depart inent of the Interior P. S. Lnnd
Ofilce al Tuctimcnri, Xew Mexico
September 2.1, 1012
Notice is hereby jjiven that .lohn A.I
nillinesli'V, ol liinlon. X. M. who on
April 22. P.m7. made If Ii Xo. 17.10,
for SL. Sli, S... 13. nn.l XL.. XE,
Se.- 21, Twp ON. Him 20 li. N M P Mo
rid. an. hn filed notiee of in'ention to
A Speedy Stitcher Awl XWI
With One or Threo Yen r's Subscriptions to
The Wichita Weekly Eagle
Send 50 cents for one yonr,$l tm for three yours, direct to tho Ragle
Ofilce, nnd you will receive The Wichita Weekly Kaglo nnd the Speedy
Stitcher Awl at once.
in the Southwoc. Una Prank Onrponter'a nrtlelea, MA B&Hgaa ut
Washington, D. 0.," Prof. A.M. Ton Iiyck, Kansas BsjierlfllBBt St&tlSK,
lister Millison nnd Adn Carrol Wortoti for the llidtos, Mutt nut Joff by
Hnl Fisher, Associate Prose, Ilnso Hall and Markets,
Sells everywhero for 11 dollar. Has five needles, adjustable Uslllilu
and thread inside. All inside of handle, mnde of best hard Vtpla
(Jnarantei'd by tho Weekly lingle.
Tho Wichttn (Knn.) r.iglo.
Wichtln, Kansas
linctnsed ptense find 50 cents fnrono year, t $1.01) for tliroo ymm, fr
which jiIobso solid 1110 Tho WIchltn Weokly Rnglo one year
three years and per your Prim Offer, tho ypeedy Stitcher Awl.
R. P, D, No llnx r
Put (X) here: Now ... Renewal .......
Bon Bona, etc
Phonr 52 S A KDWAKDS, Crop.
inn ke I'll. ' ' V.- i I't ""! to i-t.il.-
Ij.l! , Imuii .. I l.'icilbe.I
lii'foi.- Hi'jji-ti i iiti't K im-i I' S Land
Olllce at 1 ii. inn. '.it i. N M ti tiir ..inn
dfv of NoMonli.-i. ! '. 12.
Claimant names us witnessos:
.1. S. Dixon. S. li. Parkor, .1 R P(ttor,
and W. .T. Papps, all of Dodaoa, N. M.
R. A. Prentice, Register
Sept 27, Oct 25 .t
Tiifiimcari News 008i7
Department of the Interior U. S. Lund
Oftlce nt Tiuumcuri, Xew Mexico
September -', 1012
Nr.tice is hereby given '.hat Orrie li.
Strain, of Dodson, X. M. who tm Jan.
0, 1007. made II Ii Xo. UlSO, tor S
N'liV, nnd X2 SK', So.- 7. Twp ON.
Itng 3012, X M P Meridian, has filed
notice of intention to make Pinal Throe
Year Proof, to establish claim to the
land above described, before Register
and llpctivpr, U s Land Olllce at Tu
eumcuri, X. M. i the 23rd lay of No
vembor, 1012.
t'lnimaiit nnmes as wltnossoa;
A. II. Potter, I. .1. Briscoe, Que Byor
and William Capps, all of D ml son, N.&t.
It. A. Prontica, Register
Sept 27, Oft 25 !5t
Ttifumcnri News O00SS
Department of the Iuterior P. S. Lnnd
OHlff at Tucuiiicnri. Xew Mexico
September 23. 1012
Notice ii hereby .jivoii thnt W Thorn
lis Herd, of Puerto, N. M. who on Mnr
21 100S, mnde It H Xo. 2t:tll. for XliH
(Spp 2P 'j'wr, s.t, Kiij.- :2li. X M P Me-
('Inimnnt nnmes hs witnesses!
W. M. Ilord. II. L. Millor, Joha Mo
Cnnp, nnd Hoifl-go trntton, all of Puerto
Xew Mexico.
II. A. Protitiee, Register
Sept 27, Oct 25 fit
There i quite a domiuid for house
nil I ..I e II ind well roe omme.td-
e.l. iii Tin-niiK-iirt it"' now.
Htrcet -..',

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