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She ffueumeari Jlews
VOL. 11. NO. 3
uBscnrPTioN tizo a teas
t. -
A New Departure in Our Educational
Syttem Conducted by Dr. Nlchola,
City and School Physician
At tsc High School Autlitonmii uu
Thursday ut tho Assesntbly Hour, Dr.
Nichols began u series of lectures to
I hi1 pupils ou the broud subject of Hy
giene. In beginning ho outllneil the course
nn'l sti.ted us bis subject lot the first
leeturo "Periuuul Hygiene ui tho .Study
of the llculth of tho lndlvidiiul Rudy."
He beguu by sayiug that the body
is thu temple of the living (iod, and thut
we have no moro right n hurin or de
file that body than we have right to
harm tho body of another individual.
As a rule tuau made laws have ns
their object the protection ol an in
dividual f 1 0111 the harm of others, but
home states have laws against tho harm
ing of one's self and suicide is held to
bo a crime, but iu tho eyes of our makor
the duty wo owe our own body, which
U the temple of the living (!od, in just
ax sacred an the duty we owe the body
or porson of our neighbor.
In his discussion of personal clomili
ness he i owned upon the important
parts of the body as follows:
Care of the Hair The hair should bo
washed carefully at lenst once n month
and after each washing it is advisable
ro rub some oily substance, such as vas
eline or olive oil, as cold wafer itsolf,
when the scalp becomes diy, has a ten
dency to produce dandruff, which can
only be overcome by the addition of
the oily substance to renew the oily
condition of the scalp.
The Kycs A cardinal rule is never
ro tead lying down, nw during conva
lescence from ailments. While nn
turp will accommodate, so we can
read at these times, there is a strain
and then sooner or later a petinlty
will have to bo paid. Tho suggestion
was made to Hie scholar that attention
of teachers should be called to a glare
or reflection on the b! ..'kboard so that
their position could bo changed to pre
vent some.
Teeth The teeth should be cleansed
twice nnd if possible three times dally.
It. is not sufficient to give them "a
lick and a promise." but each brushing
should pursue the following system:
Brush thoroughly up and down along
the long axis of the teeth, Liking tho
lower jaw, then the upper, thus clear
ing out any pnrticles that mny cling
between tho teeth, then horizontally
the upper nnd lower jaw, both on tho
outside and the inside of tho teeth. If
any particle? then remain between the
teeth, never use, a toothpick, which to
say the least, is u vulgar nnblt as well
ns an unsanitary one, from which mny
come injury to the gums. Huy at any
drug store a little spool of dentnl floss
which is merely a thick medicated
thread, draw it between the tenth af
fected in a sawing movement nni the
foreign pnrtlcle will always be removed.
liars Do not pick the ears, either
with a straw, piece of wood or motal
instrument, as the drum of the ear is
r.iie of the most delicate membranes of
the body, nnd the slightest injury may
cause irreparablo consequences Inter In
The Skin or Body in fieneral.Ono
of tho great, functions of the skin,
and one which is seldom thought
of, is Its power of respiration. Through
the little pores of the skin, respiration
tnkns place between the internal body
and the outtdde air, just as truly ns
in the lungs. This action Is rendlly
tciognized In the fact thnt If over ono
half of the skin of tho body is burnml,
however slightly, death is the inevita
ble result. The way to regulate the
respiration of tho skin is by bnths and
the following principles should control
tho uso of wnter. Hot water has the
double purpose of clennllness and open
ing the pores of the skin nnd should bo
used at least once a week, more of
course In summer time, but nfler tho
hot bnth, tho pores of the skin being
cpen, yon should never go immediately
into the open air, as the body nt this
time, is more susceptible to drafts, nnd
colds nnd more serious troubles may re
sult. Hold water closes the pores of
tho skin and is n general stimulent to
the surface circulation, nnd therefore
gardens tho body to- resist the changes
i elinwi'.o olio may eli. uuntui hi the
"pen. Therefore, one of the st longest
iufluetices for the preservation of the j
lienlth is the daily morning cold bath
and it is remarkable what its regular I
use will accomplish in the daily ener- ,
gics of your lives. If it Is necessary j
to go out after the hot bath it is advis- .
itble to sponge the body with cold wn- i
ter after the hot bath. Most important
in this system is the thorough rubbing
afer any bath with a coarse Turkish
towel until the skin is almost u lobster
Finger Nails--Tho failure to prop
erly care for them Is probably one of
1 he most potent causes of disease, for
underneath the nails lurk most of tin
germs of disease. The speaker hero
male m very strong protest against the
ieious habit of biting tho finger nails,
which shows not only a debased ner
vous or 111011 tul trend In the individual,
but makes possible the entrance of dis
ease germs in the mouth, thence to the
body. The nails should never be clean
ed witli a metal instrument, such as n
knife, tor it is next to impossible for
such an instrument to maUo a clean
sweep of the inner surface of tho nulls,
1 ml groove, re-mil, which become foci
or lodging places for dirt to shortly
I'olleet. Always iiko an orange wood
stick which run be purchased at utiv
Irug store tor ."e a dozen. Keep the
kin a the root of the nails thoroughly
pushed hack so that the half moon can
readily be seen in -inch nail, thereby
preventing thnt unfortunate condition
known as the "Hanging nail,'" whith
nftontlme leads to more serious re
sults. The rules laid down for the enre of
the finger nails are equally applicable
to tho care of the too nnils. and In tho
oyo of our Mnker von will be called
upon to answer just ns much for a
part of the body unexposed to view ns
for thee parts unprotected bv cloth
The Nose Mother Nature hn given
is the nose for sovornl purposes. First
to warm the air thnt goes into tho lungs
and secondly to gunrd against and for
eign pnrticles from the outside nlr that
might harm the lungs. To accomplish
fho latter purpose, Sho has placed In
the nose little hnirs which are so con
structed ns to extend outward. Ono of
the common, vicious habits Is to draw
the secretions of tho nose upwnrd and
backwnrd and expel them through the
throat and mouth. This Is probably
flie most important ennse of cntnrrh,
so provnlent in this country. It can
readily be seen that if the little hairs
in the nose, Mother Nature's protect
ors for the mere vital parts of the body,
are reversed in their direction, namely,
turned inwnrd instead of nutwnrd, thnt
the lungs loso their normal protectors,
and disease follows. Always blow; the
nose in a handkerchief, discharging the
secretions outward. There is no ex
options to- this rule.
Tho noxt lecture will be on tho sub
feet of Social Ifygiene or the Rela
tionship of the Individual to Ills Feb
These lectures will be given once a
month, and announcement of the same
will be duly made.
Later subjects will bo Municipal lly.
gieno nnd Socinl Hygiene, nnd the pa
rents nre Invited to attend that they
may by hearing these lectures bn en
abled to cooperate with the School Man
ngement and Dr. Nichols in hnving
practical results follow these lectures.
I would like to call the attention of
my friends that iu this month I will
need monoy. Your kindly consideia
tion will be appreciated.
Dr. Herring.
A deal was consummated yesterday
whereby W. P. MoBee becomes mniiager
in-ohief of the Olovis Journal, buying
II. Armstrong's interest. Tho Journal
Is a stock compnny nnd Mr. McBeo
succeeded in manipulating enough stock
to put him nt tho holm. lie is a pleas
ant fellow and a very acceptable con
temporary. Olovis News.
(1. W. Hoover bought the Roberts
Confectionery nnd takes charge of the
same today. Mr. Roberts has done woll
thoro and Mr. Hoover will continue the
same. Watch our columns for his ads
AoiuviIh MaIn of Riillntn. . Storv of tho
Shooting is Dramatic Rccitnl
Wounds Not So Serious
Milwaukee. Wis. Oct. lfl..lolui V.
Schrnnk, would-be assassin of Col. Thoo-
dore Roosevelt, was taken to district
court at in-.tii this morning for prolliu
inary hearing and pleaded guilty to tho
charge of attempted murder.
Tlil action was taken on reoumnion-
ilnt ion of distilct attorney Sobal, who
issued a warrant charging siehrnnk with
shooting Cd. Hoosovelt, with the at
tempt to kill.
Wchrnnk's arraignment cnused littlo
excitement nt city hall, whoro .liulgo
M. JJ. N'eelon's courtroom is locntod. It
hitii been announced that Si'liranli woi.M
not bo taken to court boforo tomorrow.
As a result his appearance tit city hall
was not not oil. except by uewspnper
men, until his case was called.
Then Schiank. between two detectives
who towered a foot above his bond,
was brought to one side of .ludgo Nco
Ion's bench.
Dint 1 let Attorney Subnl road tho for
mal charge of attempted murder based
on a warrant for Schiuiik issued today.
" Do you understand tho charge which
the district attorney has just rend here?
said Judge Neeleu to Schrnnl:.
" Vos." he replied.
"Have you an attorney!" said tho
" Not I have not," replied Schrajk.
At this point tho district attorney
"Do you wont this case tried In n
hurrv. Sch 111 u It'"
" Yes, sir," snld Schrnnk,
"AH right," remarked Judge N'eelen
"I think this disposes of the matter so
far as we can go. I will fix bnll at
700, the maximum undnr the charge
upon which tlio prisoner hns been ar
raigned." Schrnnk was immediately tnkeu to
the police station,
Tho judge then ordered tlio revolver
ami bullets taken to- a chemist for ex-
. imnat urn as to whether they contained
:111V pi.isnn.
Story of tho Shooting
t id. Itocisovelt was shot and slightly
wounded as he was leaving thu C 11
pn trick hotel fw tho Coliseum to make
a speech. An X-rny of Col. Roosevelt's
wound shows Hint tho bullot lodged in
the chest wall and did not penetrate
the 'nogs.
The Colonel went on to the hall ami
began his speech, nfter ho hnd seen the
assassin arrested and taken to the po
lice stntion.
Henry F. Cocheltis seized tho would
bo assassin nnd hold him until policemen
i nino up. Col. Uoosovolt's life probably
wns sated by a manuscript of his speech
wlii. h In- iieliered last night. Tho bul
let utiuck the mnnuscrtpt, which re
ts rded Its force ns it passed through
into the flesh.
The nssnssln wns prevented from fir
ing n second shot by Albert II. Martin,
one i Cnl, Roosevelt's two secretaries,
Col. Roosevelt had just steppod Into an
automobile when the nssassin pushed
liis way through tho crowd to tho street
.ind (hod.
Mai t in. who was standing m the
fir with the Colonol, leaped to the
mini's shoulders and bore him to tho
j run nit.
Cap'. A. (). nirnrd, of Milwntikeo.who
was on the front seat, jumped almost
at tho same time, nnd iu an instant
tho man was overpowered and disarm
oil. A wild cry of "lynch him" wont up
from the crowd. Col, Roosevelt spoke
to tho people nnd told them to spare,
the assassin. The man wns taken Into
tho hotel and held there until he was
removed to the police station.
After his speech the Colonol was tak
en to Chicago and placed la the Mercy,
hospital, where he is said to be resting
o, Roosevelt's is not a mere flesh
wound, but n serious wound in the chest
said a bulletin ibsued this afternoon by"
physicians at the hospital,
At liOn p. in. the following bulletin
wns Issued by physlcinns at Morcy hos
"The examination of Col. Roosovolt's
Injuries at 1 p. in. showed thai his tem
po nit u re was 0S.8 his pulse 02, his ros-
p r.i' on normal. It paitis him to breathe
lie must have absolute qulot; ho must
.se l mm talking nnd must not sco
n one until wo give, permission.
This is not u mere flesh wound, but
i crluU3 wound in tho ehusl aud
t i, etude Is essential.
ined) J. II. Murphy
Arthur Denn llean
K. L. Terrell"
Hull a dn?eti of the most noted aud
s illel surgoous in Chicago, lid by Dr.
I'.iiri D. Murphy, mado X-ray oxaminu'
turns of thu Colonel's wound, and an
nounced thut thu bullet did not pierce
'i.e lung, but had lodged iu tho uluist.
T'icy hud not planned to opera to.
The following ollbiul statement was
"Col. Roosevelt's hurt is a duep bul
let wound (A tho chest wall without its
"'riMig any vital organ in transit..
I io wiutul was not probed. The point
or "iitranco wns to tho right of and one
It below the level f the right nipple.
I in- n.ngo of tho bullot was upward
ind .nuard u distance of four inehob
i in- .chest wall. There was no evi-
nt the bullet penetrating thu lung
I' ise '.ai; temperature UD.li; respiration
oeyte count ,S2 at 10 a. m. Ni
ir,itu n to remove bullet is indicated
' ' - present time. His condition is
ui- in i, but the wound is so important
in 'leinund absolute rest for a number
i las.
Signed) Dr. John II. Murphy
Dr. Scurry L. Terrell
Dr. It. J. Saylc"
Me ueal men when shown the state
ment issued by the physicians attend
ing Col. Roosevelt, seemed to think con
ditions most favorable. In their opin
ion tho chief danger would bo if the
foiiiation of pus within tho chest cap
ity. As the bullet did not penotrate
hat far this dancer was of courso ob-
si,ian wop- of the opinion that
ne ttould be aide to leave tho hospital
v it hiii 12 or lH days. With the bullet
removed, they said, the Colonel would
reipiin absolute rest for that period
o insure speedy recovery.
Tho Colonol has had several close
enlls during the last few yenrs. Prob-
ibly the most serious accident in which
he figured wns in 1H02, when his car
riage was struck by a trolly car near
I'itrsfield. Mnss. and n secret service
ninn was killed.
In October. lOO.", the Colonel was oa
a journey down the Mississippi river on
the lighthouse tender, Magnolia, when
the vessel wns run down by tho steam
er Kspnrta near New Orleans nnd sev
oral great holes cut In her hull.
Only last summer n train on which
Mr. Roosevelt was going to Chicago,
run into a boulder thnt had rolled onto
the track.
Chicago. Oct. 17. Six physicians,who
made the most extended survey of Col.
Roosevelt's condition nttompted sinco
his arrival at Mercy hospital, today
found his condition as near normal ns
a wounded man could bo and renowed
the assurance that there was no longer
cause for worry.
It was announced that Col. Roosovolt
would not leave the hospital until at
least after Sundny. Tho many hours
he has boon able to rest Is declared by
the physicians to bo the best medicine
for him nnd ho was nllowed to sloop
as lonu as ho wished.
The Hoard of Directors of tho Tu- j
cumcuri Public Schools and tho teach
ers and othors directly interested in
the Public Library, wish to thank those ,
who have purchased season tickets nnd
who attended tho first numbor, Thoo
baldi, by single admission. Ry so-doing
you have assured uh that the course
will bo a financial biiccorh, and that we
rduill bo nhlo to report a profit for the
Library Fund nt tho closo of tho courso.
'ho odvnnco stiles woro much bettor than
we had expected, and nil thnt comes
in from now, on will bo monoy for tlio
purchnso of books.
.TOS. S. HOFER, Secretary
Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Frnslor lonvo for
a visit in Okntnulgn, Okln. tho last of
the week:, to bo gono ton days.
Rising Near Mexico City Follows tho
Seizure of Port; Revolutions In
Many States
Mexico City, Mux'. Oct. 17. Insist
ing IhHt Commodore Azueta is edill able
to runtroH thu federal gunboats, tu
Mexican government today ordtred him
to bombard Veracruz, held by Gun. Diaz
Disputihus from Veracruz, however,
indicate thnt Azueta's two gunboats,
llravo and Morulos, huvo been tnkeu
by the soldiers of l'ulix Diaz.
A crisis lias been readied in tho af
fairs of Mexico and President Madoro's
administration is at a critical point.
Thu resignation of his cabinet was de
manded in the chamber of deputies last
night by Deputy (uurido Mohono, but
the president of the chamber rafunod
to permit discussion and the motion will
come up again.
With (Ion. Folix Diaz, nephew of the
exiled ex-prosiilunt, in undisputed con
trol of Veracruz, Mexico's most impor
tnnt seaport, reports Imvc rwiehed here
also of new uprisings in various parts
i.f the republic, including tho City of
I'achuca, only 55 miles from the capital.
Resides this tho loyalty of tho army Is
A battle between the icbcls under
I'clix Diaz nnd the government troops
is thought probable somowhero between
Veracruz ami Cordoba.
The rebels, with Felix Din, nnd Col.
Diaz Ordaz at their head, loft Veracruz,
early today, following the lino of the
Mexican railway, to meet the govern
ment troops from Mariano and Azenrr
aga. The collector of customs nt Voraeruz
uirned over nearly half a million of
old ti the rebels nnd closed the cu
tarns house.
Shipping business is there-fore at a
It Is taken for granted that Gen.
Agullnr Is In nccord with Dlnz nnd tho
two hnvo entered Into ngroementa with
numerous bands of rebels in tho states
if Veracruz nnd Onxaea.
Tt Is rumored that l'nscunl Orozco and
Felix Diaz have reached an understand
ing to unite all the rebels ngains( Pres
ident Madorot.
In a Deaperato Ten-Inning Battle New
York Went Down to Defeat, 3 to
2 Wood Relieved Bodicnt
iiy muffing au easy fly bnll in tiiu
tenth round, Frud Suodgrans cost New
York tho championship of tho world,
aud Christy Mnthewuou one of his hard
est aud gamest games. The Red Sox
hopelessly benton, rallied in thu face of
this ghastly break by the Giants' out
fielder and finally fought their way up
mid over the goal by the margin of a
run, where, with good support, Math
ewson would huvo drawn a shutout.
It has been a hcart-broaking buttle
from the beginning of tho contest be
tween two of tho most ovenly mutchod
teams that ever came togothor and Bos
ton hns won. Thoro novor was a game
iu the world kicked away as this last
and deciding ono wus in tho most dra
matic finish over Htngod. Tho Oiants,
by cleuu slugging, had mnulod Podiunt
and Wood for two runs, with Murray
lending the assault each time.
All records for world's sorios were
broken In a llnancinl way. Tho 22
playors of the Boston Rod Sox will re
ceive H024.08 each, nnd tho 23 play
ers of tho New York (limits will re
ceive $2,nno.40 each,
Tho total paid attendance for tho so
ries of eight gamos wns 252,037.
The totnl receipts woro $400,833.
Hnch club's sharo wns $147 028.85.
J. F. Ward took Josso Taylor, Erin
Miller and Oharloa Sanders to tho pen
llontlary nt Santn Fo. Irwin Fonring
Indicted for postofilco robbery nt Narn
VIhb, last spring, wns takon beforo tho
federal grand jury. But throo prisoners
nro at present in tho county jail, tho
fewest at any time during tho last six

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