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Tueiunonrl Nown 07844011811
Department of tho Interior, U. 8. Land
Onico nt Tucnnicnrl, Now Mexico
September t7, 1012.
Notice i hereby glvon thnt Charles
h. Hotidrlcknon, of Jordan, N. M., who,
mi May 18, 100", mailo II. E. No. 17871,
for Orlj:. SK,, See. 1, nnd Add'? II. E.
.Vo. OJ 181 1 mndo Juno 10, 1000, for
'K See. 12. all in Two. 0 N, Range
20 B. N. M. P. Meridian, hna filed no
tice of Intention to make Final Five
Vosr on Original, mid Three Year on
Add 'I Proof, to oHtublUh claim to tho
land above described, before Ij. F. Wll
ilant!, V. S. Commitloner, nt Murdoch,
N M.. on the 2-1 th day of October. 1012.
Claimxnt iiiiiiioh a witnesea:
John .lo8lor. of Jordan, N. M., It. H. Receiver. tT. S. Lnnd Ofllce, nt Tucum.
Stlm-on. of Jordan, N. M.. A. J. Green, i onri. N. M.. on he 10th day of Novem
of Jordan, N. M., William D. Witeher, r,,.r 1012.
of McAHstor, N. M. j t'lnlmant name" nx witnesses
It. A. Prentice. RegN'cr S. E. Parkor, of Dodnon, N. M., W.
Kept. 20-O.t. IS .It 'j. Cnpim, of Dodiion, N. M J. 8. Price,
of i)n(lMOn x M i and M WM of
Tticumcnr) News 07805 1 T.nnnev V M
NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION . It. Rentier. Register
Peparttnent of the Interior U S Land j Sept. 2o--Vt 18 T)t
Olllre it TuiMimic'i ri. New Melen ; .. . ..
September IS. 1012. Tucumcari News 08282
Notice W hereby 1 ver .tint John (1. , NOTIOE FOR PUBLICATION
tTP ' ?nV"ZT'i r VnTsmT department of the Interior. TJ. a Land
iiVwi- l .; T o V nun IS -n 0nl",, " T"ncarl, Vow Mexlen.
t v m 5 t 'r ' In ? np,i 1 September 10, 1012.
K. ". M. P. Ik'iil Iihh tiled notice i v..i - i ' .. - ,
f intention to m . Final Five Venr
Proof, to eHhlkh elaim to the land
atMlve descHhod, before Register and
Meeelver. V. s. I.Hi.d Olliee. at Tucum i
Mrl. N. M.. -n the 20th dav of October. ,
Claimnnt name as witnesses:
..VWrerob.. of Loyd, N. M...
AMI AlltrenS. M ,Y J ,, ":
K. A. Pr.Mitce. Reenter,
fpr. o- ni-r 1 s -at
Tucumearl NVws fS2S-01l3S: : T Ui? arP n Ow". "H of
Pepnnnienf of the Interior. V. R. Land ; , A. Preutlc. Register
Offle,. tTocom.-nri. New Mexico, '?cpt. 20 Oct. IS "t
i'ptinWr 17. 1012. ;
N'otic. is hereby l en thnt Enoch J. ! Turuincari News 010
Moore, of Hudson. . M.. who. on Sep NOTIOE FOR PUBLICATION
temlwr 13th. 100.0. mnde II. E. No D,.,,artment of the Interior. U. 9. Land
HIM. for Oritf. E:. NWi',, and N nth-., at Tucunicari. Now Mexico.
HWH ?e. 11. not Add'l II. E. No : September 10, 1012.
m. made May 11. 1000. for NWi', "r.ti.' herebv given that James A.
YW1J Pee. 11. and SU SW', Seo. 2. all j Poke, of Plain. N. M.. who. on March
; TP- N'- "n ff N"VritP- I ll,o:- "'n'1" E- o. 010. fur N'WM
to make Final ThreP Yoar Proof, to es - . ,' '. " V,
k.wii.v ... . u ... t i . I Meridian, lias filed notic of nten-
ranltsn elaim to the land above de ! . ,.,,. ri..i ti - . .
o. .1 IStb .l,y .f N'ovomh.,. 1012. "'i .K.? .1 'a5'',.- .SJ
I'laimnnt name as witnesses;
W. .1. Capps. of Dodion. N. M.. S. K
Parker. of Dodson. N. M.. r. J. Brlseoe.
of Tucnmcarl. V. M C. O. Randall, of
Oodcon. N. M.
R. A. Prentice. Registor
fifpt. 20 -O, t. IS St
Tueumenri New 0872 011o02
IVr-irhnent of t' L.tmior V. S Land
Olfli-i' nt Tti''Ori"ir New Mevicn
September 10, 1012.
Notice i hereby given that George
Smt'h. of Harris. N. M.. who. on July
in. 1007. made H. E. No. 1SGH. for ,
Orig. EV. NW'' . and Ei SWV,, and
Add'l II. E. No. 011. -.02. made Mnv '24. '
1000. for the WU NE, and WU. SE'i '
Pec. II. Twrt. 5 N. Ranue 27 e'.'n. M. I
P. Meridian, las filed notice of inten-
tion t) mako Final Three Year Proof,
to establish claim to tho land above de-
erlbed, before Mury W. Shuw, U. 8.
Commissioner, at Hassell. N. M.. on he
10th dnv of November. 1912. !
TTlvsns S. Epperly. Alw Hrake, Wll- j
im A. Montgomery and Lawrence
' iniinaiiT names i wirneso:
nam .. iMontgomery anil iawronee
Smith, all of Harris, N. M.
R A. Prentice. Reyi,
Sep. 20- Or 1S 5t
Qlmplost, 8afoat, 8urast
vieeinmon for ibt prtrtniiaa ot
Jan t Unit pill la b plietd under tht tkln f
ih tnlroil br iln(lt thrutt of tbc laiuumeot.
For limited lime we will (It to in ttoik
mm n inlecior free vlth hit 8rn purcbt f
100 vicclnatlont.
Now is tho tlmo to
Vaccinate Your Stock
lot mi tr
Elk Drug Store
Call or writ far frt ftoskUt
BKfi3Bn?i b!
r. fllri
Anywhere at Anytime
A Brand New Dray Lin
Phone 114
Tucnmcarl Nona 04486011314
Department of tho Interior U. 8. Land
Olllee at TueumcHri. New Mexico
September 17, 1012.
Notice Is hereby nlven that Ira .1.
Briscoe, of Tucuruenri, N. M.f who, on
February 23, 1000, rondo II. E. No. 7310,
for SEW 8E4 Sop. 2r), Twp. 10 N, Bn.
20 E, and 8EV, 8W and Lot 4, 9ec 30,
I.rvt 1. See. 31, Twp. 10N, Rng. 30E, and
Add 'I Entry No. 011314. made JIny 10,
1000, for NWj NEVi, NEM NWVi,
HWi, NEV, Sec. 31, Twp. 10 N, Ranpo
30 E, N. M. P. Morldlan, ban filed no
tice of intention to mako Final Flvo
Year on Orig., Three Yenr on Add'l
Proof, to establish elnim to tho lnnd
above described, before RcaUter nml
win Lewis, of Curry, N. M.. who, on
iii-.u,.,. i.iui nsu I'.u
11!lj ofi ip07
" ,V V' v '
made II. K. No. 10307.
, , cUm a... X" - v o ..V" od
etnoln th.tnade
E. N. M. P. MeJidian. has filed notice V'p "TV,I""".',,r wlt"T!vr
"f Intention to mnke Final Three YearL, - l; Fulf!:r;, rtt Hf,,'s',N- TNr.wt." t
n.- ... .un-. u.j
'mv ' W
Shniv. 1' SI. Pn.M,.,I.tnnrt, f rfn.aAtl'0'
I'M 2
Claloisnt names a witne.sc:
I Willinm M. Swtft. Rlhnrt 9 Can.
the lflth day of Nwember, 1912.
''nlmni't luunfi i witnesow
Hen Barker. R. S. Lindsev, C. H.
Hatfield and C. P. Moon, all "of Plain,
R. A. Prentice. Riiter
?ept. 20Oct. 18 5t
Tucumcnri News 0.'I069 014o6
i.-fiirtinent nf the Interior IT. S Lnnd
Odl. c it Tu.-umi-ori, New Mevii-o
SfTi'ember 17, 1912.
Notice U herebv given that Pella
H-'idrIekon. of Ragland. N. M.. who
n Pecemher 20, 1006, made H. E. No.
13003. for Orig. NWV. fle. 0. Twp. 0 N.
nft E. N. M. P.. and Add'l H. t
E. Nc 1 IfiBrt. made July 12. 1011. for!
'Lot - 1 and 2. and S-i NEVi Sec. 1,
I Twl' rt . nn 20 E. N. M. P. Mo- J
! r'H- ha filed notice of intention to
i "lokt Piv Year on Orig.; Three
I Year on Add'l Proof, to establish clalnt
he lnnd above described, before L. I
' inwnii''. . o. vuinniissiuoer, ui i
i. t:nt.... t a n. !.-
Murdock, N. M . ru the 24th day of Oc j
,r,l'r. 1012
' laimant names as witnesses:
R. H. Vinson, of Jordan, N. M A.j
, J. Oreen. of Jordan, N. M., M. H.
Oreeu. of Jordan, N. M., William D.
Witeber. of MeAllster, N. M.
R. A. Prent'ce. Registnr
.,., .. -o.t 18 5t
.mcari News 0S1-O12460
-t.nrMnent of the Interior, U. S. Land
ritTucutneari. New Mexico,
September 17. 1012.
e is hereby given that Stuart T. q ''Ti ""' , n V' n
M.r.e .f Murdock, N. M., who, on S' Candlor and John Marsh, all of
'an mrv o, 1007, mndo H. E. No. 14153,' nrrv' . n , ,
for Or.g. SR'i Sec. 27, and Add'l Serial L. 1fl n , ,f .; crent.ee, Reg,.-er
N- -12100. made October 3, 1000, for ' " '0, t- 18ut
" se-. '.'ti, Twp. o N, Range 31 K,
f P Meridian, has filed notico of
' o make Final Three Year
f. - establish claim to the land
I. bribed, before L. F. Williams,
' s CommNgioner, at Murdock. N. M..
'he 2rh day of October. 1012
'oimont names as witnesses:
c. Williams. Edward S. nrenn. .1.
' P.er-e, ind . i'. Dennis, all of Mur-
. M.
; R. A. Prent ci;. Re.ister
, Oi.t. IS 5t I
. .. i
l o-umeari News 057OU i
ptirtment of tho Interior, V. S. Land
"Hi.-e otTnctnuarl, New .Mexico,
....,., I? mio
Notie,. i, hereby given that Charles I '' '' ,r(:ir'"on. r,cw'S- "r;
W. Moore, one of the helra and for the! T'' ' fh,v P"r3lf,-V' nt
dens of Enoch J. Moore, Sr., deceaaod.1 -ll v' N' v- . r, .. .
or Dn.l.on. N. M., who, on Octobor 3rd.!,. , , ''--entW. Rey.K'er
NT.', ,,nd N'i SEVi Sec 10, Twp. 0
V Rai.ge 30 E, N. M. P. Meridian,
luii tiled notice of intontioo -o make
Final Five Year Proof, to establish
laim to rlit. lnnd above lescribed, be
fore Register and Receiver, U. S. Land
Olllee, at Tuoumcarl, N. M. on tho 18th
day of November, 1012.
laimant names as witnesses
I. R. Potter, of Dodson, N. M W. J.l
Capps, of Dodson, N. M., 9. E. Parke
of Dodson, N M., I. J. Briscoe, of Tu-1
cimenri, N. M.
R. A. Prntlcn Tlmrliltr
S,.pt. 20 Oct. 18 I5t
... ... - . . ...,n.
Tucnmcarl News 04334
Department of tho Interior, U. 8. Lnnd j
Ofllco ntTucumcari, New Mexico, ;
September 17, 1012. :
Notice Is hereby given thnt Edgar
Leo linker, of Loyd, N. M., who, on i
December 10, 100.". made II. E. No.
n7C. for SEM Sec. 1, Twp. 0 N, Range
31 !'. . M. P. Meridian, has tiled no
tee of Intention to make Final Three
yen, Proof, to establish claim to the
hind r.hove described, before Register
and Receiver, V. H. Land Olllee, nt Tu
e.umenri. N. M.. on tho 21st dav of
November. 1012.
claimant names as wltne.tans:
Jonathan A. Valentine, of Tuenmcnri,
N. M . T. A. Wayne, of Tucumcari, N.
M.. Oeorge W. Hell, of Loyd, N. M
John L. Reagan, of Loyd. N. M.
R. A. Prentice. Register
mt "n-n,.t kj r.
1 ; ;j ; i
Tin-umearl News Oinioil
Department of tho Intorinr, U. 8. Land
OrtW ntTucumcari, New Mexico,
September 17. 1012.
Wiii is hereby given thnt James J.
MfTris. of IToitie. V. M.. who. on April I
13. 100S. made If E. No. 24035, for
Ni:i', See. 20, Two 5 N. Ranno 20 E.
1 N. M. P Meridian, has tiled notice of
intention to make final Three Year
Proof, to etnbH- Malm to the land
above described, before Miirr.v W. I
Shaw. F. S. Commissioner, at Unwell. '
N M.. on the 21st day of Octobor. 1012. '
iimrmnn. o nniite. .M.. .1. II. Wnik.
"-sc. N. M., James M. Pryden. !
KPOiVel. N. M.
focnniciiri News 08372
Pepartment of the Interior, V, S. Lund 1
Oflloe utTuetimcnri. New Mexico.
September 17, 1012.
Notice ! hereby given that John O.
Rector, of Plain. N. M who, on Sep-i
tembet 4. 1007. made H. E. No. 10.100.
tor NW, Sec i:t, Twp. 7 N. Range 31 ;
E. N. M. P. Merldiau has filed notice
of intention to make Final Three Year
Proof, to establish daim to the land
above described, before L. F. Wllllnms.
i. .-. '-uiiinns'iHner. in .Miuooi'K, ,.
on tue -L'rt day or October, 1012.
Claimant mimes a witiieses:
V. J. Thoma'.. (5. N. Cooper, .1. P.
Lowe, and R . Philpott. all of Plain.
N. M.
R A. Prentice, Register
Sept, 'JO -O. t flr
Tn umeaii News 0S373
Pepartment of the Interior V. S. Lnnd
Ofllce atTuoumcari. Now Mexico,
September 17. 1012.
Notice is hereby given thnt Burton
. Philpott. of Plain. N. M., who, on
September 4. 1007, made II. E. No.
lOfifil. for W'i. SEi', Sec 12. and WW.
NEV, Ffcc 13. Twp. 7 N. Range 31 E.
N. M. P. Meridian, has filed notice of
intention to make Final Three Year
Proof, to entablish elaim to tho land
above described, before L. F. Williams,
('. S. Commissioner, at Murdock, N. M.,
on the 22d day of October, 1012.
Claimant names a w
V. J. Thomas. J. C,
Rector, f5. N.
Cooper., and .1. I'. Lowe, all of Plain,
R. A. PrenMee. Register
Sept. 2y- O. t. 18 nt
To: umenri News 00274
xrT 13 rflo tit
Pepartment of the Interior IT. S. Land
Otli.e at Tuemnenri. New Mei. .
I September 17, 1012.
Notice is hereby given that Joseph
P. Pearson, of Curry. N. M.. who. on
: January flth, 1008, mndo II. E. No.
122200. for NE'i Sec. 33, Twp. 7 N,
! Range 2S E. N. M. P. Meridian, has
, filed notice of intention to mako Finnl
l Three Year Prod', to establish claim to
! tl''n('ove described, before Mur-
. ,r;v J": 1 ' R; Comm aioner. at
', lVe ".' M" on !,,p -2'1 ,,8-v 01 0l
1 Ae, ', '
? nl"nt narnj, m w.ti.essest
i ,
i TueumcHi i News 00811
i nuTivu t utt fuomuATiON
' I'cparmont of the Interior. U. S. Land
0,Vl"" ntTueumenrl. New Mexico.
! September 17. 1012.
M-'tcf t neretiy given that Samuel
' WiRi"'f. of Curry. N. M.. who, or,
1 February 11. 1007. made H. E. No.
i 14000, for KW, See. Twj. ! N,
; Range 2b E, N. M. P. Meridian, has
' u"'a ""tiep or Intention to mnke Finnl
Ihreo ear Proof, to establish claim to
the land above described lmfore Murrv
W:. J1- r- S' ConT-nlMlonor, at If-
"n h" 22n'1 ''"v nf 0,,,"
. ,
r V , ""T T Z un v- ,r
OundolphiH Dnwd, of Hassoll. N. M..
rucumenri New? OMMO 01 1 171
j Department of the Interior, V. S. Land
Ofllce atTucumcari, New Moxi.-u.
September 17. 1012.
Notice is hereby given that Frank
Shenold, of Tucumcnri, N. M., who, on
February 1&. 1007, made II. E. No.
LWJiO. for Orl. Wt. NW'. H..c. 20 n,t
KYa NBV, Sec. 30, and Add'l H. E.
No. 011471. made Mnv If., 1000. for
he Ni SWV't Sec. 2!i and E' SE'A
Soi. flO. nil in 1ei 10 V Tf .. un I.'
. -- . ., j.. au .iihiu ,
N. M. P. Meridian, has filed notice of
ntenticn o make Finnl Threo Year
Proof, to establish claim to the land
aboo described, before Mrs. A. Haw
itins, F. S. Commissioner, (,t Montova,
N. M., on the 23d day nf October, I'M 2.
Claimant names ns witnesKCH
Abncr Smith, Arthur Cordon, J. C,
Chambers, and Bin Killgore, all of
ITanley. N. M.
R. A. Prentice. Rcgintor
Sopt. 20-Oct. lfl nt
Hubscrlbo now for the Newa, You can
gat It from now till Jan, 1, 1914 for fl.
Lodge Directory
Tiieunirari Lodge No 27, A F. A A.
M. meets in Masonic Hall Regular
meetings lt and 3rd Mondays of each '
month at 7 30 p. m. All visiting broth
ers welcome
K. (I Jacobs. W. M
J E. Whltmore. Sec'y
Royal Arch Chapter
Tuounieari Royal Arch Chapter No
13 Regular Convocation. 'Jnd and 4th
Monday of each month in Masonic hail
d 7:30 p. m. All visiting e.iinpantnns
A H. Carter. High Priest
.1 E. Whitmore. Hec'y
Eastern Star
IMhel (Chapter No. in, Order Eastet
tar, meets In Masonic hall every 2nd
and 4th Tuesday night n 8:00 p m
Visitors cordially invited.
Mr. Margaret Whitmore. W M
Mrs. J. C. Elklns, Sec'y
I. O. O. F.
Tucunicari Lodge I. O O. F. meets in
MiiMinic hall every Thursday night
Visiting Brothers alway welcome
N. Fred Kroger
V. O. M. E. Parish
Sec'y O. W. Vost
Trens.A F. Falkenbcrg
Trustee f 2-yr term f5. A. Eager
Ruth Rebeliah Lodge No 4, nieeli.
'he 1st and 3rd Tue-day night of each
month In Ma-onir hall Visitors wel
N. 0. Mm. Anna DeOlivera
V. (l.Mrs. Marie Jacob-
Secretary Mrs. Minnie Pack
Modern Woodmen
Modem Woodmen of America meet
in Masonic hall the 4th Friday night
of each month Visiting Brothers wel
Falkenlierg. V ('
Dr O. E. Brown. W. A
E. W. Bowen. Clerk
B of L. E.
Caiiipaiia Div. No. 74S. 11. of L K
meets every Mnm'ny afemoon nt 2 -w
p. in., in Maxonie hull
J. R. Me Alpine C. E
E. O. Jacobs, Sec & Trent
B. of R, T.
Brotherliood of Railway Tminmer .
No. 7Sf?, meets eveiy Satunltty exening
in Maouic hall.
J. ('. O't.'onner. Pres
D. W Clark, Tren-
D A. MncKenie. s.--'
B. L. F. & E.
B.j L. F. & E. meets ev-iy Tue .aj
at 2:00 - m. in the Masonic hall.
M. J. Carroll, Pres.
W. A. Alexander.
Rec. and Financial See'
O. I. A.
Pajaritu Div. No. 408, G I. A., meetr
2nd and 4th Wcdncsdayx :.' at Ma
sonic hall
Mrs E. E. Clark, Pres.
Mrs. F. a. Simmon!', Sec y
Mrs. .1 R. McAlpinc. Ins. Her
Meets every Tueedny evening nt Moose
C. C. Davidson. Dictator
T L. Welch, Sc.-rota rv
Subscrlbo now for the News. Tou can
got It from now till Jan. 1, 1014 for II.
I Hilt now prepurel tn rieeept 1 I on
the following deacrihed pmpt rty owned
hv the Interniitional Munk of fummerci
Tufiiiucarl, N. M..
N'K', SKVt See JS Twp 10N Riij Ml
IJ., nnd NV4 NW Set SO nnd SF.V,
SW', Sec Ui Twp 10N Khj; ;tl K., ...u
tfiiniiig 102 24-100 He res, IMId Si: ,
swm,'w SR, Se ia, ,.d NWi,
N F."i See 21 Twi luN line, :m K., con
r tit ii lnr 100 iicics lenity et.tinty, N m
HIVi SWh, VfUj S t-: 11 m.i SK',
F.'i See It, Twp 8N. Itn :i! H, em,
'iiiniit Hlij acot iui enmity, .V. M.
SHU NWi', mid SWi, NRV, iiimI m.
2 nnd .'I See 4 Twp ItiN Rnj. .11 f., euu
'niniti" IfiO 01-100 Here.", fjwiy count
N. M.
SWM I the SUM See i Twp ?
ltii !I0 U . Quay county, V M run
tnlnirtg !i20 iierOH.
HK'i Hce 2rt Twp 17 V. Un? !10 K
Cimy eounty, N M.. eoiitiiiiilii" ini
LntH 0. O. and K. of I,nniiir's Sub
div of lots 1, 2, It nnd 4 of Rloek I!'
orijrlnnl tnwiiHite Tueuiiienii, lot.i I)
H. mid F fJhountilt'n Sub-Dlv. of loth
8. It, 10, 11. 12 of Block 18 OT Tucum
cnrl, IntH U 0. I), ami K I.nmnr'H Hul
Div of lots II, 10, 11 nnd 12 of Rlk .'l ,
OT Tucnmcarl, N. M.
Lot 5 Block 13 OT Tuemnenri. N' M
A .1-8 intoront in an 1 to Lotn 11 nnd
12 in Block 30 Rumtell ' nddition.
Lot S in Block 8 of OnnUde addition
to Tucumcari.
II. B. JONK8, Roceiver
lut rnationnl Bank of Oommercf
Tuenmcarl, N, IS.
Tucumcan Transfer to.
IMIONE 190 '
White Elephant Saloon
Jug and Bottle Trade Bolicltcd .Shipping ordora promptly Mled
West Mnln strcc. near Opera House
A. B. Dauber, Proprietor'
Ylonarch No. 1 Dip
I to 7 5
(Jutes Scabs. Chases Flics, Sure Death to Lire - Certtficato of
Government Approval on Every Can
Sheep. Cattle, Horsos, Poultry and Hogs
Guaranteed by RoO. Chemical Concorn, Lincoln, Nebr.
sold by c. C. CHAPMAN
Makes ricb, r-1, retro
svslcm clears the brain : ' iv: i" Ulgcsiion i t.rves.
A ositivo specific for Blood Poison .v. i '.in !. .
Drive?, out Rlieumatlsm and Stops the Pain; r- U Malnrla;
is a wonderful tonic and body-builder. Thuu . md- en-lor o it.
Tucumcari Steam Laundry
Newly equipped with the latest modern nwicliin
eiw. Patronize a home institution with a pay-roll of
more that $750 per month. We m'arantee Salist'ae
tion under the management of a thoroughly practi
cal Laundry Man of twenty years experience,
All Garments Repaired and Button Sewed On
Cleaning and Pressing a Specialty
HTo lpk i KiitH"1 Palace Hath Rooms
i aic ct ucilii An (.f)mt'nl.ts an(1 (,on.
veniences of the city shops. If Your Razor Pulls,
hriiiK it in nnd have it h;irpened. The Host P.arbers
at your service. O. Sandusky, Proprietor
Blood Was Wrong
All women, who suffer from the aches and pains, due
to female ilments, are uryed to try Cardui, the reliable,
scientific, tonic remedy, for women. Cardui acts promptly,
yet sently, and without bad effects, on the womanly system,
rotievuiK pain, building up strength, regulating the system,
and toning up the nerves. During the past half century,
thousands of ladies have written to tell of the quick curative
results they obtained, from the use of this well-known medicine.
Mrs. Jane Callehan suffered from womanly trouble for
nearly Jen years. In a letter from Whltevllle, N. C, she
says : " I was not able to do my own housework. My
stomach was weak, and my blood was wrong. I had back
ache, and was very weak. I tried several doctors, but they
did me no good. I used Cardui for 3 or 4 months, and now
I am in the best health I have ever been. I can never praise
Cardui enough." It is the best tonic, for women.
Whether seriously sick, or simply weak, try Cardui.
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