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The Tucumcari news and Tucumcari times. (Tucumcari, N.M.) 1907-1921, October 18, 1912, Image 3

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Tticumeiirl Now Oont. No; 11.10
llopuitlliciit if till- Inferior. I" S. Lllinl
Olli.e. nt Tui iiim-m i. N'.-w Mexico
s,.pt .'ihImm us, 1012
To Simon 1'. 'I'liot Tcirit, of C'lovia, Now
Mexico, Contested
V on iH( lii'ifliy 1 1 1 1 1 1 It i"1 Hint Elder
hntttilM, who gives Silvcrton, Tn.xus, as
his postnllbe uiilri.s, iliit on August
;mt I i I 'J, (lie in till.- ollico his duly cor
fnl,rr:i t application tn contest ami
sncute tin' i'iiiii'iIlatlnii nf your Homo
le.ul. Kill ry No. 2nl).17, Serial Nil
hWI.10, male May 0, 100H, tor NE,,
Section 21. Twp 8N, ICiik WW., N M P
Meridian, niiil in grounds for his con
tost lie alleges that .mii 1 (I Simon I'. Thot
foul litis wholly abandoned said tract;
that he i not residing upon and culti
vating hiiIiI tini't as required by law,
rt till that hi lini abandoned mii Id tract
tor morn tlinn two years lint past, and
iip.st to tlm date hereof, Aiiuu.it 10, 1012.
(iml Maul defects luivi' not beeu cured to
thl.- 1:iti, August, ito, 1012.
Von nro, therefore, further nofillcd
Hint tho Mild allegation will bo taken
by t lilt office ns hnvlng been con fuscl
by you, and your nlil entry will be
enneelleil tht'teiimler without your fur
ther right to lie honrd theioin, either be-
l'ie till ollii-u or on appeal, if you fail
to Ole in tlil oilb-o within twenty day.
nfter the FOCRTII ptiblieiitlon of tlil-
nntlce, as hovvn below, your answer
miller oath, .peeille.iilly meeting ami re-
I it i ti 1 1 it IT to those allegations of content
or if vnii full within tlinl time to lile
in lhi "illi-o due proof Hint you have
ervi'd n eopy of your humvci on the
-tiid eniitotnnt either in poison or by
leoiitored miii! If tlii" -erxlee uitnle
by the delivery of n copy of your tin
,wer to tho fontostntit in per-mi, proof
of Mich service must be either the said
-fiito-tunt written iieLnowlcdgineiit
of his reeeipf of the eopy, showing thf
date of It- tii-iipt, or the nllhlnvit of the
poron by whom the delivery wn mitde
fating when and where tlm enpv wa
delivered; if iimde bv registered iiiail.
proof of SUi'll M'nh'0 IIUIt consist of
the aflldavit of the person by whom the
ropy wn- mailed statini: when tind the
jin-t otlleo to wlileh it wa mailed, and
tli nflbliivit inii-t be aeeoinpniiled by
the pnit master's receipt for the letter.
Yon should K'ate in your answer tho
nnme .if the pontofilee. to which yon du
hire future notle" to be ont to you.
It. A. Prentice, Register
N. V fiallutiim, Iteiuivcr
Hate lt pub. Oct I. 1012
Pate 2nd pub. Oet. 11. 1012
Hate .'Ir I pub. Oct. IS, l!H2
iKi'e tth pub. Opt Co. 1!!2
l.icuine.'.ii News 00200
Department of the Interior I.'. S. Land
Olllce sit Tncumcari, New Mexico
October 0. 1012
Not be is heieby ylven that Frank
Pitts of Ifufiluiid, N. M. who on De
cember 1. 10011, made II K No. 1.1370,
tor SML, Sec 20, Twp 7N, Hn 5I0K, N
M P Meiblian, has filed, notice of In
entlon to mn he Final Three Year Proof
to establish claim to the land above tie
seribed. before L. P. Wllllnmsi. V. H
Commissioner at MurdocU, N. M. on
the 12th day of November, 1012.
Claimant Mimes ns witne.sses:
H. K Kirk. Uiilanil, N. M.; Sliermnn
Pitts. Kirk. N. M.: M. M. Prater, Rap '
. I'st m 11... n,.i.i v t
land. N. M.: .11... Oray. Rayland, N. M.
R. A. Prentice. Rector
OH 11 Nov . 5t
'I i.ciiiiioii ri Vi'U H2150I
of the Interior IT. H. Land
Ttieiimciiri, New Mexico
fll1l..n nt
Sciitombcr 23. 11)12
Notice is hereby jjiveii that Men. II.
Yates, iliinrliiin of the minor heirs of,
Sinn t'hnilwieli. deceased, of Forrest. N. 1
M. who on March '.1. Mini!, innde II El
No. 752l for S'H'i 21. Twp 7.N. '
Rny .12 E. V M P Meridlnii. has filed
miti I' in'eiiii imi'i Finn: Fi.
Yenr Piiof o ..tiilirh i lnim ' On
I. ml .'b. ' 1 'bed .'-i Ri-yntei I
ii..d It'i ci-i 1
.ill V M
.1 On
..-Itl, .1 ,
In. 1 tu
b.-r M'l?.
flaliiinnt names as witnesses!
.1. P. Nelson. Mtirancns, N. M.t A. W.
Ynlos. Marniico.s. N. M.t .1. M. Oris.
Puortc. N. M,: S. .1. Moykln, Clnvis. New
R A Prentice, Roister
Sept 27, Oct 25 fit
Tucumcari Nowh
Oepnrtmont of the Interior U. S. Land
Ollice at Tucunicari, New Mexico
Sent ember 2.1. 1012
Notice is hereby uivou that .lohn A.
millnfislev. of DoiUon. N. M. who. on
A m il 22. 1007. innde II V) No. l7.iao,
lor S'i KE .See Ml, and NVj NE',
Sec 2-1, Twp ON, Rue 20E, N AI I .Mo
a,,,' has tiled notice of intention to
irt 'Final Five Yenr Proof, to estab-
claim to the land above described
ma I
befoie Repistei and Receiver U S Lnnd
Olllce at Tucumcari. N. M. on the .lot 1.
IIPII l-lllllll 1.1 I"" mini n.i..u .iu.'v.
day ol .November, 1012. J
Olalmant names as wltnesies:
.(, .S. Dixon, S. E. Parker, .1 R Prttor,
and W. .1. Capps, all of Dodaon, N. M. ,
R. A. Prentice, Register!
Sopl 27, Oct 25 5t I
" I
"It hcctnoil that my 11-year old boy
would have to lose his lej-. 011 account
nf an tie,ly ulcer, caused by a bad biulHo'
wrote I). F. Howard. Arpione, N. 0. "All
lotnedles and doctors treatment failed
till we tried Mucklen's Arnica Salve,
nnd cured him with one box." GiircH
burns, bolls, skin eruptions, piles. 25c
gt tho Ells Drt) Store.
Titeiimrari Nowh (MORI
Department of tho Interior U. H, Land
Olllec at Tucumcari, Now Mexico
September 21, 1012
Notice i hereby iivcii that Andrew
.1. Allen, ot llufll, N M. who on March
I, 11107, made II E No. Minis, for
See 2.". Twp UN. Itng 27 E. N M I' Me
ridian, mis tiled nut li e nt iiiteutiou to
make rinnl Three Year Proof, to e.s
tnblish .-111110 to the laud above de
scribed, before Murry W. Slmw, I' K
t'oiniuixiiitier nt lluill. . M mi 'he
211th day of November, 1012
fllulmiiiit iiame.s an witnesses!
.lohu A. Mouiiie. .lohu W. Miller. Mor
rU II. Mbn Ubiiru. .Iimies I'. Snipes, all
of HusMell. N. M.
It. A. Prentice, HeglHler
ept 27, Oct 2."
Tuciiiucuri New 0101U OI220U
Department of the Inturior U. H. hand
Olllio at Tiicumciiri, New Mexico
Suptembor 12, 11U2.
Notice U hereby given that Warren H.
Stuwatt, of Quay, N. M., who, on l'ib
inarv 1, 11107, made II. H. No. l78,
for 6ri. V"G HKVu HEV4 SHVJ Hoc 21,
.in I NW" NKt'i Hec. 28, and Aild'l II.
I-:. No. 012201). niado AiiKU8t 18, 1000.
for NIC I', NW,, Hoc. 21, Twp. 0 N,
Halloo :) ), N. M. P. Meridian, him
tilled notico of intention to aiaku Pinal
Three Year Proof, to establish claim to
the land above described, beforo llojj
Ister mid lluceiver, '. S. hniid Ollliie. ai
Tiiciimcari, N. M., on the lith day of
Oi-iober, 1012.
Claimant name! iw witneHHen:
V. A. Stewart, Thoiuiin Jetininy, Lee
Dals v id Ititfiis Midi nirer, all of Quay.
N. M.
15. A. Prentice, Hunter.
S-pt. I.'l Oct. l- tit
Tucutiicnri New.s 082,li j
Department of the Interior P. S. Land .
Ollico at Tuciimctiri. New Mexico j
SiMitembiT 2.'l, 1012
Notice is hereby yiveti that lleary J.,
Cobb, of Mouse, N. M. who on AitKt
17. 1007. ma.lo II K No. 10120, forSK,
Sec II. Twp (IN, Bn 2SH. N M P Me
ridian. ha tiled notice of intention to
make Final Five Year Proof, to oatab-li-di
claim to the land above described,
before Murry W. Shaw. I' S CommiH
sinner at IliiHsell, N. M. on the 21t
day of November, 1012
Claimant name as witue.oxc:
OuiuiolphuH Dowd, llas.sell, N. M.;
lnitU'H I. Mariiion, Mouse, N M.; Law
rence W. Tumor, Mouse, N. M.; L. M.
Mead. Mouse. N. M.
It. A. Prentice, Ut'lster
ept 27. Oct 25 5t
Tiicumciiri News 0(1170
Department of the Interior V. S. Land
Olllce nt Tiicumcuri, New Mexico
September 2.1, 1012
Notice is hereby jjlven that Ohnr'cs.
M. Smith, of Tucunicari. N. M. who on
Voveinber 14. 1000. made M E No. 1.1000
for WEi , Sec 15. Twp 12N. Rtifi HIE,
N M P Meridian, has filed notice of in
tenfion to make Finnl Five Year Proof,
to establish claim to the land abovo de
scribed, before Register and Receiver,
V S Land Olllce at Tucumcari, N. M.
on the 22nd day mf November, 1012.
Claimant names as witnesses:
W. B. Kiivnnaiinh, A. C. nnllenirer.
0. A. Mines, and W. M. Brown, all of
Tiictinieati, N. M.
B. A. Prentice, Register
ept 27, Oct 25 5t
riicumcari News 01 184-
Depart metit of the Interior I'. S. Land
Otllce at Tucunicari. New Mexico
September 2.1, 1012
Notice is hereby jjlven that Arch B.
Milliard, of Loyd, N. M. who on .June
2.1, 1000. ma le II E No. 011812, for W
VWi', See 22 and NEV, Sec 21, Twp
SN. Riil' .11 E. N M P Meridian, Ihih filed
ontice of intention tn 1 make Final Three
Year Proof, 10 establiHh claim to tho
,,0H,ri,l(,(1( l)(,,-oro HeKiHter
,nu, H,.(.,,iv,.r v s 0llke, at Tu.
eun.cari, N. M on the Pth day of No.
vember. MM 2.
('lalinaiit names as wltnense:
I II. '1"r; Will Hullard, uliarhtrt
; Mill, and Ohnrles W . Ldwardu, all of
Loyd, N. M. ....
II. L. Miller, Will Hullard, Oharlcn
R. A. Prentice, Register
Sept 27. Oct 25 5t
- -
Tiicumcnri Now
Uopartnient of the Intorior U. S. Land
Ollice at Tucumcari, Now Mexico
Heptomber 23, 1012
N'otice is hereby fIven that Moor'C
W 1 1 1 ill III Hell, of Lovd, N. M. who Oil
February I. 10. made II E No. 70-10
'or SEV, Sec 17, Twp ON. Rue. .HE, N
1 P Meiblian, lias filed notice of inten-
tiou to tiiiiko Final Five Year Proof, to
esuilillsii claim to 1 ne iiinu nnove uu
1 1 1
Itilov. nnd Oelmon Riley, all of Tucum
arl. N. M.
R. A. Prentice, Register
ept 27, Oct 25 5t
t'11 1 1 1 n 1-ti r 1 News
1 """" "",
oibce at Tucumcari, New Mexico
.September 2.1, 1012
Notice is heieby tiiven that Arch H.
V1' - n 1 ho '
H S .....de II I- No 2. S22 for NE W
' Unfi M)h: N.M, .
it 1 ,! : Il.. ....
rui n... ms .1 1 ..... .. ...
1 ma h.. Final Three Year Proot, to os-1
tnblioh elaiiii to the land aliove iiescrtu
,(,riin, u,,h(,.r ,, nColver, U S
llllH otlleo at Tiiciiinciiri, N. M. 011 the
,stll (lliv N'ovember. 1012.
litlitiitt nuiiies as wltnessest
w I chisliolm. .lolin Abbott, Wilson
S,rny,.r, mid II .1. Muck, nil of Quay,
New Mexico.
It. A. Prentice. RojfUtnr
-ept 27, Oct 25 fit
Tucumcari News 01475
Department of the Interior V. S. Lnnd
Olllce al Tiiciimcari, New Mexico
.September 2.1, 1012
Notice is hereby clveti that lluoy T.
Harris, of Massell, N. M. who on Snpt
2, l'OOS, made II E No 01175, for NW'
S'ce .10, Twp ON, Una 28E, N M P Me-
-erilie.l, .etr-re lienor ami uocoiver, 1 () , (if t, ,ltorlor ,j, S.
1 1 f . . 1
I S hnnd Ottice at T.iciinicnn, .m. on ; -,,. , l)(Mtllll.:iri. xow
Mm 'jrith day ot .Novemtier, iim-j Snupmber 2.1 1012
i.ll.tiiiatii nnuies as wi.nosBOB: , x j, , r iv fnf .
T. A. Wiiyne, I -It 1 1 J IX hliahati, MirncHt 1 ,.,., r n,.,i.,... v l ,vt.,, .... An
.1 I. I . I ,.1! !..! lt.. I.
nink.. '' mm ' nee Your 'root, to esmn
inn k final t iiiee icnr rroui, in I'smn
lish ,'lniui to I In- Inn I iibi-ve -leserlbed
beti.ii. M in 1 v W Shaw, I" s Cnminix ,
sim.ei at llaell. V. M. mi the 27th
,U oveiiibei 1012
t'laimatit mimes h wi'nessesit
William K. HarriH. riyiitlifi A. Dowd. (
Knnch Marlrnm. Morris II. Itlnnhbtint,
III! Of Maxell, i , M 1 '
It. A. Prnntieo, Iingiatnr i
ept V7. Oct 2.1 .t
Tncnmearl Newx 80220
Depiirtineut nf tin- Intel lor II. H. Land
Office at Tui iiinciirl. New Mexico
September 2.'l. 1012
Notice in hereby kIvch that Mary W.
Wright, of Tiicnmeiirl, N. M. who on
Atiuii.it 1(1. 1007. made II H No. lOODII
rfor Lots 1.2. :t and SHU NKV, Hoc a,
Twp 1 1 N. Iti :ilK, N M P Meridian
lias tiled notice of i 11 1 m ion to make
Pinal Kle Year Proof, to establish
claim to the land above deMcribed, be
fore Ifotiister and Peeelver. I' S Lund
Olllre at Tin-in iri. N. M. on the lSth
lay of November. 1012.
Claimant no in e.s as witnesses'
II. Rtiiifh. K. Orau, P. Sitrutty, and
K Cramer, all of Tuenliicnri, N. M.
H. A. Pretitieu, Holhtof
fep! 27. Oct 2.r "t
Tucunicari NeM.s 07274
Department of the Interior II. S. Land
Olllce at Tucunicari. New Mexico
September 2,'t, 1012
Notice is hereby given thttt Adonirani
.1. Smith, one of the heirs for tho hoir.s
of Flora L. Smith, deceased, of .Sand
Uidge. III., who'on March 18, 1007 made
II K No. D128S, for NW', Sec 5, Twp
(IN. It 11 j: 31 K. N M P Meridian, has
filed notice of Intention to rnnko Final
Five Year Proof, t ostablisli claim to
1 1 1 1 - bind above describeil, boforo L. i ,
Williams. I-s Coi'imiHsioiier at Murdock,
. M. 0u Mie 2:trd day of November
Clnimant naiiies as witnessed:
c. c. Flint, A. II. Curtis, S. h Dlmty
.mil W. It. Daily, all of Kirk, N. M
It. A. Prentice, Itojinter
S'pt 27, Oct 25 5t
Tncumcari News 08150
Di-pattuieiit of the Interior I" S Lund
Ollice at 'I'liciiuicari, New Mexico
September 10, 1012.
Notice is hereby .Mven tlm' William
l. Mrown, of 'I'ui'iinicari, N. M., who,
on .Inly 20, 10U7. made II. E. No. 18828,
... Vtt't'i -ind ia .svv Sec. JO,
Iwp. 12 N, lluutic H2 K, N. M. P. Me
ridian, has tiled notice of intention to
uial.e Pinal Three Year Proof, to estab
lish claim to the land above doHcrlbcd,
before Kofjistf-r end Heeelvcr, U. S.
Land Office at Tucuiucurj, N. M., on
'he Kith day of November, 1012.
Clnimant mimes as witnesses:
dcorjie Newman, Vernon Newman,
Orville Smith nnd Tom Carroll, all of
Tucunicari, N. M.
If. . Pii'iilice. IteMtor
Sept. 20 - Oct. 18 5t
Tiicumciiri News 04.100
Department of the Interior V. S. Land
01)0 c at Tiu-iiiiu ari. New Mexico
October 7. 1012
Notii-e i herebv jiven tlint Jacob C.
Mooro of Tiiciimcnri. N. M. who on No
vember Jo. 10(1.", made II K No. Gulin.
for NW', .or lots :t. I, 5. and SE"i
Wi,) See (5. Twp ON, Hu :tin, N M
P Meridian, has tllei notice of inten
sion to mill... Pinal Pie Year Proof, to
..jtfil.II-t. claim to tin- land above do-
4..iili...l ln.fr.i-,. If,...ist,.r and Iteceiver.
j t- s i4IH 0j,.,, (lt Tucunicari, N. M.
i t, o2nd dnv of November, 1012.
( t tn i.nn itt names n witnesses:
, ,; od,.. Fred (troves, T. A. Wayne,
y , Mnill, ,,n nf Tiicumcnri, N. M.
I . PrenMce. Hcyistcr
1 ,,, 1, vnV
I ,,..,, Nl,w,
i ' ''
artmeut of the Interior U. S. Land
Olllce at Ttictimcari, Now Mexico
.September 2;t, 1IM2
Notice ik herebv uieti that .lohn
-teinhnuen. ,lr. of MuAlister, N. M.
wu on Q.(ober 27, M.OIt, niadn II E No,
, fm i (M, . Tu,J( (X ,JK
' 11" K.' M P Meridian. ' litis filed notice
of intention to innke Finnl Five Year
Pioof, -o estiibli.h claim to the land
above described, before L. F. Williams,
I' t'oiiiiiii-sioner at Murdnck. N. M.
..11 the 25th day of November, 1012.
riaiinunt names as witnosses:
W. A. Riinyan. MeAIister, N. M.-, W.
s. Crawford. McAHster. N. M.; E. E.
Ilnvdeii, l.'nyland. N. M.; W. S. Settle
f '.McAPster. N. M
R. A. Prentice, Register
j ;, o,.t '.'5 5t
rl v......
os 175
1 1 iM'.uin mi 1 " u 1
1 11 it t li 11 it
7. 10(17. made II E No. 1S0H2. for NW',
Sec 12, Twp ON, Rny 20 E, N. M. P. Me
lidian. has tiled notice nf intent ion to
make Finnl Fie Year Proof, to estab
lish claim to thi- laud above described,
before Rejiisti-i Mini Receiver. I Lai.-l
Olllce at Tucumcari. N. M. "i 'h. '.lull
dny of Noveinlier. UU'J
Claimant names as witnesses!
a. .1. Muyeis. .1. S. Dixon. O. W,
.i,,,,,., and v .1. Capps. nil of Mo Igon.
j N" M"'-'-
1" s-
. Prentice, Register
Toi'iiinciii i News US 100
Department of the Interior IT. S. Land
Odlce at Tucuiiicaii, New Mexico
September 211, 1012
N'o ice f heieby ulvi-n thai Delnnv
I. I aster, of Oiiuy, N. l. who on
September :. MM. 7. .mule II K No. 100 It!
f.n N'F.'i See 17, Twp 7N. Unit .10 H. N
M P Meriillnn. luis filed notice of in
I, in make P nnl Three Year Proof
li establish claim to the laud above
described, before L. F. Williams. I'. S.
I'limmishioiier ul Murdoch, N. M. mi the
; h dnv of November. 1012
Claimant names as wltnessest
U. A. Peidue. .1. P. Abbott. W. R.
Springer, and Robert Cantnly. till of
Ounv. N. Al.
R, A, Prentice, Register
Sept 27, Oot 25 5t
ruilliil, nil!" men iioii'i- ii ihipu'iuii iu
I IMIIIVf, 1 'loirifiii
Tticutflriirl News
- w--.-. ,
Department of the Inferior U. B. Land
Oflir.- nt TncuincMri, New Mexico 1
September 23, 1012
"uiw x i ujjijiuiuiuh
Win. hereby ifiven that C'ornoliu ;
N. ItiP. of Uooeve!t. N. M. who on j
AoyuM 2. 10m;. for II H No. 0S07, for
.'t.'. .. .... iwp 'V ""J 1
.'h-'hii:iii, nil" nn.-i ihiim,- iiiinii-
II on to nuit:e l innl Three eitr t'root,
to estnbtish claim to tho land above
described before Mnrry W. Shaw, II S
fninmiloner at Hnnell. N. M. on the
itli day of November, 1018
ninimnnt Damns ss wltnesos:
.Iniin-s W Orlmei. .toeph William.,
Sim V Wright, .Tames Ornlintn, nil of
Koo, i.it. v. f.
H. A. Prentice, Itoglster
Sefit 27, Oct 25 fi
Toiiitnunri News 0-15110
Department of tlm Interior U. S. Land
OITI-e nt Tuiumeari, New Mexico
September 251, 1012
S..t H i- is hereby jjivefi that H. W.
Ithoads. of Quo v. N. M. who mi J)-
eembei I. IIHiR. made II I' No. 0020, for
Si, V, He 2S. Ni:n NKVi See .12
and N'Wi'i. See :t:i. Twp SN, Ittig
.'111-:. N M P Meridian. 1ms filed notice
of intention to make Final FJvo Year
Pni.it. to estnldinh cbiiin to tho land
.ibiixe d.-seribed, bef.ire L. V. Williams
I' s CmmiiiIsn' mer at Murdnck, N. M.
a th. 4th day of November, 1012.
claimant names as witncsiom
S. tlhoWon, Qunv. N. M.t L. D.
Ilii-it. fjiinv, V. M.; .'. P. Nelson, Loyd,
v M : .tae.ib Arnold, quay, N. M.
U. A. Protitleo, Hcglster
s. t Oct 25 fit
1 u uiuuaii .News UlJUoU
1 irpwi Haunt ui tliu Interior U. S. Lund
uthce l Tucunicari, Sow Mexico
UVl'tV'UV Mill M
Not,,,, tmiuby kivuii that Juo. W.
lloud, ol l ucumcun, .V M. who on No
;i, '.m, made 11 L N. 11706, lor SVi 1
M-.W, Eh M'iVi and MSVk S1S Sec 1
Iwp ION, Kng :ioli, N M. P Mori-1
....... Ol '.I .. ...Inntinn til
tauptumbur 2;t, 1012
'tin lino itiuw iiv v w
maKe l mal F.ve U'ur Proof, to M. -
inbiidli claim to tnu land abovu du-
to too land abovu do-
iiriboi, bufuru KuiHter and Rucuiver
U. .-3. Lnnd Ollice at Tucumcari, N. M.
mi the 7 1 1 day of November, 1012
Claimant miiiiud an wiuioaBus:
in. .1. Mruuuu, l;atd Fred Wlatu, B.
s. Apple, and Henry imith, all of Tu-
niiu-ari, N. M.
R. A. Prentice, Hogiater
Sept 7, Oet 20 5t
I u.'iiiiicari News 05505
P.-partmont ot thu Interior U. b. Land
Utlico at Tucumcari, 4w Mexico 1 uc"h" Ng" mn,TTn.ft)Tn881
tiuptomber 23, PJ12 , NOTICE TOP. PUBLICATION
Sotit-o is hurobv guen that .latnos Uepartmunt ot tho Interior U b. Land
. Mnnurutn, of liaaaoll, N. M. who on "l Tiuumcu", ow Maxit-o
fe. , mber 11, 1000, made 11 E ,o. isupiombur 2a, !Ui2
II iur NW', Sec .11, Iwp ON, Hny ' "c'oby acu tbut Arthur
2M-., M 1' Meridian, nns liled uottce , lJ- iJ" ul J"l, '- M
ol hu, ., ion I- nitiKo l inai vJummutatiou ! l"ti uu li t. .Nu. uil-U tw Vs
Pioof, to ustablibli claim lo the laud v,p 0.S, itu -uh, S At P Mo
ub've d. sciibe.l, buforo Murry W. abuw nviiwo, nua liio-i notice ui iiuoiUiuu to
... ,, v , , ,, l iitiiKu Final Throe Yoar Prooi, to s
L b i.ommiH.s.uiHir ut M SSell, N. M. on
IM day ot November, 1012. u K Wiibuuie, U B
Claimant natiies a wunesHcb: 1,. . V.,.... v ,.,
Tlioiuiia.l. MuwUtiis, lCeimhiiW C. l ay
I Vj. I UJ.L,
.loim Muuriie, Morrid II. iilaclibum, of
Ma-M-II, N. M. t
R. A. Preatice, Roglster ,
.Nept J7, Oct 25 St
Tu. mucin .-. U12U5U
Department ot tho Inturior U. S. Lund
Utlice at luciimcnri, iew iioxjco
i.iitninbfr .1 101
Notice u iK.rc.J Hvo that James
W. 1 initio, 01 Jtouauwlt. N. M. who on
ii'. 11st 20, I'.mi'i, mu.te It E No. ;su-l,
no- N E 1 1 see a."., T 5N, Rn 2th,
M I Mi iidii.ii. tin- nle ' notii-e ot ti
f (.iii mii in tuni. ' I' nntl 'I II 1 i c Year Proot
10 est.ililioh 1 hum 'l-i- iniid 'iboxc lc
il...tl Ita.i'.n i li trs U . Khun. I'
t tl!" ' I : r " t N . . t 1 1 I " ir , I U 1 2
Claimant nntttea as' witnesses:
i ..i-.Ihi- ll.I . -mi N. Wright, .lo
...i.l. Witl.aii,.. Ih.iM. ii Mniuai.. .ill of
. .. 11.. li -v w . . . . tii.
n.i. . I. N. M.
R. A. Proutico, Register
Sept 27, Oct 25 5t
ns ts',
vAintnt. -nrvT) tiTTUT.Tn A irmM
Departiuotit of thu Interior U. S. Land
Ollico at Tucumcari, Now Moxico
September 23, 1012
No' n e is In n bv 1MV011 that Paul S.
.IneUsi.ii, ..I lucunii .11 1, N. M. who on
Septembei MmT. made M E No. lt)S7
or SEi, S,.c II. Twp UN. Rtis .12E
M I' Mend. mi. !' tiled notice uf ill
leli'ion to 111:1 Kt- I'iiiiiI Three Will' Proot
to establish claim to the laud nbovo do
scribed boforo Register and Recolvoi
i". s. Maud Oilne at Tiicumcnri, N. M.
1 1 in.- t'.'i 'lay ot A"v iiiiiiir. i.'i-
Clnimant natiios ns witnesses:
T. .1. Sheppnid. R. L. Ilensnn. de-ore
Neuinnn, ami . ' ltnw.11. ail "f Tu
.Mill. Ill I,
N. M.
R. A. Prentice, Register
Sept 27, Oct 25 5t
Tucutncnrl Nows 01030
Departmnit of tho Interior U. S. Land
Ollico at ntcunicari, .ew .iexico
Sentembor 211. 1012
Notice Is hereby Riven that Mnggio
M. Johnston, widow of William B.John -
nton,. deceased, ot lucnmcnrt, . ai. n.,
...1... v., .si 11 ioon .Mini., it k Kn. lucumcari Nows 0137
tnnr Ul CUM. ..,..1 U'l. QPM. Snn
-11, ..I, iur I.--J - ..in. " ri uiij "vv
2. Twp UN, Rue, .11 E, N M P Meridian
hus filed notice of intention to n.alte
.... ... . 11
P na Five Year Proof, to osianusa
claim to the land abovo described, bo -
...... T....ia..r n.wl P,..,lvnr II S T.niwi
Olllce at Tucunicari. N. M. on the 22nd
. :. c ... ..
dnv of November. 1012
f'lalmunt names as witnesses:
0. II. do Yamport, W. R. Mrludley, .1.
M. Putnam, and W. M. Long, all of
Tiicumcnri, N. M.
R. A. Prentice, Register
Sept 27, Oct 25 5t
NOW IS THE TIME From toduy
until November 1, 1012, wo will furnish
the Nows to January 1, 1014, one yoar
and nearly a half, for $1.00. This meuns
now subscribers or old ones who pay
all arrears and $1.00 In advance. It
also means ensh. This Is your go'don
tpportuntty, so don't put It off,
-TiieNMMiri Newi 014B18 I
- - ---
Depiirtmint of th IntorJor U. H.
Ofllee at Tiicumciiri, New Mx
Heptntnlier 2, 1012
Nollce in hereby yiw that Muppb
sl.hott, formerly MnRgi Bltnmoiui, wbl-
mv 0f nritnPi 6. mmntn, decemwd, of
Itobert Lee, Texan, who on Orlolmr 1,
000, made II H No. 1 1777, Br No. 01-IM88
for flWVl Bee 7, Twp MIX, Bnjr 3115, ti
' " ' . .
M P Morldinn hna fllod notice of mtin
lion to make Final Vivo Year Proof, to
stabliHh claim to the land almve du- 1
scribed, before Itexl,,r nntl Iteelver
I' S Land OOtce at Tiiciimcari, N. M.
on 'In- sth dnv of November, 1912
Claimant ntitneH ns. witnema:
leHfio B. Smith. William Map, J. !
W. IJiilIlnvtmi. and Irn S. Campbell, all ,
of Tticutneai I. N. M
It. A. Prputice, llexlstftf
"opt 27, Oct 25 fit
I ii"umcnrl News 018610 !
MnTTnt' vrTi TTmT,inA'PTOif
Department of the Interior U. S. LaM 1
Ollico nt lucumcari, New Mexico .
Hentember 2iJ. 1012
Notice is hereby given that Mendall
K. Dyer, of Iltixton. N. M. who on May
JI. 1008, mndo II E No. 25S07, for H
N KVt and Nty SEV, See 0h Twn 10N,
Itnjk' .1" K, N M P Meridian, lias film no--e
of intention to make Final Tbrte
Year Proof, to estnblish claim to the
land abovo describd, '.efore Rejfiatef
iml Rseoiver, V R Land Office nt To
iimcari, N. M. on the 19th day of No
M.mlwr, 1012.
Claimant namei as witueMat:
David F. White, Claud Wingrove,
Uehlo Kutch, John Edward To,pldi.9
all of TltCUmcnrl, N. M..
It. A. Prentice, Register
sept 27, Oct 25 fit
. . .
"i'artmm l iu iutenwr U . Land
ilt lu'"tu"' A AIUw
v 5iepK"br JJJ, 1U
" r.b jj.u Uav aaittM
uc ul UIb, S. m. Uu u Jui 0,1
mi" H -L N OliU.O, tW life
- .
N A 1, ouU .NbJ al, iwp
Atonumu, uu. uieu
uuiuu ul ibtuuiiou 10 louivu liuai lurco
1 cui Prool, lu veUbttaU ciuuu tu tliu ,
aud abovo dutcubud, buloio Mi. A. I
iliik Kiln., L ft Cwiuouseiuuoi at AiuuloM
.. M. in tnu -0l u Uy ui Nov umber,
' 1 ll Si.
Ciiiiiintnt nam os its wttnos98
I .ioltti hlinai, 1. A. Vfty, ii. Weil
, i'.nlf, ttli'i J;nu .iuli, uli wl Dull
, sou, N. M.
i It. A. Prontiee, Jlegieter
.pi :r, uut 25 61
.,,1.1. .1 . V ... 1 . 1, 1 .1
iuu -mil uuv u.t-uiuui, tvtii
Claimant nnmos as wttnesssss
.1. E. Cade, J.iniau, .N, Ai. i .iunn ihiti
.i.ipli, Jordan, .. M.; I.ioiiu.i iiiun,
ilouc, N. M.; Jummo Luduiwuud, .Jot
dan, N. M.
R. A. Proutico, ltaitor
Mept 27, Oct 25 5t
1 "tumcari Aow Oai'l-l
' Uepartiuoat ol ta Interior U ti. Land
Utlicu at iuvumuan, New Mexico
aoptunibur 2it, luia
Notice is hereby yivun that Robert
timith, of llarriHi N. M. vviio on Uutober
21, 1UU7, made 11 E No. -U70U, lor .N'U
NWi aud .N',s NEVi Ajc 22, Iwp .'N,
liny 27 E, N M P Moridiau, liu tiioU
uotico uf iiiteution lu make i inul Thiee
! "otlco ot'lntention to make i'mal Th.ee
wnr l''oof, to eutabhsh vlaim to tho
'land abovo described, bol'orc Murry W.
I show, U S Commissioner, at liaswll,
i ou ;no jam uay 01 iioveniuor,
, 1012.
Claimant iiuincs as witnuMea:
William A. Montgomory, Lnwronco
' smith, Uoorgo bmith, ana Mart 11. Law-
ttll ul llllfllS, . . AI.
iv. v. i iuuuvV) itsgiatui
jsopt 27, Oct 25 5t
lucumcari Nuws U-MQ2
I ijUjmrtmuMt ot tho Interior U. B. Land
Ollico at Tucumcari, Now Moxico
September 2.1, HU2
Notice is hereby yivun that Ueo. Win.
Mcll, otio of the heirs and lor the heirs
ul .I0I1 11 Allen Moll, deceased, ol Loyd,
N. AI. who on Fob 1, lOOli, mudo U E
0. 7ui" lor iN'E 1 bee 1., Iwp U.N,
: Rnj; .HE, N M P Meridian, has tllel
,lo;tuo 0f intontion to make Fiual I'lVe
I Vear Proot, to establish claim to the
laud above described, boforo Register
nd Receiver, U S Land Ofllco nt Tucum
an, N. M. mi the 25th day of Novom
l.er, 1012
Claimant nutiios as witnosses:
1'. A. Wayne, Phillip tihnhnii, Lamest
iuoy, and Delmon Riloy, nil of Tuoum
ri, .. M.
1 l. A. Prantlnn. Rm?lntnr
I St.pt 27, Oct 25 5t
, . , it tj t .
l'-par n0Ilt of tho In odor U. U
(llllco at Tucumcari, isovv Mexico
M.if ttntlltutr ".I llllV.
1 , ,. , n .
1 , Notice is hereby given that Peter
' i.aiiniHoii, 01 wniiy. 4. "o on un
in loiwi
10, 1000, made II E No. (1020, for Orlg !
Wi'j SEV, and BVi SWV, Soc 0, Twp!
SN. Kng 30E, and Add'l 11 E No. 0128SS
mndo Sept 22, 1000, for the EVd SBVi
s,.tf 1, Twp 8N, Rug 20E, and Wft SW,
Sue 0, Twp SN, Rug .10E, N M, P Mo-
ridian, has filed notice ot intentioni to
mako Final Vivo Yenr on Orlg. and
Thrco Year oa Add'l Proof, to ostab-
,, . ... A... I 1 ..1 .1 11 1
llhll Claim 10 1 110 lami nuuvu ouacrioeu
beforo Itogistor aud Recolvar, U S Land
Olllce at Tucumcari, N. M. on the 23rd
lay of Novomber, 1012.
Claimant nnmes ns wltuosscss
S. A. Moody, II. L. Ilunnlcutt, J. H,
Wowl, nnd R. D. Ilutohlns, nil of Quay
New Moxico,
R. A, Prentice, Roglstor
Sept 27, Ost r, Ct
Ofllct otm latern'l Bank of Oomworcii
iW"" nri xuinnnKD, oom. u u.
rM t 1 tt.. 11.11 Tl . - m , h
TJWniun 10
AXUnmn MMt OPttMMltOr at 14 w
Oflcc BMt MftUt 4ret
J. 9. OUTM?
Jslge f Probatu Court, quay L'isfily
Offle at Court limm.
Third St. 'Ptaoea 4
0. h. rxmavno
Fhyftcian A; Ifff6M
Oltiee and HeeidenfA, MaiB Street
Telephone No. Ifil
i'toaiciao tad nrg hu
Office Knoma 1, , and a, ilerrlng Bldg
Bvaidencr rtouth Seeoml Mtraot
Office Phone loo KotMence Phoue I. to
Modara Eo.ilum.nt
Mo4sr Bquineut,
Largeet -ray Coll la N. AI.
Graduate Nitrite
TuattMoarl, K. M.
ml. a. xoou
I'UHeraJ Director aad BHtbalnsr
TtiLLI'llON K NO. 110
118 8 Second Street. BeeiUenee UptS'trs
iirtti'ilti 1 tii
!UCLM.AK1, .:
0)Ub), rooBi -1
Isrnci Ibllldlng.
Te.phon No. 8G.
Physician k Uttrseou
Up Stairs, flm ststrway east of
VoreiinHrj Hotel.
'Phone 86. Rm. 'Phone 171
Physician k Surgeon
i (loon west of Firnt National Unui
Mam Street.
Telepaoae No. ISO.
Ktnidetiee Phone SU0
W C IX A W IC 1 K 8
Notary Public
At Nw nrTicc Turumcarl. N M
PtlONKltt TtCl'.MC A1II. N. M
If lit Douht of GstUng Water, Write
O. S. Q1UEASBX, Obar, N. M.
Specialty in water loeatlng. Saoroa
of SAtliAed refereooss. Absolute ftuar
Sulcrihe now for the News. You can
get It froia bow till Jan. 1, IBM for $1.
Phone newn iteraa to No. ti. It i
not possible to get around to each place
r to talk to each pernon, and everyone
hoi Id know some item which would be
of interest and greatly nW to the ImrI
features of our paer
Subsorlfee sew for the News. Yeu oan
gat It frsw now till Jan. l, liU for Si.
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nient schedules daily for
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U. 8, DEVOJt, AgOQt

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