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She ffueumeari Views
VOL. 11. NO I
ne was nwieiv iiymg lu gel lia iu TO PAY EXTREME PENALTY
Johnson is Repudiated by His Own Raco ! Londor and IIIh Lieutenants Captured
Against tlm Mating of the Dll
Colors. Negroes Warned
ill Flbtlng at Veracruz Fcder
als Loss Not Hoavy
Much Artillery and Many Prisoners are
Taken Casualties arc Estimated
at Thousands
Athens, Oct. 21. - Tin- Greek have oc
cupied the town of Sin via mid have nl
pn npttirpil tin- bridge over tho rlvnr
Aliukmnn . Iinlje Knrau), thereby cut
ting nil' tho retreat or thn Turks.
The government has despatched telo
gmm cnngrutulnrltig the commander
find 1 1 oops,
Tho i rot t v iMory w.i complete. They
captured wontv-two jjuti", made muny
piionpr. nud sontteted tho Turkish
Crown Ptlneo i.'onstnntino telegraph
ltij t'toin headquarters lust uight re
poi"s: "Our troops are putuitig tho enemy
all along the Imp front Cntnbiitinia to
the town of Sorvin and on tho Allnk-
i.ton Plain. Tho Turkish army lm
boon scattered. Wo havp tnkon twon-j
rv.twn lipid guns with tlmir timuninl-
lion wagons and a largo quantity of
niiiiiiiiui'ion and muny transport wn-
I.ntor i.pnpral Dunglis stout a mes
sage aying:
Tho Turk- have lost heavily. Wo
havp inndo a iiutiibor of prinmois, In
cluding ono lieutenant colonel."
Two battalions of Greek Kv.one tin
dor Lioutcniint (,'olonol Conitantopoulo
Httni'kod two batralionti of Turks noar
Vbikliolivadho, ilippilii(: tlioni.
Bulgarians Surround Turks
Solla. Oot 2.'l Tho Miilaiiaii!' havo
ui loiinlod Kirk-Kilid!, whb'h tin
Turk" rojintd a- of i-qtin I iiiipottanco
iiliiiiwt with Adrlanoplo. Its dofptiio
na boon ontnMod to Miikhtar I'aslin.
im of tho tlrainl Vizior. and I'a.ittl
Sovoio llihtin i-! roportod in tho
Sftuma valloy. Tho Mul.'nrlan yo.tor
day nci'iipiod important t nitnyii pninti
in KrcMin I'aus. Tho Turks flod. nbiin
doninn tniinitioi and unplb's.
Tho Mil piibliho add'.tioiial dottiiN
ot tin mas-apre in tho diftriot of Kot
.ohana. Tho rotroaiiij: Turks inassn
iti"l tho -nrlo point. "I n in flvo vil
Imjom !i. -a. iiitithiMit of Tart'voolo
and i 1 tl'o t tho I on"-.
Ilppt'ttlt' ! of MllolU llP'l'll tllP
iiiitilxtor of war today to oiiroll them
with tho 1 0 1 .'t rooruilH.
l.tix Anuolc.i, falif. Oct 21. -"War
i". not ovor and never will bo o long
a- tnoii arc men.
Mai. (Ion. Leonard Wood, chief of
.alf of tho Tailed States army, who i
in l.os Angolos today, inspei'tlng sites
lor fort ifiont inn-, mado that remark tn
throe interested in the establishment of
mi army post near this city.
"Tho war in tho nalknns."flen.Wonil
continued, "imminent for o many
yon is, and now an actnality, surely will
give the champions of arbitration omo
thing to think about. Arbitration will
lint maintain the peace of the world. A
union' only safeguard against tho hnr
torn of war is prepnrednoMs for war.
"Although Mio rnited Stntos has the
bet system of coast defence in file
wrrbl. it will not keep a strong enemy
J'nuu Invading nut shore. I'nloss yon
have moii on their legs witb guns in
thou hand you cannot keep an enemy
from linding and ostnbllshing himself.
The Pacific coast suites form a fertile
territory, with plenty of provisions, nnd
an invading army cnuld maintain itsolf
IVt a long time. Von people must do
your putt by building up a stronger
national guard."
La Laude Man is Kicked in the Noso by
a Horse and Dies on tho Way to
Ills Homo
Clovis. N. M. Oct 21 The local post
office, which was robbed of a lot of post
age stamps recently, hu aguln boon rob
bed, tbid in cash being taken. Inspec
tor Smith, of the postolllco department,
has been checking the olllcti up nnd
held postmaster W. . Davis rosponsi
bio for the money. Mr. Davis protected
his bnnd-uion and placed funds in the
pnstofllco to cover the amount. Charges
were tnude and Davis was tried before
I'tlltl'd t.Vc. i-milllM"'il'l SrhneriHt
'or a piolimiiinry henring end was re
vmm'iI. Miss Ati Aiilitnuii ii niing an
pnstmnpr ponding tlii) nutrmno of itip
K 11. Whitlow was hilled nt La tiando
It seems Mr. Whitlow wont to tho a
'Utuiii'i? of ii liny who wns hurt in ti
rutmwiiy mid wnt himself kicked on
tho iio.n ly tin1 horse. Hi- had tliu
wound -lrfa-uit and found his uosu wns
broken, lit' got in hiit buggy and wns
driving home, but on tho way boonmo
ill and died in the nuns of his dntigh
tor. Mrs. Whitlow wim in Missouri Ml
tlu time and was uutifiod by wire.
on Mondnv ivitiiti(t. "it. "Sf at
T'-loi'l. !t tin- t'onrt li'iiv in Ttii'titii
in., i ill. .1. W. I'lK-linnl. l.x-Altoruey
'ptii'ini oi New Mexico, will uddrua
the ciii.pii. (in thn political ismieo l
tlic day i.ad in thp interest of good
1 I'lllllll'llt.
A a ii ti orator bo rank No. I. He
! well nti I it vi I will intereot nil.
w a..i or Ins belief or no-,
v ...,rtltl v invited to ho pro
, 0I, ,hj. ,.,. !,,n .eaing
. 4 -,.,.u ,,. ,,.,., ,,..
. ...
j Thoip i'iiii orlainly bo no ronl ob
lection t Mr. .lntVa liciny at to con-
zn" to rojiroMiiit Now Moxioo. nnd
' many roii-otis why ho sliould bo.
Ho i. a man whn.o clmrnotor, itiloj;
.my and past lifo is boyond ropronrh.
Wo havo known hH poraonnlly sinoo
tho yonr lima, nnd havo yot to honr
i In' llrst insinuation or accusation made
.iaiast him.
Ho wn. for many yonm enshior of
ono of Itrwu-oll londiot: Imnkn, and
roM.niioil to iwoopt Soorotnry of Stato.
which po-itiiiti ho has filled u, tho on -
Mte H(iti-fnolloti of all. lie has had no !
harges ..f whntovor ..iitnre mado m""" "l"- -S'o i....tn..r. itmp rB-( ,j
t him and will poll more vole I'"' r" '""r children to bo, ,v x.ri. ,. . i within
than any other mnu on tho liokot. wo ','""' t,"", P"" tho town. Tie for.-.P .Mil had ull
tlrmly believe: nnd a to lib nullity, il .gone aboard the boat. Tho American
s !iiut!ot limed, tin i- hwn by tlio' ' mtnil. William W. t.'auada. assumed
posit inns of repnitibllity ho hn hold j ATTENTION VOTERS leadotl,ip of the filiation,
in. I creditablv so. ' it ien who are otheiwiio entitled to When the itbt i.pened totlay (Jen,
You speak of oloan politics ami thnt bu' who have failed to rnglstor, Hurt ran had i liuudrpd federal with-
i the way to get it. by filling loglsln- I nv vote by making nu nlllduvlt. Htip- in sight uf tho city and Hon. Koznyn
ttve hall, congross and nenntp with rted by two other legal voters who cniuinnndcd nrtlllorv about u mile nnd
in li men a N'nthan .Inlfn. t'onalder ; ro acquainted with the circumstances a hnlf to thn west,
this well when casting wmr oto in thereby legalizing tho voto. j 1'roiniscuoiu firing lnt night gave a
Vovumber. Persons can only vote in this eloc- i fnln alarm that a battle was nu. Hoi).
, - 'ion in their wn procin.-t. Mo trnus- ! Hurt ran. however, bad sont nn einis
WANTED 2 or : bnardora by pri
iite familv, nenr Wound I louse. In
qniro at N'ew Dflloe. H pd
n ... i let. ;.'.', Tin., testimony of
l.iii iilc aiiioion, tho whito girl, wlmsa
iKinciutioii with JitcK Johiinoii, thp ne
uro pugilist, caimod un investigation by
I lie I 'liiti-il H'.atpn uulliM-itioa to itgaof--;
mi n tho Mmiii net had bocn vlolHtodj
i m id to inivc bwii t most direct
m tfliTix i,t. d,iui In: - hpon ablo to
Main. It ii nil thnt tho girl, who
aw ii.io turned l'll:lil1 tlio liO'lO, UtHlIp
highly dnninginc itatointms.
tlic I'looe oi bi'i iifit rmv tlm girl
l aiiic In iim ii-al. She will appniir bo
lore tiie jniy nunin t iMorrnw. This nf-
tnoi.ii i c v iilied to tin? plondlng of
U" llintliei, M' I'lilOeliMi l'llti'OllOt, of
I n.iiei!ioi:, ii i i i "a,. i, tod to rotunt
In-r iiuiiio, ti i 1'irn iny tho npyro.
Tiio tinifii. 4fidon of tho jury was
--' ! d wit iori of Mrs. Cameron
'il. nt. .InoU n lcy, fl"ht proinntors
Hunk Kio.li-. .Joluinn ' foinicr spur
inji part nor. and P. K. Dnniplson,
w'hito nloti knnppr.
Iinniiy tho iiltoi noon an itiplfticttllll
offot-t nas inndo by Itobnrt U. Punt
well, .lolitnon ' nttornov. to obinln an
iiniM'iow with Mis f'nmornti, provlntis
iv i iiiiMvnll nfipcarod boforo IViloral
Itiiljjo Ijamlin. at o of the I'tiitod Slates
court, and nunin a motion that tier bond
ie i-oilnei'd. Tlil wn don'od bv Judyn
The city ropni-il at a moi'titi to
tiii'ht 'idnpted by a tiiiiitiimon voto n
resolution urfjint? Mayor Harrison tn
lovoko onlotin lioonvo of .IhoU .IoIiiihou
i ml to hop to thnt .lohtisna N proipouted
ntidor nil the chnrjios a-jain-d him.
JoliiiHon Repudiated
Wiixh i uton. Hot. 2". -Jack Johnson.
liiuniion piiiilit, wo ropudlntpil a
a iiioiiilier n hp tiojjro rai'( in resolu
tion niiaiiiiiK'iiol v ;iiiipiil at i mnvs
iitei t iti of neurit' here tonight. Tho
les-oltit inn- donotmced the inniiii. of
u-liite and black a ii liarinoninus with
" "'
ferring will be nllowed.
Kond 'he Vmrs, the live wir paper
Wiucim-, Alps. Uut 2. Felix Diaz,
with the iriiolo of his staff, was cap
ttirMl ludtiy and all the robela disntui
oil. The .-nstialtlos wore iiiglgalflenut.
Otii. l.nis Valdor nud Col. Jtltlllio?,
vH8tto with tiioir rogpuQlivo columns
f lodernls troops wort- tho llrat io
mer the jilnpo. Tnoy tnol with only
liKht lomstunce.
i ol. Iitiz Ordaz. of tlio Twenty
lint infantry, who joined l-'ulix Diaz.
itn ii s troops when he first proclaim
il the rovolntion, bus not yet been cap
jrt. Ilt is a cousin of Felix Diaz.
When tho federal troips entered the.
hv thuy llrst took po-caMon of tho
customs houso. Thou hOlzed tho inu
tncipsl buUilinys am the telegraph of
flae. The majority of the moii of tho ro
bt'iiioiiH lutli rogiinout of infantry sin
loodered tiioir nriiis without flylitlny.
The bBrrnohs in which Fohx Diaz and
'in foiiowpm hud concent rated were
tlion Hurizitmied.
The bat tlo botweon tho rubei forces
of liu anil the gox eminent forces tin
del mmi. iSi-rtrtin bojnn at OtllU this
in i ulng,
I he ledtMHl forces bogun their ad
wince on V'ornoru?. ot noon today, and
tho lobcU under Uon. Din?, who oceti
piixl the- city, calmly awaited their ap
proach. tieii. ltortraii, uommuudor of tlio fed
orni, pri'vlmi-dy had informed tho city
(...mm-iI thnt tho batlo wat about to ho
gr Ho ilnelini'd to allow mure time
foi -lie removal of noiiioiiiliatiiiit? to
tho M-iitral one.
The bouts .a tilin harbor li.ive taken
on lioanl more than TiOOO foreign rol'u
Koos umt lO.OUii MiixlcatiH. The United
St n to crtiiipr Pes Moines was abentt
.Viii va i tls ft out tho American consulate.
The opi.m bntwopti is neutral, and many
i of the rofnae,. .raft had taken up po-
, -my ofi'orirtg a trnoo until daybreak
Thl wna tnkeu tn tiipan thnt Hortran
probnbly would in in tho rnvobitlnn, but
l'bu itutipa under iJiuz wuio nont
ouck tu bn i nicks and cuuiiitiuu be-
iimo quiet until tfco a title k upsncd this
ihirty snilors from the fleet lierij
juiiiud Diaz. A few of Uon. Derlran's
uu'uoitu b.tu cuHie utei tu ttio Diaz
'ausu during tho night.
I lie Mexkan cnpilui is w.thout nows
1 .
I tliu ont Unit are tiuoapirmg to
,. .. .. -
la ut oraciuz, othor lliun tho mfor -
. .
iiiatioii cuntaiuud in AHduciatuu rtots
, ; , .
lipHtehos, which houiotiinus mnnugu to
1 . . ,
triigielo pt tlm euutor oud whu-h uro
v ., , ,
in ihrei-t uontrvdteuon ut the olllaiul
. ..
several morning new simpers, includ
ing the Niu'VH Krn, the ollleiul orguii,
ittnugd extra )iitiwi3 givtug vivid ae
i ountu ut fuiluiai sui't't-nSes and rebel
iiinsfortunee, but tho reports are given
un i-iedont-e neie by the iimjority of
ttio people.
Utaur dispatclie leoeived here indi
cate tli at Gon. Aguilar, a rebel leader
with u strong force, is moving ut thn
rear of the federal troops along the
MeMi-iin railway and may attack while
tlioy are lighting at Voruuru..
(en. Hhinqtiei ruuehed the capital
from the north last uight with 15UO
'ruii. The he trains were transfer
rod t the .Mexican iiulwuv and piucecd
ed immediatelv for eracru..
Montgomery, Alu. Oct. iy.--Aviulor
l.onis .Mitchell fell 2UU teet here thU uf
ti'iiiuun and was killed. Mitchell loal
ontrol oi hi itiiu'huie while trying a
spiral glide.
Mitchell hud bueu tu the air before
f!,UUU rpeutators more than un hour and
shortly before the o-eloek he began his
descent. At a height of 000 feet ho
lot 1-i.iitrol and at 20U reet the bi
plane seemed tu go to pieces. The avi
utoi was pinneU under tle motor aud
wit dead when surgeous leached him
hogoiie I loth, ut Detroit, Mitchell's
pur i net, wa flying directly over Mitch
ell, lie was carrying a passenger, and
had planned to iollow Mitchell in a
mmilar spiral, lie eiuid tonight that uf
ei Mitchell lost control of his tuuchiue,
the pianos tiltud to the perpendicular
u that ho could aee tliu ground between
them. Mrs. Mitohell was utuotig the
opectutors but did not see her husband
In tho District Court of the Kiglitu
Jnd cial Dihtrict of the State of New
Mexico, will in aud for the ounty of
tuay, II. U. Jones, Receiver of tho
Intermit iotial iiuuk of Coinmerco of
i'uciimcnri, New- Mexico, plaintiu", vn.
Unknown heirs of Lucinday E. Gilbert,
t al. dofenduitts, No-. 11(11. The de
fendants Unknown heirs of J.uciiiduy
II. uilbort, decensod, Unkuown Claim-
I nit it interest in and to the premises
t below described) adverse to the es-
it- ..f jdaintitr, and Olliver S. Alford,
tin the heir of Luciuday K. (lilburt,
! leteaM'd, nro hereby notified that an
! i. turn has been commenced ngainst you
the above nnmod pluiutitf iu tho
I iiiiive styled and numberpil ccttrt aud
iiio whnroby plnlntift' seeks to quiet
;-rle in himself to the following real
j estate lying and being in Quay county,
) N'eu Mexico, to-wit: SKi of Sec 0,
i I'wp . T?ng nOK, N M V Meridian,
ml piays for genoral relief iu the
promises, and yon are further notified
r lint unless you enter or cause to be
: entered your nppoarnnce horoin on or
I before tho 10th day of Docembor, A. D
1012. judgment pro confesso will bo
rendered against you and the relief
i proved for decreed.
I of Tucuuicari, Now Mexico, Is
nttomey for plaintiff
D. ,1. FINHfUN,
Clerk of nid Court
Oct 25 Nov 15 4t
Hereafter, and beginning on Sunday,
ovember ;ird. tho concort given here
tofore on each Thursday ovonlng, will
bo given on ouch Sunday afternoon at
;':.'lo o'clock until further notice. Tho
evenings are ton cool during tho win
tor months.
VOTES Put your votet on motor
cyelo at Kmporlutn for Jim LoYoUdy,
Ho will appreciate them if
Court Martial to Be Convened Forth
with, and All thn Rebellious Sol
dicrs Will Be Decimated
Musciu Oil (jutiyial lull
Did., i.oIohbi Jodu Dm. Urdat, and ab
i ttir iiI)ii..ia ..t tliu P6tul.i.in t r uiilu ftfttl
i . . ..
uiaiiiie in inu oru tru reboiituu,
'wiu Ue uuiieil uitmdiu;ity Uafor u
i .,.....
uunrt malt ml nnd Uoubtluts will ltai
i , .
tlie ieath ponaav. urduts ua tisati
isatied lot tho convoninu oi tho ewurt,
, , . , . .
ttineh win bv prestdBd oor by Uenerat
., ' J
, f
member ot tho army, ig amenable tn
such u court under the iw which pro
vidon lur such a trial ut any civilian
under like circumstances.
The MJidior.t uf tne rebellious troop
will be decimatud quo in ten being
executed. They will be chosen by Jot
t pay tne penalty fur all.
this iiilurmutiun was imparted otli
cially tonight.
The collapse ul tho Diaz uiuvomunt
one week after its inception with a
miuiuiuiii uf lighting and bloodshot!,
has created the greatest Mirpriso hero,
(a udministratiou circles, where upti
misui nu been the. keynote since tlm
beginning, the outcome is regarded a
the highest possible vindication of thn
confidence always expressed in tho loy
alty of the army.
lietiuial Felix Diaz, after Uonorm
If eye, has been regarded us tho man
who -uti lI wiobi tho greatest influence
with the army and the people go n era II v
His rebellion, ending m a fiasco only
slightly U'sh prououticed tliuu that of
Hcyes last December, removes u duugei
that long ha loomed on tho political
The news created little domonstra
tion ! the capital. Tliorc was no out
unid show of elation or of regrnt bore
among tliu popuineo, wniou inaiinuiiici
its usual nniiirorpuci!. It was onrl) re
pirtoI thnt nil the ofilcnrs involved iu
ho movement stood an oxcellcnt chance
of condomnntion to doath within a fow
I'he troops under (lenoral Dlanquet,
who cuiue hero from tho tiorth lnt
night nnd proceeded iinmeli8tely to
Veracruz, got no furthor than Orizaba.
l'liey hnve recoivetl orders to return
and will leave soon for tho north to
renew the campaign against Ozo.co.
Five iiuudrcd troops havo been do-
.opatchu'i to Tuxpam to restoro ordoi.
Ml other troops will bo returned to the
points from which they wero drawn foi
the Verniiiuz campaign.
.:h I'lanctM o. Oct Si. - The heurii.u
I thirty one i-aec in which the Suti'h
era Pacific railroHid is accused of hie
ii g violated the federal law gaverninu
interstate traiihportution ot animal
wa roMimed today before Judge Win
iuiii ('. VnuPlpot in the I'nitf I Wlato-
district court. The company i' accused
of having hauled cu'tlc in doted cat
for s long as seventy hours without
fond, water or rott, and of having cat
tied thirty-five and forty animal in a
The railroad introduood avidonee to
show 'hnt sotno of thp nllogod vlolu-
tiotiH had been mado at tho request f
the shippers. Tho court insisted even
if tin. wore the case, it would not Jus
i if v a violation of tho law.
Some of tho enos wore begun morn
than five years ngo.
Washington, Oct. 'J'.',--Speculation
connects the approaching re'urn t.
Washington of President Tnft, contrarv
to arrangement previously mndu for a
sojourn at Hot Spdings, Vn, with the
critical situation in Mexico, and thorn
are hints of the possibility of a spniai
stMsiou of congress to relieve the pres
ident of a decision as to whethpr the
time is rlpo for Intervention.
Ofilcially the idea is scouted and tho
determination of tho government to ad
here to Its present policy In regard to
tho Mexican situation is roallirtned.
FARM TO TRADE T havo a farm
in Cimarron county, Okla. to trade for
rosldenco property in Tucumcqrl, In
quire at New Ofllue,

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