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The Tucumcari news and Tucumcari times. (Tucumcari, N.M.) 1907-1921, October 25, 1912, Image 2

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The Tucumcari News
lie Tucumciri Printing (o.
Kntered as Beeond-ciais Mall Matter
at the Poit-offlea at Tucumcari, Naw
Mexico, under Act of March 3, 1870.
to ii conclusion as 'o how they will v fxtlili n principle mid pfllioloa to tlio
Nt the next election. As these voters
i'o more and more serlwts thinking in
tnis subject tiu more they are cumins
oct tn 'he side of President Ti t.
liven If greater 81 moro vital qaS
ions wore itol Involved, fieri" Would be
onllit'lptit reason for rp pln-tion f lre-
dent Tuft in the olio fact that coat In
n itice of his rtilinlaistnition means the
mnintencmre f bHsinosa lability, com
merrinl progress, unlvorsnl employment
nd national erodlt.
editor and Business Managor
'Taft autl Greater Prosperity" will
bo tho verdict November 3th.
Tho good pticos received for farm
products will ennso the fsrutors to veto
for Mr. Tuft.
An old sen reset--" Bo sure yoa are
wrong, then apologlao. ' ' November Wo
man 'a Home Companion.
"Lot mil enough alono," is goodi
but how can wo do it naisss w add to
it Sot her four ynr of Tftft.
It is rh workinginun that aa least
iiffwd a ehango of nduiinistratioas of
national aiPairs at stick a time us this.
Tho hura of tho factory makes votes
for Taft. Both workers nsd owner
voting in unison to keep tho wftcols
..... o
The condition and prosperity of the
people and not theories are what count.
Thenti.'g do not All dinner baskets, rind
clothes- for the ktdlots, I plnco edi
Lies mi :h table. Only Republic
piperity does all three.
diilt ujt mid tiHcurtiiiti liojs and quiig-,
mire of DeTnoeraey, could not but re
suit in the detriment if not disaster to,
the business or the country.
I ii Idea" department of tbi
.., i,,. triHn' Home Complin Ion
i " the following:
" uhh way to tenet) children Jtmigp
,iinl mIm imc youtwdf a rest is to
let tnem draw slip on which is written
sttne I : v t petfoim. Call it a now
ji.i'itf. ' '
it.- fut laffu tot utifitessninn.
The fact Hint the lenders oi tno Tftft
mo, emetil lime determined to WnRt?
ba'ile in Oregon, Idnlio, N'cbiiiskii Ftt) I
ijilnrii i, toiietber with the othor alfltos
innii'h i ii' Hpoed to be tho strong
Per whom Mm II we m'c nv prcsid"n'
Con Woodrow Wilson out ml ht p- r
ly better tbnn did Urover ricveland!
Will history repent itself.'
f pr.
Do your patriotic duty e cltixeot
whet) yon ?r to tho polls In November.
Volo for President Taft ami trtw pro
jirossivoisra. O!vo the jirnnd dd party
of fraction), pro-jres. hope, happinc"
uttd achievement a vote of confidence
.ind a new cnrntnlssloo for rotitlnucl
tu... . .1 ...!!( .....
ihvit, iint-1 uiiirs hiiu ii-i-i'oiiiimiiii'Mii i . , t ,, .ii.j . ... ... ... ,
' jhoi.it fni tac third term movement, In
r' . . . . idi !hn' Hit- hViili nns do liul in
The nemo-rnta are trifling with th, , iM(. . ,tUJf ,
happ.Ue.9of.verybualneMmnn;.f,d hUoH,r , ,.,irrv tMf bMnn to vi).twVi
tomiiv in .fcw Mexico wnen they ink
' on to vote for n cormriniiiii wlio will
help out the wool tariff nnd remove the
protection from wool baimfnc tiirere. nnd
ibolishing New Mexico ' won! market,
liitfiness men. will you ,:n I fv : '
o - -
"Preaident Tftft wii;i..i.' . 1 '!
arry loc-n ;u tie V rut- ,,
nil I.ntliei A. Hre.er th other
vhen aled : to bin i ) '
Oi I T i !i' pit I'll 'on i'i the ':ife
Bi"' ' fi,ri":irv t 'hi' 1 ' i I.,
tt Tat't i. I.s. :m. ..T(JT 'it i. ,
ngafie.i lit lii-kii l .f
if the nnMonul nepubpean tic'.e'
The Kepiililictii pnrtv is not tnoribno i.
t ititht .ind etlicleiify have not boon
permanently iipatred.
u iir .i.iffn tor i ongreaaraan.
I he e
f ' I
A fini 1
!ie iHlidli'iiH
. !'.. It' ' I '('
i ne ii I'fir'
imllilel t
! lie .i ' i ..I ! , ' 1 , . ,. I ,
nersnmllv lenerve a re eieet mn ny tiin.,, f ,
'e.'Min ! "lie 'ruli li. i . . 'I'll..' , ., j
ml .!
1 1
e- n ii in month in Sow MeS
i ,i in t'er nf polities it is it
it , lih.'.v )euicl:itn Who hes-
. ie IVijiiiwui m tho lurch
I i vi uketi sense of porty
- nM il.iindon pirliticnl nfllliit
i -'v ' ir .Vuthim .Inffn, n man
. y .iii'i eleun record en
i '.. Cue ote of any hones!
I w , .l.t;fotm is tho pro
! ' ml induatrr and thu
: t ! 'nte. The igsno is
!ii It is .Inll'n tiiil
iyumt Ferfju-'sou
w i...'. V. believe Ml. .Jnirii
. ' i H I ii :i ideil liv fi
i i
Country nt It grontpt p un
Kvorv imlttitrv wnrkitiij nvertime
I.nlmr fttllv employed hiclie'
wiijres up to thtit time.
Ifoilrondi coiigestpil, with urenfest
earnings up to thnt tltno.
Vottfa made dlsjtfltWflp I 'a '-ft '
Votoi thought country 1 1 hi j.ie.e
our to bo injured b,v n ehmi(je in i1
Cleveland elected president,
t'ledits dlstnfliod.
.lanunrv lIW, tho ttecietnrv if In
: rensuty was obllffpd to buy -jovem
mont bonds .it 12 to relieve mtie
Cleveland inaugurated Mni.h. l!i:
Punic dtnrted pnrly in yem '!.': .ml
!:ntp1 four years.
Ibninp this t liar tho j:ce. '.uieM -vm
oiliifd sell five hundred million ex-
erntnont bonds at pur to i-'uviile I'm
eveftito looses.
nusinos? londltion excel:. r.
Labor fully emplnyeit.
Itnilronds .unposted.
ionetai ifditlon similar
Voters think count i v too piospem-is
to ho injured by a change in poli'i"".
Do yon want history to repeat .tM-lt.'
Pon't cbonpe n cprtiun'v mr im m.
Don 't espei intent
VOTK I'tll: TA IT'
N'e'e for .t;,Un li.l ' iniileii.ii
Attention Please!
You Want Them,
We Have Them!
Friction Top Cans in one gallon nize at
iMgltt price. Sonlinu wax for fruit jam.
Special on Chinaware
For a time we vill sell elegantly decor
ated BowI.h, fMatter and Dinhea, the
20c to UOe Icind at I fie each.
Come early ami yit your choice.
Barnes & Rankin
Furniture and Hardware
'uil a r i 1
I a. w i Fm: i nHnnnnmrc
W7Trxrrrr&:m Li'ir sl""
y y; Dark l:,ss ivis l!
1 1 A ' i prouccL i
eer Exposed
to Liht for
5 Minutes Becomes
This is not our state
ment, but the deliberate
opinion of one of the
most renowned scientists
in the world. Read the
entire statement:
"We have tested beers repeatedly,
placing the bottles in the direct
sunlight, and testing the same after
one, two, three and five minutes
exposure, found that the beer with
three and five minutes exposure
became undrinkable on accornt of
the peculiar odor developed. The
detrimental effect of light upon
beer can be successfully counter
acted by the employment of brown
or dark colored glass bottles, and
such bottles are, therefore, recom
mendable. " Wahl-Henius Insti
tute of Fermetitology.
t i- not e nough ihar beer be brewed
pure, it must be kept pure.
Many America... prefer beer in a
light bottle. Most brewers follow the
course of leat resistance.
even in pure Ik i r.
bet protection
it z is sold in Brow n
1. .1
s pit my i mm tne
Stw thai c'ou : . i ,k
is lntmhl "Si .
!V I I-1 A ' ''I
Mi .tii
1' ltlll.UI i. N-
'"lntiei lin-ieelr mink' nt, iiiMr,.- ,
f..tt llnt.L n.... I. 11. i
h"e Snianw ('ouriorIlei:ll tuoh
.inion to rcpiint fiom its iue of ,..
tuber 7. Hum. tho pe.n h wm n I t
ii in Jioospvt'ir. then cundidate tm mc
leiidont on tho Republican .eke1, is
i iiuins mate with President WiDkiiii
M Kiuloy. made m Snyinaw on that
! . lhe ndMee then yiven to Repub
i.'.ms to let well enoimli alue and tu
le aiu ju ortire the ttitin tin ler whoie a.t '
m munition tho country hud nohieved
'ieut proipority. ocd enouh lor
Republicans now. It was expressed n. '
tne fullflwiug words:
'Tiio isMiu of the campaign i . nn
..lined in that (lecond placard then
(jmni'iny to the banner in the iiowd
Hold up that banner 'Let Well Unongh
Alone.' Old man U'elleiiouch i- old
i inuii Uoodenoiigh and it i hot to
I liim alone. Wo have been loinj tll
Year by year we aie doiny hettei aud
tho Amorieaa pnoplo have the .jo.I
Ifciiso io keep in ollico the man ujhIoi
J whoso administrntion we hnv. uchieved
i the present pitch of propenty. Ap
j Jililll.10).
"In brief, my fellow eiti!en., 'Ii.i
'nntei't is undeniably a contest I'oi tin
, eonditions at liouu. which have beet.
, obtained under the wise admin. stra
tion and legislation f the past t'oui
i yeari. and for upholding the ih.ii.h ,,i
I the fla' in the tnce nt all 'lie naMmi.
j tf the rl !. ' . Applause .
Vnto t'" r .In ft a in. nniexsiii',1,
People .vho tire uuikin toi tne stud
nnd prevontion of tuberculosis epies.s
the bolief that lliii.linii muiis'eii will.
Jioin a many pulpits, pieu.-h -in the
MilijKi-i, eithur ou Sunday, (in, u;, ,,
:n some oceniioti Dear o Mint ilnti
onsideiation is had of manv .letnuml.
tm Npeciiil Sundays, mid so pnstois me
asked to (it the .-all intu Mieir ..wi,
pliins. ,n-t tiut , bout .lo.iinii made
-ome liieQtioil of I lie Ifiv. Plesidellt
aft and ninny other .list initiiliid
pie hae approved this manner .f . al,
mi" tin.. nt'iMitidi of the 'Mitili - t. .,
'ble metins of eonsumj.tion prevent m,
Achieveinelits of these pen.e tu ,uti
are . laimed to be: The foiminy ,f more
Mian ilim local soeinties t tubal -he
1 disease: the distributions .t sfi mm mm
I'amplilets denlinj wifli Mi, -nl th,
..uibh.iiiiijr .( I2,nnn bed tu ,id . j
uses: and IWlO foi .'Hint.!.. :i.,, .
tiiiill'lilip o TiflO hoiilals; the n.,.iut.
nf ton dispensaries, nnd the .. in mo .,f
aw in .T states inten led t mpel u
-tinly .mil apply preventnr ies ,,( ).
illlielit .
chief inirpimp of the da v, .i
is to oivu wide wnriiino ot th, pinei
nt relyinjj upon, oven or nsiny pitnnt
medicines nnd cure alls ,laim;ii tf.
have value. Tim scientists sav then, s
no dm.' thnt will elicit n "lie. ind
Mia people wnsto both tu ml .i,,mu
Alonjt with the worninp will he v,.
exnet instrurtioiis for the studv m, i
revetitioii of the diseiii.e, alu.ivs ,. .
lone under some rpcoenled plivsi.-i.m
All of the.se points have been furnishc i
tu- the nnrlnnnl nraniatloii tu mini,
ters everywhere.
tm m wnuaemuniuM minif itwwi aiesxaaianM oiuawriMiMMeMS
These are Vacation Days when you havr- lots of time.
Do You Want to Earn Some Dollars?
We Will Tell You How to Do It
I Tk .Oi Y XT Tim ne tH 1 c
of delivery at 8:00, 10:00 a. m. and 2:00
and 4:00 p. m. hiis proven a success.
We keep what is necessary for the cook and
Phone si M. A. AKIN, Grocer
l..lfn....M...T-.-r-g-!n '"-mrl W
Gents' Resort
We Handle I lie Hot
Pool Parloi in Coitiuffioiv
Vour Pnlroixdrfe i Apiiiveift lull
Vorenberg Bar
m Ma
kee Famous
We do p'neral Gankinp, Busirlf
ond Solicit Your Patronage
United States Depository
Cnpitul and Surplus $60,000.00
H. H. JONRH. Pmaideul
A. li SIMPSON, Vtce Prestilotlt
T110H N LAWSON. Am'I Oaahlnr
1. 0. BARNES
The Only National Bank in Tucumcari and the Oldest
and Largest Bank in Quay County
Miko, T nm gomp 'o mnko you i
present of this pig.
Ah, sure: an 'tis iust like you 90r! -iNovamber
Woman's Homo OotDpanion.
The News 1.00 to 1914

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