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She Sueumeari Views
VOL. 11, NO. 17
Five Towns and Possibly More Will Be
in Fight and it is Time for Our
Citizens to Act Upon this
Important Subject
Tu-nmoari hu a hsuice to move foi
wai'l tl.l your ami i now t itiic to
-rat: tlin 1ml) rolling, a tomnirow, per
hup, will ln ton Into.
A Mtnti! Normal i going t- ho hand
ed :n rime good town in Haste: n Now
Mexico ninl TiiiMimiMiii hu a chance
r. get it If -ho will yet busy. When
tin- loglsluuro ndjourncd it namod live
t wh tliut would be nti-ii'lcro'l " Hip
pinper ilt i n locate a Stut Normal
n. honl, Mid 'I'llclltlH' li; WU" one of t ho
Ttip legislature i now busy turning
Dtii l do lmincf- th:i: must necessarily
bp t Mittuct oi during this trm and
when It ha finished this line erf' work
if ivill iiiUo up 'ho tusk of locating thp
N'orui'il school. It wll! take some time
lmt it i- up to Tnetimeuri now to get
l i and sop what chance "ho ha to
land thi muchly sought nftet gii' that
i within tho prwot of the ptoent leg
islator 'o hand on at 'hi session.
Ttictimenrl N tho logical point to place i
fhl shennl, a tho location i ueb that
it wouiil p!eno n greater number of
I wop if than anv other place in Kastorn
X'ew Movico. If ha a llrst-elass water,
electric light and ewotago syir.eoi nl-
loady punbllshpil. It has a porfpot !o-
atio'i for a oollo";!' and t:impu, to-1
ohoi with tho o'hoi npoe'iirv equip
monf .
Pi uui"tii. In llllod with I'ollejjC'brpd
fi'ioii' and r.'or -who boliovo in flu-
rotlmtn! institutions and who aro ab j
ways t'Rdy and wiHinc icdo their par
townid oduoating Young Amorioa, and
ina'jinj jl!r tho furthoj advan'-o-
ineiu nt r ho now ;tute. I
it t pnilile tn pan1- tiji tho piopoi-
lion of irrigation and the semiring of
anoiVoi tallroad i.r the present and 1
turn a'l hand towards tho oouring
of tho State N'otmal school, and if thi
ho aeiomplNhnd. than thoo other im-
.Sau Francisco, Jan. 'JO.City aud
County Treaturoi .lidin r.-Dougald has
uriied ovoi to 'omitroller Kolney
Dnrkee of the Kxpositlon $533,590 in
gold coin as the first installment on
he Municipal bonds that havo boon
ohl for Kxpositlon purposes.
X. W llalsoy 1- (Jrmpany turned in
to the City Treasury $1,037,07-1 a? pay
ment for tho f,oon,ono worth of Expo
itlnn bonds bought nt a premium of
437,071. Tho Exposition's installment
was placed in a ttuck aud taken to tho
Maul: of California and deposited in
the name of the Kxpci:li'ti. The mon
ey was guarded by reprcsentutivoH of
the Treasurer' Oflicc and the Hank
of California.
There was K'J0)00 in gold coin in
each sack. Thorp worn 27 aok.
Salt Lake City, Ptah, J,.n. 18. John
Miller lies dying in a local hospital us
a result of tho explosion early today
of a lamp which he ha hep? burning
to guide a sweetheart to the homo he
had proparod for her. The lamp wa
l.ept in a window as a beacon beelccn
nig the way for the girl from Sweden,
who, though drowned at sea on her
way to moot Miller forty your ago, has
never ceaed to exist for him. The
lump was surrounded by paper roses
and in attempting to extinguish thp
flames ho wa terribly burned.
Lcvo of thN ela has long Mince
ceased to exist, except m rare instances
If he should die. let uh hope ho will join
iioi in tho realm bevond.
Washington, Jan. 20..-Kepresentative
Richmond I1. Hobson, hero of tho Mer
limae, will lead the men's seetico of
the snlTrnglst column in the inaugural
parade on Mm oh 3. There will bo 1J0
persons in this section, including nils.
Carmen, poo', and other notable. The
Vaonal Siift'rnge association ofllees
aero havo bpeomo distinctly fashlona
bin and tho wives of many of the gov.
orntnent nhleials nnd army nnd navy of.
flclals are frequently the headqunrteri.
pro.omeiit will he iniii-li. easier to o
cure and tho Kti'otn capitalists weuld
huvn iiitioh Mtoro confidence in our oit,
and in the fiitute building up f tlir
surrounding country.
V. oannot expect t.o get nil wo want
thi" voai. (VitioM iiro not 'built in a day.
or in a year, hut wo cannot go to sleep
and on awakening expect to llnd tnv
oofler tilled with gold and pfooinu
treasiue. If o Inity our talent lost
tbievw break through and steal it.
inxto.nl of putt inn if wntU fm u.
what ptomise havo wo that we shall
ovon o allowed to koop that whtoh wn
had in tho boglnnuig. Hostile I btii
no. ftrt, lint and all tho tlnio. and vr.n
canno nia Uo anything nio out of it.
Xmv 'o u got down to buinps this
yoat, and next year wo onn hottoi af
ford o oast aside "in care and take
on tno nvoro enjoyable things of llfo.
Whilo there i lifo. Mien is hopo. si.
,' while there i n chance " oouro tho
Statn Xormnl Iet' cot busy and land
it for our titv. Tncumefiri '- oliiitato
i widolv lenown throughout tlio wholo
oountry n a health restotor and pre-orvo'-.
ft ha- a teputntlcui for having
an abundant supply of pnu watur and
tor It superb tailrond f.ioilitio-. If
wo ar- able to add thi- other "plum"
to our already of i-ood thine It i
inipo?.-:ble to jirodb-t what, would oonio
to u? a! a rpward for out 'tntlrln: of
fcrr and energy. ueh a additinti'il
tailroad. irrigation Jirojoof., faotoriosi,
nt!!N and many nthor lino of ndutr
not ovon 'nought o..f ni th! fltno.
!. n ario ami d souinrliing I'
i better rbn' o dto 'rying than 'f
i t follow in tho foortop ni itip
Van Winhel and Moop on until the liar
vo! i over anil all tho good thiug are
"gobbled" up by "Oino of tho other
wido awalu- oo in Vow Mnxioo.
San I'ruueUio, .Inn. 20. What thu
Ferris Wheel was to tin- Chicago Kxpo
sitlon, and tho Kift'el Towei was to the
Paris Kxpositlon, as an advertising fea
turei the ' Aeiosecpe " wonder and
novel contrivance that will raise pa
senger to an elevation of JUS feet, and
which is four feet highei than the ele
vation reached by the Ferris Wheel,
promidps to udd :o tho atttaetiveness of
the 1010 World's Kair.
The " Aoroscojie" consists i.f crane
arm 2-10 foot in length mounted on a
tower i'iO feet high. The crnuo arm?
are made up of two paiallel livet truss
es. Tho .hort arm is 10 foot long and
carries a counterweight :o balance the
weight nf tho long, or 200-foct arm,
which eat i ioi the cage foi passenger.
The cngp i double-decked and tho op
etator who control it i located in tho
center of the upper deok.
Tho tower is a structural steel frame
work resting on a circular rack on u
eon- rote inundation. Thi olrculat luck
permits of the rotation of the tower
ubotit its central vortical axl. At tho
top of the lower is a horizontal trunnion
shaft on which the crane revolves. The
cage is supported on a trunnion shaft
fixed o the extreme end of the 200-foot
arm. Thi cage swings above and on
each side f the t rutin nion shaft, a!
way remaining in an upright position
due to the combined action nf a coun
terweight and parallel guide rod.
.Vow York, N. Y.. Jan. 20. A doen
bov playing football with a pasteboard
box in a vacant lot in Biookl.vn today
sat .'i.wn to iosi utter half an hdir'
'Thai's a funny looking box," said
one of them. Kef 's see what 's inside,'
They undid the strings. A four day
old huby, naked and to all appearances
dead, rolled to the ground. A police
man took it ton hospital. Hulf an hour
late- it wa l iving lutilv. It will prnb
ablv 'ive.
It's o shame that some people haven't
money and n sbnmp that rther have.
: .. 1 I
TEXAS FOR $2,000,(100
Dinpittu Over boundary Uetwoen tlic
Two States is to Oct Into the
Supreme Court
Mfii l'i. N M.. .Inn. I'ho To.vas
Now .Movhci liKim.lnrv. whu-li hah boon
tlir (unto ni li.tfai iitoiit ikji t'wr nirl
thioo rUiirtort rif :i onttit.v, will llguro
largely in n nii to bo lllod m the sii
promt limn i. tho I'nlf ml Slate a'
an early dtilo. and whioh involvo.t about
iS.iMiu.orKt. Thp not inn is .me brought
b tho ifato of Now Xloxicn agHiniit
tho stato of To.vm fcr puisavsion oi
snnto M.IKHi tteros of rrtip laml in ,up
lower Kin (Irattdo vnllov. It In bNfpd
upon i l.o nllogatinn that Mio Kio riraudo
now utnv and lmt nin for niuo ytttr
past, at a poiti fur weil of the pont
whoro it ran in MRU, nt whioh tlmo the
ditpntp liutwoon 'ho twn :iti win ap
pnriMi.ly flnnlh udjiidientoil.
Tho notion if now lining proparod h
attorney gonnrnl I'ranh W. (Mutiny and
J will bo forwnrdpil Washington with
in a elmrt time. It i- volumlnoits
dnomtipiit, flu. o.vhibit iilon,. npoiipvlng
'Pvcral hundred hagot.
T'to elnitn it made 'hat beginning
what i. now tho onth lino nf the ot
era Imlf or .Vow Moxioo. nnd oontinitlng
south along the Hi" (fvando to the outh
lino of the wo'torii half of tho utatp
ho ttroam Inn n hnugod if i-ourK
sini'P 1rn. when a lino up it router
was doomed to bo tho biuindniv be
twooji the i vii statf!-. that ww about
IS milon of land which wn inoludod In
Vow Movioo i. oliiimoil bv Texas. It
i now on the oasi m- Texn ldo nf tho
fixer. n it is uvi.st nf the f-astoni boun
dnry lino rlainiod by Vow "Moxici.
Tho oxhiblt itio'udo tho :it of onn
gros fixing the hr.undnty lino up the
eonfpr of tho river: tho proelnmatlon of
this not planing it fomo. ignod by flm
president. Millard Pillmoio. on Oeo.
1ai!0: a map nf .Vow Mexico, and an
net of ooiigrfi.s pontniing a idniip in
ho .-nabling ai admittingg uw Mexi-
a a Mnto. -which relate to boundar-
ie. to moan the lino run by .Mm M,dnmp for him. II
(larlt. ;i linnndary oommisslnnei aii'iM1'' and i mini
ratified b art of .ongro, March H,
1 101. wh.i'b linen wro not to he llat)g
od '-nt woto to lomain a- the dividing
lino bo'woen the ?wu faf.
Lo ngele. I'al., Jan. 20. Mrs. Mar
eeliiin Kliseldn. in.T voars of age. and
said to be woalthv, the oldest woman in
ho Angole.s. concurred yesterday in an
application fm n marriage license I'm
horolf and IMoasantiu Leon, aged W
Tho HceiHo was issued.
I.onn said today he wt.nld attempt .
have ;. recent enmt order appointing
Mi. Claudia l,ugo, her granddaughter,
tho aged women ' legal guardian, set
ai lo. Mr. I.ugn will contest he
Spv'iiking of hrtols, say A. .1. Woods,
of "The Sweetest fjjrl In Dixie" com
panv. "We hit a dandv last season
while playing some ono-nlghtors down
south. The hotel wa packed, It wa
m crowded they had to dr.nblo all the
boys it in two rooms nnd before night
the pmprlotni had to fix bunks in the
ehur.-h next doui rliat wa connected
with tho hot ol. Along about live tlu
nevt morning tho church bell began to
ring furiously, and finally the elorl.
chased one oi the negro bellhop over
to see whir the matter wa. On re
turning, the Vegio said: ' Common
In pew 17 wants a em ktnil, nh."
The five-weeks-old infant of Mr. and
Mrs. Prank Shiplov died Sunday and
wits buried In Sunnysldo cemetery on
Monday Itev. . .V. Kvaii conducted
the funeral service
Following ) the lepnit of the Tu- amcaii Public Sr-hmd- foi the mouth lie
ginning Docomber '. I012. and ending Ju.i u.rv 17. IPIII.
Viimlip! lo longing oiifh ilny
Viimbe- illfl'oront persons enrolled to
Average dnllv attendunee ...
Aggreuto N'. dnyi. atttuidnuco
ggrogato .Vo. dny absence
.Vuuibi''1 eases of tardiues
Sevoial have entored tho public school
of the city since, the beginning after
vacation. Tin following have entered
the eighth griulo: Herbert Searbaek.
from Mel, nin, Texas. Fetn (rallego
from Mburpietipipj Francis Popplno,
from r.ihilo; IJIva Law, fioni near
Mr. Jim. Coleman and family have
movrtd to town to reuialit during the
spring months in older that their ehll
dren may be near school.
Kspafnnin Martinez, ha moved to
our "It v from San Jon to plaup his thieej
W ' I . N ( I.. i ,. ids an
I C ' I l
si n a I. v i i 'I'm ,-Aei-'.-. i:
li.i'. ' gies 'ii, rollnwlug rhld i'.
f ilittion t.i the flieatro gumg put
lie of TuciifliPtin. A inon pioniiei
hunsoif nt tho fiohf window nl tin
Mtsoiiii I'miflc Knilwny at ,i ,ui
in Aiknnann. and mikoil tho ticket cieih
'he fan- to Adkins. Ark., ami wa t.,.
it n throe dollitr.. tc tuid ho only
and i two dollar bill Im would onil
rniso the otiior dollnr. When he il
lumed Willi the throe dollar and un
.fltod how ho got thp other dollar, tie
sard. ' f wont If. the pnwti broker and
pawned 'ho 12.00 bill for 1.I50. thon I
sold the pawn tiokot foi .ft.fio. While
yoi si re mublng out tho ticket kindly
toll mo who is out the dollnr.'' ThV
ttgetit afforwnrd sold Ilia' ho wrestled
w ti, n ifh problem of Kuelid. drng
gpd iIhoH'.'Ii qtindintio in Algnljnt. ami
worked mi "flow old is Ann" ami
" Whv mnko a chicken run the utrenf
an I Which came first, lion or the egg"
bit- tno miostioii wa too inneh for him
Ca i ym, o)ve it? MUs Mnrlon in
"Tho Sweetest HiiJ m Iilxio" Bivo
th" uwpi at ouch performance.
We. t(0 ijidersienod. luivrg pur
chased Mio iocl; of grocoriot of M. A.
Akin, desire to inform ho public that
we will continue the biislnes nt the
sumo i moo, an I ,t will lie nnt ondnnvor
to e'i i ten ii. fr 1. iiieos coll
siston with pond -nnsprvntive husinog
.IndaiPet't mnk'ng . .mnll mnrglii profit
Otid i see Mi-it ntlp go iiwnv d'ssitf
We want all the old cottonier- and n
manv now onps n firraible. prnmistng
nl: A -i.iinre dpnl.
Y'tus to servo.
Wo havo a letter rrom W. S. Uis
mnko. who vn formerly of West, south
of Montoya, and ho Im- moved to Moor
ingsport. I.n. Uo mi v. ho ilnd it too
o lias -been them tor
nod all t'.io time.
Vow Mexico ftxt health and wetttli
It Im nor rained hero since wo . im re
inombci, !tnd we prido onrselve on
out meniorv. ton. Hriiig your wealth,
and von got ymii health whore Mio sun
shinos nl! the day and parr of the niglit
n liiursday nf -his week a panson
get iMi.eh and n cnmbinntion coaeii, mail
an I h'iggugi-, nf the Dawson line Wrro
caugiit .in fire from ome unknown
nose while standing in the yards, mid
the passenger conch was totally de
strove l iiiul the "thor crch ens badly
hunted before 'he flames cold be px
tlnguislied. ! will lie rakon to Rl
lao ior repair.
Wn-.l wn received liern bv our of
tlei.iN ha' lioorgo Julian, who was
ent In t.. Kelnrm School at Sprlngpr.
in 1011. from Mils paint, had disappear
oil and stolon another horse, and ti.
watch rut for h'm. It seem the hote
wa stolen north of Springer and he
sold i' in Spr'ngor. I In wn captured
in I.a Vegas Wodnosilav.
Ciowds "ontinue at the picture show,
where Mi. Kvans i exhibiting scuio in
teresting, high clas reels nightly. Tltoy
nro both iuteroMtiug nnd instructive.
You should attend thoe and take the
ohlldrpn, as they will prove of great
hniipflt and are worth more than the
small piicp charged foi adtiiislnn.
I The Citv Ilakerv t rented mir otllei
j foice t.. nie one dm- this wopk, for
which thev have our thanks. We wore
-ill pie-l'a.'es ' Cut- lt while.
.Mole Female
tH i.n
cliildrpii in the public schools.
lilslo Bnggs ha entered the seventh
The following ate new inoiiiber in
the rnmnioroinl depart mont: Miss Kl
In A melon ft nni lown City, Iowa; Mis
Uflsle (See from Cnrruf horsvillp, Mn.j
MI. Mildred Kio hey and Mis. Klli-a.
both lien lug of this city.
.Vow jilayeis nro to be semi in the
High School OrHiostrn. Harold Aul
has taken up the clarinet wn,i Fninels
Fojipino the cornet.
Large Crowds Attended the Lectures
Which Were Interesting and In
structiveThe Exhibits Were
Exceptionally Good
rile Di-mniiit rat inn tiaiu mused i
lie, v'l ed ii le nnd the onteriflinnient giv
cii by l huso in charge of the domootrtrn
timi ork, winch (VHi given at the )p
.ra IIotiKH on Thursday night was well
attended and enjoyed by nil who wero
lucky enough to be prosont.
The Tiieem-nri tVinport Ilnud fur
nishod 'he muic f.r the ocensltm. nnd
thru pint wn indeed o rod it able.
Prof. Unriion gn-e ft most inter
p-tlng 'octuio, pointing out in our fit
irons what i Winn done in different
pnrtt of .Vow Mexico nnd what will lip
accoitiplnhe.l in the future if we but
folloA a nysteinntic way of farming.
Tin- illitv inted pnrt it' the progrntn, to
got hoi with the lecture wn interesting
nnd ii'sfrueiive fmm stnrt t fluih,
nnd ti.i audii nee wn xtirry ' hnve the
progiain In might to a dnw. Tho beau
t If u! scetiory thnt exists in our ntnte
it w.indorfii! and it perann duo nut
hove 'o irri the iK'enii m leave this
state ni toe mint of ancient bniklingj
nnd ntr.et iiidor almost unhelievalilo
that shmild nttmet thoutnnd of visit
or .vl'i-n f1ioo thins become more
widely .id t ort tied.
The chmil building- nf several .dif
ferent 'own in thp stntp wore pie
Hired out mi the .-nnvriM, nnd It i sur
prising att wc have advntiood in the
po tn venis a'ong educational illne
tl Well ii nt hers o'hvs I 'nllogo
'illi"liht j'.'.jiicss i,-i. lii-cn niade
lilt ii i til s week t-v lie ri.tnui It tev
appoint. d b the Commcicinl Club to
look utter the uio'ter of neeuriug milk
otiwi foi a i ionmery here. It i report
ed ih'tt iniiii I v a thousand cow-s have
been ton ml avuilnble nod it is thought
thi'tc will bf many more. The couutry
for if leittf -to milo in all directions
will ie expected fn bring I hell cream
tn 'a ' point to market bettatue the
party who oat promWd to build nnd
operate ;he erenmery hns said that he
would pay market price for the ereatn
and .- i-i rbmy links now a though
Qtjuy tonnty will become a tin it but
ter making center. At one ntntion just
eau of here it i reported that nearly
:i.'IOd wn paid ihe farmers of that lo
cttli v foi cieoin in ix months. Thorp
were of least three other towns which
mndo approximately as good n shuwiug.
whMc iiiaiiy small shipmentti of eronm
weie made from othei HtatiouM in the
on at v An income 'o the farmers ot
the county from this source uloac the
inht six mtmtlts is wild to hnve reached
the sum of $20,000
With an improved dairy stock and
the iustiilliiig nf mora silos throughout
the .ountrv Ttioitinciiri may expect to
oiit-r. nin a tnon- prosperous fanning
pntionage in tho fill tire than in the
pn The homesteader will hnve some
thing to help "keep the wolf from the
doot " nnd our citizens will be nblo
to secure n, ce fresh sVittor at all times.
A pnrtv from Norton eamo in in
of tht 'leiiwnntrniioji train Friday,
composed of ,f. V Pion-o, Renwic Hell.
. I'. Mnreus, A. M. Wait and It. M.
Hates and family. M. Untns says tho
display wns mwt oxeellont and thoy
enjoyed it liiiiitonsnly, but they failed
to toll him whore to obtain the money
to uncure tho flue uliick uch as was
Mr. Hlchey, manager of the electric
light lompany, had tho power start up
today nt .liini to nacoinmodate up while,
our ouglno was broken down.
Richard Archer, representing tho Al-
biKpieiiiiic Morning 'Journal, in tho eir '
eiiintinn depart mont, wns in tho city
this week, nnd ay he did a faitly
vnnil biisliiets.
Acetjlone 10-light plant, new, not used
at les than cost. Also largo Iron unfn.
Inquire W It Jncl'. Tncumeari, N. M
htn di.ii
i II iuii Sclioolt art hninir
I built up in -o.de-M anil anelosi stylos
lof rehiteture tn longboat tks stitto.
Manager ICvau put on two istcrost
ing moving piotnrc which were onjoy
ed try much ,by thn largo aadlonse
The t xhibit at tho trsiu Friday aftoi
nonn. irn h rent treat, it kaving One
ent'le, hugs, chiclteoe, birds, agrietil
tural ilisplevs i,r graioa aud modern
applinneet. It also gave n spIoMdld
example of the lieneflt of knowing how
to prune tree, nnd many ntfcer things
We ar- iiiuttile tn itiontioii.
Thp throng that witnenced this line
dixpl.i.. kep' the cam ernwded during
their tiny in unr city, bat voryl)dy
seeiiiod to be in good humor nnd took
all too time rtotwible to inspool and
nk ip'OKtinnt ale.sit the different ex
hibit. Tin- bund played during the oshibi
tinii. and various lecture wero given
from rhe tin in.
This nrm indeed n real tr(wt and
wort a iiinch to .ill wlte witiiomted it.
and we trii-t mtu-h good v111 rosult
from 'heir !it throngh our county.
We lite ttdd that n lotpe erowd gree
ed them at Montoya, alo. and nil along
tho lino. Fnrmert are boenmtng more
interested now when It i knmvn that
crnpt nr being raised by some ovor
yen- -i l i ; osil.lo that all ean do
it.- m.-.
I i.-.!' Al)iu'li liju.- .1 niirii:i !
Itn wel . V. . .,in. Ji. The -New
Mexico Uetiiiler' aoci:itinn will meet
in their secuud annual convention in
Roswell in May. The local association
: airiadv begiiming proparatlou fr
the event. One thing has bean derided
on an old time barheeuod dinner ar
the Ijet tnke t.'lub one day dnriag :ho
visit oi tho delegate and ofUeors.
T. A. Muiihoad of Tncumcari. the
state presi.leiit. hut resigned, having
moved from the state and tho stnto
boiiltt have been sent to the vine prei
dent if the state association, ('lark
Dillev, and ho now heoninos tho state
iroi'leiit until tho noxt con von tion.
A. J. Huftaell. the tftato socretary,
ha alsi mnved from the stttto, so Mr.
Dillo will name Sam S. Toms, of tho
local -sncint Km, u tho stato soerotary
and tl.oy will begin at onee getting
fea I v fm the meeting in May.
Kdi'or's fCnto We vvish to correct
the .liittrnn! in tho pnrt whieb utates
that Mr. Muirhetid has moved from the
stnto. unless nnbokitown tc us they
hnv.. j. laced Tupuiiiearl in some other
state. W- hope they loavo us in tho
Fnltod States Ht least, lint Mr. Mulr
head still in business at Hjo aaina
old stand nnd ho is about tho livasfc
merchait in these parts. As t his
rpslgn.it inn as president of the QS30tla
Hon we onn tint say.
Rdlth (lore, l'.i mrnlhs old, n child of
Mr. aud Mrs. Luther G'oro, who reside
in the north part of town, died Sunday
Jnnuaiv in. tl12. jfo.v. F. I). Homier,
lite conducted the funeral sorvico Mon
day, when tho remains woro deposited
in Sininysido cemetery.
That hornets no.st in tho front win
dow of the .Vow i nttrnoling qultu n
bit ot attention. Dr. Doughty brought
It back with him on his return from
a visit to Alabama, It Is largor than
a win or bucket and In Its timo simitar
od enough real warriors to put a rog.
meat of soldier to flight.
Mnsdnmos Kohn -ind Cnlisoh euuut
up from Moatoyn on Friday night nf
till wenk to have some dental work
done. Thev woro at tho Vorouberg.
j Knger Urns, huvo the largo cnndlo
burning in their front window ovory
day now, aud as to how long it wlil
J take to burn out, Is guessed at in na
i pxtrsmcly wide rnngo. Seo It.

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