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ffhe ffueumeari Jiews
VOL. 11, NO, 1H
Committees of Both House
and Senate Are Busy at
Work on Measure.
xuiiji I'c, N. M
Jan. ;c Outy tho
legislative sellllll) IS
.u session touay,
Mic house having adjourned uutil Mou
dn morning to give the joint commit
'(. on finance time iu work uu tho
aunty Fabrics hill. This mousuro r.'ill
at feet nierv county ollloe iu t ho state
mil Iihi. insulted jii a prolonged session
i' tlio senate n ml houso committee uu
ilmuice, wliii-ti will probably luti tint ii
"u'uiduy night. Tin' county olliciul
m Sow Mexico have boon without pay
since thrh election, governor McDonald
liniiig vetoed the salary bill, which
was pieseutod by the tlrst lcgislututc.
1'he counties have beeu divided into
ti M- elnssiflcutlnns foi this session uc
oiding to nsiesil valuation "l'hf'y
are as follows.
Knur Millions Uoriiulliln, Uliuvcs,Col
i.'i.n, bona Ami, Oinut and .tfau Miguel.
liver two millions Kddy. Luna, Otero
."ii l iiiou.
over a nt i 1 1 1 ii ami Utree-iiuajtots aud
less than 'wo millions Curry, Cundu
mpe. Lincoln, Mora, ljuuy. ltin Airiba,
Rnii-vcJt, hau Juuu and Valencia;
ove n million -.MeKinley, sierra and
I'm -innce.
I udei one Million .Sandoval aud
Taos counties.
The committees huso reached tenta
we .-tginement., on all bin the last couu-tie-i.
but the salaries, it i believed,
will not a yet meet with the approval
f tho Iimiso and a new bill may be
dtnfted before Monday. County offi
iai ft oiii all out the state aro here.
Tho presage of a .stringent anti-whlto
-lave bill h the .senate, ami ot n bill
to.iMtig tho eounty of .Sumner by the
house, featured todays' Mn,iou of tnp
Seii-itoi Kiiii' bill proidiny for the
.Mili.atinn )(f ttiininalx and insane
(if.rsouf, was dofeiited in the senate.
Anion", the seore of new bills intro
dueed in both bonne, ohief interrst
enter in an aet by -enntor Walton,
, rovidin for tho furnishing of frne
ihofl te.vi book, and lovyinn a spei-ial
i ix to dorray the oxpeiiie thereof.
With the .soiiatnrial matter out of the
way, the iiiomhiTx of both houses tire
Miiuhi", their attention to the work bn
ioro tliem and thorn in every evidence
hat many laws will be passed. The
Mnimittei' are tneotiiijj dailv and re
ports being made to the respective
lir-usep and the bill- put nu tho i-alen-d:ir
for netion the ensuing day.
There is a vmy persistent rumor tlmt
niiie of tho legislation being put
'hrough is being enaeted to fulfillment
if Hie promises made by 1'nll support
ers to a few member who were waver
ing iu their nlleginnoe to tho senator,
but of eiurso Mien rumors are liable
'ft be Marled by the minority. At least
- has always been so in politics.
Representative .1. V. Cntnpbell when
he rose to n point of personnl privilege
Thursday, read a tidegnwn from the eity
flerk of Tiieiiiiieari whieh stated that
t hor wtis no ordinance on the eity
tatuto books prohibiting Mexicans from
being shaved m Aineri'Tin barbershop"
u representing n Llewellyn had charged
in the dobatn mi the Spanish-American
i or senator resolution Monday.
Tlie umiii-r county bill, which would
i-1 onto a new county out of the retnoy
cornel? o tjuity, (iiiadalupe. Chaves
and ItriHovelt counties, is now the cen
ter of a bii -torm iu tho legislature. On
Thui'dM,v mnruiiig some 111 jintitions
wore ipielied from the different 8ec
i iniii of ffuadnliipe eounty stilting that
he lgnor did not nbjn-t to the pur
iiion of their county to foim the new
"unity, whi'e almost an eijuiil number
were presented opposing the now eoun
ty. There promises to be quite a fight
on this bill, but it will piobubly curry
as it U said to lie one of the bills the
I'nll men nto nlleged tojiave promised
to pa.,
.State stipoJiiitondent of public Kchonls
A. X. White, presented u eoiiunnnlca
t ion nsking foi an appropriation of
t-lOOo for printiim the. publications of
the department.
Will pay good wages to a rolluble
house girl who uun cook and properly
care for bonebold duties. Apply to
ws Oftlee.
Sftntn Kia, N M., .laii. ;:7- The vie
t in of a stabbing wliii'li ot-c-urrf"! about
d:.'to Saturday ovonmi; mi Mnin street.
In ftotit fit' the Siuirli .Mercantile store.
I'rodei'io Roincio, aged ii years, is rlutid.
while bi 'iiitiiuni.n t' a ton nionieuts
bcfoio iii death, f 'aiidelurrlo Moreno
aged I .'I, is held under guard by the of
ficers, having eonfossed, nftoi bcltifj
sweated, that in- ootnin'ttpoil Mih nun
Til.- boys had beeu in tin- Smith storr
a few minutes before. Soon after thoy
left, a passerby stumbled over the pros
tru o tUm of Prodeeb lying nn the side
walk iu a pool of blood. A dnetoi
was ipilckly summoned, but when hi
arrived, the boy vn breathing his last
and expired within a few moment, a
deep knife wnimd in tho right side of
the neck, which had severed the iugn
1,,r v"in' t,MI,w,l flui,I: (p''"'
C'l'tdelnrio Moteno, the bi-t i wiMi
thi' !ltti victim, wn found iut acro."
the s"ee. He denied nuv Imowledgi
of Mi' stnbbing, saying he had left
I'rodcio a few minutei before after
'ollinu him good bvc, thev goinir in o)
posit" direction-.
However, n knife was found on the
person of C.mdelnrio, with a blade just
abmit wo and n half Inches long. It
wa "xamined for bloodstain", by the
iis.sNtnnt district ut'orney. Mr. Hedge
onck. find though thre was some for
eign substance on it, eloselv renmhling
blrod, t)ii could not pi.sitlvelv bo prov
en. An analysi i to be ninde o do
termln.i what is a-tually on the knife.
In the meantime tho Romero bov is
undT iiuard, he not Icing placed in jail
because of his youth. lie likelv wil)
be prosecuted and nenr to tho stnte
reform school, as he is within the le
gal ,ic permitting of prospeuticn.
The suilty vnuth onme here a tew
lay ngo from Vaughn, and little is
known of him Though l.'t year old,
he ! small for hi age, helng about the
size of hi little vi- tini. -I.ti" Veas Op.
Au in, Texas, .Ian. lS. - At I cloek
this afternoon Morris Sheppard was
deer! by the legislature .u .separate
ae.'siy.'i tor 'both the long tenu of si.
yoars and uNo for the short ut uiiex-
ureil tenu of senator Halley. Mis vote
in Jii house was S7 '&r for Col, II, M.
.lohuiton. In tho aeimte tho vote wn
as follows, riheppard 17; .Johnston I'J
Af'er the senate httd elected Shop
pard tm the unexpired term, it iiiime.
diately vo'od on the long term aud
there was nr, opposition.
As soon as the house had voted for
tho short term a vote wn taken on
the long term.
Without opposition the question ol
the election of a I'uitod Status senatf.T
for both the long aud short terms was
taken up at 11 o'clock in both branches
of the legislature
The crmpany playing at the Opera
House Friday night is said to be a
well balanced aggregation all the way
through. The play "The Sweetest filrl
in Dixie" was well patronized and ev
erybody seemed pleased a: the produc
tion of this popular play. Saturday
night the company will play "The Two
Orphans" and promise to put It on to
the entire satisfaction of the audience
thn will gieet them. This is a good
play full of startling situations and will
no doubt give the people many views
of life that wo ate not famlliai with
in h' west.
Wo me informed that Tuesday wliUi
an auto wii going up Third street a
small boy jumped on the rear part of
the m -chiuo and when near Frank Sim
man's residence the boy jumped -from
the nrichino and was injured, carried
into Fiank Simmon's home, his head
dre.'sed and he proceeded to school
The habit of oatehinu on to- moving
ears or wauons is a dangerous one, and
parents should caution their children of
sup'n. man drivini! cannot wati h
the reni of the machine or vehicle.
Tuciiineari. .V. M.. Jan. HH:i
We, the Advisory Roard of the Chris
tian church of Tiieunicnri, have made
a careful investigation of the rumors
whi.'h reflect upon the oharaeter of
Hrothei A. IT. Mahon, former minister
of tho Christian ehurch and do not be
llevo thnt he is guilty of immoral con
duct, and we commend him as a Hrnth
or In Christ .
Kugone Jacobs, Pre.
.fohn 0. Cnmphell, Vice V
Rimer Kdwnrds, Treas.
J. M, Putmau, Sec'y
Mrt. 8. 0. Campbell
Vote Cast Gives Him Majority in Both
Houses He Retains His Seat Until
March, 1919Profound Si
lence Greets the Result.
l ured Stales Snatoi ibert Huron
Tall, ol Three Hhers, N. M., has boot,
re-elected the United Siat,. Sen
ate again.
His teturn to too senate wus assured
i few miiiutis pai n 'I in-sdny wtten
twenty eigh' inoinbors of tho liott30 and
lifteen of the sotinte .-tiM t4ioli votes
for him. i liin: majority in on ell
Tho astounding t'uuture of rjie netion
tiilien by the leginlnture was tint so
much the ie-eleotioii of Mr. I'nll a the
otos o' farmer l'roresshe .fAn tin -
ron I'.iirg of I.UTlutlilln and Major W.
II. II. Llewellyn of Donu Ann couuly.
both nieiiibefs of the house, wh de-
MTted their former ns-siicin,i nnd went
into i amp of the regiilnr. asslstlnp
it Mi. Fall's re-emotion..
Tilewelljui dellered an address nt
. i.: . . .
K-llll( III l-.lllllll III VIII H. 110 1
mi'1 I 'hat the sentiment amntig hi " enn
stituent " had bpen foi Andrew nnd '
I'ali a the Inst session nf rim legisla
ture, but that nt present thin sentiment
had 'in nod overwhelmingly for Full.
We iNn said lie would Vote for Full
beciiiise Fni! find ' ipspundod to the
ail of hi. coiinlrj in ln. " Roars
ot laughter punctuated his attempts ut
exioanatinn. While he voted right this
time hn ha made several statements
ii"t wr.nlly anthoiii ivy mil it is said
that he depafed from the truth mi nmc
of hi lemark. He gave an his rhird
reason for ousting his vote for M Fni!
that 'he senator 'hnd never gone back
rti a friend aud had never turned hi
bn-k on an etiemv. ' '
Tohii Hifnti Hnrg made ii" vplnn:i
i"ii !' his vote.
uother striking foatnio ( - elec
Popular Institution to Uo Buaitieas at
the Evans Opera House
('lie Hmiiis Opera House has bo i -!
gaged by the authorities to servo the'
public a s a postotllce. It has tiei-n
ranged thnt business will uvea t here
rext luesday evening, ami .nntim,.
iher.- so long as Hie need for this p
uiar ij.suiuiiou exist u oi.' commuu
'. ii. iiu-cari I ns giown so fit- the pus
f . w years thm wu are alwnya icndy to
expect something to happo-i. Time
was when all who would patronizo the
jio.stollli-e, i-Mild be accoiiiiuodiilod in a
mail room, bir now we linvo reached
the place where we must have tho larg
est single room in Mio city, to meet tin;
No only has the puree! post uiuugnr
at ion a. ado it necessary to have min-h
more mom. but I; has come to the place
where the tramp with his song, tbt
town gossqis, the worthless store box
whit Hers, and even those whose buai
ness ii ii to teach school j ill faot ov-
orybody, uses this place, to air his views
From morning till night it Is one con
tinuous turiiiod of dialogue aud song,
till 'lie piistninstei ' bond rcols like
the film of a moving pietuie mnchiue.
Che authorities wish ti,'inusu a little
C'infiisioii as possible, by transferring
tlies seein-s from the old stand ' the
Mvnas (ipera House. This aiiuoiiuoe
mom i made in aiivauee so nun an
inav be aw no of tl Imnye. that will
. . .....
siirolv be made.
Lust Sitmlny night the Chrltinn
chiivoli ex-tended Walter Roberts n
call o be their pastor. His ivlfo will
be here unit week to help him In tile
work. At this tinui no niiiio'incemeiils
will be made as to mbl-wenk services or i
Christian Fndeavor, but everyone is
cordially invlteed to attend our Sun
day si-hool at IDtOo a m. and especlully
are the membors urged to attend sacra
ntetit of the Lord's Supper nt 11.00 a.
m. Praise service and sermon at 11
n. m.. and at 7:3ft p. m. oneh Lord's
AH tho nowii In the News, Read U
t "' . i : '0 i hum, t mill Ti ,
tll.-l Ji. n hi .imii- e-, wiiolll H.itoi
A ). Hie 'in i'.i.i ti; accusvd of brib
er i. ; I, isi .., i,, .ast tbeii ite'
liKlny fio .. ti.-.' ... iber. Hitcxn Fuli.
V"iiiin Fii . mil: wliu si iiinl" fm .
tifjir iind i i pi.wi-i tn iif Meuiito, ai
l"hoigii in- iiu I i 'lien- but h utiwrt
un-. Hi- in working for Xn .Mesico
first. ,;.t ami at! l ie i m au't it i
Weil lo: him iitiyeu I bin lie luu boon
bIio,.!, i., rcptoMMit tfiis oommnnwenltl.
in tio I'nite.l Htnte HiiHt for a term
vt i .mam. I'll- IcgUlMure met u
(fiVedn - iliiy to rat if the ae'i(4i tnkeu
Jin 'in- joint eosslon.
is .-Ipi-tinii a made unuiiiinnit
ml ti -w he ims forth into th work
rith i 'leteniMiiat'iui u, how bis ap-
M'eoi.i nn fi.i the i.nlior bentirtVeil llpoti
ltin. ,ii. ii ! i nf havinu linen plected
rhn-e 1 inns i the I'ttited 6tntos edii-
' te m a., ,-mui-w nt ontv ten months
t Ti,is i fete iiev.n Imfor. wit
ies,-, !u tn,. .,111111!. t,f ,n':tl,. hi flu.
Uri an othe i i-iwntry.
, The spenkei of the house, Hon. Ro
man I. Bin a i-imt hi -ito for Cbas. A.
Spie-i., ot l.ns cum, in a toni nf mark
e-l vi n-, mm.
I'lie Democrat ii- meiitbers nf both
Biiaisi , asi flu-ir solid vote for LIpu-
ii,.uit i;....M.oc K. ' de itacn tffl in
i-.. . i .. i . r r. ii -. .i
in i-i I'm m-i-is ,ir, j-nii in i mi-ii-mne
iintil Mnn-li l!lt. when another
prosi-b-nt will hne hee'i eleejd. HI
pre'i' tifii exjiiio "te iiH.nth aftei
next unit tii.l:.-'ii ! :-iii .Antlniion
llllil foi i, mure Veins.
f' Fall veil 2 votes out -t' tite
III in the hoi.. i ml J I ..nt 'i! 24 'li
the -.eliate.
i :,. Nn'. x IV.. intimi. ai t
:in una. meeting .Ian. i!S-;ti umng
. niu -h i-ttitni. m the prevention of in-
dustriai aci '.lent a,., I
"lllpolisnt ;n
W-ith sJiMioo fatal induitrml aceidviitu
j to -his ewititiv in a ur. nnd some
t Mai.inin am,,, nr leva serious lujurit-K,
ore not noftey appliance choapcr tbuo
othe.-. iirger,. ImspitaU. and the Ioki.
of euruiiiy power f
And ome proven iitivo rjieamirois tire
so simple. Out factory found that four
mou in nine months had ench lost uu
oye. by the flying up of the uaiis with
whi -ti pin-king i-atcon were being doted.
Uy buying bommeis with corrugated
Ili'iuU. the eyes of its shippers Were
Auot Let liiPtory ledm-ed Hcciduntu
by post i n u inrii es in its worl., showing
that during the previous month 80 nt
it Miiployes had lieeii hurt by stopping
on 'mil, wiiit '.-siiifint i-iiMa of lock
jaw, aiid wiifiiiiij.' i help t.. be more
: ,.,,rfui
Hohll.il hI! 'he pollahed eXte-i.it of
ik jil't cring 'i vliiiitiim, what a tale
nf :frrow mid want lien hidden. For
very flour of the jtrat ky temper
Hi, it rii,,titiife ew Vork ' Alpine ky
Hue. a human life hn heen snufl'ed out.
Thn American workman is admittedly
.-nr. ! In nn uiilmad yard ynu enn
see a lirnkeiiiiiii Mimp mi the mooing
board ut ihe tendir to nave live min
utes walk. Hwue day whim bis nttoo
ti , j,pik wrHJ, 0Dd
i llWw ,.,.,,, r,. of ,,,,
Tho I'ivic I'oderatiou i tiving for
bei'i',' ttiiiimcii'i oinpeiiBatioii laws.
Of f2tt,.1tfa.nhA paid into iu large u-.-i
dotii lOMiruucc noiiipanios in throe years
only ?.s,niui,70fl went to tho victims.
Tho 'it went to legiil espouses, enit
of C'indui-ting coiupunins, dividends.
oiiiiin sinus un policies, etc.
I hae '' -year-old trees, iibinit six
feet inif'i, soil nt ;Tii- each.
W. T. f'UOSHY,
P. 0. Mux THH Titeumeari. NT. M.
.Inn. U to Mar 7 Ot
Patience Is the he(ivleattfl.xL'il oom
modliy ihero i.
I. I ; ii in; tin- holders
,' t - l.ilirm.v liiiteitainiiieiit
( ',. 1 1,,, ii ii nt I -r ot about four
mi, ill '- treated to an evening
i ue -M, in- mifli t-liinii ploumire, It va
tint. I uiiiiihi-r nf the '-oui se, and
, i.e l tn be the nquill, if not the gtl
I'l-rini. of the ThefJtmldi Concort and
,. Mri.tfi singers, which preceded Mr,
K ini. In fact there aie some who
'Mid him that beliovu tho rendition
I sViii Oaks hh niveti by Mr. Kemp.
ii 'Ii.!' ., iiiii was tin- lltii'st thiny
"i" jfiviui iu Tuciiinesn. Ha held the
inijieiiee spellllfJIinU ffOIIl tho first to
Hist. ,i he inpoNmnntnd the various
i-hit meters in bis subjwt. Mr. Kemp
will lie glee i ed With n full houso if at
any t'utiire nn. lie flll n return en
Mn Thtiis.ii night of this week little
M de Vailipert Lit lotnn, aged I
e-i-. in uiiiiith ntil li days, dattghior
of Mr. anil r. Burtrn F. Littleton,
.efl -of'll'v e'..se. her PVUS to thl
world and b--r Mini departed n the
.alms htyoail.
Tlri. uvir a happy home the shadow
f a .if In tfrave bus fullou; and sit
unofiior has said: "Its woudorfnl how
long i shadow a lit Ui grove au throw'
T'.i iM-Hiififul hnby life was so pro-i-ioiis.
. friui0ht with Idessing3 to bor
parents, that she tw'emed a flower ol
parrfdim-, peimitied o bloom for a
brief season by their side, thou to be
transplanted in its nature sklos. leav
ing .-'iiih's pntbs for thatn dark aud
drenrv. v..t. ,t shall prove an a boa
i on iighr in the kingdom above, bock
onlni! riiein tn follow.
She oi ly Tossed her little hands.
Mli only h.okud more rrtoek and fair
The.- parted hneU her silken hair,
And wn. the roses around her brow,
Whit inula, the summor's drifted snow
Wrapt her fmm bead to foot in flowers
And thus she loft this world of gurs
Th funeral service wn crHuluclod
from I..- resilience of Mr. aud Mr. C.
II. do Vampeit ai M p. iii. today, by
l.-r . X Kvans, nnd the burial in
iin.,ys.,r metory. We join thoir
man" t i-iend iu ostendln sympathy
li i!lti-ll'h.
'hnpiimii ha received a letter
front Mi. M Mortenseii, the i-renmer
nan who wu here rweutly to aster
tain t in- p i.spocts of obtaining milk
fiiiiii as ma n v as 4U cow's; ho os
ires..n himself us surprised nf our re
pni i 1. 1 Kiiin , uwm nvnllnblo.
He writes ilia' hn will bo bore at un
oarl date in select a location for the
.-ri'Miiiery i-u wires regarding the in
spoetloo law on cattlo from Texas u
ew Mexie... , idnntly intending to
brim .nine .-own with him.
Tln i of thu best i-ntt-rpiise
e'er li.eated hi mir midt nnd should
be eih-ouiiiged in every way possible
Let "in- and ill tbo glad liitnil to
Ur. Mortoiupn. and nsalst him in ev
ery way possible, ns it means much to
the fanners, the mei. upon whom we nil
depend ' :i ttreat extent.
M. Runcell, U. S. highway engineer,
will bo In Tupuinoari within tho next
two Week with i goii-ri.uds leeturo,
illustrated t stereopticou views, that
will be of I nt, -rent tn every man. wo
inn ii and i-iuld ii I'ln-iitn.-ari and Quay
ciiury, ami this will uu doubt bo givou
at toe t'oiiit Houso nnd will be free.
He wrote to A tl'y V. W. Monro to
inuktf i ossury nrraugemonts and ho
s busy on the .nunc. This Is somothtng
;i!! should attend ns its of vital impur
l ;i in e,
We i:utn-- in tin Kvntiein Horald, on
tin- fr-iii page a i-ilt of Prof. C. S.
I'l.-inui. iu. is principal of the Kstatl
in clion's, has been chosen to manage
the (iopiirtuionl of music for tho Xow
Mexlpi 'lniiitauiin whloh is hoM at
Moiiiiti.Miaic ug. IS " -1. It gives
him quite a boost and states tho iium
hei of n "ted instructors under whrie
dii.-cllmi lie has aci-nmplish his iniisi
enl mluoatinii. He is energetio and a
pusher and will not lot things drag,
) and Is very characteristic nf our Quay
nnnt v people. ,He is from Qnav
In the cr.se of the International Hank
of Coininorce vs. The Wtockholdors, ni,
to tho. liability of stockholders of the
defurjet bank, it was decided on Mon
day of this week iu tho District court,
.lildgo Lolb presiding, that they were
not liable.
it In qulto llkoly tho oaao will bo up-ponied.
Three Cars and Tender Quil
the Track Mail Clerks
Badly Shaken Up.
Ma I'nday ut tins wc-ok u wreck o-i-iirrod
un 'In- I. & M,. at a plRCB in
w ii.'ulei . -.nuii i Toxob, acar tfet eta
tion of Win .
Tlio cause ut the wroek Was acid tn
be tbo teader iiiitting tk tfSOh, aad
while it did not uneoupln from tire oa
gloe. i' was nn its nido to tao Hgbt.
while the mail. bagRc aad araofecr
leaue.i to trie iei't. The mail ohjra.
W I-:. MeDanieln and Walter Pessel,
Were wMtnowlnit aha ken np bat really tu
rn to l to no extent.
I'h i n i in- train lemgiBod conjtletl but
was put out of oiiitnis3loa, as it tela
up th tie and mils for soma two hoa-
dted feet.
One passenger was thrown oatlrnly
throuuh an open window, but WH.s UM
hurt, so it was in reality a bad Wfoek,
wi turtnna'e -m-apea from injury.
Mn wifty passenger suggested the
must iniiffhahln thing he nntlood, after
sneitiy no one was hurt, waft tho portar,
who waa sitting astrido tho iJcll ttorfl,
sbo.it I'm: "Tiii-oineari. " But it waa
esplnii.pit that It w likely traeasao
Tueiitni-ar t tin- end of the run, aad
flu- iK.'tei 'honiht 'he "end" had
. ainl whs very forhni&to that
it vi ! - no win-".-, and no blame la ftt-tn-h-d
o .t ii ot the oinployous.
special from Hnntn Fo to tao Kl
I'as.i Times in speaking of banks aataad
in their charter snys.
"An iimeadineiit by tbo Nortfo Amer
ica n Investment company of TttaSBi
can. inereneil its eapitallaatias to
te.nnti.ufHi instead f SBBO.OOO. Tha in-,-refis,-
is iiiadi to provide fund for
tin- i ligation of (W.OW acres in tnn
Mitf-i.-l and fiundolnpe canotiea. "
Tin. is -he f nbrn Spring project,
if vou will look on the upper front
if the yellow building In front of flood
& Wiest yon will inn "North Ameri
can I n eat meat ('mnpany." A wirvey
ing '-r-w has been at work on tho Ca
bra Kprings 1 1 rant for some time, but
hni been innkiiiu any noise about
i' . -f 'ui r " 'tipper.
f ' i-i .Ian. -Postoflb-o Inspei '.
I W. K. 1'oohriin rciieivod u telograiu
nuttf-. ing him .f the arreat today at
Oklihoiiui rity of William A. Davis,
post hi -w-ter at f'lovis. X. H., who lias
In-, " iiiissiiifj i'.r soniptimo. Davia is
eh i rife I with intsapproprialing funds.
A. N. Evans, Pastor.
Residence. First Door Fact of Churaif.
Roi.leT,i'e ,md Study Phonas, No. UI.
KuiuUx sebiil. R. F. Brown, Sjt.
meets ut H:4i a. m. Clasaei for ftli
Proaohlug sorvlsos by pastor, tltOO
a. m. and 7i30 ji, m,
Gpworth League meets at Q-.no p. m.
The sr.bjoit foi Sunday aftcraooa is,
"The Temptation of .Teens." Graver
( . Hullington w;H lead this se;vtco.
Pravor servii-e Wednesday evoatog at
Vou an- oordiallly lnvito4 to asio$3
all of tlinst- services.
First Spasm :--
I'ln' wind does blow,
A all do kuow,
If n wore noi so
Tw.nililn't bo -Vow Moxteo.
Second Spasm:
Lei e.ip,. for bettor,
Write Weatherman a leHar,
And ask for rain,
And ) Imppv apaln.
Third Bpasm:
Creamery and lirigntioji,
Is our only salvation,
Let's mako our initial how,
'Hverylirnl's doln It now,"
No tuns,
It Wl8
Just right,
"Oood night."
Rend ihe News the live wire rTajjgrj

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