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ffhe ffueumeari Jtews
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VOL. U, NO. m
Land Now Valued at 5 to 10
Dollars Would Bring at
Least $100 an Acre
1'iiuiigh not n i:iiiI nuiift and would
Hi.' have an arii- tiudci the prupuscd it
ugition ditches, I nil) ,i residual of this
section iiml am intensely iiiteroste.il in
tin- outcome nt ttiu irrigation project.
I vvjMi. o sup it iiiali'flHlio because
H inetns jior inn. mil t prospoiily tuiil n
high statu of development fur uiti see
Now, lu HH-, an inter stcd otisirvii ;
nl the actions of the present irrigation j
enmpjny, with all due respect lo llioiu.
unit fV appreciation of their unselfish;
clVinii to bring about tl iiistiiiiJiiiitlon j
til -hi great enterprise, I can't sec
wi they (ire milking any headway
llnnuci'ig tin proposition. Thoy are, nu
ilmil.t ilmtig their best, hut (in jtngti
lion oipoiti(in i one of the hurilest
tilings tn get Capital '0 MVOSt Hi.
N iw. 1 want to suggest another wn)
i. . handle thi proposition, one that
!! ciha til has tint occurred to the Irri
gation company. Why not form an r
i 'jutinii district among the holders of
irignhle lands, lmtiii tin- district, u mi
litil.l ! tttitu. ditches etc mid waste
ii. i iihiii' tinio wailing for oiitstdois to
i'ihiip mi and build it. New Mexico
Iiiw Movido amply I'm mi' such "
h!.. Ilhl it eiill be done.
Land thnl nit1 now a drug tm flic
lUlilni'- today :lt .f.1 to rlfl iT.
would in ii fpv years lio worth r-10u. niul
even pur aero, beside- crops ev
.IV vi'ii: won Id ho a certainty, iunl prop
or' Millies ill Tiieiimenri would increase
a pi'ipmtinn, n that a in:itiri(iliu:iun
of hi irrigation project would benefit
oot) imliviiltin! lu the entire tlistrii't,
at!' I might mill, out "f. hat surinutid
i ii t h i!t i iet tun.
V.. don't say this cuiniint ho (loin.
Iieeniise ,t I'lili. Ml wo iiuoil to do i" to
;iv wo will dn it :iinl then gp' bn-y.
I am taking it for grained r lint rlu ir
tijt'itiot' i '.nipnnv will en-opera'p. though
I lm ant discussed tin- matrpi with
mom. W lint tin voii stiv about iff aiid
hit iiu- v.ii, giiltiB tn .In ti limit it J
The Unaiil nf Itiioi-tiii- f flip Tui-iiiii-pini
P'tlillc ScIiiuiIh Imvo jiixt iT-mploti'd
up arrnnvi'iiiciit-. whereby Di. Davhl
U. tovil, prpoiiletit of the I'tiiversity of
Vow Movieo. will lolivor the Com
moiioeiiiPiit atlilrovs m tho tfrinluutitig
.iti.4 (' thr Tiiciimoaii Puhl'i- Hehools
mi M iy HI.
Wo tup inilopil f(rtiiiittte in havin the
pio.iilpiii of r.nr State rnivority come
o u I'm' thai oi'pasinn. The pIhh uf
N'ltiolpoa Thirtppii is by fur the largest
in the history of the i'1hhiI, and wp
feel thtjt ll should bo roiiKnittiluteil on
hav'.na the honor nf the prenjiiee f n
man with the ttamliii" of 1'iosidpnt
ltoyd for this occasion.
Sr. ltoyd ih crnditpd with naviny
built the I'nvorslty of Okliihoina from
ii -v hegiiininy. in n cornficlil to a
point where it nulls' with the bom sttiU
.inivordfiea '.n IiIh cotintry. Ito has
wr.ipi-ftil nhillty. uml is incofjiiizi'd
a nito of the best odiii'dtnrs in Anipri
, today.
In 'Uiil-iiiy the nirnnoiiionis with Dr.
I'.ny.l to nddrpus n fit otir ('nmmonop
iiiimiI mmisiiii we uluill bo t'ortiiiii that
the I'oiiiiiK'iicpmnni Weelt at Tnounii'ar'.
will me pvi a Kioater intme-t tins
voar 'haii in the post. M is noeilless to
ay thai this action on the part of mil
ehnol nothoiitips will iiioi't tlo nppiov
al of .all the friends and patrons of the
The niPlal Wo ii-o nl 'he News ollice
ii our linotype. hn been found nl ov
eial plnceo in town. In snmc iustiincos
niiill boy have sold it; at other time;
jiomii men have, htnl l in UiPtr pps-
os;nn for llie puiposP of dispimiii! r.f
r. Wp uip told smnll boys unw have
-oiiip 23 puunilB nf It in "pifl" and line
form. liyiiiK to spII it nt I .1 ppr
in uml. Tills Hint nl cohio u- Hie ppr
pound in Sow Orlnnns. mid iho froij-ht.
In oiio luntnni'p. wp bmifihl pniiinU
f It baoh. In lvo nhpr 'n-'liinces
iIipv "live It hnclt frrply.
Wo wouhl nsli 'on to not buy ll, as
it Is prnpprly tf t lie Nnws, mid ! re
fort to, us, phono 22, when an a'tpmpt
.1 iiiriIo to soil till;! metal
'i 'ul 'I'Iiiii Kilay eiiuuj. I''tb. HI,
Uie in. ..lets . u-Kot to Hi.. I.iliiaiy
i jih will iiavi; the oppoitniiity ti.
Iist.-n Uj one 1 1 the mot piuminuill
ihuiioimi, of today, in More Taffy win"
Li -- Kpitliphy." Ir. Huarh ooiiius u.
he lonilli iiiiiubur ot our Library Hn
loiiuiuiieiit Lourso, and it is believed
io ul. lie equally as well liked as ih(
performer who have jiiccoiled him. Di.
I Vim u W. tiiiiiMiiiiiis, pro.sldpiit of Ai
inoin Instiititi?, i:iiiuuo, says we shut,
enjoy a i Iuhii, uuiililiuK anil piol'oliiulh
eniliie oiitoltniuiiipiit, one which made
him lau(;h niou- eonstautly than any
leottno ho has heard since the days ol
dear old .loan It. (lotijrii. When Ui.
."Join iifipearod at tin- ( 'liaut aiiipin at
I M'lituiil, III., no ti.i'l his and. once euii
Mllsod With lllllfihtni thiouhoiit the ev
eninfj. Wlierovet he lia uppciilpil din
lug tlm last twelve years, the piPs re
pnrti sumethin like the following!
' 1'ew iiiph pvpi waiiilpd the hearts
of ,iiiinlrpil who heard into a did
Hi. spfu in .More Taffy and Us- Kp
iinphv.1 His (iililres was of tint sail
e It t ot pliibmnphv Hsteiipil to In
"iiietimp. ' '
Ulion he nine tt.. the ene. there
weie many call from the !rent audi
pap.' to kenp on.
It Watcrbin hn. ue,lit fame, in Well
ington. More Tnfl'y and Loss Kpitnpby '
should brhifj imuiortalL'y to Or. Seais.'
'Tho-e who heard Dr. Fears Inst
nijrht iniiipaio him to tiov. Mob. Tay
"As n humorist. Dr. ."Piirs stands in
a ' lfs by hillWoll, find pnspsp Uip
ability fn keep his ntulipiipp in a roar
of Iaiij4htnr at hl droll mimicry ami nt
iinnl tok(, "
The public will be nblp to got seats
rosprvod at the Klk Drup Store on
Wp Inoiilnv and Thurdny. l-'pb. I'J-lIJ
Thof who did not. provide HipuhpIvp..
with oasoii tickets, can !ot le.servod
seats foi i"!)e for adults and oTc for
.liildroii iiudet II. Tho-o adults who
do uo .'iirp for rpeivod seats, will lip
admittpil for Hoe. anil child run will be
admitted for ;'.ic, when thev take nou
rei'V((d .soats.
Vo'i have ant heard file best until
you hear Di. Senr a' the l-Jvan Opera
Hi"!" - uevt Thinsibu. IVb. 1:1.
dn ThiiMdfiy niuht ( this week
Homer I'onl dlpd. aftet wenlt of ill-
iipss. hp was a xullpror ol Hiiiy iron
hie. lihp ninny otherN. came hnie too
In'o. For months Inst full ho hid a
pop-corn wnon r-i tho stropts .(t tiihf,
but ;ih Dip eo!i wciithei apjioared he
hail to yive if up.
lie was said ti. iiii'o !ntol'tKeii( .mil
III- health hold him down.
Ho made many warm friends since
arrivinjj in TiiiMimiviri, ns will every
man who come here and conducts liltu
holt' ptoperly. ho did.
He loaves a wife and one child whom
he wispiv provided for by carrying n
f2.flnn policy in the N. V. Life Ins. f'o
TIip Initial will be Nundiiy. Feb. 0.
The family have the sympnthv o"
all in tlii sad hour.
riiec is no death' The s'nis ;
To iUe upon .kiiio faiior shore:
And bright in Heaven 's jeweled crown
T'nev 'liino fnrevor mori. "
Alfred K. Rent, fnniiiirlv State Treas
tirpf it Cnloiado, but now eiij,'iipil in
the ownership and operation ot several
elo-tic light niul powor jirnpertlos all
thiMiifh the country, togethei with oth
ers inteiestod, has just purchiisml the
(ntiie holdings of If. O l.afito in the
lnc.il ininpany.
Mr. Hent spent last I'lidnv and isnt
nrd'i.v eoufprlug with Mr. Kiehoy re
gardhij; the future policy of the com
pnny. nnd closed a permanent contract
wi'h Mi. Ric.hey at roHidont uiaunger.
Mr. Itlchey N very sanguine over the
prospents of conditions warranting the
prompt introduction of a iwenty-foni
lioin light and powor service, .mil thr
pst.ihlisiiinent of n cnniprehensive sehed
nlo of power rates will the promptly ap
pro'-iatpil hv our present industries and
attract to our midst numerous addition
al mnniifactiiriiijt nncprns.
It is said that an awful disgiace is
hanging ovoi the members of the house
nt Huiia I'e. A resolution was adopted
to find nut what depraved individual
ppnt a telegram fn himself nt Santa Po.
Tho house, does not want to be the laugh
lag stock of the country. It is alleged
that Mounted Policn huvo a copy of
the nicHsage and an pfl'ort in bping made
to spp whero it originated nnd who thp
guilty jinrty it,
Aftoi living t life nl i-iiisioii hmhi
a claim soino disttiuee from Tucumcuri,
I am now ugked lo take up thp trtsh
of being Pouolllce itiapeefnr. After
thp editor hud hie.d hlmnelf nway to
the Ilreslde in his adobe residence It)
your beautiful Utile elty, I found my
self all alone and quite undecided (t
to whii' was host for me to do. Ao
cditui usually has no mercy for n pot--oiiage
kiiowu as a (juittpr' so U
thovignt best to tiy once morn to nn
Mver 'he cull of lining a reporter, sad
if ppr ehmieo I get things mixed pltmsp
don't blame Hie editor, bocntise n news
pap'" man alway.s gets his 'straight'
unless otherwise o'dornd.
Afl'M parttikiiig of a shim 1 1 mippei at
one of your down iown rnfe s. vvhieh
coiHinted of fi.ui pounds of round steak
a la i.iie, live soft hulled eggs stniiglil
up, u 1 uiiimliiji bird' tongue on toasl.
and ii few ipIIsJr.s such as scrambled
horse-sloe nulls and other things not
mo'itiot,oo on the menu. I proceeded to
thp opera hou.e. ut which placp it had
I fi tidveriiM'd the tillage pnstollleu
would be in operation foi one night
only, and n was suspiciotied that ov
ervthing would not he curried on stvlet
ly in -u ciirdaucp with 'he governmeiilnl
laws, lining a personal friend of the
Hon. Wudrrot " Wilson hack in Vlr
giniu. tuiil knowing Hint hp could not ho
present on the nuspioioiis oceasiun. I
look up the rush of -coing that ovory
thing should he carried out to the lot
tor in a lawfn! uiuiitier. I gained tut
itiision on "past" furnished tr me
bv youi editor, and found little dilli
culty oi.toHng the "parkade" or snuio
like "mi. and took n -eat right in the
rospi'Vcii sent spctioli. along side tile
Mofgai'sos, Viiiiderhilte.vs, Kocknfeller
oiises. .mil several others I didn't iwog
iiio. but being nw.jy i.ut here in the
we- I trnew tmhodv would find tt otiH
buck lioine. so pt opined to t ike my
note brink in hand and sotrlo fm the
evoM tig. .In.? thou some wmiiiiii with
.i Jong eose seemed to s.-etit smiiiethlng
ui.usualjy fragrant floa nig in mid-nir
huppiMudly coining from a bcntitiftil bo
rpiot which I hud pinned to Hip lapel of
tin blup denim evening suit, hut in rnl
ity i .nine from mv potent ftdt boots,
which c.ad suddenly 'iiken a no: ion t..
prespiro on account o fihe utmosphen
cnl .onditioiis being so much different
from my usual places of habitation, but
f never kept a let tin on; in fact,
hardly knew what 'he e.veitnmeiit wm
ubniit. but s-ontimno suggested thiit 1
could see hotter if 1 Wm.Id go lo flip
gullery. ITpon the nvoiiiiiintiiliitions of
a senre or more nf people, who seemed
to know. I I'llmbeil n the loftiest peak
in the opera hoiis mnl witnessed the
operation of the village postolllce. .mil
here ate a few things I -nw:
An nrohest I u produced some extra
ordinary selections!. Many times I hnd
heard these excellent pieces plnyed by
some of the first class musical organiza
tions at Hie fliautniupiiis in the east,
and tho ti.wn .should bo' proud of Hie
mmdcnl 'iileut displayed on this oca
moil Then the eiirtnin ,,rir." right up
seemingly without any propelling appa
ratus, but It went clem to the top, and
then iie fun lmgnn.
The pnhtnflicp wns in full view of the
vast iitdleiice i.tid the postmaster and
pnsttnistiess took turns waiting on the j
pn'rnns. oever mow the until arrive.
hut it wns there, ami unl everybody ,
who etilleil received a letter or some !
thing, and the dorks were not content '
without being siiinewhu' n(piisilie us
to what the pniepls cnntniiied. This ;
village was nf tjie Knnsiis vniietv as'
woman siiflr-ige was vor much in evi
Mr INehe) infornis us that day pnwei
for Ttii mucin i.s alniost an assured fad
now. .111(1 no distant dale. Thai is
one of the best things our city can have
The cr aiuerv will soon be Inenloil lion,
ready for Iuimiipss nnd will of course
want the power. The printing otlirus
will likely use it also, and forget their
firvihlos with gasoline engines, for wo
have i-ertainly had our's. He thinks
the price will bp a saving over the en
gine method. This will cause other en
torprlso to enter our city and will
ivnik for good nil around. The rucom
chaugn in the Light Oonipnny- wo are
told, U for the bettor, so far as gutting
things done and donu now, nnd such
mutters will receive prompt attention,
and nf course., If ihis is dono, tho city
will see It to its Interest to mm power,
If'.- i "I. -ti .ingles. Mini a i guinea in
tiou were very freijuent m the Inbby
of thf pofi;fllce.
Mi's. DooIoks, who spenied to he too
onh iii.rried ttoMint in )tv iHtweh. itc
ipiirod iter name by bri( tftn wife of
iri.m wros n known ns tho town
shirk. He loafed a round the office ino.it
f tin- time to keep from helpinjt his
wife io the Wihing. I didn'' blnttie
him for Hint piece of strategy, for een
lii.iisp-leaniag time hnth no charms foi
nnv mm., nnd who would ovon mirniLp
hnt n ,g stout physicnlly endowod mttn
wrnild wour bin knuckles out on n wnsh
In-iid. Tin- Mron lepi. sentlng these
horncti'Ts seemed hn erv much nt
houie ii id ImniHed their pnrl well, an) i
how rtieii the Che old wnnmn entile in!
she usually hondled the old man with
pertoi-t en(.
It'll Ulllstct refused to enrrv the mail
HU) iotigei lie-nllr thpy wouldli 't build
ii bridge .icrosn the t'njuritn nnd he pu
itielv would not witn thp rivnr dnr
itig Hu i-ohl iventlior. so he rpfriguid.
tlbeliah Wnybnek wits thete nnd
know jnt about n much nn he did tu
'!!. t;.i Dciikii Skinner, the town pe
siinisi wiii alo among those present
nnd knocked "' everythiiijr that looked
to be ;. uoed thina fnr the town. 1
wo sni.l that he hnd not paid hi sub
fscriptioii to the 'own jiier fr years
nnd i his mull fro'n the "genera!
delite'" and Mill he tiniiglit he a
"soio.- iiimpkins" trhef it come to
Utiowin' how tu run Hie town and gov
eminent. He was ably usslsted by Hen
jnmin thillct. ti telle of the wnr time.
Prof. '.Villww, the sehoil tuuster, vn
tiieie w!h Ms tone king hits of pnetiv
togothr with li s masterly advice.
lieorge Wiisliingtim .loiie, tin- coloied
lAiidivbhitil hud sovertl pnrts to perforin
Lrjir1ll the ot oiling. He made love to
nrneot' thp whits tfirk is a "pwlalfy
which iKfil rttthet out of hi line, he
CUIIso lie il"'l'Sllv kept till e'H n
tile giil Ms 'hough l. nmi. in- rn).s.
poitoil 'fill tmn tu tin. Viiilhe i; ,.,
Tito poor conrltrv editor wns forced
tn add li tmhle I'luiraeter to 'he pluy.
nn yoo know it WMild not he compleio
wittiior exhibiting the downtrodden to
npp. al 'o i )u more sympathetic .. well
lis tin nobler trnit of mtuiMnd. The
lown mtllinei. the villnge .n' lip. the
gos.s'rji. the villuue belle, the would-be
nnv-'I's- and Aunt Miranda, the good
old sieil. kip' the ait blue with witti
cisms and fliis'he of intellect an I inspir
n t ion .mil performed their parts well.
The horns yit-u did 'heir ,nnt 'n
n veiv eieditntile manner, hut the or,.
not dossed l;l;. mir enstem chonis uirln
but I -nppos,. -hit wan because, tvell,
just hocnuse.
The play wn short and it was with
reluctance I scrambled from, the nctic
niul iniiie forth into the cold night air
Hint wns' nwaii ing on the outside. Of
course I noticed the blunders more than
anyone In the house on account of my
natural talent gained bv reading thr
funny pictures la the Sunday papers
nnd year's experience pulling curtains
lu 'he (itassville opera house and my
llipfitricnl knowlpdgp is superb in ov
ory pnrtlenlnr. If 1 was allowed the
space '.t Would In- no trouble for un
to tell nil I know Hi n short article, and
then dwoll on eto-h subject separately
until he editor would be brought up
Iinfor the town justice fie- allowing
an emi loyee to oveitn Mn- minds of
ynnr citizens, causing an excess dis
t dilution of hmpipts upon your humble
sers ant. tint I'm off now 'o join the
" d'lirv dllh." Yours,
Prof. Kquoeptiipntuni .
and so it goes. With thn Snntti Po
railway into Tucunicnrl, the eionmory,
and thr irrigation "coining" we will
be right in the swim.
While fairly wpII bred, we wanted
smiic mora froshei ami better bread, so
we dropped into Shaw 's llakery and
Ponl'i'dlnnery this week and from thr
vast a lit mi ii t of flour and oases of can
nod goods, we supposed he was entering
the grocery business too, since every
body i-Ne neaily handled them, bill
upon iiupiiry, he iiifrrmpd us that, he
wns forced to buy in large quant it in",
the ini'ioused demand nf his business,
being so gruiit (lf ntP, v nr,, jdoased
to sen our city's enterprises so pros
porous, and trust it will prove enntn
gin, evon to thu newspapers.
vei'-i I'V. Pub. ti. -Tomorrow morn
n if l oir will assemble here a confer-
t he iiends uf eight of the nine
In !' i .mil institutions conducted by
tm st.it,. The object of Iho conference
will be to disettss the sphere of each
iti't tu ion nnd so arrange innttot.s that
he work or each will not overlap that
of in v othor uniificessnrily.
The institutions to be represented in
clude the stntn university, the agricul
turnl college, the school of mines, the
school for the blind and Hint for tho
deaf nnd dumb, tho Silver Oily normal,
the has Vegns normal university and
one other. The military institute will
not be represented owing to Illness In
the family of Colonel .r. W Wilson. It
c iniiiai'dnnt.
The ( 'oniniercial Oluh at Its meeting
Wi'dnisdny afternoon dp.cidod to have
a bnticp i. n IVb. ilii. at which wilt ho
Me-sis. Rent, who purchased Mr, J,n.
(Ite' upmost in the ICIoctric Light Com
pany, .-.ml Mt. S. H. IMchey. the ImhI
mnniiuei, ns guests of honor. Mr. Hp.nt
will address those present and all mem
ber ..re requested 'o be piosenV A
committee consisting of Messros. ,f. U,
Wassna. .1. P. Miller and A. I). Hold
enberg vns iippnlnted on arraiigeiiients
.iinl is ..on ipiite busy.
.Iaiiie Thorpe's relinquishing of his
Ulynipic prizes on account of profes
.sionnl ball playing, will no doubt lead
to sttirter regulation of 'Summer base
bull'' and other athletic work done
for money.
The dlstiiic inu between amateur and
priftsiutiul is oui that should be re
turned. Voting men who play games
only foi love oi sport, will not tnk
uiueb interest in athleticH if they must
moot he competition of those who are
milking Mich sports a regular business.
Most the Kuropcun sportsmen piny
on a t tiuily nmateui basis. Their at
titude toward earning money by ath
letics is probiibly snobbish and preju
diced. Hu they can hardly be blamed
for not feeling Interested in ouipe
titiuis when- the basis ot training i
difieterr 1 the Olympic -ontests nre
: in) kept up. the amateur spirit will
h:ie to govern thuin.
The strictly enforced auintour rule
sppms a hardsnip in many cast's. The
rich man 's son can give all the time
to his spoil that he .'tin tear away
from the slrejjs of the hotoi piazza. Tf
Hie pooi boy helps pay his college fees
b plaving on a hotel team in tho same
gnin.-. spending no more time to prac-
t no is disqualified, and iititNt sit
on the bleachers while his favored ri
val carries off the coveted college lau
rels. The inles of sport must cover the
average ease. Tho f poling against pro
fessionalism in college sport strength
en rather than diminishes-. There i.s
little i iicoiiiageinent to the man who
stjuids his summer working in an of
fice, if he must cross bats with the man
who spent the summer pitching in-shoots
for money.
nd rheio is something wrong in the
spirit which loads so many college men
to ongngo lu sport under some namn
other than what their mother gavp to
: : : : :
!) !!
l.'.ilp'i Lovp united with the iiuu-pro-givlv..
Christian church on last San-
da v morning, and was baptized at four
..'clock by Nov. W. ('. Mitchell In the
Canadiin river, a hole having bePn cut
ii the :ee fnr the purpose.
President O. 0. Wilms of Hie local
school board has volunteered the use
if twiily numrds for anothei phono
graph iioicert at the North Side school.
The (tnleriiiiniiient will occur in March,
Tho Uttle son of n. W. Hell has been
quite ick.
The official program for the farmers '
institute on the tweiity-socond will ap
pear in iie.M week's issue.
H. ('. Moore had what at one tune ap
peared to be a sorloiiK run-away on last
Thursday, his team of mules having bo-
conn frightened and talcing advantage
of tlteii superior strength.
The literary society was roorganircd
on Prida.v night with the following of
llcers. President, S. V. Oissell: N'icp-
Prpidei.t, Kliiipr Sor.ttj Secretary, Mrs,
II, H. Hieo; Treasurer. Roy Heed; Janl
tor. .Vewmn Parker; Hditnr Mrs. R.
V. Gis.soll. Prngrnm commit toe, 0. M.
l'..!.!.,.. It.,., !,.. 1 ,1 !.. C'l:l.
I t'lM-Hiii) tii. itt-uo uiiii vjiititoii o nuiiio,
j Mootings will occur every altcrnnto Prl
day night at svcn o'clock, beginning
with Feb. 7.
El Pano Osteopath, Convicted
of Practicing Without n
License, Locked Up
Ll Pis... lilt 7. Seems to me Hint,
tho.v ought to have more aeeoiiimoda
Horn- here." remarked Dr. Ira W. Col
lins Wednesday at noun, as ho piumd
the runaround of the condemned nnll
on the second floor of thn county jail,
ll tvas the same cell ocuupiud by Juan
Pedro Didapp and Pascual Orov.uo, Sr.,
before the forniei was taken to San An
tonlo, Texas, ami the lnttor to Austin.
The osteopath's companion is .lack
Hotel. a federal prisoner, who is charg
ed with conspiracy to smuggle ammu
nitions into Mexico. Hutzel, It win
staled, was .suffering with rheumntlsm
ami had been placed in the condemned
coll, that one being mare airy and warm
Incidentally Hot .el was seated on a
cot, th" only visible resting and sleep1
ing place in the coll.
"At least they ought to have a chair'
continued Collins, "or fi cot for me to
sleep on. I do not knnw whero I am
going to sleep." It was suggested that
a cot would be supplied before night.
Also they ought to clean up here"
he said. "The place is filthy. Look
He drw his right hand out of his pock
et and pointed to the walls of the cell.
" P'lt'ents needing my attention are
mi Hiosti lists. tried to get tho sheriff
to .lot iv this until Hiiadny. t could
have seen tho sickest onus, and the
others could have been taken care of
by tin assistants, I guess they will
"Why, they would ant even give nitt
time to tlx up my business," he went
on. "I was under bond. I believe hy
that time 1 would have hoard from the
govern''! 's new board.
"Yes, 1 would like to have something
to read. Theio is an article in Hvery
body's the Inst issue of that magazine,
I would like keep up with. 1 have
boon reading it in prior Issues. It is
n in. dical article."
Hi. Collins, who is at the head of
"tho Still Osteopathic Infirmary" here
wii" arrested Wednesday morning at in
o'clock by deputy sheriff .Tore DuRoe,
on a c i in in It men t issued by tho court
nf criminal appeals. His arrest grew
nut of the charge of practicing medi
cine without a licpiisp, which was tried
in the county court last f-siptemher. The
jury a that time assessed his punish
ment at a .fif line and nne dny in jail.
flip case was takpn nn appeal to Hut
higher court, where the decision of the
lower court was nfllrnied. A motion fif?
a rebelling wns overruled nnd the innn
date i f the court, togpthpr with the
commitment, was sent to coutitv attor-
no) P. II. Price, the latter receiving
the do . ents Tuesday.
The .nsts in the case, which havw
been paid, it was stated, amounted to
over $200.
Collins was arrested at 10 o'rtlouk' if
the morning at his office on Missouri
street, nnd, according tn the decree, will
h've to remain in the jail until lfl
o'clock next morning, just 2-1 hours.
Nine thousand dollars nro now offer
ed by El Pasonns as wagers that Pan
ouul Orotfco, jr., is still alive, with no
takers fiom those who say he is dead.
Four thousand dollars is put up hy an
Kl Paso business man, who nsked Tho
Herald to publish hit) offer, and .luan
Franco says he in authorized to put up
$.1000 more that Onw.eo, Jr., is alive.
'PI ..llJIlUn l. I....I ...'. 1.. IL.,
, ....ill. inn ii inu lunu oner is nun
if .t is taken the man making it will
pay thu expenspH of two nion to ha
dosignntcd by the two Kl T'aso daily
papers, to go to whprp Orozco Is now
located and confirm the truth of whoth-
er he h dead or alivo.
The Associated Press cririles tho fob
lowing dispatch today from San Antonio
Texas: "The older Orozco received a
lotto- Tuesday from (Inn. PnHcnnl Oroz
co. Ir.. urging his father to take no fur
ther part In the revolution, and if ho
should he rolonsod hero to go to Call
foruin.with him family. Tho lottor was
mulled aboard a traia en routo to Juarez
whence It came to San Antonio."
All parties desirous of making np.
plication lo purchase an isolated trnci,
must now deposit tho amount of $U2iJ
per acre with the local Innd office tit
Iho time thoy mnko snld application.
This baa not been customary in tho
past, but is now required.

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