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The Tucumcari news and Tucumcari times. (Tucumcari, N.M.) 1907-1921, February 14, 1913, Image 2

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Thp Tut tiBirAri Npw'h ',,,, c1u"w ,v,,M ,u h,Hi lt,n ' 'oT vour hn,,,,,? ,f n-' "md
I lit I UlUnilUI I ilVTYO tet h,, has rorjeutB what Kti .xc9llui ' of 'he r.jtht tnattrtni. hi will not foil I
AND TUCUMCARI TIMFS niiekeepir yon were. It Isn't neee ymi. Teach him lo r.fHVt all woman J
i, 1itri . . . prot.de an immaculately clear hood, and he will ti t fail rjr. t
oiim, i'r flttr eloihn. nat fnacy fpakc! yon. And when he ha leflrttod -.. look j
'nods, to miike a ebwm nf fclw. tf ti to yi for mltter. ant ntvx your ad
h -him a modetwteiy eleak heBt vttt tiee as the test ever. yon will novot
j.ifiity of food, sitfctantiat flood ftla lark fif a ehttm n yowr child. mh
Hill develop bone and siBevv. ru tvl! et shotiM never be eelti"h wttu her u
tand a better c ha nee of berowiftj yon: rhild, net ftvfter set 3 ha cm iti turn, f . :
child's best chum, than if ton art al .1 selfish mother ani hlld can tie.." i ;
Kntered at Seiond-elais Mai) Matter
at ttia Pott-office at Tucumcari, New
Mexico, under Act of Marck a, 1870.
Editor aud Busturtu Manager
wit a 'elling Mm to be enre and wlp.
us fe.t ever, time he com lito fhi
i htimmv- earl, would think '. mu h
If ; nd to he chummy, each mu'
think f the ..'her fltM. Whou t..
lj-V- BIliLt 'STUf5VON
demos V 1 1 1b
trill h '"' ' " '"
ami thuu ''.:
ItKAIlAM " ' 1 "" tf" "
,M ' ,! I. U. - I ll'H '
I t ' I""" '
futi. 11... rn.iii.l itinii ti f.illli I" 1
Jhw iii-Miun- M-l.HHili.t-li""
nltlimii:li liiiin "t Hi. "i
Mrs. John C. Jeno
! Heal Hf.uf tin- H V nnl.1
Tkis is a haul iu'yti-i' answer
If tk )uestu4i hit.) It.m -How kav
ron teacwaio a rkiim to ui ohiklreat '
1 woM have Immmi itU to ter ,1
In the tret plaee. I k'i
thrv ro anjr f$4 set f rules n how
0 tesfme yoar Phil4' tefit eimrn, fo
e'ery wothr has her oi ile !"'
kw to rear her .hil.tu-n. Another thmg
ail ekiUirea are of U4Tererit dtarmcttion
oa tH rarely Had o iii!dre it
the ah fam lv with diroti.M s'iK.
t 'ont,mi titl. !hnrte the mother t
tu.ly her children - t ftuA tt what
fautta ar irtue they raea. md then
o try 'o Vaaen the '. a'd nrrease
;?. other. And if '. d'W nt makr
4 atrfMieo effort t d.' tni, he
neier h hir ehild' lee; . butn.
In larder to he yonr t'ii ' he "httiti
. .u tl hat e to fin fr.in Vahjr
n..,l. A o b .-annot watt .tnt.l
ni;d ha (frown t- manhM .r w.iman
ood tt ke-aae n r hum t. him r Her
for this rt6a: that ':nie the w :
ime formed ao aur other friendship
mat their wi',! tht hv M mo her '
.nuHtinlneM. ote hi'u "it daaimbV:
to then, areordnra loa. He
an 8 'hww ?- tth.r w 1 i-y
maav re'rirt ..n i '. Mi-. yowt
. h.ld feel, from the in-jtn p n. n
.).- tit "hom i-. :1 hini., " m' .i mat
er what aa--M i. t. ;.e-.1 '!t.f
M-'her f.- . "nfi-i ..it..1 . "h
aae tt ie Then. . r.c tji '-A itrf
ir wil' 'iy W na'nrn' r'"- rn ttirr.
Mitt tie .' six - n:"erj
:at H-n vl attee hm.
To W vmi" !'tl' ' ! 'I'.IBI fr
qitirea i.iin.. .. wtiearc "l'
tart if he 'Htht t - n i 'h.k at
he wm!d '..'la! ?h- "
' 'i.t i 'i ' " ' "i.
v.;h ..n iteruae ot
iway t rady " ate
s -.f woe and I wm .
uer that what would .
'e : a gmwiiut'. i:itr.'
.1 et .t H .t :.f'.
Bit , i iu. . ai "t j -. ti
i,for. tad jfrtiaj- .i-h
-thte.t. a '. thitae ire., if
1 n-r i'Wer . fc.t.' ' 'ft ''
wn.-n ite aeawi a t ift
ii'.ain !ifr '.. hiw r
Another thing- .n order to heom.
y.mr child's bet ehott, fm ill h
to roiuMauU his rest-vet aftrl sWihra.
iniio in in hi think tl.at ehttmmtneii h
moo mother and htld means a ii
. f dbi-ipline. It ha$ ne bn so
w.-rr - ' 1 n ad mjr oMUbta. I nl
raa in uir .'. a ).. nt to impress tnr
tn. ni-- mi children that, although I
:. h , iium to them, and wts Jroifw '
w i t'll I" l'ay hide and seek .
true .-hum. row -srlH Had that the ktM-w.
edtfe wii' itxhten many n lnudeti. : n-i
,r Il.i' .
iave a eht'd whom eon ftltow o lie v,r of the fn-t l o- "" -";H
doav.-eii.lHht t t.i. 1 "''
whllo Multt iititf'iM it'ti'soiit "HI'
-1. 11. tut .null.- .11 tr?-t I""
Htthe many t. sorrmv that mtel.t of. , ,fin. , ,,,,., t ,. , tit.-r
rwie heeoHte Mnbettrarile. I in iM -N 1 M, hlotHln priiilfil to UirnhnHi "
horte tha -ill m.ti.er wil' r.-alie ) rv l.ef.iiiliiB .tlnl lnlr
Miff"in.'s -h.' Hiii'i' from in- ti Christ .lestf. whom HifJ oliflilut th.
hit 1 tti 1 Imm t( 111 v chi'tt ef. antitypo of Num.'
. . I The New r.-tMiiioiit lHlm Is tlmi
1 I'hniN'h nf riirlit I tho Miitliypo f
DEOLIKE OF THE HANDSHAKE ur' B , ' . ' , ,4.
, becoa. luHHi-n wife itml , Ami. nun
Man ui.ple-mtt..pd .eo.l.' nowinltn- . . . , tl t, the
-r !n H.-r -jatwe. I aati ! ""' n.-.n......- 11 1 gplrtniMl s.'.-l of
the eore. 1 w. hefote all thiajj. r,f f'-,. I AbrahHtn. will lie
tie r .et : .ml thre were eertati 1 ''"evident eie. ' WiUort uu.- , a- i. ! Ood't niceti" In
... ..... 1. 1 ., i,.u.t. ...': en; on: he nreidetitin iocentinr ' kltailuic the tin
' 1 in ''1 i-- --- 1
am... - in weir faaaiiiantv nd dta-. j mv '", "' d f8P the dif.-.'e tf
W.le-e 1 i.aie heard tnhr s I tn !"" 1. R" !' 1-
"et .) n..- whip their childtwii 'I"l ,,f ,hfl "dshah otd.-i:.-.
1 . i. .i.i i h;ld . it t. i l'f'Mh al.oo' by test praeti.al
f rewwe 1 do not belitM I 'eadmp fashional.lo .-lnl.
t ,.r e'rreapeet hy be : ' deereed that t mtw 2
ii o I lo IntHev that i, j '" -nl'Stitittet the fotmai K..H. r
I M ... repe. ff i' molhe !"- peopV frequettth iind '. .
i,e.. Hi .he wil' no- whip hill f '' e"'ede4 n:.t.. vipWed with
Wh - h- Ii-m-Two I do not virnv t'ierii.f fnrj.'-se a a soajso-r
f . h- 1 nr. and h,'8 !ti(j ii -h-ld .mst-eit
H ! .nm'.. 5 'Vr hen 1 v.attig "M" M,v 1 '" ''Otinre.! -n.
!er .. ( .tintment. te ouant to at , "---- u.rTn i- u ir .
t a 1 . . . m.
it 'k- m tat mwil. 1 I an.isr.:iM w-n ' nrar ..r tn n. .
Attention Please
Special on Chinaware
Tot a time we will sell elegantly decor
ated Bowk Platters and Dishes, the
2l)c to u'Oc kind at 15c each.
Come early and get your choice.
Barnes& Rankin
Furniture and Hardware
,er eh t
h". '-ttl.
n riflr
,,..,. ...
;.t i.er
1 11. at..l e
.. t..
.. he 1 apaV
e" ir W '. ''! I
. he i-
1, ..
t !; ,, '. 1 rv -.
.e. w ... .
M '1
tit ' 1
w -ft w
wms'-i -it'i. i. i-a i.-"e .r mt en ntren
iti' . ''mil . aha.- nisi, trntt .ii-d
:m -it t. H V" iialf 11R howl I
' f ii'i",ru . fiM oniv aee he.i
wli. " 'h.- art- eoldiH and hak
lev ..lttgft'r
1 .
O "
Anv ii in witii tin- a-i! n Mlein(itif',
V.-..U. h.w a i-il gene ton iiuni,!..
aniaet cordiality and perx.r.n! mi-v
e When did a mad et-er pi'
or a"""! aner preetinp h' pripe-
hev Wo1d in. ' " Itow.
:, !. k ..t reaMe' ah own 1" "H'Vr i...w r:ier! ...
4. f .,tnr. i -ne -f -he tr . ' ' " 'H'1 bend vmit t.. !
. in -TV- .li.p.i earn. f.i wft -9 pre.il-ed . st.ie'. tic ti.-u,
harl rd ti , B'ee' r r.-rmal ami arMhv: n
He Wi "
. fot I',.
-. conquer.-! 'Hr,'
m- 1 1 horn to he I '" ''
nt a ohitm ' th.t
..f nrrec ne
Vfling ti..
'.1 t.-i he! til'
.tfi el- j.ii.
If MlVl.tS ,if
-f "hp nmne
1 fe'lowf
.-ti .1
, ti 'i ! 1
1 ' ! nn '.. lie iuat t- ..iti-
r,a lne voiaetbing (
1 'i - 1, ighf ti 'ne 1 im:h
rlr at..! (cf.'t. with vmirse'f
...: ,! ,.f at ijueation
a .-.- . 'hr'hed nit, it
,. . naf 'een itnly 'hotlgh'
1 t.l!
'i. '-ur'
nd hi- estalaiRm;
. i'.ne wrong, and
Ml X
1 , , . m:i-ti prieve
. . . 1 .ni, he will r.
1 . i. tne fu;nre
: 1 he .iere T
km r your re
n;. . -. .1 "Itedience
1 . jj , h
f -.- n. !. r. 1 an.
. . l 'w 'he wnr
1. ,h t . e i-tioi'
' . ' .- w .' i not aet
.- ' r '.' etj-.idrer. a'e
. ! .iita -if Trti'the'
. t :r. erv
1' i.e ti .i trie t
5 w:hout
11 1 h.i!ptta
"ttitftit " d'eti 'hat
1 e i- ,Ji. r l.
i ' 1 n : -. n
. . ..
V , .'1 .
1 .1 ,(i ' rj '1
. .. r..t
And I. -w mtt. h m -j"...! heart
shak .to-"! meat. ne ?traojer
the "tie v' The writer amende 1
chtirci ice it) a eitTtkage c v .1 .
rtftrf t me agn, and after r
?hf ' Serfsywan stowl at he d.o-
.lift i!ir..i. Mi- iii- S-t had .in'
j nan warmth of sreeti&c l e
to ijv, 'OJad to 53P yo.i' Anv'htrti
an d" fot yo? ! v..n wa" f' .
'If do .'oaae ar.nind'
The h.ir)dhake mat go w . .-
( am- l tlie stiff and -tarcne i
f n Amart Set. Rnt everv-t .t
ii'.e wh- hate sentiment and . 1
eiiyes ar:'" tjnd 'La' "t,
; f tne .inn. 1 V; mure ett'ei -
that anvi. ria -ne ii1e-'lij; '
LH ammmmWammu aV jd jD
I 0
he would like to know
our stove experts.
Prankhn ptrftctcd a htit.
tnj ttovc that bvmtr' coal
Our manufacturer have per
fected th Perfection Hrater,
which bum atltb chtaeest
fuel in the werii Our
la the reaiult of years of scientific study and experimenta
tion. It is today the most efficient and yet the moat
economical heating device obtainable.
The Perfection Heatar burns nine hours on one
gallon of oil. A simple, automatic device prevents
smoking. Easy to clean and re-wick. It is ornamental
(nickel trimminas, with plain steel or enameled turquoise-blue
drums 1 Inexpensive. Lasts for years.
At DtaJtt Enryxrhtm
It tHi:iiai,.e .: uidcment "
ri.-t ' .virt. K.-ufti .'u. I . '
ta' etr Mei '. w t-i t
the Autitt of tjnn .11 'he
B -ne Be-eiver 4 he Inte"
BanK f 'ommere of Tuf-nm. ..
Men .. L. K erwtH.d. a
sj, . defendant. Nt 1'""
i - "v - steenth day ..f .In l.o .
'it..- .-.r" the plaint ill aga;t :
.t f t he sum of Sfft.!--; m
er. r --ent er ann
.'i. .1., t-r !i -.f .f tt
i. i 1(1 "hr fore.-. .irt
t'.t' '-env nereta deier.rH-i
NOT!' K 1- HRRRnV tslVFV
!. Mvri B Keatot. Tn.-un.
M X Spec .'. Maatrt. .... r.' 1
,.. , ...,: iT.I'.. -to ne ;s'
Vi . t !yta. at en f'ol...
r. 1. .... t I day. at tne fr .
" ' - H.-o in T'lcnn.. .
. . .. ,' .Kj!. -T. '-.-I
... i.. : -usii "he
n.'it. 2 ie Qn.tt
Mi v w-.
I . . ' 'r! 1 e tl' . "
'''I lf Tatii.
. . tx M-x . " Mend i-
v . iinry. e-a vxtn'
t.lT -he pr "U
'.. t.'irmen' i' - sti'.'
. -,t
f .
I. .
!'l .
. v,t
. tfle I
mt .
f.-r ;
t -.no
V tl
M Vl . RK TiH.
Spe ,s Miirte'
or Plait' ;iT
njtmcari. NV M-
Mar 4
tlona Hut cnm-ti
ef the New IVstM
nient teti.-hliii,"
wa loat durlUK
the I'Hrk Ai!11
ObrUttniiH forgot
that thev tr
called to 1 )"!"'
helm In Metiliili'n
Klngdotn. to l.iesi
all the fattilllei of tho eMrtu
thev pot the tmrrow M.ms Hihi tnet.',
the' Klei't woind bo Miretl. oh- t
eternity would look over tlm " -merits
of Heaven mid ffo hII iUt-. -f
mankind In torture, and heHr tin -tfrontiH
to m' nii'i iiliv
Only ti" ni" Mlb'e sitinlt'nt' cot'' u
baok 'to the tefl.-hini.'-. of S. rM1' '
Only now Hre wo loarnliiif the trm- "
port of St l'M'i h wi.td-i If " '
Ohriat'H. then nre y Alniiliun.
and helri .n-' i.tdlnc to th i-r- ni".
God' CH to Abraham.
AbrnhHins i.irthpU,o wan Ir
huudred twontr hiIIhs uorth -f "n
Perilnu (Sulf His fnther TithIi oh- a
heathen l'i.lvthel.in proMtllwl - tin
worahlpttiK -f mnn "ds l'r" 1 r
the family mlitrHiM to Harftn. at..Mit
live hundred ml1.". In the tlirn- tl.ji -f
PaUatlne There Abraham f.'ti.Min.-.l
uutll Tenih'.s diMth.
tSod'ti deHlliiC. Uh Abrtlhiim. n-oi.'M
lot; to Jt Stephe,!) Ael, 7 ', '.o.ti
whll" In- wmm 'ti I'r "11.(1 uii'ed ni.i.
out of his ef urrouiidini;s t. . '
founder of h now nntlori. h-
obedient to i'd The miirnit -n 1.
T'r to Ultra 11 t.v.k 'he fauii i '
from the IdnlntrnUH -.r.jiu'f of " .
tropolls to t'tt-itorn! life. In harii."ii.
with the I'lvlne enll. A bra ham :.en
aatentv-rive yenr old. hla wife
and hlf nephew lt. "lib he t'- i K
and herd- moved 'o Catmnn after 'i.e (
death of Terah
Abraham' Oreat Faith In God.
Abraham nt full of fnlth " t t
featura -f lil- hnrncter etpw la v . '1
' deared hltn t.. the Aiinluhtt '
cause of it styled til 111 HI- frtotnl ' in
Bible does not etfilm that Abraham
perfect. Phe ravere of 'hi- !
clared -'There U nmie rljrliie 'i i -"
feet), no. not one' iUmnnti
, None measit'-e up t.' the x 1
. of Ood repro'.ented f Vdnni
Abraham ns not fi. frLonl .-f .1
beoarjae of hlh arent ediii ntl' t). n-r ' t
I tal "wondarfu. UiNlle.- i:.' ...te ,.
ertheles' he had nn e. "in. , ...
1 Th fn-t th.it he in ioi 1 Ii 1
eataa that In as a nn-d manaeei M -,
kill fle a endel us Hhown tt hen '.
' and th weaithv S-d. uilt. were 1 . i
captlva by ''hod .r'flomor m-i. -nitt
! promptly armed flneo hund ed .m)
: eighteen of hi tenants I'lirm. ! ..
1 victor, and -e.-'-ered the yi
' But it wa nut '..i hU iklii at ' w
eral that '."I "re.l "iI-hIihi, .'.
pe.Mal qUHlItt tliH' ind etee . ...
hi 1)1 ll -epeflte.. .neiitlntl.'d n 'ii.- I.
bla ha-ttic !-e.oi hi faith .
haro hMeved '"d
Chiid"n of Abraham
Abrahati' .tirtdten. fr.n ...!
ItADdp-Jlllt. U.Mjde OUIJ Um-e '.!.
have f th n '. id I'ho nrt'tu e
denee ..f n fa v
Htld "I edlll '.
' wag ein i'i
of file "ei t
nratl e -et .
ei.ftug H ,111.
M .t H I fl -.tii ;ii '
.Pet . o '. . ..1
' ' Mini !, 1 t ,
..' il-.
"i .
' In ..tt 1 .
These arc Vacation Days when you have lots of time.
Do You Want to Earn Some Dollars?
We Will Tell You How to Do It
v. Qtz that Iarolres Ne Rik l'er
These Who Acept It
tjr pt : .ir rr-i'dy a.H
.ot'Stips'.t'i.. Jjit Se; t'
. t free if at. " i'- -i ' fa-
tifatio . ante 1 ry wtKre..
ir vQi aad maseiei f '-.e .arge
. ar 4:voa4U-i'- Mvr r tx
e, .ef Ton Bit heretire re up
1 ntl'hf llii.i .-.ff ,rA r ... ... .. .i
. r . ... . ., iriinl)i t-niii y iril.ii n,, i ,.
t tiiew to healthier atit;-y rilled - i.e natttrM1 i,
weal y.'ii v tn Roxall Ur fr'ie tln - i in t u
ir gtmsatee. iey are ea'er. nae ""'"
dr. and ere partieolarlj- .deal for ' Pf sd nn-. 1,
-n ... ... : f he l'0"f ffarsni.
ww . mv? vw ve r aew- I u a a . ,
ww ii ri (t 1
work "
tw r-.' ! . .
itu.i. '
del imitje fa tot Mm
till tru-it mi 1 . ,. ,! .
Abraham t ,. 1, ,,. ,. .
marked e b ti e if . . ,
thi-ouch Me'Mli wh. s 1 .
Ood' K'ttcdnm
8t. Pan ep uln that n' t.
. tlana l-.-i.me the Kptrlnia
1 Abraham heir of .or. In
! . . 1 1. 1 j .. . . . ..... . . .
fi"!"!' " ".' ninnrni eo .ir.
ie .
t' MU
. id narre of ike botrel? rhv . .
-r a aeatral aettwa oa th -'Lc- or-
. : r gltaas. They l cot jurge ort We oth.-rt u.th Je. ,1 1 t
. f- aav ineeaeeajen'e whatever, and to honest md faitiifti'i . , ,,
act te orreme ehsoaie -r habit ' " '' " t t ,
oaitlfvatie Jae the arriad. at nl5' Mearonit ,-,,
ate fe4at ehtoal aLlmeat ,,,,", '
. . nentHti' e 'n. h ' 1... it,,.
- Rexall Oe4hi at oar rfc Two 1 ,ht. '
r 1W ..4 He. Sal "air at ear j Alit7)hHH , 'J
re The letl Store Th Wkl bv the y -s lieMirr,. n ,,,
--mm - v
The Evening Herald
8 C.F.I
V-k -tu au9Bnau-xta ntausiMMai rMataaapa-aaaaaa catwiae mm
Gents' Resort
Wt? Haatllr the He&t
PmoI Parlor m l onncclion
Ytiur Paironajlr is Aiiprermtftt
Onntl and Lilian! and
Old Home.'Jit'fvd Exclusively
ore n berg Bar
VX - ic uit-rj, Fanking Busir..'
jnd bfJKit Yuur Paironagv
Untied States Depository
Capital and Surplus $60,000.00
h Jn
h mi
i'i ,
il'S N law MIS ,h
A D. OOT.DEN f Kfl
llu- Onh Nohonrtl Bank in Tucumcari and the )ldeit
and l orj-t'sl IJftnk in Quay County
e . ire
t V,M ' ' " ; - St.-. :. ( L Ai.sei" ,aa
Hi 8f TOP wr.r
1 1
" .111 luniish rluMii easier than order
m Inun sonu- mail order house. Stop
"i md sir mu samples. They show the
PPrm od st it.s. (v0 can a'iso furnish
I'nraM'il m nations and announce
"HMits, hand stamped and illuminated
ni,lll,,''-"ii stationery, and steel die
Ptter I'luhossd business stationery.
,'"',l,, "' fc ...U , the best obtainable, the tcri
us" ' r y,HVS J- -.onsistent w.th he Inch
1'ti.dmi ),p m jnd U1 u ,C, ou abuut it.
TKc Tucumcari News
First Door South of Fostoffice

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