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She ffueumeari Jiews
VOL. 11, NO. 21
Taft Says United States Is Becoming
Extremely Pessimistic Over Con
ditions in Mexico in His
Reply to Madero
Washington. I). c. Fob. 17. Presi
dent Tnfi's. reply to Mndoro's nppcnl
to withhold American iitliTVi'tittoii in
Moxl .sent by telegraph wns made
public by secretary Knox today us fol
low: From your excellency's telegram
which i cached mo tho l it appeared
that ynnr Xl'iIli)ii,V Was SOIlloWllttt mis
infi nnod us to the policy of tho I'lilted
St. it oi toward .Moxb'o, tltich litis been
iiuitoiiii lor two years, or lis to 'the nuvm
nif.iiiuoi thin lur taken, which it ro on
It moil nit o ot nut tint J precaution, Tho
Aiiifiifiitt tiliibiiisinlot telegraphs Hint
when yon woto good onough to show
hi in yum telegram to me,, lu pointcil
(ill lllil I'llL'l.
"Vou must ho aware that report.-)
that appeal t haw- reached you Ihut
orders have already been given to semi
forces, are inaeeuiute. lio-iU assur
ances of friendship to Mexico sim tin
iioi'.oi!iiy a ft or two yours of proof of
patb'H,.,. mid ooi will.
"In v ow of tho special friendship and
iol.it ion- between tho two count lies, I
cannot too .strongly impress upon your
excellency tin; vital itnpor.tatu'g ot an
oath establishment of that pence ami
order which thi government ha long
hoped to ic. both bi't'titnu Aiuorieiia
olt.ioui ami t licit ptoporty mils; bo pro
tected ami iopii-toil, ami alo because
i b if nation yiupat hizes ilooply with
tho .'ilflirtioii! of tin- Moxionu people.
"In leeiprw-iPiiiu tho anxloty shown
in yo.ir nio-snno. I fool it my duty to
mid. ami. without reserve, thai tho
riiiiro of ovonts during tho past two
yon is i tiliiiina t I tig in tho must disns
irons itttintion in your oapltol, cronies
in thl country extreme pessimism.
"Win. II. Taft.
PitMtdcnt Mtuloro's nioisayo to Pres.
idont Taft Saturday nsking tho Amor
lean government not ti intorvono wn
a- follows:
"I linvo boon infin-iuod that tho gov
oranitjnt uvor which your excellency
presides, has ordorod o ot out for
ports of Mexico war vo-ol" tvrh troops
to disembark and ci.uio to this cnpltnl
Tho homo shin ot tho now outbiuak
of Moxb'o rivolutionists appeurs in tho
niatomont pnblishod thi wooh, asiort
in that Ainorii-ans havo but $100,000,
000 oift of UOU,000,OOti invented i" on
loiprlsn and iiidusirioi in that i-ouu-t
If stablo Kovctniiioiil is ro. establUhitii
at some tinio in dio uoar fiituro, many
of tho Iossoh iimy not prnvu total, but
olio surmises that aftor tho piooos aro
piohoil up, thuio will bo prooiuiia fow
thlnjis down thoro that aro not protty
woll dilapidated.
It is nn oiuphatio warning to the
Ainoi ii'iui pooplo, to bowaio of invosi-
inoiits too far from homo, and not un
do r tho protootinn uf a powerful yov
ornmoitt, ablo and willing to dispense
justh-o liotwoon debtor ami creditor.
Thoro is not a hainlot in tho Unitoil
States that has not boon flooded with
oiriMilars olVoting sure and goldon re
wards ti investors in Mexionn, Contra I
and South A inorit-aii oulorprises. A
utoady si roam of uiMiuy from every
state hai ponrod into theso preearlou.s
N"o doubt ninny of them aro perfoetly
good. Hut let every mint with money
to Invest romeiubor thin The people
of tho ooiiutriei smith of the United
States do not taho the obligation of
a debt seriously. Their favorite watch
word "Mnnanfi" i tomorrow). Tho
debtor who insists iipiu hU principal
ami interest on the day uomlnnteil in
the bond, U lugardod as most impolite,
and a 'rue Shylooh, ashing for his.
pound of flesh.
Kven an enterprise entirely control
od by Aiiioricnns is iiioio or less under
the pies-are of those conditions. It
must collect its accounts throught the
menus nnd tools provided by Hitch a
liappy-go lucliy clvllizntion.
There nro plenty of good investments
to give guarantees of unfely to Ametl
' ontla.
' " 1'iidniibtotlly tho information which
you linvo ami which lod yon to taliu this
not ion i inexact and I'.vupjjoi n to, for
t tho livoi of Americans in this capital
! .i in at present in no danger if thoy will
' abaml hi tho no of llto and eonoeu-
1 inito in certain points of tho city oi
its suburb wlioro tininpiillty is nbso
lulo and .where tho government oan vt
I ;ili olnes guarantees.
"It yon onlor American tesidents
hoio ti- do that, following tho precedent
itibliihod by your own orders pre
viously isiiod. danger to the lives of
tuori'an.i and other foroinois will bo
nit intoil.
" If 'iirdinji what matorial daiilat's
uiav ho -.iilforod by foroij-noi'i tlu yov
ornmoitt is roady to m-i-op nil ropo-nsi-bility.
mvotdlnj,' to tho obiiyntioin ot
intormitioual Itiw.
" Coiisoiptoutly, 1 nli youi xi-ollom,y
to ordor ynir nii'iiofwnr not to di'ein
Imik troop in Movii'o, as this act will
-auo a ionfln!ra'-.n and torrlblo ooit
soipiciu!0' of aioro oxtent than tho nno?
wo havo to. .-"intend with at prohcut,
I (n-nr.- your oxi-olb-m-v flm' this
oi-ornmotit l- taking all moifuros
ocsinry in ordor thnt tho roboi in tho
ni-M'ii il will do the Ion-it hrirm possible
to Hvo. and proporty in tho onplutl and
I hao hopo that ovovylhiny will bo
poaoofnllv MiMifjod in i voiv short
( t'ino.
I 'It is tru 'oat in v .-oiintry at thl
Pino i- p:iiuii; tln-onyh torriblo on
ii. Tito dio obarltntion r-f Atnorlonn
roop- wouli only inoronsc rli daiiKov
oiii situation at d would do -i vioni harm
ti. a nation winch lui- aluuvs boon a
loyal friond t. tho t'uitod rtatos, as
woll as i-outrpiato to tho danors sur
louudint: tli itaidlihiiiL' ( thoroutru
doniooratii- irivornniont sioiitar to that
of tho yroat Amorb-nu nation.
'I appoal to tho orpiitMilo. jut sc'i
tiinonts that hav boon tho criterion of
vi. ur yovpiinii'Oi : and that nudonbtcdlv
n-proxonts tho sontimonti .f tho roii'
Vniorioan iooplo wlioso ib'stinios yon
linvo jniidod nitli so imi.-li shill and p.
to bf obtiiiuod in New .Mexico, in the
laud of siitiiiiiiie ami health, where pub
lic sentiment and the Mlleeis of the
law null witii tin- in vt'-tor, rather than
lit idly by and watch him ifpiirm.
Second Lecture of Dr. Nichols Will
Deal With Topic that Ench Parent
Should bo Fninlliai' With
On nest !'imrcli cloning at the
llojll ."'l-l l..l' lillll'l III, i-iol
will gio lie sim-.-imI a-.dii'si of his so
..oi oi rhe sultjoct of Soibil I'uritj
The title for lit-. eddrt' nest Thu res
day ovoniug i "The Si.iglo St.iiidnid
i 'f irloe. ' '
Tho new plain for Admission for
ihi addli'iN aio ilil'loro'i- from m v
foruier plans, No one HII bo admitted
excoit iiilultv, mid pupils ,,f the schouN
win.' have passed the oiuhth grade., and
are now regular member of the High
Si-honl. This N noco-sarv bet-aitso the
Auditorium will mo seat the usual
crowd, com fort aid v, when nil the little
pupiN uf the public M'hivols attend. Another-
good reason why it 'becomes no
to the fact that this lecture is paiticu
larlv appropriate for nion and wmiioii
ami t.'lmc who are ontoiing manhood
and womanhood lather than for chil
diou. It is needless to my that the second
address w( the series given by Dr.
N'lohols will not lie loss interesting than
the lirt iinmbor was. Ho is recngnied
as one of the leaders in his profession.
I'avor.itilo comment wns made by one
of tho largo Mnstern papers of his ad
dross mi Vnveinbor on ''Social Hy
giene." .1. S. Hofer,
Superintendent of Schools
Jittlo Von D. Pack hna been quite
niels with croup for the pant week.
The following bills have been Intro
dueod. lead twice, unified translated
and punted and referred to the sevetal
An a t to amend Sootiui lor.1) of the
Compiled liiiu of the Mute of New
Aloxic. tot the Venr. A. U lsl7.
An act to regulate railroad mileage
in New Mexico, which is as follows:
Section I. That from ami after this
act takes elVoiM under the "oust ittit ion
of .New Mexico no railroad cympnny
doing Inis-luisH or i uniting pussougor
tains in .New Mexico shall charge pas
sengers mure than two and one-quarter
cents per mile within the State of .New
Seotiwi l. All mileage books Hold
by any such railroad companies shall
be good until the lat mile i.i used mid
the same shall be honored regardless of
who lidos on same.
Section !'.. 'or nuy dilation -f an,
of the provisions of this net the rail
toad company, or Its employees, guilty
of any such vlrlulbiii shnll pay a tine
of not les, than l-'lvo Humliod .-toO")
nor more Mian Olio TInniMiiKi ittooot
An act aipiopriating money to de
ft ay tho or of printing and translating
the governor' messages to tho First
ami Second ovioiis of tho First State
Logflaturo of Now Mexico in English
and .Spanish.
An act dolining mists, or combina
tions in restraint of trade and compe
tition, prohibiting rhe same, and' pro
tiding punishment" for violations there-
An a-t to iitiieiid Section .'tOltl of the
Compiled Laws of lx7 so as to per
mit the Heard of Directors .,f the .New
Moicu Insane Asylum to contract for
provisions, fuel, clothing, and other
ytipplies for the period of sjv months.
An act to amend Soctbn 3!l of Chap
Km 7m of the Acts of the Thlrty-sixth
l.oi-i-d.vice Assembly of "he Territory
of .Now Mevico. entitled "An Act to
Ifegnlnto tho J'nrinntiou and Goverit
tneiu of corporations for .Mining. Man-nfai-turint:.
Iiidusttia1 nnd other Put
Slli s, 1
An a r to aiiiond Section 'J of Article
s, of the Act to incorporate the Town
of Silver City, in the County r-f (iriint
npitot-i robrounry 1. 1S7.
An in-- to tax gifts, legacies and In
hoi ifaii.-e in rortaln cnes, and to Pro
vide ffi the Collection of the same.
n act to restrict the spioading of
Miiison irasi mid piohibiting tho iic
oi i rniisiortation of same within the
state, ami providing penalties therefor.
An act prohibiting the unlawful ap
propriation of elect tie current, gas or
water and tampering with electric, gas
or water meters.
An act to provide free text boohs
for cities incorporated town, villages
and school distric.'s.
An eit to prevent tho running at
large of hogs .-nol sino in tho State
of Vow Mexico.
Public is Invited to Suggest Hooks foi
the Libraiy:
On ho evening ot the last number
of the Kntettiiiuuiout Course fur tho
benelit of tlio Public Library it was
announced by the secretary that the
public is to be given an opportunity
to give in the names of any books, siich
.is anyone would liko to see added to
our librart. There will bo some money
with which to buy books at the close
of the com so.
In order to icach everybody with the
least inconvenience one member of the
several prominent city clubs has been
iinnied to co-operate with the regular
school and library ollicoi-s ns the coin
mil tee to pass upon all bor.ks submitted
l,t is the plan that those who hate in
Miiml good books for our coiiiiuunit
shall give names of such books to some
con .,11100 hall meet and eauh member
member of thnt committee thou tin.
of the cointuiti'oe shall inporr the wili
es uf those who have been seen, ami
the committee decide upon the possi
bility f purchasing the desired work.
Tho. committee named couss-fs of the
following, who are representatives of
various organiatiou. a indicated:
Mrs. Ueed llolloinan, Hay View Club
Mis. II. C. Chambers. MMhets' Club
.Mrs. . A. Hudson. W'oinaus' flub
Mrs. Lillian Hess, the firoiles
Miss Virginia Hondreit, High School
S. A. IMtvards, Honk Stores.
Mr. V. F. Hofer, Librarian.
.1. H. Welch of Forrest, has purchased
that lino registered gray stallion and
will have him on his ram-h near For
rest this season. He is a beautiful dap
ple gray, weighs 1000 and is six years
old. There are .'t-'l marcs in one mile
of his ranch, ho it is likely a profitable
Mexi. i. Cit. Mcx. Fob. 10.- Tin. pint
played iy t,. I ' 1 1 1 1 I Sta'es olllbusst
in 'tie settlement of the eu da l.r
Me gniiieil for tin- American Hag mich ;i
libiite as was uotoi befme witnessel in
Mexico. After the liieisengoi fiom the
I'nited States embassy, Hurry Herlitiget
had go-no through the lire of the rebel
lines to tho arsenal yesterday, convet
ing the iiiessMg,. of pence sent bt Am
luiS'iidor Henty l.atie Wilson, ho drotu
to tlu natioiiHl paliu-o in an autoiuu
olio bearing a white flag on one side
and the Stats ami Stripes on tliu other.
My the time ho emerged from tho na
tional palaue after delivering the note
to Gen. Iliierta. the crowd outsblo had
learned tho import of his visit. Tho
reappearance or his machine wns the
signal foi a tremendous ovation.
Throujh an immense mass of human
itv gathered in the ZpohIo nnd nlnng
San Francisco street tho big nufiitnn
liilo picked its way slowly ntnld deiify
tiing applause, with Stars and Stripes !
flying in the wind. '
Group after group of the people cm
the street caught up the cry, '" V'ivn
in AtniM-icatios," until tho entire city
revoi lrnl nd with "ho cheering.
For days tho entire population of
Mexico city had roenrdod intervention
bt the I'ulted State as practically in
ov it able. Mexican of "ho tion-combnt
tint i loss suffered divided emotions of
hope and feat. Thousands, although
deplfTing intervention by any power,
had come to the ciim-bixion tlmt tho
L'nod otllcos of nnv nation wore prefer
able to the wanton detraction "f prop
erty mill awful less of life which had
been occurring, wi'h neither side gain
'tig nnv appaieiit adtautago.
The cowanllt ciinditci of the crowd
in Miminnrily shooting Gustavo Modern
altli'iugh full guaranties had been of
fered aud although Frauelsco Madero
had set a different example in the ciieo
of Din and Hove, and oven of llnorta
himself when his di'lnyaitv beenme
known- -will not unfavorably affect
many Mexicans, Mexicans have regard
od (iu.tiivi as tin? worst of the lot, ami
it was probably nocessnry to the plans
if the iiii-per to (nit him out of the
way. Hut morican find it Hard to
squnro siieh deeds with civilied war
fare or tospeetfiible politics.
One highly intelligent Mexican in
F.l Paso. ciMiiinonting Wednesday on ho
general situation, declared thnt "tho
dav of nihilism hn ouie; it Is the oniy
way: every ngetit of disturbance must
die forthwith, or Mexico is dconiod."
The Western Mon-nuCle Co. n pio
grossjvo in its nature, if not politically,
hence, their latest move is iuiprovins
heir bottling -work plnni. by putting
in it concrete flow, pltistoring the wall
of tho building, placing additional win
dows therein and when complete, in
cluding theii already strictly modern
machinery. It will be one of the larg
os best equipped and most snnltnry
plants in the state and their rapidly in
i-i-eiislng trade will receive prompt at
leiitinii in the future as in the past, a
feature which characterizes their tucth
od of handling a thronjj of mtislied
The plant will be in chnrge of Mr. T.
I., Welch, who needs no introduction
in this vicinity. hiiiug reided fot
years in Tucutncari and being blent i
lied with tari nis industries at differ
out times, being mice business malinger
of the News.
The children and teachers of the pub
lie schools relobratod the unnh orsiir
of Washington s birth in giving patri
otic programs Friday Iminodmtoly af
tor ' on. and then adjourning for tho
afternoon. The parents wore Intited
to take part in the ocot'eit-os. and ench
room ibelow the High School Jind its
visitors, to observe the ongs, drllW.
and .speeches bt- the little folks. The
children of the Third and Fourth grades
at Central school had an excoptinnnlly
good progrum.
At the High school Attorney Myron
H. Keatoi addressed a full house on the
life and woiks of the father of his
country, nnd pointed the youth to his
Illustrious example for guidance. The
High School students furnished some
excellent tnuslc for the occasion.
I will buy no more beans until I
llnd a market for wh'ut 1 now hnve.
.1. U. Wnssou.
Clins. Hcnson 1ms pttrchasod tho Horn
residence near the Methodist church.
Only the Most Optimistic Look for Com
plete Acquiescence by Rebels in
New Order of ThingsDiaz
to Run for President
Mexico City, Mex., Fob. 20.The ac
tivity of the follow!, or Papain has
been turned against the now adminis
tration. A small foreo of rebels was
reported today in the iioghborhnod of
the cnptul mid government troops wore
ont i sn Hgiiimt them.
An ttncotiflimcd dispatch says that
' iieruavacn has rnlleli into Zapata's
Folis Din will enter the nice for the
presidency. Probably Ueti. Huerta will
not run against him. One reason why
Dm made no effort to secure tho pro
visional presidency for himself was, his
wish to tie entirely free to organize and
lirect li in jtimy in tho coining cam
The Mexican cnptital was in a state
f un-trt:'tit this morning in regard
to the fate of heads of "ho old ndtnluis
im'iiMi. Hon. Ilnortn's order prevent
ing the departure uf Francisco Madero
gate lis,. many rumor-, and conjee
Miros. .Meanwhile the attitude yf Zapat(
md Hmibo iisfpier. Houioz. leaders oi
he southern md northem reboli is oc--nsioiiiiig
The closest est i Hint os ubtninablo of
.he caniiilries during tho lighting in
rhe streets liov'f thfttwftb&ui S00O poi
son, weie killed and ?0yt) uounded. bnt
hose ate not govoronior)' figures, nor
.vill the unv.i anient he able to make
my i-ohable en leulnt inn.
In most canes an ofllcinl records wore
ep; i,f Hi,' bodies, which were burn ml.
iwncrotii inM:iiice nr6 Unuwti in which
thole t'nmilies mu wiped out by ex
cluding hell or by the pDiiotortlng lire
t iiiHcliine guns. Tim fjteut majoiity
if the ilead were cou-coiiibatants. in
luding a large portion oj wi.ineii and
fttnn.-iN as to the loss of property
no tiecessHrily inaccurate, Tliero Is no
doubt tlmt the damage amounts to tiiBuy
On It- the optimistic i-osidents wf the
Mexican c.'ipitnl pnNid to helleve that
ho substitution of Gnu. Iluorta for
l-'raiici.ci . Madero will result in tho
ostoi uf ion of complete pence through.
ip the repnlilic. It remains to be seen
iov many lobol loader will accopt
ho imitation extended to t until by Gen
Iliierta to join in an effort to restnro
'lornial cnmlftinns.
It appear to bo taken for grunted
In- Kmiliiino aptit. "the irreconcll
ible." will continue at Uin head of
ib force iu tho sunt b, while Kiniliu
V'nsqunz Goinoi!, by tho lstio of his pro
clamation, claiming the presidency, had
lettdered' lit inn in the north prnb-
loiiinf icnl.
Those familiar with the propaganda
if tin- uoi'tlioru rebels cvpioss the be
lief that Pasciinl flroco, ,lr., fne? Sal
.i.ai and nthor leaders m-iv not bo sat-
Kntuidat night of Inst week w left
for Ti-xlino, Texas, a beautiful little
city on the C ,v S. It. I a town which
is quiet, oidoily ami lllled with clever
energetic citizens, and the object of
the tisit was to inspect a power print
'tig plant, which was owned by Thomns
DnnieU. Tho plnut was fully eipial to
i lie repioseiitntlon, heiico, a deal was
made and we proceeded to crate, store
and insure the plant for future refer
ence. In uoing through Dalhart wo met
Goo, lllv, who. wo are sorry to say, was
iu poor health, but was up and around,
Wo enjoyed the trip from starl lo Aii
ish nud will say thoro nro nn hotter
people on tho globe than Texans.
Forlales is coining into the lime
light by having a real park eont rally
located, not iu the country, and a new
dnpot cosMng some $ao,000.no. Our city
will havo something of the same soon
just as Minn as the Santa Fo builds
into our city, which will not be long,
They will also likely have lights so a
mini can Ibid his (rain. Who is tho joko
i.nlled with tho keleeliuii of only OUfi wf
their comrades, Darid do 1r f'tiuuie, as
a cabinet member.
Un the other hand, it in well know
that the men who have been opuriillug
in tho north are tired of lighting and
have repeatedly said that their main
object in doing so was the romuval of
Franciseo Miuleio t'vom power.
Tho new mlininistratiou will not torn
porie with any of the rebels. Jt de
clares that all that is possible will bo
done to effect a recvnolllatiow, but in
the event of fnilmo in this diroetiuii,
It proposos to wagii vigorous warfare.
Already federal tioops have been sent
to Cuoiavacn to- jirevuiit the occtipR
'ion of thnt city by Ziipiitn. It is be
lieved the army olllcers will now ofltor
the euiiijiHigii onorgoticnlly against tho
Only three of those mrostod by Plan
piot ami Huerta at tho moment "of tho
overthrow of Modem remain in cus
tody. They aro Francisco I. Mmlero,
lose Pino Smile, vlco president, and
IVodericu Uon.ales Garza, who was gov
ravi of the federal dlsMict and Jn
tirred widespread ilissatifaetlon.
Tho students of tho military sohool
if Tlalpam. who initiated tho revolt in
he federal capital J'J days ago, have
been acclaimed as homes by resblonla
of the Mexienn city.
The Mihliurs trho only a couple, of
lay ago wore -hooting m me anothnr
.n the streets, mo fraternizing today
Hid describing the events of tlio bom.
hnrdmont from -heir dlfforent pi4nts
'if view.
Gen. II net tn nnd Gun. DIuz had nn
-.xteiulnd conference, after whloh it
tviisrnnnouuced that they wora in com
,dete accord. Later Gen. Iluertn was
1 oitVrenco with the Aiiiorlcnn am-
'wissadiu, Henry Lmio Wilson.
Already forced to face plots, tho new
administration caused the arrest lust
night of Gun. Franciseo K'.mero.
Iloinero is necusod of complicity with
Frtinelsi-o Coslo Ifobolo in n new re
toll. The plot involves a group of rti
tales. Felix Diaz today denied rosponslbib
ty for the oxueution of Gustavo MBdoro
md Adnlpho Hasso, stiiBrilitoudout of
lie national palace. TIib olllaial report
mi tin. death of Gustavo .Madero sayst
"He was removed from ono psrt of
'ho insoiial to another, wJien he mode
.i dnsh for liberty. The ollleer in chargu
ibod at him and killed him. '
I Adolfo nasso. no old man, wa killed
H uio nio reiiot linos. Go wjw for sov
eiiil years suporintendetit of the nation,
al palace.
The death of Gustavo Madero is Mill
tho chief topic of conversation anion ;i
the populace. Many pooplo tndnv am
seeking souvenirs of the dond politician
I ;ind one person paid $25 for n fragment
( his eyeglass.
anta Fo, N". M. Fob 17. ThomaK
II. Marshall, vice proaldont-oloat, and
Mrs. Marshall, wore tho guoaU of Gov.
mid Mis. McDonald hero today. The
vice president-obs't addressed the statu
legislutuio this morniny nud this af.
tornnon was taken for a trip about the
His speech this morning was non-par
tisiin mid ho dealt only with political
affairs in general, lie asserted that,
he was not opposed ito wealth nor to
wealthy men but that this govornment
was not founded for men to make n
aroat lot of money but for justbto nnd
eiiii.-y among men. Ho said ho did not
mind if ineii made money providing
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tooth on it.
(Jnito a few of our sports havovbenn
killing ducks, tho big BroondioadI fob
lows, on tho Goldenberg lake, tho.lnst
dny or two.
Little Carl Lnwlng is slowly roQov.
nring from a sevoro spoil of pneumo
nia fevor,

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