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The Tucumcari News
Published Every Thursday
IRA E, FURR, Editor and Publisher
Entered na scco-d-class mntter at
the postofflco in Tucumcari, N. M., un
der act of Congress, March 1, 1870.
Thursday, December 25, It) 19
The Albuquerque Journal has found
the reason for the high cost of living
and gives the following:
Two news articles both from tho
Associated Press in yesterday morn
ing's Journal tell more than volumes
of bombastic pronouncements from
politicians and alleged experts eoulil
tell of why the cost of living is high.
For cloven months of this year the
value of goods exported abroad was
seven billion, two hundred and forty
million dollars, and by ttio end of tho
year the sum will reach close to eight
billion dollars, as the value of export
for the month of November was seven
hundred and forty-one million dollars.
For eleven months of this yenr we
imported goods to the value of thrcu
billion, five hundred and twenty-eight
million dollars, leaving n balance of
trade in our favor of three Dllllon, one
hundred and seventy-four million dol
lars. By the end of the year the bal
ance will be about three and one-half
billion dollars.
Any year before the European wa
began that our balance reached one
seventh of the present balance, we
called attention to the fact in glaring
headlines ns indicative of the great
prosperity of this country. We were
-1.1- A- ..-11 . - . I. - i f lL .....11
uuic lu auii lu wiiu ivai ui biiu nut Ml .......... -.!.. . . I if.
a half billion dollars' worth of good.-' liJWnn nf tfe Z T'iW,
more than the value of the goods we ! " ,d vit!I,f . f n 1
..,., , .., . i,;,. that have been created by other peo-
I?, tin n!!l?n nf irn 'p'0'8 Ior. Also he wants to make
im. Inn,1 8 P the division himself, on his own terms.
ii, t m L t t, ion. I Not on'y does he want to take of his
Hut our balance for the yenr 191Hrtll , ii i i ... u
will be about seven times the best of I f lenrn S.V .1
. ,., n ..,,.. i iwnnts to appropriate the other mans
AnPfhTr Lu? itnm ml 1 , f,, " daughter to his own lusts. He
,W n nf C J n ! ' t intnr ' 'doesn't want to be bothered with car
the rest of the world owes us in inter- ,.. ,, .
o-.r.henrinr. ,lnl,f nhr.nl fiffnnn Mllior. . 1 " fr Wlfc nn( Chi Wren. He IS HOI
.,,, r, , , ... decent enough for that.
munlty, it would be unworthy of the
respect of the American people.
Bcrgcr represents a sentiment whlcn
should have no place In this country.
Albuquerque Journal.
Carranzn decided several months
ago, according to one of his photo
graphed letters shown to President
Wilson, to capture this region and es
tablish the national capital at Den
ver. Why not at Las Vegas? There
is an institution already there fitted
to house this freak ruler of Mexico.
Bcrkman and Goldman arc assured
that soviet Russia will welcome them,
which is conclusive proof of the char
acter of the soviet.
The report that 1300 British troops
have been killed in Pcrsin is another
instance of the reluctance of the world
to settle down to peace.
The liquor men hnve not lost entire
ly, it is announced. No bump seems
sufficient to shatter their optimism.
Emmn Goldmnn nnd Dr. Alexander
Berkmnn, together with about two
hundred and fifty other anarchists,
are being transported from the coun
try they have cursed while making
money out of its opportunities ami
under the protection of its laws, back
to the lands from which they came.
These nnarchists, and a lot of other
people W'ho rcmnin here, want a con
dition in which they will be able to
reap the crops grown by the care and
labor of others. No; they do not wish
to reap. Reaping means work. The
nnnrchists want others to do all the
work while they take what they want
without effort.
The I. W. W. and his foreign broth-
er, the Bolshevist, doesn't want on
dollars. At four per cent, this means
an annual interest account In our fa
vor of six hundred rri in dollars. Be
fore the European war began, ws sent
abroad in interest and dividends about
four hundred million do .a s, which
wiped out our balance of i ..do except
in the best yenrs. Now we owe Eu
rope nothing!
We have accumulated in our vaults
more than one-third of the gold stock
of the entire world, nnd have out
standing credits, which must be settled
Big Bill Haywood, before he went
to the penitentiary, was won't to boat
that he represented an organization
of roughnecks, and that there would
be no elevation of the roughneck but
a pulling down of everybody else to
tho roughneck level.
Emmn Goldman nnd Alexander
! Bcrkman boasted of their lewdness
of their disregard of the thing called
morality. They wanted no restraints
upon their notions, even when it came
- ii.- e l it- Tj.-i ...i
in l,1 nr it- nmiivnlonf cIT1,l.nf f.s ' lu ",K """"K "UIIIUII IUC. DUV ttliun
it ttJ.. n.- .i i i I... 'outraged citizens took vengeance on
si 'o n CV iTe l &td hCld BuC,rtkmfn ? hjf things a'nd his in
D.i. ..v. .u: i i. suits to the American flag, to the
. ! ...t. .I. American home ant. to the religious
tuuac wc iiuc iuuk.il mull- muni.-' mull , ,i, ,,.. v.- .1 ,.
vt nvor hn,1 l.nfnrn nml t,..i. tn Sen"ment f the Country, he CHCd VO-
rest of the world is buying from us the Protection of the
,.. i,v,f 1 , . .,. laws he flouted, of the flag he tram
as it never bought before except when , , d fc f t d t
the al hes were feverishly purchas ng ' Vh. . .u A 1 1 i i
,. tir j, 1 ; . , ; That the Goldman woman and Berk
war materials. e have to bid against . , . , , ,
thn rout nf tho urnrlil fnr tnn o-nn,lo vvn,"'"" l
"Nobody can come to my houso
without hearing ubout the good Tan
lac has done me, and 1 am always
singing its piuises to my f riends'sai i
Mrs. E. hiiime, of HbOD Canal Stieei
Houston, Texas.
"1 had not been a well woman for
fifteen years," she continued, "and i
seemed to be getting worse all Uie
time. 1 hud no appetite ami the lit
tle I did eat auured on my stoinmh
and the gu that lormed made me
dizzy so 1 was at raid of fulling. My
nerve were in such a wretched stale
that 1 could hardly sleep and when
1 closed my eyes 1 could see millioiia
of stars and 1 lashes of light.
"My condition got to be so senoui
that my non got me to try Tunlae,
although 1 had tried ubout everything
without getting any relief. Since tak
ing Tanlae my improxeiiieut has been
eon.staiil. 1 tat a hearty meal now
and my food is giving me strength.
My nerves are quietei and my sleep
is sound and restful, those headaches
are leaving me anil 1 feel stronger
and better than 1 have in years. Sev
eral of my friends are taking Tanlae
on my adsiee and aie beueliting bv
it as much as 1 am."
Tanlae is now sold in Tucumcari by
Sands-Dorsey Drug Co., in San Jon by
l 0. Armstrong; in Logan by Peo
ples' Drug Store and in Endee by W.
Sabbath morning VM The Sabbath
school will meet. We are trustine-
that every teacher, ollleer, and pupil
make a vow, ami pay it, to the
at an things being equal they
will be present every Sabbi th.
11:00 The Rev, Caldwell's subject
will be: "God's promise to His Chil
dren for the coming year."
The music rendered will lie in keep,
ing with the service. Come and en
j".V it.
There will be no evening service ow
ing to the sncred concert to be given
by the Khoral Klub in the Methodi-tt
The congregation present last Sun
day morning was greatly impressed
with the solos rendered by Messrs.
Lewis ami Burnet; alro the anthem
rendered by the quartet composed of
Mrs. Stansbury, Miss Dillon Brown.
Mr. Lewis and Mr. Burnet. Mrs.
Brown, leuder of the choir, as well as
the managers of the church, feel deep
ly indebted to those who from time to
time render such valuable service in
Minister Wants To Help.
It is only natural that one who hnd
been relieved from suffering should
feel grateful nnd want to help others.
Rev. W. F. M. Swyndolc, 818 Elm St.,
Macon, Ga., writes: "My kidneys gnvo
me much trouble before I took Foley
Kidney Pills. I am ready at any time
to speak a word for Foley Kidney
Pills." For sale by Sands Dorsey
Drug Co.
We wish to take thi opportunity
of thaking you for all business
received from you in the
past and solicit your
future business.
"Happy New Year"
With Hamilton Insurance Co.
91.7 Per Cent, of All Funds Rais
ed in Any State Remain There
to Carry Out the Local
R. II. Lewelling, Pastor
Sunday school at !l: ir a. m.
Preaching at II a. m.
Junior Missionary Society at .'1 p. in.
Epworth League at 0:30.
Cantata at 7 :!!() p. m.
Speeinl music at all services.
National Tuberculosis Association and
American Red Cross Share Re
maining 8.3 Per Cent.
These are the real reasons, counled
with individual extravagances and lack ' " ?nL ""nnnnTho 'inJ
of production at home, for the high "Lir.6." "?.0".1110
radc their hideous doctrines before
the people of the country and organ
ize a society or human wolves is
Inaugurated this year as part of ,, " . U,B ",w T l0,
machinery of distribution set In I tho convenience of tax payers, I will
on by the National Tuberculosis ! "c' ul various places in Quay coun.
cost of living
ness with which we protect our coun
try, its Inws and its social organiza
tions. They should not hnve bcei
given a free pass to Russia but should
... L T!.., . nave ueen punished like criminnls or
Victor Berger of Milwaukee, con- evcn worse. But lct-s hope it wili en-
victed of attempting to aid Germany lighten their followers who havd not
as against the United States, in the been taken or who perhaps have not
war and refused a seat in our national yct been publicly exposed by the gov
congress because of his own admitted ernmcnt agents.
disloyalty, has again been elected to '
congress. Cut xhIjp Qutit ia Worth Money.
, The sociaists r.wv assert Chat coh- Don't miss this. Cut out this slip
gress is on trial. It is! Congress Is enclose with Be to Folev & Co.. 2835
the sole judge of its membership, ami Sheffield Ave., Chicago, 111., writing
if it permits Herger. convicted in the your narao and address dearly. You
t"For the Health of This Com
munity." Such Is the slogan
appearing on the flap of enve
lopes on which the Red Cross
Christmas Seal Is printed. The Issue
of such envelopes In order to save the
tmlihln nf nfllrlni c-nmfnptl Knnlft ta
I lettnrn unlit nut In nunntltv hv Inrire
corporations and business houses has
motion by
Association nml Its 1,000 State und lo
cal organization In disposing of more
than 050,000,000 It i Cross Christ inns
Seals diirlne tln leu day sale which
began on December 1.
The slgullleaiiee of the slogan lies In
the fact that whether tiic letter la
mailed In Los Angeles or liostoii, In
Chicago or In (falvi-ston It still holds
true. "This community" literally
means the place where the seal la
bought and wit To be einct, 01.7
per cent of the funds raised Is devoted
to local antl'tuberciilosls activities In
the state. Of the remnlnlup 8.3 per
cent a portion goes to the Red Cross.
Notice is hereby given that the Quay
County Development Association, a
corporation, will hold its annual meet
ing December 117, 1911), at office in Tu
cumcari, N. M., for the purpose of
electing officers and directors for the
ensuing year and all business that
may come legally before the com
pany. GEO. MINDEMAN, Scc'y.
Dated December 17, 1919.
Tuc News 022031
Isolated Tract
Department of the Interior, U. S. Laud
OHicc at Tucumcari, N. M.
V, . ..,.,!... r II 1 ) i i
Notice is hereby given that, as Ji-, inhumed indimlaled mcmoranet who a
lected bv the Commissioner of the, U-iillnA nnd ooihlnfi demulcent, enei
i inn
Honey and Tar
MUCUS, clean the nir poiiagnt, cosU
courts of nctive disloyalty and rejected
by congress itself as unworthy of a
will receive in return a trial package
Compound for coughs, colds and
scat in that body, to be seated thru cr0UPi Foiey Kidney Pills and Foley's
a defiant attitude on the part of a Cathartic Tablets. For sale by Sands
in u-uci iiiuii uiiu uuii-miiuricuii cum- Dorsey Drug Co,
The laws of the State of New Mex
ico require that every inhabitant of
the state of full age and sound mind
shall in each year make a list of ill
property subject to taxation of which
he is the owner or has the control or
Such list must be on the form pro
Acribed by law by the State Tax Com
mission nnd must be made and filed in
tho office of the County Assessor on or
after the first day of January and not
later than the last business day of
February of each year.
In compliance with the Inw and for
General Land office, under provision.!
of Sec. 11405, R. S., purauunt to the .
application of Robert Lee Scroggim, i
Quay, New Mexico, Serial No. 022031, ,
we will olfer at public tale, to the
highest bidder, but at not less than 1
$2.00 per acre, ut 10 o'cIock A. M., on
the fourteenth duy of January, 1920,
next, at this office, the following tract
of land: NE'i NEU auction 1,
Township 8, North, Range 31 East, N.
M. P. M.
The sale will not be kept open,
but will be declured closed when those
present at tb hour named have ceased
bidding. The person making the
highest bid will be required to im
mediately pay to the Receiver the
amount thereof.
Any persons claiming adversely the
above-described land arc advised to
file their claims, or objections, on or
before the time designated for sale.
i.,,.,r.,.niM t. tnoi licklinc in me taroai
and nnlfci rclrcuhing, reitlul leep
Baniihed La Grippe Coughs
U Niwn.in. JKi Morthrtnd St.. CWI.
It n. W. Vj.: "I m Ud l loll you thil toUy
ul T r ii thi rerrniv tut luo
., . mir. iJ J Invo U0T iJown lid;
, lr , ut' 'I ' 'ti .1 ' M A"
. , 1 . . I ... i -ia . na ...iifripj'l
I : , ' Hold: tulllJ if llUi .
1V.. .ill IJ. 1 Jl I'j 1. '. I-T I J
c . ...n't I I ' - t-"1' " . 1 . ' '
. olr ' luiuy and T.T Compound
, i ; i. in loughi, i il I
l.iojt, whoi.pin.
utul liroa '
President Wishes "Tho Very Best Suc
ccm" for the 1019 Red Cross Xmai
Seal Campaign.
Tuberculosis Kills 150,000 AMERICANS every
. And yet, Tuberculosis ia Preventable and
The National Tuberculosis Association 1b con
ducting a sale of Red Crosa Christmas Seals, begin
ning December 1.
The proceeds of this sale will be used to combat
Humanity's most deadly enemy The White Plague
in every community in the United States.
Approximately 02 per cent of the money raised
In your state will be spent there.
This Campaign to save AMERICAN lives will
succeed if you do your part.
Get in touch with your state or local Tubercu
losis Association.
Buy Red CroBS Christmas Seals, or Health
Don't wait for the Peals to come to yon.
tPrcHldent Wilson, In a letter
to Dr. Charles J. Hat
field, MniingliiR Director of
tho National Tuberculosis
AiiMoclatlon, expret-si's keen Interest In
tho work of the association and wishes
access to the ltilt) Red Cross Christ
mas Seal sale. More than GOO.OOO.OOOi
seals must be Hold during the ten day
drive which began on December 1, to
assure a one hundred per cent, appli
cation of the Association's 1020 educa
tional and preventive campaign. Tin
President's letter follows:
"Allow me to express again my deep
Interest In the work of the National
Tuberculosis Afsonnilon. I am very
much Interested to Mini of lu effortH
of the Association to hum- the Mini
of six and one half million iluilars that
the state budgets may be Ihianced for
the coining year, and write t" vvlsii the
very best success of the effort."
t David Starr Jordan says;
"There Is nothing In all
the world so Important as
little children ; nothing eo
Interesting. If you wish to go In
for philanthropy, If ever you wish
to be of any use in the world, do
MOtneUiins for little children. If
ever you yearn to bo truly wise,
rtudy children, We can dress the
tore, bandago the wound, Imprison
tht criminal, heal the sick and
bury the dead, hut there Is always
a chance that we can save the
child. If the great army nf phi
lanthropists ever exterminate sin
and pestilence, ever work nut the
race's salvation, It will be because
a llttli child has led them."
them today.
ty on the respective dates as follows,
for the purpose of taking lists of prop
erty. Yours truly,
Friday Jan. 2d, 1U20, Norton.
Saturday, Jun. 3, 1920, Quay.
Mon., Tucs., and Wed., Jan. 5, 0,
and 7, 11)20, Nara Visa.
Thursday, Jan. 8, 1920, Obar
Friday and Saturday, Jan. 9and 10,
1U2U, Logan.
Monday, Jan. 12, 1920, Glcnrio.
Tuesday, Jan. 13, 1920, Endee.
Wednesday, Jan. 1-1. 1920. Hard
Thursday and Friday, Jan. 15 and
10, 1920,' San Jon.
Thursday, Jan. 22, 1920, Hudson.
Friday, Jan. 23, 1920, Montoya.
.Monday Jan 20, 1920, Forenoon only
Cameron at Leach's btore
Monday, Jan. 20, 1920, Afternoon
only, Prairie View School House
Tuesday, Jan. 27, 1920, Plain.
Wednesday, Jan. 28, 1920, Forrest.
Thursday, Jan. 29, 1920, Kirk.
Friday, Jan. 30, 1920, Jordan.
Tuc. News 020113
Department of the Interior, U. S. Land
Office at lucumcari, New Mexico
November 25, 1919.
Notice is hereby given that August
Iiruhn, of Logan, New Mexico, who,
on December I, 1910, made Additional
Homestead Entry, No. 020113, for i
Northwest (Juurtcr, Section 20, Town-,
ship 11 North, Range 33 East, New j
M..i ....,;.... i,., r.i,..i ,
IIUAIVU 1 1 IIIV.II.II .IIVI IU1M1I, ntm iniu tm V -
notice of intention to make Final Three 1 1 ItriPfa W IVIPlin t-
i car i ruui, iu usuiuiiau ciuim iu uic
land above described, before Regis
ter and Receiver, U. S. Land Office,
at Tucumcari, New Mexico, on the
seventeenth day of Janua.y, 1920.
Claimant names as witnesses:
Sanders B. Oliver, of Logan. New
Mexico, John F. Moss, of Logan, New I
Mexico, Walter Oliver, of Logan, New
Mexico, David S. Clay, of Logan, New
.Mexico. ;
12-l-5t Register,
Tuc. News 022099
Department of the Interior, U. S. Land
Office at Tucumcari, New Mexico
November 18, 1919.
Notice is hereby given thnt Charles
II. Lane, of Logan, New Mexico, who
on October 5, 1918, made Additional
Stock-raising Homestead Entry, No
022099, for NWU SWW Section 21;
SKii, a'j sw . Section 20. Town
ship 13 North, Range 33 East, New
Mexico Principal Meridian, has filed
notico of intention to mnkc Finul
Thrco Year Proof, to establish claim
to the land above described, before
Register and Receiver, U. S. Land
Office, at Tucumcari, New Mexico, on
the twentieth day of January, 1920
(JIalmant names as witnesses:
H. B. Hancock, of Logan, New Mex
ico, Alice Wilson, of Logan, New Mexi
co, J. T. Smith, of Hudson, New Mexi-
co, R. H. Powell, of Hudson, Now Mex
12-4-fit Register,
He It Resolved, that we, the Benev
olent and Protective Order of Elk
No. 1172, do publicly thank llro. P. A
James and Mrs. T. L. Darnenl fi
their untiring effort in the orirnnizn
tion and production of the Charity
.Minstrel, me members ot their com
puny and orchestra for their work in
making the entertainment a success
Bros. Hurley und Hawkins for tho uso
of their theatre on the night of De
cember 15, 1919, each of the newspa
pers for their publicity and the genera
public for its hearty support.
Unanimously passed at a snccla
ressioti of the above lodge on the 21.u
day of December, 1919.
C. M. Bueler, E. R.
J. J. Harriton, Sec'y. t
Phone 105
Transfer and Storage
We haul anything,
Any time,
Night or day,
Rain or shine.
Try us a whirl.
; Old Bank Bar Bldg. f
Res. Phone 111.
I lru.l Rlij.
il ii:s. ti
Nr.rctl i
i Elf LK .GssraBS
t U II
w ! i.y ui.
in ' , aa
f er bt:
Whir MimmiTcnmiJ. in
lilt - w mi
tiul f . n i nn ', n I u V
' C.car N ,U u " tK.c ,
a a i 'tie oiu e :i.
Tuc. News 010811-022470
Department of the Interior, U. S. Land
Office at lucumcari, Now Mexico
November M, 1919.
Notice is hereby given that Willie
P. Weeks, of Bryantine, New Mexico,
who, on July 21, 1915, made Additional
Homestead Entry, No. 010814, for
SV4 NE4 Section 18, Township 14,
.Mirth, Range 31 Last, and who on
June 13, 1919, made Additional H'd.
Entry No. 022470 for SWVi NEVi,
NWU SE'i, Section 7, Township 14
North, ltnnge 31 hast, New Mexico
Principal Meridian, has filed notice
of intention to make Final Three Year
Proof, to establish claim to the land
above described, before Register and
Receiver, U. S. Land Office, at Tucum-
curi, New Mexico, on the twenty first
any ot January, 1920.
Claimant names as witness:
John Pool, of Bryantine. New Mex
ico,, William B. Taylor, of Loiran.
New Mexico, Oscar A. Pool, of Bryan- Tuc. News 018097
tine, New Mexico, John B. Rognl, of i NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION
Logan, New Mexico. : uf.lm,,mpnt r ,u , ,, Q ,,.,
DONOHOO, Office at Tucumcari, New Mexico
Register.! November 14, 1919.
Notice is hereby given that Willie
Tuc. News 020099 1 " ueks one of the heirs of Cathor-
N'd'riCI'. rH Piim.if'A'rmv e A. Weeks, deceased, of Hrvnntlne.
Department of the Interior, U. S. Lund Nuw Mcxlco. who on July 31, 1915,
unice at Tucumcari, New Mexico , uu uuiuonui iiomitscead Entry,
November 17, 1919. "18097, for SVi SEU, Section 8,
Notice is heieby given that Susan T,ownship 14 North, Range 31 East,
P. White, widow of Newton White dc.'uw Mexico Principal Meridiun, has
ceased, of Tucumcari, New Mexico. iI,t'u notice of intention to muko Final
who, on August 28, 1910. made Ad- u,ru0 loar Proof, to establish claim
ditionnl Homestead Entry, No. 020099 10 thu ,un" "bove described, before
for SEU NW.i, SWU NE14, NWi "eKister und Receiver, U. S. Land
SEVi, and NEU SWU, Section 13 0nice' at Tucumcari, New Mexico, on
Township 10 North, Range 30 East, tt,(J, tWL'"ty-first day of January, 1020.
New .Mcvii'd I'rinnin-il M..rl.ll..n I Claimant names ns wltni.aunH.
filed notice of intention to mukc Final 1 John 1ool of Bryantine, New Mexi
Threo Year Proof, to establish claim Vj' Wil"n" B. Taylor, of Logan, New
to the land above described, before JJUX'C0. Oscar A. Pool, of Bryantine,
Register und Receiver, U. S. Land Is'uw Mexico, John B. Rogul, of Logan,
Office, at Tucumcari, New Mexico o- i Nuw Mexico.
the fourteenth duy of January, 1920. ' ! DONOHOO,
Claimant names as witnesses: . 12-4-Ct Rctfister.
G. W. Jobe, of Tucumcari, New Mex- -
Mixlm M K Dver umar'' New ! Winter may cause you to dream
Vow Moxlc'o Frei whvL Tyc"mcari. ' Toxnn, Palm Bench and Southern
New Mexi"' f Tucum" CftHfornia, but to Vi.haljmar Stefas-
son the first zero weather was but
tip to start on another trip into tb
RetfsUr. frozen Arctic.

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