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The Tucumcari news and Tucumcari times. (Tucumcari, N.M.) 1907-1921, December 27, 1919, Image 6

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Concerning the Story of Wraps
"Dodson's Liver Tone" Makes You Feci Just Grand and
,You Can Eat Anything and Not Be Salivated
c a package
before the war
.9flHKl VMM i
t MH. ''4Pv v (
E ivHK a Ri
IhB Jila l jv H ift-ll
bvstsf If sljiff'ft fit hv sasn
lR RHiluiytXS H KH
B KiTiir's 'Mxi." MB KB
Calomel .iallvutcs! If you feel bll-yiiti sick, you Just go back nml cot
1'iiif), headachy, constipated. If your your money.
hIcIh l.i sullow, your breath liail, your
rdnmuch sour jitt go to any druggist
mill get for a few rents a holtle of
Hudson'.'. Llv.-r Tine. vlil''h Is a harm
les.s vegetable substitute for danger
ous Calomel. Talci a spoonful anil If
It iluosu't .stint your liver ami .straight
en you up better ami quicker than
nnnty Caliiiiicl and without making
If you lake Calomel tmlay you'll hi
sick anil nntiscuted tomorrow; hcslibvi.
it umy salivate you, while If you take
Hudson's Liver Tone you will wake up
fooling arent. with a hearty appetite,
full of atuhltlon anil reaily for work
or play. It Is harmless, pleasant and
safe to give to ehlhlreti. Adv.
la all cues ot
Distemper, Pinkeyoi Infill-
nza, Colds, tc.
as r
ct All horse, brood mares, colU,
taiuons, M to
On their tonisue or In the feed put
Simon' Liquid C'uinpuunil. Olvo tho
remedy tu nil of them. It acts on the
Mood an 1 KliindB. It routs the disease
liy cxpclllm; thu tII.soa.li' itcrms, It wards
off the trouble no matter how they are
"oxincd." Absolutely free from any
tliliuc Injurious. A child can xafoty take
It, Hold by druggists, harness dealers,
or sunt express p.ilJ by the manu
facturers. Special AficnU Wanted.
Br forming a syndicate tmone your frlendi and procuring mtll trtcti
of well located oil and Rat lease la fifteen counties of Texa and hold
Ing your leases until more than 1W0 drllUci? Weill In this area have been
completed. A maall Intestment and one that you will absolutely control.
808409410 Fint National Bank Bld. Fort Worth. Teaaa
, The story of winter wraps has
1 reached its climax, as It nl v n s tines,
with the arrival of ihe opera reason.
It begins, early In the fall with a re
cital of the affairs of thu stalwart
cuais thai must hear the hrunt of real
service throughout the winter, anil
progresses through many an engross
i Ing chapter dealing with more preten
tion garments. Finally comes the
resume of tho hrlef and .splendid
careers of evening wraps, some of
them wholly frivolous. Hut each seat-on
w itiioscs certain coats that are us
rich and ns useful as any; they are
the host efforts of the o- turlors. and
Include the Incomparable coals of line
In the samp class with those, so far
as beauty Is concerned, are the two
The coat at the left Is made Up of
a lustrous and very lieaiitlful material
vihlch Is a replica of hroadtail. It Is
ample and enveloping with lines that
are managed with wonderful skill, so
that It seems to cling to the llgure.
The sleeves have deep, During cuffs
that partly cover thu hands. There Is
the simplest of narrow girdles at the
front and a big. luxurious shawl collar
of fox fur. No hroeade. however
rich, or .doth of fold can outclnsi
magnificent furs or do more than via
wit. as perfect a semblance of them
us appears In this coat.
The textile fur III the cont at the
right Is like sealskin, hut more supple
It has a cape-yoke and sleeves cut In
one with Ihe body. Its lining Is a silk
crepe and she wide collar and deep
cuffs are of martin fur. The design Is
Impressive wraps that ;lu camera has especially becoming' to slender figures
reported with such fidelity, shown ' and the coat Is so excellent In stylo i
above. They are made ()f the hand-1 ami rich in appearance that It belongs
sonut fur fabrics and completed with in the class with sealskin. I.Ike enaM
' collars of natural fur of the best i
crudes. Kiuh I.-, worthy of the other.
c a package
during the war
c a package
of natural fur, these may appear day i
or night at any sort of funotluu. j
Ingenious Small Wraps of Fur
The Condition. '
"People .ire f-i-J n iul k.c'.iug
ilg.li 'S pi'litrill Hi.'
"Vo. wnen iht- can'; put '.he kick
to anything "I e."
Back Lame and Achy?
IV)iit L-t tint bad back make yos
rni-.er.iblo. Kind out what H wronj:.
If 'u differ v. .Hi a conitnut hack
nclie, fsel Uiiie. weak aad all-phjel
out. have dir..)- neivous hjh-IU. jou
uey well ui-itfct your Sidney. If kidney
irri-aulniilu-s diIH's you oq, von Inve
iilditioaal proof. Dun't wait! I'm
fioax'i Kidney Pills, the remedy
peoil! everywhere nre reconimiadiaR.
Atk Your S'elyhbor!
Subject Exhausted. 1
' W.-ll li il'iii : .Mm ny ome
tblnirV n-keil tie- iingr.v omun after
her lung harangue.
"My dear.' replied her hitshand,
lnei-ll. "iHiilimg rfin.iiif- in In- suld."
ISo.nioii Trail''! t
An Oklahoma Case
"Twr He
nri HU
Mrs. U. O Tens'-,
I I! I I 1 f .1 ti'f nit -
Okl.i.. say'a '"t Had rf.
rit.iiui.fit h ti i. l h rii 'i
tieivoiijiies.- When
ever I t xvi ted ir.)
lf lav back pained
hihi iiclicu Mr lioura
A nliury pain pleroi-d
the hiiiu.I1 ot my baik
nml it felt us If a
knife w.i:i uhlm: me
Houn'M illdn-jy Pills
'Ki'Vi- inn ruuef and
when bail taken a
tnw iiioru I a an, en
tirely curad "
C1 Daas'i at Aor Stera. 60c a Box
DOAN'S y.v
j mmm
V y.l-'I
at tongue! Remove poljont
from ttomach, liver and
Often Caused by
Acid -Stomach
(low can anyuna with a (iur, iy
Mtmiiarli, who l cimlanlly tielclilnc. h
iKxrllxiru and auftVra from indlKMtlin liv
unylld'ic bat a bad brtath All of th
iimiitrli illxirdera moan JuU una tlilnc '
WATONIU, th wnnilorful nw ttnmacn
r-mcily In ylnl laalln labl-l 'inn tint
you al IIU a lilt "f randy, lirlnaa quick
r-llof rrom llii alnma'-h rnlnnrln. KATON.
10 Kwrrtina lh braalli hTau It rnlei tn
al'tniach awtat, cout and comfortable. Try v
tir (hat nty tail, ronnnHJ throat and
Mmily fulliic" aflr too niiirh amoklna
If nmlaclo'l. Ai'ld-Hlimirtcli may cam you
a lot of nerloua troubli- II lad to nir- I
rouaie-M. Inadachn. Inaomiila, melancholia,
rhuiiinlli.ii, acUllca. hrart troubU, ulrnr
and cancor uf the atmnach. It make. IU i
nillllona ot vlctlnn w.aU and iiilaaralita, ,
IUUe. lacklnif in nry, all tired out It
often brlni: about chronic Invalidism, pri
nialoro old aict, a hortelilna of nnn'i daya
Vou nd lb. halp that BATONIC can lv
you If oa ara not feellna atronc ana
wall aa you ihoiild. Tou will ba aurpflaad
to aa how mucll better you m ill feel juit at
anion aa yau badn takln thla wondarfu.
Som.cli f.m.dy. (let a big 10 cent boi
rrom your drua-Klat today Ha will return
vnur moiiav If you ara not atlaflad.
Accept "California" Syrup of KIru
only look for the iiatno California on
the package, tbtn you are sure your
child Is having the best nml most harm
less laxative or physic for Ihe llltlo
stomach, liver and bowels. Children I Amount of rem 'inn
love its delicious fruity laste. Full
directions for child's do-e on each hot
lie. (Jive It without fear.
Mother! You must nay "California."
Good Lock by Study. DIDN'T
The CM ile I'aris. the weekly gos-
Mp magaxiiie, says that Mu.l. Sir Wil
liam Orpeii, ihe painter, ulio Is Mill
working; on pjetures uf the peace con
ference, was haunted by the iilen. when
he was young, that be was ery ugly.
lie iiM'il iii turn his fm she in
the -trcct to ti vnli being -ecu.
Working a an art student, he no
ticed (but his felliiw-pitplls. by dint
nf mental conci'ntnitlou upon the boun
tiful models of 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 j 1 1 i t -, gradually
came somewhat to -eeube tliolll In
their own features. i irpeti eagerly
llWIlileil promotion to Ihe iime elu',
and determined to pcinl all hi llmo
copy lug the Venus ie Mllo. "I shall
tlllis ui'illile her lldlllinilile -V I U lull
Of Course He Was Not Going to Ad
mit That the Little Fellow
Was Afraid.
of haughty serenity," he uhl. "I'u
fortunately." lie continues, "when I
wa promoted to mpylng nntlqulty my
llllisler lllllile me spcuil the whole year
drawing nothing hut 'The liaiiclng
l'auti.' so thai I never renll.cd my am-billon."
An Iiidlauapolls matron was giving
a birthday party for her little daugh
ter and had among the guel the two
oii nl the family mltiiler. They en
Joyed the parly and made iiiatiy quaint
Mill nt the supper table they did the
best. Suddenly the fue burned out
and the dining room was In darknes.
The hostess urged the children lo sit
still until he could get sumo calids.
"Hut you mny eat what Is on your
plates if vim wlh to while 1 urn hum-
Substitute for "Amen."
A substitute for the claslcll (il'eek
Word of reverence bus been ilisruvereil
by a member of the doughboy double
qilarlette at hae hopltal. I 'ml Sam
Houston, Te. Ile has a powerful deep
buss voice and a powerful low of that
Utile i lasle culled, "Hull Hem Hones."
After every song he booms out a u
son of Amen, "Hull Hem Hones." The
lied 'ros tnulcii director s ufruld
he will forget when they sing In the
choir some Sunday.
lug them," she told them.
Tin' youiiget ou of ihe paronagu
begun in weep ulotid. Ile wa really
iil'riild. but his older brother offered
mother explanation. "Ile doesn't know
wlinl to do.' Mr. - ," he Mild. "Vou
see we're used iii light meals at our
house." Indianapolis News.
Although there bus been a
in In-
Handled by two men, a new el
trlcally operated machine will apply
,1.10 square feet of hiucco an hour.
Cutleura Soothes Baby Rashes.
That Itch and burn with hot baths
of Cutleura Soap followed by Rpntlc
anointings of Cutleura Ointment.
er it'll
d (" .'ill
of simplicity In fur garmeii' tin- oie
lluds place for much that mav ni tut
classed aa simple. For last winter de
signers vliil with one another in mak
ing small wraps that embodied m'wt.iI
different styles In one garment capes,
coatees and scarfs were all suggested
In a single hybrid. The designer
were eni)le-sly Ingenious and the clev
erness of these smaller garments gnve
them a charm that made a cry sue.
cessful appeal. So much u Hint l lie
i-nine Idea has reappeared this season
In fur wraps' and there is a bint of it
In the wblo scarf'' of brushed or un
wind that aru furnished wbli
Nothlnc bettor, purer, sweeter, cspe
daily If a little of the fragrant Cutl- , cnru W,M" ""
mien Tnlniim la itimtml nn nt the fin. hl'ltS to match
I Among tin; new moiicis iiiosii mat
' nro most like a scurf, prow to be lln
lab. 25c each everywhere.-
The muff in mulch it smaller tlem the
nveruge but it Is soft and nearly tin t
I ii the approved style.
Seal mid leopard are combined In
the chic coatee at the left In such a
way that each enhances the beauty of
the other. The leopard skin looks like
a small sleeveless Jacket and Its brll
llancii Is softened by Ihe liidelluilu
marking.- In the pelt and a very gen
erous shawl collar of sealskin. This
wrap has three-quarter sleeves and a
narrow bell of sealskin. It extends
In panels (that widen toward the bot
tom) below the waistline at the hack i
and straight In front, leaving ihu hips
uncovered. !
Watching His Valuables.
"Anything in the house, Mill
"Not a thing."
"No Jewelry In Ihe beilroomsV
"Ves, but I ilUlu'l want It."
"!o through the cellar''"
"Why not? Thai's where he
Ills boo.e."
"I know, but that's where the guy
Is sleeping now."- llelroit Kri'O Press,
Tomorrow Is the only day In the
year a lazy man wants to start something.
llfteli he returned home late so
late ihni when wlfey asked the tlnio
he'd murmur: "oh, about twelve,
dear!" or ".lust al'ler midnight, pet!"
Hut one evening, or rather morning,
she ald, Instcnd of the lisliul re
quest :
"Tolni, dear. I wlb you'd stop I he
clock. Its ticking worries me."
The haple, unsuspecting mini did
Net morning wlfey asked artlessly:
"What lime did you cmue home Inst
night. John?"
"A I mil I midnight." be replied glibly.
".loliti," she Mild coldly, "look al the
The hands of the timepiece pointed
to 'J:1.1!
Copenhagen has the largest Inclosed
deer park of any city In ihe world,
about 1,'JiHi acres.
it.. i,,..
billion for
eil off s sometimes retrl-
egging on.
t! J tfao
To have the right theory of happl- j
ue.s will not do much for you unless i
you practice It. j
The housewife smile with sallsfae- ,
Hon as she looks at the basket of i
clear, white clothes and thanks lied ,
Cross Hall Illtte. At grocers, l.
most useful. Hy discarding tho hell
they may be worn with a tailored suit
when extra warmth Is required. Worn
with a one-pbs.'e frock and belted down
I hoy become a coatee, wonderfully
becoming and convenient for afternoon
or evening wear. One of the be-t of
An Ideal Trimming. J
I low clad one ought lo he to see (he
ostrich feather come hack ax trimming
for hats for mldille-ageil women. It
has a softness about It that no other
the new models of this kind appears i ,t ,ir,uiinent ever bad mid Is morn
becoming to old faces Hutu the harsh
i at the right of the two shown In the
kicker Is a nuisance, but 1 1'trture. It Is inadu In several furs;
A cbronli
an occasional kick help somi
M .uij mm irnur MM Morning u
E.zlTovrPOLi8HKeepVour Eyfes
Keadr Mlit - Ready lo Shin. -t 1 C I p - CI mmr-'Hma ItrW
tVtw far fra Cr Car eUiUa CaJChla4a,IU
kolinsky, mink, dyed squlrri-l, sealskin,
are all effective In It, but Ihu furs hav
ing n dark stripe nro best. It If shown
In kolinsky with a wblo cape collar
and n narrow belt, Thu stripes In tho
skins nre placed to run diagonally
across the ends at tho front and a
fringe of tails adds nn appoaranco of
rnnsldernhle length. The collar may
bo brouslu uy In tho muffler fashion.
trimmings that have been In voguu su
For Chandeliers.
Apply pure vinegar with n small
sponge; nftcrward wash In soapsuds
nnd polish with flannel or chimnl.
To renovate tarnished metallic parts
paint black with Iho dull black valnt
used for ebonlnlnir. Or apply white,
lit or any other cnnniel paint dealrvd.
A Health-Biiilding Food
A blend of wheat and
barley prepared to di
gest easily and make
and keep people strong.
There's a Reason

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