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eaen on
r will be found a
f brief paragraphs,
in Ring out a few of
s a query in each para-
The party who first an
them correctly in detail
given choice of the prizes
elow The next or near
rect, will be given choice
remaining prizes, and so
on until the prizes are exhaust
ed. Names must not be abbreviat
ed but given in the firms' usual
style of advertising: street num
bers must be given correctly and
all answers must, be neat and
legible. Thereisaclue in ev
ery one by which the identity
may be confirmed.
Answers may be sent by mai'
or brought in person to the Clo
vis News office until Wednesday
January 17th. Thurs
day.of next week the correct an
swers will appear under each
paragraph, and the winners of
the contest beannonnced.
This contest is open to every
one who reads this, except em
ployes of this office and their
Address all a lswers to Knowl
edge Contest, care Clovis News.
and at a price never be
equalled in this section. '
said, Do you know them?
Number. 14.
butter ! Wher
get it? While
oldest grocery
is one Qf the
store with thj
in the city, this Nun-
is the name
m Laundry
s employ-
and the prompt delivery service, ment to about twelve people and
1 1
be found here hut always the dry has been an enterprising
test on sale at prices as low as .faction to the cleanliness of the
the lowest. They are the sole people of Clovis for a number of
distributers of such famous pro- years. Its system of deliveries
ducts as Folgers tens and coffee, are accurate and prompt and er-
Wifhitia Rnal (tnnr inrl M mini-, li .-, . .-!,!..,,, Aitaii Tr la rku
in with five
men are employed at this shop
,'and no long waits between
"next" are encountered. Just
ice prevails here and it is widoly
known as the best pU.ce in
town to get proper tonsorial
treatment. dive tl
e.tor'8 name.
Num ' er. 28. Do you buy
ciate your
i epresenta
One Dozen Photos, Claiborne Studio, $10.00
CASH, in Gold, $5.00
Twelve Months Subscription to Clovis News.
Number 1. It matters not
whether you live to eat or eat to
live; in any event, since you
will eat, you want the best there
is to eat; and the place to geti
the best neals is at the splendid
hotel on S. Connelly. Good,
welt-cooked meals and courteous
service are two of the many dis
tinguishing features that has
made it the most popular place
in Clovis to appease the cravings
of the inner man. The cooking
here is of the home variety and
reminds you of the time when
your mother used to supply "the
meals that would make you
Jong for dinner time. Splendid
electric lighted rooms, with hot
and cold water and bath, are
to be had here at ieasonable
rates. The best place in town
to get your Sunday dinner.
and the young men and ladies
of this section will be afforded
Jthe opportunity of fitting them
selves for the higher business
and education d walks of life.
What is the name of the college
and who is its president?
Name the hotel
and the pro-
Number 5. Can you give
nalhe and telephone number
the company in Clovis that does
the best and most prompt plumb-
Number 2. "If you have
beauty, come, I'll take it; if you
have none come, I'll make it."
This is the incentive offered by
Clovis' leading photo studio;
and it goes without saying that
its threshold is crossed by hun
dreds of the smart set and
other sets as the days go by.
The work done by this artist is
second to none in the entire
southwest. Portraits are his
specialty and they are produced
in the latest and the very best
style and be6t finish known to
the art. Special attention is
given to the baby's picture and
no pains are spared. All work
guaranteed to give satisfaction.
Give his name.
Number. 3, For a number of
years this store has been the
best place to get bargains in
hardware and harness. It has
the exclusive agency for the cel
ebrated Arcadian ranges, Radium
heaters. Whites Mentor stoves
and Remington guns and Do
Pont amunition. The very best
in tools, cutlery and builder's
supplies are also to be found here
together, with a full line of
harness, whips and saddled!
This store occupies one side of
a large store on Main street an
is in close proximity to the post
office- Can you give the pro
prietor's name ?
ing? It is the hardware com
pany that has the exclusive
agency for those celebrated
Mailable ranges, the kind that
never break and last a lifetime.
Located on a prominent corner
in a commodious building they
are fully prepared to properly
take care of their large and in
creasing trade.
Number 6. Who is the prop
rietor of the neat little Chili
Parlor and confectionery on the
Xeast side of Maid street? Chili
Number 4
a new edi
was opene
On January 10th
ttional institution
in Clovis which
should receive the hearty sup
port and encouragement of every
citizen. Instruction in short
hand, typewriting, book keeping,
arithmetic, commercial law,
spelling, grammar, and banking
will be given by a competent
corps of expert and specialists.
English, Spanish, German,
French and latin will be taught
is served he: 6 in a manner
known only to people who make
it their specialty and this parlor
enjoys a lame and rapidly grow
ing trade. The choicest of ci
gars, tobaccos, fresh fruits, and
confections are also sold here by
people who appreciate and de
sire your trade. Give prop
rietor's name.
Number. 7. Where in Clovis
are they at present holding ah
"Unloading Sale, A Bargain
Event ?' ' This is the store where
your every need can be supplied
in dry goods, shoes, hats, furn
ishing goods, men's clothes to
order and staple and fancy
groceries. The goods put out
by this establishment are the
best money and experience can
secure and are sold on the small
est margin possible. The two
large rooms occupied are filled
to overflowing with choice bar
gains and it is well worth your
time and trouble to go in and
look at the Model arrangement,
even though you do not purchase.
The present proprietors have
only been in charge a few
months. Can you give the firm
name and the name of the store ?
Number 8. What is the name
of the oldest and largest bank in
Clovis? This bank has been
bulwark in the financial history
of Curry county since its found
ing and is the kind of a bank
that cautious depositors are in
search of. It has a capital and
surplus oi jhz.uuu.uu ana . is
owned and controlled by home
people. Every accommodation
consistent witn good panning is
accorded its customers. They
respectfully solicit your business
for 1912.
Round Oak stoves and ranges?
Here the best of tools, cutlery,
queensware and in fact every
thing in . the hardware line is
constantly on hand. Here it is
that you can secure a full cob
bler's outfit for 50 cents, the
regular price of which is 85
cents at other stores. The best
place in town to get sporting
goods. The name of one mem
ber of this enterprising firm
corresponds with that of an early
president of the United States.
You are4to give firm name and
the name of their leading brand
of cutlery.
Number. 10. When you want
something that for the instant
puzzles you where to get it,
this is the store that will come
to your mind. This is the noel
tv and necessity store of Clovis,
carrying all these odds and ends
that are so cp-gntiv netued
and 6uch a source of trouble in
finding. It matters not what
brand canned eatibles of all
kinds. If you can't come just
phone your order and it will
receive the same careful at
tention as if you selected the
itis faction to
,1 for a
Who is its m
your need may be in little things
for the household. McKinley
sheet music is one of their lead
ing specialties. Can you give
the firms name ?
Number. 11. The famous
Washington Company Garments!
Where in Clovis do you get them?
There is only one place that
carries them and that is that is
the exclusive men's furnishing
goods stire on Main street. Here
also is a complete line of Man -
What ten shirts, Hanan & Son
Shoes and Interwoven hoiaery.
This is the place where price and
quality are right and one trial
will make a steady customer of
you at this store. What is the
name of the company ?
Number 9. What prominent
hardware company is it in Clo
vis that handles the National and
Number. 12. Full many a
literary gem of purest rays se
rene can be found at this splen
did news stand and confection
ery. All the latest newspapers
and magazines are on sale here
together with the choicest of
fresh fruits, candies, cigars and
tobacco. If you want any of
the leading dailies delivered to
your office the proprietor of this
cozy store is the individual to
notify. Give his name and tel'e
nhone number ?
Number 13. What store in
Clovis has announced a "Big
Pinch Sale" beginning January
6th and ending January 20th, of
their entire stock of men and
women's wearing apparel? This
has long been known as the
store of quality and some rare
bargains are now being offered.
Did you ever attend one of these
Pinch sales? If you haven't
you should go, as you will see
something you have never seen
before. It matters not how hard
you are to please you can find
just what you want at this store
goods in person. Giveflrm name
and telephone number.
Number. 15. When you want
.something neat, nobby and up-
to-now in the line of men or
boys furnishings no mistake can
be made bv going to the gents
furnisher of Clovis. Here you
will find afutl line of furnishings
of the best quality, as well as a
large assortment of trunks, suit
cases, grips, etc. Ed. V. Price
made to order suits and over
coats take the lead here as they
d-i all over the country. The
proprietor is no stranger to the
people of Clovis. His store is
the cheapest place in town when
you consider quality. Give his
Number. 16. Where in Clovis
do you get the Edison phono
graphs and records, the best
watches, rings, necklaces and
silverware ? Everything in fact
that goes to make up a well
equipped and first-class jewelry
store can be had at this up-to-date
establishment ? The pro
prietor is a thorough jeweler
and employs an expert watch
repairer and all wojrk isguaaa-
ffeed. It is the oldest jewelry
store in town and the most re
liable. Can you give the pro
prietors name ?
Number. 17. Among . the
flourishing business enterprises
of Clovis is a millinery establish
ment conducted by two enter
prising young ladies. All the
latest designs known to the mil
linery world can be found here
and at prices that can not be
duolicated. It is the store that
handles nothing but high class
goods and has the same price
for evervbodv. Give the firm
Number. 18. What large store
in Clovis is it that has the ex
clusive agency for the Kneeland
union made shoes for men. Shol
by shoes for ladles, and the
Headlight overalls ? For a num
ber of years this has been the
best place l get lh bargains in
dry goods, clothing, hats, caps
and shoes. The proprietor is a
strong advocate of quick sales
and small profits and the best
iroods are always on sale at
Number. 22. Who is the elec
trical specialist in Clovis ? This
is the ma. you will consult when
v,,,. want any wireing done or
want to in. tail motors or any
electrical specialty. His line of
chandeliers and stand lamps is
complete and he can supply you
with all kinds of electrical novel
ties His repair shop can fix
anything that ne ds fixing. Give
his name and street address.
with the
erihg and
choice sU
oysters eai
name of tnis
phone number.
oldest and most
tiarket in Clovis,
ientrally located,
es its own butch -one
where those
fresh fish and
ays be found A
ir will get the
home as satisfac
lal call. Give the
market and the
tmber. 23. Bunk
t that is reliable, that throw.6
every safe-gua.'d for your
action has capital and sur
of $30,000, an alert and ac
comodating board of directors
and has the most conservative
business policy. One of the
strong features of this Bank is
that every accomodiation con
sistent with safe and sane bank-
i ing is accorded its patrons. You
i can safely Trust this institution
for they are home people and are
all Americans. Can you give its
Number. 29. Located on
iii-nmiiiAnr n-Hnoi i a ma tinn no
I - . . fll ! Tl. U .t..
nriiK si ore i uiovis. it una me
b st line of drugs and druggist
tundries to be found in tho
southwest. Their stock includes
such famous products as the
Rexal Remedies, the highest of
high-grade toilet articles, soaps,
perfumes and stationery. The
handsomest soda fountain in
town is found here and the
most palitable of hot and cold
drinks aredispensod by an expert
clerk It is the store where pre
scriptions are filled promptly and
accurately. Can you name the
marager ?
News Stw
to ttv
A U tUo St!
A. Clovis has a
equal in every way
id m large cities.
tiany papers and
. .. 1- .,.... A
magazines are on saie nerc. n.
full line of stationary and writ-
i -1 U - - . 1
ing material aiwuys wi utmu.
This is neadquarters for all the
leading brands of cigars and a
large assortment of tobaccos
pipes and smokers novelties are
on display. This stand is located
in the most frequented building
in the city. Can you give tie
proprietor's name and the foun
tain pen for which he has ths
Number. 25. Clovis has among
; its many business enterprises a
National Bank that is surpassed
by none in the entire southwest
for reliability, accuracy, and ac
commodation of its patrons. It
is as old as the towr for which
it is named and since its estab
lishment has been the standby
of the farmers as well as the
town people. It has a capital
slock of $27,000 and is on a sound
Number 30. Who is the man
ager of the most reliable lumber
company in Clovis? This com
pany handles lumber in all di
minsions of the best quality,
' Mound City paints and the very
best of Colorado coal. Don't
get the idea that "lumber is just
lumber" and that is all there is
to it. Quality attaches to lum
ber t he same as it does to cloth
ing, groceries, corn ar.d alfalfa.
Cati you give the manager's
tv me? v
financial basis,
been steady due
strength of its
conservatism of
prices that dety compehtu
If you can locate this select store accommodation
it will pay you to get their prices
before buying elsewhere. It is
the Clovis home of the Ladies
Home Journal. Can you give
the name of the company ?
Number. 19.
RllHardx is the fame that here hold (way,
Its growth has
to the financial
directors, the
its officers and
extend to its
lossible banking
Give the name
r tins oanit ana its president
Number 26.
2I in
Number 31. Every dealer
makes a specialty of something
and the establishment depicted
in this paragraph is a specialist
of fuel of all kinds. Here the
best Colorado coal and the Daw
son nut and lump coal can be
had in any quantity and at the
lowest pos3ihle prices. The man-
ocror nf iWo anToinrWlitfi gfjm-
" fj - v " v.u.1.1 .... - - - e,
puny is at prqaent holding the
highest office in the gift of the
oeople of Clovis, and the com
pany he represents handles noth
ing but the highest grade pro
ducts of fuel. Give the man
ager's name and the yard's tele
phone number.
Number, 32. Can you locate
the splendid grocery on Grand
avenue, where the best of high
grade provisions can be had for
just a little cheaper price than
at any other store in Clovis. All
Roads lead to this store and the
genial proprietors want your
trade. Give firm name.
ty's pri
is electric
rl with
We pocket table la the rear,
itnd spell out the name.
1 and revel In fame.
Number. 20. Here we have
e exclusive cash grocery that
akes a specialty of high-grade
The famous Chase &
coffees, teas and ex
e among their leading
it is
Jl name. It
hot and cold
. The halls
and inviting
vow anffaaf
you ai
stop when th
to Clovis.
Number 27. Do
Prompt delivery service, where to go for a
Number 33. There is a pop
ular garage in this city where
they have the sole agency for
the celebrated Overland automo
biles and supplies, the standard
)f them all. Cars are cared for
here by the weex or month at
reasonable ra'es. This is the
Auto Livery of Clovis and while
it bears an eastern name it is
one of the very beat in the val
ley. $900 will buy one of their
famous Overland cars every
piece of which will bo guaran
teed. Who is the manager?

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