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Oldest Established
The Paoer That Reaches the Peool
Not Owned nor Controlled by Politicians
VOL. 5 NO.
Portales In Throes of Sensational Case
Which Promises to Rival That of
Shady Bend, Kansas.
Girl of 15 Year It Victim of Outrage, In Intoxicated State
Is Left to the Merciless Ravages of
Crowd of Brute.
A. telegram was received by
Constable Ivy, Monday to inter
cept the flight of a man wanted
at Portales on a criminal charge,
alleged to have been committed
ihe night before.
The word which followed this
dispatch was in substance as
follows: A girl of fifteen years
of that town was decoyed into a
hotel where she became intoxi
cated and left to the ravages of
a crowd of brutes. The girl's
condition is reported to be ser
ious. Her mother who is a
widow and takes in washing as
a means of subsistance declares
her daughter is only fifteen years
old, this however is denied as
people who know the girl say
she is grown.
Warrants of arrest have been
sworn out for some eighteen
men and women alleging com
plicity in the crime. A good
portion of the warrants are
made out against married men
of that town. The preliminary
trial will be held at Portales on
the 24th.
E. W. Cruse and wife of Ash
fork, Arizona have taken charge
of the Harvey News Stand. C.
W. Cook and sister who have
conductud this business for
some time, left this week for
Amarillo where they will reside
in the future.
Curry County Daily
Record Reporter.
Jan. 23, 1912.
Warranty Deeds W.C. Brown
to J. W. Glayebrook - -11-18-11
- - $1000. SW, 3 3 33. H. Rowe
to Rowe HDWE. Co. - -1-22-12-$1-
-Lots 7 and 8 of block 11 in
the Brownhorn Town site, Mel
Jfe, rose, N. M.
Patents U. S. A. to Loulla
Houghton- -1-6-10- -NE, 3 7 34.
Final Receipts-U. S. A. to
Joseph Cox- - 515-11. SW, 1 236.
U. S. A. to Benj. Cox- - 5-11-11--Lots
3 and 4 and S.l-2 NW. 1 2
Mortgage IWd' A Davis
et ux. to E.J. Feagan- - 8-10-11-
- $150. Lot 3, block 39, in North
Park addition to Clovis, N. M.
S. D. Doyle et ux. to L. C. Lee
- -1-2-12 - - $500. Lo ts 3 and 4
and the E. 1-2 of SW. 1-4. 19 3
M. W. Johi
Grocery an
he has decided to cast his lot a
I mong the business men of Clov
I is. Mr. Johnson is well and fa
j vorably known, not only in Mel
I rose, where he was the first and
justly termed pioneer mer
chant of that place, but is known
to every farmer betwee n Clovi
and the Cap rock. The News
takes pleasure in extending the
sincere hand of welcome to Mr.
Johnson and hopes his venture
in business among us will be both
pleasant and remunerative. We
bespeak for Mr. Johnson a good
trade and can assure the public
that with his acquisition the
town secures a live business man
and a good booster.
Antler Hotel Arrivals.
Friday, Jan. 19.
J. C. Caperton, Ft. Worth
C. E. Cook, Muskogee, Okla.
G. W. Erbacher, Ft. Worth.
J. w. Hood, Denver.
Jos. E. Cooper.
D. R. Baird, Lake Coma, N. J.
F. Bessey, Roswell. N. M.
J. B. Stamper, St Louis.
M. C. Raley, Amarillo.
J. C. Campbell, N. Y.
T. M. Birmins, Pauls Vailey Ok.
J. T. Miller. Clovis.
W. J. Deemer, Chicago, N. M.
C. A. Marsh, Amarillo, Tex.
W. S. Southern, San Francisco.
W. C. Kiser, Topeka.
Ross Winnams, -Waco, Texas.
John McFarland, Cuba.
J. L. Greear.
H. W. Davenport, N. Y.
H. H. Buxton, Amarillo.
H. R. Potter, Chico, Tex.
W. D. Porter.
J. T. R. McCarl ariti wife.
L. A. Newell.
Claude Nonles, Amarillo.
Geo. Erbacher, ,. .
W. J. Draper. ,,
M. C.Raley.
H. L Cooper,
E. J. Armstrong
F. A. Kline, Albuquerque.
D. A. Conrad and wife, Chicago.
K. jL. Swift, Albuquerque.
W. C. Brainard. Carlsbad.
idorf, El Paso.
gs, Sweetwater, Tex.
ilk of the Plains
Panhandle, Pecos &
road which will run
mcari as it northern
o point upoa the gulf
in the St. Louis Demo
e statement is also
tiuu its being built iu
oar future is also as-
lell the boundary between New
Mexico and Texas, is proposed
by the Panhandle, Pecoe and
Gulf Railroad. This road will!
have its northern terminus atj
Tucumcari, N. M., and will pass!
through Knowles, N. M., and)
Texico. It will be about three
hundred miles long. The pro
moters nf the project have enter-1
ed into a contract with the peo
ple of Pecos, Texas, by which
the general shops and general I
offices are to be located and j
maintained in that place. It is I
stipulated that the road shall
finished from Pecos to a point
ninety miles north of there with
in eighteen months. It is claim
ed by M. J. Healey, who is at
the head of the project that
financial arrangements have been
made for the carrying out the
construction plans and that there
will be no delay in commencing
And incidentally this selfsame
road will be the means of the
development of best class of the
farming land in the new state
and the upbuilding of northeast
ern New' Mexico. From the
prospects, of this road traversing
the eastern part of the new state
has brought the price of land up
a jumping, farms that here-to-fore
that could almost be pur
chased for a song, has got a nice
purchasing price attached to it,
and the man that tries to make
a deal for one of these farms,
will look twice at the roll of
money he must give up when the
deal is consumated. - Grady Rec
ord. Crack Boxers in
Daily Training for
Ed Winters to Meet the In
dian Here on or About
February 8th.
The Indian "Bennie Pappan"
the pride of the ring of Clovis,
was this week signed up to meet
Ed Winters a clever little fight
er of Raton, N.'.w Mexico. Win
ters holds the reputation of being
one of the best in his class in
Colorado where he has won many
decisions, while every one who
has seen the Indian work out,
know him to be exceedingly cle
ver, able to stand punishment.
Ed Winters arrived here last
week and immediately began
T T". A . 1 '
training in tne rv. n,. mnieuc
Club, where the Indian is also
working out daily.
As the men stand today, Win
ters is a little the heavier of th e
two, but as Winters falls off du
ring training and Pappan gains,
it is expected that the Indian
will have a slight advantage in
this respect.
P repttra' ions are being made
to advertise the bout extensively
Lt the neighboring towns which
combined with the attendance
expected here will probably fill
'"h" se" Z
i y the
fe a partner in
nd one of the t1
til i
send him by putting improve- j
ments on the place, and the
patent for the place will be is
sued seperately, th one who
has been away receiving hall
Pope Nominated
For Federal Judge.
Washington, Jan. 22 Nomi
nations sent to the senate by
President Taft today included:
U. S. Judge for New Mexico
William H. Pope; U. S. Attorneys
- Harry Eugene Kelly, for Col
orado; Stephen B. Davis, Jr.,
for New Mexico.
The foregoing article will be
interest to the law and order
abiding citizens of Curry county
as well as the several others
comprising the 5th Judicial dis
trict, excepting a portion of
Chaves county which is said are
prejudiced against Judge Pope
on aceount of the very rigid en
forcement of the law in dealing
with the liquor problem in that I
The name of Judge Pope was
sent to the senate by President
Taf i but was held up for a short
time pending an investigation of
charges made by the- villification
element of Roswell.
Judge Pope is universally
praised in this locality for the
fair, uninfluenced and unpartial
manner he has dealt with all
persons coming into his court
and in a manner which bespeaks
credit to him.
Judge Pope leaves the district
judgeship to assume the higher
and more important office of li
nked States district judge, his
appointment by the president
having been sent to the senate
this week and there is no doubt
of its speedy confirmation by
that body. During his adminis
tration as district judge he has
made an enviable reputation a3
a just and upright man. and e
ven those who so strenuously
opposed his appointment to his
present office concede that there
is nothing against him as a man
and a citizen, their opposition
arising almost solely from per
sonal enmity caused by his un
swerving devotion to the law
when called upon to deal with
them in official capacity. Al
though they made some very
strong accusations against
his fairness as a
judge, those of the people who
have had occasion to appeal to
Judge Pope in his official capac
ity feel that they have at all
times been dealt with justly and
according to law. Every right
t' nking man in the si
iplaud the action of President
x'aft in giving an office to one
who is so competent in every
way to fill ft.
Owen File Action to
Oust Van Ston
Santa Fe, N. M., Jan. 17. C
L. Owen, who was defeated f
a place on the state corporatic
commission owing to a blundt
The Bi Demonstration Train Will Be
In Clovis Saturday, Jan. 27, From
8 to 1 1 O'clock A. M.
Farmers and Citizens of All
Present and See What
Has to
the official ballot in two counties
at the recent election, this morn
ing, in the supreme court filed
a petitiot for quo warranto'cal
ling upon C. H. Van Stone to
show cause why he should not
be removed from office.
The petition, which was pre
sented by H. D. Terrell, Attorn
ey for Mr. Owen, will come up,
it is expected, at an early session
of the cflurt. which convened to
day for the first time since the
new justices qualified.
On behalf of G. W. Armijo,
another of the defeated candi
cates for the corporation com
mission. Attorney Thomas B.
Catron filed a petition of inter
vention in the Owen-Van Stone
case. It is understood that Mr
Catron will , set up a claim of
fraud in the recent election and
that by reason of these frauds
his client was cheated out of the
position on the corporation com
mission. It is believed that on
the result of the Armijo interven
tion will depend whether or not
a large number of contests will
be filed by defeated candidates
for office in the recent election.
Mr. Catron, it is said, in his ar
guments will raise all the points
that could be raised by any of
the unsuccessful candidates.
The interests of Mr. Van
Stone in the contest are to be
looked after by Mr. Neil B.
Field and it is understood that
the defense, among other things
will raise the point that the su
preme court is without jurisdic
tion to pass upon the case.
The supreme court held its first
session this morning and ad
journed without transacting any
business. At tomorrow's ses
sion, it is understood, a number
of cases will be set for hearing.
The action of the defeated re
publican candidate in intervening
in the Owen-Van Stone contest
case comes as something of a
surprise in political circles here.
It has long been known that a
number of contests were to be
filed, among them one to teat the
right of Justice Hanim to a seat
on th e supreme bench, but it
was understood that a method of
procedure was to be different.
According to the plans, as out
lined by the political wise ones,
the plan was to bring cpntests
against democratic members of
the legislature, hold hearings be
fore the legislative commitees,
the majority of the members of
which would necessarily be re
publicans, and if evidence of
fraud were developed, to use
this evidence as the basis for con
tests in the courts against offi
cers in the executive and judicial
departments of the government.
The two houses of the legislature
of course have entire jurisdict-
gainst their own members and
democratic politicians were rath
er exoecting that these contests
Classes Are Urged to be
the College on Wheels
The Santa Fe demonstration
train which was scheduled to ar
rive in Clovis the 23rd, came in
alright on that date but on ac
count of arriving at other towns
along the route at undesirable
times, the schedule was changed
and Curry county farmers will
remember the 27th is the day
now set, when every one in Clo
vis will have the chance to see
this wonderful college on wheels
of which the papers have had
so much to say.
Young lady Tires of Par
ental Roof, Decides to
See World.
Sheriff D. L. Moye received a
telegram Monday to intercept
the flight of a young lady who .
had reached Clovis and was stop
ping at the Clement's hotel.
As Sheriff Moye walked up to
the girl and pronounced the
words he is accustomed to using
namely: "I want you." the
young lady looked at him in be
wilderment and demurly re
plied, "well, what do you want
me to do?" Sheriff Moye is no
ted lor his ability to be stern and
commanding when the occasion
demands it, but the retort of the
girl in acquiesing tone was too
much for the sheriff, and the
mirth within him came to the
surface. The girl returned will
ingly and it is presumed her de
parture from home was the re
sult of a little family quarrel,
which she had ample time to re
gret. Crescent Hotel Reopened
We are pleased to'inform the
public that the time-honored and
genial Dug Hammond has re
turned from Arizona and has
taken charge of the Crescent
Hotel on the corner of Mitchell
and Otero streets. This is the
first hotel and lodging house
built in Clovis, and while it has
been used as a lodging house for
the past year or more, it will
now be used as both, serving
meals and lodgings to all who
may so desire. This house i be
ing thoroughly cleaned, reno
vated and remodeled throughout
and will be in every respect a
clean, comfortable home like
boarding house, where good meals
good lodging and reasonable
prices will be the motto to all.
When you visit Clovis don't for
get to stop at the Crescent Hotel
and ge
ular pi
with its
The party who appeals t
courts for redress is not al
in the right. He is preju
in his own favor; and be:
his temper will not allow h

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