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"litKL aastv -yC
At th beginning- of great automobile
race the mechanician of the Mercury.
Btanton'a machine, drops dead. 8trnne
youth, Jeaae Floyd, volunteera. und la ao
cepted. In the reat durlns the twenty
four hour race Stanton nieeta a stranger.
MIh Carlisle, who Introduces herself. The
Meicury wins race. Btanton receives
flowtrs from Miss Carlisle, which he Ig
nores. Btanton meets Miss Carlisle on a
train. They alight to take walk, and
train leave. Btantm and Miss Carlisle
follow In auto. Accident by which Ban
ton Is hurt Is mysterious. Floyd, at lunch
wrth Stanton, tells of his boyhood. Stan
ton again meets Mlas Carlisle and they
dine together. Btanton cornea to track
alck, but makes race,
CHAPTER VI. (Continued.)
There wrb a bad turn. His eyes on
the machine In front. Stanton round
ed the banked curve at a pace which
sent the shrieking crowd of spectator,
recoiling from the danger-line and
sprayed yellow soil high Into the air.
As the Mercury lurched Into the
straight stretch beyond, as Floyd was
In the act of turning to examine the
rear tires, there came a sharp explo
sion and a reeling stagger of the car
as a rear casing blew out, wrenched
Itself bodily from the wheel and rolled
like a hoop into a field a hundred
yards away.
The machine tottered to the edge'
of the road, stopping under the power
ful brakes. Floyd sprang out, drag
ging loose one of the extra tires car
ried, while Stanton reached for the
tool-box. They had no need or time
for conversation, as they worked, peo
ple from all directions flocking around
In a pushing, eager circle to watch the
The two worked well together,
Floyd's deft swiftness balanced by
Stanton's strength. When the task
was finished, the driver first regained
his place.
"Get In," he ordered crisply. "Are
you going to take all day, or am I go
ing to catch that Atalanta?"
Floyd obeyed first and retorted sec
ond; an Invaluable habit
"If you're goin' to catch anything
but a smash, I'd suggest a slow-down
for that turn," he countered, in the
blurred accent bo softly deceptive.
"No tire built is goin' to stick on a
wheel under such roughin'."
Stanton shot a glance askant out of
the corner of a stormy blue-black eye.
He was irritated by the lost time, he
felt more ill thau he could have been
brought to admit, and Interference
pricked him like a spur.
"I'll give you a lesson In driving.
he cast across his shoulder, and bent
over the wheel.
It was Stanton at his worst and best
who made the next two circuits of
the long course. Other racers, warned
by their mechanicians of the thunder
bolt bearing down upon tbem, drew
prudently to one side, preferring the
chance of later regaining the advan
tage. From every angle and curve the
people fled, at sight of the gray car
followed by its whirlwind of dust and
carrying the huge "5" on its hood.
Twice the Mercury rushed past the
grand-staud. to a tumult of cheers
drowned by the car's own toar. The
second time, the two men glimpsed an
official rising, megaphone in hand, and
rightly guessed that they bad made
the fastest circuit of the day.
And Floyd had received the prom
ised lesson, for Stanton had safely ne
gotiated the turn that before cost them
a tire, at a pace equally fast.
Safely, once; but, not content, be
came around the second time driving
as furiously, with unslackeued speed.
Down upon the turn they swept again.
Stautqn unerringly repeating his ex
qulslte teat of skill and twisting the
Mercury around on the two Inside
whu-la: then the predicted bupuened.
The crack of an exploding tire came
while they were on the bend, Instantly
echoed by the bursting of its mate
from the opposite wheel; the car tore
Itself from control under the double
shock and shot off the course into the)
field beyond, plowing deep furrows In
the soft earth until it ov-rtumed with
a flual crash.
Partly held by his steering-wheel.
Stanton was flung out on the meadow
grass as the car upset. Its speed then
go much checked that he escaped
scarcely bruised. Floyd, unprotected,
had been hurled from his seat by the
first shock and lay half-stunned near
the edge of the course.
From far and near came the people's
cries of horror and shouts for aid. But
before the first nan reached them,
Btanton was up and at the side of
bis mechanician.
"Floyd I" he panted. "Floyd 1"
Floyd was already rlslu to one
INGRAM) 7 s'
offfe Game nJ fhCaiJg
knee; gasping for breath, soiled with
dust and grass stains, and with the
blood welling from a Jagged rent In
his left arm, but with his attention
only fixed on Stanton.
"You're all right?" he articulated
"IT Yes. A fool always Is. You"
But he could see for himself that
the mechanician was not seriously In
jured, without Floyd's reassuring nod.
"Call me what you like," Stauton
permitted, between clenched teeth, as
he dragged out his handkerchief to
bandage the slender arm.
The appallod crowd was upon them.
With a sputtering roar the Duplex ma
chine rounded the turn and sped down
the straight stretch, Its mechanician
staring back over his shoulder at the
wreck. But Floyd brushed the girlish
curls off his forehead and staggered
erect, helpless laughter shaking him.
"Call you? 1 think you've got the
best disposition an' the worst temper
I ever saw I Tie this up an' we'll
right the car. We're got to be movln'
There were plenty of sympathetic
helpers. Incredible to the witnesses,
but as Floyd had foreseen, the Mer
cury had not materially suffered. The
big car was righted by fifty hands;
Stanton and Floyd unaided, accord
ing to racing rules put on the new
tires, and took their seats amid hearty
admiration and good wishes.
Twenty minutes after she left the
course, the Mercury shot down It once
more. By the time the grand-stand
was fully aware that "Stanton bad
got his again," and the ambulance
had been hurried clanging to the
scene of the possible tragedy, the Mer
cury whirled past the Judges, running
more ceinet-Uke than ever.
But Stanton took the turns conser
vatively; for him.
The race was lost Even Stanton
could not regain the half-hour lead
given his competitors. Late In the
fourth hour he signaled Floyd to lean
closer, and when he was obeyed:
' "Where's the Duplex?" he ques
tioned eagerly.
"At Its repair pit for the last hour,"
Floyd made hopeful answer. "An'
there's only the Atalanta ahead of
Stanton shook his head, but let ont
his car a little faster.
The Mercury came across the line,
at the finish, Just Ave minutes behind
the Atalanta; to receive fully as great
an ovation as the winning car. The
spectacular driving, the record of the
fastest lap and highest speed ever
made on that course, the second plaoe
won In spite of the accident almost
eclipsed the Atalanta's victory.
In the midst of the Joyous tumult,
Floyd descended, stiff and weary
enough after the continuous run of
five hours and fifty-eight minutes. But
Stanton did not follow; leaning upon
his steering-wheel, the focus of snap
ping cameras, curious crowds, and
blended congratulations and sympa
thy. Only when one of the Judges
came over to shake hands, was the ex
planation made evident
"If I am to get out, some one will
have to help me," announced Stanton
impassively, and unclasped his mask,
baring a face gray with exhaustion
upder its coating of caked dust
And, In fact. It was necessary to aid
the cramped, over-taxed driver to dis
mount from his car; to the wonder of
all those familiar with his usual su
perb endurance.
A little later Floyd, some of the
grime removed, somewhat rested,
and Issuing from the ambulance sur
geon's care with his arm bandaged In
clvlll.ed fashion, felt a touch on his
shoulder. , :- ,
"I'm going to get out of this up
roar," Stanton briefly Imparted. "Come
with mo; send for your things and
stay at my hotel tonight"
Floyd drew back, hesitating oddly.
"I'm sorry," he began.
Stanton's straight dark brows con
tracted. "You mean that you don't want any
thing personal to do -r.lth your bruto
of a driver? Oh, say so."
"No, no I Only I"
The steelikeen eyes sent one direct
glance into the troubled gray ones.
"Oood-by," pronounced Stanton defi
nitely, and turned on his heel.
"Stanton I" cried Floyd, In distress
The other kept on, unheeding.
"8tantonl" Floyd appealed, overtak
ing him. "Please I give you my
word I never meant that. I've got
to be back at my own hotel, tonight,
that was all. I'll do anything yon
Stauton slowly baited.
"Will you come with me now, to
dlur?r? Suit yourself."
"I'd like to," was the humble sur
render. Uka a woman, Floyd yielded
to a superior will; like a man, there
were no small reservations In his
yielding. v
There was a taxlcab waiting; to It
Stanton led the way.
The destination was one of the
large hotels of the city, and neither
of the companions were dressed for
the public dining-room. In the
guest-crowded lobby Stanton paused
to order dinner sent to his own apart
ment, pe rectly Indifferent to the sen
sation caused by their entrance.
"You are unwell, sir?" the clerk
ventured, regarding him wide-eyed
"No," he denied laconically.
But he looked for more fatigued
than his comparatively frail mechan
ician, nevertheless. Fatigued, and 111.
"You didn't hurt yourself In our up
set I hope," Floyd said with anxiety,
when they were alone In the stifi. Im
personal hotel room.
"No. I had a bad night of It." Stan
ton explained. Ha sat down In an
arm-chair, resting his head against ne
cushioned back. "Make yourself com
fortable as you can, Floyd. Thre is
nothing the matter with me there
can't be, I never was sick a day sine
I can remember. Probably I need
feeding; I've eaten nothing lnce that
confounded dinner last evening, and
it is nearly six o'clock now."
But, after all, when the food was
brought, Stanton could eat none of
It; although maintaining a pretense
of doing so, which forbade his com
panion to comment upon the fact
"Were you feeling 111 yesterday?"
Floyd inquired, when the last course
was removed and tbey were left to
themselves. His own bearing was less
assured than usual, his gaiety subdued
to quietness almost savoring of tim
idity. "Not until evening, after dinner."
The mechanician looked at him,
started to speak, checked himself, and
at last Impulsively put the Indiscreet
"Do you mind telling me where yon
"Of course not," 'Stanton returned,
without a trace of hesitation. "With
Mr. Carlisle of the tire company,
and his daughter. Tbey are here for
the racer. He wanted to talk tires to
me. Heaven knows why. We didn't
get very far; after Miss Carlisle left
us I began to feel so sick that I ex
cused myself and got away to the
nearest doctor."
Floyd turned his head, and caught
his breath In a brief, quick sigh. When
he looked back at his host, his candM
eyes were clearer and more gentle
than they had been since the assist
ant manager had given the account of
Stanton's amazing disappearance.
"Acute Indigestion, your doctor
called your attack?"
"Something like It"
"Miss Carlisle doesn't seem to be
a lucky companion," Floyd observed
dryly. "She made you miss your train
here, you came near breaking your
wrist with her car, and her dinner
seems to have poisoned you. What
did she give you, lobster and ice
cream ?"
"No I hardly know. I never care
what I eat" He passed his hand Im
patiently across his forehead, sudden
ly giddy.
Floyd leaned nearer.
"Stanton, how did you feel? What?
Tell me; I'm not Just curious."
"Nausea, violent successive attacks
People Frem All Directions Flocking
of seasickness that left me too weak
to stand. I've got the headache yet"
His voice died out; he had a vague
Impression of Floyd starting up and
coming toward him.
"I had to make the doctor steady
me with some drug so I could race,"
be resumed abruptly. "I'm brute
enough without that In me, Floyd."
"Hush, try to rest," urged his mech
anician's earnest young voice across
the mist
"I'm tired." he conceded.
It seemed to him a long tliae after
ward that a sensation of exquisite
coolness extinguished the flame-like
pain binding bis temples, although the
rich sunset glow was still In the room
when be opened bis eyes. Floyd was
bending over him, bathing bis fore
head with light, firm touches. Stan
tha savage Irritability of a strong man
"What a position for you and mef
What will you do for me the engine
is shaking loose from the chassis, by
the feeling? Get your tools."
"Don't try to talk. 1 have sent for
a doctor," soothed Floyd. "You are
all right Here," a band was slipped
behind his head, a glass of water held
to his Hps. "Drink (his."
"You might havo been a nurse,"
Stanton wandered dreamily. "Your
sister couldn't do better. And you're
so nonsensically good-loctlng! Floyd,"
the feverishly brilliant eyes flashes
wide, "what Is your sister's name?"
. "Jessica."
"Jesse Jessica T"
"We are twins: I told you that
They named us so purposely."
The heavy white bandage encircling
his mechanician's left arm caught the
patient's falling attention.
"You've had a bad day; go home)
and rest," gasped Stanton the brute,
before things slipped from his ken.
Where Russian Officer of Embassy
Proved More Than a Match
for Abdul Hamld.
Diplomatists abroad tell how a dis
tinguished member of the Russian
corps diplomatique cleverly outwitted
Abdul Hamld, the late Sultan of Tur
key. The Russian displayed a curious
Ingenuity In Introducing the business
of his country in the guise of personal
It appears that the Sultan had abso
lutely refused to grant an audience to
any member of the diplomatic body at
Constantinople and that during the
period in question Abdul Harold spent
the greater part of his time in cock
fighting, an amusement whereof he
was passionately fond.
The Russian heard that his imperial
majesty stood In need of fresh birds
to supply the place of those killed In
fight, whereupon the wily Muscovite
procured a fine-looking white fowl of
the barnyard species, caused It to be
trimmed and spurred to resemble a
gamecock, and sent It in a richly deco
rated cage to the Sultan.
The ruse was successful, but the
Sultan, at first delighted with the gift
soon sent for the diplomatist to ex
plain. If he could, why his bird had
shown no inclination to fight The
Russian went, examined the bird in
the presence of Abdul Hamld, and
with great astonishment and regret
acknowledged that It was quite unable
to cope with the royal gamecocks,
which were undoubtedly of a. superior
A conference followed on the subject
of gamecocks in general; and when
this was finished the Muscovite suc
ceeded in drawing the Sultan in a
mood for conversation of a dlffeient
character, and in time adroitly intro
duced the political matter be had so
long awaited an opportunity to discuss.
After a long Interview be returned to
his embassy triumphant over his col
leagues. Harper's Weekly.
Escaped, but Without Booty.
A wealthy Swiss merchant at Laus
anne has Just outwitted tbelves who
sent to blm a letter demanding that a
large sum of money should be brought
to a certain place, and threatening to
murder him If he refused to send It
He Informed the police, and a trap
was set A servant carrying a packet
of worthless paper, went to the ap
pointed place a railway station where
an express train stops for a short
while. When the train, arrived a wo
man dashed out of a first-class com
partment, snatched the packet from
the servant's hands, and re-entered the
train. The train, which usually starts
from the station within a few minutes
of the arrival, was delayed by ar
rangement, and the detective entered.
They found the compartment empty,
with the door on the side furthest
from the platform wide open. They
naw the woman enter a motor-car con
taining three men, which raced away.
About the House,
In case of a sudden leak, when it
Is difficult to get a plumber quickly,
turn oft the water anl inii: touie com
mon yellow soap and whiting with Just
enough watei to make a thick pasta.
It will be found to do temporarily as
well as solder, provided you turn
the water on again rather slowly, as
a sudden rush might force It out
The Deadly Dust.
Out of every thousand of those
whose occupations calls for constant
work In dusty quarters, five die of con
sumption, according to Oerman official
figures; whereas among those who are
not exposed to the action of dust only
two out of a thousand die of the dis
ease named.
The Worst of It.
"My wife always tears her hair
when 1 come home late." "Which
makes you teel mean, eh?" "Ves; and
which also makes it necessary ror me
to buy more hair." Boston Record,
How to Be Prominent
"Why aren't you a suffragot?"
"I think I can get more publicity by
opposing the movement," replied the
prominent lady courteously.
.AsbbbbbbbbbbsbbKbb' SBBn
For Every Baking
Best because it's the
purest. Best because
it never fails. Best
because it makes every
baking light, fluffy and
evenly raised. Best
because it is moder
ate in cost highest in
At your grocers.
World's Par Faod I
tills. Cfclr.sw. I
Paris EspWon. Fn
March, MIX.
Van don't ssm ssowsy when yea lay
cheap or big-can baking peader. Don't
is milled. Buy Calumet. Ii' mom
tconomlcal man rehtlmmt (tots
best mulls. Cahtmmt bmr tmpuktt Is
taar milk, and tad.
"Is your husband easy to get along
"Easy? Why he doesn't even object
to going to church suppers." Detrol
Free Press.
nine tonl.
uivtTna Li.t.Mn emu lyniu trauw i n.
llTsr to action, drive. ut Malaria and bulldi us 1st
vsi -r.SHTBU.sm com
to action, drive out Mais
srstasm. A sura Anuser ai
ur adults and children. 6S cant.
Many a man gets a reputation of be
ing a "good fellow" when he is going
to the bad.
Mr. Wlnalow's Soothing Syrup for CbUdrea
teething, soften the guma, reduces laflaassaa-
.i". "T" 'i 'f- Tffri t Wilt Ms
It's far easier to form a good char
acter than It Is to reform a bad one.
g To Women
Broken Down? ,
Whether It's from business care,
household drudgery or overfroquent
child-bearing, you need a Hestoratlv
Tonic and Straiujth-glTtna- Musis
and Regulator.
Dr. Pierce's
Favorite Prescription
fcj rocoounended as soeh, baring ssaM
compounded to act la harmony with
woman's peculiarly dattcate sad sen!,
tlve organisation.
Your Druggist Will Supply Yog
Make the Liver
Do its Duty
Nine times in ten when the liver Is
right the stomach and bowels are right
gently but firmly com;
pel a lazy liver
do Its duty.
Cures Con-.
stipation. In
and Distress After Eating.
Genuine must bear Signature
JkWBWT 11-vtK

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