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Curry County
Teachers' Association.
The County Teachers' Asso
ciation le!d at Texico. last
Saturday with Abe L. Cox,
President, and Miss Ethel
Forbes, secretary.
The entire program was one
of much interest and many
good papers were read and edu
cational subjects discussed.
The meeting also gave the
teachers an opportunity to ex
change ideas and become bet
ter acquainted.
Teachers in attendance were,
Misses Burns, Forbes, Grigs
by, Greathouse, Norn's. King,
Starrett. Jones, Williams, Mrs.
A. A. Watson, Mrs. M. A.
Todd, and Messrs D. L. Atkins.
A. R. Seder, A. M. Singleton,
Wileon Davis, Virgil Davis, R.
A. Crawford, Fred Ohr." H. M.
Pyle, J. M. Matthews. W. E.
Carroon, Abe Cox, L. C. Mers
felder. Cary.
The following resolutions
were adopted:
"We. the Committee on Reso
lutions, beg to submit the fol
lowing report:
First, Resolved that we. the
teachers of the Curry County
Association express our appre
ciation to the Texico School
Board, for the use of their High
Scho 1 Building.
Secondly, We thank the teach
ers of the Texico Public Schools
vfor their earnest and successful
efforts in entertaining the
teachers of the county.
Thirdly We thank the pro
gram committee and the teach
ers who have so ably executed
their duties.
Fourthly That we earnestly
help in establishing one or
more County High Schools.
Fifthly -That we extend to
our worthy and efficient County
Superintendent, Mr. Mersfelder,
our hearty appreciation for his
interest and untiring efforts in
building up the schools of Cur
ry county, and that we heartily
recommend him for President
of the next State Teacher's
Sixthly That as we are bene
fitted by these associations, we
endeavor to make them more in
teresting and useful in the
future. "
New Mexico
Educators Meeting.
The twenty-eighth annual con
vention of the New Mexico Edu
cational Association will meet
at Albuquerque, November
24 26. Last year nearly one
thousand persons attended this
convention and it is expected
that this attendance will be
exceeded by a good margin
The principal speaker will be
the chief educational office r of
the United States, Hon. P. P.
Claxton who will visit New
Mexico in a i official capacity
for the first time. Mrs. Mary
C. Bradford, state superinten
dent of public instruction of
Colorado, will give one of the
main addresses. It is hoped,
also, that Professor Holden. of
the Kansas State Agricultural
College may be present. From
the state, we will have, in ad
dition to the leading educators,
Governor W. C. McDonald. Sec
retary of State Antonio Lucero,
Hon. Ralph E. Twitchell. presi
dent of the board of managers
of San Diego exposition, Hon.
Ralph Ely, president of the
State Fair Association. Hon.
Chas. G. Ward, district attor
ney of the fourth judicial dis
trict, and former governor, L.
B. Prince, who will speak at
the various general or section
meetings of the association.
A splendid program of enter
tainment is being arranged
for which purpose the Rum of
$1500 has been already raised.
A Chance to Buy a Bargain.
By order of our court, I am
directed to sell the real estate
belonging to the American Bank
& Trust Company, all of which
is extra good, and consists of
the following:
Lot number one. block thirty,
Clovis. This was the Worrall.
Boyle home and known to be
one of the most desirable in
Lot twelve, block sixty three.
This is the fine brick building
on Main street, known as the
American Bank & Trust Co.
building. This will be a bar
gain for someone.
Tract Number Fourteen. Fair
view Addition. A fine, level
five acre tract adjoining Clovis.
A safe investment for idle
money or an ideal location for
a suburban home.
In order to give everyone a
chance at this property I will
receive sealed bids up to and
including Saturday, November
15th 1913. to be opened Mon
day, November 17th- right re
served to reject any and all
bids, but this property is for
sale and the highest bid will
buy it if within reason.
I will also offer for sale in
the same manner, the follow
ing property formerly belonging
to M. Boyle:
Lots 11 and 12, Block 54,
Clovis West half Lots 3 and
4, block 85, Clovis. (East hdf
of same can also be had. ) East
half of lots 12, 13, 14. 15 and 16
block 24, Clovis Place Addition.
And the South half of the South
east quarter, Section 24. Town
ship 2 South, Range 35 East.
This 80 acre tract is in the shal
low water belt near Portales,
and is subject to a mortgage of
Mr. Boyle gave me deeds to
all this property, with authority
to sell and applly on his in
debtedness to bank.
It will pay you to send in
bids whether you need any of
this property or not. Buy it
for an investment. Buy it for
an investment. Bid on each
piece separately, as it will be
sold that way.
Address bids- to Chas. E.
Dennis. Receiver, Clovis, New
Mexico. O'iS Nil
In the basket ball game Fri
day afternoon between the Shop
Boys and the Clovis High School
Boys resulted in a score of 6 to 7
in favor of the high school.
The line up for the school was
as follows: Woods and Beck,
forward; Noble, conter; Johnson
and Houchen, guards; Prof.
Ceder, Coach. Shop boys; Claud
Billingsley and Forbes, forward;
Houchen. center; Hall, Claud
Billingsley and Johnson, guards.
The Rebekahs will entertain
the Oddfellows Friday evening
at Masonic Hall.
Second hand barbed wire and
cedar posts.
C. P. Downing.
Stanfield & Gryder of the
Clovis Feed Store are now ready
to fill your order for Groceries
Hay, or Feed. Phone 43 tf
Machine Oil. best made, at
No Advance in School Tax
(Minutes of City Council.)
The School Board for School
District No. 1 composed of Mrs.
S. C. Nutter, and Messrs. B. D.
Oldham. H. W. Crawford. Otis
Jones and A. J. Whiting were
present and meeting with the
Council. Through their spokes
man, B. D. Oldham, they asked
the council for 18 mills on all
assessable property within
said district to defray expenses
and liabilities of said School
District No. I during fiscal year
ending August 30, 1914 After
a general discussion among the
various members of the school
board and city council the lat
ter agreed to place the school
levy at 18 mills and the levy for
city purposes at 12 mills, this
being a reduction of 2 mills in
school levy and 3 mills in the
city levy from the 1912 rate.
W. L. Townsen then intro
duced and had the clrk read a
proposed ordinance fixing a
12 mill levy and an 18 mill levy
for the purpose of defraying
all expenses and liabilities of
the City of Clovis and of School
District No. 1. respectively, for
the respective fiscal years end
ing on June 30. 1914 and Aug
ust 30, 1914.
Notice! - Furnished rooms, with
or without board, hot and cold
water, electric light. 420 West
Monroe. Phone 331.
Physician & Surgeon
Special attention to diseases of
the Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat!
and Fitting Glasses.
Over First National Bank,
i Mil, , I'h,,,,,. lift. Rosidemce Phone S.
Clovis, - - -
below, we feel that we arc entitled to your busi
ness and we will be pleased to have you open an
account with us if you are not already one of
our customers.
Statements rendered to the Comptroller of
Currency show:
Deposits Cash and Sight Exchange
Sept. 4. 1912 $104,291.26 52 per ct $54,668.76
Mar. 26-1912 105,309.59 48 per Ct 50,226.43
Feb. 4. 1913 108,649.96 52 per ct 56,802.84
Apr. 4. 1913 112.106.45 49 per ct 55.394.07
June 4. 1913 117,832.30 52 per ct 61.860.99
STATE and A. T. & S. F.
Clovis National
New Mex.
D. D. Swea r i n g i n
of the Arm of Dre. Presley & Sweating In
of Roswell
will be in Clovis from the 10th
to 20th ot each month treating
diseases of the Eye, Ear, Nose
and Throat and Fitting Glasses.
Treats all diseases both acute
and chronic. Special attention
given to diseases of women.
Office over Skidmore Drug Store
Office Phone 383. Res. 390.
lovi.- New Mexico.
L. A. Dickman, m. d.
...Physician & Surgeon...
Office opposite Antlers Hotel
Office phone 53. Ren. 219.
Clovis, .... New Mex.
Dr. Carl C. Blake
Office at Mersfelder's Barn.
Phone 27.
Notes from Minutes of City
Council Meeting Oct. 27th.
W. L. Townsen introduced
and ha I the clerk read a pro
posed ordinance making appro
priation for detrayine all cur
rent expenses and liabilities of
the city of Clovis, N M. during
the fiscal year ending on June
30, 1914, same being distributed
as follows:
For interest on bonded debt
For general, miscellaneous
and contingent purposes includ
ing and up keep and improve
ments on streets, and alleys,
fire, health, sewer departments
$8,500.00 making a grand total
of $16,000 00.
The anticipated expenditures
of the city during the present
ear would be as follows:
City Clerk's office sala-y and
other $435. f 0
City Attorney's 300.00
City Treasurer's 108 00
City Hall, Rent & Yliscl 500.00
Police Department $1750.00
Fire Dapartment 2,000.00
Health Department 900 00
Street Department 1750 00
Miscl Expense. Gen. 257.00
Interest. Bonded Debt
and other 8,000.00
Total of $16000.00
Mayor E. R. Hart declared
said ordinance unanimously
passed and numbered Ordinance
No 70.
Heavy plush lap r iba, with
horses head.-, embroidery. Re
ward. Return to this office.
2 t pd.
Good Remington Typewriter
for sale no rattle-trap.
Inquire at this office.
..Moran Drug Go..
the Place,
the Drugs,
the Sundries.
Also remember the dainty SANDWICHES served
Chronic Dyspepsia.
The following unsolicited testimonial should
certainly be sufficient to iri.e hope and courasre
lo NMW afflicted with chrunio dyspepsia: "I
have beet i a chronic dyspeptic for years, .ml of
II the medicine 1 have taken. Chamberlain's
Tablets have done uu more good than anything
else." aay W. G. Mattisou. No. 7 Sherman St
H.rrnellaville. N. Y. rr al by All Uruirirlst
1 2-Gaugc
" Pump "
V5- TTfarrn
repeating shotgun, Model He, is a tiueappe
balanced un, without any objectionable humps or
tuot a shell of wood J permit a thoiougbly syinmrir
safety; it is the safest breech-loading laolssa ever built
It is Hansaseiless with Salad Steel Breech tin
Ejection, -Matted Barrel (which costs 1.0U extra o
Release do rrmovr loaded cartrinVrs quickly from nt
Double Extractors -Ti'ie-Ooes Feature Triager er
guaranteed in shooting ability; price standard tirade
Semi 3 stamps postage for blf cntaW describing No.
VH A. B, C, I). T and Trap Special and all ptfa r
27lar&it repealing rifles and shotguns. Do it to. !
a; no hol- an top for gas to blow out
n, snow, or sleet; it s solid sleel breeell
ical gun without satriucing strength or
tide as well as out) Solid Top -Sid.
n other guns) Press Button Cartridge
.igastuc without working through action)
d Hammer Safety. Handles rapidly ;
A" son. S22.S0.
77de 7uri )re arms Co. ,
42 Willow Street, New Haven. Conn.
If you shoot
a rife,
nHol or si'
' I have
lion fu.
Copy of lha Ideal Hand
In i. , , It telU ill nl.. ,,!
Barry Hardware Co.
nips postage

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