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entered, and the
?rv of i
water in a well or wells within
the boundaries of such entry,
nhall be held to be permanent
improvements under
of this Act.
Congressman Ferguson of New Mexico
Introduces in Congress a Bill to
Give 640 Acre Homesteads.
SEC. 4. That any
the char-
I, who has
iroof up'n
shall have
True to his promise, made
the News last fall, Congress
man Harvey B. Frrgusson has
introduced his enlarged home
stead bill, about which much
has been said in the News. We
at one time solicited letters
from actual settlers who were
interested in the measure, stat
ing their reasons for favoring
it, and we received thirty, or
forty letter, which were sent
to Congressman Fergusson, who
in turn referred them to the
Committee on Public Lands:
Following is the text of the
original bill, introduced as soon
as the new congress convened:
In the House of Representa
tives. Dec. I, 1913. 62d Congress,
2d Session. H. R.. 9582
Mr. Fergusson introduced the
follo.ving bill; whici was refer
red to the Committee on the
Public Lands and ordered to be
To provide for the disposition
Of grazing lands under the
homestead laws, and for other
Be it enacted by the Senate
and House of Representatives
of the United States of America
in Congress assembled, That
from and after the passage of
this Act it shall be lawful for
any person qualified to make
entry under the homestead laws
of the United States to make
a grazing homestead entry for
not exceeding six hundred and
forty acres of unappropriated
public land, in reasonably com
pact form: Provided, however,
That the lands so entered shall
either be such lands as thereto
fore have hen des
of tl
ignated by
to Interior,
lis opinion.
the Secretary
a not. neing. m
susceptible of successful irriga
tion, at a reaton ible cost, from
any known source of water sup
ply, as provided in section one
of an Act entitled "An Act to
provide for an enlarged home
stead, approved February nine
teenth, nineteen hundred and
Sec. 2. ThaL the Secretary
of the Interior is hereby author
ized, on application or other
wise, to designate lands, the
surface of which is, in his opin
ion, chiefly valuable for graz
ing, which do not contain mer
chantable timber and which are
not susceptible of irrigation at
reasonable expense from any
known source of water supply,
as grazing land snbjoct to en
try under this Act.
SEC. 3. That any qualified
homestead entryman may make
entry under the homestead laws
of lands so designated by the
Secretary of the Interior, ac
cording to legal subdivisions,
in areas not exceeding six
hundred and forty acres, sub-
iect to the provisions of this
Act, and secure title thereto by
compliance with the terms of
the homestead laws: Provided,
That in lieu of cultivation, as
required by the homestead laws,
the entryman shall be requir
ed to make permanent mprove
ments upon the lands entered,
tending to increase the value of
the same for agricultural and
stock raising purposes of the
value of not less than $1.25 per
acre. And the inclosing by a
substantial fence of the land so
the provisions of tl
er lands cont.igi
within ten miles
homestead entry,
not, with the Ian-Is
tered, owned, and
ous to, or
of his said
which shall
already en
occupied by
him, exceed the aggregate of
six hundred and forty cres;
and residence continued and
improvements made upon the
original homestead subsequent
to the making of the additional
entry, shall be accepted as
equivalent to actuil residence
and imrrovoments mado upon
the additional land so entered;
but the improvements must
equal $1.25 for each acre within
the original and additional en
tries: Provided, J hat persons
who have acquired title to
lands of the character herein
described under the home
stead laws an l who own and
reside upon the lands so ac
quired, may, subject to the
urovisions of this Act, make
additional entry for and obtain
patent to oubli : lands, designat
od for entry under the provis
ions, of this Act, contiguous to
or within ten miles of their
said original entry, which, to
gether with the area thereto
fore acquired uuder the home
stead laws, sh ill not exceed six
hundred and torty acres, on
uroof of expenditures on ac
count of permanent improve
ments upon the original or ad
ditional entry of the required
amount reckoned on the area of
both entries.
Sec 5. That any person who
has made eutry under the home
stead laws, but from any cause
has lost, forfeited or abandoned
the same, shall be entitled to
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the benefits of this Act as
though such former entry had
not been made, and any person
applying for a homestead under
triis Act shall furnish the des
cription an i d ite. of his former
entry: Provi led. That the pro
visions of this section shall not
apply to any person, whose for
mer entry was cancelled for
SEC. 6. That all entries made
and patents issued under the
provisions of this Act shall be
subject to and contain a reser
vation to the United States of
all the minerals and coal in the
lands so entered and patented
together with the right to pros
pect for, mine, and remove the
sam The mineral and coal
deposits in such lands shall be
subject to disposal by the Uni
ted States in accordance with
the provisions of the mineral
and coal land laws in force at
the time of such disposal. Any
person qualified to locate and
enter mineral or coal deposits,
or having the right to mine and
remove the same under the
laws ot the united Mates,
shall have the right at all times
to enter upon the lands entered
or patented, as provided by this
Act, for the purpose of pros
pecting for minerals or coal
herein, upon the approval by
the Secretary of the Interior of
a bond or undertaking to be fi
led with him as security for
the payment of all damages' to
thecrjps and im;jrou iments on
such lands by reason of such
prospecting. Any person who
has acquired from the United
States the mineral or coal de
posits in any such land, or the
light to mine and remove the
same, may re-enter and occupy
so much of the surface thereof
as may be required for all pur
poses reasonably incident to the
mining and removal of the min
eral or coal, upon payment of
the damages caused thereby to
the owner thereof, or upon giv
ing a good and sufficient bond
or undertaking to be approved
by the court in an action insti
tuted in any competent court to
ascertain and fix said damages.
Sec. 7. That the Secretary
of the Interior is hereby author
ized to make all necessary rules
and regulations in harmony with
the provisions and purposes of

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