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No. 717.
L. A. Diekman, PlaintilT
Samuel H. Waller. Defendant.
In the district court of Curry
county, state of New Mexico:
To Samuel H. Waller, the
above named defendant:
You are hereby notified that
suit has been commenced
against you in the District
Count of Curry county, state
of New Mexico, wherein L. A.
Diekman is plaintiff and you.
Samuel H. Waller are defend
ant: That the general objects
of such suit is to recover fro.n
you the sum of One Hundred
and Eighty Two ($182.00) Dol
lars, alleged to be due for pro
fessional services, and costs of
suit. You are further notified
that unless you appear in said
action on or before the sixth
day of March 1914, judgment
will be rendered against you by
default and your property here
tofore attached in said action
will be sold to satisfy such
The attorney for the plaintiff
is H. D. Terrell, whote post
office address, is Clovis, New
Witness my hand and official
seal of said court this third day
of January 1914.
Clerk of said Court.
By W. C. Zerwur, Deputy.
(Seal) J8-J29
Miss Mattie Renich and J. A.
Newson. both of Grady, were
united in marriage Saturday,
by Rev. Marston.
Mrs. Osborn, of the firm of
Grisamore and Osborne is in
Kansas City purchasing spring
millinery. Miss Faye Brook is
also there in the interest of
this firm
Mrs, J. E. Lidengton and
daughter, left Saturday for
their new home 'n Moline, Kan
sas. E. A. Maupin and family ar
rived this week from Konoway.
Tenn . to visit his sister. Mrs.
.1. W. McCarty.
Mrs. L. P. Simpkinson arriv
ed this week from Cincinnati,
and is the guest of Mrs. Tom
Mrs. Leona Morgan, Grand
Matron. 0. E. S. left Inst week
for Portales, making official
visits in the Pecos Valley after
which sie will spend a part
of the winter visiting relatives
in El Paso. Mrs. Morgan does
not expect to return to Clovis
to reside but will either locate in
El Paso or Denver.
.4 .1 v J J J J . . .
Money! Money! 5
The National Weekly
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in Clubs
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the pri.e i $2.W
nd th:n r mv ii rrtl
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by we ran uHir it
at a Mill (iirihrr
reduction in run
nertimi with tin
Special Offer to Our Reader
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the iicm ptict', r liavc ni;nlr an xtm mrnt !
trtr it at"! 'r 'n itililn .(turn e.M'M nv c:n
Ur tlie i'tu kI Cm'hrt 'lalftn 'I in i a tinutnl
..ffcr anl tmM taken ul aiiiaitri. pnmipil).
What You Get jn Collier's
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werklv n the whole ci-unli y. N"t onh ii H Itir
mid cilut-n' handbook bill II lo
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Ihimi thai ' mli.cnplion limni.
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fOO New Ptiotee
t 2M Short A.ticlee
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.I M . J J J J J J
We want your farm
loans. Can handle
them on short no
tice. See us at once!
Union Mortgage Co.
Declare War on Colds.
A erunade of education which aim "that
common cold may become, uncommon within
the next generation" haa been begun bjr
prominent New York phvalclana. Here i a Hut
of tha "dnn'ta." which the doctor. ay will pre.
vent the amtuitl vleltatlon of the cold:
"Don't lit In a droughty car."
"Don't ileep In hot room."
Don't avoid the freeh air."
Don't Ntuiryuureeir at meal time. Over-eut-Inff
reduce your reaultance."
Tu which wa would add-when you taka
cold (et rid of It aa quickly aa uoulble. To ac
complish that you will And Chamberlain'
Couich Kemedy itiMt excellent Sold he Al
The best coal on the market
is to be found at the Clovis
Fuel yard. Phone 131. -Chas.
D. Irvine, Mgr. t f
Old Clovis Mill
Threshes, Chops and
Shells all kinds of
Feed, Grinds Meal
or Graham, and also
Gins Cotton.
- V V GCJL llllig
Our Great Clearance Sale Will Positively
End Saturday!
This is our Last Announcement and we give every
body fair warning. The wide awake man has been
here and profited, and gone on his way rejoicing!
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Great Sale Will Positively End
Saturday Night, Jan. 31. Are You Going to Miss It?
Mandell Clothing: Co.
Cause of Insomnia.
The moit enmnvm eaue uf Intnnia In ill
order of the Htomftfh and conHtlpallon. Cham,
berlain'e Tablet cnrrecl thie dteord era and
enable you I aleep. Kor aale bi All Druiririet
Remember The
Clovis Studio
for all kinds of
Your patronage
W. E. Copeland
How am I going to wear this?
This is i, 't only the last sock,
but the last straw. Next week
i'll begin sending my laundry to
the Clovis Steam Laundry. I
can depend upon their returning
my clothes in first class condition-clean
and not full of holes.
Clovis Steam
Socth Main St.
1'hone 48.
! Notice of Sale of Real Es
i tate Under Execution.
I Whereas, on the 5th day of
'January, 1914, in an action petxl
ing in the District Court of
Curry County, New Mexico,
wherein Chas. E. Dennis. Re
ceiver for American Bank &
Trust Company was plaintiff,
and Waverly Investment Com
pany was defendant, said action
being numbered 701 on the
Civil Docket of said Court, judg
ment was rendered against.
' said defendant and in favor of
said piaintiff, mid.
1 Whereas, on the 7th day of
'January, UU4 execution upon
said judgment was duly issued
by the Clerk of said Court, di
l rected to the undersigned, as
Sheriff of Curry County. New
Mexico, commanding him to
levy upon the goods, chattels,
lands and tenements of said de
fendant in Curry county New
Mexico, sufficient to satisfy
said judgment and costs and at
torney's fee in the sum of
$576.05, and whereas, by au
thority and in obedience to said
execution the undersigned as
such Sheriff on th 8th day of
Jan. 1914. did levy upon the
following described real estate
belonging to said defendant,
situate in Curry county New
Mexico, to-wit: All of blocks 1,
2 and 3; the east half of block
4: the east half of block 5: all
block ft, 7. 8. 9. 10 and 11;
the east half of block 12; all
of blocks 14. 15 and 16 in Wa
verly Heights, an addition to
the town of Clovis, according to
the recorded plat of said ad
dition, being and otherwise de
scribed as the N. K. 1-4 of N. E.
1-4 of Section 13 Township 2.
North. Range 35 Kast N. M. P.
M. except lots 1. 2. 3, and 4 of
Block 13 in said addition.
Now Therefore, notice is
hereby given that the undersign
ed as Sheriff of County. New
Mexico, by authority of and by
virtue of said execution, will of
fer and expis for sile the
above described real estate at
public outcry, to th highest
bidder for cash in ham! at the
south door of the court house,
in the city of Clovis, Curry
county New Mexico, on the
3rd dy of KVbnnry 1914 at th
hour of 2 o'clock in the after
noon of said dav to satisfy said
judgment, execution ami costs
and expenses of sale.
This the 8th day of Janu try
L. Move,
Notice of Sale.
Whereas, on the 10th day of
January, 1914 in an action
pending in the District Court of
Curry County, New Mexico, in
which ('has. E. Dennis, as Re
ceiver for American Bank &
Trusl Companv was plaintiff
and H. W. Williams was de
fendant, said cause being num
bered 704 on the civil docket of
said court, a judgement and de
cree was made and entered of
record wherein the said plain
tiff recovered from said defend
ant the sum of $553.80, includ
ing attorney's fee, together with
costs of suit, and in which judg
ment and decree the following
personal property belonging to
said defendant was ordered and
decreed sold te satisfy said
judgment and costs, to-wit:
All of the law library of said
defendant consisting of about
400 volumes of law books, also
all his office furniture a id fix
tures consisting of tw office
desks and chairs, tables and
typewriter, rugs, stove and all
other furniture and fixtures for
merly m the law office of said
defendant in the city of Clovis.
Now Therefore. Notice is
hereby given that the under
signed as Special Master of
Court, by virtue of and in obe
dience to said judgement, decree
and order of sale, will offer and
expose for sale the above de
scribed personal property at
public outcry to the richest
bidder for cash in haiid on th?
9th day of February. 1914. at
the hour of one o'clock in the
afternoon at the front do r of
the Union Mortgage Company,
on West (Irani! Avenue, in the
city of Clovis. Currv county.
New Mexico, to satisfy said
judgment, costs and expenses
of sale.
This the 15th day of January,
C. A Scheurich.
Special Master of Court.
Jl. ro
Notice of Appointment
of Administrator.
No. 5.!.
In the Probate Court of Curry
County New Mexico.
Notice is hereby given that
on the 14th day of January,
1914. E. A. Gurley, vho.- busi
ness and post office address is
Clovis, New Mexico, was duly
appointed as the administrator
of the estate of Orah Frances
Holler, deceased, by the Pro
bate Court of Curry county,
New Mexico, anil that he is now
the duly qu lifted and acting
administrator of said estate.
Notice is further given that all
persons who have claims againet
said estate are required to pre
sent the same to said adminis
trator within the time prescrib
ed by law.
In Witness Whereof, I have
hereunto set my hand and
affixed the seal of said Court,
this the 14th day of January
A. L. Awai.t.
Clerk of the Probate Court.
J 15 F5
A Night of Terror.
Kew ntffhte are mure urritle than that of a
mother looking on her child rhukin. an.l
iraeplna f or breai h durina an attack of croup
and nothing Ih the houe to relieee it. M.nj
mother have paeaed niichte of te rror in thl eitu
ation. A little forethouicht will enable rou to
avoid all thl. f'harabrrbjln Ceiah Ren eriy ie
a certain cure for croup and hae never Wii
known to fall. K.-en it at hand Fir al" by
AH Drunrlntf
Phone your hardware wants
to No. 72 -Barry Hardware Co.

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