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Baker Bros. Agency
Clovis, New Mexico.
VOL. 8. NO. 32
Four heavy triiins before the
Clovis depot Sunday morning
gave rotice the new train ehe
du!e was in fcrce over the big
Santa Fe system It whs a
drastic change in time and re
quired much preparation by ev
ery department to carry the
schedule into effect without in
convenience to the traveling
public. The new order of
things had to be acquired over
night, so to speak.
There was no delay or excite
ment. Everybody seemed to
know just what to do. The
mail clerks, tha bairgage men,
the express messengers, had
heaps of mail and bulky trunks
and chickens and what not to
transfer. It all moved without
hitch or accident.
The passengers ftreamed out
across the platform to the Har
vey House for breakfast. Mana
ger John 0. Pritchard was
ready for them with plentv of
good things to eat and the ser
vice in the big dining room and
lunch counter was fully up to
the mark. This is one of t lie
best hotels on the system and
Clovis is proud of it.
The Pecos Valley train
arrived first atGiMonihe !ot.
The Missionary Irom Chicigo
came last just a bit late. The
Pullmans were soon in place on
the outgoing trains and they
f re ready for speedy runs to
the Gulf coast, San Francisco
and Chicago. Th" passengers
found their way to their trains
nfter breakfast without trouble
though many attendants were
there to assist.
Officials big and little, repre
senting the various department"
that go to make up the conve
niences of modern travel, were
at hand, each attending to his
particular line. Superinten
dent F. J. Evans, trainmaster. J.
I!. Briscoe, general baggage
agent, Charles Walsh, of Aniar
lie; tr.iv.ilm: puni'tr aj.;.i:,
T. A. Galluher, Amarill"; sta
tton agent L R. Conarty with
assistants, sun rintendent of
eating houses, B. F. Manger, of
Newton, and his assistants. C.
15. McCoy of Amanllo.
Pullman Inspector E G. Lane,
of Chicago, master mechanic
Shafer and others were on duty.
It is a credit with them that
everything moved with precision.
The new trains are fine ones.
The Missionary comes out of
Chicago for San Francisco with
t wist and Pullmans, a ten
coach train. This is number 21.
Its counter part U number 22,
the Chicago Flyer from Califor
nia to Chicago. At Clovis the
Missionary sets out a Pullman
from Knnsa3 City to Carlrbad
and takes on Pullman from Roa-
well to Albuquerque and anoth
er from New Orleans via Hous
ton to S in Francisco. The Chi
cago Flyer easibound sets out
Pullman from Albuquerqie to
Koswell and Pullman from San
Francisco to New Orleans and
j Houston and takes on Pullman
I from Carlsbad to Kansas City.
I he t alifornia special num
ber 921 brings the Pullman
from New Orleans and Houston
for San Francisco and picks up
at Sweetwater Pullman from
Ft. Worth which at Slaten turns
t Amarillo, Texas. Number
!22 picks up at Clovis Pullman
from San Francisco to New Or
leans and at Slaton Pullman for
Fort Worth over T. & P. from
Sweetwater. The Pecos Valley
train picks up Pullman from
Kansas City to Carlsbad and
another from Albrquerque to
This schedule places Clovis on
a transcontinental line from
Chicago, New Orleans and Gal
veston to the Pacific coast. The
trains run on fast time over
heavy steel and rock ballast.
Much of the way oil burning
engines are used. It means
clean and safe travel.
The time between Albuquer
que and Santa Fe is reduced
and the Pullman service to Al
buquerque is an improvement.
It is no possible to make the
Pecos Valley conveniently in a
day and Pullman may be occu
pied at Carlsbad or iloswell for
a night run back to Clovis.
This service brings the Pec:)3
V-iliey near enough for closer
business relations.
Just as important is the direct
fast line to Galveston and other
gulf ports. Fc. Worth, th
great, stock center in the South
west, is reached at 7:30 a. m.
the next morning, the time be
ing about 25 hours from Clovis.
This means much to this section
where stock and wheat are
This service is the best thing
that has come the Clovis way
for many a day.
Suits from $20.00 to $27.50 for $15.00
Suits up to $20.00 for - $12.50
only! No alterations. - - These are Pay Day Specials!
Now is Your Chance!
Murder Cases of Lem Cheshire and Herschel Taylor Will
Probably Be Tried. Oldham Makes Application
for Change of Venue. Jones Free.
District Court for Curry Coun
ty convened Monday with Hon.
John T. McClure presiding and
district attorney, K. K. Scott,
court stenographer, McGee and
district attorney stenographer,
Miss C. M. Wood, in attendance.
The docket this term is an un
usually heavy one and the court
has signified a desire to clean it
up1 before adjournment. It is
predicted that court will last nt
Kast three weeks and possibly a
month. After preliminary mo
tions and ex-parte matters Mon
day and Tuesday, the first jury
case called for trial was that of
Lena Singer, et al, vs W. F.
Swartz. I n this action the
plaintiff seeks damages as a re
sult of an injury sustained in an
accident while she was employed
as a servant in the defendant's
laundry by getting her hand
mashed in a mangle. At this
w riting the case is on trial. The
next case called fur tomorrow is
that of the Ftr.-.t National Bank
of Amarrillo vs W. B. Mersfel
der a replevin case. Friday has
been set as the date for the trial
of R. D. Elder and Ben Craw-
ford. county commissioners cases
who have brought suit against
this paper for an article publish
ed May 8, 1913, which they
allege injured their reputation,
standing, etc in the community.
They only ask $10,000 damages,
Among the important criminal
cases to be tried at this term is
that of the Slate of New Mexico
vs Lem Cheshire and also Her-
shel Taylor. These are both
murder cases, the killings hav
ing recently occurreJ at Texic,
the reports of which were pre
viously given in the NEWS.
Cheshire is defended by Attor
neys S. G. Bratten, of Farwell,
and W. A. Gillemvater and
Harry Patten, of Clovis. Taylor
is defended by O. 0. Askren, a
noteJ young criminal lawyer, of
Rosweli. Application for Change
of Venue has been made in the
B. D. Oldham cases on grounds
of alleged prejudice against the
defendent and it is possible that
the change will be granted to
Roosevelt o r Chaves county.
The state of New Mexico vs Roy
D. Elder, charged with criminal
libel may also cjma up at this
The grand jury has found
three true bi lis and a number
of no bills. One of the latter
was that of Vernon Jones who
killed his father, Cyclone Jones
and he was ordered released by
the court. Thos McDonald who
was confined in the county jail
and who was charged with tak
ing ahorse and buggy belonging
to Miss Ella Grant was also .or
dered released.
Cheshire and Taylor when ar
ranged both plead not guilty.
Would Build Park.
The matter of leabing ground
for a public park was discuss
ed at the Clovis Chamber of
Commerce meeting Friday
night. A committee composed
of John Barry, Alex Shipley
and W. H. Duckworth were
named to ro-operate with the"
: County Fair Association in an
endeavor to select and lease a
park site.
It is also the plan to co-operate
with the base ball associa
tion which has a couple hun
dred dollars on hand and to
build a grand stand and ball
ground and . encU se it with a
board fence. It is also propos
ed to make other improvements
and to adopt the location for
j permanent Fair grounds.
Trey O Hearts.
Have you been reading
story, "Trey O'Hearts in
Clovis News and seeing
pictures at the Lyceum?
you have neglected to do
you have missed a real treat.
. Read the story in this issue,
for town and county readers and
then go and see the movies. It
cost $15,000 to buy this story
from the author and $lf0,000 to
put it in film,
You can get both for practi
cally nothing.
The new train schedule will
be a big help to Clovis and this
section of the state. The Albu
querque Journal now reaches
here at 7:10 on the morning of
the day it is dated. Just like a
home daily.
FEBRUARY 15th and 16th
NEW $18,000.00 HIGH SCHOOL
Chamber of Commerce
The Clovis Chamber of
Commerce met at the Elk's
Club Rooms last Friday night
and what it lacked in attend
ance, it made up in enthusi
asm. Tne Secretary announced
that he had received twenty
letters addressed to the Club
since the last meetinor two
weeks before. Some were in
the nature of orders for Sudan
grass and inquiries concerning
it but the majority were with
reference to the country and
the business opportunities in
Clovis. Several committees re
ported and many matters of vi
tal interest to the people of
Clovis were discussed.
Elevator for Clovis
Mr. Burdick of the firm of
Burdick and Stone, of Wichita,
Kansas, was in the city Wednes
day and in a meeting with the
Clovis business men at the office
of the Union Mortgage Company
practically promised to erect a
grain elevator in Clovis within a
short time.
Several Clovis business men
have offered to take stock in the
enterprise to the extent of about
$1,500 00 and Mr. Burdick will
put more than a like amount in
the proposition. This company
is well known in Kansas where
they operate several large ele
vators. The erection of an ele
vator in Clovis will mean that
our farmers will always find a
ready market for their grain.
This is something that Clovis
has long needed but the real ne
cessity of it was not fully real
ized until ihis year. Score an
other one for Clovis.
Them Salaries
It now appears that those of
ficers who had dreams of re
ceiving such large salaries as are
provided in the proposed bill for
officers of the counties of the
second and third class, will have
their dreams shattered. It is
now almost certain that under
the new classification Curry
County will be relegated to the
fourth class with salaries for the
principal officers of about $2,000.
00. An agreement has not yet
been reached on the salary bill
and the New Mexico legislature
so far has accomplished (?)
Clovis Title & Abstract
C. C. BAKER. Mgr.
Clovis, Mew Mexico.
$1.00 PER YEAR
The board of education of
Clovis have decided that the
time has arrived when we must
have another school building' to
relieve the congestion in the
Clovis schools which is daily
growing to be more of a vexa
tious question, by reason of the
rapidly increasing enrollment
and will ask the mayor to call
an election on the first Monday
in April to vote bonds for the
erection o f an $18,000 high
school building. Th's is the
regular date set for the election
of trustees, so that the will be
no extra expense in ca liny; an
election. ,
The board is unanimous in its
desire to call the election and
.he mayor has signified his will
ingness to do 80.
It is announced that there will
be 200 children ready for the
high school next year, without
tmple provision being made to
accomodate them unless the pro
posed high school is bui t.
We are advised by Prof. W. E.
Carroon that a small levy will
be sufficient and that a bond
payment of $700.00 to $800.00 a
year will provide ample funds.
Ordinarily the News is not in
favor of any raise in the tax
rate, but in case of absolute
necessity and for such a worthy
cause we feel inclined to favor
the proposition.
It is recognized by all who are
familiar with the facts that
something must be done and
there seems no other way of do
ing it.
The News would invite com
ment by others on this su'ijact.
Whiting Will Move
A. J. Whiting, who has been
compelled to vacate his present
building, by reason of its pur
chase by the Kendall Dry Goods
Company, has leased the Croft
build ii g occupied by the Central
Meat Company. Just where the
Central Meat Company will
move has not yet been decided
but they will probably take the
building recently vacated by the
Pure Food Bakery or Stewart
building which is to be remodel
ed with a brick front.
Attorney H. D. Terrell who
now resides at Silver City is in
the city employed as counsel in
the Singer Swartz case.

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