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Safety First Show.
The Moving Picture show
given by the Bureau of Safety
of the Atchison, Topeka, and
Santa Fe Railway Company at
the First Baptist Church Feb.
5th and 7th was attended by
practically a full representa
tion of their employes and fam
ilies. The regular program was
augmented at this point by a
violin solo on Friday night by
Mr. Parker accompanied by Mr.
Nelson and on Saturday night,
by a vocal uolo rendered by Mr.
Before the pictures were
shown, there was a ten minute
talk by Mr. Isaiah Hale, Com
missioner of Safety for the
AT&SF Sytem, under whose di
rection the show was given and
who is already quite well known
among their employes at this
The safety pictures wer e pre
faced by a Btereoptican show
ing the well known features of
Mr. E. P. Ripley. President of
the Santa Fe Railway Company,
followed by his personally sign
ed appeal asking the interest
and co-operation of every em
ploye in their safety work, fol
lowed by pictures of the world
famous Fred Harvey hotels, lo
cated along the Santa Fe; some
. beautiful pictures of Yosemite
and Grand Canyon, and some
up-to-the minute colored pic
tures of the Panama Pacific Ex
position. Then followed a num
ber of pictures showing various
careless and unsafe practices in
railroad operation, the entar
tainment closing with a two
reel motion picture entitled
"Steve Hill's Awakening,"
which forcefully tells a story of
a young railroad man who,
through carelessness, got start
en wrong, but who learned be
fore it was too late that it is
be.tter to be safe than sorry,
and whose life long service was
one of credit to himself and his
Two of Mr. Hale's utterances
worth remembering by everyone
whether in railroad service or
not, were: "Did ' you ever
think of your mind as your
personal engineer; of your
head as the cab; of your eyes
as the windows through which
, he sees things, or should see
them? What happens when a
real engineer leaves his post or
goes to Bleep, happens when
your engineer, your mind leaves
the job even for a minute.
Would you want to knowingly
entrust yourself to an engineer
who it absent-minded, careless
or indifferent? Since you can
not discharge your personel en
gineer, your mind, for violating
the rules of common prudence
and common sense; since you
must rely solely upon him for
protection -for your very life
itself-doesn't it seem to you
that the logical and sensible
thing to do is to make him a
good Safety engineer? You
have not much chance when
riding behind a careless engi
neer; likewise, Mr. Railroad
Man your body hasn't much
chance in charge of a careless
mind." And, "being crippled
generally means changing your
occupation; it renders you less
likely for promotion; it reduces
your earning capacity; it short
ens your life; it changes every
condition of your living; it in
terferes with the plans you
have made for educating your
children; it means living cheap
er in a less desirable neighbor
hood, it means the cutting o;f of
those pleasures which you and
your family now enjoy"
The Santa Fe point with 1 par
donable pride to a record of 66
employes killed on their sys
tem of over 11,000 miles, dur
ing year ending June 30th,
1914 as compared with 116 two
years ago and 103 last year.
There were 68,569 more days
work done this year, per em
ploye killed, than last year, an
increase of 44 per cent. They
urge their men to "Get the
Safety Habit" for it is better to
be safe a thousand times than
crippled once."
Seven Months
for all Rural Schools.
It is with much pleasure
that I announce to the people
of this county that a bill has
just passed the legislature giv
ing us a minimum term of seven
months. The law goes into eff
ect now and we will have seven
months this year. This applies
to each rural Bchool in Curry
County. Word has just been
received from State Supt.
White to this effect.
L. C. Mersfelder,
Co. Supt.
The Missionary
The Missionary, the new Santa
Fe through train to the Pacific
Coast, carried 10 coaches Tues
day, and 136 passengers. This
is the first time in the history of
Clovis that a regular through
train passing through Clovis car
ried this number of passengers.
Probably Wednesday's train
carried more, as the Harvey
House fed 236 persons between
6 o'clock and noon Wednesday.
Its Captain Clary
Tom J. Clary, the valuable
assistant at Barry's big hard
ware store has been unanimous
ly chosen captain of Co. "K,"
the crack New Mexico Company
of guards. Captain Clary is an
enthusiastic guardsman and has
a good knowledge of the military
game which he will depart to the
members of his company.
Ilomeseekers and prospectors
continue to arrive in large num
bers. It is estimated that more
homeseekers have arrived in
Curry County during the past
month than in a year previous.
Hurrah for Clovis! Times are
prosperous, business is rapidly
improving and real estate values
are going up. There is a grand
jush by those who have rented
business houses by the month to
get a lease. The prospects now
are that Clovis will experience u
greater boom this year than it
did in 1908 and that the popula
tion will jump to 8.000 or 10,000
by 1916.
The public generally will be
much interested in the result of
the cases of the County Com
missioners suing the News for
$10,000 damages, because we
dared have the courage to publish
our convictions in the interest of
the citizens and tax payers in
the matter of a certain jail lining
contract. It will be remember
ed that this publication followed
a mass meeting of citizens in
which public indignation over
the matter was running high.
A newspaper that would not pub
lish the proceedings under such
circumstances, should suspend
Ebb Cunningham, of the Ship
ley Bros, ranch, was in town
Enterprise Echoes
New Mexico, New Mexico, the
land of sunshine and flowers.
And the last few days have cer
tainly been perfect spring days.
Mr. Cyex, of Clovis, called on
Miss Clara Zwissler, Thursday
J. Houston and wife visited
with L. C. Finwick and wife, of
Liberty, Sunday.
Albert Walker and wife visit
ed grandpa and grandma Snell,
Jim Holden and wife also Mrs.
Honecutt and daughter visited
grandpa and grandma Lawson,
Mrs. Dave Mathews and Mrs.
J. T. Lewis and Elcie visited
Mrs. Stuble Sunday.
Mrs. Kingry and family visited
the Waits home in Clovis, Sun
day. Rev. Lewis and Miss Grace
and Stanlon visited in the Ideal
neighborhood Sunday.
Mrs. J. Houston called on Mrs.
C. Carnihan Monday aftermon.
Mr. Sears and family, of Clo
vis. visited Mr. and Mrs. 0.
Todd Sunday.
The thrasher was busy in this
part of the county last week.
Messrs Crump and Bender
brought in a nice bunch of Her
ford cattle Tuesday.
Miss Clara Zwissler is visiting
in Clovis this week.
The singing at W. F. Bras
well's Sunday evening was well
Jim Holden has sworn ven-
gence against the whole dog
family. He butchered a big hog
Monday and left it out to cool
over night and when he got up
Tuesday morning there was be
tween 75 and 100 lbs. of lard and
sausage meat missing.
A number of young folks sur
prised Mr. and Mrs. Alley Tues
day evening.
Fred Shumate and Claud Hob
son returned from Dimmit Texas
Miss Rena Carnihan visited
with Mrs. Holden Friday night.
Dave Mathews went to Kos
well Friday and returned the
first of the week.
' Jim Holden made a flying trip
to Fortales Friday afternoon.
A fine Scotch Collie pup dis
appeared frum the Lewis home
Sunday while they were all away.
C. Carnihan has shaved his
mustache off and said he did it
in self defense wonder why?
Will McGregor, of Clovis, visit
ed his brother, Joe, Saturday
Miss Grace Kingry called on
Misses Ethel and Kena Carnihan
Saturday afternoon.
Frio Facts
T. A. Slater and family were
Clovis visitors Monday.
Willie Fahsholtz. Carl Moore,
Geo. Davis. John Moore and the
Davis girls were at the singing
at Tip Isham's last Sunday night.
Jess Kiby was seen in our
community Sunday.
Carl Moore went to Clovis
Monday to be with his brother,
Luey, who is there under the
Doctor's care.
1. , i
The school at Shiloh seems to
be doing fine under the efficient
management of Prof. Mickle.
Good average attendance and all
working well..
The Sunday Schools at Frio
and Shiioh have good attendance
and much interest is taken in
the work. May they continue
to grow.
Miss Alta Isham visited Kate
and Merle Davis Sunday.
Most all the threshing is done
in this community and all are
pleased with the turn out of
grain. One more crop like the
last and every one will be here
to stay.
An immense amount of grain
goes by this place to market and
at least one half of the wagons
go back loaded with lumber.
This is as it should be for if the
people make a good crop this
year they will have a place to
store it and hold with out waste.
Curry County looks better all
the time.
Old Timer.
Blacktower Budget
Everything is quiet since the
thresher ha3 disappeared from
our community.
Mrs. J. W. Eller visited Mrs.
J. T. Crain Sunday.
Mrs. R H. Crook is suffering
with a spell of rheumatism.
In the sand storm last week,
while some of the children were
going home their wagon cam-
uncoupled and left them sitting
in the road and their horses
went on home with two wheels
of wagon, one was slightly in
jured. Jack Wilson, abrother of John
Wilson of Clovis. was a guest of
W. I. McConnell Saturday night.
Bill Wilmoa passed through
with some locus trees which he
was sending to A. J. Burnett,
who lives in Arizona.
Our farmers all have several
bushels of grain threshed this
year that will put them in the
notion tor a big crop next year.
T. J. Sparks has been hauling
sacked grain to Clovis almost
daily for the past week. He
had a big ercp and grain is now
bringing a good price at Clovis.
Revival Services.
The revival meeting, now in
progress at the Methodist
church are attracting large
crowds. Evangelist W. M.
Mcintosh preached a splendid
sermon on, "What I Have Writ
ten, I Have Written, last Sun
day night. " His singer, Lucien
B. Anderson has charge of the
music and some good singing
has already been a part of the
We will give you three big
magazines FREE for a whole
year for the postage. Read our
special clubbing oiTer and you
will make up your mind that it
is the best you ever read. Fifty
people have taken advantage of
it curing the past month. Why
not you?
W. O. Oldham, the I'ortales
banker, who is also interested in
the Clovis National, is in the
city on business.
Curren Agency Co.
Quarter section gold land,
deeded, 7 miles north of Clovis,
improvements. Price $6 per A.
Good quarter section deeded
land near Grady. Price $4 per
Section, tight land. 20 miles
northwest of Clovis. Price $4000.
160 acres in Ozarks. Ark. 120
acres cultivable, balance timber,
8 acres in bearing orchard, vin
vard etc., to trade for 1-4 or 1-2
section of Curry County land.
Inquire Ozarks.
Section land all fenced, well
and wind mill, barns, 3 room
house, 5 miles southeast of Clo
vis. $160 per annum.
Good level quarter section, 4
miles from City, all fenced, 1-3
of crop share or $50 per annum.
Second hand Automobile and
horses to trade for deeded quart .
er within 8 miles of Clovis. In
quire No. 40.
M. M. Craig, of Texica. was
in this city Wednesday.
Mr. Bender was in the city
from his ranch Tuesday.
J. F. Smithson. the Grady
real estate dealer, was in the
city on land business Thursday.
Dr. J. D. Lynch. R. C. Edgell
Dr. Hicks and G. C. Perkins of
Melrose, were visitors in the
city Thursday.
Two wagon loads of wheat
which were taken to Texico for
sale last week, were brought
back and sold here.
J. R. Walker is erecting a nice
bungalow residence near the
Westerfield home i n north
M. C. Spicar, a former Clovis
attorney, who is now practicing
at Socorro was in the city on
on legal business the first of
the week.
W. B. Oldham, formerly of
this place but now a resident of
Portales, N. M. has been shaking
hands with Clovis friends this
Chas. Walsh, general baggage
agent, E. G. Lane, Pullman In
sie.'tor and Mr. Sears, Gen.
Supt, were in the city Tues
day. Several realty deals in Clovis
property are being negotiated
this week. The property in
volved is north of Grand Avenue
on Main Street.
H. D. Terrell is here from Sil
ver City attending to some busi
ness in the district court. Mr.
Terrell states that he has much
improved in health since his re
moval to a higher altitude.
R. C. Reid. of Roswell, was
in the city Tuesday on court
business for the Santa Fe. Mr.
Reid. who is much improved in
health will again take up his
law practice after recuperating
on the farm for a couple of
years. He was the first Clovis
Townsite Agent.
The Santa Fe entertainment
at the Baptist church last Mon
day night bv, the four young
men who hail from Oregon, was
good, from start to finish, and
a treat to Santa Fe employes
as well as others who were

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