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No. 22 (Chicago Flyer) Arrive 7:10 A. M.
' Leave 7:45 A. M.
No. 114 (Kansas City Express) Leave 3:10 P. M.
No. 21 (The Missionary) Arrive 7:35 A. M.
Leave 8:00 A. M.
No. 117 (From Kansas City) Arrive 1:10 A. M.
No. 938 (From Pecos Valley) Arrive 6:30 A. M.
No. 937 (Pecos Valley Express) Leave 8:10 A. M.
No. 921 (South from East) Arrive 7:15 A. M.
No. 933 (Texas Daily) Leave 7:35 A. M.
Local and Personal
Little Marcella Shaw Van is
seriously ill with pneumonia.
Mrs. Fritz B. Herod has ac
cepted a position with Mears
Under new management
Busy Bee Cafe. 2-t
There are rumors of the es
tablishment of another drug
store in Clovis soon.
High grade gasolene and coal
oil. Barry Hardware Co.
J. A. Smith, a hustling farm
er from near Texico, was in the
city, Monday.
Why go hungry. E it at the
Busy Bee Cafe 2-t
W. I. Luikart leaves for east
ern maikets this week to buy
f pring and summer stock for his
big department store.
See the Trey O'Hearts at th
Lyceum. Read the story in the
Clovis News. The picture and
the story correspond.
Harry L. Buttrey a-id Dick
Price, of Wellington, were in
the city Saturday en route to
Albuquerque, having stopped olT
to visit their old time friend,
Cash Ramey.
It's better to be safe than
satisfied. Texus State Bank of
Farwell. The Guaranty Fund
Miss Kendall will leave the
last of the week for St Luis
to purchase her spring and sum
mer stock of goods. She ex
pects to be ready to move into
her new building by the first of
The Texas State Bank, of
Farwell, is a Guaranty Fund
Bank. What's better lor the
farmer. '
O. J. Hardin, of St. Louis.
Wyley Jones, of Hereford1, Joe
Phillips, of Amarillo, H. D.
Ratcliff, of Ft. Worth and Allen
Moore, of Lubbock, registered
at the Reidoria the first of the
It's always policy to keep
your money where you can get
accommodations, we are taking
care of our old customers and
are in position to take on some
new ones. Texn State Bink
of Farwell.
We will give you absolutely
free for the postage (25cts)
three of the leading magazines
for a year, out of a list i of a
hundred, if you will subscribe
for the News at $1.00 a year or
pay up your back subscrip
tion for that amount. Can you
beat that proposition? Come in
and look over the sample maga
zines and make your selections.
Time Card
Mrs. C. O. McLean returned
this week from an extensive
visit in Aurora, Ills, and Dem
ing, N. M.
Stoneware, Crocks, Churns
and Jugs. Barry Hardware Co.
J. B. Briscoe, trainmaster of
the Santa Fe for this division,
is attending to official business
in the city. Roswell (Wednes
day News.)
Try a "short order" at the
Busy Bee Cafe 2-t
J. H. Barlow, formerly of this
place, returned to Clovis after
a year's absence, and has ac
cepted a position with the Santa
Fe in the car department.
Queensware and Kitchen
Usefuls Barry Hardware Co.
Sam McWhirter is again in
in Clovis, shaking hands with
his many friends, after several
month's absenc from the city.
They check grips free at the
Busy Bee Cafe 212 S. Main St.
Mr. and Mrs. Thompson and
children, and E. Honeycutt re
turned to thuir home in Siiaw
nee, Oklahomi, Monday after
visiting relatives in Clovis the
past week. They were accom
panied home by Dick Honeycutt.
O. PattUon. this week pur
chased the Abney farm, two
miles east of the old country
club house for a consideration
said to be about $2,000. The
deal was made through Ramey
and W ilkinson.
There was such a crowd at
the Methodist church to hear
evangelist Mcintosh and singer
Anderson at Sunday night's
meeting that that the seating
capacity of the church was over
taxed and many were turned
This was the best 15th of the
month for collection that I have
had in my business experience
in Clovis, said A. B. Austin of
the Model Grocery. Everybody
had plenty of money and seemed
anxious to pay up their bills in
full. The 15th is the R. R. Pay
W. I. Luikart and wife left
Monday for the markets in Kan
sas City and St Louis, where
they will purchase the spring
and summer stock of goods for
the big Luikart department
store. Mr. Luikart will also
handle millinery which depart
ment will be in charge of an ex
perienced milliner from the east.
Furniture Sale Contracts,
proper form Lease Blanks, Chat
tel Mortgages, Mortgage Deeds,
Bills of Sale, Power of Attorney.
Warranty Deed3, Notes and all
kinds of legal blanks for sale at
the News office.
Claud Notes
Miss Curtis and Moss Boyd
visited their sister one day last
Mr. and Mrs. Clack and son
attended preaching services at
the school house Sunday morn
ing. Sam Pipkin spent Wed nesday
and Thursday in Clovis.
Dr. Baker, the father of Mrs.
Kelly, left for Kansas, Friday
to visit his daughter.
Hobart Rork and Jay Marks
were Clovis visitors Monday.
Vernon and Willis Jones were
in Clovis Monday,
Mrs. Roberts called on Mrs.
Marks Sunday afternoon.
E, A. Roberts was hoi.u Sat
urday and Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. McR?ynoldi
were in Clovis Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. C. V. Kelly and
Miss Ada Stahl were in Clovis
Wednesday night attending the
J. Jones from Oklahoma, is
visiting his mother for a few
ua s.
George I'aggart called at the
Boyd home Monday night.
C. H. Westiall and son called
at the Rnik home Wednesday
C. V. Kelley called on Mr.
Thornton Friday morning, he is
planning to build a new room t
his house.
Miss Florence O'Hara is stay
ing with Miss Boyd while her
mother and sister are in Kansas
Miss Mildred Rork called on
Fay Milks Tuesday afternoon.
Pumpkin Center Paragraphs
Tim Kegans was on the sick
list last week, but is well now.
Miss Ethel Bradshaw and little
Paul were visitors at the school
house Tuesday.
We are all sorry to lose Mr.
Flournoy and Robert as neigh
bors and ask God to bless their
future lives.
A. B. Douglass after quite a
bit of work succeeded in getting
his house moved over onto the
McDaniel place last week.
Mr. Flournoy and Robert were
visttors at the Douglass home,
Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Douirlass
were in Clovis Tuesday.
Little Neva Joe Pace spent
Monday night with Sa lie Hiie
man. Bertha Atwell had a fight
with the stove pipe Monday and
the stove pipe got th jbast of
A number of our young people
attended the Valentine party at
Mr. Crook's Saturday night and
report an excellent time.
The school has gone into battle
and ask any volunteer in the
neighborhood to help in the
struggle. The principal enemy
is "Aint."
Blacktower Budget.
Every body has the spring
fever and wants to g) to work.
Mrs. R. H. Crook entertained
a host of young folks Saturday
J. W. Eller is building an
adobe windbreak on "his ranch
south of Blacktower which is a
good invention.
A. B. Douglass has moved
his residence to the Pete Mc
Daniel farm.
R. H. Crook made a trip to
Clovis Mondoy.
Miss Edna Wilson, of Clovis,
visited Ollie Crook Saturday
night and Sunday.
T. J. Ferguson has come back
once more. I don't think he
will leave any more as this
makes his third time, "the
Frio Facts.
W. N. Bettis has gone to Go
vis to bring home a bunch of
yearlings, he bought lately.
Jim Brown is helping him.
Misses Eula and Alta Iham
visited Merle and Kate Davis
lasr. Saturday nu'ht
None of our community se-m
to have any business before the
district court. Bless goodness
for it
Revival Services
at Lyceum.
Rev. Mcintosh will hold ser
vices at the Lyceum Sunday af
ternoon for men only. The
regular evening service will also
be held at the same place while
the services Sunday morning
at 11 a. in. will be at the
Methodist church.
Market Prices.
Butter Fat .
12 l-2cts
Maize per 100 lbs 95cis
Kaffir 95cts
Feteri taper 100 lbs 95cts
Indian Corn, " " $1.25
Millet Seed. " " 2 00
(Big German)
Wheat, per bu $1.25
Cane Seed, no market
Broom Corn, $35 to $G5 per
Thankful for New Mexico.
(Wrtten fur Clovis News by Mrs. Josse 1.
Jonas. Texico. N. M.I
"I thank Gotl for Now Mexico more than any
other plat'. I guess:
With Ha prairies an Rraen. not ashamed to be
seen, H'a the fairest land of the West.
Nowhere, elsewhere in all the world, doe a
breeae blow moat of the time.
Nowhere, cl.ewhere in all the worlil. in there
so healthy a cl ime.
Nowhsro. elsewhere in ail the worlil, Is the
water half so pure.
Nowhere, elsew he re can people be found with
strength more able to endure.
The trials and discouragements we so often
meet on our journey here below,
Nowhe (.elsewhere can people be found,
who to each other more kindness bestow.
Nowhere, elsewhere in this great world, is
there a richer better soil.
Nowhere, elsewhere in this sre.it world, can
we vain with so liule toil.
Nowhere can you lind a country on earth.
with a greater abundance of grain
Than New Mexico produced luxt year, with a
limited supply of rain.
Our schools are growing; anil improving each
day. as chiklren. can not by law, slay away:
We have roads like a floor without any hill
and many ride around in automobiles;
Our farmers can ride and do their field
work, no stumps and bushes for them to shirk:
The cow and separator, the house and the sheep
Muke a living for ua while we rent and sleep.
We invite you to come to th is land of sunshine
with Its many advantages for all mahkind.
It's the land of opportunity, of promise
of wealth, and if you will ' s:ick to it."
you will see for yourself.
When 1 think of health. I'm more thankful
mi ill. because we are free from a d-iclor's bill:
So if you are thinking- of making a home in
the Weat, come to New Musi, you'll Itnd It
Curren Agency Co.
Quarter section good land,
deeded, 7 miles north of Clovis,
improvements. Price $6 per A.
Good quarter section deeded
land near Grady. Price $4 per
Section, tight land. 20 miles
northwest of Clovis, Price $4000.
160 acres in Ozarks, Ark. 120
acres cultivable, balance timber.
8 acres in bearing orchard, vin
vard etc., to trade for 1-4 or 1-2
section of Curry County land.
Inquire Ozarks.
land all fenced, well
and wind mill, barns, 3 room
house, 5 miles southeast of Clo
vis. $1G0 per annum.
Good level quarter section, 4
miles from City, all fenced. 1 1!
of crop share or $50 pr annum.
Trade -
Second hand Automobile ami
horses to trade for deeded quart
er within 8 miles of Clovis. In
quire No. 40.
The Curry County
Republican Central Com.
W. A Havener. Chairman:
W. J. Curren, Secretary; Dr.
Chapman, Treasurer.
Prect. No. 1. E T. Jernigan.
A. L. Gurley, Clovis. N. M.
Prert. No. 2. Mr. Hunter.
Mr. Ripley, Texico, N M.
Precinct No. 3 George B.
Ormsby, Joseph G. Brawley.
Havener, N. M.
Prect. No. 4. C. J. Shoup.
St. Vrain, N. M.
Precinct No. 5. C. F. Dough
ton, R. C Edgell. Melrose. N. M
Precinct No. 6. A. F. R)ach.
Fields, N. M.
Precinct No. 7. J. F. Smith
son, J. C. Trickey, Grady, N. M
Prect. No. 8. W. H. Musick.
Sam Mulhair. Hollene. N M
Prect, No. 9. Stewart Over
ton, F. C. Blumlein. Clovis, N M.
Precinct No. 10. Claude Kel
ly, George McLean. Claud. N. M.
Precinct No. 11 -Vacant.
(Correct) W. A. Havener,
W. J. Curren.
Use Rabbit Meat.
The following use of rabbit
meat might be of interest to
Curry county farmers as rab
bits in many sections are becom
ing numerous.
A rancher living near Dem
ing has made a discovery and
put it into practise whereby a
100 pound pig is made to pro
duce 200 pounds of excellent
sausage, according to a report by
way of Belen. The farmer had
been overrun by jack rabbits
which were so numerous that
tight wire fencing would only
keep them out for a few days
at a time. Finally, he decided
to try rabbit meat as an adul
terant for pork sausage and the
idea proved successfully. Half
pork and half rabbit makes a
sausage that cannot be told
from all pork, and if anything.
has an improved flavor. . The
ranchman says that he is able
to gather a hundred pounds of
rabbit meat in two hours with a

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