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Baker Bros. Agency
Govts Title & Abstract
c. c. baker.
Nkw Mexii'O.'
'0L 8. NO. 34
fi.oo YEAR
j;:er$ Not Guilly. Wolfenbarger Sentenced. Check
Forgers Sentenced. Court Adjourned.
(strict Court adjourned Wed-
fday after having been in
itinuous cession since Febru
y 8th. Since our last weok'fc
port of the court proceeding,
ank Rodgers, of Melrose, was
:ed on Friday for rape ;.nd ac-
Kiitted. The complaining wit-
ss, who is said to in a young
i. man of unsoiird mind told (nr
'Tv, which if no oth'T ti'sti
."ny had Ixi.-n submitted would
nUless have resulted in his
''iviction, I, ut. the defendant
nieu the chanm ai.soluu ly aiei
Iist.-mtiated his testimony hy
ving dates and places of his
I'M-ncf at the time of the al
lied accuranco. J lean Woifeii
. rger, w ho w as charged with
i assault with a bottle on the
"rson of a man named Taylor,
las found guilty and the court,
'ler admonishing: the defendant
-to his crime and his life, sen
need him to a period of twelve
ninths, butafter asking the de
itidunt if he had anything to
iy before putting the sentence
to execution, in which the de-
ndant stated that after he got
t of this trouble, he would
;.d a better life, changed the
ntence to ten months. That
.e court wan pleased with this
mark was very evident and
io coiirr'yilFered his assistance
ftrrr-inner that would help
in to carry this effort into a
iccessful determination Wolf
ibarger took an appeal to the
ipreme court and was released
n bond. Taylor is a cook and
. alleged to have been drinking
nd abusive at the time of the
ouble. Wolfenbarger has a
rge family of small children
id has the sympathy of all who
now him.
Havinur disDososed of all the
iry casts, the court discharged,'
,e petit jury Tuesday after-
ion. All records for quick
st ice in this section of the
ate and no doubt in the state
New Mexico were broken,
hen the two check forgers.
ho were arrested Wednesday
orning within thirty minutes
ter committing the crime,
ere arranged, entered a plea of
Lilty and sentenced to a year in
state penitentiary all the
me day and went on their way
. t
tithiit institution within tweuty
four hours after the commissi in
of the crime.
John Juhr.sey, ho wns ulpo
serving a sentence in th1 county
jail for 12 months for forging
check.'1, wi s also taken to the
peni ieniiirv, the. C"t,rt having
set; aii!e. the suspended sentence
and put the nrigii.al senti-n ir
to el't ct at d ordered him tr.ms
ferrtd to 1 1 io penitentiary for
safe keeping. While in jail oi.e
of the two check forgets who
feigned illness, v. lii.'h w ; k-1 so
elfeetively in Rous-evelt County,
alino-t succeeded in making an
escape by mnovir g tne pirn in
the door l.utts, hit the timely
arrival of the ket per foi'id the
Taylor Sentenced.
llerschel Taylor, who was ac
quitted if the charge of the kil
ling of Arthur Biittain and who
was re-arres ted on the charges
of carrying concealed weapons
and gambling, was arraigned
and entered a plea of gui.ty.
The court sentenced him to a
term of six month on the
weapon charge but suspended
the last sentence, of three
months providing he would leave
the county within twenty-four
hours after the expiration of the
sentence in the first case. One
of the strongest admonitions
ever given by a court in this
district was directed to the de
fendant in the murder case.
Through the courtesy of Mrs.
Marie Baldy, stenographer, the
News obtained a copy of this ad
monition but for reason of lack
of space at this time, we are
unable to publish it this week
and it will appear ip next
week's issue,
Much interest is being mani
fest in the popular story, the
Trey 0' Hearts. Read about it
in the Clovis News. One in
stallment is shown every Friday
night at the Lyceum.
W. C. Zerwer, County Clerk,
returned Wednesday from En
nes, Texas where he went in
response to -a message announ
cing the death of his father
which occurred Friday.
To call at Mandell's store on Saturday afternoon from 2 to 5 and get
Mrs. Nelson to show you the New Spring Suits which have just arrived.
This year's styles are the prettiest things ever created in ladies' dresswear
and Mrs. Nelson personally selected the handsomest gowns on the StLouxs
market. You can take first pick if you desire. They have just arrived.
Check Forgets Caught
Two men giving the nrme of
Jack Thompson and Elmer Biggs
were arrested by officers Moye
and Ervine Wednesday morning
as they were boarding a wrsf
bound train after having passed
ftr.e forged check on If. Hell f nd
attempting to pass another on
tie Mandell Clothing Company
r nly a fhort time before. The
check given Cell was for $48.00
ard was signed "Williams" and
the one offered at Mandelis va3
fir $71.00 and was signed by D.
W. Rork. Both checks were
drawn on the EMda Hank with
whi m Mr. Mov e got inti imme
diate communication which re
vealed the fact that they were
forgeries. Advices from Por
tales st.it;' th.it the nvn were
first arrested at Elida and taken
to i he Pm talcs jail whpre they
feigned iPness and that the Por
tales authoriti's falling ready
vir-t irriS to trpir con games, gave
tlum money with which to leave
thertato. rather than bury them
at the county expense. Their
plan worked to well at Porta'es
that they tried the trick at the
npxt stop which was Ciovis, but
here their pet scheme was absrt
Intely foiled and they lingered
in the county bistile awniting
their recovery from the effects
of too much John Barleycorn be
fore being Arranged.
They first tried their game on
Mr. Carmnck just after he open
ed the Mandril store. It appears
that one would write the checks
and the nthT attempt to cash
them. A t Maxell's the onp
holding the check bjiuirht freely,
without regard to price, color or
size, hut when he presented the
$71.00 check it was refused bp
cause the store did not have the
charge. The purchaser offered
to compromise hy getting $10.00
and calling for the balance later.
These actions aroused Carmack'
fuspicions and he phoned the
sheriff. In the meantime he
successfully worked the game on
H. Bell, buying $19.00 worth of
goods and tendered a $58.00
check in payment, receiving the
$39 change. Carmack saw them
coming out of Bell's with the
goods and warned Bell who fol
lowed and had them arrested by
officer Tom Davenport as they
were in the act of boarding the
train. Bell got his money and
goods, also the hat, which he
had Bold him a few minutes be
fore, which he took from his
head. Upon gaining entrance
to the city jail, they were accost
ed by Herschel Taylor with th e
exe'amation of fl-ili Thompson!
but Thompson professed not to
know him. Tayler says that he
knows him and that the two
were in jiil together in Fort
Worth. One of the two told the
shirilF that he as willing to
plead guilty and take his sent
ence. He confined ever thing
to the sheriff and will throw
himself upon the mercy of the
Texico District Raided.
Sheriff L. L. Moye, acting un
der instructions from the court
raided the "red light" district
in Texico Monday night serving
warrants on the madam, Ella
O'Brien, und inmates Bertha
Davis, Etta Vaughn, Jack Brow n
liLnch.IIardings and Elli Doe.
Two charges wore made against
the proprietor. One for selling
liquor without license and the
other for vngrancy.
The others arrested were sim
piy chcrged with vagrancy,
.The court fined each $5 and
costs and 30 days in jail, but
suspended the jail sentence up
on agreement that they leave
the county.
Warrants were also issued for
the arrest of Otho Murphy,
"Slim," A. G. Estes and Wiley
Jones, charged with gambling.
Service was not obtained on
Jones because he had left the
All those arrested were
brought in on the midnight train
by the ( flicers.
Mrs. Taylor Gets Reward.
Mrs. John F. Taylor, wife of
former Count v Treasurer Taylor
has been Kuccessful in secur
ing a $000.00 lewavd according
to a recent decision of Judge
Richardson according to a re
port from Artesia which says:
Artesia. N. M. Feb. 19 Judge
G. A. Richardson, ot Roswell.
yesterday rendered a decision
giving the $300 reward offered
for information as to the where
abouts of Charles A. Binsmore
to Mrs. Jno. F. Taylor, of Clovis
who learned where Dinsmore
was while on a visit to her moth
er at Keene, Texas, shortly af
ter the disappearance of the
former secretary of the Artesia
Chamber of Commerce. Sheriff
Young, of Chavez, had sued
for the reward, which has been
in the First State bank of Arte
sia for many months. Mrs.
Taylor intervened, and all other
claimants for the reward drop
ped out of the case. Judge
Richardson held that Mrs. Tay
lor furnished the first informa
tion regarding Dinsmore and
she will receive the $300.
Site Purchased, Stock Subscribed, Construction Bid ' Ac
cepted, Work Begins.
The stockholders in the Clovis
Improvement Company met at
the ollice of C. E. Dennis Mon
day and perfected an organiza
tion by electing the following
named officials:
J. H, Barry, President,
E. P. Burdick. v President;
C. E. Dennis, Sec. and TYeas.
E. P. Burdick,
Lester Stone,
Alex Shii'ley
W. II. Duckworth
S, A. Jones
Lots 1 an l 2 in block 87, lo
cated two blocks west of main
street on the Commercial tract
were purchased for the elevator
.-it-2 at a consideration of $500.00.
The bid of the White StarCon
struction Company of Wichita
was accepted as the lowest and
on Monday Mr. Burdick wired
them to that effect. They have
replied that they will begin work
at once, probably Thursday or
Friday of this week.
The new elevator which will
he three stories in height, be
sides a basement, will be of
metal construction of 5,000 bu.
capacity. It will be equipped
with all the latest machinery
and motor power will be used in
hoisting and loading the grain.
There w ill be an extra room
for a warehouse and mill and a
wagon scale will also be located
on the ground which will afford
them ample room for enlarge
ment should necessity justify it.
Both Mr. Burdick and Mr.
Stone are experienced elevator
and mill men and mean business.
A little later if this proves to
be a successful wheat growing
country, a small flouring mill
will also be established.
The following named business
men of Clovis indicate their faith
in the enterprise to the extent of
$100.00 each in stock taken in
the company:
J. H Barry. C. A. Scheurich,
C. E. Dennis, W. H. Duckworth.
S. A. Jomes, Alex Shipley, G. W.
Singleton, A. Mandell, Wilkie
Carter. W. I. Luikart, Kendall
Dry Goods Company, Alfalfa
Lumber Company, Clovis Hard
ware Company, A. B. Austin, J.
R. Walker, Harvey & Motris
Several others will subscribe,
but their suhscriptio 1 h-,n not
yet been deposited.
Mr. Burdick will r turn from
Melrose Thursday Us . i-rintend
the starting of the ci nstruction
Changes at Luikart's.
Quite a change will In made
in the force of clerks a1; Luik
art's big s'oiv as so- i as Mr.
Luikart returns fr m market
next Fiidiv. Ode (' h, who
has been wit li th,? corrnny for
five years or more at lliU place,
has been transferred to Senti
nel, Oklahoma, and J. wvl Kim
herlin. of Sentinel, to Oklaho
ma City. These changes are
merited promotions and al
though the many friends
of Mr. Cain will regret to see
him leave Clovis they congratu
late him on the promotion. John
Luikart, who has been with one
of the large dry goods concerns
of Portales for several years,
will take Mr. Cain's place as
head deck at the stor. Harry
Baker has also been employed
and expects tu remain with the
Plenty Moisture.
After raining until about
midnight, Friday night, it be
gan snowing and by morning
the ground was covered with a
few inches of the beautiful.
A heavy wet snow fell during
the morning hours, but soon af
ter old Sol appeared and it
quickly disappeared.
This abundance of moisture at
this season of the year will
put the ground in fine shape
for spring plowing and planting.
It practically insures another
bumper crop of winter wheat.
The farmers are rejoicing,
the stockmen are rejoicing, ev
erybody wears a smile. It
means more prosperity.
There will be a meeting of
Sudan Grass Raisers Association
at the Union Mortgage Company
office, Saturday, March Gth, at
2 o'clock, p. m. All members
urged to he present.
J. N. Parrett, Chairman.
Judge J. T. McClure left for
his home in Roswell Thursday

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