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The Clovis news. [volume] (Clovis, N.M.) 1907-1929, October 01, 1915, FAIR AND DEVELOPMENT NUMBER, Section One, Image 1

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Oct. 5 and 6
Section One
Pages 1 to 8
VOL. !). NO. 1
Hi" (,f i '. t niimi--i puint in fav-
I'l' (ll I'liHis I, ir I 1(1 1 1 1 IHI i ! i 1 1 1 1 lallt
'it:, its cv.elhiit r:ii I a .iy la'ilil ics.
ll lias till- soil In j I'ntlii, . ; 1 1 1 1 1 . , t imy.
Miin ami it, hniinl acres turn llioiis
iiinl.- nf I. .il.l fj I ;-t. its into tin-lira, bed sin h MkU prh!i
iim c.-lral homes and conic tn this
country of promise ami promises
fulfilled iiml In- one a I til a purl of us.
They, like their fathers before1 them
si i k tn follow tin- ad ice of tin. im
mortal (Ir.-eley, t;0 West young
man.'' Tiny do not, like tlu-lr fiTTT-
its. have to travel In ov h'uiii or
to M-rinl. consider till' treat lltl- I POIIV slaKe hl'lll siil.l..,le.l I.. ll...
porliiniiiex (,r Ni u Mexico. Thcv soe, j priwitiotis of primitive travel, Keep
more ellmu room, they wish fi imr 11 IooImhiI for hostile Indians ami
H'i'eii.l out. ami it is impossible in imiruuditit; liatnlils; the trail lias 1 11
Hie middle west where lands have Mazed ami ureal I raiis-eont inenlal
-'"''! he's urouiiii' up aroiin 1 hi n
c 7
lilies romiei t t s ,.e w,,.
Thev iiiaj leave their ainestors roof
ami by easy travel in pala.e i.u-. 1
step off at 1 lie wry iloor of nppor-
I unity.
There Is niii'h in store for elm Is,
It has passeil tliroiif.'i the slae of :i
hamlet to a riiy, it has ly reason
of Its liriiiK en a uri-at railwav ss
tein, been well aiheltisc.l by lour
isls en route to the K"lili'li west.
II has been plareii on the itinerary
of the many visitors to the rost , is true in anv eiiv ii,i
country ami has slo-ieil many a pros-jaml here in flovis. ii is in. ixcepin,.,
peclive locator in California, for llio.to I tn- rule, for it ,s a well esi.ib
the climate here appeals to a Krcat ; Mr heil fact, that the Sum h western
matiy better than will ji foum) any- I Tub 'oniiany, is the leaibr. ami
wnert' 111 tliv wesi.
The Worlil over the It. '. ill store
sl Is I'M' I lie best ilriin stores. Hi;,.
Orchard of Roland Wick Loaded Down With Fruit.
Id- three fcuislereil
I'1""'' 1- Biven the eonl'Hi.
lice ,,! !., of lb. pbysiciallH of Hi..
ri'-v "h" I 'I.e public, have the
'' Hi. in the pnifeSNiollul
efficicmy ami 1 M. pailislaklntf cur
fulness in the ioiiiiounilini;.
InarkelH iinnually. He also has an
itbiiniliince of excellent soft water
iiml a climate uiisitrpasse.l.
It bus taken less than elubl eai'i
to tnAru"iii whin Is leriueil n our
v it .7 fili.n.l-, as H -enil-arbl iles
Into a HiniliUK mir.leii ami pro
IliB one of the best towns benviu
lniueniue ami Amarillo This
Hot been llolle wi: limit ( ff u l,
the men ubo pioiieereil u rv if
iy stoi I, , . I t 1 m iii.d to a 1 ' 1 iiti
I a purpose, am) what they lin.i
lei s ln-t tobl In a slll'.il of
I-. Kilie stole blliblill, ivll.s
Ptnetii wall,-, fine cbiircbi-. ,.
client home - a 11. 1 si bonis thai t-1
'i'h t be be I in the pla ins ' 1.1:11 ' 1 ,
ml a 1 i' 1. .ii 1 t !:.il 1 aim.,! be e.i...
'I ill 111.' .V ..! i. I . 1 . ' ' 1 1 ! ;
l ite llial. ' I".' :. I'.l' : fre. Tj ,,
' in C. o , ; . .: .. , ,.,
I tin . v can riml laiiil to their IlkiiiK.
'"1 re pr ictive tlliill was L'Vur
true of the now ofti'to east.
With the uiiricullurlst will come
the Investor ai il it will be but u very
short time beiore values here will
be (jreatlj ail 11 ilt'i-tl owiiiK to tlie
Kteat ilemaii.l for properly. There
ale Ihollsamls of y 1 1 1 1 1 1 k men pul'O
..Program for Curry County Fair..
TUESDAY, October 5
During the morninj? of the 5th all entries of both Live
Stock and Agricultural Departments must be listed with
the Secretary. Ofl'ice at the Elks' Auditorium, where ex
hibits are to be presented.
Kl:;()a. m.- Parade of Sells-Floto Circus.
11:00 a. m. to Noon -Concert by Prof. Croft's Ladies
Land at the Auditorium. Arrangements of exhibits.
1:00 p. m.- Concert by Ladies Band at Auditorium.
Exhibits opened to inspection.
2:00 to 4:00 p. m. -Performance of Sells-Floto Circes.
Free picture show at Lyceum Theatre.
7:30 p. m.-Free picture show at Lyceum Theatre.
Evening performance of the Sells-Floto.
Bert Curless. Agriculture: B. J. Catt. Live Stock.
J. E. Shaw Van, Mrs. W. II. Pattison and Mrs. Bert
Curless. (
LIVE STOCK -Jim Love, Ribt. Humphrey and Ira
POULTRY -A. C. Fent, Dr. Lynch and W. C. Zerw.-r.
' .. .
' . -....f.v,
-. , j
tTSt ''r
: ... i n ' '
-fft'A.X,- 'stJ, ..-V-j. Ayr
ClovU Ai a Wheat Marketing Center.
1 t
,. f muni Wi ,l""llll""-nr!
rv.i,5 --
u t t a irni 0-r .
j ri'Kardcil us one of tin. best in the
plains country.
The store hits been In evlilence -i
I Ioiik as the city, and five year anil
:n half ami W. . Duckworth of Wlch
jltu. Kas., took over I In- store anil un
der his management he has allowed
the city to have it said that ii is die
very acme or clriiK store making. He
bronchi to the store many years of
experience In the better stores of the
middle and southwest, and havimr
I had years of experience Us travelinj.
.salesman, he was determined, it
j seems, when he cl se I his field, to
j I"' ii real led in s j,.
W hile tie' store is one of the ureal
, liexall i li nn, it i first cla.-s in , Ver
,"lHl' V '' I' III-- the hail. I -oiliest
' 0 '''('- -ol:l ro:.'-l:,.ll- ! n
.'I..- . y. ;: ,s Ihe L'-lth
! 'i . I , ., , ,,, ,,
The store Is attractive throughout.
KTeal lasle leluK shown In the dls
pliiv of the koo.!k uelltiK as a ninmiet
to the public.
Courtesy is ever pli jit and
Ihe mono of the store seems to ho
it fair deal at all times, there never
belli k liny deception or deceit prae-
ll.p .ant; Assnriuion Hjspit.il at Clovis Costing Over $123,000 00.
i i
. 1'ivkUMRrii.
oil. I I.
Hi. -ir
' 1
. A-
-. - j" ft ' ' ) i- -
Big Day at the Curry County Fair
WEDNESDAY, October 6th
to t":::n a. in. Concert by JnhnWs liaml
It:.-:) a. iii. tn Noon Excrcis.'s. S;ivc-li by Alvin
White. State Supt. of l-Mneation.
.lurin- Ihe m. it-nine; the juij-ir.- ,,' i!Ve sio.-k and
:rrit-ij:t nr. ui.lb,- talunvr pla.-e an. I ti.e uwaniinj; of
1 n iiinitt.s to win eis in :.: . I j ii -1 mer.t-s v. K take lire
I :: to Jim. .. m. I'ara.ic of win , :n Live Sto.'k
-:'( to.'i.iin p. m. District Sclm. , ; i .M,rI. Sj...rts.
P- t'oiif.-rt by Johnson':" 1 1 mi.
M -l ie W iii be i.-ilefsjierseil with all ",s I),,'!) ,1 iv.
l'iieie will lie sitnet billed-u'no-..very ,,.; ,.(.1,f,1 J:V
: ii b. . . . r..:i. A. . I
' - ' .IS .1
- ' I 'lie of i le
1 ' I. .
I ;. . far as
i- : u -.
-I'-- .11 .; : in--
j 1 1 '"lit I lie. I u:i Pa.fe , Sec. 1 )
f - f 4 -t
3 f
Corn Field on Mitchell Farm Southwest of Clovis.
SWINK and SIIKKI' A. M. Work,. ;. V. UM an,
J. A. I.titta.
IlOKSKSai d Ml'LKS J. Ii. (Jraham, 1'rof. Ilavden
and v . ll. Doak.
... ACiKlLl'LTl'IlK- V. Ii. Alley, Mr. Wilmon and
Llaud Kelly.
RUIT and VEGETABLES -Jno. Fleming, J. 0.
Wade and Dick Alderson.
t "KLDMEtiT-LC. Mersfeider. J. R. Hull and
J. h. bhaw V an.
i ftv- -iV. A av "... I
V, i 1
1. mr.... ti.. A ; J
A Very Recent Picture of a Maize Field Near the City.

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