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County Clerk .. 11 -1-14
ld 1
11Z am77 ieelf FARM, GRAIN AND
c- --17C1 8 .110
, ,, , ah
aker brothers
lArtliTera ,111 PA ,:Fw air ,441 1 a, B
baker Brothers
Baker brothers
Of lieni Newipn!er 41 the United Stateol 1.aod Office and of the People of Curry County
101,1511e. 10. NO. 36.
1101 N, NI.11 MEA 0, t i'llittARY 22, 1917.
$1.50 PM MR
"Wp, the Jury, find the defendant
'sot guilty." was the vertliet jury
found lit tile State vs. A. Chester,
Wilt has taken up the greater part of
the time of the Distriet Court during
thP few days. W. W. Nichols was
foreman of the jury. The jury was giv
en the late Monday evening and
brought lit the verdiel 'Tuesday after
noon. Chester was charged with the kill
ing of Sam Byers lit the Dents Saloon
al 'relict) ion Nov. 2:I, MK Ile was
tried al lite September term of Dis
trict court lit 1915 anti wits acquitted
of first and seetnel degree murder and
coovieteti of manslaughter atm! sentenc
ed to a term of 712 to years in the
penitentiary. Tlw NIKO WW1 111)1W1114M1
thP court of tile stute and
was reversed last December. TIIP ver
diet of acquittal rendered by the Jury
in the re-trial this week brings to a
close one of the most Mostly contested
11104.1 ever tried in the mute
ty The state was represented lit the
ens, by Distriet Attorney Dow and hitt
assistant and the defense toy Attorneys
Maw Dilution of this city, O. O. Ati
itrell of Roswell and W. It. Metall of 1.11
The isnot has disposed quite ii
few Ober eases. Several pleas of guiltY
haw. been motile in minor criminal eas
es tinil fines assesses!. Among them are:
Slate vs. Rey Jones, selling liquor
n license, fined Wound costs.
Stop vs. W. NI. !fisher. towelling a
co;olly weapon lit throltelling
rights were greeted with laughter.
1'4 lett $1110 owl vosts.
elltrowit smith. priteth.hig .(114.11.i Ittistinparahly the
reaching prohibition letris.
without a hossose. thuan slow "tot costs. most tar
lotion ever itipproveti by eitlwr house
Kipsw. ELL cm N 111611. lot votigret.s W4tatiti ritimt liblitilate
barrier ugaill,1 the shipment of liquor
hito fifteen states whitre it Non loto
I1v1111111g 01111118U 2 Id ported legally 1111W Mill MIMI. 11111.
tip, thit tont! Ittgit Hints ttr mirth eittp411111141 Illt
littitoot Istittli int the basketball wooly. 11 woloð add in thp bone
frottit ItotsWitil high Sitillettl. This 1,11,y 1,1,11.3. niint t, omit
pine Koalas., too toe the hest pomp of
Whin' 1'11401 StallP,
the season sot tar awl should be Hit
Forbids tenons! Irtle
hog t111111 I" (1111411 it1"1111 111114 .it the tweitly-twol states which will
oue oot the largest high ',1111111' 11' he prohibition territory oil .litly 1st.
lull" 111111 1.111vis 1411l:2 111 ..11.tt the amendment would be ettiot,
&soul the lies! the -tale hen this
ritt 11111. torbillolion intimor
mole I. hittlaill. t r rur personal use.
1.1"vt' 1111111111'1' 11"1 1'1'1 11 glint" :lite fourteen around which the prole
against allY '1111'''' 1111 1'1'11" 111111': Jae would 'Teel a ition-importation
will loll n 111111g 1 t'""11 "1" rag. al.. Alabama. Colonial Cow
trotni eleall 14011111V 1111111 I laillot. Neloras
lwatile"r clod, hop ittlq.1'11.4' ;kn. N..oon North Carolina.
itoteteo On high W1,10.161111 smith vanillin,. smith 0".
till tt :!tal vraW.I Ititilt.i vii.tittiii twit
&ill it tAp,,,1161. Tho gamy wilt eosin m.,0 1. tiw,e mq limitatiun
t000l0000 t.i 7:311. on the amount that rail be broolight lit
;al foot Cron Noel fur 110110,110
tea.. tall in several eases
111 In "LI 1" 11111 0111" 111111 will the amettometot wont,' tiiretWo
e. . a lett" t'n,111 1411111 III" 1!"11111 stun. station, permitting int
Th.. Isom,' ill tolooy sot 7:17o.
timelatent itt stipulated :Impalas lit.r
ILL Vil illt01)
Wo-1111rzl,1,. .:1 P11'411'111 V11-1"111111 will 11111 them litio ine intorno.
sol, 11,1, itroelletill 4141111111111111.1 to all- 'thou goill111111 ',Midis.' to ow 1Thski,,
iiii eittivir,. 'in ow I;er a the 'teed amendment.
Altierienti lute thily Federal Step.
the sittilltiott hikes 'rite !Intendment marks virtually the
a vastly more eritival Writ. the presi 1111. ihr h'1111111
itppeltrative before the Joild seq- govertittietit Wilde tristi, lill 1111'411111
.14411 011 melody Iti tisk brood pow revenue lows. to extend its control
tors lit "proteel rig111,4" Drier Itver the liquor throughout the
tositgroNs litet adjourned. stales. It is the only speeitil fetlerni ittI
',affecting Intuit'. shipments excepting
TAKING SCIITTISII KITE IIEGIIEES the Vehit Iiettylitt how, which merely
gave federal torn. to state regulations
providing' thiu no liquor shall be
V. it. Duckworth and 11.
Browder ore la Sonia Fe IIIIN week litk Int" sill"' ("1.11111
ity Setiliisli Idle degrees lit
aolirv. These genilemen are a port of "Whil"Pl 811011 "11114 itt
elti,s torlvrive rrom liquors lit lie trans
ported In Interstate rollinwris.:' the
aeetions tit New Melett,
slinentlinent stipulates. exeept for
liAltDEN S14,11. talent if ie. ineilielind ineelinniral
imposes. any stale tir lerrilory
prohibiting' lite tuniinfuettire or salt,
41i 1,"ii itotterl l' itherulit hilloleallity liquors tor
1111, .111,1 reeeivell rwit, Ault 1,
(11114411 ;11111 1;111 111111 i'llitgresquilli ilty st fine of nisi mom than S1,114141 4.1
iiwt,11i,11-L 11 )1111.11111 '111111: or.lett re.r 11,1 11131i
ittill rimpr wells for 111,1111.100n ið 1,11,. filo r,. y s,,,,,,.
NI '1111 SiW N1001111111111111.rS141114,111 olVetet. linprisitheil
ceityre,, how moiled titiewil,4, y11,..
on their thornily 11,1, 1111 411141.1. 11 1. ;11.41 141141414.d 111:11 111 114.P11.
Sfflit 14) 111P 1;11141 tire the lisq tie tither or toter
remainder of their liquor otivertking shall he 'lir
1110,0 -01,14 '41010.1111114 vied die moll, in -1,11,- that 1110111-
fit te to the l'iðdivity Wire:111. shit
hill I afive, Stilild 11 ,0111
vitt be 1)&11 111 ',Her reoellid sill
11,. r,hhit drive tools
:11111VP 11.1.111.r111 1.111316 It, S1111, 1111.11111111111S woo. art .. ,.., .
,11, sorghmu,
r 111 I S 111 stork immera anti areas lit the aggregate tit 111'W 1111111 may " '"" '''' '''''''''"- '"'" 1""-- '"
by providing thib no liquor shall ht stilton may gt1 to Senator Kasentan of
V. it. Duckworth find '. 11. I treders or steers. lambs and hogs may ht. 1411111rd to small grat Millit ritly tquirmull
'imported Into slates whiell forhill its
trowiler are In Saida Fe this week tak in 1917 hike rim iiih.,,,,t,,,,,,, 4,1t min alibis lik,, kilim. ,,,,,1 nolo, am 1,,,tmer Iteritalillit or Stmator itrinittirg or Dona
itiii, 1bl:rows hi ma, importation.
lions that point Itt 11101 priers tor all (Tops likt .4ttrghtins and suilam Cattle. Atin' II "1111 tel. tð be Ilet"Illitieð l'Y II --- -
tug dm Seiatish I "Whoevri shall taoirr ittirtita,e or it
miry. Timm. gent 11'1111'11 1111 11 part of , . 11,41,,airb,s iit lite, sheep and hog, will hi fetid liqs ninkl Itelliiiilictill COWIN. The News has placed an order will
,ettlisr biltoxirating liquors to lie trans- Barnhart Itrothers & Spindler Typo
,.1..., r rortyrive oatotitato, rrom au i , Tho warritig nations in Enrols. may 11 ready anti profitable market at home it is atintititassi thin thevertior 1.111(1-
portost in intrrstate rotimmree," the
stions a sow sioNoo, , hhtstor marlin that lomat how they tor all (red 'Tops. l'ho ',maw( of ?rpm!' .'eY II" "'littered It' 1. Ile a Item- rotittiirv rit.. or itallas tor a new fold
amentimmit stipulates. -totrept rot'
, . are aide tit whip each oilier lit ii IiiiiSh Mid 01E141 IiiilitS lilt 101.1191SM' emu.- well the 1111Peintmelit III the Hee et Mg inuchitir. IVIirn this urw machine
seirtitifir. ineilitlind ow mislinittrat , legal advisor to tht 1:evell'er II Is arrives It will tocilitati the work of
,Atitt HIP VIII' may vontinue. Still there intously and Nrw Nftirsi may profit
imrptises. Inlet nity stale lir Itrritiory lintv be peace iterlitreð. but vvell Iwo ,tit minib,.. 4,, ,b,11,,,, by ,,,,,,Ibm its iiiiiirrstooll that Mr. Held will areept mailing the News. It is too small ti.tsk
- tproldhiting the manufacture or snip No other elititaPes have !tern annoutteeti.10, tam 17:,,, piiiiiEs hy halo each ,ivis,k
would Hill iliMrill.l. the . 'INDIUM t401. bill i li Mid ,11111) Ill illitEkl'i. !WNW('
1,1thil Commissitontr Itoheri lt Er- thrriin a itiliticating liquors tor Among the tirst mattrrs that will 11'1 linð this r. ,1,,los ow 0,1,,. h,
puni,two 1,,,,,,,t Hail moot. 'rho oval artaom anti 1 for the killer.
T11.11 1111s .111,1 reoeivell rrott, spatitor,11,,,,,, 1,,I,,,,,,s Ault hi, , tiro the attention of Mr governor 1 ,
11,,,.,,,, atm pall and Congrrs,t11:111 by a me iti ma att,ee limb sbattil , 111111111. retort! ho dentobiltai.,1 lit limy To take 11,111,11,w 4 'be NI will& ii ' 1 gi11.111: into the mail, as promptly. as
iliwt,01,,ii ,. 3 iiiiiiiisi sail. ,,i. it:11.,1,,,,iiiiiiirisaiiiiiiai reil ,ii1 ii,iiii iiimi six for toe men It. lake a Patel ito prottlite 1,,,,ttli:Ittle Cc:. a 11111:or 111'0,111111,,11 11f Will he the Seleet jell el leen t 4'r IIII it should. The robler will tie doing
me industry in Ill17. "'lie tillitien, op ,Itte.111 mill meal lit NttP MPNICi1 111t, 11"111"' "tilee'' wet member' "r IIII' wort, t, tho ott,,, ,, about March 1st
awl nape'. ,eetls tor 111411'111110m ill ittiontle, or both. and tor any stiltso
, i 1 1. boards. Tt o It to ,,,, -
1,10,,,1 t, tho matottracture tif war stip I banker. Iiii,iite,, hum. the Caroler. "1ln" sa't -I I l' Ill ir !how ,, to, dolor in getting it 11111,.
Ni." Mi.,1,,,, '1111, SiW Nil.011 11111111114's 111111'111 011.1.11'1' '11;111 1W 1111111.1s11"1 111'1 . I 1, I' i1111V 11 fl'W 1 110 iI1111, S
I or hail int 1 . 111 li itt
plies cannot he I itrited til lirttiltictive lit- , the liii 'dock Wrowor 111111 r,,,,,or mu,' l'ht managentimt or the N 1
.4s ,.. ,,..
a cottgro-, hair mailed -eed, to 'inc.'. i moo, 11,1,,, ,,,,,, y,,,... anti the maittritv a 1111NV 111, stql,
it 1,, :0,4, pi.,,1,1,,,1 1 hat 11,, n,.t. thi,try lit a Itlitr, 111 the meantime ;co operate 111 every etatiptatilly. The -1- th, ,,, ,t ., ,, 11 Itni eeetlitigi PHI pitta,cd with the ill
nit their littillitiV. 11,1, Anil I111. 41'1'11-.1.
1111Y 1111' 1111 villiN111111,1, 111' 1111'1111 111111 .1.:11110,r ipti,t int citiedillist eh 111,1111ve . "nate It i.e t r ,,,1 Andy a ,,,,....1 ht,,,i1,,..., that i, eollit,c Itt the
seta lit the land ettpalli,,Ititier tire Mit," ,,,,. now,. iiiiiiii,,Iðiun I. "ler mil.
,,,1 ow 1,",,,,...., him, int ow hi,,a0 few days heron. Ins death. iht sen.de 1,31..,. 8,1,1 ill,. ,,,,,, ,,, 1,..,.,..1, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,1
remainder er their animal allotment,. inhibit! 11,1,1,4. ii,iv,1,,ing ,b,,11 b ,.,,,. 11"'111 111.111111041 risewitore.
Au.,,,,,. in 01,, pr,,,,i out, ihi, unii,,,1 ,,,.,, 1,, ilk iv ow t,,,m,,,,, 11,1,1 ii,,, vottimittees had not hall time ho 44111,, lit .4,1,11 :1 1,,,,,. 1,,..11 1,.,t,,,,I, . , , ,,,,
TI1o,i. i,11111.: 1110,0 .01,14 '111,111,1 111114 i ritS1 II, 111, 111;111, ill '1AP, 111U1 111,1111- . , , ' , ' ' ,
,.1:1 1's 111111', 111, war. a targr army wt. stork grtmers may gni, notch more sltler the,e attpointittilits, 'hat 11titaz-1,,,,,,i,r,,,.,,,,.y ,,,,.,,,.,. I it,,,, .1,,i.
at ,mte to 1110 l'ultlielt itareatt, ,..tat,1
mid lta' 11111-1 Is' crL1atilzed tor or- ,,looti.a, to preloctital lite! hi 110,1111h:1"s illar I"' "nide "I" 11"1 he dviernilliell ' il, iltt'ir l'ic t',0-s
Ise I tirritte. Sahli l'e 'A ll it,,,I,1,1., I hit soli att. cid kilitZ,
r.,,,,, and thfttli,ivit ittirptt.es. 'Hat It tat prtitilita for market. tit !hi, lime. bill it I, pot Ill all Mad)
Pill bit fitittil lit itrder .er tecttilit. sti I t, hitt 1 lien' will. he illiv storioll. ,11110,.
1 tittlitttr Ititz rabbit drive tattl pima.' 1 itit-ti Statc, iltotrelty become, 111 PN I Tho ,,.o -,,,,,a, or tic , at sod I . I tih, 1.,,,, 1,.., . , i. ,, , ,,,. olive
i to c 1-. 111,. ,i11110 Ia.!. .
ITIotirttito of till, vet,. Thee drke. It, 1,.!Vi pito ht cr or itritoti nod weal. :,Itstr. slitill N,,w Mwsi, , 1,,,, :, 1,:,, ,. , 1111. 111,,i:,.,11 1111. 1111.111.11Y 11( 1110
1"1"1"." 111:10 il I' 1.1:!' 1 .01. , '.., ertmitc, of
It 1.,,, 1,,,,,,,,h,...,, ,,,,,,,,T,,,, that they ilicreit dlr.!' the tilretel -.treat', dentatttl increase In the phslmtim, or broapt I" ill 11.1"Irl'AY h11"111". Itvillibli"1"
i old rttilot Ime I:1,d, chetciale thi, Pettl, tied tit.t,, , -,ttitt that they
,11,.1 cli,,,,alatii lit grects', l'tairtictiitt,- iPlil Ile doted htlp to rid the county or rpm, lila...ad. Atte! ?twat tit P.II7' Opposition lo New ('Inittly.
A NI 1 11 INT.. 1 '41,111 II: 1st vomit Isi et .-11.111 tt 1.1 1, Ill .i ' P -
V:111 t l!',.!,. I ' a 11111TY "11"11 Illt
it rabbits to Silltlf 401.111 at least. Under the elicien,tatittc, the Nep
The Lubbock Ilide and Prmluee Com
twiny will open a produee business in
Clovis and will occupy the building
next door to the Clovis Creamery. The
business will be under the management
of T. Zinn, an experienced produce
num. Mr. Zinn has made several trips
to Clovis and last tall handled a num
ber of turkey shipments from this
Washington. Pith. 21.--The senate
-bone dry" otinemintent to the ptetql
bill prohibiting shipmenta of liquor
into states whieh hove prohibition
laws aceepted by the house today
321 to 72. It is counted as one of the
nowt far reaching prithibillon measures
in years because it will make absolute
ly dry states which now pertnit ship.
1111.1IN ill litilliPli
Every effort to change the amend
molt was defeated overwhelmingly.
Cries of -bone dry" rung throughout
the house and the sentitimill swept till.
111.11sl. 1111111 lilt. Vole tor (sinew
roar wits cast. letstbers who attempt
ed to explain that they Wl.rt. prohibi
tionists al heart but stood tor states'
loan. Vir;.titlin mei Vv.' vinthita.
the-e haw set nil lintilatilm
ee the amount dull eau lie breuglit
ter halhillual tee. I.ut several ease.
the amenouleat tlireeW
-Ante i 111",1 ;W11111111111! 1111
1'nela 1 Hui et ainpulas per
11.1.1itieu N1.41110111 awl
italialia lune laws
Melt pui them lute the pridlibi.
ilea vellum, subject to Ow prevkillus
'Weil amendment.
thily reolenti
Tile amendment marks virtually the
oulv step eer taken tly the federal
gewrutiteitt aside (rein lite
revenue laws. to extend its control
All New Mexiej bows Its head lu grief over the death of itm chief
executive, E. C. Daiwa, which occurred at Banta Fe Huntley afternoon.
Every effort possible ham been made lu the past few months to save the
life of the Governor, but be suffered from an incurable disease and the
medical efforts put forth only served to prolong his life a few months.
While Governor De Baca was sworn In am governor a month or more
ago, him health has been ouch that he could take little active part in
conducting him office. Since behm tu Banta Fe am governor he ham been
at a sanitarium. tate Monday afternoon bin body was removed from
the undertaking parlors to the executive inaumion and thus it was fated
that only in death should the man chosen November by the people
as their executive find resting place in the building provided by the state
for him place of abode during him term of office.
Governor Danes wam a man of indomitable will power, and was re.
spected politically by his foes as well as friends. Ile wam clean and
upright and New Mexleo would have profited by his services. Bud he
survived be undoubtedly would have made AD excellent record ON gov
ernor. lie was a mau of high ideals. absolutely honest and upright and
one who mild not be swerved from him chosen path of duty.
100t Of INMAN
Major General Frederivk Funston, Pruvru
Wel the American army died mud. While colonel of the famous Twenti
doily Itt Sun Antonio Monday. eth Kansas volunteer infantry in the
Sot until 1$1011 whim the Cuban in- war. Funston performed
surrection was at itm height did Fred.. feats of daritig that brought him the
prick Full:stint become known through- 1111e "t brigullier gelwral Ills eaPture
out the United States as a firAt class of. Aguhutiolo and his fording of the
fighting 1111114 hilt his friends in Kan Rip Grande river tit t'olinupit under
sits-- where lie spent him early man- fin' featured his work.
hood long had so elassed him. When the volunteers were disellarged
As student at the University of Funston retained his rank as a mene
Kansas, when he weighed less than her of the regular army. It vat while
Isatints he emlitttereil 2011.110111(1 11P WIIS 111 command of the troops tit
itiiiii" wh,o threitit.iled him with Vern Cruz in 1914 that he was raised
,, razor. To add 1,, the ghtlic,4 himiti. tithe rank of major getterul, Ile was
hubs'. Fimstoo !Handled him through ti it -19 years old.
the streets et Laweellev koil lit th The 8110110ot Futiston's youth W1111
1)14111 "f 11 revolver to ti tita.. to pv) 1'est PoInt; Imt he failed hi
I init an martinet' extittlimitiett Iti Inter years
A few yetoN litter white elly editor he repeatedly outranked West Point
of a paper tit Flirt Smith. Ark.. yomig ers witu were lit sehuill when he lulled
rittistmt stIrreol ilit luteo-e feeling by "r 11111flissinn
atitteking ellitiorially the publication's Physiettily, rititstott WI'S 1111P of the
own 'mimeo pat ty legoler4 during HIP 411111111.4 1111'11 111 1111' United $1111eS
itiosenve (Pr thr eitiet Many army. Ile wits Imrely live feet mid five
' threats wen, made nail 111(1 111111141 11111 111111 usually weighed less
the newspaper propet'. 'Alt he remain. than 120 pounds. in eivil life he wits
ell on guard milli his superior return. modest and retiring.
ed and then turned th plant over to Nlajor General Pershing. who Nan
kin' itithormeð ranston mantled the eolutun just withdrawn
also resigned. 1 from Mexieo. succeeds General rims
A',,a,!..t flip S1111111 Fe ritilroatl they item temporarily as emninander of the
..11 ,,Jsotitherti
Freiterivk FunNton,
Wean Ettitstett. its pas. llll twin Ilt,t"ttttt
1 rain m tr. threw a
stritilkom eirmlitty 4srr met litter SET lq)11 MONDAT.
hit Iturlitti a rotek through n14111011
witaltwv. lammed him several tailmt Int 1 next
31 1 111V 1111 itaitimbNbasers
(ma whilit 1111, train waittal.
l'anstlat's first o,Istriettep tat tia,11,""1" "v.' " 1"."1.11": 11". T".
mine rub". where ; salmon problem. 11hp vourt 111N twelt
thquenti Ibtatezs artillery .pOltiompti tit revolitt the litattist's of the
I ,
CAI remarkable rt,alts. AttPr tm- ,:taattis thialt stall dm imit,t will bit
gagitig '22 battle alai beim! witatal- Iltra.htal oat Monthly.
rer hyoid Heil meal. Niex len (miners. live teek ermvers
owing til the 'Peculiar 44,9116901mi et live sleek reeilers hoe a gulden tipper
eiremilsilinves exkl log 111111 tilility lo luereitse their hieoines through
lifrairs. will visillititie strong. 'rile New inerefisell prilthietion lit .1917. Greet
ed three times he resigned him com
mand because 50 guerillas who had
aided the Spaniards WITP executed
against his wishes. Captured by tbe
Spaniards on his way to Havana, he
eseapts1 death by swallowing a letter
to the president of Cuba which would
have proved his identity.
While colonel of the famous Twentb
eth Kansas volunteer infantry in the
Phillipitie war. Funstou performed!
feats of daring that brought him the
title of brigadier general. Ills capture
of. Agithialtio and his fording of the
Rip tirande river tit Columpit under
fire featured his work.
When the volunteers were disellarged
Fuliston retained his rank as a mem
ber of the regular army. It vat while
Ito was in command of the troops at
Vera Cruz in 101-1 that he was raised
Itv the rank of major general. Ile was
years old.
The ambition Funston's youth W1114
pv) to 'West. Point; but he failed in
an entrance examination. In inter years
he repeatedly outranked West Pilitil
ers who were iti school when he failed
of admission.
Physically. rultstott WitS 1111P of the
smallest men in the United States
army. illirPly 114' Mid five
inches tall and usually weigiuml less
than 120 pounds. In eivil life he wits
modest and retiring.
Major tieneral Pershing. who emit
mantled the ',Munn) Just withdrawn
I from Mexteo. succeeds thliPrill
Santa Fe, Feb. 21.The legioNture
bus done little work thin week. The
passing of Gov. E. C. De Mara on
Sunday afternoon brought sadness and
sorrow in the capitol. out of respect
ti) the late governor both houses ad
journed after brief Reardon until Fri
Arty. Among the matters considered yester
day warr an appropriation to Mrs. E.
C. Ihr Baca. The late governor was not
a man Of Inf lin and him long Ilinentr
was a severe drain. The members of
the legislature hove been aware of the
governor's financial situation and for
many weeks the matter of extending
aid has been discussed. The greeter
majority of meridiem were ready to
make an appropriation, but this mild
only ill, done by unanimous vide. The
governor iti paid quarterly under pro
visions of the constitutions and Gov
ertior DP Mit would him. rim.f.ivpd him
lirst salary the last of March,
Thp ppifittp hill introduced on Tues
day appropriated $3,000 to Mrs. E. (1.
De Baca and provided for vented sal
ary. This money IV for Mrs. De
Itaeo's personal use, the funeral ex
penses to be paid from the contingent
fund. MP bill passed
tier suspension' or rules. A bill intro
duced In the house provided an appro
priation or 5,000 intcnoled for paying
oloohts and another $5,000 to be paid,
to Mrs. De listea in $250 quarterly la-'
stallinents. This bill passed the house
by 31 14o 11 votes and the senate bill
was not coneurred in. A eonferenee
committee WKS appointed. but the sett
11 IP had already adjourned. A bill of
this kind will pass. it being 'newly a
differenee or opinion as to the proper
Heal work will begito ono Friday and
'from that day until adjournment the
legislature will IPP verY busy. Few WIN
hit VP taVil PIISS011 11111 if ', bat a lona
list 'or bills have been killed and both
houses are therefore pretty well up
with the work. TIIP Malt (WS an.
ready los report many bills in the next
few days after the long recess or Wed
nesolay mod Thursday.
The state goo4m1 roads convention on
Friday and Saturday will be well at
tended, there being a number or dele
gates already here studying the various
road bills. The matter or eontrol. road
building and road maintootioulee will lw
fully thre,:liell out Hail will result in
reesommenolations to tho
Lindsey Now (;overnor.
Itovernor Washington Lindsey ,
,ent a message to both houses of the'
14.4:1,4111111.4. Monthly arternitott, that he
lit Illo'ithatk 11. tn.. taken the Itath
idlitv as W11.1'114.1' i.r 111,, state of
No Nii.iis., filo that 11,, wits moos
to consider soil' hiettliatt,tt at, the leak.
tat Inv ?nay have Oh the 4.petitive of
tint state. The secretary or state, An
tonio imettro. hall previously
n011114.41 both houses MP iluitill
lh, Viten 4.11 Stintitty after
noon mai that the lielototnant governor
motet' the orovkitaitt or the ettostitti
t antontaintally became governor.
Sttnator John S. Clark. priNittent pro
tempore of the senate sueettetis Lieu
tenant ttovernor littlittey retthient
of the senate awl assumed the chair
at the t4ession on Monday. Senator
Clark is an experienced partintentariati
anti voulitirts liw husittesm of the sen
ate with ilittpateli. Ite wits also the
notimity leader mid sueeessior
Is not yet seleeted This imis,riont pp.
may gtt 10 Se luttlir tilowniou
iternaliiiil fir Senator Rendlorg Donn
o mailer to lie determined
not be? The question is very live la
SUP Just now around hotel lobbies sad
the atlas. house. The promoter's of this
niqV oninty to be formed out of the
plains part of Chaves and &Hy ou
tlets up to a few days ago had every-
thing their own way, there being no
apricots opposition in sight. Old Eddy
finally awoke one bright morning aud
decided it was not ready to have one
third of it's area eut away. Some of
the people included within the lines of
the new comity without their cousent
also were heard from. So old Eddy
sends a delegation to the capital to
see about it. When W. F. Me Main.
C. M. Richards and Copt. E. Bujas
appeared in Santa Fe on Monday,
something began to happen right
Tuesday afternoon the house coat
imittee on county and county lines
'Istave the delegation a hearing. Capt.
'Inject spoke at some length and pre
sented some facto Mid figures that
made an impression on members of the
committee. Earlier in the day a com
promise had been suggented by the
Llano county people that they were
willing to give up territory in tomtit
eastern Eddy. This wan brought before
the comnsittee and discusned. The com
mittee later proposed an amendment
of lines, and by leaving eighteen milee
in the southeant part out of Th.
report of the committee is favorable
with thim amendment and its likely to
he made Ito the bolus. on Friday after
MOM.. The OPPOS111"11 10 Llano county front
Moly resulted in n ter help nnd
on Wednesday delegations from Chaves
eoutity arrived to fight in favor. W. .1
Atkinson is to,re. so 1,4 Sooutor .1. Ir.
'tinkle and they Liam a thing or two
about legislative matters. But the Eddy
eounty delegation is holding its owa
and the end of Ilse battle its not yet la
sight. SID Milli,' sof the niembers of the
legislature are in altendates- of the
rotten! serviees over the remains of the
late governor that on Wednesday and
Thursday eotnparitively little direct
work can be thew by either side.
Hot on Friday Ilw battle will be en le
The Llano eounty bill is likely to
pass the house. I'le real fight will be
in the semi's.. !loth sides have wide
awake iottNill4NS 11W11 (Iti the ground tool
the fight will be made on tts merits
ilw question whether Llano comity
411111 lie er not he.
A. M. in 'VV.
lat. M11114'441 Ids resig
nal if at a, cashier fir tht
Batik and will 11:1 VI. ,011011 tor Here
tf,rd where he will he cashier ot thtf
Pirst Bonk. No otftive
iffr has been itatiff.fl tow the i'lfwis No
tional 1.1 tato. Ow lot:144. tlf
ilk Part 4.r tilt. duo., id the bank
will be rmol by the Vire President 3, I
Nelson tool Assist:int I '4,11 li'l CpPorge
11:11'.1111W. FltriSt Long has tiffeeptell a
1).Nif itm as bookkeeper hi the hank and
assumed hi, ditties lost week.
teN00,ggENNW. ten 11.0.1110.

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