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C1.011S NEWS. MIR SIM. MAY 30, 1918.
Must Choose Useful
W:. kin..., ,11 it. c 1.ur., :ell, or ia one or ,ca in elits, four, but if n'I'livi sl'Hi"' rl'uniali"IN wilivii 1111114 : I ---"-''. , --"------ , r"' I
(1,,:t1 ag, !mu; ,,,ris ,,i nzid nrier lie is,,,i,. u ijiiin the reualatiet. alai "W. Ilie great 1011,141a or ....111pettlav 1
Nowa Items Will be Appreciated for
.1t.'0 I. melt r .. .11.-4, amitetolto,no oefose.. to 1,1,e 11,41.1 entplo..,111.111. nu 1114'11 11.1 ettga:r'd in a liseftil toectipa 1
This Cohultn. l'clephone 3GI or 97.
1,, lin. sele,liv -,11,,,... ri-miatiolis an i' di I.. LriVoijo a 1141 taaaloo la ,la.,s I loal illilliviliallly lto.altioly 1111111.aohl, r
1..'111,.011 1.., 11'..,1 N1;11.'11:11 ,ol'ho'r 11 1 lilll I ill ,"!1,I kill! 11,1,1 ilt.Itiary 1" ,0111' form id inbor eontribming to
(.,,v,vder. 101'11,1' 1,,isilmdli. Local 1,,,,,rds are 111,' lzyill'illi good. The idler too. op 1 !telling nilecdotes. utter whir!: Ili..
AUCTION PEED. Millie ho.o.!. wa.. en.ioy-.1.
Not .: 1.11. . iffil It dr,in 1,,,,i...ninliorized 1,, iv..., .11,114.1i.... .441111.d itille,el confronicil with the alter
I,. ,,,I, plivain.,. in mull an, hi...i 1.. h.. mwrf. Hwy loot ihni eltroree,1 : 1,111,gpi ilailve a finding siiiinble Plalolooyinplit . . . .---- 111,lowl iof inijourniti4 for 1114. stilli
I t '1"4. li. 1... 11"11Y will villniquili llin mer as lidial. the chi!. Mil continue its
eunvisef ul ,,,sup,111,,p, lire 1,, b.. ha ped in ..:111ol.q......11 ...11.1 .111ornp...11.41.11.. ' "I' 1'11111111V the tinny.
1 Th.. r4.14.01.11.... 1.1...viiii.s tut nom. Auction Club Thiirolity often:lain.
1 meetings oa the first nod third Tztes
too tore ill, 1,1,:1 burr& mid give,: ow linr,,10:1 ir.,,,n la, olependt.iits
1.ittly I. Idly registrant who is found by days of .....11 tutnith, ilt.v.stitat the time
vi...i..... of a Iliqv j.lo or 11,,, :truly. State Labor Problem. NIARRIED MONDAY
'a local board to be it habituni Idler tit some form a War Serviee work
lininblers. rnee tritek :dal bitelipt shop 11 lins boon known fur some time
or Ilia lIllfiliD11 III soffit. lisPrill 104411. ---
Till IllV 1111Itilla Wilt toe 1111.t. .1111 Of
allolailitils alid IN Mime tellers fiend , that some form a "work or tight '
i I pidion. shnp be splimi,.."1 1,,ti.n. tip, Bonnie Parish and Mrs. S. IV. East- the Inane of 11,4, Iti,:thitt.
tte list. lout 1;,,,,,,, who will Ise reaeked pl:::: 111111 liee:i s11111111111411 II l'ITS111410 ' 1,,,,,r,L gIV1411 II V11111114' 11) 1NP111111 111111 1111111 lir i1rally were married la Clovis
I It was tioloir.1 that the Chid donate
by the new regulations also include 1 ikon but there luid lasui no in
. ill OW all.i'ller Ilt SI satisfactory ex. Munday tit the Baptist part...out:to. Rev. $5.1at to) the lied rros,,
waiters mod bartender...theatre ushers' limation that it was so for-m.30'w
10,,,,,,11,,,,, 1,, lift 11111,1eltbil int, 1 he Culpepper performing the eeremony. .
n1.4 iti 'outthink. passenger elevntor op.' In seop,, Boot military alai' r 1 t
"----"-1-1-'s military merviee of the Fulled States. Rooth aro well known toyer the eminty ST. JAMES EPISt'OPAI. (111:11Cif
eraow,, nod other attendants ill' elubs.intid deintriment of lahtor officials be.
"Ally 1,,,.1,1 'ward wilt be nottiorizigi 111141 the News Joins their friends in
, , , , . estentling etolgratilittliont Thil will Servives First Sunday after Trinity.
bowls, stores. me. dome-ties and I lievoo (hitt it w ill ro it lung AY to- tit Mkt lotion mullet it hos originid
cl, Nis in stores. I ward solving the htbor problem for
iltristiletiton of the registrant or not ; timk" lift'ir 1111111(' lis the floliene neigh- Chore!' Sehotti 10 a. to, Do Com.
DolTerett 1Inssitiention grailte,1 on farmers, shipbuilding and munition
lit other words. tiny num loafing 11"1"111' 'minion abl Sermon, "Woman's Woork
0,,saint of dependents v,ill be disi milkers. mill will end for tin. prestuit
nroutid a pool room in Chlengo may Ile in the Church: II a tn. The inetuner4
g,!slud entirily in upplying the Nile. al lesi,1 talk of conscription or 1111111r. lien It .,,v,. , . l'it()GICESS CLUB.
r tot a l hiengo board. of St. James Guild ar. spevially in
A man inny be Ill Illo bottom of 1 l'he toinotineeinent gives teal's. ,1g1:1- . 1 ' nil' I
1.V111 111141101 III. muy Wive registered in Oils! to. be present.. Evening Pray,r
'-'''" 'New York null lived there most Of Ilk 1 M.S 11"Y 311.M111111 WIII, 1111,04'SP, 111 S io.ift WK.
- - -
PIEMOMENOININNIMI , 111.1 ! 1114 I'll g11.S 1.11111 T111,1111Y 111.14111111411. REV. I' NI. PAO oN.
'1 "11'he regulations which tipply to to. This is the end of the club pair. lout Prie.t 111 t'h;14
Th . ,.,,,,,,,.,,, , , ,,,,,,,,, ,,. ,,,,,,., it ,... v.., . ,...,,,., iiv, i,,,i,.,...i...
At ,,, v,,,,,1,1,,,., fi ull ,1,,..,1,1111, mid -ions ihrough the silintitur for ille piir- (1111.1DIEN'S DA1
11111.1"Ye. awl at leatiatik lor 1.111.101 1""' l'r It"' 1114'; wl'rk
, ii,10,1,,s inui ra..,. ark.... 1... ti.u,.., As the ch.,. or ii Was:Lill arlerta...11 Uliiii.1.11. Citt.1:( ii
1 tin ror the purpose f ,,,,j,1.01,,,,,,, 111,, h,,,luss served light ra reshinents 'I!, , ! ',ut of I I,, :i ovu;:tg ;:,,lir u;:;
....hall be considered :is idlers. I be "I ;,, W,u;':. 1 $11.11cI NliIIIIIIi:11,"
Following (losses Affected. MARRIED VE FARIVELL A, .1,, ,ii,i11:, It.or. 17.. tlipli. ii'
-Th.. to.,' r,,volations will effort the I... a f '!!!ir,1, Pa. pr41tla th it v.Y:
SltI'lila: Marl ill and Mis, W.iiiii lai be en.,,,p 1 iu JO. A t,rtit:ii itivitit
Safflitat ,..,.,.,i,,,.,
",.,1 l'er,tijis eliv,11
int: rnisi pi at.ti in ow sirv.' Juin, nen, married 111,1 s::::::,10.
1,1 driiiii or either. In pub l'al'w '
" Inees iiirlieling hodek mai stadia l
e:"ii . 1 r Ti
iIllb,. 111 The ',rid.. I, the datighier .,f
: mr mid Mrs. .1. Ms Jones Milo liVo
al li.at i.. 1-.t,rolvt! itt tv, rpti,t
t . V. LAN 1 tE!:T Mitti,ttt
solitt 1 It tim ti to gritittit Ints !wig' it TEM HERS' EXAMINATION.
rennin on liii Salila Pio hat Ilii l'o- .-
"1 it l l'to.,.tligil elevutoor operniors
, i :Ind !Mewl:nit-, dorme. badmen owl whilY 11"'11111 ill "II1 11111"Y null lin1 . "." Ji I:1" :lin' .711 llinn1 will he
vtoting rum. left this week for Camp nein in riovis lin Maittiliati.... for
. other at tentin tit s of clubs. hotels. stores
Reading Room nplatownt toilisii.i, tyke imottiligs Dm "I'ltit is where the groom will take up liatehers. Those wishing I. tali'. the
0,c) r.orsens. homing ushers I ilixis.itqltitot..iviso,11.irtilittill'ilileis;:t.itit The Sews eNalliiiintl..i. Win pleao 1...lify me :It
1.11111 111.11.......
I .. I . , 1 I flare, th..,. e 1,11111g to take Proto"i"11
1 al subJeos will make mention tof that
and other It111.111111111St engaged und emo-1
; MERRY M.iTROSS There will be no examination' at tho
eluded in. awl in contivtion witli
We are now open for business games, sports nnol amtismnents exeeptt --.-- close of our Institute. This will be
Mr,s. Dalton Ittssi WIIS 1111I0,414 to the only evituilitition until sotue time
ing avitial performers in legitimate 1
with our new store at the Santa ettnosorts. operas; tor theatrical perto,,rnt.1 invilloers of the merry Matrtnis Club in the till.
i To,....day of terms'''. with Nliss Louise JAS. NI. lill'ELEY.
Train's of his Vegas. anol Mrs. W. It.
Fe Reading Room on West Grand "ii., Persons employed in olome,tiel
I Snyder its guests. Thio rillit will meet ------
next wept, with Mrs. F. II. Herod.
Avenue. ", E, Sales plcrlis anti other clerks! To TH. pijouc
,,,,.,,,,, , ,,,,,., ., ,,,, i,,,it,,,,0,,,;, cult ENTF:Hrimi)
!tit.. f,labliAttivill.
The prices below are good at 3, in.,. .i,,,.1 Hs 0,0, or
who aru idlers n ill nrit bt, permitted to . .. III AIRS. PATTISON
---- --
Ili 1,:e." of tho fact Clat the treb.1 a
31,0 ..S111. 1111'1111111, of the Clovis ,.,11 1,i i. ti, 1 , i t t ,, ,
...,k relief Iteetioso. of the fact that wii,li,11. chit i, . i , i , - ' " l'i 11'"I' 11 I1'.1
our Main Street store or our new they inive oirimii n Intl, order number . . I ' ' 111' I ,11 IHI 11"n" "I liwsis, v., ;h.. inunt., i s' a ilie Curry
Mrs, Sieed here pm,. were uniiing A wily ,1ii, i s ,, ,' f 1 I'
"I 1"""11'" ilwY In" 1"Pli nl""41 in b, ,s,nvi,v thein to 1 ili v111111111. 1101111 441 . d ' ' '' . '' 'Hit "I
store from JUNE 1 to JUNE 5. ,:,!:;-...,1,1;,,,1,11 :;!;,tvin:::' :::::,g;':"','''"ft 1 mrs 1.i:tti--, ,1,-- 11,..Y i-1,1 th-ir.11:;::: 1;;;I.:;:o11:,'"'.::;,1.,';',.,,l'i,',.' it::::;.:::,',4...,:.r,
,H,,,,,,i.116'llie After a steal low,1114,,, ' ! I . I
sq114, ..1, a ca-11 lo;ii..
Large Sive same as rollolene
Large Size (.10011.11e
Spui Is, WO Ills
Spuds. 45 lbs. $
New Spuds. 7 lbs. for
11). 110x Prunes $
lo 11ox
111 lb. 1:ox Apprieots
10 110x Apples
No. 21.. Del Monti. Tomatoes
No. 2 Del Monte Tomatoes
NI). 2 Litiliys Kraut
NO. 21 :) 13(.1(4411TC Peaches
No. 2!':, Rosedale Shred Pineapples
No. 1 Tall Pink Salmon
! Flat 1641 Salitilui
gal. DPI -Monte Blaekberries. Loganberries and
Peaches 80c
Borden Baby size Milk. per can 05c
1 gal. King Koinis Syrup 90c
Ilvean Valley Brand Peanut, Butter, I lbs. $1.00
1 sack Corn Meal, 171, lbs. $1.00
11. W., S. II...C. IV. or C. E., Soap, per ease $4.75
IVIiite Flyer Al'1114)1' Soap, per ease $4.40
Large Size No. :; Tubs $1.35
2 paeks Own for 05c
We are closing out our entire
stock of graniteware, tinware and
dishes. Come and see our bar
gain counters.
"The Price Is The Thing"
A. B. Al SIM S, SON, Prop,. Two Foneo 29 and 19
"The Price Is
A. B. Al STUN it SON, Prow,.
Occupations Or Fight'
- - - - -- - -
The Thing"
Two Fooco 29 and 19
: 11c111111' 111.11 1111. 11,1 ler lil.11.11,1.1.111
111,111111111.11.4 t 111 hi. 1.11.11111.11
1111.1. 11. 111111. 11111,411). 1.1411I11.1!4.
'1111. S11111111P111 prorip,1
..11;11 vpnorfirs frivo rolltows:
"Pr..,.1 Mars! int i;vilowill Crfiwt lur
mi,11111.111.,nt t ,
!Ii1:111.1111,41 n111111111d1114111 141 till. sp.
Hopei Mew. The fuel Iti IP. i4 not
te:ettilly employ;s1 will indwell:II bolt
of tile voittlitions,
oral ions Not Counted.
absenve rout r
1110i P MilPd Init isPli
, 111111,S 11111S lire
bilinti and frequent. slittli not he von
411111441 IIS 11111111SS il OBS
I .
Will Mil liS
this connection.
rilltiotittit throws it further
nronnot not usefully
ottittloyool provitlitit: that hot,.
thew tiro ottotpollottz 11041w-tit. cirotott
Milico dolt wolitti hot
outtoloyttitit filo rovi-traht v-itit
oto tl'o.proportittiotto oil 111,1
tolotit, whero tt rtoni
tion-11-14111 v110.'311010 or twttio,it jolt
it000.1111 lc n th.
pgi,1111111 or las loyal 1.,(.1r.is
inity wive consider:Ilion to the eirenin
111111',"' N44111111 inn further pro.
vides !lint here slick violin:I. (of
employment would (simile! the
employment or women under elremit
stiotoos ti boort' doom mi.
...Hit:tide for suet' omployinoot nr
boilri may tato such eirollitstitimes
into vonsideration lit :nuking its di,
By plying yttlir til tho
114,vis Niqs HOP ylnir in 11.1vitn,v We
Olt now give yffit ritEE thr,
4w311 mai) of Ow Europpnn 1,31144'-)11',
points of intvre-r :I,
lin great is golnl ots 1,n
niso showm
null) (It Illt !I .1
lurgp mire tulip It Now
awl ArirAðm ih) mot full 1, tdiso wi
1 enntitgo of this great offer 1)..ror- tie,p
mule; are all gimp.
rine two room house.
Two OUP room hollows,
The above building,' lo..11.41 on the
east side school grounds will to, mV.I1
to the highest bidder. Speed wa!
be reeelved until 7 I' .1';;10 :;r1
W. TtVi.lott
211 Clerk of Itonnt E I;. 0:,bn
sin., thi. dry weathyr hi- . ,,,,110,1
up li) this illitp, iih,ott !1,- ,,,,!v ,,,,,,
money prop for thiA ye,,r I, lir .,Ill
COI n. Mr. Ftirmer vol; h , I h,,,t or
think till; lover. Ise tkrl-t It:. -NI t all
0). Rio got pair spott 1tr ,ta .i-ar
HMV Of a initial (Tv ill ott ;,' ,,,a
elan 1111101P Illottig Wit it p14,r Ni,itztt.
. Kaffir mai Denim 19 tr..!
, ,
rndL. C--J
Nous Horns Will be. Appreciate' tor
Ow Inmies, servist litthi rifreslinielit ,.
minim') .vr FlitIvELL
Stprliiii: 11111.11n iind Nlis, V.11111. M:ii
4,iit, iri, inarrits1 111,1 Sniiii.4ny Ili
Parwi11. l'hi bride 1, tin. ,IiiiighIpr .,f
MI. mid Mrs. .1. Nis 3filitS Mifi liVi
sfilith ut town The grintiii lins !wig' it
tiii,pting r,,II cull wa, rP-piiiidril to Ity
... ,
West of Antlers Hotel
Sat., June 1st
rio rr ----Brix'
. m
"Apostle Of
: '" ACtS 5
' NI TIMM-2:15. ft 1)N11,40IoN 7, & 17,,,
slimr--7:30 9:i5 Mil. 14 & Vit
Speciai Comedy
1 ,,,,,,,a
,s;r1,1114 ) .
4 !. I:
ry ,,
Lk '''k r:N.,
vo 1
tIrst, 0 p 1.1
Jam. ,
Services FliNt Sunday after Trinity.
(Imre!' Sohotti 10 a. tn. Holy 01111
amnion irbi Sermon, "Woman's Work
in the Church," 11 a tn. The members
1.r SI. fli!lleYi Guild ar, in
vilod Eve1111,4
S 111'4100K.
REV. 1. l'""
i'l'; 14
(1111.1)1tEN'S DV
(11111.01 (.111.1:( 11
1 'I !I - ; '.: ;4. II., ,i ..104tg ;wily u 7,;., :
1,. 'T.,. X;;1;.!'s 1.1411,-T NIqiin131,"
A, '1,, ,ilip.: ipor. 17.. t191. GI' ;
hi. n 1"-P,,ir,C, 1)a, 1,!..,.4T.Ilit th it v. y: 1
b.. ,!;.,,p 1 1,. .111. A .sqdini itivitn ;
Gm is 1,.tviolvd in t.,r.vot,i
,, v, LAN,I,E!:.r m,,,i,,,,
I .11,,,f, di, ar.r j,, 1701 191s, ii
tortoftsmittlial mrVitv tit hp s,11 It 116,11
110,1s. or it, piiitivalpflt,
lit Its litityll !N wo Uri. 11111441dpi',
iliiiiti our prlifpsqiiwal iiiponii.; iiiiI
iii,ii siliPp i, harp sipt-tiliplinit ,,Iiiiivt
thins whip!' wr, inti,t 'Iwo. wp fppl it
jiiAlv to iiiirwirpst mai tis Iiii,,p Ow
.." ,,,,,,,.1,,1 lig prelit to a,li titit4.
Miii kniiw Ilivitispirps ti lip 1111410,1Pd
t" :illy iit IP; to pull iitol !011ie thpir tip.
,,,,h,,, ,,,. ni,,, ,,,,,,,,,,y ,,,.,,,,,..
!twill. for mttiPmplit.
,I Fils'I'Elt Won', JR.. NI. to
II. A, N111.1.11t. NI. Ir
J. . .,:s.,.,...,,:..
A. L. 1,11.0 IN.
J. V. Itt 1 thlt.
1.1,1.N :,,,:m nit.
I; 4, 100,1, IN.
-. , , ,. L. . ,
A. 1111.1,i1N.
J. V. Itiothip.
(TAN :11111.
I; C, 1;iistio1.
t;. K MAI ARP.
Thi' MS 1111.4 111:1111.11 CO It With.
rpw 11,6,4. or mpinitimp4 Nillispriti
lio;h 0)11,1ilyr thk invitation to re.
mit, ft 31.11 lire tin tiP tit
to We I1S 11144111 letti,r (bp
with your in it. 'rho olittp
yniir titirtit oil titi. (milt pimp tot
ti1 pin your
-AT 411 tNpir4.4.
c.1" may ::11, 1111(4.
To Ali litowers:
Dear sir: VI' have pis! received
ilie hi-11101mo. rrmil
the S, Food Administration Grain
corporation. Ni:s. ..i.tariling the
olvlivpry thi 1917 crop of Pinto
y. That all Pinto isenas lho 1917
"IT gi'"V1.1.S 11111,i Ill deliver.
ell to shippers hy hate I, tis per
contritet ugreetnent.
2. Atter itlie INS. HIP S.
Aihninist ration I ;rain 'orporat ion
will Hilt receive Pinta 111.1111,4 lit
erop from grower,' at any prim
Ve are entailing on your heartiest
co-operation in this matter.
Yours very Indy.
!I 1.11-;111-:ILS.
r. s. riNfil
eiontritet movement. ROSCOE TAIN'ARJRICICL;
2. After itlie I. INS. the S.
Moonshi tie'
Fimni Mallets! re I ion ;relit 'oprporet iog
PAtt.AmouNT AtteUCKLE COmErne oole
will Hilt rPePIVI. 1111180 111.1111,4 lif IIIP .44
emit from' grower,' et tiny prim
Ve ere eleinting ope your heertiest The beiivy'Aeight "rutty"
t.op-operntiott le this mutter. Arbitelite it, a revenue. officer., rim Yon
Yours very !rely. il? The Illootvflitters wtly down
tp. II 1.1KitEltS. the Blue Ylimillitios of Kee
l S. rood '4'111.10 Sto oliðitt 1,1
"Flotly's" 114.4141:1111 reveille, officer
Sine.' the ilry has volithinvol thow they !mit their Ltilitio. after ninny
lip to this 'into'. abilut tho ',illy sure attempts oh their life have Wee per.
:Hooey 'Prop for this yeet is broom peoviðiol totiot :too iiitere,ling um 1
roots. Mr. 1'111'1110E kill !WIWI 110K:1.111.w .1,;LIty" work,'
till' 4,1.1.1 1;"110Y 11:1I1111' 10 itiliht "11,011'401W" ti 11111Pr
alot pilir 1.1 lin lis.111 v.111.91y 1 inn 1111111 "I tilt opr the
;mei, or n epp. illtint 1111 poi ' Itoy," pm will find it im
11111 11:11141P illio114 with your opeeellitorly 111111thable. SP4. it fit the
Kaffir and Beans. illttte Lyeetou Ther-oluy, Jen Oth
le Per Word l'er
;,""'0 R."009
1,11i: SALE --i;uuI 3year obi work
hullo. fur -iliu. (1111 lit Now.i oftive. illt
IVANTlill - A ,14 owl timid 1.iiilerwooil
Tmoiritt.t Md-t be in gooli con
dition and cheat) Aildri.e. 11.
Wald. 11.1 Clod N M , 7,111te
111U: St 01F, ;rood l'exsol mei Mite
Aottri Null to tIttle tor New Mettle()
A,IttriN, V. F. Itivitartisott,
Lantrten N 50 Ile
For Sale-0 room frame hi)use five
acre block in Highland l'ark addition
to Clovis. WOO on liberal terms. W.
w, miteheil 48-tte
stnee the dry molter hits eittitlitued
pp til thiS 11:111. 011.iit the only MOM
111011(V ere') rer Oil- year ls broom
porn. Mr Farmer you hail better
Itristin Corn
Cm. anti vet your :m,o11. For an
ate, or a mei. y plant till you
tql11 S ith your Maize,
K liP1 Itt-t
1111K 111..S1'1.." '":" 1" 111"1 11"
'. '11'11'; 11'1;1.Y 1:".1" "I"' kti
N":."1 4 "."1" '''''''' w":"' 11"N "s"'
49-2t I)
S11"1";r". le"
FittNit- Alt.t crlitL i twner can
1110 S:11111. by l':ill.iii4 Ili Ni'N itflbV
and toying t!:it fur this ii.1. 49
You itrATMmiprn
rootiv, tor the 1Vell lo
vote,' A E. Dorm all. North Con
!wily St.
FOR TRADEto acres of land 3 tulle)4
(if County sent iti Arkansas to trade
for Clovis City property. P, (l Box
336. Clovis. or phone 4111. 411-11p
14)It SALESorahant Seed al how
lor;re. Etatno.t 1)avi. 7 atiloot wiNt
mile,' worth 48-11p
ott IZENT- -160 111
Va.11 or (Top Apply :It New4
of11,0 1111.1re,i, L. Om. Nq
)lt SALL: !lend or hi:410.1441
IIriy !wirer,. ill 1.1 sio4.11
sell rola to a ear honi! fat
!moil lis I.:11111
cat! l',.11,1.31..t (1,.is N
1.11,41' ni: sTit.t1 Ell 11111, lour,H Ji'r
!. L!,111 m.pigliipg aliiiit ..txty p"ititils.
Ila, 'opt! tiii,,iiiig ,iiiri, ',mini i.r 111,1
wowk. rhi.111' rw.rirt ilifortiiiiiiiin tio
I'l.,1 SP',. lir 1.11,,iii.::il
--.-- 741 Ito
l'':' l';'"114 "nr '111"11.11'11" I" II"'
I'll'v;. NI'"' 111' :"."' I" 116"1"' "."
w, iiiiw givp y.,,I J'IJ:J: li tlirop paw.
:1;1 (imp Pr thp Euriwaii liattirfroilit,
'1,'"'ilL: all I, tint., " int ri-t tOttArt
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