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Comity Clerk 11 I IS
f 4,
Jon,. 18th is National War
Smings Da). )ott don't
to nail until that Ito to
tromi-tije, tire etieeteil to buy
lite Sat km Stamps the hunie
its the kith. Mite you bought
4 4 4
Official NewNpaper of the United States Land Office and of Curry County
1101,1111.: 12. N11111Fil I.
SI50 rEn YEAR.
rt- i r. 1Ik-1'
p' II ' illplar--. Fri i ' 7 . as N f 1
...n --, it , , k 1 t , i .1 tip
tp:,';11Allm." IA ti 1 i 11 Illk ' f' IF A Le., i 11 ii741
A41,' -40A.L ii,. :11 ) s-,... w, - t . ,
Shi,11 Clovis pill her C'haniller sof
i'ionnatereso son a lotisitiesslike loasis mist
01111);,tY it trained eit1111111111111 seerelary
is sinestitin that Woo often been ilk.
ensseil here. Moils lay afternoon of illis
week wio4 helot at the Elks
IlY fl few sof the wen sof
Clovis alai it wit, lierlileil that 1
reaeheil the I
N dere
.4litniht ellipinyell In look liflor hen
vionitia.retal hitere-t, 1". Unfits Jilies
of Colorado Sprite'.. :. tralliell
Hiatt iti 114,011
with a tor,in,,,ithin ;leo ermiary
hero, alai It's credential- are that
the ell izete,11,11 generally f,ols that he
wall,' make a g,,,,,i r.,i ow lilac,.
inatt,T al length
;I. 1,, maks, tip
whistale or ut.00l olio
firm owl individual ghe
'order loo wake the projeet the sneees,
that it anil Friolity of tisk
wes,k stillelling enthnilitee will lonk
lit !Miller or risking the thinners.
It seem. ii,eleis nil artiele
this kiwi to ilit4.111p1 1),Ohlt 11111
tunny Wilytt hi whivil it esatitnerettil
organization milli benefit the town.
rens tiowni,o the Chi sS With ChWhl
litiinipi to gel 'Me hi
these Mill there only Me WHY
In get 'organization that will iloo
titiksor's whoop sof good awl that Is
have a trained twin tit its helot hi'
is toutil for s.orviee,.
ilea the solleiting
t.o pun tre:,1 theta 1,1holl
dig tin
John Trotter wits shot awl seriously ""'"" "'"""' ""' "'"-"'"" """
injured early som.thly tuto.nime (o. last veeli eliargeol with having burglar
ized Mears Pharmacy. ile hoot
E. Wantland. a neighbor. The neapott
lewit wns .32 ntittmuttie. vlintittint. norkilig hi lite store for It few days
awl oil Tiara lay night before leaving
It is said tired twit limes I'lat !Ina shot
he tittlaiehett 41111' thp rear Mallows
went wild, but dm seponti hit Trotter
in the tilt side itt the t.11. titt, !mom through which he later lit the night
mono thiwitn.nrit mot tottatint in the entered Oil' !attire tail rifled Ilit. cosh
register. Ile wits arrested the next
tutekhone. The shooting oeettrrpol
'lay wool lodged Iti Jail. Mit Sunday tit
the spolloat that iiiMPPO Trill tPr'S awl
while the Janitor at the Jail
'11tottottool'4 farms
hail Om prisoner helping him olo POMP
V11110111111 1111111411111110.
Ill'iiVi Oil 'whiles awl sent w"rk null tit" building. Ibis" lull'in
lir. l'earve to idol the woutelotol man get'llw"Y. Mut II I I 111"Igil tit" "f11""r4
sam hot oat Ills trail he has so
awl then gave himself tip to Sheriff
far mot been apprehended.
t twit. Ile waived his preliminary awl
was Wald rover to the grand Jury mu
oler Simon haat. furniMmol tic men lic- SIET"IRRINK MAKERS
neighborhood of thp stator SURSTITUTES
11, lin ..iniement nr the .1innt linttiers fit soft &inks in !hp United
inv. Justice 1 1 iivkitpoo, Ilip latogiat Slates may sitVp 1110111111011111111y 50.0110
eittatiatoity. it 1.4 midmost...al. took the loam of sugar annually toy tPoltitt other
To,o1 tior. vital ttuo pause sweetening materials. itelooroling to
tht. shooting is. is mot exttelly elosir vest Igo 1 11111s si""111 1st" iir Ititr
as et. arlitiough rumors are elm of choullstry. Uottoit Stities
VOttillitiiI Is it mitiollp age mom. a Iltirtment Agriellititre. Tim !hyena
widower lilt four eitilotrett. of Chemistry is preparing to furtikli
Troller iso JIM past 21 years of agoo, hatters sweetening formulas that
1111011g reg1.111191 imp 7,1 11. tie has will allow the 'taunt sugar ponteut
wife awl tam chi ; soft drinks los lop cat t.o :"ot per mut or
Trotter is itt it bait contlitain. Ile iv. atiol al the same time will pro,
wits 1Nitml"ritlitig blood the tirst of serve the customary 111Sii awl quality
the veek and nith the bullet loth:pit iti of the beverages. Starlit sugar. starelo
Ills spinal stimuli there is Winger syrtili ittititost mid nri
"r paralysis. tho. substituto.4
l'rotter its tothett to Amarillo for The Iturottit eltomilstry sissotatisos
toil its Wt. weilk 1,) t4Hilimilts1 with Isittivi's
tillenittil tit lirssetit, lit vpry Iiii'st ti swowleit mid 01, 111
liNvy. l'oriales News. soon &Into, Their ftivotratop unitilahs
of the results have been sustained by
V E. lilts. vim wveitteett ram. "tio.thig Juries." matte up of rep
Ilw lit (Icy Is. wIt4 i i
inst Illy. Mr. Milk Nuys thitt he
go:lig 111P.1:111ZP41 HiortIngt,
of rim 'TIT- ihni evir
hi. loco, le 114,4 elowitry.
July :mil mei he
rteis tho i ton itry "11,101 rain.
th!, yene Hello. 0.! mw
;. 4;111111.1v. his 'hes Itiortil
114,1 oor tomi, 11, ill ChM.. MiotioLly,
Mr 4;111011e say. he hip, :tiN1 ituriN
tow vrop lito iwilevpg 11114
1'144 prospoet ito ttliq pvpr
Ill 11118 1144.11 011 OW pining.
A. It Wagner. Postmaster of Clovis.
wtts business miller here on Thurs
tiny. Mr. Wagner has tt nits, hunch of
eattle nenr Ansi anti makes frequent
trips here to look after theftFort
Sumner Leader.
At liii Isatiiii cooneerts
miji4 band every Su Iiirshay night the
Nittietett tinthent 411wilp4 the 111.41
titillitij.r Ile. pregrotil 'rte. H114,1'-
111,11 er the Ni. 141.1,11 milted le the
filet thili Oleo 1)4.4.014. Ho pay 11 le
preier role et 1011.tt the 11110144n
tieing 1114.41. S"let. N1ert their
4.411..4 awl ether, even 11101101 tinel
11114. the hyleit twilit: pht31.41 I
1.41 pod
ilit,fiver their heads. A -1111t,1.
:tt 11109044i
piwol 3111.1 tit11 1,1-
'10011.1w Itisloors pot
",1 ht. ilist rt-.11101111!
'11:11:1110NE CIIII.S 11.1
S01,1) SWIM IN S'11311'S
Th. mountain slot', th.
att.hit plihtt.ution of lite Mountain
States 'Telephone '1,111111111y. In tlw ,Ititie
Issue Parried the plettire tir Adeline
grown. Nilloirtal Neal. Effie AIIIIMVS,
n1111111 Massey, Mildred James and
tille 'Thomas, all operators tor the tel
ephone Company. These girls have he
stiles working the regular eight !mars
at the switeli hoard sold over $1.000
worth of 'Thrift Stamps slave the first
t.t the year. 'This Is Indeed a that
ilia null If meryltoly Choi.
wre 114 VIVA !WM. girk
111111111g 4. 1111' sale of Vat Saving
Stamp.. Viirry County mild hake long
ultiet sold her Imola.
The Moidalti State. Monitor devote.
Wilt,' it hit a .1m, 1., pro-ipa
wort, a 'h... hulk, and
;Ire 1.1110 bit tor it.
iti hnit coT
fluster Alston wits tirrestell one day
lust week linage.' with buying burglar
ized Mears l'intrittney bud boot
uorking the store for It few tlnys
tool ton Thursday tilted before lenving
ito 41111' of the retir windows
through which he inter the night
entered store find rilloti the cosh
register. Ile wits arrested tho next
tiny and lodged hi hill. but Sunday af
ternoon while the Janitor itt tho
hull the prisoner helping hint tio POMP
work Omni the building, Buster made
get-nwity, and the oftioers
soon hot on his trail ho has so
far not boon apprehended.
rpwlittiliviN tinvoriligextruut
riluttirem wompli
The swooptionitut formulas that imp
been lestosi 111 the lourioull etoprilloolito.
pill lip ritrilishosi bottiors unit thr
results or the lowerimputs Oil lop lip
detail lit toul,
lt, Ariptiools oil 11..o.
sugar Ito min ðrilits, him. Iwo' 1)111,441
by thoo United Sttitus Aðttlitils
trittiolti, but it is bplipoosl that thp
nwutiory mo,rtmoillo. will
allow the usual amount or thpou pro.
ducts to lop tuunitrartureol without
imorkell lit tottiottibility
A nieeting of the Curry County
Sehool Board wilt he held ut the Court
House ou June 24th.
Governor's Proclamation
To the People of the State of New Mexico:
The people of this state will have the opportunity on
June 28th, 1918, of showing their loyalty and consecration to
the great enterprise this nation is engaged upon by pledging
themselves to save and economize and invest in war savings
The matertal needs neeessary to successfully prosecute
the war can be met only if the people of this nation deny
themselves some of theft. customary expenditures. It is not
enough to furnish thousands of young men as this state is
doing. Those men must be elothed, fed and equipped. Sure.
ly when they are NO willing to give their lives we should not
hesitate to lend our savings.
The people of this state are expected to save and invest
in War Savings Stamps to the notturity value of $7,000,000.
Similar allotments have been made to other states and tho
President of the l'itited States has ealled ton the people of the
various states on June 'Pith to indleate their willingness to
praetive the patriotic self-denial required of all of tts, by
pledging themselves to pureltase War Savings Sta 1111)S during
the remainder of this year. This state has always responded
fully to ealls made upon it and I feel sore the present will be
erder that ibis state and its people may not fall be.
bind other htliliN responding to this vall, hereby proelaito
Friday, thine :Nth, as
for the state of New Mexico, upon which day all persons shall
give their pledges for War Savings Stamps at such times and
piaees and in SI 11141111P1' as may he appeinted by flatlet
Reynolds, war savings director for this state, acting under the
authority of the secretary of the treasury, and pursuant to
the proclamation of the Preeldent of the United States.
In witnese whereof, 1 have hereunto met my hand and
eaused tile great seal of the state of New Istexico to be affixed.
Done at the city of Santa Fé this, the 4th day of June,
A. D. 1918.
Attested: AV. E. LINDSEY.
'11,4kiilutt11, nue IT... Thret mil. I Vitt. II. 0;tðiftwiti Its the first chnis
Americans will ht. limier arms ity 1..1Y lo he serviee lit Frame
;text August 1, the senate military Messages !quite here this weck un
committee was told today hy Provost manning this fact anti it brought the
Marshal 41elieral t seriousness of the war direelly home
Extension of the age limits lit the to Clovis folks.
army draft will he necessary. General Goodwin was a member of Company
Crowder said. ir the present rate of F. 18th Infantry. lie Is thirtyfive
draft mills is continued. lit. estimated Yours old all has M4411 n110111
111111 1111 1110 1111'11 (lass one would be sixteen Years of arwY serviee. having
exhausted soett titter iwxt January 1. last re.inlistell from 40cittinana. Sotto
tletteral Crowder said that 1,347,000 ing Is known of his death exeept t11111
tif nip 2,12S.1)011 nwit placed hi onss messages coming 11010 $11111 0111 110
tone already hare been culled to tin. Aram 111 notion oil Joilo 9111.
motors, lie estimated that Snint. 101), itoodwin's Mrg. Misoourt
0011 wit itr ontt eliviit 1;04111111, 110W 11VIN 111 Ft. S111111101
Will tio tweitreð from the men who although tile family oiw time lived
registered hist Julie ft. and that 200,-, here und Clovis was listed its the nil,
000 will he added lty the reelassitiett dress of tiw dead soldier's twarest
lion of men in the re-examination of relative. 110odwitt served on the Mex
thtt tille.ttittimints 'low hong time. lean hooter a few years ago but wits
not u member of the Clovis Company.
71E863 REGISTERED JI'NE so his mother Informed the News over
1 the telephone Wednesday.
voto.loologtooll, ( Nolooly colopoolo
reports to the provost marshal
eral's fifths. shim that 711.sit:1 young
A1111.'11111114 who l000vo. become of lige
during the past year registered for
military strvim lune 7,4 This
2141.721 below the estimate of thit mit
sits bitront, but silly,. more "mil
rposterob 211,4o...tits lorotitt,
are enlisted lit the army. navy or mit
rine istrps the military authorities find
OW 11.'0111 Pill irtIY Slit Isr;telltlY.
Artily and nary estimates place the
windier of 21 year-old wen enlisted at
ro. thvire. with
falling MT alien registration, givus
Mai a :174Litsf;. 1111,11 that
the emisits 'amain IlltitnretillY missed
the untidier of atiodits by lily 13.000.
I'litt ints registration totals wit,t
ern states litelialet
Arizona. 1.616; California. I4.,;:ti:
Colorado. 6.923: Kansa,. 13,122: New
MeN opoo, 1:674 : o thhilattint. 111.317.:
TeNas. IVasitint..tat.
Ant,. rhmit
271. tt,
LEST Ili 1111041
Remember the Natioulti vat.
Savi 111Z4 Roy I Friday, .11
Nolo youreir on or before that
'lay to save It) lite It ItiliNt of your
ability and to buy War
Statupm that there may be Mori.
money. labor null materilibt to
back up those Ow light awl
for you "over there."
Speretary of State.
-- --
"11111Y "I Ill" "111"tes l'11111.111
itily whit ti pienle and this year
ill" Prograni will be parried out as
usual. istittloration will he a good
ttlil fashioned plinth. where everybody
bring " 1"11API
'Ili"' will I"' 1""1.111111' '01"1"'
nive.. bail game and a lot of idler
"rt."!"1" " "gen
ImYs. all from 11 years oi nt:e
littwil to eight. this week vhargett with
burglarizing & Company's dry
goods store They have broken Into
the store several times.
OPEN IN ocT013-11
Washington. June N. Tentative
plans for litit Fourth 1.11terty Loam as
intlitatted Ity tito treasury are:
Amount 1st 1441,1 Sly011.111111.1100. Ill
terest rate iti pm. vent.
rantpaitzit to open tatri hi I tootter.
Ileattittinat ion of liomis stunt. ti
tiltrolwivk Bros. will thig wiwk in
stnil a tww sy4tiun in tile
Lyvnutit Titentre which will mitt nitwit
to flip ponitort of llu building during
lulu W1.111111'r TIIP ei)11,41SIO Of
I twitt suetion fans which itre to he put
1 to the roof of the buntline.
.41.11116 have milt. kind or nil
tiloproptilito program 1.1. Ilitt
IIIIS IS Hill the Mile 1.) plan
hig eelehrsttilin on. kind hill 1111
111111riprillit. ht liv.
rt110.1 tor the diem...IL 1.1
with suitable thil,te 1111.1
FLAG 1).tv sEitvicE
14 c,. 4 11""ver rtwir hid ,,,,,,
XI' SAVIIA 14: MIMI'S Ali.. ill liortiv.1 Ilityri-t I.. 111. .1:111,
(bIn,ry and a premium s In
An exveptionolly itavrvsliim Elm: Day dm maw:my iitmsst lo
sorvive was hellt at the Santo Fe simps i anil ral all leval
last Frillo ofternomm Every empl(9v ( tatries '1 Skil.. nil. was Imre
"r the Santo re who (mold possit(ty rpm( ming the purchasing vompan).
off (hay was givea hoar', ri(st and relitainol 111 the vity 'Etiesilay and (saw
stints were art.:mm(11 on the lawn where lamed ail the arrangements for Ike
the servives were held. transfur 4 1.1,6 Hod 1114.1111
After a few brief ronarks by Super. is now mailable for tin( letting of the
latimilert Evans lite WitS 1111- 14)1111'110 Hs Its 1,111, 11,1vs.rikeit
ðrossosi by key. Lambert. Rev. 1.111
of To KM Milli. 1101111f1111, Thl hill &
I feVo So l'o t itipopper mat Judge Som fumble loaner than that of others who
Itrotton. Alt thn tins were esptSlitily offered more premium in flint they
enjoyed mai tlin speakers wets. greeted in.treed In (tempt th bonds os they
Willi many rounds of applause. were. awl others oil mall their bilis
Miss PilltilliP govo np sultieet to lolfiti thorS.
propriate Tending, it moil tolaction was a proviso in each bill whereby the
was retalmssi by five of tito shop boys. trade might slip tip. The vonnvil WisP
mill. Miss Bessie Mothers song "Ovnr ly devilled tiot the safe 441111'4v wmi
There." (melt of whivit iminbers wart, filo best tam to persite and were satis
!usually approviateð by the othilenen. 11(si with Om bonds lorinahut 1111101
11111111 furnished mush( for us they (lid hove par.
the evasion mot render's! a number Mayor Stow was out of the city
((f appropriate numbers. Monday nitait owl .1 it tomitiof limed
as noor prtent.
Relatives of soldiers mimed .Aosu
oolty lists forwarded from rhino. or
dinarily are notified within 21 hours
totter receipt of liw list necording to
a statement authorized by the War 1)e
part metot. A "stilt 1st 11-11 tion,"
with a stuff of officers wool a Naps off
stenographers. gives all its tittle to the
inothotemonee of tiles of soldiers mimes
nod looloiresses. This division noti
fies relatives.
A copy of the roster of each conting
ent sailing It) Join the Explolitionary
Forms is filed in card index fashion,
eneh carol iwaring the mime of one sol
dier, his organization, and the name
und noloirooss of parent or other rein
the tor fritual designated by him to be
non tried ito tomergeowy. It coign
tiny list is received from Om. Pershing
each wimp eablid front IIIP Amer lean
Explolitionary Form Is listed with the
emergeney address on tile ho the carol
index. As rnitiolly us the now
))1th emergeney noldress is Imi It tip
the telegraph elerk gets ohiplientes.
These clerks are already supplied with
blank telegrams which require only
the relatives' address, mime of sender.
mototre eastmity tool dote. and
Ito the lolank spaels they get lino tele
grooms off as optiekly as possible. Ito
m11141111, nonintoolning the tele141111111'
bl000ks for the make of speed the statiA.'
tient ig supplied with soots of
r..1111 letters too lot. anti
Moon further details avallablo.
idle relatives are generally In re
ceipt ef Infortiontion within 21 hours
lifter the rabies nre revelvosi. delays
sotmet.ones Cow t elerioni Lrroors
caused by the faet that intones must
to Iss through so many hawk Ito Fronwe
wool 111 Amerie.o. itwoorreet nolotresses
turned In by .ololiers. removal of fmni
111'4 In toldresses other tionot those,
iisted. moot t oecoosional tweessity for
enbling back to) Coon. Pershing too veri
fy a intone or tot olotoolit ton address.
Aside from these towr calves of de
lay the only meson for the failure of
reintives too receive word tol once is
millbory eoondolerat. on. roorohtiog
loony, to lois discretion. uitiohoold 11 v.1,411-
alty list until he is poos,livo It will
h:tvt. milli:try atm. to. the ehetti).
If the new Clovis Chamber f.t emit
lq to lie SI if yott
tire one of those who is Rohm' to boll,
unlike it it stmeess, don't 1A114.44
114.10111tir 1111141 11 11114 "14141141414 111)." tilot
with your money tihme for monthly
floes neeessary to keep
thin Rohm. lott with your time inti en
ergy stg well.
Fly time. Get Screen doors at Al
falfa Lumlwr Co. 43 tfc
Them is nothing now to stood 111 the
A) or oxionsion of Ow wilior mot
s000r system 111 Clovis. Moodily
iit 11 mooting tot the City l'outioll hie
14141, for tho r174.1NO1 SPWPF l'XiI11Shsti
11111111, 0111 this $74),INK1 wolor orks l'
lett-ion bonds woro moons!. Several
ooro loi 1401141 buying vow
oerns. hot otter weighing omit Mil
disetimg 1114. imittor in ewontivo ses
r,,r somehow. tho 144'1114'H ileeldisi
to ins', nt tho hilt olf N. Vright
4 11,11ver hid its liar
aloe o Oh iworittsi hooves! to 11w 41wo
The labor famine of the southwest
and in other parts of the elountry prob
ably mill he lessened within the next
few months. am a result of an atnend
intuit added to the Itornet immigra
thou bill nt the national war rotifer
whivh canto to a close Saturday.
Effective June 20. 51exicans will bo
allowed to enter the United Slates for
the purpose of being employed In agri
culture. railway track nittintenattee and
the mining of lignite eoal.
Aliens admitted under these eireum
stamps will loe insole to Understand
that they are to remain lit the United
Stales too lonwr thnn the period of the
News of the new ruling Is exPeeted
too bring a flood of applleations Mex..
lent' hoborers for 'Omission at the var
ious border ports. Nlexico. potrtietilar
ly the northern part of the comitry,
Ink IN.P11 suffering from food shortage
and lack of employment. whieh will
make the announeement flint labor is
needed here doubly welosome to the
working (lass.
Inoler the existing how. as litollented
by immigration oftichtls. Mexleans ad
mitted thk manner limy perform
'only the kinds of work speelfied tit the
time of thor admission to this coun
try. Recently there have been numer
ous eases where Mexteans have crossed
the border too work fill tool dur
ing the railroad Journey too the plitekt
to which thooy hall been ussigneol. es
, coped from' the trait'. This Mimes
these particular men in the light of
toeing guilty of surreptitious entry and
when they are found they probably will
subieet too arrest and deportation to
MN. .1. Ir.. Love mill stutighter4.
misse., Alum unit listiliteeti, returned
Sunday from st seversti ststytt tkit wiih
retntives tit Metrwe. thenn Gamier.
or 4111011111,,..va. Tom. ow hag !teen
rkiting there. returned wish them
,1111 !pivot thirty tiny. tot ',hint titity
011I 411.1i 1:;1,t orfi NoW
Mi. jig). TillIf lrop Itutnimittlits;
and MAIZE. as it 14 now too
Into tit plant Kaffir with tiny tissitr
;two itt nintitrity itrit-pppts have
inwpr helm rill' 01011 111'119.4
brintniettrn. Plant its nitwit Pt this as
you putt tido enrP of. It tnpan
ntottpy tit you thin tall Sop 11;orley
Itrnoto rpm en. for your noel!. 2to
Highest eash prim tor bides, pout
try and Met leo Commissios
mud Prothro Co. tt

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